Sunday, December 29, 2002

Sugarbush Ski Resort Brings Benefits of Sunlight Indoors Verilux, Inc. Chosen as Official Healthy Lighting Supplier

Sugarbush Ski Resort Brings Benefits of Sunlight Indoors Verilux, Inc. Chosen as Official Healthy Lighting Supplier

Sugarbush has partnered with Verilux,® The Healthy Lighting Company™, to bring the benefits of sunlight indoors during dark winter days and long winter nights. The partnership is part of Sugarbush’s commitment to a quality guest experience while adhering to strict environmental standards. Verilux, now the official lighting supplier to the Resort, specializes in energy-efficient lighting solutions for better vision, health and well-being.

(PRWEB) January 11, 2004

As Sugarbush Ski Resort opens for its 45th season, skiers and snowboarders are discovering a healthy difference when they come in from the slopes. Sugarbush has partnered with Verilux,® The Healthy Lighting Company™, to bring the benefits of sunlight indoors during dark winter days and long winter nights. The partnership is part of Sugarbush’s commitment to a quality guest experience while adhering to strict environmental standards. Verilux, now the official lighting supplier to the Resort, specializes in energy-efficient lighting solutions for better vision, health and well-being.

“Our number one priority at Sugarbush is providing an excellent guest experience while maintaining our commitment to the environment and Verilux products speak directly to those aims," says Adam Greshin, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Sugarbush Resort. “Verilux lighting fits the healthy, active lifestyle of our clients and meets their high expectations for quality, making Verilux the ideal partner.”

Verilux products will be placed throughout the Resort beginning with the Valley House Lodge at the base of Lincoln Peak and the Sugarbush Day Care Center. Following that, Verilux lighting will be installed in the Sugarbush Inn and Conference Center and the Gatehouse Lodge.

“We are proud to partner with a company that has attained an international reputation for quality experience and environmental excellence. These values mirror our own commitment to health and environmentalism,” says Nicholas Harmon, President, Verilux, Inc.

Verilux lighting produces a bright, white light that closely simulates sunlight’s balanced spectrum, bringing the ‘natural’ feeling of sunlight indoors. The eye works most efficiently in natural light, reducing eyestrain and fatigue associated with incandescent or fluorescent lights. Additionally, Verilux products are energy-efficient and long-lasting for minimum environmental impact.

Endorsing environmentally sensitive lighting is part of SugarbushÂ’s broader mandate of environmental stewardship. Sugarbush participates in the Sustainable Slopes program, sponsored by the National Ski Areas Association. Sustainable Slopes is an opt-in program that promotes environmentally friendly programming and practices at mountain resorts. Sugarbush was selected as one of only three finalists for SKI MagazineÂ’s 2003 Golden Eagle Award for Overall Environmental Excellence. The Resort also received a GovernorÂ’s Award in 2002 for Environmental Excellence in Education and Outreach.

About Sugarbush

Since opening in 1958, Sugarbush Resort has been favored by outdoor enthusiasts seeking a quality outdoor experience in pristine surroundings. Located in the Mad River Valley, each season brings different ways to enjoy the fresh mountain air and natural splendor of the region. SugarbushÂ’s newest initiative, The Lodge at Lincoln Peak will be completed in Fall 2005 and will include a state-of-the-art spa, fitness center, several restaurants, a wine cellar, conference facilities and 141 luxury vacation residences. Information on Sugarbush Resort is available at www. sugarbush. com.

About Verilux

Founded in 1956, Verilux, Inc. specializes in naturally balanced, visually efficient lighting solutions for better vision, health and well-being. A leader in wellness lighting technology, Verilux lighting products closely simulate natural light while incorporating ergonomic design features for maximum versatility and ease of use. Verilux was the winner of a Gold Connecticut Quality Improvement Award in 2003. Information about Verilux is available at www. verilux. net.

Media Contact:

Heather Leary, Public Relations

Verilux, Inc. The Healthy Lighting Company™

P: 250-385-2285 E: hleary@shaw. ca

JJ Toland, Communications Manager

Sugarbush Resort

1840 Sugarbush Access Road

Warren, VT 05674


Jtoland@sugarbush. com

Michael Vick & Wade Ford Donate Holiday Gifts To Atlanta Home For Children

Michael Vick & Wade Ford Donate Holiday Gifts To Atlanta Home For Children

Atlanta Falcons Quarterback Michael Vick and Steve Ewing, Owner, Wade Ford Donate Holiday Gifts To The Carrie Steele-Pitts Home in Atlanta

Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) December 30, 2004

Atlanta Falcons Quarterback Michael Vick, along with Wade Ford President Steve Ewing, paid a surprise visit to the children of the Carrie Steele-Pitts Home, donating more than $20,000 in gifts and cash to the residential facility for neglected, abused and abandoned children on Christmas eve. Vick also purchased game tickets for the children and invited them to be his guests at the FalconsÂ’ NFC Divisional Playoff Game on January 15 or 16 in the Georgia Dome. 

The homeÂ’s executive director, Olivet Allison informing them just what the children needed, Vick and Ewing collaborated on the donation, which included bed and bath linens, swimming pool supplies, clothing, food and cash. Vick then added playoff tickets and NFC South Division Championship t-shirts as a bonus for the children.

"More than 80 children make their home at the Carrie Steele-Pitts home every night and thousands have lived there over the years,” said Ewing. "Michael and I want these children to know that they can grow up to become whatever they want to be, but they will only realize success by helping others.”

“I have been incredibly blessed throughout my life,” said Vick. “I believe it’s my responsibility to share those blessings with others who are less fortunate than me, especially children. My family will obviously have a nice Christmas, but I want to do what I can to make sure the children at the Carrie Steele-Pitts Home enjoy their Christmas too.”

One day prior to the donation, Vick signed a $130 million contract extension with the Falcons. He is now the highest paid player in the NFL.

The Carrie Steele-Pitts Home is a private, nonprofit, and nondiscriminatory child caring agency that provides 24-hour state-approved residency for neglected, abandoned, abused or orphaned children. The home was established with the mission to provide a healthy, happy and nurturing environment for children without regard to race, creed, color, religious preference or national origin, while preparing them to be self-sustaining adults.

Media Contact:

Diane Larche'

404 273-3227

(For Ford Motor Co.)


Susan Bass,

404 770 965-2706

(For Atlanta Falcons)

Photo by Alex Jones


Saturday, December 28, 2002

American Soldiers Make Friends, Save Lives with Teddy Bears

American Soldiers Make Friends, Save Lives with Teddy Bears

The American Health Association plans to ship another 5,000 Guardian Angel Teddy Bears, dolls, and stuffed animals to Baghdad, Iraq this month.

(PRWEB) June 12, 2005

The American Health Association is continuing their quest to help the children of Iraq with their "Orphans of War" campaign. Over 50,000 Teddy Bears, dolls and stuffed animals have been donated to the charity from all over the United States and have been shipped in increments of five thousand per month through Lt. Colonel Steve Stewart and the Iraqi Assistance Center, Humanitarian Assistance Program, Green Zone in Baghdad, Iraq.

Besides bringing joy to these innocent youngsters, these Teddy Bears have a direct effect on keeping many American troops safe according to Stewart because "these kids have repeatedly forewarned our humvees and convoys where these Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) are, and these are the very same explosives that are killing or maiming our American troops," explained Stewart.

This "Orphans of War" campaign is an outgrowth of a Teddy Bear campaign initially begun four years ago during the Christmas holiday season in Palm Beach County, Florida and was initially intended to brighten up the lives of lonely disenfranchised seniors without family, friends or the joy of the holidays.

This gave J. Robert Gordon, the executive director of AHA, the idea to take the excess stuffed animals and set up this current campaign with the help of a fellow board member, retired Col. Bob Weinstein. Gordon also had greater hopes that implementing this program would help to save the lives of American soldiers while attempting to improve the lives of children orphaned and effected by war.

The happiness and joy that can be brought to Iraqi children has been and will always be the main concern. “From my personal experience I can tell you that all of the Iraqi children that visit the Iraqi Assistance Center are so excited to receive beanie babies, soccer balls, and stuffed animals. My reward is seeing the children’s face light up when I hand then the toy(s),” writes Col. Stewart in an email. This program has began to effect a wide range of people, even spreading the teddy bears through the Iraqi NGO’s, who distribute the stuffed animals and teddy bears to needy children in the greater Baghdad and Fallujah areas. This campaign has seen such early success that now Col Stewart is nicknamed “Baba Noel”, which means Santa Claus in Arabic.

Even with the success of the first stages of this campaign, continuing it is becoming extremely difficult. Shipping cost are more than the organization can handle. Mr. Gordon is now accepting, along with the teddy bears and any stuffed animals, a $25 dollar donation for each box to defray shipping cost.

Volunteers are also needed to package the boxes. The Girls and Boys Scouts are regular volunteers who have helped to package past shipments but more hands are needed to send off these gifts of love and hope.

If you have any questions, would like to donate, or to receive information, please mail the organization at American Health Association, Teddy Bear Campaign, 3200 North Federal Highway, Boca Raton, Fl 33431 or call (561) 361-9091. To find out more about the causes of the American Health Association, and their American Volunteer Corp, visit their website at www. americanhealthassociation. org.

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Thursday, December 26, 2002

Tenegar Town Celebrates Dedication Of New Clinic As Beacon Of Hope

Tenegar Town Celebrates Dedication Of New Clinic As Beacon Of Hope

President Johnson Sirleaf received a traditional gift of two roosters along with the keys to a new health clinic built with Mercy Ships funds and oversight. It was constructed by workers from 10 villages and has been handed over to the Ministry of Health and Welfare. The new clinic will serve the needs of the residents of Tenegar and surrounding villages for many years to come. Hi-resolution photos and video can be downloaded at www. mercyshipsnews. org.

Monrovia, Liberia (Vocus) November 26, 2008

Hundreds of Tenegar Town residents and community leaders came together from diverse ethnic, cultural, and religious backgrounds on November 21st as Her Excellency Madame President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf cut the ribbon to the area's long-awaited health clinic.

The Samolu M. Dukuly Memorial Health Center now proudly occupies the original site of a burned-out clinic that stood empty since the facility was looted by rebels in the early 90's during the nation's 14-year civil war.

Plans are for the new clinic to be staffed and operated by the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare. One building includes a waiting room, pharmacy, lab, records area, and two examination rooms for outpatient services. A second is intended to serve maternity needs of the community. Services will be offered free to the community. The greater Tenegar area has a population of about 6,000 from many tribes including Mandingo, Vai, Gola, Kpelle, and Bassa, all with different dialects and is 90 percent Muslim in population.

