Saturday, September 30, 2006

Healthcare Teaching Institutions Introduce a New Level of Convenience in Learning with Mobile Solutions from Skyscape

Healthcare Teaching Institutions Introduce a New Level of Convenience in Learning with Mobile Solutions from Skyscape

Skyscape (http://www. skyscape. com) today announced that leading Medical, Nursing and Allied Health teaching institutions including Vanderbilt University, Drexel University and the University of Texas Medical Branch have incorporated Skyscape’s mobile solutions to provide a new level of convenience in learning as their students head back to school. These schools have selected the mobile versions (on PDAs and Smartphones) of trusted references that they have used “in print”, for decades, including gold standard works such as the Taber’s Medical Dictionary, A to Z Drug Facts, and the Harrison's Manual of Medicine.

MARLBOROUGH, Mass. (PRWEB) August 16, 2005

Skyscape® today announced that leading Medical, Nursing and Allied Health teaching institutions including Vanderbilt University, Drexel University and the University of Texas Medical Branch have incorporated Skyscape’s mobile solutions to provide a new level of convenience in learning as their students head back to school. These schools have selected the mobile versions (on PDAs and Smartphones) of trusted references that they have used “in print,” for decades, including gold standard works such as the Taber’s Medical Dictionary, A to Z Drug Facts, and the Harrison's Manual of Medicine.

“Skyscape mobile reference portfolio is the largest in the industry with over 300 titles in over 30 specialties,” says Dr. Fran Cornelius of Drexel University. “This breadth of offerings has enabled us to select exactly those point-of-care references for important drug, disease and diagnostic information that specifically suit our curriculum.”

The trusted content from Skyscape and the easy-to-use nature of Skyscape solutions, enable students and institutions to equip themselves with the latest in learning and practicing tools. In addition, Skyscape’s “smARTrain” Educational program provides attractive pricing options that are designed to meet the needs of the individual student and the budgets of the teaching institutions.

To-date over 350 educational programs and over 100,000 students have selected SkyscapeÂ’s mobile reference solutions making it the most successful program of its kind in the country.

“Now students can refer to the most minute detail about a life threatening disorder, about drug dosing or drug-drug interactions, whether they are at the patients beside, in the class room or during a study session in the cafeteria,” says Dr. Renee McLeod of Vanderbilt University.

Mobile medical resources such as those available from Skyscape are creating a new class of physicians who are armed early in their career, with resources that help minimize errors and improve the quality of care within the nationÂ’s healthcare system.

About Skyscape

Skyscape® (www. skyscape. com) is the leading provider of interactive, intelligent mobile medical references that improve the quality and efficiency of patient care and help reduce medical errors. Skyscape has a registered user base of over 450,000 medical practitioners. Its more than 300 trusted references cover 30+ medical specialties. All are integrated via Skyscape's easy-to-use smARTlink™ technology and are available on Palm OS®, Windows® Mobile and Windows® powered desktop and Tablet PCs.

Skyscape and smARTlink are registered trademarks. All trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

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Friday, September 29, 2006

<a href="http://1st-in-eyewear. com" onclick="linkClick(this. href)">http://1st-in-eyewear. com</a> Helps Relieve the Stress of Shopping for Vision Correction Products

Http://1st-in-eyewear. com Helps Relieve the Stress of Shopping for Vision Correction Products

Shopping for quality vision correction products is now even easier and more enjoyable! http://1st-in-eyewear. com is a new Web site that offers shopping and advice about vision correction in one location, including help for those looking for contact lenses, eye glasses, night vision goggles, reading glasses, safety glasses and sunglasses.

(PRWEB) December 7, 2004

According to recent studies, about 177 million of the 287 million people in the U. S. are expected to need vision correction in 2005. But to many, choosing the best companyÂ’s and advice to help correct vision problems can be difficult. http://1st-in-eyewear. com (http://1st-in-eyewear. com) can help alleviate some of those stresses.

“We've taken the time to shop around and help narrow down your many choices in eye glasses for value and satisfaction,” said Glenn Sarault, owner of SunBright Publishing and developer of http://1st-in-eyewear. com (http://1st-in-eyewear. com). “You'll be happy with your connection to select companies that offer outstanding eyewear for all your vision needs.”

Http://1st-in-eyewear. com (http://1st-in-eyewear. com) offers a directory of individually selected companies that provide a large selection of eyewear and contact lenses and dedicated customer support. In addition, the web site includes valuable information for shoppers looking for vision correction products.

For example, according to the Web site, denying the struggle to read without difficulty may temporarily make one feel better. However, if uncorrected, the struggle can cause further harm to eyesight. One solution is reading glasses, which can be custom made for an individual by a licensed optometrist, and will be calibrated exactly to fit your prescription.

“Many healthcare insurance companies will cover the costs of prescription reading glasses, but those without insurance may find prescription lenses to be too expensive. An alternative to prescription reading glasses are “ready-made” reading glasses; a one-size-fits-all approach to corrective lenses. These reading glasses are typically available at department and drug stores, and are usually far less expensive than prescription lenses,” according to http://1st-in-eyewear. com (http://1st-in-eyewear. com).

“Ready made” reading glasses do have their drawbacks, however. According to the Web site, “The prescription is the same in both lenses, and the optical centers are not placed individually for each wearer. Most people do not have the same prescription in both eyes, and almost everyone has at least a small amount of

Astigmatism. Eyestrain, headaches and even nausea can come as a result of wearing reading glasses that which are not specifically matched to your corrective needs.”

Valuable information like this is also available for shoppers looking for contact lenses, eye glasses, night vision goggles, safety glasses and sunglasses on http://1st-in-eyewear. com (http://1st-in-eyewear. com).

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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Distance Learning Company ICS Expects More Applications for a Level Re-takes This Year

Distance Learning Company ICS Expects More Applications for a Level Re-takes This Year

Leading distance learning provider ICS is expecting another rise in applications to re-take A levels via home study after pupils in England and Wales got their results today.

(PRWeb UK) August 19, 2010

Leading distance learning provider ICS is expecting another rise in applications to re-take A levels (http://www. icslearn. co. uk/distance-learning-qualification/a-level-qualification/) via home study after pupils in England and Wales got their results today (Thursday 19th August).

With more students chasing fewer places at campus universities, the Glasgow-based home learning company is also expecting to see more enquiries for the degree courses it offers.

Last year the Glasgow-based home study company saw A level enrols increase to 6449, almost 10 per cent up on the previous year’s figure of 5888. A quarter of the applications for ICS’s A level courses are always received in September as pupils and their parents decide what route to take if they haven’t achieved the results they were hoping for.

Sally Pulvertaft, managing director of ICS, said: “This is an extremely stressful time of the year for thousands of A-level students. We get a lot of calls from worried teenagers and their parents. What we are seeing as a result is more recognition that distance learning can provide an alternative route to gaining the qualifications you need, even if your exams didn’t quite go to plan.”

ICS offers A Levels in a range of subjects, from English language and Literature to History, Law and Psychology. The courses are completed by home study allowing students the flexibility to build their coursework around their home and any work commitments.

A wide range of degrees (http://www. icslearn. co. uk/distance-learning-degree/) in subjects like English and History to Public Health and Psychology are also offered in partnership with the University of East London, Anglia Ruskin University and Edinburgh Napier University.

Jessica Thompson studied for a BA Hons in Psychology with ICS and UEL. “ICS offered me the flexibility to study around other personal and work commitments in my own time,” she said. ”The easy monthly payment options didn’t put any additional strain on my finances.”

Jude Preston achieved a BA Hons in Business Management with ICS. “Balancing studying with other commitments was not difficult,” he explained. “Being able to meet other students pursuing the same qualification as me was an added bonus. We kept in regular contact through the student community and met in person to bounce ideas off each other.”

Sally Pulvertaft added: “University places have never been so competitive but there are alternatives, so if things haven’t turned out as expected there’s no need to panic.

“Students who are looking for their next step should speak to a careers adviser about what they can do now. Everyone has setbacks in their career, but disappointing exam results don’t need to mean the end of the world.”

ICS has 40,000 students enrolled with it at any one time. It offers more than 100 courses ranging from GCSEs, A levels and degrees, to professional and vocational qualifications as well as hobby courses.


Sunday, September 24, 2006

Neverfail Named to SearchWinComputing. com 'Products of the Year': Neverfail Takes Bronze in Disaster Recovery Category

Neverfail Named to SearchWinComputing. com 'Products of the Year': Neverfail Takes Bronze in Disaster Recovery Category

The Neverfail Group (Neverfail), a leading global software company providing both a high availability solution and disaster recovery software, today announced Neverfail's Data Rollback Module has won the Bronze Award in the Disaster Recovery software category of SearchWinComputing. com's '2006 Products of the Year' competition.

Ferndale, WA (PRWEB) January 18, 2007

The awards "single out nearly 70 new products that enterprise IT professionals should consider adding to their "A" lists of products to evaluate," according to a TechTarget press statement. Judged by the SearchWinComputing. com editorial staff in conjunction with a team of users, industry experts, analysts and consultants, winners were evaluated and selected for innovation, performance, ease of integration into existing environments, ease of use and manageability, functionality and value.

Neverfail's Data Rollback Module complements the company's suite of high availability and data recovery products and enables network administrators to ensure continuous data protection by restoring previous instances of the server environment following a corruption. Neverfail solutions are the only high-availability products on the market that proactively monitor the health of an organization's entire server environment.

"We are thrilled to be named one of SearchWinComputing. com's '2006 Products of the Year,'" said Ursula Talley, Neverfail VP of Marketing. "Neverfail products are designed to protect our customers against instances of planned and unplanned downtime and allow them to proactively address data corruptions as they happen. We are pleased to accept this award and look forward to continued success."

About SearchWinComputing. com

SearchWinComputing. com is dedicated to serving the information needs of Windows systems professionals. The site provides targeted news, expert advice, tips, search, learning guides, webcasts and research. Topics covered include Windows administration, management and tuning of desktop/clients and servers, backup and storage infrastructure, and hardware purchasing and management.

SearchWinComputing. com is part of the Windows Network of sites from TechTarget, the Web's most comprehensive source of information for IT professionals architecting, deploying, managing and developing for Windows technology in the corporate environment. More information can be found at www. SearchWinComputing. com.

