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IPCPR Dismisses 'Third-Hand' Smoke

IPCPR Dismisses 'Third-Hand' Smoke

The people who make, sell and enjoy premium cigars are wondering what all the recent fuss is about so-called third-hand smoke. It isn't just that the issue is far-fetched and implausible, according to the International Premium Cigar & Pipe Retailers Association, it's that it was proposed years ago and few found it worth writing about until now.

Columbus, Georgia (PRWEB) January 8, 2009

The people who make, sell and enjoy premium cigars are wondering what all the recent fuss is about so-called third-hand smoke. It isn't just that the issue is far-fetched and implausible, according to the International Premium Cigar & Pipe Retailers Association, it's that it was proposed years ago and few found it worth writing about until now. Why?

"Everyone is making New Year's resolutions at this time and this survey has given it a catchy name," said Chris McCalla, legislative director for IPCPR which represents more than 2,000 cigar store owners and manufacturers of premium cigars around the world.

"When it was originally introduced in mid-2004, it was just another obscure survey. No one paid much attention to it because it was regarded as silly as saying we should ban nail polish because it smells bad long after it is applied. Now that it has been given a catchy name and its publication in the January issue of a magazine about children has been reported on by international news sources, Google is showing nearly one million results for 'third-hand smoke' occurring almost overnight," he said.

The recent survey's goal was to 'find out if people who were aware of these harmful effects were less likely to smoke inside of their home,' according to its author. McCalla said that was "a hypothesis that assumes that so-called third-hand smoke has 'harmful effects' which no one can seriously believe."

McCalla suggested tongue-in-cheek that studies may next be done on fourth-hand and fifth-hand smoke, where people who touch the clothes worn by people who have touched the clothes worn by people who went to a cigar bar a week ago might be the object of scrutiny.

Getting serious again, McCalla pointed out that, when the original study was released nearly five years ago, neither the Surgeon General nor the Occupational Safety and Health Administration did anything about it.

"The Surgeon General's report in 2006 called most of its findings inconclusive regarding the effects of secondhand smoke, so how could they move against so-called 'third-hand smoke' when the recent survey had nothing to do with its scientific aspects? Also, if 'third-hand smoke' should be of concern to anyone, why has OSHA not addressed the subject? In fact, OSHA issued allowable standards for secondhand smoke in the workplace that far exceed that which one may find in a typical cigar bar or restaurant."

McCalla suggested that the best New Year's resolution for people to adopt might be the application of common sense principles and respect for one another's rights.

"Relax. These are stressful times. Enjoy a good cigar," he said.

Tony Tortorici
Tony @ tortoricipr. com


New Book, The Prudent Professor, is a Lifeline to Those Who Have Retirement Questions

New Book, The Prudent Professor, is a Lifeline to Those Who Have Retirement Questions

This new book provides investment information to those in higher education, non-profits or anyone else who needs help navigating the variety of plans offered by TIAA-CREF.

Sterling, VA (PRWEB) September 20, 2010

This new book provides investment information to those in higher education, non-profits or anyone else who needs help navigating the variety of plans offered by TIAA-CREF.

When the economy took a nose dive, many people who were already on their way to saving for retirement saw their fiscal future go down the tubes. At the same time, young professionals who are just starting to plan for their retirements are bewildered about where to start. Unfortunately, many financial planners are unfamiliar with the many and varied plans offered by TIAA-CREF, one of the largest financial institutions serving education and non-profit employees. This new book, The Prudent Professor (http://stylus. styluspub. com/books/bookdetail. aspx? productid=239960), helps those whose money is tied up in institutions like these, when other financial planners and investment guides cannot.

Ed and Brian Bridges offer a straightforward, easy-to-grasp, and structured way to think about money, learn how it works, understand the priorities for any stage in life, determine objectives, and develop a personal plan most likely to achieve them. The book includes simple questionnaires and worksheets to help anyone determine where they stand, and how to think through their options.

Why a book specifically for those who work in higher education and non-profits? The chances are that their retirement funds are mostly invested in TIAA-CREF funds, and that the plans created by the different institutions where they have worked, or will work, impose sometimes conflicting limitations of how they can manage their retirement money. This is potentially complex terrain with which many professional financial advisors are unfamiliar. This book provides ample guidance for anyone to manage their retirement funds, but it sets out criteria for choosing a reliable advisor, and may even be a book from which an advisor can benefit if he or she is not fully conversant with TIAA-CREF’s offerings and the quirks of academic retirement plans.

What makes this book unique is that Ed Bridges reveals his self-education about the risky business of investing and retirement planning.

About the Authors:

Edwin Bridges (http://stylus. styluspub. com/books/AuthorDetail. aspx? id=19059) is Professor Emeritus, Stanford University, and has an extensive background in higher education. Prior to joining the Stanford University faculty in 1974, he taught at Washington University (St. Louis), The University of Chicago and University of California (Santa Barbara). He is internationally known for his work on problem based learning and has worked with faculty from a variety of disciplines in China and the Unites States. During his thirty-five year career in higher education, he has consulted with numerous organizations, including the World Health Organization, the World Bank, and the New York City Public Schools. Professor Bridges has received two lifetime achievement awards for his contributions of the field of educational administration and is listed in Who’s Who in America and Who’s Who in the World. Since retiring in 1999, Ed lives with his wife Marjorie, in an historic home on the Stanford University Campus. Three years ago, they celebrated their Golden Wedding Anniversary. In retirement, he has devoted much of his time to activities that he neglected during his career as a professor – investing and retirement planning. After reading hundreds of books and articles on these subjects, he decided to share the lessons he learned with friends, colleagues, family, former students and others through his writing and public speaking. He brings these lessons to life by drawing on his personal setbacks, mistakes, and triumphs in investing and planning for retirement.

Brian Bridges (http://stylus. styluspub. com/books/AuthorDetail. aspx? id=19060) is a registered investment adviser in the state of California and a trained financial planner with a strong background in counseling.

The Prudent Professor (http://stylus. styluspub. com/books/BookDetail. aspx? productID=239960)
Planning and Saving for a Worry-Free Retirement from Academe
Edwin M. Bridges & Brian D. Bridges
November 2010
352 pp, 6” x 9”
Paperback, $24.95, 978 1 57922 468 4


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Log Cabins: Getting More From Your Garden With Dunster House

Log Cabins: Getting More From Your Garden With Dunster House

Get more from your garden by taking advantage of the space available and utilising it more effectively. Suggestions for making a garden more practical, enjoyable and attractive include: log cabins, garden offices, climbing frames and deck kits. The UK company, Dunster House, offers a wide range of these self assembly garden products at affordable prices.

(PRWEB) September 2, 2005

When we think of gardening, we tend to think of all the hassles of mowing the lawn, weeding, and watering the plants, but a garden is much more than that. Gardens should be viewed as a centre of relaxation and enjoyment for you and your friends and family. Maximise the potential of a garden by utilising the space, and taking advantage of the possibilities. A garden has many uses, both practical and leisure.

The company, Dunster House (http://www. dunsterhouse. co. uk), has come up with some ideas on how you can use your garden more effectively:

Log Cabins (http://www. dhleisureandgarden. com/acatalog/Log-Cabins. html) With house prices constantly rising, a garden office (http://www. dhleisureandgarden. com/acatalog/Garden-Offices. html) or log cabin (http://www. dhleisureandgarden. com/acatalog/Log-Cabins. html) would solve any issues of space for much cheaper than moving or the cost of an extension. Log cabins (http://www. dhleisureandgarden. com/acatalog/Log-Cabins. html) can have many functions, such as: storage, gym, games room, or somewhere to relax.

Garden Offices (http://www. dhleisureandgarden. com/acatalog/Garden-Offices. html) A garden office (http://www. dhleisureandgarden. com/acatalog/Garden-Offices. html) offers the comfort and flexibility of working at home, but still allows you to separate business from pleasure. An office right on your doorstep is convenient. Situated away from the rest of the home you are easily able to escape from the office, and whilst at work you are free from any distractions in the house.