During the past 10 months while Mercy Ships surgeons provided free surgeries in the Port of Monrovia, the ship's community development volunteers also provided management and expertise to the Tenegar site. Day workers from 10 different villages contributed 12, 000 hours to clear and construct the clinic. Matching funds came from Mercy Ships Sweden, the Hildebrand Foundation, and Drake family of California.

"A billboard in the city says Liberia will rise again," stated Mercy Ships Managing Director Ken Berry. "Today we celebrate a wonderful demonstration of that rising again, both in the building dedicated today and in the faithful people who built it," he said, stressing the sacrifices made by the Tenegar community.

"You cut back the brush that engulfed this property. You dug the holes that provide a strong foundation for the building. You mixed and placed the concrete to make sturdy framework. You cooked the meals that feed the laborers. You laid the blocks to divide the rooms. You built the roof frame and attached the zinc to keep the rain out, and installed the floor tiles. You banded together to help ensure your future and that of generations to come," said Berry.

"We had been trying to find someone to [repair the clinic], and we talked to many people. Everybody said, 'That is not a real priority. We will get around to it in due course.' When we got the message that Mercy Ships would do the clinic, what a wonderful day it was! And now we have the results of this major contribution to our medical services," said President Johnson Sirleaf as she accepted the keys to the clinic from Mr. Berry.

Master of Ceremonies, Dr. Meimei Dukuly, descendent of the family who first purchased the land in 1850, explained the historical significance of the property in northern Montserrado County. The first clinic, originally built in 1972, was to be a permanent contribution by the Dukuly family to the people of Tenegar. Dr. Dukuly believes the rebuilding is "a miracle of God," and thanked Mercy Ships for the "many invaluable gifts, assistance, and services rendered to Liberia's people."

Illustrating other aspects of the holistic effort within the community, school children who attended a Mercy Ships program on community health performed songs for the President. She then toured the agricultural area which now boasts an organic demonstration garden, chicken coop, 12,000 plantain trees, 10,000 pineapples, and a low-lying rice field which has already produced 75 bags of rice for the 10-village collective. Six new wells will provide sufficient water for the clinic and the community of 1,200.

The word Tenegar is a Mandingo word that means "building my town on a hill." Certainly this new clinic "on the hill" carries with it the opportunity to provide a shining beacon of hope and healing for years to come.

About Mercy Ships:
Over the past 30 years, Mercy Ships has worked in more than 70 countries providing services valued at more than $670 million, directly impacting more than 1.9 million people. More than 850 crew worldwide, representing more than 30 nations, are joined each year by thousands of short-term volunteers. Professionals including surgeons, dentists, nurses, community developers, teachers, cooks, seamen, engineers, and agriculturalists donate their time and skills to the effort.

For more information contact:

Pauline Rick, U. S. Public Relations Manager
Mercy Ships
Rickp at mercyships dot org
Www. mercyships. org

Diane Rickard, Director Media Relations
Mercy Ships International
UK Tel: 44 1438 727 800
Rickardd at mercyships dot org
Www. mercyships. org


Tuesday, December 24, 2002

SurgeonsÂ’ Gifts: Plastic Surgery

SurgeonsÂ’ Gifts: Plastic Surgery

After the tsunami disaster, plastic and cosmetic surgeons also stepped up to help where and when they could. But even during normal times, many plastic surgeons routinely donate their time and remarkable skills, bestowing the gifts of changed lives upon complete strangers.

(PRWEB) January 31, 2005

Plastic surgeons helping tsunami disaster victims? No, itÂ’s not a case of emergency facelifts but of highly skilled practitioners lending a hand where and when they can.

For instance, in Beverly Hills, California, plastic surgeon Paul Wallace M. D. normally spends a lot of his time repairing the battered faces of boxers. Because he knows so much about facial trauma, Dr. Wallace is helping forensic experts in Thailand identify some of the hundreds of corpses stored under refrigeration. Many victims caught in the tsunami were simply battered to death by thousands of bits of flotsam and jetsam, cars, trees and parts of buildings washing to and fro in the raging waters. Although Dr. Wallace worked in some cases with skeletal remains, he recreates facial images on computers using dental records and his knowledge of reconstructive and cosmetic surgery. When it all comes together, an image is constructed that relatives or colleagues may recognize to close the case of a missing person.

“I gained a new respect for the fragility of human life,” Dr. Wallace told CosmeticSurgery. com. Because he was working with decomposed remains, Dr. Wallace was double gloved and covered from head to toe in a plastic suit – despite the high humidity and 90-degree weather and 18-hour work shifts.

“I had to be cut out of the plastic suit every three hours and then drink water for 45 minutes before going back to work for another three hours,” Dr. Wallace says.

Tongtip Bongsadadt, M. D., a plastic surgeon in Toms River, New Jersey, built a successful practice after emigrating to the U. S. two decades ago from her home in Thailand.

When the tsunami hit, Dr. Bongsadadt had already packed her bags and was on her way to the outlying and mountainous areas of Thailand where she normally repairs childrenÂ’sÂ’ cleft palates and lips and performs webbed hand and feet corrections. But this time, because of the huge need, she first checked in the Thai Red Cross to see where her skills can best be used, according to Dr. BongsadadtÂ’s medical assistant, Barbra Doyle

Other plastic surgeons help closer to home.

Jointly administered by the American Academy of Facial Plastic Surgeons and the National Coalition against Domestic Violence, Face to Face chooses selected victims of domestic battering to undergo plastic surgery to correct scarred faces. However, the recipient must be living completely on her own and away from the destructive relationship for at least a year. Virtually all the patients are women, who usually regain enough self-confidence and esteem to quit avoiding mirrors, lift their eyes up from the floor, leave the house, apply for jobs, finish school and otherwise resume a more or less normal life. While plastic surgery not only makes faces look better, it also affects whatÂ’s inside the mind and spirit.

“I get so much out of helping these patients, I almost feel guilty,” says plastic surgeon Cynthia Gregg, M. D. in Cary, North Carolina. “It’s not only important for these women to look good again but to have the physical reminders of abuse gone. A patient once told me, ‘I want his hands off my face and his hands off my heart.’

“I do this kind of work because it’s the right thing to do,” says Dr. Gregg who so far has operated on about 15 abuse victims and remains close to many as they pick up the pieces of a life almost lost. For instance, Dr. Gregg attended the wedding of a patient, a woman whose husband dumped a caustic mixture of bleach and drain cleaner over her head, creating horrible scarring.

“Face to Face has two arms,” explains Steven J. Pearlman, M. D. president-elect of the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons. “An international arm does reconstructive work on patients in China, Vietnam and other places overseas. In the U. S., the program helps victims of domestic violence.”

Some physicians in The American Society of Plastic Surgeons take their surgical skills to some of the neediest people in the world through another global program, RSVP (Reconstructive Surgeons Volunteer Program.) Yet another organization, the 35-year-old Interplast, sends volunteer surgeons to about 25 sites around the world to correct disabled injuries and congenital deformities. About 54,000 life-changing operations have been given to impoverished patients.

Face the Challenge, a religious and humanitarian organization, usually donates plastic and reconstructive surgery to Third World children with deformities. But when the organizationÂ’s co-founder, Randy Robinson, M. D. of Denver, Colorado, heard about the case of then 16-year-old Shawn Perdon in Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, he had to call and offer his help. Shawn was hit by a drunk driver and injured so severely, the last rites were read over him. He spent a month in a coma and woke with terrible facial deformities, including one eye drooped down onto his cheek, a smashed nose, dents in his forehead, scars across his face and sunken cheeks.

“I’ve been in medicine most my life,” says Ginger Robinson, R. N. and Face the Challenge president, “and it took away my breath to look at Shawn. I really had to steel myself to visit at him.”

According to ShanÂ’s mother, Carol, their health insurance carrier would not cover reconstructive surgery because the company considered the plastic procedures elective, cosmetic surgery, and not medically necessary. ShawnÂ’s appearance was hard enough to bear but the fact that little children fled from him in terror was crushing.

In surgery, Dr. Robinson peeled ShawnÂ’s face back, rebuilt his skull, removing 90 surgical screws from the ladÂ’s face. The doctor used bone grafts and surgical paste to fill in the dents in ShawnÂ’s forehead, rebuilt his left eye, created a new nose, installed cheek implants and created a more balanced face.

“My husband and I do this type of work because, from the time we were in college, we wanted to use our skills to benefit people in need and show compassion,” says Ginger Robinson. “Shawn is special to us because our middle son is almost exactly the same age and because Shawn has a soft spot in his heart for little children.”

Just after Leo McCafferty, M. D., started his professional life in a Florida burn unit, Analliese Barnes, then nine months old, was terribly burned in a house fire and brought to the emergency room where a young Dr. McCafferty worked. His heart went out to the child because he had a daughter about the same age. At first, it was a matter of saving the toddlerÂ’s life, but for the young victim, it turned into a life-long relationship with the doctor who became a plastic surgeon. Nonetheless, Dr. McCafferty has never charged AnallieseÂ’s family for his services. And when the doctor moved to Pittsburg, Analliese and her family followed.

“Analliese was burned and severely scared on the left side of her body, from the top of her scalp to the tip of her toes,” says Dr. McCafferty who has to date performed 31 plastic surgeries on the now 16-year-old to help correct the damage from the fire.

“Whatever your profession, there is a way to help people,” says Dr. McCafferty.

“There is no greater feeling in the world than giving of yourself,” says Ronald J. Canigllia M. D. in Scottsdale, Arizona, yet another plastic surgeon who volunteers his time to victims of domestic violence. “I feel blessed with the skills I have and to help somebody better her life is one of the things that keep me going.”

William E. Silver, M. D., of Premier Image Cosmetic Surgery in Atlanta, Georgia, yearly donates his services to two or three battering victims who – except for the terrible facial injuries -- are ready to make a step up in life.

“I particularly recall one fiftyish woman who had all her teeth knocked out, an eyebrow torn off and many other facial scars,” Dr. Silver says. After the doctor donated a year of plastic surgery and other restorative procedures, the woman regained a measure of confidence, screwed her courage to the sticking point, brushed off an older college degree and became a top manager at Bell South where she counseled other women victims of battering as part of her job.

For more information, visit www. CosmeticSurgery. com

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New and Improved Lean System 7® Clinical Strength for 450 Percent Greater Weight Loss

New and Improved Lean System 7® Clinical Strength for 450 Percent Greater Weight Loss

The New & Improved Lean System 7 Clinical Strength delivers even more impressive results with the addition of two new science-supported ingredients, FucoxanTHIN and Pomegranate. In fact, recent clinical research reveals these two ingredients may help women experience up to 450% greater weight loss than with diet and exercise alone.