About the Neverfail Group

The Neverfail Group is a leading global software company providing affordable data protection, "cluster-class" high application availability, and disaster recovery solutions for the Windows-based technology platform. Neverfail's software solutions enable users to remain continuously connected to the live software application irrespective of hardware, software, operating system, or network failures. Neverfail's mission of eliminating application downtime for the end user delivers the assurance of business continuity, removes the commercial and IT management costs associated with system downtime and enables the more productive use of IT resources. More information can be found at www. neverfailgroup. com.

Neverfail is a trademark of Neverfail Group Limited. All other trademarks, including Microsoft, Windows, and Exchange, are trademarks of their respective companies. Copyright (C) 2007 Neverfail Group Ltd. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, transmitted, transcribed, or translated into any language or computer language, in any form or by any means without prior express, written consent of Neverfail Group Limited.

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Cablevision Announces the Launch of OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network on iO TV

Cablevision Announces the Launch of OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network on iO TV

Cablevision announces the launch of OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network on Saturday, January 1, 2011. OWN will be available to iO TV customers in both standard and high-definition on channel 180.

Bethpage, NY (PRWEB) December 28, 2010

Cablevision announced today the launch of OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network. A channel designed to entertain, inform and inspire people to live their best lives. Beginning on Saturday, January 1, 2011, OWN will be available to iO TV customers in both standard and high-definition on channel 180. OWN will also be carried on Bresnan systems on the channel formerly occupied by Discovery Health.

OWN has announced over 20 original series to-date, and an overview of some of those joining the channel at launch include:

Viewers can start their year off right by asking questions to the experts about health, wealth and mental well-being. For the first time on one stage, viewers will have access to Oprah’s All Stars – Dr. Phil, Suze Orman, and Dr. Mehmet Oz – to seek advice and to ask their most pressing questions before a live studio audience in this four-part special.

In this fun new cooking series, mother, author and former talk show host Cristina Ferrare opens up her home, introducing viewers to her family, friends and favorite foods. No matter who her guests are, there will always be laughter and good conversation as they whip up simple but impressive dishes. Whether creating a traditional Italian meal, throwing a Super Bowl Party for friends, or inviting Oprah to share Christmas dinner, Cristina Ferrare is always entertaining -- and now she’ll share her cooking secrets with you.

In each one hour episode of “Enough Already! With Peter Walsh”, acclaimed organizational and clutter expert, Peter Walsh, helps one family at a time get rid of the overwhelming clutter that is taking over their home and living the life they dream of. In just days, Peter will help each family understand the underlying reason that clutter has crept into their lives; he will teach them how to separate from their emotional clutter and provide the long lasting tools to enable a clutter free lifestyle for the future, both physically and emotionally. It won’t be easy, but with Peter’s guidance, these families will learn how to keep the clutter from creeping back into their homes and that they have the power to achieve the vision they’ve always imagined their home and life to be.

Start your day off right with Oprah’s best friend and O Magazine Editor-at-Large Gayle King, as her hit radio show comes to television, live daily on OWN. Gayle will offer her unique perspective on an array of topics ranging from current events and cultural trends to politics and more, all while bringing viewers closer to their favorite celebrities and notable public figures with her revealing, compelling daily interviews.

Dr. Laura Berman wants you to have great sex. A relationship expert, sex therapist, New York Times Bestselling author and Sirius XM radio show host, Dr. Berman makes house calls to help troubled couples uncover what's really going on between the sheets. No issue is off limits with Dr. Berman, and she isn’t afraid to talk specifics. This series will surprise viewers with questions that prove how normal it is to need help... IN THE BEDROOM.

Can a work-a-holic really learn to be a better parent from their own child? The kids are done living the latch key life, and are taking matters into their own hands! In this forced parental sabbatical, it’s good-bye to cell phones and hello to family time with the kids at the helm.

Do miracles really exist? Is there a logical explanation to the seemingly inexplicable? Two investigators—one a believer, Randall Sullivan, the other a skeptic, Dr. Indre Viskontis — will cross the country to uncover answers to mysterious incidents that transcend logic. Each episode features two separate investigations where the pair examines a miraculous claim. Randall will try to prove miracles do exist – by illustrating that these events are inexplicable without divine intervention. Indre will use science to show that although uplifting, there are earthy explanations for these occurrences. Randall and Indre will work together to search for the truth on “Miracle Detectives,” a new one hour documentary series for OWN, the Oprah Winfrey Network. 

They are the stories you’ve never heard from the people you thought you knew best. Hand-picked by Oprah Winfrey for their unique impact on the world, eight true modern masters step forward to share the greatest lessons they’ve learned along the way. In an intimate setting, they share their successes, their failures, their triumphs, disappointments and heartbreaks. Master Class offers an unprecedented first-person insight into the brilliant minds of the famous people we love, respect, and admire. First season masters include Jay-Z, Simon Cowell, Sidney Poitier, Dr. Maya Angelou, Diane Sawyer, Lorne Michaels, Dr. Condoleezza Rice and Oprah Winfrey.

In this one-hour special, Oprah will present viewers with a sneak peek of her favorite shows premiering on OWN. Consider this a cheat sheet to television's newest cable network — an introduction to OWN's mission to entertain, inform and inspire with a preview of the network's highly anticipated slate of programming. Viewers will discover the finalists who made the top ten in the competition to become OWN's next big television star. They'll get an exclusive look at some of OWN's original series, from Lisa Ling's investigative reporting to Dr. Laura Berman's sex therapy to docu-series about Sarah Ferguson, Ryan & Tatum O'Neal, and Shania Twain. And they'll hear the backstory on OWN's creation and intention, in the words of Oprah herself.

For the first and last time, "The Oprah Winfrey Show" opens its doors to invite viewers behind the scenes for the making of the farewell season. See what happens off-camera as the staff, guests and Oprah herself reveal a side the public has never seen of one of television's most popular and enduring series. Get an inside look at the passion, the pressure and the people that dedicate their lives to producing one of the most beloved shows in television history.

Ten contestants with determination, passion and drive were plucked from obscurity from thousands of auditions to compete to get their own TV show on OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network. Hosts Nancy O’Dell and Carson Kressley guide the hopefuls through intense challenges designed to see if they have what it takes to have their own show. Each episode the contestants will be mentored by A-list hosts. Dr. Phil, Suze Orman, Gayle King and more will make appearances on the series, bestow knowledge to the contestants and judge the episode. Challenges will range from booking interviews and researching story ideas, to successfully completing a pilot presentation. The winner will receive – their very own show! The series is executive produced by the legendary Mark Burnett.

Additionally, OWN will feature some of your favorite movies and original documentaries including the critically acclaimed, award-winning PRECIOUS, as well as, FAMILY AFFAIR, SONS OF PERDITION and LIFE 2.0. OWN is also producing original two-hour documentaries with Julia Roberts, Forest Whitaker, Gabriel Byrne and Mariel Hemingway including, EXTRAORDINARY MOMS, ONE LAST SHOT, TENT CITY and SEVEN SUICIDES.

About Cablevision
Cablevision Systems Corporation is one of the nation's leading telecommunications, media and entertainment companies. In addition to delivering its Optimum-branded cable, Internet, and voice offerings throughout the New York area, the company owns and operates cable systems serving homes in four Western states. Cablevision’s local media properties include News 12 Networks, MSG Varsity and Newsday Media Group. Cablevision's assets also include Rainbow Media Holdings LLC and its programming and entertainment businesses, AMC, IFC, Sundance Channel, WE tv and IFC Entertainment, as well as Clearview Cinemas. Additional information about Cablevision is available on the Web at http://www. cablevision. com.

A joint venture between Harpo, Inc. and Discovery Communications, OWN: OPRAH WINFREY NETWORK is a multi-platform media company designed to entertain, inform, and inspire people to live their best lives. OWN will debut on January 1, 2011 in approximately 80 million homes on what is currently the Discovery Health Channel. The venture also will include the award-winning digital platform, Oprah. com. For more information, please visit http://www. oprah. com/own and http://www. press. discovery. com/us/own.


AirWare, Inc., Maker of Brez® Premium Breathing Aids, Offers Tips for Safely and Soundly Springing Ahead During Daylight Savings Time Switch

AirWare, Inc., Maker of Brez® Premium Breathing Aids, Offers Tips for Safely and Soundly Springing Ahead During Daylight Savings Time Switch

AirWare, Inc., maker of Brez premium nasal breathing aids, the first commercially available device for inside the nose that is clinically proven to reduce snoring and increase overall sleep quality for the bed partner, today released five tips to help consumers easily transition to Daylight Savings Time.

Scottsdale, AZ (PRWEB) March 4, 2009

AirWare, Inc.], maker of Brez premium nasal breathing aids, the first commercially available device for inside the nose that is clinically proven to reduce snoring and increase overall sleep quality for the bed partner, today released five tips to help consumers easily transition to Daylight Savings Time. The company asked Michael J. Breus, PhD, a leading sleep specialist certified in clinical sleep disorders and author of Beauty Sleep, to offer some easy to follow methods for coping with the transition to one less hour of sleep.

"Daylight Savings Time certainly has benefits, but it is not without downsides for those who are already sleep deprived," said Dr. Breus. "Many people are surprised to learn that the highest incidences of traffic accidents occur the Monday following the time shift, because people are too tired to concentrate fully on the task of driving."

According to Dr. Breus, the following tips can help ease the transition to Daylight Savings Time and help combat sleep deprivation that may occur during this time of year:

1) Alarm Yourself

Most people use alarm clocks to wake up. At least two days prior to the time change, begin setting the bedside alarm clock for a "turn in" time that is between 15 and 30 minutes earlier than you usually go to sleep. In addition, plan to set the "wake up" time 15 minutes earlier to make it easier for your body to adjust to the new schedule.

2) Enforce A Family Curfew

Children require more sleep than adults and are more sensitive to loss of sleep. To avoid dealing with groggy or irritable children preparing for school on Monday, parents may want to consider putting kids to bed 30-45 minutes earlier starting the Friday night before the time change.

3) Commute Astutely: Avoid The Morning Rush

Because so many traffic accidents happen the Monday following the time change, see if your boss will let you telecommute for the first few hours of the day or arrive later so that you can commute after the morning rush. You'll be better rested so making up the extra hour or two will be easier and safer.

4) Silence is Golden

It is well known that sleeping next to a snoring bed partner, animal or child can cause people to lose about an hour of sleep each evening. Coupling this sleep loss with that of Daylight Savings Time means even more sleep loss. Consider appropriate alternatives to reducing noise in your bedroom.