Climbing Frames (http://www. dhleisureandgarden. com/acatalog/climbingframes. html) There are growing concerns about children's health, and a need to encourage them to be more active. Playing outdoors can help them to develop and improve their health and fitness. Make exercise fun by creating an exciting adventure playground in your garden with a climbing frame (http://www. dhleisureandgarden. com/acatalog/climbingframes. html). Keep children safe and free from boredom.

Deck Kits (http://www. dhleisureandgarden. com/acatalog/Decking-Systems. html) Building a patio area in the garden creates a surface for barbecues, entertaining guests, or a place to relax comfortably. Decking (http://www. dhleisureandgarden. com/acatalog/Decking-Systems. html) is a quick and easy way to build an attractive patio.

There are many companies in the UK specialising in garden products, one of which is Dunster House (http://www. dhleisureandgarden. com) (www. dhleisureandgarden. com). They supply a range of easy to assemble items for the garden, all at competitive prices. Items vary to suit you, your garden, and your budget.

Dunster House

Caxton Road




MK41 0EB

Tel: 01234 272445

Fax: 01234 272588

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Inc. Magazine Unveils Exclusive List of America's Fastest-Growing Private Companies--the Inc. 5000

Inc. Magazine Unveils Exclusive List of America's Fastest-Growing Private Companies--the Inc. 5000

QUEBIT CONSULTING LLC Ranks No. 1170 on the 2009 Inc. 5000 with Three-Year Sales Growth of 272%

Scarsdale, N. Y. (PRWEB) August 18, 2009

Inc. magazine today ranked QueBIT Consulting LLC NO. 1,170 on its third annual Inc. 5000, an exclusive ranking of the nation's fastest-growing private companies. The list represents the most comprehensive look at the most important segment of the economy--America's independent-minded entrepreneurs. Consumer electronics maker Vizio, Internet giant GoDaddy, rental car service Zipcar, and beverage maker Honest Tea are among the prominent brands featured on this year's list.

"Savvy trend spotters and those who invest in private companies know that the Inc. 5000 is the best place to find out about young companies that are achieving success through a wide variety of unprecedented business models, as well as older private companies that are still expanding at an impressive rate," said Inc. 5000 project manager Jim Melloan. "That's why our list is so eagerly anticipated every year."

QueBIT specializes in providing IBM Cognos Performance Management and Business Intelligence solutions throughout North America. Committed to Best Practice Performance Management, QueBIT understands the challenges facing businesses today. QueBIT helps companies solve their business problems and achieve their performance goals. As an Award winning IBM/Cognos Partner with expertise across the entire IBM Cognos product line, QueBIT empowers companies to make intelligent decisions faster.

Catherine Jirak, QueBIT's COO reflects, "Innovation and change has been the catalyst for QueBIT's success. We are proud to have made the list for the third straight year, while improving our rank each year. Adaptability and readiness for change has never been more important than it is right now. QueBIT is positioned to be a leader in bringing cutting edge Performance Management solutions that will drive the next generation of top performing companies."

The 2009 Inc. 5000, unveiled today on Inc. com, serves as a unique report card on the U. S. economy. Despite the ongoing recession, aggregate revenue among the companies on the list actually increased to $214 billion, up $29 billion from last year, with a median three-year growth rate of 126 percent. The Inc. 5000 are responsible for creating more than 1 million jobs since their founding; making the list perhaps the best example of the impact private, fast-growing companies can have on the economy. Complete results of the Inc. 5000, including company profiles and an interactive database that can be sorted by industry, region, and other criteria, can be found on Inc. com.

This year's list also offers a preview of which industries are poised for growth in coming years. With an average growth rate of 667 percent, Insurance ranked as the top industry overall. Government Services was the top industry gainer with 252 companies on this year's list, up from 135 last year. Health is the top industry by both total revenue ($22.7 billion) and total employment (156,223 jobs).

The Hottest Regions for Fast-Growing Companies
Once again, California tops the Inc. 5000 with the most companies of any state with 612. The Golden State is followed by Texas (393), New York (316), Florida (263), and Virginia (261). All 50 states, plus Washington, D. C., and Puerto Rico, are represented on this year's list.

New York boasts 371 Inc. 5000 companies, making it the top metropolitan area, followed by Washington, D. C. (317), Los Angeles (253), Atlanta (209), and Chicago (203).

The Inc. 5000 at a Glance
Bolstered by this year's No. 1 company, Northern Capital Insurance, Insurance emerged as the top industry, with an average growth rate of 667 percent. Other strong performers include Energy (523 percent) and Government Services (491 percent).

In total, the companies on the Inc. 5000 have created more than 1 million jobs. Health is the top employer with 156,223 jobs, followed by Business Products & Services (122,911), IT Services (89,632), Food & Beverage (86,572), and Construction (65,494).

IT Services had the most companies on this year's list with 658, followed by Business Products & Services (502), Advertising & Marketing (398), Construction (354), and Manufacturing (342).

Topping this year's list is Northern Capital Insurance, a Miami-based firm that is helping to revolutionize Florida's ailing insurance industry. The company generated $95 million in revenue in 2008 and an impressive three-year growth rate of 19,812 percent.

The top woman-owned company is P3S (No. 17 overall), a San Antonio-based firm that provides IT network security and physical security services, mostly to the Defense Department. P3S, owned by Mary Ellen Trevino, recorded revenue of $13.5 million in 2008 and a three-year growth rate of 5,898 percent. The top minority-owned company is Harley Stanfield (No. 3 overall), a Washington, D. C.-based real estate investment firm that buys existing properties, makes them energy efficient, and then resells them as investment properties. Harley Stanfield, founded by Cedric Franklin, posted revenue of $38.4 million in 2008 and a three-year growth rate of 13,350 percent.

The Inc. 5000 posted an aggregate revenue of $214 billion in 2008, up nearly 16 percent from the previous year. The top five industries by total revenue include Health ($22.7 billion), Business Products & Services ($19.6 billion), Construction ($18.8 billion), Energy ($14.7 billion), and IT Services ($13.2 billion).

The Inc. 5000 is ranked according to percentage revenue growth from 2005 through 2008. To qualify, companies must have been founded and generating revenue by the first week of 2005, and therefore able to show four full calendar years of sales. Additionally, they have to be U. S.-based, privately held, for profit, and independent -- not subsidiaries or divisions of other companies -- as of December 31, 2008. Revenue in 2005 must have been at least $200,000, and revenue in 2008 must have been at least $2 million. The top 10 percent of companies on the list comprise the Inc. 500, now in its 28th year.

About Inc. Magazine
Founded in 1979 and acquired in 2005 by Mansueto Ventures LLC, Inc. (www. inc. com]) is the only major business magazine dedicated exclusively to owners and managers of growing private companies that delivers real solutions for today's innovative company builders. With a total paid circulation of 712,961, Inc. provides hands-on tools and market-tested strategies for managing people, finances, sales, marketing, and technology. Visit us online at Inc. com.

Specializing in providing Unified Performance Management (http://www. quebit. com/performance_management. asp) solutions throughout North America, QueBIT empowers companies to make intelligent decisions faster. To find out more information on how QueBIT can work with your organization to achieve results, please contact us at 1 800-QUEBIT1, or visit our website: www. quebit. com].


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Dr Charles Strauman Helps Patients To Cut Strokes Off Golf Game And Save Their Back

Dr Charles Strauman Helps Patients To Cut Strokes Off Golf Game And Save Their Back

Dr. Charles Strauman of Strauman Holistic Chiropractic helps golfers improve their golf game this summer. Learn how to maintain a healthy back while having fun on the course.

Minneapolis, MN (PRWEB) May 8, 2006

Dr. Charles Strauman of Strauman Holistic Chiropractic is helping golf lovers to stay on the green longer. "All too often I see golfers end up taking pain killers or having to stop playing all together, just because of back pain from golf. Recently chiropractic treatment has really caught on as an excellent way to alleviate those on-the-green pains," says Dr. Strauman.