Golden, CO (PRWEB) February 16, 2009

After struggling with her weight for years, Shari Friedman dropped her bodyfat in half: from 30% down to a lean and sexy 15%. All in less than 12 weeks… Even more remarkably, Shari's not a kid any more. She's a mature woman who was over 40 at the time of her dramatic physical change. And she's not only maintained her body but continued to improve it over the last five years. Now at 45 years old, she can confidently say she looks and feels better than she did at 25.

How? Of course, Shari followed a healthy nutrition and exercise plan from the Lean System Success Plan (http://www. isatoritech. com/product1.aspx? SID=8&Product_ID=43 (http://www. isatoritech. com/product1.aspx? SID=8&Product_ID=43)). But she also was given an extra boost from the Advanced Metabolic Activator, Lean System 7 (http://www. (http://www.

And now, Lean System 7 delivers even more impressive results with the addition of two new science-supported ingredients, FucoxanTHIN and Pomegranate. In fact, recent clinical research reveals these two ingredients may help women experience up to 450% greater weight loss than with diet and exercise alone.

"Although it's not fully understood how fucoxanthin works," explains Shawn Wingate, Director of Operations, at iSatori (http://www. isatoritech. com (http://www. isatoritech. com)), "it appears to target a protein called UCP1 that increases the rate abdominal fat is burned. Abdominal fat is the kind of fat that surrounds our organs and is linked to heart disease and diabetes. Other metabolic and nutritional studies carried out on rats and mice indicate that fucoxanthin promotes fat burning within fat cells in white adipose tissue by increasing the expression of thermogenin. Fucoxanthin also appears to stimulate the production of DHA, one of the omega-3 fatty acids found in fatty fish such as salmon."

Wingate continues, "Pomegranate, the second key new ingredient in the new and improved Lean System 7, also appears to possess potent anti-obesity effects. Most people know of pomegranate for its antioxidant effects. However, specifically as it relates to weight loss, in a recent study, pomegranate was shown to have extremely potent appetite-suppressing qualities. It may also lead to decreased fat absorption and decreased energy intake."

And that's on top of the already impressive and proven results from the original Lean System 7. In fact, Lean System 7 was evaluated in an eight-week randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial (the "gold standard" of studies) and published in the peer-reviewed scientific journal, NUTRITION. In the groundbreaking study, those using Lean System showed an increase in their basal metabolic rate (BMR--the body's primary fat - and calorie-burning system) up to 43%, which equates to burning up to an extra 930 calories per day.

Even more promising, over the course of the eight-week study, one participant using Lean System 7 lost 19 lbs and reduce waist and hip circumferences by 4.5 inches, which is simply phenomenal, considering those dreaded "problem areas" are the hardest (and last) parts of the body to lose fat. What's more, with no adverse effects reported, Lean System 7 was shown to be just as safe as the placebo (which was rice flour).

"What's perhaps most exciting about the New and Improved Lean System 7," shares Stephen Adele, president and CEO of iSatori, "is with the addition of these two new ingredients, we have managed to improve the product's effectiveness without changing how it feels. In other words, just like the original version, Lean System 7 Clinical Strength improves fat burning and energy levels but without any jitters or nervousness."

Adele continues, "We are proud to continually innovate our products, including Lean System 7 Clinical Strength and Isa-Test GF. Our products are scientifically tested for their effectiveness and, equally important, proven safe to use on a daily basis."

To learn more about the new and improved Lean System 7, its potent fat-burning effects, and the clinical study, call 1-866-688-7679 or visit www. Lean System 7 is available at progressive supplement retailers, like GNC, Vitamin Shoppe, Vitamin World, bodybuilding. com, and Drugstore. com. Retailers interested in carrying Lean System 7 should contact Europa Sports, America's largest sports nutrition distributor, at 1-800-447-4795, or visit EuropaSports. com.

About iSatori Technologies:
Based in Golden, Colorado, iSatori Technologies was founded in early 2002 by Stephen Adele to provide clinically tested nutritional products and is the only company dedicated to providing complete dietary and exercise solutions for building a better body and living a healthier, richer life. iSatori's life-enhancement and weight-loss supplements, such as Lean System 7®, Energize®, MX-LS7™, Curvelle, and the all-new Morph are available in over 31,000 retail stores nationwide, including GNC and online at drugstore. com, as well in Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, and Italy. iSatori recently received the industry's NBJ Gold Award for Growth in Small Companies category. For more information about iSatori and their scientifically proven products, visit their website at http://www. isatoritech. com (http://www. isatoritech. com), or call one of their fitness experts at 1-866-688-7679.

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Monday, December 23, 2002

Single-piece chopstick combines ancient tradition with contemporary design

Single-piece chopstick combines ancient tradition with contemporary design.

For food connoisseurs of all kinds, Uni Chopsticks offer a unique and effortless alternaive to traditional chopsticks.

CINCINNATI, Ohio (PRWEB) January 30, 2004

"Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated." -- Confucius

Well, simplicity is back! Confucius, who helped popularize chopsticks some 2,500 years ago, would love Uni Chopsticks, the clever new gadget from 8 Point 5 Concepts, Ltd. Whether a beginner or a seasoned pro, Uni Chopsticks offer a unique and effortless alternative to the traditional, and sometimes challenging, "pair" of chopsticks.

No more fumbling to get sticks and fingers in sync. No more embarrassing messes as your tofu tumbles down your shirt. The clever, one-piece design of Uni Chopsticks holds the sticks in place and makes enjoying your favorite Asian foods -- with the culturally appropriate utensil -- a breeze. Whether it's Chinese, Japanese, Thai or even Vietnamese, Uni Chopsticks are a fun and easy way to embrace the continuing trend in healthful and multicultural dining.

The modern, graceful design makes Uni Chopsticks a wonderful gift, or stylish addition to your own table setting or dinner party. Made of sturdy black plastic, they are dishwasher safe and come four to a pack, smartly housed in a clear pvc storage pouch.

8 Point 5 Concepts, makers of unique gift and accessories, is headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio. For more information about the Uni Chopsticks, contact Kim Taylor at 800/237-3094.


Sunday, December 22, 2002

Yoga2You Relaxation Download Makes Key Stress Defense Easy and Economical

Yoga2You Relaxation Download Makes Key Stress Defense Easy and Economical

Yoga2You's new 10 Minutes of Stress Relief digital single ($3.99, Yoga2You. us), makes it easy to achieve deep relaxation in just ten minutes. Recent findings show improved resistance to stress-related health issues begins genetically with regular relaxation practice. Yoga2You's easy relaxation download helps add this all-important stress defense to your life.

Hollywood, FL (PRWEB) October 15, 2008

A new download makes adding defense against stress to your routine fast, easy and refreshingly affordable. The 10 Minutes of Stress Relief digital single ($3.99, Yoga2You. us) (http://tinyurl. com/42pux8) is spun from Yoga2You's popular guided relaxation CD, 10 Minutes of Stress Relief (ISBN: 978991556581), available at a choice of retail and online stores (http://yoga2you. us/Retail. html).

Recent findings reported on ScienceDaily. com get at the source of what medical advisors like Dr. Oz and Dr. Sanjay Gupta have been saying for years about stress: Regularly making time to breathe and relax improves the body's response to the effects of stress. Researchers have now found that these improvements actually begin genetically, that the relaxation response altered expression of genes influencing cell inflammation, free radicals, and risk of serious health issues in long-term practitioners. (http://www. sciencedaily. com/releases/2008/07/080701221501.htm (http://www. sciencedaily. com/releases/2008/07/080701221501.htm))]

"Even when we sleep the brain is busy working. This is why it is so important to regularly take time out to consciously let go of all conscious thoughts, to give the mind a rest," explains yoga teacher Saraswati, creator and vocal artist for 10 Minutes of Stress Relief. Researchers advise that any of the forms of meditation evoking the relaxation response is what is so beneficial to the brain and all that the brain controls. "Yet bringing the mind to rest is easier said than done for most of us. 10 Minutes of Stress Relief (http://www.10minutestressrelief. com/) was designed to help people make the most of those preciously carved minutes," Saraswati explains.

The magic of 10 Minutes of Stress Relief is in its simplicity: easy tense-and-relax techniques followed by Saraswati's nurturing guidance quickly takes the listener into deep relaxation through simple breathing and meditation methods anyone can master. Set to gentle nature sounds from the oceanfront, the calming ocean waves help listeners focus on the rhythm of their breathing instead of their worries.

"When stress is upon us, whether deeply personal or beyond our control, like the current economic crisis threatening the globe, we can become so embroiled in troubles and worries that trying to relax can seem about as attainable as standing on our hands," says Saraswati. Under stress, she explains, we tend to breathe more shallow. We clench our teeth, tighten our jaws, and the rest of the body tenses similarly, restricting blood flow, oxygen and nutrients to all our systems. Our heart, brain, all the organs work harder and send stress hormones into overdrive. Stress hormones create imbalances in weird and wicked ways, she warns.

"There is a saying in yoga that when we control the breath, we control the life force. When you think about that, it's really the equivalent to health experts recommending ten minutes to breathe and relax as one of the single most important things we can do to improve health and well being. These studies help us see why this is so."

10 Minutes of Stress Relief has been reported to put some people to sleep so don't listen to it while driving. Do play it to clear your mind during the day and before bed to maximize your body's defense to stress.

About Yoga2You

Yoga2You is the Internet's #1 online destination for stress relaxation and finding Simple Yoga Products That Simply Work. Yoga2You's flagship product is its 10 Minutes of Stress Relief CD. Now available at more than a dozen retail and online locations including Yoga2You. us, it is the perfect staple for everyone's relaxation toolbox.

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Saturday, December 21, 2002

Southern New Hampshire University and Sodexo Transform Campus’s Dining and Culinary Experience

Southern New Hampshire University and Sodexo Transform Campus’s Dining and Culinary Experience

Southern New Hampshire University and Sodexo, Inc. invite media members to the university’s new Dining Center dedication on Friday, Jan. 15. The ribbon-cutting ceremony will begin at noon. Tours will be available every 15 minutes.

Manchester, N. H. (Vocus) January 12, 2010

Southern New Hampshire University and Sodexo, Inc. invite media members to the university’s new Dining Center dedication on Friday, Jan. 15. The ribbon-cutting ceremony will begin at noon. Tours will be available every 15 minutes.

The two-story, $13 million, 47,700-square-foot Dining Center, built by Bedford-based Harvey Construction Corp., will seat 632 and will incorporate a restaurant-style dining experience. Sodexo, SNHU’s food service provider since 2008, will introduce a new array of culinary options ranging from international dishes in the Euro to flat bread pizzas in LaTrattoria to the Global Cuisine area that features a Mongolian grill.