5) Hang Out With Your Pillow

A good night's sleep begins with a good pillow. Replace your pillow once a year. Daylight Savings Time is a good reminder to ensure your pillow is adequate. Try this: Hang your existing pillow over your arm. If it hangs there limply like a saddle on either side it's time to replace it, because the support is gone.

One of the top health concerns associated with snoring is interrupted sleep for both the snorer and bed partner. An inability to maintain continuous sleep could lead to health consequences caused by sleep deprivation such as excessive sleepiness during the day, irritability, and a lack of productivity. People who snore chronically should discuss their condition with a physician, because it can be a symptom of sleep apnea (a reduction or cessation of breathing during sleep), a deviated septum or more serious health risks such as high blood pressure, strokes, and heart disease.

Data from an independent clinical study involving snorers with snoring (non-apneic) bed partners showed that those who used Brez experienced a 52 percent decrease in snoring events from an average of 1247 to 654. Snorers who used the device had only a 22.4 percent likelihood of persistent snoring and disturbing their bed partner's sleep compared to their pre-treatment scores of 100 percent. Both findings were statistically significant (p

"Interrupted sleep caused by primary snoring is really a year-round issue, but Daylight Savings Time really drives home the impact of lost sleep," said Mindi S. Osborn, President & CEO, AirWare, Inc. "These helpful tips combined with the proven clinical performance of Brez premium nasal breathing aids help us further our mission of becoming the caring sleep experts consumers can turn to for a better night's sleep."

To learn more about Brez premium nasal breathing aids and other useful sleep tips visit http://mybrez. com/sleep-tips (http://mybrez. com/sleep-tips) or call 877-299-6700.

About AirWare, Inc.

AirWare™, Inc. develops, manufactures, and markets Brez®, a premium, ergonomic, intranasal breathing aid. Brez is a patented, over-the-counter, medical device that has been clinically proven to reduce snoring events and increase the self-reported sleep quality of the bed partner. AirWare, Inc. was founded in 2002 and Brez has been reviewed and categorized as a Class I exempted medical device, based on the U. S. Food and Drug Administration definition, for marketing as an over-the-counter treatment to help relieve symptoms for many conditions related to impaired breathing such as snoring, congestion due to the common cold or allergies, and deviated septum. To learn more about AirWare, Inc., visit www. mybrez. com or call 877-299-6700.

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Survey of Tennessee Employers Finds Mixed Results in Turnover, Compensation and Benefits Costs

Survey of Tennessee Employers Finds Mixed Results in Turnover, Compensation and Benefits Costs

Effective Resources, Inc. releases second annual survey of Tennessee salary and benefits data, representing more than 1.3 million employees

Knoxville, TN (PRWEB) October 14, 2010

Tennessee's employers are reporting a lower monthly employee turnover rate than they did last year--and a rate that is just half of the national average. Even so, significantly fewer are planning merit increases than last year, and more are reporting a rise in their insurance premiums than last year. These are just a few of the key findings reported in the 2010 - 2011 State of Tennessee Salary, Wage and Benefits Survey, presented by Effective Resources, Inc., a leading human resources consulting firm.

The 2010 - 2011 survey encompasses data from 214 Tennessee employers who represent well over 1.3 million employees nationwide and more than 82,600 employees in Tennessee alone. The survey was sponsored by the Tennessee State Society for Human Resource Management Council, Inc. with the active support of the Tennessee Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Among the findings of the 2010 - 2011 survey of Tennessee's employers:
The average monthly employee turnover rate for Tennessee is 1.7 percent--considerably lower than last year's turnover rate of 2.3 percent and just half of the national average of 3.4 percent as of July 2010.

The Hospitality & Restaurant sector experienced the highest turnover at 4.1 percent, while the Manufacturing/Distribution sector experienced the lowest turnover at 1.1 percent.

Roughly 56 percent of Tennessee's employers are planning merit increases for this year and next year--a significant decrease from the 70 percent who planned increases last year. The state's overall merit increase is projected to be 2.8 percent for this year and next year, which is lower than last year's projected increase of 3.5 percent.

Regarding employee benefits costs, the good news is that 69.6 percent of Tennessee employers reported an increase of 10 percent or less in their medical insurance premiums. The bad news is that 30.4 percent reported an increase of 11 percent or more in their premiums. Overall, 26.8 percent more employers reported higher premiums than last year.

In addition to sharing its statewide survey findings, Effective Resources, Inc. is sharing regional findings for East Tennessee, Middle Tennessee and West Tennessee.

The 2010 -2011 findings are broken out by a number of useful categories including industry, region, company size by employees, and company size by sales/assets. There are wage and salary data for 328 jobs in a variety of industry sectors including Banking, Finance & Insurance, Government/Education, Healthcare, Hospitality, Manufacturing/Distribution, Sales (retail/wholesale), Services (business/consumer), and more. In addition, there is extensive benefits reportage with details for medical premium increases, life insurance and disability plans, medical out-of-pocket costs, 401(k) matching, vacation and sick time, and other issues of importance for today's employers.

"This is the second annual salary and benefits survey that we've conducted in the state of Tennessee and I'm delighted to report that participation in this year's survey rose by 30.5 percent over last year," said Barry Brown, president of Effective Resources Inc. "This makes our data more encompassing and more relevant than ever, especially as a critical benchmarking and planning tool for the state's employers."

The 2010 - 2011 survey was conducted, tabulated and reported by SalarySurveyOnline. com, a web-based data collection and reporting system designed and managed by Effective Resources, Inc. To learn more about the surveys and their availability, visit http://www. salarysurveyonline. com.

Click here to view a complimentary Executive Summary for the State of Tennessee: https://www. salarysurveyonline. com/es. asp? refcode=pr2010TN

About Effective Resources
Effective Resources, Inc. is a leading human resources consulting firm specializing in providing companies assistance with compensation issues, affirmative action plan preparation, salary surveys and employee opinions surveys, as well as other areas of human resources. Effective Resources, Inc. has been in business since 1992. Visit our website at: http://wwwEffectiveResources. com

This press release was distributed through PR Web by Human Resources Marketer (HR Marketer: http://www. HRmarketer. com) on behalf of the company listed above.

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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Distinc Establishes Global Headquarters in Hollywood

Distinc Establishes Global Headquarters in Hollywood

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) July 22, 2003

Distinc, an award-winning design studio established its new offices in Hollywood to support its on-going projects and new business ventures. Located on the historic corner of Hollywood and Vine a. k.a. "Bob Hope Square", Distinc's new residence is a top the newly renovated Taft building.

"We are thrilled to be a part of this area. We want to embrace its many different flavors and colors," says Jean-Marc Durviaux, principal of Distinc. As part of the agency's ongoing strategy of expansion, the headquarters acts as the base where business can flourish, reinforcing Distinc's position as the leader in design communications. "This new location provides a great deal of inspiration, as well as local and global perspectives to the work we produce," adds John Wiese, designer and partner of Distinc.

Distinc's studio space is purposefully designed to reflect and complement the agency's graphic design style. Capabilities include brand development, annual reports, book design, packaging design, consumer and business-to-business collateral and event graphics.

Distinc's clients are a diverse mix of corporate accounts, emerging companies and local non-profit organizations including The Aveda Corporation, The American Cinematheque, The Autry Museum of Western Heritage, Balcony Press, The California League of Conservation Voters, Chronicle Books, Didi Hirsch Community Mental Health Centers, The Fine Arts Dealers Association, Inner-City Arts (partial client list).

Recent awards include an AIGA Environmental Award for a report and magazine produced for Aveda and a Prize of Excellence from American Printers Association for an annual report for the Autry Museum of Western Heritage.

Distinc is a design studio dedicated to bringing enhanced visual solutions into a wide variety of projects. Distinc translates ideas into graphic language with a conceptual approach and a thoughtful aesthetic. Distinc's design principle is simple and honest: designing graphic solutions by asking questions, letting only the answers shape the work.

For more information visit www. distincdesign. com


© Distinc Design Consulting 2003 All Rights Reserved

Sugar Free Sox™ Packages Diabetic Socks in a Holiday Stocking

Sugar Free Sox™ Packages Diabetic Socks in a Holiday Stocking

Sugar Free Sox™, a diabetic and health sock brand, gives online holiday shoppers a novel "socks in a stocking" wrapping solution. The sock-filled holiday stocking along with a handwritten holiday tag gives new meaning to the much maligned gift of socks.

San Diego, CA (PRWEB) December 2, 2007

Sugar Free Sox™, a diabetic and health booster sock brand, makes disguising your gift of socks in a holiday stocking a fun solution. San Diego-based Land of Oz, Inc., is offering online holiday shoppers the choice of shipping their "socks in a stocking." For just an additional $2, socks are presented in a holiday stocking with the sender's personal message handwritten on a holiday tag. Order diabetic socks online at www. sugarfreesox. com by December 17 for delivery by the holiday. 

Sugar Free Sox combine department store quality and fashion with health-booster benefits. The design includes a non-binding top, seamless toe along with an antimicrobial-coating to reduce bacteria growth. They are not just for diabetics. By eliminating the sock ring imprint, circulation is enhanced. Nationally recognized medical associations report that socks that do not constrict blood flow, or compression socks, help in the prevention of varicose veins. Sugar Free Sox's non-binding top is ideal for travelers, people with poor circulation, wide calves and sensitive or swollen feet. Socks come in color black, white, navy, brown, khaki, merlot, sapphire, green tea, pink and light blue.

President, Gary Meade states, "Gift buying should be fun, and people are always looking for new products they can give to their family and friends. Our holiday stocking offer enables people to give a useful gift in a creative way. Gift givers are certain to receive some chuckles. The Sugar Free Sox name always seems to get people smiling. The best line we've heard to date is -- our Sugar Free Sox are good for the guy who puts his foot in his mouth."

For additional information on Sugar Free Sox or to order online, contact Gary Meade at (877) 784-7625 or visit http://www. sugarfreesox. com (http://www. sugarfreesox. com)

About Land of OZ, Inc.
Based in San Diego, California, Land of OZ, Inc. is the creator of the Sugar Free Sox brand. Founded in 2005 the firm combines a fashion forward sock sensibility with health-related functionality sock features. The healthy, comfortable sock product line can be worn with casual to business attire.


Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Study Confirms BioLogic Health Solutions' MenoLogic™ Cream Reduces Menopause Symptoms

Study Confirms BioLogic Health Solutions' MenoLogic™ Cream Reduces Menopause Symptoms

BioLogic Health Solutions announced results of a 5-month Australian study published in the International Journal of Naturopathic Medicine which confirms that the company's U. S. branded ingredient, MenoLogic™ (available as BioGest® Menopause Relief cream in Australia), is effective in reducing symptoms associated with menopause. The randomized, double-blind, placebo controlled study of 23 menopausal women found that MenoLogic cream decreased symptoms of hot flashes, night sweats, muscle and joint aches, diminished physical strength and depleted energy levels associated with menopause.


BioLogic Health Solutions Pty Ltd., an Australia-based company whose mission is to research, develop and promote a range of well-researched natural products that improve the quality of people's lives, has announced results of a 5-month Australian study published in the International Journal of Naturopathic Medicine which confirms that the company's U. S. branded ingredient, MenoLogic™ (available as BioGest® Menopause Relief cream in Australia), is effective in reducing symptoms associated with menopause. The randomized, double-blind, placebo controlled study of 23 menopausal women found that MenoLogic cream decreased symptoms of hot flashes, night sweats, muscle and joint aches, diminished physical strength and depleted energy levels associated with menopause. 

“This study supports the efficacy of MenoLogic cream in minimizing the most common symptoms associated with menopause, as well as showing its safety,” stated Debra Seipel, managing director, BioLogic Health Solutions. “Many women are now seeking out natural alternatives to hormone replacement therapy. In light of the recent reclassification of HRT drugs as carcinogenic by the World Health Organization's International Agency for Research on Cancer, many more women will be looking for natural ways to reduce menopausal symptoms. MenoLogic cream can offer an effective alternative.”

MenoLogic is a proprietary liquid extract ingredient that includes wild yam, rose geranium essential oil, sage essential oil and homeopathic wild yam and progesterone. The base cream is vegetable based and contains Vitamin E and flaxseed oil to enhance transdermal absorption. BioLogic Health Solutions has spent several years perfecting the MenoLogic cream formulation, which is available for licensing and co-branding opportunities in the United States. 

BioLogic Health Solutions, founded in 1999, is an Australia-based company who launched several proprietary branded ingredients in the United States in early 2005. All products at BioLogic Health Solutions are developed based on holistic, natural therapy principles with the added security of scientific research. The company conducts ongoing research with institutions around the world, including the Australian College of Natural Medicine (ACNM) and the Brisbane-based Applied Science and Nutrition Research, to ensure the highest levels of efficacy for addressing very specific health concerns. Studies on BioLogic products are currently underway in the United States, Australia and Scotland.

# # #

CareNow Announces Wellness Program for Patients

CareNow Announces Wellness Program for Patients

CareNow has developed a Wellness Program for patients with three levels of service.

Dallas, TX (PRWEB) March 18, 2010

In response to requests from patients and insurers, CareNow has developed a Wellness Program initiative with three options of services that can be tailored to suit specific needs of clients.

Benefits of an employee sponsored Wellness Program include healthcare cost containment, onsite wellness services with the ability to quickly identify and manage health issues and increased employee morale.

“We are excited to be able to offer a wellness initiative. We have had numerous requests for this type of program and we feel it will be highly beneficial for both patients and employers alike,” said Mandy Bostick, Director of Occupational Sales and Marketing.

CareNow® has been providing North Texas with over 16 years of service and now has 22 locations around the DFW area. CareNow® offers family care, urgent care, and physical therapy, occupational medicine, as well as travel medicine. The medical centers are open late seven days a week and accept over 40 insurance plans. All CareNow® locations have highly qualified physicians on staff and the group is one of the only primary care facilities in Texas to voluntarily pass the rigorous certification requirements of the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Healthcare (AAAHC). To learn more about CareNow® services, visit http://www. carenow. com (http://www. carenow. com).

For more information contact:
Cindy Kirkpatrick
Phone: (972) 906–8160
Fax: (972) 745–4336


Tips For Getting Into Shape for the Holidays

Tips For Getting Into Shape for the Holidays

Losing weight and shaping up for good depends on making some lifestyle changes. Here are 10 great tips.

Kernersville, NC (PRWEB) December 2, 2005

With the holidays right around the corner, women are gearing up for one last battle of the bulge before “goodie season” settles in. But fasting, living on lettuce leaves, or excluding entire food groups won’t cut it in the long run, because it’s just too hard. And the slowed metabolism, bingeing, and self-recrimination that follow can make a weight problem even worse. Losing weight and shaping up for good depends on making some serious (but not unpleasant!) lifestyle changes:

1. Eat a nutritious diet — First and foremost, the daily food plan should provide all the nutrients the body needs to thrive, including plenty of protein, at least five servings of fruits and vegetables, 25-30 grams of fiber and 8 glasses of water.

2. Spread out daily food intake — Eating 3 meals and 2-3 snacks each day is key, as skipping meals or waiting too long before eating can slow the metabolism, lower blood sugar levels, and increase the risk of bingeing.

3. Make sure each meal or snack contains protein — Eating protein with every meal or snack helps slow the rise and fall of blood sugar and reduce hunger cravings. Soy protein is an excellent choice because it’s a high-quality protein that’s low in fat and calories. It also has a low glycemic index, which means it won’t trigger a sharp increase and decrease of blood sugar. Recent studies have also shown that soy protein helps reduce hunger and extend the period of feeling “full.” And, the FDA states that 25 grams of soy protein per day, with a diet low in saturated fat and cholesterol, may reduce the risk of heart disease.

4. Eat more soy and soy isoflavones — To receive the full benefits of soy isoflavones, a health expert panel advocates 160 mg a day, which is approximately the amount contained in 6 glasses of soy milk or 6 servings of tofu. But that’s a lot to swallow, and may add an extra 24 grams of fat to the diet! Taking isoflavone pills may sound like a good idea, but they don’t work as well as natural isoflavones combined with soy protein and may interfere with mineral absorption.

Revival® Soy (http://www. RevivalSoy. com (http://www. RevivalSoy. com)) has a flavorful solution: naturally-concentrated, low-fat, tasty soy shakes and soy bars, each of which supply 160 mg of soy isoflavones and 16-20 grams of soy protein. The Revival® Soy line also includes soy chips, soy pasta, soy nuts and soy coffee, all delicious ways to increase the daily soy intake. Just eating one or two of these foods daily effectively eliminates the need to eat multiple servings of regular soy products or to take soy isoflavone pills.

5. Trim the fat — Since fat is the most concentrated source of calories, eating too many fatty foods is a fast-track to weight gain. Easy ways to cut back on fat include using nonfat dairy products, fat-free salad dressing and margarine and lean meats whenever possible. Poultry, meats and fish should be skinned and trimmed of all visible fat before cooking. And of course fried foods, cream sauces, butter, gravy, full-fat cheese or dairy products and rich desserts should be cut back or eaten only occasionally.

6. Practice enjoyable eating — Those who feel deprived won’t stay with an eating plan for long, and completely cutting out favorite foods can backfire. A more flexible approach is needed. Most foods can be eaten sparingly and less often, or enjoyed in lower-fat, healthier versions. The overall goal is to eat foods that play a dual role: good for the taste buds and good for the body.

7. Watch portion size — Just adding an extra 1/2 cup of cereal, tablespoon of butter, extra ounce of meat and slice of bread to the daily diet can add up to about 320 extra calories. If done consistently, this could produce another pound of fat every 11 days! Using measuring cups and spoons and a small scale can help keep portions under control.

8. Exercise — No shape-up plan is complete without a good exercise component. Exercise helps boost the metabolism, tone the body and speed weight loss. It’s also an effective anxiety buster, relieving muscle tension, burning up stress hormones and stimulating the release of endorphins. A brisk walk for 45 minutes a day can add up to another pound lost every 17 days.

9. Drink plenty of water — The body needs at least eight 8-ounce glasses a day to wash away toxins, replenish lost fluids, prevent constipation, and reduce water retention or bloating. For best results, water should be sipped a little at a time throughout the day.

10. Come prepared — One of the biggest reasons for diet crash-and-burn is the failure to plan for the unexpected. Keeping healthy snacks on hand, like a Revival® Soy bar or soy chips, can keep blood sugar even and energy high, helping to stave off hunger, snacking on high calorie foods and late-night binges. Drinking a Revival® Soy shake before a potentially diet-busting dinner, party or holiday celebration may save hundreds of calories. A little advance planning may make all the difference between a failed diet and the successful loss of many unwanted pounds.

Revival® Soy (http://www. RevivalSoy. com)products (http://www. RevivalSoy. com)products) are based on a proprietary soy formula, using a patented natural concentration process, developed by Aaron Tabor, MD. Revival® Soy is recommended by more doctors than any other soy protein supplement because of its high isoflavone content, high-quality protein, clinically backed research and superb taste. Just one Revival® Soy bar or shake provides the same amount of hunger-reducing, health-enhancing soy isoflavones found in 6 cups of soymilk, but with 90% less fat. The line includes soy bars, shakes, chips, pasta, nuts and coffee.

Revival Soy participates in double-blinded, placebo-controlled human clinical studies at some of America's top medical schools and hospitals. The company currently has 30 Revival studies at various stages of design or completion. For more information, log onto http://www. RevivalSoy. com (http://www. RevivalSoy. com).


Pragmatic Software Is A Platinum Sponsor of the Fourth Annual Charity Golf Event at the Legacy in Fairbault, MN

Pragmatic Software Is A Platinum Sponsor of the Fourth Annual Charity Golf Event at the Legacy in Fairbault, MN

Pragmatic Software Company (http://www. pragmaticsw. com) announced today that it has partnered with the Twin Cities Quality Assurance Association (TCQAA) and the Emergency Shelf Network (EFN), to sponsor a worthwhile and important charity golf event. The event will be held at the beautiful Legacy Golf Course in Fairbault, MN. Pragmatic Software is a Platinum Sponsor for the event.

Englewood, CO (PRWEB) August 9, 2006

Pragmatic Software Company (http://www. pragmaticsw. com (http://www. pragmaticsw. com)) announced today that it has partnered with the Twin Cities Quality Assurance Association (TCQAA) and the Emergency Shelf Network (EFN), to sponsor a worthwhile and important charity golf event. The event will be held at the beautiful Legacy Golf Course in Fairbault, MN. Pragmatic Software is a Platinum Sponsor for the event.