"The problems occur from all those repetitive golf swings. Since chiropractic is the science of the spine, we are in a good position to help golfers understand the correct way to take care of their bodies while still enjoying lots of golf," says Dr. Strauman.

Professional golfers are well aware of the benefits that chiropractic care can provide. A recent study reported that up to 85 percent of injuries on the PGA Tour and Senior Tour relate to the spine. Between 70 to 75 percent of these golfers receive chiropractic care regularly. Amateur golfers can especially benefit from chiropractic care. There is approximately 25 to 30 million amateur golfers in America. Dr. Strauman says, "It's my goal to educate golfers that chiropractic can really benefit them and keep them playing pain free."

Dr. Strauman says, "Not only can chiropractors most effectively treat acute and chronic back injuries caused by golf, but can also help them prevent injuries. Some important things they should be doing are stretching before and after golfing, keeping hydrated, shortening your back swing, and using correct posture and stance."

Dr. Strauman invites any golfer who is interested in improving their game and saving their back to schedule a complimentary office visit. "This way they can see how chiropractic might enhance their golf game." The office of Dr. Charles Strauman, D. C. is located at 2900 Thomas Avenue South, suite 330, Minneapolis, MN 55416. He can be reached at 612-928-7894 or through his website at www. holistic-health-care. com.


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Life’sDHA™ Featured in New Francesco Rinaldi ToBe Healthy Pasta Sauces

Life’sDHA™ Featured in New Francesco Rinaldi ToBe Healthy Pasta Sauces

DHA omega-3 innovator Martek Biosciences Corporation (NASDAQ: MATK) announced today that it's flagship product, life'sDHA™, is featured in the new ToBe Healthy pasta sauces from Francesco Rinaldi. This is the first pasta sauce with life’sDHA available to U. S. consumers.

Columbia, MD (Vocus) March 2, 2010

DHA omega-3 innovator Martek Biosciences Corporation (NASDAQ: MATK) announced today that it's flagship product, life'sDHA (http://www. lifesdha. com/)™, is featured in the new ToBe Healthy pasta sauces from Francesco Rinaldi. This is the first pasta sauce with life’sDHA available to U. S. consumers.

Featuring four varieties– Tomato & Basil, Garden Vegetable, Garlic & Onion, and Spicy Marinara -- Francesco Rinaldi ToBe Healthy pasta sauces have earned certification from the American Heart Association, as well as the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval. Francesco Rinaldi ToBe Healthy pasta sauces will be supported by a national marketing campaign including print, interactive and broadcast advertising, and will begin appearing on store shelves in February.

“We are pleased to see the launch of the first pasta sauce with life’sDHA from Francesco Rinaldi, a recognized brand for more than 30 years,” said Joe Buron, vice president of sales and marketing for Martek. “The Francesco Rinaldi ToBe Healthy launch illustrates yet another family-friendly product category that successfully incorporates life’sDHA, a trusted, vegetarian source of DHA for brain, eye and heart health benefits.”

“This new line represents our company’s commitment to producing food products that contribute to better eating and healthier living,” said Edward Salzano, COO/Executive Vice President, LiDestri Foods.

DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) omega-3 is a long-chain omega-3 fatty acid that serves as a primary building block for the brain and the eyes and supports brain, eye and cardiovascular health throughout life. There is a large and growing body of scientific evidence demonstrating that people of all ages, from infants to aging adults, benefit from an adequate supply of DHA omega-3 in the diet. Scientific reviews highlight the importance of DHA omega-3 in proper brain and eye development and function. Yet despite its importance, Americans have among the lowest dietary intakes of DHA omega-3 in the world.

Fish are often incorrectly thought to be the only source of DHA omega-3. However, life'sDHA offers a trusted, vegetarian form of algal DHA that contains no oceanic pollutants and toxins. Fish are an abundant source of DHA because of the DHA-rich microalgae in their food chain; life'sDHA is derived from microalgae and produced in an FDA-inspected facility, from start to finish, using a sustainable source that does not deplete ocean resources. life'sDHA is found in numerous foods, beverages and supplements for people of all ages. It is also the only source of DHA used in U. S. infant formula and is available in more than 95 percent of the formulas on the U. S. market.

LiDestri Foods is the premier manufacturer of sauces, dips, and salsas in the nation, with manufacturing locations on both the east and west coasts. The company has been in existence for more than 35 years. LiDestri Foods, and its proprietary label, Francesco Rinaldi, are a multi-million-dollar manufacturing and packaging business. To learn more about Francesco Rinaldi ToBe Healthy pasta sauces with Omega 3, visit www. FrancescoRinaldi. com.

Martek Biosciences Corporation (NASDAQ: MATK) is a leader in the innovation and development of DHA omega-3 products that promote health and wellness through every stage of life. The company produces life'sDHA, a sustainable and vegetarian source of algal DHA omega-3, for use in foods, beverages, infant formula, and supplements, and life'sARA™ (arachidonic acid), an omega-6 fatty acid, for use in infant formula and growing-up milks. For more information on Martek Biosciences, visit http://www. martek. com/ (http://www. martek. com/). For a complete list of life'sDHA or life’sARA products, visit http://www. lifesdha. com/ (http://www. lifesdha. com/).

Sections of this release contain forward-looking statements. These statements are based upon numerous assumptions which Martek cannot control and involve risks and uncertainties that could cause actual results to differ. These statements should be understood in light of the risk factors set forth in the company's filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission, including, but not limited to, the company's Form 10-K for the fiscal year ended October 31, 2009 and other filed reports on Form 10-K, Form 10-K/A, Form 10-Q and Form 8-K.

Cassie France-Kelly
Public Relations, Martek
(443) 542-2116


Seattle Liposuction Doctor Urges Choosing Safety Over Savings

Seattle Liposuction Doctor Urges Choosing Safety Over Savings

The economic downturn is prompting a rash of bargain and discount cosmetic surgery offers, but Seattle liposuction surgeon Dr. Braden Stridde warns against choosing surgeons based on financial considerations alone. He explains that safe procedures require surgeons with training, experience, and technologically advanced solutions like Smartlipo™ MPX.

Seattle, WA (PRWEB) December 19, 2008

The unsteady economy has some people looking to scale down their Seattle cosmetic surgery plans and save money through the "bargain" liposuction procedures that many physicians are now offering. However, board-certified plastic surgeons, like Dr. Braden Stridde of Seattle's Puget Sound Plastic Surgery (www. psplasticsurgery. com), warn that low-cost liposuction procedures may carry significant risks, and that patients must make safety their top priority, even for small-scale procedures.

"Patients need to be aware of the danger of focusing solely on financial cost at the expense of safety," Dr. Stridde says. "I have seen an increasing number of patients who want corrections for procedures that led to unsatisfying results because they had this misconception that in Seattle, 'liposuction is liposuction.' Too many people are finding out the hard way that a surgeon's qualifications and techniques really matter."

Dr. Stridde says that liposuction candidates should focus first and foremost on the quality of the surgeon and the surgical environment. "Start out looking for two things," he says, "first, certification by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Claiming certification in 'Cosmetic Surgery' is not the same as being certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Second, patients should make sure that the doctor is utilizing the most up-to-date techniques."

Certification from the American Board of Plastic Surgery is a deciding factor for most patients because it requires thorough training and more extensive surgical experience than surgeons who are not specifically certified by this prestigious certifying board. However, board certification alone is not a guarantee of good results. The surgeons experience with the latest proven technologies is a good indicator of their commitment to excellent outcomes.

Contemporary liposuction procedures are now performed using a sometimes confusing array of surgical technologies. Older techniques such as tumescent liposuction and power-assisted liposuction (PAL) have made it easier to perform the procedure and provided satisfactory outcomes. More advanced technologies like Vaser® LipoSelection, the latest generation of ultrasonic liposuction, have produced improved results for many patients. The newest generation of laser liposuction, the Smartlipo™ MPX system, sets a new standard for quality in liposuction results for a greater variety of patients.