"The new Dining Center is so much more than a new place to eat. It provides a variety of study and social spaces. Its function rooms allow us to host larger audiences for a broader range of events,” said SNHU President Paul J. LeBlanc. “The boldness of its design and its location mark a new and revived campus center around which so much activity will orbit. It's a perfect building from which to launch the next phase of SNHU's institutional life."

The Dining Center features many green components including a Web-based energy management system that allows for daily temperature regulation. Occupancy censors for lighting efficiency, auto-flush urinals and enhanced HVAC systems were also installed to maximize the building’s sustainability capacity.

“Sodexo celebrates the ability food has to bring people together,” said Tom Post, Sodexo president of campus services. “The ambience and culinary offerings at the new dining facility at Southern New Hampshire University reflects what students today want: a variety of world cuisines that are sourced and served in a sustainable way, that wow them and provide plenty of healthy options – all served with a smile.”

Parking will be available in Lot 2 near Robert Frost Hall and Lot 9a behind the Hospitality Center. View campus map.

Please visit The Dining Center online to learn more about the new building, view downloadable images and its variety of food options.

About Southern New Hampshire University
The university has approximately 1,900 traditional, full-time undergraduate day students and a total enrollment in all divisions of about 9,425. Programs are offered on campus, online and on location at our centers in New Hampshire and Maine. The university offers programs in business, community economic development, culinary arts, teacher education, hospitality management and liberal arts.

About Sodexo, Inc.
Sodexo, Inc. (www. sodexoUSA. com), a member of Sodexo Group, is a leading provider of Comprehensive Service Solutions serving more than ten million customers daily in corporations, health care, long term care, retirement, schools, higher education, government and remote sites. Headquartered in Gaithersburg, Md., Sodexo, Inc. operates in the U. S., Canada and Mexico, with $7.7 billion (USD) in annual revenue and 120,000 employees. The Sodexo Foundation (www. SodexoFoundation. org) is an independent charitable organization that, since its founding in 1999, has made more than $12.7 million in grants to fight hunger in America. Visit the corporate blog at www. sodexoUSA. com/blog (http://www. sodexoUSA. com/blog).

Contact: Gregg Mazzola
Southern New Hampshire University 
Phone: 603.629.4649
Email: g. mazzola(at)snhu(dot)edu

Contact: Monica Zimmer
Phone: 301 987 4461
Email: monica. zimmer(at)sodexo(dot)com

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Friday, December 20, 2002

Five Pro-Football Players Tackle New Defensive Strategy: Helping Inner City Kids

Five Pro-Football Players Tackle New Defensive Strategy: Helping Inner City Kids

Shaun Phillips, La'Roi Glover, Bobby McCray, Dewayne White and Manny Lawson join the After-School Sack Attack program to help kids by donating money for every sack

Los Angeles (PRWEB) September 18, 2008

As children all over the country head back to school and football players return to the field, five superstars have pledged to donate $1,000 to After-School All-Stars every time each makes a sack on the field. The "After-School Sack Attack" program was launched last season by San Diego Charger's linebacker Shaun Phillips and kicks off the 2008 season with five defenders and counting.

Last year Phillips had 8.5 sacks and, with the help of matching business sponsors, raised $34,000 for after-school programs in San Diego. This season, the After-School Sack Attack has expanded to players from teams across the country and currently includes five players representing teams from Detroit, New Orleans, San Diego, San Francisco, and St. Louis. More information on the After-School Sack Attack is available at How Many Sacks (http://www. howmanysacks. org)

"When I was growing up in Philadelphia, after-school programs kept me busy and off the streets," said Phillips. "After-School All-Stars' programs provide a great outlet to keep urban youth safe and engaged during the 'danger zone' hours of 3 p. m. and 6 p. m. when they are most likely to get involved with unproductive, risky activities."

Four additional players, La'Roi Glover (St. Louis Rams), Bobby McCray (New Orleans Saints), Dewayne White (Detroit Lions), and Manny Lawson (SF 49ers) have joined Phillips to bring a ton of defensive firepower to the program. Their combined 2-year average sack records would predict at least 30 sacks towards the program - and other defensive players are still encouraged to join the After-School Sack Attack.

Six-time Pro-Bowler and Defensive Tackle La'Roi Glover established his La'Roi Glover Foundation and has been helping kids in San Diego and St. Louis since 1999. Both Bobby McCray and Dewayne White are relatively new to their home cities of New Orleans and Detroit, respectively, and are excited to help kids in their local communities. Although he grew up in a small town, Manny Lawson is passionate about all kids, especially kids facing negative influences in the inner-cities.

"We are so grateful that these star athletes are tying to their success on the field to the success of kids in our urban schools," said Ben Paul, CEO of After-School All-Stars. "Shaun Phillips set a high bar last season and we look forward to more players helping to generate the funds needed to provide quality after-school programs. Ideally, we would love to see a player on every team join the After-School Sack Attack."

Added Phillips: "I am proud that my fellow players are supporting these children and I know that inner city children all over the country will be kept safe and benefit from the money raised by the After-School Sack Attack."

About After-School All-Stars
Founded by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger in 1992, After-School All-Stars is the leading national provider of high quality, comprehensive, school-based after-school programs that include academic support, enrichment and health and physical fitness activities. The organization's mission is to keep children safe and help them achieve in school and in life. 72,000 at-risk youth benefit from these programs in 13 U. S. cities: Atlanta, Chicago, Columbus, Dallas, Houston, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, New York, Orlando, San Antonio, San Diego, San Jose and South Florida. For more information, visit After-School All-Stars (http://www. afterschoolallstars. org)

About La'Roi Glover
Lauded for his power and precision, Glover is a six-time Pro-Bowler and Defensive Tackle for the St. Louis Rams. Throughout his 12-year tenure in the NFL, Glover has experienced great success. He has just been named the Rams 2007 Walter Payton Man of the Year. In addition to his work with the La'Roi Glover Foundation, Glover recently became a Goodwill Ambassador for After-School All-Stars.

About Manny Lawson
Manny Lawson is currently in his third season with the San Francisco 49ers. He had a promising 2007 season cut short due to knee injury suffered in practice leading up to the third game of the season. Lawson is a graduate of North Carolina State where he ranks second on NC State's all-time record list with seven blocked kicks and fourth with 20.5 sacks. He is widely considered one of the finest athletes in the NFL.

About Bobby McCray
After just five seasons in the world's most dominant league, Bobby McCray is one of the fastest defensive ends on the gridiron. He signed a five year deal in the 2008 off-season with the Saints to provide additional depth and speed to a defensive line very much in need of his talent. In 2006 while with the Jacksonville Jaguars, Bobby led the team with 10 sacks.

About Shaun Phillips
A native of New Jersey, Phillips had a career best year in 2006 after registering 65 tackles and 11.5 sacks. Entering his fourth year with the Chargers, Phillips has recorded 125 total tackles and 22.5 sacks in 45 career games. This off-season, Phillips inked a contract extension that will keep him in San Diego through 2012.

About Dewayne White
Dewayne White has proven himself as the aggressive and relentless rush end throughout his first season in Detroit. In 2007, White was the first unrestricted free agent to visit Detroit off-season and sign a five-year deal with the team, reuniting him with his former position coach, Lions Head Coach Rod Martinelli.

Thursday, December 19, 2002

HRtechnology IRONMAN Competition Announced

HRtechnology IRONMAN Competition Announced

Since 2008, HRchitect has produced a wildly popular Beauty Pageant webinar series, in which software vendor from specific categories compete for audience votes and the crown. In this new spin, HR software vendors will compete head-to-head in specific areas, still with the goal of winning votes and bragging rights. The Ironman web event is sure to be fast-paced, fun and informative. HR practitioners will enjoy learning more about solutions available in each different category - Talent Management, Talent Acquisition, Performance, Learning, Compensation, Workforce Management, Onboarding, and others. The first in the series, Mid Market Talent Acquisition Systems, takes place on June 18.

Frisco, TX (PRWEB) June 4, 2010

HRchitect (http://hrchitect. com), the leader in HR systems strategic consulting and the premier Human Capital Management (HCM) and Talent Management systems consulting firm, announced the latest in their educational webinar offering, the HRtechnology Ironman (http://hrchitect. com/News/Ironman) Competition.

The HRtechnology Ironman competition stems from the wildly popular Beauty Pageant Webinar Series (http://hrchitect. com/News/Pageant). While a similar vendor landscape format will be followed, new twists will be added to keep competitors on their toes and help give spectators a clearer view of each company and solution competing. Each Ironman competition will focus on a different category of HR technology such as Talent Management, Talent Acquisition, and Performance Management, and will feature up to five contestants. Top vendors from each specific category will be selected to compete and judged, by the spectators, in the following areas:

The first of three skills. Competitors need to get ahead early by using this portion to discuss company history, overview, specific identity, financial viability, marquee clients and leadership team.

Stamina is required during the biking portion of the Ironman and competitors will race against each other by showcasing their product's functionality, technology/integration, usability and configurability.

As in any competition, it is important to finish strong! Competitors will fight it out to the end by stating key differentiators of their solution and their company.

Media Interviews
The race isn't over when the finish line is crossed. Each competitor will face hard-hitting questions from the media (i. e. - our spectators).

In this exciting, fast-paced web event, vendors will compete head-to-head in each category. Spectators will vote after each portion ad the vendor with the most total votes will receive the medal and bragging rights as HRtechnology Ironman.

"HRchitect is always seeking out new ways to educate practitioners about HR technology and how it can positively impact their daily lives," states Matt Lafata, Vice President of Sales & Marketing for HRchitect and moderator of the Ironman competition. "We never want our educational events to be dull, scripted, or boring. This new spin on our vendor landscape webinar is sure to keep spectators entertained as well as provide information on the various solutions available in the marketplace."

"We can't wait to see what the Ironman competitors come up with," continued Tiffany Appleby, Director of Marketing for HRchitect. "Presentations for the Beauty Pageant series were so creative and fun; I expect that the vendors will bring the same level of creativity and an increased level of intensity to this new format."

The Mid Market Talent Acquisition Systems Ironman (https://www2.gotomeeting. com/register/863909091) on June 18 marks the first in this new series. The field has been finalized with Hodes iQ, iCIMS, Newton Software, nowHIRE and SilkRoad competing for the title. To register, visit HRchitect's website at HRchitect. com.

Although a winner will be named at the end of each Ironman, based on the votes of the spectators, it is important to note that the audience is not asked to make a decision as to which product to purchase based on the competition alone. The Ironman is designed to provide exposure to a select group of qualified vendors in a short, informative and fun format. HRchitect implores anyone contemplating an HR Systems purchase to go through a software evaluation and selection process with the use of Decision Drivers before making such an important buying decision.