Pragmatic Software sees this benefit as a great conduit for improving the quality of life for less fortunate individuals in the community. “We appreciate the opportunity to help families that are in need of food assistance,” says Steve Miller, President/CEO of Pragmatic Software. “The Emergency Food Shelves provide more than 7 million pounds of food to over 1 million hungry individuals annually, and we are proud to assist in this extraordinary effort,” adds Miller.

“We want to take this opportunity to thank Pragmatic Software for their premier sponsorship and for giving back to the community in which they serve”, says Tim Nelson, TCQAA Chairman. ”Pragmatic Software is among a select group of Platinum Sponsors for this premier event, which will will directly help us build a stronger and healthier tomorrow for many citizens of our community,” adds Nelson.

About Pragmatic Software

Founded in 1992, Pragmatic Software Company, Inc. based in Denver, Colorado is a software development company that provides web-based project management and team collaboration software to over 60,000 subscribers in over 24 countries. For more information on Pragmatic Software, go to http://www. PragmaticSW. com (http://www. PragmaticSW. com) or contact Michael Fischer at PR@PragmaticSW. com or 303-768-7480.

About Twin Cities Quality Assurance Association Quality of Life Golf Classic

Founded in 2003, the Quality of Life Golf Classic proved to be a top-flight golf event that promoted and advertised directly to a focused group of over 1200 software test and QA professionals representing over 100 businesses. Since 2003, the target audience has grown to over 2500 IT and Business professionals and nearly 250 companies. The continued growth in donations over the past three years and has helped in the support of over 60 metro area food shelves and feeding programs throughout the Twin Cities.

To see an on-line copy of this press release, navigate to:

Http://www. PragmaticSW. com/PressReleases/PressRelease-0061.pdf (http://www. PragmaticSW. com/PressReleases/PressRelease-0061.pdf)

For More Information Contact

Michael Fischer



Monday, September 18, 2006

Pharmacy Stakeholder Groups Collaborate to Draft Pharmacy Principles for Health Care Reform

Pharmacy Stakeholder Groups Collaborate to Draft Pharmacy Principles for Health Care Reform

As the new administration embarks on one of its top priorities--reforming the nation's health care system--twelve pharmacy stakeholder groups have collaborated to establish the Pharmacy Principles of Health Care Reform, which will be announced during a media briefing on February 12, 2009 at the National Press Club.

Washington, DC (Vocus) February 6, 2009

As the new administration embarks on one of its top priorities -- reforming the nation's health care system -- twelve pharmacy stakeholder groups have collaborated to establish the Pharmacy Principles of Health Care Reform, which will be announced during a media briefing on February 12, 2009 at the National Press Club.

The stakeholders include: Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy, American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy, American College of Clinical Pharmacy, American Pharmacists Association, American Society of Consultant Pharmacists, American Society of Health-System Pharmacists, Food Marketing Institute, National Association of Chain Drug Stores, National Alliance of State Pharmacy Associations, National Community Pharmacists Association, Rite Aid Corporation, and Walgreen Co.

Pharmacists have a critical role to play as the medication experts and most accessible member of patients' health care team. The Pharmacy Principles of Health Care Reform lay the ground work for what the profession can do to advance the health care system's delivery of services by:
 improving the quality and safety of medication use,  assuring patient access to needed medications and pharmacists services,  promoting health information technology interoperability. WHAT:  Media briefing on the Pharmacy Principles for Health Care Reform

WHEN:  Thursday, February 12, 2009, 9:30 to 11:00 a. m. EDT

WHERE:  *National Press Club, 529 14th St. NW, 13th Floor (Zenger Room)

There is a call-in number for media who are unable to attend the live press conference: 1-800-277-3988. There is no pass code.

WHO:  John Coster (moderator)
Senior Vice President of Government Affairs
National Community Pharmacists Association

Tom Menighan, RPh, MBA, FAPhA
Executive Vice President & CEO Designate
American Pharmacists Association

Bruce Roberts, RPh
Executive Vice President & CEO
National Community Pharmacists Association

Steven C. Anderson, IOM, CAE
President & CEO
National Association of Chain Drug Stores

*Please RSVP to Erin Wendel, ewendel (at) aphanet. org or 202.429.7558 by close of business on February 10, 2009 if you plan to attend in-person or dial-in. Upon RSVP, you will be provided a copy of the Pharmacy Principles for Health Care Reform. Extra copies will be available on site and on the stakeholders' Web sites.

Erin Wendel
American Pharmacists Association
202.429.7558, ewendel (at) aphanet. org

Carolyn Stables
Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy
703-683-8416, cstables (at) amcp. org

Rebecca Morgan
American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy
703-739-2330 ext. 1032 rmorgan (at) aacp. org

John K. McGlew
American College of Clinical Pharmacy
202-756-2227, jmcglew (at) accp. com

Linda Williams
American Society of Consultant Pharmacists
703-739-1316 x115
LWilliams (at) ascp. com

Ellen Wilcox
American Society of Health-System Pharmacists
301-664-8621, ewilcox (at) ashp. org

Kathleen Thomas
Food Marketing Institute
202-220-0616, kthomas (at) fmi. org

Chrissy Kopple
National Association of Chain Drug Stores
703-837-4266, CKopple (at) NACDS. org

Rebecca Snead
National Alliance of State Pharmacy Associations
804-285-4431 ext 325
Rsnead (at) naspa. us

Valerie Briggs
National Community Pharmacists Association
703-838-2686 valerie. briggs (at) ncpanet. org


Sunday, September 17, 2006

Active Corporation Announces Printing and Faxing Enhancements for ActiveECG(tm) InStep Group Releases v2.2, A Software Enhancement to the ActiveECG Palm Software

Active Corporation Announces Printing and Faxing Enhancements for ActiveECG(tm) InStep Group Releases v2.2, A Software Enhancement to the ActiveECG Palm Software

The addition of printing and faxing capabilities to the ActiveECG portable cardiac monitor greatly enhances its benefits for Emergency Medicine, Home Nursing and other out-of-hospital medical professionals. Users can now send a patientÂ’s ECG data from virtually anywhere to a physician or medical facility.

(PRWEB) April 28, 2002

CASTINE, Maine, USA-April 26, 2002--Active Corporation, producer of portable medical devices used "when life is on the line(tm)," and InStep Group, makers of InStep Print(tm) and InStep Fax(tm) the premier print and fax solution for mobile users, today announced the release of an enhancement to the ActiveECG software which allows the direct printing and faxing of ECG strips directly from a Palm Powered device. This capability strengthens ActiveECG's utility in applications outside of the hospital, such as Emergency Medicine and Home Nursing.

Users can now record ECG data in the field and easily create a hardcopy using a variety of printers for attachment to EMS run sheets or patients' records. By simply faxing a result to the hospital, a physician's office, or even a physician's home, data collected in remote locations can be readily transmitted for interpretation and analysis.

Jeffrey Siegel, President of Active Corporation, stated, "Many Emergency Medical Technician's have found ActiveECG to be a valuable tool for collecting cardiac data in the field. Now they want an easier way to create a copy of this data for their record keeping. They can now print and fax their ECG directly from a Palm OS handheld."

Two crucial requirements for fax and printing applications are quality of output and ease-of-use. InStep Print and InStep Fax stringently meet both requirements providing Active Corporation with an affordable, high quality, and simple to use solution for the field deployment of ActiveECG.

ActiveECG is a low-cost, pocket-sized cardiac monitor that provides real-time display of ECG data on a Palm OS handheld. ActiveECG is being used in many environments in the US, including: cardiac monitoring, home health care, emergency medicine, telemedicine, pacemaker monitoring, cardiac rehabilitation, nursing home and nursing care, and even veterinary medicine.

InStep Print and InStep Fax address the needs of the user that demands "desktop quality" for the mobile products they choose to employ. InStep's print/fax suite is being used globally by businesses of all types and sizes to increase the productivity of their field personnel.

The ActiveECG device driver is free on Active's web site http://www. activecenter. com (http://www. activecenter. com). InStep Print lists for $29.95 and InStep Fax lists for $19.95 and is available at http://www. palmgear. com (http://www. palmgear. com).

More information on Active Corporation and ActiveECG is available at http://www. activecenter. com (http://www. activecenter. com).

More information on The InStep Group and InStep Print/Fax is available at http://www. instepgroup. com (http://www. instepgroup. com)

NOTE: The Active logo, ActiveECG, and "when life is on the line" are trademarks of Active Corporation. Palm OS is a registered trademark and Palm is a trademark of Palm, Inc. InStep Print and InStep Fax are trademarks of The InStep Group, Inc.

### -

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Masterpiece Technology Group to Participate in eHealthcare World New York 2000 Conference & Trade Show

Masterpiece Technology Group to Participate in eHealthcare World New York 2000 Conference & Trade Show

(PRWEB) November 15, 2000

CINCINNATI, OHIO - Tuesday, November 14, 2000 - Masterpiece Technology Group, Inc. (OTC BB: MPTG), announced today that they will participate in the eHealthcare World New York 2000 Conference & Trade show, in cooperation with Wireless MD, Inc.

As part of their strategic marketing alliance with Wireless MD, Inc., the nation's first two-way, wireless resource for the mobile medical community, MPTG anticipates the unveiling of a new product line that should greatly expand market focus for both companies.

Masterpiece Technology Group President Dr. Newell Crane stated, "We are extremely excited about our new product line, and are eagerly looking forward towards its December 4th launch at eHealthcare World.”

Wireless MD is the first real-time bi-directional wireless-Internet communication service and data retrieval system created for managing all aspects of the healthcare industry through its Internet-wireless platform. Wireless MD brings together physicians, hospitals, pharmaceutical manufacturers, laboratories, and retail pharmacies producing a connectivity between a range of organizational networks, creating a powerful and targeted medical information menu.

Masterpiece Technology Group, Inc. (OTCBB: MPTG), an Ohio-based computer company, manufactures and distributes software products for document automation, physician medical records and hospital claims management. The Company's medical records product, Masterpiece EMR, provides an information software package that collects and stores data during the creation of the patient narrative. MPTG's homepage can be found at masterpiecetechgroup. com.

This press release contains certain forward looking information that is subject to certain risks and uncertainties that could cause actual results to differ materially from those projected. Without limitation, these risks and uncertainties include economic recessions or downturns in customers' business cycles, rapid market fluctuations. Readers are urged to carefully review and consider the various disclosures made by the Company in this press release and in the Company's periodic reports.