Smartlipo MPX combines two carefully selected wavelengths of laser energy that selectively destroy fat cells, minimize bleeding, and allow for significantly improved skin tightening for Seattle liposuction patients. The skin tightening benefits are producing noticeably enhance results for patients who previously would not have been good candidates for traditional liposuction.

"With the MPX system," Dr. Stridde explains, "the dual laser technology and ultrafine laser probe allow us to perform a level of precision liposculpture that didn't exist with earlier techniques. The precision of the Smartlipo MPX system makes it safer, and results in more consistent and predictable results than we see with non-laser approaches."

For both patients and surgeons, Dr. Stridde explains, "the bottom line is safety and results. Patients turn to discount options because they hope they will get more for their money, but discount plastic surgery is usually not a bargain. In reality they should be looking at other factors, like a surgeon's experience and use of newer, more precise technologies."

Dr. Stridde says that plastic surgery practices in Seattle where experienced surgeons are using advanced technologies, overall costs sometimes can be lower as the need for secondary procedures is minimized. "More importantly, though, these procedures facilitate the real goal of liposuction: beautiful body contouring results. In the end, less expensive procedures may lead to unsatisfying results. I encourage anyone interested in a body contouring procedure to do their homework and visit with several surgeons so they can decide who provides the best overall value for their unique goals and long-term health needs."

At Puget Sound Plastic Surgery (www. psplasticsurgery. com), Braden Stridde, MD performs a wide range of today's most current and advanced cosmetic and reconstructive surgical procedures. Dr. Stridde is founder and Medical Director of the practice, which has been helping Seattle women and men look their best since 1993. He received his MD from Northwestern University in Chicago, and continued his surgical training at multiple prestigious institutions from San Francisco to Scotland and from Dartmouth Medical School to the University of Washington. Dr. Braden Stridde is board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.


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New Cultural Diet Website and Podcast Shows for African Americans

New Cultural Diet Website and Podcast Shows for African Americans

The New Black Cultural Diet Website and Podcast Shows are establishing a new forum to talk, discuss, learn and share information on health, diet, body image, exercise and physical fitness as it relates to African Americans and all who share similar cultural beliefs, patterns, and lifestyles.

Greenville, NC (PRWEB) September 12, 2006

Recognizing the void in the diet, food and health fitness industries for African Americans, the New Black Cultural Diet website (www. newblackculturaldiet) featuring special Podcast Shows has been officially launched to help African Americans learn, share stories, and develop new cultural strategies related to losing weight, maintaining weight loss, exercise, body image, food selections, food preparation and general good health practices. Based upon the overwhelming interest in his new book, "Food Choice and Obesity in Black America: Creating a New Cultural Diet," Medical Anthropologist Eric J. Bailey created this new forum so that African Americans and all who share similar issues can have a place on the internet committed to creating a new healthier lifestyle.

This New Black Cultural Diet website featuring special Podcast Shows is designed around the basic concept of "culture" and its impact on those who are trying to maintain a healthy regimen or trying to lose weight. We realize that the New Black Cultural Diet website and Podcast Shows touches on a number of sensitive issues within the African American community. Indeed, we do understand the breadth of this sensitive cultural topic and that is why we have designed this website and Podcast Shows in a respectful and professional manner. Come and visit the New Black Cultural Diet website (www. newblackculturaldiet. com) and join in the Podcast Shows, video clips, web polls, surveys, cooking and physical fitness tips so that all of us can be participants in changing how we view health, dieting, exercise, overweight, and most importantly creating a new healthier lifestyle.

# # #

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Dentists Alerted to FluorideÂ’s Health Damage in Journal of American Dental Association

Dentists Alerted to FluorideÂ’s Health Damage in Journal of American Dental Association

Dentists Rarely Admit Fluoride's Adverse Effects

New York (PRWEB) February 12, 2005

“The combination of gastric problems, difficulty in swallowing, leg muscle pain, and pain in the knee and hip joints is a key indicator of fluoride toxicity, and patients using high-concentration home fluoride treatments should be monitored for these symptoms,” is reported in the January 2005 Journal of the American Dental Association. (1)

After ruling out other causes, a physician theorized his mouth-cancer patientÂ’s unrelated ailments were caused by his dentist-prescribed high-dose daily fluoride regimen. The dentist contacted the American Dental AssociationÂ’s (ADA) research center which confirmed fluoride toxicity, reports the studyÂ’s authors, F. C. Eichmiller, DDS, Director, American Dental Association FoundationÂ’s Paffenbarger Research Center and colleagues.

“The patient visited his physician with complaints of gastric distress, dysphagia, difficulty in swallowing when eating or drinking, soreness of the leg muscles and knee joints, and general malaise,” Eichmiller and colleagues write.

Tests by the physician showed thickening of the esophagus walls and other irregularities of this muscular tube that carries food from the mouth to the stomach. “Many of these symptoms might have been considered normal sequelae of the head-and-neck cancer treatment if not for the latent onset of joint and muscle pains,” they report.

EichmillerÂ’s team monitored the patientÂ’s urinary fluoride levels while fluoride treatments were lowered until his symptoms disappeared. When fluoride treatments were stopped completely and brushing just once a day with fluoridated toothpaste, this patientÂ’s symptoms disappeared without any increase in tooth decay, the researchers report.

Eichmiller’s team advises dentists that “When prescribing fluoride for compromised patients, clinicians should keep in mind both the dosage and method of administration. Lack of saliva could lead to less dilution of the gel or dentifrice, less ability to expectorate efficiently, longer retention in the mouth and a greater proportion of ingested material. Patients also may apply too much fluoride or use it too often in an effort to prevent the development of caries. In addition, the symptoms of fluoride toxicity can be fairly subtle and easily masked by other local and systemic problems in these patients,” they write.

Clinicians who prescribe these high-concentration fluoride products even to non-cancer patients “must closely monitor the patient’s compliance with the treatment regimen, minimize the dosage by using well-fitting custom trays and small quantities of gel or dentifrice, instruct patients to expectorate as much fluoride as possible and advise them to promptly report any gastric problems or joint and muscle pain,” the researchers write.

Recently a womanÂ’s bone pain and stiffness was diagnosed as fluoride toxicity from drinking two gallons daily of instant tea.(2) Tea is naturally fluoridated.

The cancer patient in this article was prescribed a 2% fluoride treatment (possibly containing 12,300 ppm fluoride) He was instructed to put 1 milliliter to 2mL of the gel into each of two custom-made trays, apply for three minutes, then expectorate the excess and to avoid rinsing or drinking for 30 minutes after removal of trays. However, the patient did it twice a day for four months before he was diagnosed with fluoride toxicity.

Fluoridated toothpaste contains 1,000 ppm and artificially fluoridated water has approximately 1 ppm.

Painful and sometimes crippling skeletal fluorosis is common in countries where water and/or food supplies contain naturally high levels of fluoride such as in Nalgonda, India.(3a, 3b)

“Since so many dentists and physicians still need to be taught fluoride’s side effects, we wonder how many arthritic patients really are manifesting fluoride toxicity,” says Paul Beeber, President, New York State Coalition Opposed to Fluoridation. “Drinking fluoridated water will exacerbate their disease since fluoride accumulates in the bones even at the low levels injected into our water supplies.”