The schedule for Fall 2010 will be released on HRchitect. com (http://HRchitect. com) in the coming weeks.

About HRchitect

HRchitect is the leader in HR systems strategic consulting. As the premier Human Capital Management (HCM) and Talent Management Systems consulting firm, our services include the selection, implementation, and integration of Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS), Talent Management Suites (TMS), Performance Management, Succession Management, Compensation Management, Learning Management, Competency Management, Talent Acquisition Systems, and Time & Attendance software.

HRchitect has participated in the successful evaluation and implementation of HR technology systems for leading high-tech, high-growth leaders such as Perot Systems, McAfee, Sony PlayStation, and WebMD; manufacturing companies such as 3M, Texas Instruments, and Raytheon; retail leaders including Best Buy, Domino's Pizza, PepsiAmericas, J. C. Penney, and Target; healthcare/bio-tech organizations such as Alcon Labs, The Mayo Clinic, and Tenet Healthcare; financial organizations including: Barclay's Global Investors, Countrywide Financial, and VISA; energy leaders such as Baker Hughes, ConocoPhillips, and Lyondell Chemical; transportation leaders such as APL, FedEx, and Southwest Airlines; telecommunication leaders AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon; as well as leading hospitality companies such as Hyatt, Marriott, and Starwood.

Based in Dallas with consultants nationwide, HRchitect has completed over 1500 successful engagements for more than 700 clients over the past thirteen years. HRchitect's client list consists of companies of all sizes from all industries and includes more than 1 in 5 companies on the Fortune 100 list.

To find out how HRchitect's HR software expertise can benefit your company, visit our website at www. HRchitect. com or call 214-619-0888.

This press release was distributed through PR Web by Human Resources Marketer (HR Marketer: www. HRmarketer. com) on behalf of the company listed above.

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Tuesday, December 17, 2002

Insider Scoop On Cool LA Hotels Revealed In Edgy LA Lifestyle Magazine, LA2DAY. com

Insider Scoop On Cool LA Hotels Revealed In Edgy LA Lifestyle Magazine, LA2DAY. com

LA2DAY. com, a Los Angeles online lifestyle magazine, will now provide reviews and insider-info on the hippest LA hotels. Reviews by LA insiders and guests make choosing Beverly Hills hotels, Hollywood hotels, and other LA area hotels simpler for trendy LA travelers.

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) May 8, 2009

LA2DAY. com announces the addition of "LA2DAY Travel," a new segment of the popular Los Angeles online lifestyle magazine that offers reviews and insider information on cool LA hotels. With a click of the mouse, readers can now gain insider access to reviews on the trendiest and hippest options in Hollywood hotels, Beverly Hills hotels and more. With hype-free information now readily available, travelers are discovering that locating the trendiest LA hotels is much easier and convenient than they ever thought possible.

A premier online publication featuring the essential elements of the Los Angeles lifestyle, LA2DAY. com is committed to revealing the undiscovered gems offered by the greater Los Angeles area. With lifestyle features including nightlife hot spots, LA fashion trends, reviews on the hippest destinations, health trends, dining and more, LA2DAY. com is a popular online choice for both long-term LA residents looking for a new adventure as well those visiting the city for a quick whirlwind weekend.

"LA2DAY. com has been called the trendiest and edgiest online lifestyle publication available today. Readers have consistently turned to us for our expertise on the most desirable and hottest undiscovered treasures in Los Angeles. Our new hotel referrals section appeals to the same readership by providing reviews on only the most unique and hippest LA accommodations," says Tim Verbeek of LA2DAY. com (http://www. LA2DAY. com (http://www. LA2DAY. com)).

Every hotel on LA2DAY. com's Preferred Los Angeles Hotel Collection list has been carefully hand selected and evaluated from the publication's experienced writing staff. Additionally, through LA2DAY. com's partnerships and contracts with premier U. S. hotel suppliers, the publication offers travelers the best possible rates on all hotels featured.

For added convenience, LA2DAY. com has also geographically organized its list of LA area hotels. Readers can select from premier LA area hotels in Santa Monica, Beverly Hills and Hollywood, as well as more general areas such as near the Los Angeles International Airport or close to downtown LA. Within LA2DAY Travel, vacationers can virtually explore each hotel featured with a compilation of exterior and interior hotel photographs as well as a review on the finest points of each accommodation choice. Additionally, interested travelers can also conveniently check the availability and rates of the featured hotels on the LA2DAY. com website.

More information on LA2DAY. com's new Preferred Los Angeles Hotel Collection can be found at http://los-angeles-hotels. la2day. com/ (http://los-angeles-hotels. la2day. com/).

"Since LA2DAY. com is considered the 'in the know' source for the best Los Angeles information, travelers can rest assured that our Preferred Los Angeles Hotel Collection list only includes the finest and trendiest LA hotels, ensuring guests will receive exceptional service and comfort throughout their entire stay," says Verbeek.

About LA2DAY: LA2DAY. com (http://www. LA2DAY. com (http://www. LA2DAY. com)) is an online lifestyle magazine devoted to discovering the undiscovered gems of Los Angeles. For all who call alternative LA home and for kindred spirits on a weekend pass, LA2DAY. com illuminates fresh currents and extraordinary experiences. Whether you are a permanent Angelino or one of the twenty-four million people who visit Los Angeles each year, LA2DAY. COM is the place to find unique restaurants, attractions, adventures, hotels, hotspots and much more.

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TriMark Publications Announces Release of Its Cytology and HPV Testing World Markets Report

TriMark Publications Announces Release of Its Cytology and HPV Testing World Markets Report

TriMark Publications (http://www. trimarkpublications. com), a global leader in the biotechnology, healthcare and life sciences publishing, announces the release of its Cytology and HPV Testing World Markets report. The purpose of this report is to describe the specific segment of the diagnostic market aimed at analysis cytology (the examination of cells using optical microscopy methods) specimens derived from the human female reproductive tract.

New York, NY (PRWEB) May 17, 2006

TriMark Publications (http://www. trimarkpublications. com (http://www. trimarkpublications. com)), a global leader in the biotechnology, healthcare and life sciences publishing, announces the release of its Cytology and HPV Testing World Markets report. The purpose of this report is to describe the specific segment of the diagnostic market aimed at analysis cytology (the examination of cells using optical microscopy methods) specimens derived from the human female reproductive tract. It examines the measurement devices and their reagents and supplies used in hospitals, clinics, commercial laboratories and research institutions to detect cells and proteins for the diagnosis and monitoring of disease. The emphasis is on those companies and products that are actively developing and marketing laboratory instrumentation, reagents and supplies for performing cytology and related molecular diagnostic tests, such as human papillomavirus (HPV) and other inflammatory and sexually-transmitted diseases.

The main objectives of this analysis are:

Identifying viable technology drivers through a comprehensive look at platform technologies for cytology and HPV testing, including thin-film cytology techniques and Hybrid Capture technology for HPV detection.

Obtaining a complete understanding of the chief cytology tests from their basic principles to their applications.

Discovering feasible market opportunities by identifying high-growth applications in different analytical diagnostic areas, concentrating on the biggest and expanding markets.

Focusing on global industry development through an in-depth analysis of the major world markets for cytology technology, including growth forecasts.

Presenting market figures regarding the current value of the cytology and HPV market, projections and growth rates. The source of this information is the most current data derived from the global diagnostic industry with cytology market forecasts into 2011.

By purchasing this study, the reader will have:

An understanding of the most exciting cytology market segments, current and future. The latest information on leading products and R&D initiatives. Familiarity with recent developments and their effects on selected markets. Knowledge of the cytology market as an area of growth, research and investment.

Key questions answered in this review:

How can cytology tools and technologies facilitate other diagnostic tests like HPV? What are the main types of cytology technologies that are currently available? Who are the current key players in this marketplace? Which cytology market areas have the greatest potential for growth? What is the current state of the cytology market? Which biotechnology and diagnostic companies are investing in cytology solutions? What are the main cytology business strategies adopted by leading companies? What are the benefits of cytology technology platforms?

This report contains:

Detailed analysis of recent trends in the cytology marketplace. In-depth profiles of the leading companies with cytology tools and technologies. A five-year forecast for the cytology market in the biotechnology and diagnostic industries. Views and principles on the cytology industry from leading industry experts. Analysis of potential cytology applications in the life science sector. Market predictions and trends analysis concerning U. S. expenditure on cytology solutions. Projections for future applications of molecular diagnostic tests in cytology-related screening. Analysis of commercial cytology business strategies. The latest news and developments in the cytology marketplace. A comprehensive overview and insight into cytology business strategies.

Analysis includes charts and graphs measuring product growth and trends within the marketplace. Company-specific information, including sales figures, product pipeline status and R&D trends, is provided. Also, this report will:

Assess cytology market drivers and bottlenecks from medical and scientific community perspectives. Discuss the potential benefits of cytology for various sectors of the medical and scientific community. Establish the current total market size and future growth of the cytology market and analyze the current size and growth of individual segments. Provide current and forecasted market shares by company. Discuss profit and business opportunities by segment. Provide strategic recommendations for near-term business opportunities. Assess current commercial uses of the cytology market.

Reasons to Buy TriMark Content

Content is updated regularly in accordance with changes in the industries our reports cover. Content is specifically designed to help individuals who work in the industries the content covers remain competitive in the marketplace. Content contains detailed sales data, market share information and emerging trends, all of which impact the sectors biotechnology, healthcare, pharmaceutical and medical devices companies operate in. Your competitors are buying TriMark content.

About TriMark Publications, LLC

Based in New York City, TriMark Publications is a global leader in the biotechnology, healthcare and life sciences publishing. Market research reports include:

Bioinformatics Markets Blood Gas Instrumentation Data Processing Cancer Diagnostic Testing World Markets Cancer Therapeutics Markets Cardiac Marker Diagnostic Tests Markets Cardiac Rhythm Management Devices World Markets Cytology and HPV Testing World Markets Clinical Chemistry Analyzers Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome and Cardiovascular Disease Disposable Medical Supplies Markets Disposable Syringe Markets DNA Sequencing and PCR Markets Genomics World Markets High-Growth Diagnostic Tests Markets Indian Pharmaceutical Industry Key Diagnostic Testing Markets Mammography World Markets Medical Imaging Markets Microarray Markets Microscopy Markets Molecular Diagnostics Markets Multi-Parameter Patient Monitor Markets Over-the-Counter Diagnostic Products Markets Pharmacogenomics Testing Markets Point of Care Diagnostic Testing Sector Trends Point of Care Diagnostic Testing World Markets Veterinary Health Markets Women's Health: Diagnostic Tests

For more information, please visit http://www. trimarkpublications. com (http://www. trimarkpublications. com).