Friday, September 15, 2006

Health Consultant/Accountant Publishes Book on "Health Care Practice Valuations"

Health Consultant/Accountant Publishes Book on "Health Care Practice Valuations"

A Rocky Mount, N C health care consultant and accountant has published his first book, "Health Care Practice Valuations." This book provides doctors a general background on how to prepare for the sale and/or purchase of a practice.

Rocky Mount, NC (PRWEB) December 28, 2009

Accountant and health consultant Arthur Grant Mangum of Rocky Mount, NC has authored and published his first book, "Health Care Practice Valuations". The book provides practitioners a factual knowledge of a general nature on practice valuations and buy/sales.

Mangum has 42 years experience providing financial, tax and management services to the health care community in North and South Carolina. His primary focus has been in the areas of medical, dental, optometric and veterinary medicine professions. For more than 30 years he has provided practice valuations and when requested, assisted in the buy/sale transaction.

His experience began with teaching school, becoming a trust officer with a national bank, joining a national management firm and in 1968 started his own health care management Company. He is an enrolled agent which is a federally authorized practitioner who has technical expertise in the field of taxation and who is empowered by the U S Department of the Treasury to represent taxpayers before the Internal Revenue Service.


Therapy Placement Agency Maintains Stable Growth Year After Year by Going Paperless with Innovative Software

Therapy Placement Agency Maintains Stable Growth Year After Year by Going Paperless with Innovative Software

Washington based therapy placement agency, PT on Call goes paperless is 2009, allowing them to continue to grow, even in a tough economy.

Saint Paul, MN (PRWEB) February 1, 2010

PT on Call announced that their decision to go paperless (http://www. tempworks. com/products/software/paperless-employment-forms. aspx) in 2009 has created quite an outcome for their company, both internally and for their client's.

PT on Call has been providing Physical, Occupational, and Speech Therapists to healthcare facilities and schools since 1986. The company services Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Alaska, Montana, and Hawaii.

PT on Call was determined to be completely paperless by the end of 2009. To achieve this goal they consulted with their software provider, TempWorks, to determine what products would allow them to achieve their goal. PT on Call COO, Molly Gould, comments, “TempWorks (http://www. tempworks. com/products/software/staffing-software-products. aspx) is a powerful production tool. Since we implemented TempWorks we closed our year out in one week, and we saved overhead, as our accounting department is down to one employee. Due to the increase in effectiveness, we are doing more with less effort.” Gould continues, “Our feat for 2009 was to go paperless, no notes, no files, no documents, no printing. TempWorks has helped us to obtain our goal. We use TempWorks exclusively, saving time, money, allowing us to be more effective in man power.”

“PT on Call’s move to a paperless environment encompasses TempWorks’ primary business goals, the elimination of exorbitant staff from back office operations resulting in an increase in their overall bottom line,” states VP of Payroll Processing Mari Kautzman.

TempWorks President, David Dourgarian remarks, “By using TempWorks Paperless products PT on Call is able to cut costs, improve efficiency and satisfy employees and customers, all in one integrated package.”

Gould concludes, “Overall, I would say that TempWorks has allowed us to be more efficient and effective without increasing our overhead which increases our overall profit. TempWorks has been the key to our continued year after year growth (http://www. tempworks. com/press-releases/tempworks-2009-results. aspx), even in the roughest economy in my working lifetime.”

About TempWorks Software:
TempWorks Software incorporated in Minnesota in 1997 and provides a full suite of enterprise staffing solutions. Designed to automate and streamline all facets of a staffing firm's daily operation, TempWorks Software offers fully integrated front and back-office staffing software, web portals for customers, employees, applicants and vendor management, and many additional modules. From recruiting to payroll and everything in between, TempWorks Software puts technology to work for staffing firms and their clients. For more information about TempWorks, please visit http://www. tempworks. com (http://www. tempworks. com)] or contact Director of Public Relations, Laura Baratto, at 651-452-0366, or by email.


Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Is Your Food Allergy Actually Food Intolerance? Experts Reveal the Difference

Is Your Food Allergy Actually Food Intolerance? Experts Reveal the Difference

Leading food intolerance experts, Dr. Albert Missbichler and Dr. Marcus Laux, explain how to differentiate between food intolerance and food allergy.

Phoenix, AZ (Vocus) September 4, 2009

Naturally Vitamins (http://www. naturally. com) announced today an interview with Dr. Albert Missbichler, one of the world’s leading experts on food intolerance, in the next issue of The Doctors’ Prescription for Healthy Living magazine. In the article, Dr. Missbichler explains the differentiating symptoms of food allergy and food intolerance and recommends a new option for histamine-related food intolerance.

Food allergy occurs in only 1 to 2 percent of Americans, whereas food intolerance occurs in up to 20 percent of the population. Dr. Albert Missbichler explains that food allergy is an abnormal reaction to certain food proteins, usually triggered by the body's immune system, that can cause serious illness and, in some cases, death. On the other hand, food intolerance is a delayed, negative reaction to a food, beverage or food additive usually due to insufficient levels of a specific enzyme. According to Dr. Marcus Laux, N. D., renowned naturopathic physician and leading authority on science-based natural medicines, "Most all food intolerances are confused with food allergies, and this has lead to lack of help and treatment. People live for years with the broad ranging discomforts associated with food intolerance without realizing what is causing their symptoms."

So how can you tell the difference? Dr. Missbichler explains, "The question is: When do symptoms occur? If they are present within five minutes, it is an allergy. If they present after half an hour or later, it is food intolerance. In addition, allergy reactions do not depend on the amount of food you take, whereas food intolerance worsens as you consume more and more of the offending food."

The four primary types of known food intolerance are in response to histamine, fructose, lactose, and gluten. Conditions such as lactose intolerance and gluten intolerance have only recently gained credence, according to the national health magazine's report. Yet one of the most prevalent yet virtually unknown types is histamine intolerance—an inability to degrade the histamine found in many foods due to inadequate activity of the enzyme diamine oxidase (DAO). Dr. Missbichler says, "Histamine-related food intolerance is actually as big a problem—if not bigger—than gluten intolerance."

Histamine levels are very high in popular "guilty pleasure" foods such as pizza, beer, red wine, cured and smoked meats and fish, many types of cheeses and nuts, and various fruits and vegetables. As foods lose their freshness, they also accumulate increased levels of histamine. Unfortunately, millions of Americans have insufficient levels of DAO to process the high levels of histamine in many of the foods they love.

The effects of histamine-related food intolerance can range from common digestive system problems such as abdominal pain and spasms, diarrhea, constipation, and flatulence to headaches, skin rashes, eczema and hives—all due to the body’s genetic incompatibility for processing histamine. Until recently, the only options for those with histamine intolerance included suffering these symptoms or avoiding all histamine-rich foods.

In his interview, Dr. Missbichler recommends that people with histamine-related food intolerance take Histame® from Naturally Vitamins, the exclusive patented source of DAO in the United States and Canada. Histame's DAO was first approved for sale in the United States in 2008. Previously, hundreds of thousands of Europeans had been helped by the same source of DAO since its introduction to Europe in 2004.

Please note that all conditions should be diagnosed by a doctor using reliable testing methods. If you have a food allergy, it is extremely important that you work closely with your health care provider to determine the food(s) that are causing your allergic reactions. In the cases of food allergy and food intolerance, it is recommended that you consult a registered dietitian for a complete list of foods you should eat or avoid.

About Naturally Vitamins
For more than 35 years, Naturally Vitamins has been the industry leader in the use of nutritional enzyme preparations to help balance deficiencies connected to aging. Naturally Vitamins has worked aggressively to make Histame® available to U. S. consumers after partnering with the creator’s development company Sciotec Diagnostic Technologies GmbH. The DAO enzyme contained in Histame was acknowledged by the U. S. Food and Drug Administration as a New Dietary Ingredient (NDI) in 2008. Histame can be purchased online at http://www. histame. com (http://www. histame. com) and from health food stores nationwide. For more information visit http://www. histame. com (http://www. histame. com) or call 1-800-899-4499.

# # #

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Document Security Suites Provide Highly Secure Online File Transfer, Improve Profitability

Document Security Suites Provide Highly Secure Online File Transfer, Improve Profitability

Web-Based File Security Platform Manages Document Security without Additional Hardware, Software or Expensive Training

Little Falls, NJ (PRWEB) October 20, 2009 -

Janet O. Penn, president of Janet Penn Consulting, has announced the launch of her company's new Online file sharing solution, Document Security Suites. The totally web-based interface allows corporations, government agencies and businesses to transfer sensitive, confidential files via the Internet securely and quickly. It does not require any additional hardware or software, works from any employee's computer on any system, and can be used with minimal training.

This new virtual data transfer solution is cost-effective in that it requires no equipment or additional staff to manage it. The innovative combination of Online secure data transfer, encryption and data storage confers the highest level of Online security available as well as help companies meet Health Insurance Portability and Accountability (HIPAA) electronic transmission standards.

"Our platform adheres to the highest degree of security standards," stated Letitia Andrews, Director of Business Development for DSS. "We have carefully designed our encryption to enforce industry-standard ciphers such as RC2 or DES." Andrews, based in the company's Dallas office, pointed out that DSS is in compliance with HIPAA standards regarding how digital records should be kept and shared, and can help a medical institution or practice meet key HIPAA requirements when used properly.

DSS can send any size file, except for program executable file types. It encrypts all documents and files as they are uploaded to their secure Online suite "to confer greater protections against unwanted intruders," Penn explained. "In addition, each DSS suite of rooms has its own user access, file usage and space allocation set up by the business' system administrator, so that Online transfers are closely monitored and guarded," she added.

Penn noted that managing the security of data affects company operations and reduces profits when data security is compromised. For example, in spite of increased email encryption and digital signatures, compromises still occur from intruders on email systems, which can result in staggering revenue losses.

"Any business that shares data knows that the need to transmit documents securely to business partners or among staff has increased," said Penn, an Internet marketing consultant. "This increased activity requires a secure vehicle that guarantees the data's delivery to the intended recipient. This is exactly what Document Security Suites does." DSS customers include law offices, accounting firms, major corporations and government agencies.

DSS supports all files types except executables, and functions on any web browser or operating system, providing enhanced flexibility as well as security. For more information about Document Security Suites, contact Janet Penn at (973) 890-9191 or go to http://www. documentsecuritysuites. com (http://www. documentsecuritysuites. com).