(1) Journal of the American Dental Association, “Controlling the fluoride dosage in a patient with compromised salivary function,” Frederick C. Eichmiller, D. D.S.; Naomi Eidelman, Ph. D.; Clifton M. Carey, PhD., Vol. 136, page 67 -70, January 2005 Frederick. Eichmiller@nist. gov

(2)  “Potentially Harmful Fluoride Levels Found In Some Instant Teas,” 2/9/05 Science Daily http://www. sciencedaily. com/releases/2005/02/050205124905.htm (http://www. sciencedaily. com/releases/2005/02/050205124905.htm)

(3a) http://www. nalgonda. org/flourosis. php (http://www. nalgonda. org/flourosis. php)
(3b) “Indian villagers crippled by fluoride,” April 2003, BBC article: http://www. nalgonda. org/BBC. htm (http://www. nalgonda. org/BBC. htm)

Reported by the New York State Coalition Opposed to Fluoridation


Paul S. Beeber, President and General Counsel

New York State Coalition Opposed to Fluoridation, Inc

PO Box 263

Old Bethpage, NY 11803

Nyscof@aol. com

Http://www. orgsites. com/ny/nyscof (http://www. orgsites. com/ny/nyscof)
Http://www. fluoridealert. org (http://www. fluoridealert. org)

Previous News Releases:

Http://groups-beta. google. com/group/Fluoridation-News-Releases (http://groups-beta. google. com/group/Fluoridation-News-Releases)


Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Cure Wrinkles with New Chili Pepper Based Wrinkle Cream

Cure Wrinkles with New Chili Pepper Based Wrinkle Cream

Do you like your food hot? The same ingredient that puts the burn in hot sauces is now a ground-breaking wrinkle remedy. The magic ingredient is capsaicin, and Blair Lazar, the maker of the line of scorching hot Blair's Death Sauces, swears by it. He's developed a new skin cream called Biocap that does miracles for skin tone--even more so than Botox, reports The New York Post.

Highlands, NJ (PRWEB) November 26, 2007

Do you like your food hot? The same ingredient that puts the burn in hot sauces is now a ground-breaking wrinkle remedy. The magic ingredient is capsaicin, and Blair Lazar, the maker of the line of scorching hot Blair's Death Sauces, swears by it. He's developed a new skin cream called Biocap that does miracles for skin tone--even more so than Botox, reports The New York Post.

Blairlab has discovered that Capsaicin, a colorless, odorless, and flavorless phytochemical that puts the "hot" in hot peppers, also gets rid of wrinkles (http://www. blairlab. com). Capsaicin is a vasodilator that naturally increases blood flow to the skin. Blair recently created a facial cream that is as gentle on the skin as it is powerful. It magically erases crows' feet and laugh lines. Biocap users report a marked improvement in wrinkle depth, length and volume, while skin roughness virtually disappears.

Biocap (http://www. blairlab. com) gives women a smoother, younger complexion, fewer wrinkles, and fast results without expensive and painful peels, implants or injections. It gives you a youthful, healthy, glowing complexion faster than Retinol, far superior to vitamin C, and without irritation, needles, or surgery. Biocap can be used twice a day, yielding continual results, unlike injections, facial peels, and micro-dermabrasion, which can hurt skin and wear off after time.

Stylephiles and A-listers are buzzing about Biocap. This over-the-counter cream, which is non-invasive and gentle on skin, has become a sure-fire bet for glowing, radiant skin. Rich in antioxidants, which reduce the harmful effects of free radicals and protect skin from additional damage, Biocap immediately lessens the depth of wrinkles and revives tired, worn-out skin. Dermatologist to the stars, Dr. Laurie Polis of SoHo Skin & Laser Dermatology said "I absolutely did see improvement in the tone, texture and clarity of the skin. There was improved hydration and a decrease in wrinkling." Clinical test show that BioCap stimulates the production of fibrillin, a protein associated with the creation of collagen and elastin. It visibly reduces wrinkles. Biocap is available at fine stores and at http://www. blairlab. com (http://www. blairlab. com)

About Blairlab
Blairlab created Biocap to address individual skin types and needs. The Biocap product line, which also includes Biocap XS, an extra-strength formula, is based on years of research and related expertise of leading dermatologists. A-list socialites and Hollywood celebs have created a cult-like following around Biocap for its wrinkle-reducing properties. For more info, visit http://www. blairlab. com (http://www. blairlab. com). For media inquiries and samples, contact Blair Lazar, toll-free 1-800-98-BLAIR or biocapcream @ gmail. com.


Cancer, Folk Medicine, and Herbs: an Interview with Dr. John Heinerman

Cancer, Folk Medicine, and Herbs: an Interview with Dr. John Heinerman

(CancerWire September 2005) Cancer, folk medicine, and herbs were the subjects of Dr. John HeinermanÂ’s recent conversation with CancerWire.

Raleigh, NC (PRWEB) September 22, 2005

(CancerWire September 2005) Cancer, folk medicine, and herbs were the subjects of Dr. John HeinermanÂ’s recent conversation with CancerWire. John Heinerman, Ph. D., is a Medical Anthropologist and Director of the Anthropological Research Center in Salt Lake City.

CancerWire) Doctor Heinerman, how many books have you written about health, folk medicine, food therapy, and general nutrition?

JH) I have written 58 books which have been translated into 17 foreign languages as a result of my visits and studies in 33 countries.

CancerWire) When did you first become interested in cancer?

JH) In 1979. I have been looking at this for over 25 years.

CancerWire) Can herbs and other plants help to heal cancer?

JH) I am not a doctor. I am not licensed or qualified to practice medicine. But as a medical anthropologist I can share with people my observations and knowledge about what I have seen be efficacious in treating cancer around the world. My answer is yes, there are many plants that are effective in healing cancer including: Red Clover Trifolium pretense, Chaparral Larrea divaricata, Alfalfa, Garlic, and Dandelion root. I put Red Clover at the top of the list because it is one of the worldÂ’s oldest and most common natural cancer remedies. Chaparral is important because it contains a great deal of NDGA (nordihydroguaiaretic acid). Alfalfa is a ready source of chlorophyll and minerals. Garlic has high amounts of sulfur which is very important. And Dandelion root is also helpful because it detoxifies the liver and the liver is a focal point for addressing any type of cancer.

CancerWire) If you had cancer this is what you would take?

JH) I would do more than that. From my travels and research I have concluded that there are three steps to healing from a disease like cancer. The first is changing thoughts and feelings. The second is detoxification. And the third is rebuilding. The use of herbs and plants only come into steps two and three.

To read the rest of the interview go to http://www. cancermonthly. com (http://www. cancermonthly. com)


• Dr. HeinermanÂ’s quality of life program and books for cancer patients are available by contacting:

Dr. John Heinerman

P. O. Box 11471 Salt lake City UT 84147

Tel. 801-521-8824 / 801-520-5577

• Cancer Treatment Results http://www. cancermonthly. com (http://www. cancermonthly. com)
• To subscribe to CancerWire http://www. cancermonthly. com/cancerwire. asp (http://www. cancermonthly. com/cancerwire. asp)
• For more information about immune boosting products in cancer http://www. cancermonthly. com/immune. asp (http://www. cancermonthly. com/immune. asp)
• For more information about clinics that treat cancer http://www. cancermonthly. com/clinics. asp (http://www. cancermonthly. com/clinics. asp)
• For more information about financial support for cancer patients http://www. cancermonthly. com/financial. asp (http://www. cancermonthly. com/financial. asp)
• For more information about important tests before you start chemotherapy http://www. cancermonthly. com/chemotherapy. asp (http://www. cancermonthly. com/chemotherapy. asp)
• For more information about legal options for mesothelioma patients http://www. gpwlaw. com/cm/ (http://www. gpwlaw. com/cm/)

Of course, none of this information in CancerWire is a substitute for professional medical advice, examination, diagnosis or treatment and you should always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health professional before starting any new treatment or making any changes to an existing treatment. No information contained in Cancer Monthly or CancerWire including the information above, should be used to diagnose, treat cure or prevent any disease without the supervision of a medical doctor.


Crush It! Event Positions Mobile Marketing Giant iZigg as a Household Name

Crush It! Event Positions Mobile Marketing Giant iZigg as a Household Name

As renowned speakers, businesses and media gurus gathered for a weekend of mobile marketing fun, iZigg cements its status as the Dotcom of the text message advertising industry. iZigg’s innovative platform and acquisition of short code 90210 means that mobile advertising is not limited to Fortune 500 marketing budgets. Small-to-midsized businesses can easily and economically launch full-scale mobile marketing campaigns through iZigg.

Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) August 20, 2010

iZigg, the mobile marketing powerhouse which owns exclusive rights to the ubiquitous text code 90210, recently celebrated the Dallas launch of Crush It!, a weekend event where celebrity speakers who are passionate about iZigg, mobile media giants and top business leaders discovered how to harness the direct marketing power of text message advertising.

The three-day event included cutting-edge interactive contests, free giveaways and an interactive multimedia event which demonstrated just how mobile marketing is set to take the advertising world by storm. Speaker highlights included iZigg leaders and mobile promotion gurus Jason Borne, Dr. Scott Elliott and co-CEO’s Brian Underwood and David Liniado. Guests were also treated to world-renowned speakers Ron Heagy, Joseph McClendon III and Jairek Robbins - son of Tony Robbins and renowned expert in peak performance strategies.

McClendon III – an iZigg agent who has spoken to 2.5 million people worldwide as an in-demand performance strategist and regularly writes for Oprah Magazine and Success from Home Magazine -- brought the standing room only audience to the edges of their seats with his dynamic performance of what it takes to go “Further Faster”. Ron Heagy’s inspiring life experiences with the power of “Life is an Attitude” moved the audience to tears. Finally, Jairek Robbins captivated his listeners by revealing key secrets to personal and professional success, which included powerful points on lasting results in life and business.

“The room was absolutely buzzing with energy after our surprise speakers took to the stage,” says co-CEO and founder Underwood. “It really made people excited to get creative and shake up their traditional marketing strategies with text message advertising.”

Several of the attendees enthusiastically agreed with Underwood’s statement. “It moved me to recognize my potential” said Lucy A. Puniwai. “I haven’t felt like this about anything in a very long time!” Dan Garner added: “My level of trust in the iZigg leadership team is through the roof!”

Founded in 2010, iZigg has led the way in mobile marketing innovations. Commonly referred to as the “dotcom” of the text message advertising industry, iZigg’s recent acquisition of the most recognizable short code in the world – 90210 – means that over 30 million small-to-midsized businesses can launch a full-scale mobile promotion campaign for a fraction of Fortune 500 marketing budgets. With recent studies showing that 97% of all SMS messages are opened and read by recipients, iZigg’s clients are ensuring that they can successfully leverage their smaller marketing budgets to reap phenomenal success.

“The success of our Crush It! event only illustrates how powerful mobile marketing will become in 2010 and beyond,” says Underwood. “As a leader in the text message advertising industry, iZigg will ensure that our clients are the first to capitalize on this emerging marketing channel.”

The next iZigg Crush It! event will be held in San Diego from September 17-19 2010.

About iZigg:

iZigg is poised to revolutionize the way over thirty million small businesses as well as groups of any size stay connected and communicate with their customers and members. As fast as technology is changing, businesses need a partner to help them navigate and harness the power of new mobile technologies. iZigg offers a proprietary new approach in both acquiring and retaining customers in the rapidly emerging multi-billion dollar mobile media industry. Through the acquisition of TEXT90210, iZigg is developing and launching the largest mobile marketing company in the U. S. and beyond. iZigg also provides exclusive 90210 iChannels to provide mobile news and updates instantly in the areas of celeb, diet, finance, green, health, glam and more. Give it a try, text “Health” to 90210!


Renaissance Boston Waterfront Hotel Offers Romantic Boston Institute of Contemporary Art Package

Renaissance Boston Waterfront Hotel Offers Romantic Boston Institute of Contemporary Art Package

Renaissance Boston Waterfront Hotel introduces a romantic “Artist’s Retreat” package with overnight accommodations, tickets to the Boston Institute of Contemporary Art, dining credit and more.

Boston, MA (PRWEB) March 31, 2010

The Renaissance Boston Waterfront Hotel, the official hotel of the Boston Institute of Contemporary Art, is offering twosomes a new romantic art-inspired getaway package for a winter escape. Couples will be able to reflect and discover at the Boston Institute of Contemporary Art before enjoying dinner for two at 606 Congress restaurant. The “Artist’s Retreat” package from this Boston hotel includes:
 Deluxe overnight accommodations near the aquarium and Boston museums  Two tickets to the Boston Institute of Contemporary Art  $50 food certificate provided at check-in for use at 606 Congress or in-room dining (tax and gratuity not included)  Complimentary use of health club and lap pool  Late check out of 2 p. m., when available

Current exhibits at the Boston Institute of Contemporary Art include:

 Roni Horn aka Roni Horn, by Roni Horn http://www. icaboston. org/exhibitions/exhibit/horn/ (http://www. icaboston. org/exhibitions/exhibit/horn/)  OUT OF HERE: The Veterans Project, by Krzysztof Wodiczko http://www. icaboston. org/exhibitions/exhibit/wodiczko/ (http://www. icaboston. org/exhibitions/exhibit/wodiczko/)  Momentum 15, by R. H. Quaytman http://www. icaboston. org/exhibitions/exhibit/quaytman/ (http://www. icaboston. org/exhibitions/exhibit/quaytman/)

Rates start at $189 per night and this Boston Institute of Contemporary Art hotel package is available for Friday and Saturday stays only from 3/5 – 12/30/2010. Reservations can be made online by entering promotional code CUE, or by calling 1-800-HOTELS1 and asking for the “Artist’s Retreat” package. This romantic Boston hotel package is based on availability and is not applicable to groups. Taxes and gratuities are not included. Reservations must be made 72 hours in advance.

The Renaissance Boston Waterfront Hotel features 471 guestrooms and 21 suites, a sleek, marine-inspired interior design, as well as full health club facilities and a sparkling lap pool. The hotel is within walking distance to many major attractions, including the Institute of Contemporary Art, New England Aquarium, Harpoon Brewery, Boston Design Center, Boston’s Children Museum and more. It is conveniently located near downtown Boston and Logan International Airport. Executive chef Gregory Griffie, together with the creative direction of acclaimed chef and restaurateur Michael Schlow, helms 606 Congress, which features modern, American food with regional influences.

The Renaissance Boston Waterfront Hotel, a Boston Institute of Contemporary Art hotel, has over 30 environmentally friendly initiatives in place, ranging from main-switches controlling power in all guest rooms to a complete hotel recycling/composting program and fifth floor green roof.

For information and reservations at this hotel near Boston Institute of Contemporary Art, please call 1-800-hotels1, or 617.338.4111 or visit www. RenaissanceBoston. com.


Monday, August 22, 2005

Leading Panamanian Historic District Developer Tightens Cost Control with e-Builder Project Management Software

Leading Panamanian Historic District Developer Tightens Cost Control with e-Builder Project Management Software

Tightly integrated system allows Conservatorio SA to improve fund management, provide visibility to investors and ensure budgets and schedules are met.

Ft. Lauderdale, FL (PRWEB) August 13, 2009

August 13th, 2009 - e-Builder, the leading provider of integrated capital program and project management software, today announced that Conservatorio SA, a leading Panamanian developer revitalizing Panama's historic Casco Antiguo district, has selected e-Builder to streamline project management processes, tighten cost controls, and provide visibility to its lenders and investors to ensure that development funds are maximized.

Conservatorio SA is a real estate development company acting as a master developer. The firm is dedicated to the revitalization of Panama City's old quarter, Casco Antiguo, but in keeping with their holistic development approach, the firm also develops affordable housing.

Conservatorio is leveraging e-Builder's web-based project management software to automate business processes, centrally store project information, and enable internal cost controls that will enable it to take on a growing portfolio of projects, while providing visibility to investors and lenders into the management of funds. Different stakeholders, including project managers, lawyers, auditors, contractors, and investors, will access the system over the web to enter or retrieve data based on their needs.

For instance, contractors will issue and manage change order requests electronically and ensure that time sensitive responses are made according to specified deadlines. Project managers will gain visibility into potential changes to better anticipate and communicate cash flow requirements to the finance team. Conservatorio executives will have up-to-date budget, approval and anticipated cost information at all times.