Important Notice

The statements contained in this news release that are forward-looking are based on current expectations that are subject to a number of uncertainties and risks, and actual results may differ materially.


TriMark Publications, LLC


Www. trimarkpublications. com

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Saturday, December 14, 2002

Simply Organic New Gluten-Free Dessert Mixes Are Both Delicious and Socially Responsible

Simply Organic New Gluten-Free Dessert Mixes Are Both Delicious and Socially Responsible

Cocoa Cayenne Cupcakes and Honeypot Ginger Cookies are new dessert mixes offered by Simply Organic. More than just a tasty and trendy dessert, the Honeypot Ginger Cookies contain Fair Trade Certified™ ground cloves from Sri Lanka. This marks the first time that a Fair Trade spice has been offered in a seasoning or baking mix in the U. S. Fair Trade Certified cocoa and sugar are contained in the Cocoa Cayenne Cupcakes.

Norway, IA (Vocus) June 10, 2009

The trend started with the "Sex and the City" girls' visit to the Magnolia Bakery. After that, cupcakes and cookies became the “it” desserts. The question is which character would most likely have had an affinity for Cocoa Cayenne Cupcakes or Honeypot Ginger Cookies – the newest offerings in Simply Organic’s gluten-free baking mix line? Quite likely, all four friends would be enamored with these, as well as the rest of Simply Organic’s gluten-free baking mixes. Best of all, the mixes require only two or three added ingredients and are easily prepared in five minutes or less.

More than just a tasty and trendy dessert, the Honeypot Ginger Cookies contain Fair Trade Certified™ ground cloves from Sri Lanka. This marks the first time that a Fair Trade spice has been offered in a seasoning or baking mix in the U. S. Previously, the four original Simply Organic baking mixes were the first to offer a Fair Trade ingredient in any type of baking mix. Now, all six mixes offer consumers a socially responsible option of buying increasingly popular gluten-free, organic products.

Simply Organic developed its new baking mixes with emerging taste trends in mind. "Consumers are increasingly favoring unique flavor combinations that are nutritious, convenient to make, and affordable," says Kory Kazimour, Simply Organic Senior Brand Manager. "We applied our organic spice expertise to bring distinctive flavors to desserts with these easy-to-prepare mixes that cost less than 50 cents to make per cupcake or cookie."

Inspired by the enduring popularity of spicy Mexican food, Simply Organic Cocoa Cayenne Cupcake mix combines delicious Fair Trade cocoa powder and cayenne. “The touch of cayenne pepper actually enhances the chocolate flavor, much like the combination found in Mexican mole sauce,” explains Kazimour.

Both the Cocoa Cayenne Cupcakes and the Honeypot Ginger Cookies contain brown rice flour, which provides nine grams of whole-grain goodness per cupcake and 12 grams per cookie. “Our low-fat recipe requires eggs and water, no oil or butter,” adds Kazimour.

Kazimour notes the new Simply Organic baking mixes are also vegetarian and certified kosher, and are free of hydrolyzed vegetable protein, modified food starch, hydrogenated oils, and genetically engineered ingredients. With an 18-month shelf life, consumers can conveniently store the baking mixes in the cupboard for future use.

Inexpensively priced at $4.99 per box, these mixes can be used in a variety of ways. Recipe suggestions are provided on each package, as well as on the Simply Organic website. The new flavors complement the other Simply Organic gluten-free, Fair Trade Certified baking mixes, such as the popular carrot cake, cocoa biscotti, chai spice scone and banana bread mixes. All products display the USDA organic logo.

Most natural and organic retailers will have the new Simply Organic gluten-free baking mixes in their stores in the coming months, however, consumers can purchase them now online at www. simplyorganicfoods. com or by calling toll-free at 1-800-669-3275.

Note to editors: Product samples and photos are available upon request.

Simply Organic®
Simply Organic is an all-organic brand from Frontier Natural Products Co-op, offering an extensive and growing selection of certified organic spices, seasonings, baking flavors and mixes while supporting organic agriculture around the globe. By providing the best available organic seasonings and donating one percent of sales to organic agriculture and education, Simply Organic genuinely offers "Simply Healthy Living. Simply Great Taste." Find out more about Simply Organic at www. simplyorganicfoods. com.

Frontier Natural Products Co-op™
Founded in 1976 and based in Norway, Iowa, Frontier Natural Products Co-op™ offers a full line of natural and organic products under the Frontier, Simply Organic®, Aura Cacia® and Aura Cacia Organics® brands. Products include culinary herbs, spices and baking flavors; bulk herbs and spices; and natural and organic aromatherapy products. Frontier's goal is to provide consumers with the highest-quality organic and natural products while supporting and promoting environmental and social responsibility. For more information, visit Frontier's website at www. frontiercoop. com.

Media Contact:
Steve Krusie
319-227-7996 ext. 1359


Friday, December 13, 2002

Summit Medical Group Hosts Heart Disease & Stroke Awareness Expo

Summit Medical Group Hosts Heart Disease & Stroke Awareness Expo

Thursday, February 3 Event Supports National “Go Red for Women” Campaign

Berkeley Heights, N. J. (Vocus/PRWEB) January 24, 2011

Summit Medical Group (SMG) hosts an educational and informative expo on heart health, Thursday, February 3, 11:30 a. m. to 2:00 p. m. at SMG’s 1 Diamond Hill Road campus.

Cardiovascular disease claims the lives of more than 500,000 women each year. Presented by the American Heart Association, this event allows visitors to meet with a team of experts to learn about the No. 1 and No. 3 killers of females – cardiovascular disease and stroke. All visitors to the Expo will learn about what they can do to raise awareness of these diseases and help protect the ones they love.

Featured at the Expo:
  • Cardiology
  o Blood Pressure
  o Calcium Scoring
  o Cardiac imaging (MRI and CAT)
  o Echocardiogram
  o Electrophysiology (EPS)
  o Neuro-stroke prevention
  o Pacemaker
  • Endocrinology
  • Nutrition
  • Pharmacy
  • Physical Therapy
  • Sports Medicine
  • Stress Reduction
  • Raffles for and iPod shuffle and other giveaways

The event is free and open to the public. Visitors are encouraged to bring a friend and wear red. Located in the Cafe at Summit Medical Group's Berkeley Heights Campus, Lawrence Pavilion, 1 Diamond Hill Road, Berkeley Heights, NJ 07922. For more information, visit http://www. summitmedicalgroup. com.

About Summit Medical Group

Providing exceptional primary and specialty care since 1929, Summit Medical Group (SMG) has pioneered information technology advances with its electronic health records and electronic prescribing program. With more than 170 highly qualified physicians, it serves as a unique model of healthcare in the state. With a nationally recognized award-winning customer service program, SMG treats more than 55,000 patients per month at its Berkeley Heights campus and area satellites in Bayonne, Berkeley Heights, Millburn, Short Hills, Summit, Warren, and Westfield. Since 2008, NJBiz magazine named SMG one of the Fifty Fastest Growing Companies in New Jersey. Summit Medical Group is a member of the American Medical Group Association.

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Thursday, December 12, 2002

Last 'True West Country' Red Squirrels?

Last 'True West Country' Red Squirrels?

Dorset Wildlife Trust are endeavouring to protect one of the last significant populations of DNA tested red squirrels in the south of England by putting them up for adoption.

(PRWeb UK) November 17, 2010

The red squirrels of Brownsea Island in Poole, one of the most important populations of the native mammal in Britain, may be the last of true west country origin, according to new scientific research.

The population of about 200 red squirrels on Brownsea Island and a small number on other islands in Poole Harbour are, with those on the Isle of Wight, the only ones left in southern England, surviving here because the grey squirrel has not crossed the water. Elsewhere in the south and across much of England the greys, introduced from North America, have competed successfully for food and nest sites and brought a virus which can kill the native squirrels.

Recent studies by Dr Wei-Jun Liang and colleagues of Bournemouth University in association with Dorset Wildlife Trust have examined the DNA of the population, with results so far indicating that most of Brownsea’s squirrels are of genuine west of England stock, while other red squirrels on islands in Poole Harbour may have been introduced from the north. The team is able to determine DNA from the hair of dead squirrels and studies are continuing as samples (including museum specimens) become available.

Dorset Wildlife Trust’s red squirrel adoption scheme helps to fund vital management of the pine woods for the benefit of the squirrels on the National Trust-owned island. The scheme is supported by The John Lewis Partnership, which runs the Brownsea Castle as a holiday centre for its staff.

Chris Thain, Dorset Wildlife Trust’s reserve manager on Brownsea Island, said: “The population of red squirrels is significant for the U. K., providing a healthy gene pool of this endangered native mammal. This is achieved as a result of careful woodland management and we are very grateful to John Lewis and to all our red squirrel adopters for their support, which helps to fund this work.”

If you would like to help protect the last true west country red squirrels, visit our red squirrel adoption page or contact Dorset Wildlife Trust on 01305 264620 or eking(at)dorsetwildlifetrust(dot)org(dot)uk. Last orders to adopt a red squirrel for Christmas should be received by 15th December 2010.


Men Collect and Shelve Women Trophies: Author Marc Rudov Blasts Unilateral Pursuit in Article About The Golden Rule

Men Collect and Shelve Women Trophies: Author Marc Rudov Blasts Unilateral Pursuit in Article About The Golden Rule

Marc H. Rudov, author of The Man’s No-Nonsense Guide to Women: How to Succeed in Romance on Planet Earth (TM), has published a new article, “The Golden Rule Dictates Your Sex Life,” that outlines the hazards of men unilaterally pursuing women. Basically, the traditional courting roles -- man as hunter and woman as trophy -- impose an unhealthy imbalance that obviates a peer relationship, which is the cornerstone of true mutual respect and a satisfying sex life. Like it or not, relationships adhere to the “Golden Rule of the Business World”: whoever has the gold makes the rules. The article is available from the book's Website: http://TheMansNoNonsenseGuideToWomen. com.

Los Gatos, CA (PRWEB) January 5, 2004

Marc H. Rudov, author of The Man’s No-Nonsense Guide to Women: How to Succeed in Romance on Planet Earth (TM) (ISBN 0-9745017-0-0), has published a new article, “The Golden Rule Dictates Your Sex Life,” that outlines the hazards of men unilaterally pursuing women. Basically, the traditional courting roles -- man as hunter and woman as trophy -- impose an unhealthy imbalance that obviates a peer relationship, which is the cornerstone of true mutual respect and a satisfying sex life. Like it or not, relationships adhere to the “Golden Rule of the Business World”: whoever has the gold makes the rules. In a stereotypical situation, a man, by default, leads and bankrolls the courting process. Consequently, he feels ownership of the process and the woman. Notwithstanding the obvious hazards of such an arrangement, most romancers are resigned to it. The only solution, which requires that both men and women reject years of socialization, is mutual pursuit. A companion piece to the book, the article is available for downloading from the Media & Events page at: http://TheMansNoNonsenseGuideToWomen. com (http://TheMansNoNonsenseGuideToWomen. com).