About Janet Penn Consulting

Janet Penn Consulting develops and markets innovative Online business solutions, and provides corporate IT applications such as order management systems and event registration systems. JPC also provides other business development services such as internet marketing and email campaign management. For more information visit www. janetpennconsulting. com.


Saturday, September 9, 2006

Nace agencia de publicidad y relaciones publicas enfocada al mercado hispano del sur de la Florida

Nace agencia de publicidad y relaciones publicas enfocada al mercado hispano del sur de la Florida.

CRL Media es es el nombre de la nueva empresa de relaciones publicas y publicidad, creada y enfocada hacia el mercado hispano del sur de la Florida.

Miami, Florida. (PRWEB) March 6, 2004

Con el nombre de CRL Media se ha iniciado la primera agencia de relaciones públicas y publicidad enfocada especialmente al mercado hispano del sur de la Florida y en especial a los condados de Palm Beach, Martin y Broward.

Su fundadora, la publicista y periodista colombiana Claudia Ruiz Levy, describe a CRL Media como la solución eficaz que necesitaban los pequeños y medianos empresarios hispanos del área para dar a conocer sus productos o servicios. “En CRL Media nos encargamos de crear y posicionar marcas en el mercado hispano con vías creativas, utilizando una combinación de herramientas única, entre las que se cuentan formulación de estrategias, eventos y promociones, relación con los medios, mercadeo y ventas, manejo de crisis, producción de material publicitario, como impresos, radio, televisión y mucho más. En resumen, todo lo que una empresa necesita para darse a conocer, atraer la atención de su público objetivo, los medios de comunicación y el público en general”, enfatiza.

Así mismo, la función de CRL Media también se enfoca a las empresas anglo parlantes que reconocen la importancia del creciente mercado hispano, pero desconocen nuestro idioma, la cultura e idiosincrasia.

Ruiz Levy considera que hay poco conocimiento de los empresarios del área en materia de relaciones públicas y publicidad. “Hacer publicidad es mucho más que producir un volante o un aviso en el periódico local, envuelve una cantidad de estrategias para que la marca sea realmente exitosa, lo cual se traduce en lo más importante para el empresario: ganancias”. Y añade: “en CRL Media trabajamos en español, con ideas creativas y sobre todo, eficaces. Desde crear un nombre, diseñar un logotipo, formular una estrategia de comunicación, planear un lanzamiento, hasta producir un comercial de televisión, todo eso lo realizamos en forma eficaz y lo más importante: por hispanos y para hispanos”, concluye.

En su poco tiempo de formación, CRL Media ha adquirido varias cuentas, entre las que se encuentran Green & Gold International Exports, Circa Publicaciones e International Health & Fitness System.

Claudia Ruíz Levy es publicista de la universidad Católica de Manizales, estudió comunicación social y periodismo en la Universidad Autónoma de Cali y tiene más de 8 años de experiencia en agencias de publicidad como McCann Erickson, Publiplan y A&B Publicidad.

En la industria periodística, se ha desempeñado como directora de varias publicaciones en Nueva York, entre las que se incluyen la revista “Fronteras” y el periódico de farándula, “El Globo”.

Fue corresponsal en Colombia para la revista “Publicidad y Comerciales” de Miami y ejerció como directora de la revista “Más” en West Palm Beach.


Claudia Levy 

Phone (561) 541-0582

E –mail: crlmedia@aol. com

Friday, September 8, 2006

Preventive Foot Health Keeps Boomers More Active

Preventive Foot Health Keeps Boomers More Active

Three Leading Organizations Join Forces to Educate Adults Over 50

Vancouver, BC and Statesville, NC (PRWEB) April 3, 2006

In an effort to raise awareness among 50+ adults about protecting feet from restrictive pain, The International Council on Active Aging (ICAA) announces it has joined forces with knowledge-based Institute for Preventive Foot Health (IPFH) and THOR·LO® Inc., the world leader in Activity Specific engineered sock products.

Adults over 50 are finding more ways to stay active and healthy by walking, playing tennis and engaging in other activities. However, many of these same adults are restricted from regular exercise because of physical ailments and pain in one of the largest problem areas and the very foundation for all Activity-- the foot.

“Maintaining foot health is crucial to overall health,” explains Colin Milner, CEO of ICAA. “Our feet are an often neglected area that, when properly taken care of can have a huge, positive impact on our quality of life.”

As we age, our feet lose their protective qualities. There are over 300 foot ailments, and besides medical conditions, the reason that most older adults experience foot problems are the wrong socks, the wrong shoes and poor fitting. These are problems that can be easily avoided, provided the right information is readily available.

“We are all keenly aware that an active, quality lifestyle is primarily dependent on exercise and proper nutrition,” says Lynn Thorneburg, IPFH president. “What this new partnership focuses on is the important part feet play in this equation. It is vitally important to exercise after 50 and we’re on a mission to educate mature adults about how to do that.”

The ICAA, IPFH and THOR·LO have developed a new foot care Web site, located at http://www. icaa. cc/footcare. htm (http://www. icaa. cc/footcare. htm). The Web site is divided into five sections, which collectively provide information that is vital to the prevention of foot problems linked with aging. 

About the Institute for Preventative Foot Health

The Institute for Preventive Foot Health (IPFH) promotes awareness of, and the need for, preventive foot health as a key to long-term quality of human life. It also promotes research and education dedicated to preventive foot health practices, products and procedures that contribute to the general well-being of the human foot.


North Carolina based THOR•LO, Inc., the originator of activity specific socks, is committed to providing ultimate protection, comfort, and performance for all active consumers. Over 25 years of scientific research stands behind the Thorlos ultimate consumer promise of “Your Feet will Feel Better or your money back.” All Thorlos sock products are designed to protect the foot from activity specific demands such as shear, impact, blistering. THOR•LO provides its consumers with superior comfort products, which allows them to enjoy their active lifestyles. Run, walk, hike, or everyday casual, there is a pair of Thorlos for everyone for every shoe and activity. For more information about Thorlos visit www. thorlo. com.

About The International Council on Active Aging

The ICAA is the world’s largest association dedicated to changing the way we age by uniting and working with professionals in the retirement, assisted living, recreation, fitness, rehabilitation and wellness fields. It connects a community of like-minded professionals who share the goals of changing society’s perceptions of aging and improving the quality of life for Baby Boomers and older adults within the six dimensions of wellness(emotional, vocational, physical, spiritual, intellectual, social.)

Media Contacts:

Laura McAliley, Account Executive Public Relations, Howard, Merrell & Partners

(919) 844-2767

Rick Mende, THOR•LO

800-438-0286 ext. 7357

J. Lynn Thorneburg, President, IPFH

877-777-IPFH (877-777-4734)

Colin Milner, CEO, ICAA



Stanford Advanced Project Management Certificate Program Now Available to Government Employees

Stanford Advanced Project Management Certificate Program Now Available to Government Employees

Stanford Center for Professional Development and IP Solutions, LLC collaborate with the Graduate School to bring advanced project management methodologies to government employees and contractors.

Stanford, CA (PRWEB) October 4, 2010

The Stanford Center for Professional Development, in partnership with IP Solutions, LLC (IPS) announces a new collaboration to deliver its award-winning Stanford Advanced Project Management certificate program to government employees, government contractors, non-government organizations and humanitarian aid agencies through the Graduate School.

“This is an outstanding opportunity for government and related employees to get increased access to advanced education in the important disciplines of executing strategy, managing complex programs, leading change efforts, and improving organization performance,” said Ray Levitt, professor of civil and environmental engineering at Stanford University and academic director of the Stanford Advanced Project Management Program. “Individuals who have attended the program have made a tremendous positive impact in organizations all over the world.”

Completing six program courses earns participants the recognized credential of Stanford Certified Project Manager (SCPM), today’s premier advanced project management professional credential. More than 8,500 professionals have attended program courses, and nearly 3100 program graduates have earned their SCPM credentials.

“We are very enthusiastic about making this outstanding program available to our constituents across the government,” said Graduate School CEO Dr. Jerry Ice. “Stanford Advanced Project Management represents the highest level of advanced project management education available today, from one of the world’s most prestigious academic institutions.”

Thomas Carter, CEO of IP Solutions, LLC, added, “We believe this program can give government employees the tools they need to better meet strategic challenges, as organizations and as individuals.”

Andy DiPaolo, the Stanford Center for Professional Development’s executive director noted, “We are pleased with the opportunity to deliver to government employees a Stanford professional education program that is engaging, relevant and of proven value to participants and the organizations they represent.”

Courses will be conducted live in the Graduate School’s Washington D. C. classrooms. Offerings include Converting Strategy into Action, Mastering the Project Portfolio, Leadership for Strategic Execution, and other advanced project management topics.

About the Stanford Center for Professional Development

The Stanford Center for Professional Development connects working professionals worldwide to the research and teaching of Stanford University faculty in the School of Engineering and related academic departments. Qualified individuals may study for master of science degrees on a part-time basis, pursue graduate and professional certificates, take individual graduate and professional courses, participate in workshops, view free online seminars and more. Courses are delivered online, on the Stanford campus in the heart of the Silicon Valley, and at the work site. http://scpd. stanford. edu/

About the Graduate School

For nearly 90 years, the Graduate School has served the D. C. metro community. An independent, not-for-profit 501 (c3) institution, the Graduate School is dedicated to academic excellence and lifelong learning. Services offered by the School include individual assessments, career-related courses, certificate and degree programs, continuing education and distance learning. The School’s experts provide training and education solutions, including conferences, workshops and symposia, for participants from U. S. federal, state and local government agencies as well as the private sector and international organizations. http://www. graduateschool. edu

About IP Solutions, LLC

Since 1988, IPS has worked with Fortune 500 corporations and other organizations in industries including IT, telecom, financial services, health care, pharmaceuticals, transportation, manufacturing, and the public sector. IPS's services help clients to execute their strategies by seeing how to manage complexity in their organizations more clearly and effectively. Most IPS services and solutions draw on the company's work with Stanford University faculty to develop and present the Stanford Advanced Project Management program. Since 1999, IPS has partnered with the Stanford Center for Professional Development on this groundbreaking, world-class curriculum. http://www. ipslearning. com/


Chiropractor, Dr. Christopher Anselmi Releases New Video on Active Release Technique&#174

Chiropractor, Dr. Christopher Anselmi Releases New Video on Active Release Technique®

Dr. Christopher Anselmi, a certified chiropractor and expert with the Spine Care and Mobility Center in New York, NY, has released a new, informational video on the benefits and reasons for being treated with the Active Release Technique®.