About Conservatorio:

Conservatorio SA was founded on a belief that successful urban revitalization stories are about passion, thoughtfulness and entrepreneurship. Our vision is to see Panama City's historic district--a UNESCO World Heritage Site--regain its economic vibrancy and become an important cultural hub for the region while maintaining its character and social diversity. We view Casco Antiguo as an urban eco-system where each property, business and social group has a role in the overall health of the neighborhood. Because of this view, we take a holistic approach to development that we believe will create long-term value for our investors, clients, employees and community. For more information, visit www. conservatoriosa. com

About e-Builder:

E-Builder is the leading provider of fully integrated capital program and project management software for top facility owners and companies that act on their behalf. The company's flagship product, e-Builder Enterprise, improves capital project execution resulting in increased productivity and quality, reduced cost, and faster project delivery. Since 1995, e-Builder's technology leadership and construction industry focus has provided thousands of global companies, government agencies, healthcare and educational institutions managing billions of dollars in capital programs with solutions to improve the plan, build and operate lifecycle. The company is privately held and headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. For more information, visit www. e-Builder. net.


Sergio Aranda
E-Builder, Inc.
Www. e-builder. net


Entrepreneurs Learn the Secrets of “How to Pitch” to Angel and Venture Capital Investors at a Morning Session in Silicon Valley

Entrepreneurs Learn the Secrets of “How to Pitch” to Angel and Venture Capital Investors at a Morning Session in Silicon Valley

FundingPost hosts 30 start-up companies and Venture Capital and Angel Investors for a morning Pitching Workshop session in Silicon Valley

Menlo Park, CA (PRWEB) March 11, 2005

On March 15, 2005, leading Venture Capital and Angel investors are set to speak and coach entrepreneurs at the FundingPost “Silicon Valley Pitching Workshop” event sponsored by the City of Menlo Park, Orrick and TriNet. While most events only allow start-ups to network with investors, this event allows entrepreneurs to pitch their companies to early-stage investors and received helpful feedback from Angels and Venture Capitalists. The FundingPost Event Calendar and registration information are online at: http://www. fundingpost. com/events. asp (http://www. fundingpost. com/events. asp)

After completing four successful events in the same format in New York City and Philadelphia, FundingPost is bringing the “Pitching Workshops” model to Silicon Valley to help local start-ups get the kind of constructive critiques they need to be successful in achieving funding. City of Menlo Park Mayor Mickie Winkler is scheduled to give the morning keynote speech.

After the keynote talks by Mickie Winkler, Mayor of the City of Menlo Park, the panelists will discuss what they look for in a successful entrepreneurial company pitch. Then the thirty companies in attendance will have the opportunity to give their own two minute “elevator pitch.” After the session, FundingPost will provide each start-up company with feedback from the investors. The speakers on the morning panel include:

• David Adams, Managing Director, Rocket Ventures

• Brian Ascher, Senior Principal, Venrock Associates

• Robert C. Marshall, Managing Director, Selby Venture Partners

• Alex Osadzinski, Venture Partner, Trinity Ventures

• Alexander J. Rhea, Founding General Partner, Pyramid Technology Ventures

• Kai Tse, Principal, GKM Ventures

• Bret Wilbur, Regional Sales Consultant, Trinet

• Peter Wolken, Special Limited Partner, Diamondhead Ventures

The eight panelists speaking at the morning and afternoon panels have extensive experience in the angel and venture capital investing arena.

Brian Ascher joined Venrock Associates in 1998 and is now a Senior Principal in Venrock's Menlo Park office. Mr. Asher is a Director of Atrenta, Datallegro, RelayHealth, T3Ci, Unicru, Vocera Communications, and Winery Exchange. Prior to Venrock, Mr. Ascher was Senior Product Manager for Intuit's Quicken. com website. Previous to his work with Intuit, Mr. Ascher worked as a Strategy Consultant at Monitor Company.

David Adams is a managing director of Rocket Ventures, and serves on the Boards of eBoomerang, Financial Interactive, and Rappore Technologies. Previously, Mr. Adams co-founded Greenfield Technology Ventures, a small seed fund and venture catalyst firm focused on enterprise software companies, where he specialized in investing in and providing interim management assistance to seed stage companies.

Robert C. Marshall is a Managing Director at Selby Venture Partners. Drawing on his own time as an entrepreneur, as the co-founder and founder of highly successful companies such as Tandem Computers, Diablo Systems, and InfoGear Technology, and driven by his interest in exciting new technology, Mr. Marshall offers seasoned guidance tempered with deep respect for the challenges young companies face. Mr. Marshall is currently on the board of 3ware, Inc., Bay Microsystems, Inc., Blue Pumpkin Software, Inc., Quicksilver Technology, Inc., Sierra Monitor Corp. and Wytec, Inc.

Alex Osadzinski is a Venture Partner at Trinity Ventures. Mr Osadzinski has over 20 years' experience in computer systems and software sales, marketing, engineering and general management. Mr Osadzinski held a number of management positions at Sun in the US, including VP Markets & Product Strategy. After general management positions at Grass Valley Group (Tektronix) he was VP Sales & Marketing at Be. More recently, he was VP Marketing at Vitria Technology and CEO of Katmango.

Mr. Tse is a Principal of GKM Ventures. Prior to joining GKM, Mr. Tse spent 4 years at Osprey Ventures where his investments included Netbotz, Atrua and Appshop, among others. Previously, Mr. Tse worked in business development and operations at Vcapital. com, a private equity exchange startup, where he was responsible for sourcing and analyzing venture capital investment opportunities and business development opportunities with venture capitalists, service providers and investors.

Alexander J. Rhea is a Founding General Partner of Pyramid Technology Ventures. In late 1999, Mr. Rhea co-founded Pyramid Technology Ventures, a $123 million transatlantic venture capital fund with offices in both San Francisco and Paris. Prior to co-founding PTV, Mr. Rhea was an Investment Director at PartÂ’Com (now Iris Capital), where he distinguished himself by being an early investor in such private companies as Phone. com, Interwave, Signalsoft and Be. From 1991 to 1993, Mr. Rhea served as the President of the US subsidiary of LaborBirkmayer, an Austrian medical group. Mr. Rhea started his first company, AJR Consulting, in 1986.

Peter Wolken joined Diamondhead Ventures in June 2000. Mr. Wolken has been a successful venture capitalist for more than 25 years. Prior to joining Diamondhead Ventures as a Special Limited Partner, Mr. Wolken founded (1982) and was a General Partner at Associated Venture Investors (AVI), which managed $140M across three funds. Prior to AVI, Mr. Wolken was a General Partner at Page Mill Partners, which was an investor in several successful companies, including Software Publishing Corporation, 3Com Corporation, Apple Computer and ASK Computer Systems.

Bret Wilbur has been in the HR Outsourcing business since 1998 in sales, sales management, and marketing roles. At TriNet he is a Regional Sales Consultant focused on providing his expertise to technology and professional services companies in the greater Bay Area. Prior to TriNet, Bret was with Administaff and Adecco. He is also a licensed benefits broker.

“We are delighted to be returning to Silicon Valley. The Pitching Workshops have been successful because both the entrepreneurs and the investors see the value of the exchange,” said Joe Rubin, Director, FundingPost. “The economy for early-stage investing is improving. Our investor panels are excited to see the new dealflow in these early companies, and the entrepreneurs are finding the investors’ tips and responses helpful for improving and refining their pitches.”

For more information about the Silicon Valley Pitching Workshops and other FundingPost events, contact Keith Henry at 203-659-6649 or visit the FundingPost website at http://www. fundingpost. com/events. asp (http://www. fundingpost. com/events. asp)

About Fundingpost:

FundingPost is an entrepreneur and investor network reaching more than 60,000 executives and 6,000 Venture Capital and Angel Investors across the nation each month.

For over four years FundingPost has worked with thousands of Angel and Venture Capital Investors and Entrepreneurs. FundingPost has hosted over 4,000 CEOs and 500 Venture Funds at events in 15 cities nationwide, as well as providing a quarterly Dealflow magazine and a deal-exchange Website that has, on average, seen an introduction of an Investor to an Entrepreneur every business day since its inception. FundingPost’s mission to reach investors and entrepreneurs in every medium possible – both online and offline, and it is experiencing strong growth as the venture capital markets continue to improve worldwide.