“Unilateral pursuit is an obsolete, destructive, demeaning practice for both the pursuers and the pursued, making both parties unhappy,” claims Rudov. “In the classical chase, man plays the aggressor and bounty-seeker, and, by design, woman plays the target, prize, conquest, and acquired asset. This power ritual made sense when women could not vote, get credit, own property, or be president of Brown University or CEO of Xerox. But, it sure as hell doesn’t make sense in our modern world. So, the woman who insists on being pursued, the passive trophy, must understand that she is yielding power to the man, who becomes the one with the gold and, therefore, the one who will and should set the rules. In professional sports, after collecting one trophy, the athlete has but one mandate: shelve it and win the next one. Men and women who play the unilateral-pursuit game always seem to experience the same phenomenon,” explains Author Rudov.

Continuing, Author Rudov admonishes women: “Quite simply: If you don’t want to be treated like a trophy, don’t act like one. Be proactive, contribute gold, and share control.” Rudov adds, “Men and women should accept only peer-based, reciprocating relationships that begin with mutual, simultaneous pursuit.”

Contrary to popular belief, Author Rudov maintains that men and women are from the same planet but, unfortunately, have been socialized differently and programmed for conflict. He counsels men that the only way to succeed with women is to remove their layers of socialized behavior and find women who have done, or are willing to do, likewise. The Man's No-Nonsense Guide to Women: How to Succeed in Romance on Planet Earth, which is available for $17.95 on http://TheMansNoNonsenseGuideToWomen. com (http://TheMansNoNonsenseGuideToWomen. com), teaches them how. Both men and women have been buying the book and validating its principles.

The bookÂ’s Website also contains a helpful advice column for men and women: Dear No-Nonsense Advisor.

About the Author

Marc H. Rudov, an investment banker and business consultant residing in Silicon Valley, California, received his formal education in engineering and business. He obtained his vast informal training in relationships with women through over a decade in the dating world after his divorce. In addition to his book, Mr. Rudov wrote the article “Five Myths About Women.” Contact Mr. Rudov at: info@themansnononsenseguidetowomen. com

Success in Romance on Planet Earth is a trademark of MHR Enterprises.

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Wednesday, December 11, 2002

St. David's Healthcare Partnership & Austin Community College Deploy Skyscape PDA-Based Medical References in Advanced Nursing Fellowship Program

St. David's Healthcare Partnership & Austin Community College Deploy Skyscape PDA-Based Medical References in Advanced Nursing Fellowship Program

Armed with Skyscape medical references on their PDAs, nurses at St. David’s HealthCare Partnership in Austin, Texas, are delivering more efficient, effective, and timely care to patients. The Skyscape mobile medical references (www. skyscape. com) are supporting an advanced nursing fellowship program conducted by Austin Community College for the healthcare system.

Austin, TX and Marlborough, MA (PRWEB) March 13, 2006

Armed with Skyscape medical references on their PDAs, nurses at St. David’s HealthCare Partnership in Austin, Texas, are delivering more efficient, effective, and timely care to patients. The Skyscape mobile medical references (www. skyscape. com) are supporting an advanced nursing fellowship program conducted by Austin Community College for the healthcare system.

Program consultant Dr. Susan Smith believes PDAs loaded with mobile medical references are transforming the nursing profession, helping to deliver more efficient and effective patient care.

The institutions received a $2 million U. S. Department of Labor grant as part of the Bush Administration's High Growth Job Training Initiative. About 70 registered nurses participate as fellows in the program, plus clinical coaches serve as expert resources to the fellows.

Under the program, in its second year, the funding is used for the purchase of 120 PDAs for the nurse participants and the clinical coaches.

The nurse participants and their coaches are given Dell PDAs pre-loaded with four popular Skyscape reference titles.

The students are provided instructions on the use of PDAs and how to access the pre-loaded Skyscape nursing reference software, but most participants taught themselves how to use the devices.

“Let’s say someone is questioning a medication, or there is a change in a patient’s condition, or a laboratory result comes back that needs review, the nurse may need to do fast research before calling the physician to tell them what might be happening,” said Smith. “Our PDAs and their Skyscape medical references really facilitate a much quicker reaction time. Plus, it puts the information at the practitioner’s finger tips. The nurse can respond faster to the physician, or someone else, when using the PDA, instead of returning to the nursing station to reference a medical book,” she said.

Skyscape is the leading provider of medical references formatted specially for mobile devices. The four Skyscape references purchased were very familiar to the students and covered a broad scope of nursing requirements. “Taber’s Medical Dictionary is a nationally known reference; Davis’ Drug Guide for Nurses and ABCs of Interpretive Laboratory Data are very popular; and RNFastFacts (Nurse’s Fast Facts: The Only Book You Need for Clinicals, 2nd edition) was used and recommended by another agency,” said Smith. “Also, the content covered the age span and specialty areas of Medical-Surgical, Gerontological Care, Maternal Infant, Pediatric, Mental health, Long Term Care, Home Health Care, Nutrition, and Emergency and Critical Care.”

“The grant is a unique opportunity to try to shorten or measure a nurse’s transition from novice toward expert,” said Smith. “We are trying to shorten that transition period by applying different educational strategies. This is one opportunity to demonstrate the value of hand-held computers and mobile medical references at the bedside,” she said.

About Skyscape

Skyscape, Inc. pioneered in-context integrated medical references on handheld PDAs and continues to offer the largest library of trusted evidence-based decision support tools – more than 300 resources covering 30+ specialties -- for point-of-care use by physicians, nurses, and allied health professionals. More than 475,000 healthcare professionals use Skyscape’s patented smARTlink™ technology for fast and accurate diagnosis, treatment, and prescribing support. Skyscape products are available for Palm OS®, Windows® Mobile Pocket PCs and smartphones, and Windows® powered desktop, laptops, and Tablet PCs. Skyscape is based in Marlborough, MA and is available on the web at www. skyscape. com.

Skyscape and smARTlink are registered trademarks. All trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

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Tuesday, December 10, 2002

IT Asset Tracking Benchmark Shows Breakthrough RFID Innovations are Optimal for IT Asset Tracking Technology

IT Asset Tracking Benchmark Shows Breakthrough RFID Innovations are Optimal for IT Asset Tracking Technology

ODIN technologies provides the industry's first scientific evaluation of passive RFID technology for IT asset tracking. The IT Asset Tracking Benchmark™ reveals that passive RFID technology, including products only just released, shows breakthrough performance on IT devices such as servers, laptops, blades, and other high-value assets. The vendor-neutral scientific study shows that passive RFID is ready to meet IT asset inventory needs with superior operational efficiency. Through RFID, companies are able to better track and secure sensitive and costly IT hardware. The benchmark provides both technical performance data for RFID components and key industry and business case elements driving industry adoption. Components from eight RFID vendors were evaluated in the study which marks ODIN's 12th public benchmark research report.

Las Vegas, NV (PRWEB) September 9, 2008

ODIN technologies, the leader in RFID solutions, automation software, and research released the industry's first scientific evaluation of passive RFID technology focused on IT asset tracking. The IT Asset Tracking Benchmark™ reveals passive RFID technology, including components only just available in the last few weeks, shows breakthrough performance on IT devices like servers, laptops, blades, and other high-value IT assets. The vendor-neutral study shows unequivocally that passive RFID is ready to meet IT asset inventory needs with superior operational efficiency. Through RFID, companies are able to better track and secure sensitive and costly IT hardware.

"For years, companies employed labor-intensive and cumbersome barcodes or expensive active RFID solutions to track IT assets. That paradigm is about to change. The IT Asset Tracking Benchmark™ proves there's a better way. A way that saves time, improves accuracy, and is cost effective: passive RFID," stated Patrick J. Sweeney II, founder of ODIN technologies. "The sensitivity and performance of RFID equipment doubles every year -- we call it 'ODIN's law'. Finally, within the last six months the technology has emerged to make RFID the best option for tracking IT assets. It's been a perfect storm of advances in passive technology, such as chip innovations, metal mount tag formats, and more sensitive reader circuitry. This Benchmark will have the highest impact of any we have done over the past six years because it shows the most value to a broad range of end-users."

The ODIN study demonstrates a variety of spectacular results such as inventorying a rack of 40 servers in 12 seconds or identifying all IT equipment within a typical cubicle five times faster than manual methods with 100% accurate data entry. The Benchmark shows that RFID is best suited for IT asset tracking, however it is important that end-users understand the many nuances ODIN discovered which are critical for guaranteeing successful implementation the first time.

The IT Asset Tracking Benchmark™ is the 12th installment of ODIN's RFID Benchmark Series™ which independently evaluates RFID equipment performance based on physics. The benchmark is designed to answer common end user questions:
How to implement RFID successfully Which tagging solutions work and which lead to failure How the technology is used to solve problems How to build a business case Tests Included
IT asset managers are tracking equipment to satisfy Sarbanes Oxley regulations, ensure data security, improve efficiency, support accuracy, and improve the maintenance process. Through scientific tests comparing tag performance and analyzing common uses of IT asset tracking, the benchmark equips IT asset managers to make the best decisions for their respective businesses.

The five scientific tag tests include:
Sensitivity -- Will tags still respond if reader power is decreased? Orientation sensitivity -- Which tags require a handheld reader to be at a particular angle? Distance -- What is the optimal range to read tags with a handheld reader? Material dependency -- Which tags work on both metal and plastic equipment cases? Blade server inventory -- Which tags perform best when placed on blade servers?

The five use case tests include:
Rack inventory -- How does distance, power settings, or reader equipment affect inventory of a rack full of servers? RAM inventory -- Can individual sticks of RAM be inventoried with RFID technology? Cubical inventory -- Can a handheld reader inventory a variety of IT assets spread throughout a cubical? Cubical speed comparison -- How does RFID compare with manual inventory? Control point inventory -- How easily can a stack of IT assets be read passing through a doorway? Vendor Products Tested
ODIN engineers selected seven metal mount tags from four vendors based on a number of factors including physical dimensions, performance and commercial availability. Tag size and form factor is an important consideration because many tags are too large or do not have the appropriate dimensions to fit on the front of a narrow blade server or other IT equipment. Multiple readers were also used during testing. A clear lesson is that no one tag or reader is appropriate for all use environments and end-users should look to their suppliers of IT equipment to provide pre-tagged hardware.