New York, NY (Vocus) October 28, 2009 –

Are you experiencing muscle pain or have developing scar tissue? Have you not found relief with other treatments or want to try a technique that has been shown to provide a quick response? Dr. Christopher Anselmi has released a new informational video on Active Release Technique, so listen and find out more. Throughout the video you can see how a patient is treated with ART® and find out if it would be right for you. To view Dr. Anselimi’s ART® video go to YouTube (http://www. youtube. com/watch? v=L9k0B-0HaIE).

Just some of the soft tissue injuries that Dr. Anselmi treats with ART® include:
 Arthritis  Bunions  Carpal Tunnel Syndrome  Headaches  Muscle pulls, strains or weakness  Scar Tissue Formation  Swimmers Shoulder  Tendonitis  Tennis Elbow  TMJ  General pain in the back, foot, hip, knee, neck, rib, and shoulder

Dr. Anselmi is a Certified Chiropractor and Expert on Active Release Technique (ART®). He is the Director and Owner of the Center for Spine Care and Mobility in NYC. ART® is a hands-on soft tissue or massage technique which allows the practitioner to feel tight or stuck tissue within a muscle, ligament, or tendon group. Stuck tissue occurs when it is not gliding properly; one muscle on top of the other.

Overuse of muscles can cause your body to produce tough, dense scar tissue. As scar tissue builds up, muscles become shorter and weaker, tension on tendons causes tendonitis and nerves can become trapped. This can cause reduced range of motion, loss of strength and pain. If a nerve is trapped, you may also feel tingling, numbness and weakness.

As a chiropractor, Dr. Anselmi stretches the tissue in order to gain motion in a particular region. ART® specifically targets the athletic and active community, as their muscles are commonly overused, which can result in scar tissue. The goal of ART® is to restore optimal texture, motion and function to the soft tissue, and release entrapped nerves or blood vessels. One of the many benefits is the patient will respond in a relatively short period of time.

ART® can also be combined well with other methods like massage therapy, physical therapy, Pilates, or pain management to alleviate common conditions like neck or lower back pain.

About the Center for Spine Care and Mobility
The Center for Spine Care and Mobility was founded by Dr. Christopher Anselmi to alleviate spinal and peripheral joint pain and to improve his patients' overall health and quality of life. Dr. Anselmi's non-invasive and non-surgical approach to musculo-skeletal medicine integrates chiropractic care with massage therapy, physical therapy and Active Release Techniques. We customize treatment protocols to address your specific needs based on an extensive physical and lifestyle evaluation. Visit Anselmi Chiropractic (http://www. anselmichiropractic. com/index. html) for more information.


Monday, September 4, 2006



Founded by professional makeup artist Susan Horrell, Au Courant - the originators of the first instant liquid spray-on tan - offers you a healthy alternative to sun-bathing with its collection of high-quality sunless tanners.

(PRWEB) April 29, 2003

Studio City, CA – April 2003 – By now you are well versed on the dangers of sun-bathing. That’s a good thing. The anticipation of hearing cat calls of “Hey Casper” is making you want to wear long sleeves all summer. That’s a bad thing. So what’s a budding bronzed goddess to do? Stock up on Au Courant Cosmetics’ Sunless Tanning products this summer and achieve the golden tan you desire without baking your precious skin.

Founded by professional makeup artist Susan Horrell, Au Courant - the originators of the first instant liquid spray-on tan - offers you a healthy alternative to sun-bathing with its collection of high-quality sunless tanners. HereÂ’s a sampling:

☼ Heading out for a weekend in the Hamptons? DonÂ’t leave home without Eclipse - the worldÂ’s first waterproof bronzer with an SPF of 20. Eclipse features a unique PABA-free formula that deepens an existing tan or creates a healthy natural glow, while providing up to 20 times your natural protection against sunburn. It prevents aging, skin cancer and discoloration caused by exposure to harmful UV rays. Apply prior to sun exposure. SRP: $21.99.

☼ Attending yet another wedding? YouÂ’ll look simply sizzling after applying Instant Sunless Tanning Lotion before slipping into that little black dress. This Aloe Vera-based formula is streak-free, non-greasy and quick-drying. The active ingredients peak in six hours and fade just like a natural tan. It will also deepen and prolong a true tan, while the French botanicals and vitamins improve skinÂ’s elasticity. SRP: $24.99.

☼ Craving a sassy sun-kissed look? Try Bronze Face Gel. Its gel texture blends easily giving you an instant day-at-the-beach luminosity. Its non-comodegenic formula wonÂ’t clog pores. The alpha hydroxy acids renew skin giving your face a taut and toned appearance. Blend in clockwise motion to ensure product absorption. SRP: $24.99.

☼ Pressed for time? Try Instant Sunless Tanning Spray. A combination of botanicals, vitamins and alpha hydroxy acids give skin a light and airy sun-kissed glow. Ideal for face and body. SRP: $24.99. Au CourantÂ’s Instant Sunless Tanning Mousse also creates a gorgeous tan in a matter of minutes. Chamomile, Orange Peel and alpha hydroxy acids not only help provide realistic color, but enhance skinÂ’s elasticity and suppleness. SRP: $24.99.

For optimal results when using any of Au CourantÂ’s Sunless Tanning products, apply using either the companyÂ’s Sponge on a Stick Body Applicator or Facial Sponge Applicator. Both can be re-used: just rinse and squeeze. Also, be sure to exfoliate skin to remove any dry patches or dead skin cells prior to applying so each product goes on smoothly and evenly. 

To purchase any of Au CourantÂ’s Instant Sunless Tanning products, or to view the entire Au Courant line, please visit www. aucourant. com or call 1-800-682-1623.

 # # #

Sunday, September 3, 2006

Pure oxygene atomization and advanced cosmetics for professionals

Pure oxygene atomization and advanced cosmetics for professionals

“ Based on research and experiments, our specialists have developed a breakthrough cosmeceutic innovation called Oxynergy Skin and Hair Treatment Program. Oxynergy products and the special treatment program offer authentic results.

(PRWEB) October 15, 2003

Dear Mr, Mrs, We are proud to introduce you to the new developed Skin Program for Professionals Based on Pure Oxygen atomization of Natural Active Ingredients into the deeper layers of the skin.


“ Our difference in Skin Technology is that we focus on treating cells of deep layers, and not to maintain superficial coating cells that make your skin unhealthy. Concerning Hair growth we improve the scalp microcirculation and we bring active ingredients directly to the follicles. Our program starts with an intensive treatment period followed by maintenance period in order to establish and improve the gained result. Our treatment and maintenance period are mutable with regard to their composition and timing and will always be adjusted to the individual needs: a complete new way of treating skin and hair to achieve immediate and comprehensive results. The innovative Oxynergy treatment technology is especially designed to apply specific concentrates with highest precision and efficiency in order to support the diffusive oxygen supply and to provide an additional intercellular saturation of oxygen"

Saturday, September 2, 2006

Dr. David Williams Announces Breakthrough Natural Formula that Relieves Pain Safely—and Quickly

Dr. David Williams Announces Breakthrough Natural Formula that Relieves Pain Safely—and Quickly

Dr. David Williams is proud to announce the official launch of his new breakthrough natural pain relief supplement, Periva.

Potomac, MD (PRWEB) August 5, 2010

Dr. David Williams is proud to announce the official launch of his new breakthrough natural pain relief supplement, Periva. The latest addition to his Mountain Home Nutrition line of supplements and natural health products, Periva has been shown to provide fast, effective yet gentle relief from body aches and pains.

“In my research, I’ve searched high and low for a natural remedy that can help with everyday aches, pain and discomfort quickly,” said Dr. Williams. “But an effective natural solution for fast pain relief has been hard to find—until now.”

Periva is a proprietary blend of two powerful nutrients—Perluxan and Meriva. Perluxan, a North American hops extract, has recently shown great promise in clinical studies for natural relief from both persistent pain as well as temporary, occasional aches and pains. Meriva is a highly absorbable form of turmeric, which has a long history of use for healing in traditional cultures and helps promote the body’s normal inflammatory response.

“Pairing Meriva with Perluxan gives you a one-two punch against pain,” said Dr. Williams. Perluxan inhibits the COX-1 and COX-2 regulatory enzymes in a balanced way, so it addresses the sensitivity and pain, and Meriva promotes a normal inflammatory response to ease joint and muscle discomfort.

“Let’s face it, when you’re in pain, you want relief and you want it fast. But you also want something natural, that won’t have negative effects on your health,” said Dr. Williams. “Periva is by far the newest and easiest way that I’ve found to naturally help you keep on moving and enjoying your life…without the pain.”

About Dr. Williams

Dr. David Williams, a 25-year-veteran and leading authority in the natural health field, is known worldwide as a modern day “cure hunter.” Through his extensive hands-on travels and research, Dr. Williams is often years ahead of the conventional (and even alternative) medical establishment. A graduate of Southwest Texas State University and Texas Chiropractic College, Dr. Williams operated the largest non-invasive alternative medical practice in central Texas. He now travels the world in search of new natural cures and treatments for today’s serious health concerns.

His monthly newsletter, Alternatives, has become America's longest-running newsletter devoted to alternative medicine. Together his newsletter and his Web site, www. drdavidwilliams. com, offer readers solutions from around the world for health concerns large and small—from heart disease and insomnia to diabetes and hair loss—while also promoting self-reliance and independence among his readers, encouraging them to seek natural alternatives to medical treatments that are invasive, damaging, or just ineffective.

Online visitors may sign up for Dr. David Williams’ free Health Dispatches, which contain information on major health discoveries he’s made, as well as easy-to-use tips for everyday health problems like difficult digestion, dry skin, or stiff joints. You will also receive updates on new research discoveries, new product announcements, and special offers.

About Healthy Directions, LLC

Healthy Directions, LLC, is the recognized leader in providing authoritative health and wellness solutions to consumers. Healthy Directions’ subsidiary, Doctors’ Preferred, LLC, is a leading vitamin and nutritional supplement business that develops and sells proprietary, branded nutritional supplements based upon the research of the Healthy Directions health experts, marketed primarily through direct mail. For more information on Healthy Directions, please visit www. healthydirections. com.