ODIN technologies established itself as the leading RFID integrator with more than 200 global projects completed, by leveraging labs in the United States and Europe to learn more than anyone about RFID equipment performance for end user applications. By scientifically testing each new RFID technology and product offering, ODIN brings a level of expertise to end users unmatched in the RFID industry. The ODIN engineers learn and experiment in the lab, so customer recommendations and deployments are based on hard earned lessons. Additionally, through the RFID Benchmark Series™ we hope to make RFID buyers better consumers of vendor information and increase the likelihood of successful implementations.

Accessing the Benchmark
The IT Asset Tracking Benchmark™ is available for download now at the ODIN technologies Store. The cost is $1,500 for an enterprise wide business license. Educational institutions can contact ODIN for a free copy of the report.

About ODIN technologies
ODIN technologies is the leader in the physics of RFID solutions for healthcare, aerospace, financial services, oil & gas and government agencies. Global corporations on five continents leverage ODIN technologies' expert engineers and patented RFID deployment automation and monitoring tools to achieve accuracy, speed and visibility for their RFID deployments. In addition to turn-key solutions, ODIN technologies publishes the RFID Benchmark Series™, the industry's first and most referenced head to head performance analysis of RFID equipment. ODIN's RFID optimization software EasyRFID™ has been successfully used at dozens of companies across more than 150 sites worldwide to ensure accurate and scalable RFID implementations. ODIN serves clients from offices in Dulles, Virginia, USA, Tokyo, Japan, Dublin, Ireland and Budapest, Hungary. www. ODINtechnologies. com


Saturday, December 7, 2002

Beckman Coulter Selects Visage Mobile for Greater Enterprise Mobility Management

Beckman Coulter Selects Visage Mobile for Greater Enterprise Mobility Management

MobilityCentral SaaS Solution Provides Transparency into Corporate Wireless Spend and Employee Usage

San Francisco, CA (Vocus) June 22, 2010

Visage Mobile (www. visagemobile. com]), provider of MobilityCentral, a software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution for enterprise mobility management (http://www. visagemobile. com/product/288-Enterprise-Mobility-Management), announced today that Beckman Coulter, Inc. (NYSE:BEC), the leading provider of biomedical testing products, has selected MobilityCentral to reduce the time it takes to manage the company’s mobility program, which includes tracking mobile devices and easily identifying and taking action on unnecessary mobile billing overages.

Beckman Coulter (http://www. beckmancoulter. com/Default. asp? bhfv=2) recently evaluated the mobility management landscape and quickly identified MobilityCentral as the leading solution in the market today. Visage Mobile’s MobilityCentral application was implemented in less than two weeks giving Beckman Coulter immediate and unprecedented visibility and control over its mobile operations.

“With over 11,500 employees, it was becoming increasingly difficult to track and process the multiple wireless carriers billing statements, users mobile devices and track the employee users,” said Jackie Neeley, mobile device administrator at Beckman Coulter, Inc. “We selected Visage Mobile because they offer a unique enterprise mobility management solution – one that is easy-to-use, and the only true multi-tenant SaaS solution on the market. With MobilityCentral, I can log in and immediately access amazing dashboards that show the state of my mobility program, including cross-carrier spend data and metrics, individual employee mobility usage and the ability to drill down into the details as needed. Combined with its world-class reporting capabilities, MobilityCentral saves our business time and money.”

Visage Mobile’s MobilityCentral (http://www. visagemobile. com/product) SaaS solution allows a company to track the number of mobile devices it has under management, employee assignment of devices and overall monthly spend on wireless plans and features. With greater mobile management, organizations can significantly reduce costs by applying a mobility budget, eliminate wireless overspend and reduce the time and effort required to process carrier invoices and track inventory. Once a company’s mobility program is transparent, MobilityCentral can also assist in managing corporate policies and ensuring compliance.

“As corporate smartphone use continues to rise, organizations are going to have to start monitoring their mobile spend more closely,” said Bzur Haun, president of Visage Mobile. “Day in and day out, we are amazed at the hundreds of thousands of dollars wasted on outrageous roaming charges, 411 calls, ringtones and mobile entertainment. With MobilityCentral, Visage Mobile offers a one-stop solution for enterprise mobile management, with rapid time to deployment, integration with all of the major carriers and a simple SaaS delivery model.”

To sign up for a demo of MobilityCentral, visit http://www. visagemobile. com/try-it-now (http://www. visagemobile. com/try-it-now).

About Beckman Coulter
Beckman Coulter, Inc., based in Orange County, California, develops, manufactures and markets products that simplify, automate and innovate complex biomedical tests. More than 200,000 Beckman Coulter systems operate in laboratories around the world, supplying critical information for improving patient health and reducing the cost of care. Recurring revenue, consisting of consumable supplies (including reagent test kits), service and operating-type lease payments, represent about 80 percent of the company's 2009 revenue of $3.3 billion. For more information, visit http://www. beckmancoulter. com (http://www. beckmancoulter. com).

Beckman Coulter is the registered trademark of Beckman Coulter, Inc.

About Visage Mobile
Visage Mobile (www. visagemobile. com), based in San Francisco, is a leading provider of management solutions for enterprises seeking to gain visibility and control over its smart phones, cell phones and other workforce mobility solutions. Its flagship product, MobilityCentral, provides policy management, spend control, inventory tracking, end-user allocations, configurable reporting and more. Moreover, MobilityCentral is a Software as a Service and the only Do It Yourself (DIY) approach to mobility management; a clear alternative to expensive and often unsatisfactory outsourced approaches.


Friday, December 6, 2002




(PRWEB) June 6, 2002

SAN ANTONIO, -- Medical Present Value (http://www. mpv. com (http://www. mpv. com)), a health care company striving to align and bring uniformity to financial transactions between payors and providers, says medical practices deploying its Phynance(TM) service have realized increases in net collected revenues of 3-6%, based on successful identification and appeal of underpayments.

"For the typical $50 million physician partnership, our Phynance service can help the practice recover anywhere from $1.5 million to $3 million," says James M. O. Rubin, MD, president and chief executive officer of Medical Present

Value (MPV). "Equally important, payment contracts are now fully understood, and their performance is accurately measured."

MPV's Phynance service is an innovative Internet-based claim and payment verification service that automatically verifies the accuracy of all claims and payments by payor, contract and line item. The resulting "contract transparency" improves business processes in the medical group and throughout health care. By helping lower health care administrative costs, the Phynance service ultimately benefits patients and their employers.

MPV's Phynance service has been shown to bring significant value to physician practice groups especially those with over 20 physicians. MPV is currently focusing on mid-size and larger specialty groups, large multi-specialty groups, and faculty practice plans at academic medical centers.

A study conducted by MPV for the Texas Medical Association (TMA) has helped quantify the extent of the underpayment problem for medical groups:

-- One of five claims by MPV's Texas provider clients was valued by payors below the contracted amount.

-- The value of these claims averages five percent of a practice's net-collected revenue.

-- Many of these problems involve claims with multiple line-items billed per claim, especially those that involve surgical and other specialty procedures.

"Since the onset of managed care, there has been a steady deterioration in the ability of physicians, hospitals, payors and patients to understand reimbursement and the contracts and payment policies that drive it," explains

Dr. Rubin. "These vaguely defined contracts and policies create staggering problems."

For one, the lack of contract transparency frustrates medical groups' efforts to budget, plan and finance operations because practices do not know in advance what they will be allowed for submitted claims, according to Dr. Rubin. Moreover, appeals are scattershot and ineffective. When practices challenge the allowed amount, they are generally unable to justify, with precision, the appropriate contractual value.

Exacerbating this problem are two factors:

-- Reimbursement is based upon contracts, and the contract terms and payment policies are usually not fully disclosed to providers

-- Payors use multiple line item adjudication, with the value of each Current Procedure Terminology (CPT(R)) code on a claim depending on

The presence of other codes and modifiers, bundling edits, "medical necessity" criteria and complex rules

Adding to the complexity, most current physician reimbursement systems draw on the Medicare physician fee schedule and resource-based relative value scale (RBRVS), which have altered the health care reimbursement landscape in the past decade.

"Payors also suffer from a mirror image of the problems facing physicians and hospitals," emphasizes Dr. Rubin. "The confusion has forced payors to create a time-consuming and costly infrastructure to address both substantiated and unsubstantiated appeals."

MPV's Phynance service is the first solution to truly empower medical groups, as well as payors, to deal effectively and accurately with their contracts. Integrating along side medical group's practice management system (PMS), MPV's Phynance service relies upon claim data that are already flowing through the PMS. On a daily basis, the tool evaluates claim data at two points in their life cycle:

-- First, Phynance software values claims. Contract level errors are identified before filing, allowing for review & correction prior to

Submission, thus reducing payment cycles by submitting cleaner claims. In addition, these pre-payment values for all claims allow

Groups to maintain more accurate accounts receivable.

-- After payment allowables are posted to the PMS, Phynance software flags contract-level errors in allowed amounts and their code-level sources, providing concise and accurate explanations for informed and successful appeals or refunds to payors.

"Phynance reporting modules also provide powerful tools that enable medical practices to produce custom reports on a broad range of practice metrics," continues Dr. Rubin. "Physicians and their staff can use information about payor performance to eliminate poor performing contracts and/or negotiate improved contracts."

About MPV Phynance

MPV's Phynance solution is a set of products and services that fully defines all of a client's government and commercial fee-for-service contracts. Working alongside the client's practice management system, Phynance software automatically calculates the contractually obligated amount due for each claim and verifies the accuracy of allowables by contract, by claim, and by line item. MPV's Phynance service combines rules-based claims valuation technology with a powerful run-time database to deliver superior reporting capabilities and a robust application service provider (ASP) environment providing continual software and data updates. MPV's Phynance service is compliant with

The Medicare Internet Policy. Its security and privacy practices will be fully compliant with the final HIPAA security and privacy regulations as issued and implemented.

About MPV

Medical Present Value (MPV), based in San Antonio, Texas, is an information technology services firm aligning financial transactions between health care payors and providers. The company's powerful contract-based solutions bring clarity and accuracy to the complex claims, contracts and reimbursements flowing between physicians, hospitals, and payors. The company currently has over 30 clients, representing over 1,200 Texas physicians, hospital and payor clients including Medicare, and is expanding nationally in 2002. MPV is endorsed by the Texas Medical Association (TMA), the Texas Orthopaedic Association (TOA), and the Illinois State Medical Society (ISMS). For more information about MPV and its products and services, visit the company's Web site at http://www. mpv. com (http://www. mpv. com).

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