Sunday, August 21, 2005

Empowering Women to Take Sexuality into Their Own Hands

Empowering Women to Take Sexuality into Their Own Hands

Erotica meets the ultimate tale of revenge in the humorously voyeuristic novel, "The M. O.O. D. Lounge." Discovering that their men have sexed them stupid, three previously naive women are determined to take charge of their sexuality, and their orgasms.

Markham, IL (PRWEB) February 26, 2007

Former Ebony Magazine sex editor, Zondra Hughes, prepares for May's National Orgasm Month with her witty and thought-provoking erotica novel, "The M. O.O. D. Lounge" (ISBN 978-0-595-43192-2, IUniverse, 2007).

How low will women go for 'love'?

Some women will hit rock bottom; but others will continue to dig.

This is a tale about the diggers--and their ultimate redemption.

Renegade New York sex therapist Dr. Pat Rizzo has stumbled onto a new phenomenon she calls "Lovers Lobotomy Syndrome," or LLS. Discovering that men have finally learned to sexually satisfy women, Dr. Rizzo determines "women are being sexed into stupidity." Men have perfected their lovemaking skills, and otherwise brilliant women are now allowing their men to run over them. She sets out to find the three most zombie-like women in New York and devise a plan to rehabilitate them.

The M. O.O. D. Lounge, or "Multiple Orgasms on Demand," is Dr. Rizzo's new, cutting edge therapy. Described as "a self-esteem enhancing journey of erotica that takes courage, sexual awareness and honesty," it doesn't come too soon for three hopeless women. Meet Eva James, 26, a high powered entertainment publicist who falls in love with her married client; Fawn LaFollette, 18, a clairvoyant Hurricane Katrina evacuee who finds her calling in the NY porn industry; and Drusilla Vidal, 44, a no-nonsense prosecutor who begins a torrid jailhouse affair with a convict.

Hughes takes readers on a wild ride as she showcases the evolution of these emotionally wounded women who go from making a man the center of their being, to eventually coming to their senses and reclaiming their power. Armed with their battery-operated boyfriends, the women join forces making the part group therapy/part adult toy party, The M. O.O. D Lounge, their official playhouse.

"I want to encourage women to be proactive with their health and happiness" says Hughes, "and protective with their heart. Women need to love themselves enough to establish who they are sexually, and establish boundaries when dealing with lovers."

An overwhelming response from women to Hughes' strong underlying message has turned The M. O.O. D Lounge from a fictitious support group in the novel, into a real-life woman only, traveling social event for the toy curious and veteran sexually independent women alike. A classy, modern-day paradise inspiring its over 50,000 women members to be more selective when choosing their mates, Hughes kicks off her nationwide book, publicity, and "The M. O.O. D. Lounge" tour in February 2007.

A fictional tale with a modern day message for women everywhere, Hughes hopes to repair the Universal Sisterhood with her blueprint for self-love and sexual exploration.

And in the wise words of Dr. Rizzo - "Men should take note: the B. S. ends now."

Zondra Hughes, 30, is the editorial director for e-zines Savoymag. com and N'Digo. com.

Previously, she was the sex and relationship editor at Ebony magazine; six years of reporting salacious tales of love and woe set the groundwork for Hughes' foray into Chick Lit and her first novel. Chosen as one of Chicago's '50 Hottest Singles' by Today's Chicago Woman, the divorcée is undeniably outspoken and unapologetically single. The bi-coastal author resides in Chicago and Los Angeles. "The M. O.O. D. Lounge" (ISBN 978-0-595-43192-2, IUniverse, 2007) can be purchased online through www. moodlounge. org now, and Amazon. com and Barnesandnoble. com beginning in March. Review copies available upon request.


Saturday, August 20, 2005

Promise of a Miracle Through a New Book by Kathy Bellamy

Promise of a Miracle Through a New Book by Kathy Bellamy

"God's Miracles for Me" is an inspirational story that will give you strength and help you to see the role God plays in even the most devastating of situations. This book shares a significant piece from the life of Kathy Bellamy. Somehow with the help of her closest family and friends and her faith in God she found a flickering of hope and love in her heart to keep her going. Once you have experienced God's love as she did, you will never be the same again. Your life will be forever changed.

Rock Hill, SC (PRWEB) February 6, 2007

Outskirts Press is proud to announce "God's Miracles For Me: A Cancer Patient/Parkinson's Caregiver" by Kathy Bellamy.

When one is faced with adversity friends will often send you 'food for thought' or notes to bring cheer and help you see the 'bright side of things.' In God's Miracles For Me, Kathy Bellamy hopes to bring you a renewed faith in God. In her book she tells her readers, "If you are going through a difficult time in your life, just remember, give it to God and he will work it out for you. You have to really give it to him; give it ALL to him and he will not fail you. "

Kathy Bellamy has faced many obstacles in her life and was often guilty of only partially giving "it" to God to help. She said, "Over time I learned to give it all to him and he did not disappoint me. If we just put our faith in God and let him work things out for us, he will do it and do a much better job than we ever could." The author experienced what God could do to help guide you through a tough situation with ease. She continues, "I was my husband's caregiver but at the same time, I had my own health problems to contend with. I turned it all over to God because I knew I could not get through all that under my own strength."

This story is testimony that God will supply everything you need if you are willing to do what he wants you to do. How is that for providing for you? It doesn't get any better than that.

Kathy Bellamy grew up in Loris, South Carolina a small town about 35 miles inland from Myrtle Beach. She graduated from Loris High School in 1957 and was the youngest of six children. Growing up she had very little in the way of material things. She experienced some of the toughest of times but has lived a very successful, fruitful life. Today she resides in Rock Hill, South Carolina with her husband and her very successful bridal shop.

Author Contact:

Kathy Bellamy

Rock Hill, South Carolina

MKB91339[at]comporium. net

Book Statistics:

ISBN PB: 159800896X 88 pages, $13.95

ISBN Casebound: 1432701614, $18.95

Available: Amazon. com, BarnesandNoble. com, listed with Ingram, and at www. outskirtspress. com/godsmiraclesforme (http://www. outskirtspress. com/godsmiraclesforme )


Thursday, August 18, 2005

CarMD. com Puts Automotive Health in the Palm of Your Hand

CarMD. com Puts Automotive Health in the Palm of Your Hand

CarMD. com Corp. introduced today a revolutionary diagnostic tool that gives drivers a fast, convenient solution for monitoring their vehicle’s health. CarMD combines an easy-to-use handheld tester with an unprecedented online database to provide consumers with information that, until now, only mechanics could access. For the first time, CarMD can now be purchased direct by consumers.


CarMD. com Corp. introduced today a revolutionary diagnostic tool that gives drivers a fast, convenient solution for monitoring their vehicle’s health. CarMD combines an easy-to-use handheld tester with an unprecedented online database to provide consumers with information that, until now, only mechanics could access. For the first time, CarMD can now be purchased direct by consumers.

Incorporating patented* technology that is proven completely safe for both your vehicle and personal computer, CarMD can be used on multiple vehicles, yet costs less than a typical trip to see a mechanic. Consumers can purchase CarMD using a toll-free phone number or online at www. CarMD. com.

“Those days of feeling at the mercy of your mechanic, dreading a trip to the used car lot and panicking when your ‘Check Engine’ light comes on are over,” said Kristin Brocoff, marketing manager for CarMD. com Corp. “CarMD serves a wide range of uses -- from checking out a used car before buying to determining why your ‘Check Engine’ light is on and helping with your overall car-maintenance program.”

All cars, light trucks, SUVs and minivans manufactured for use in the U. S. since 1996 have an on-board computer that triggers the “Check Engine” light to illuminate if it locates a problem that affects emissions. Problems can range from a loose gas cap, which wastes fuel and causes pollution, to an engine misfire, which may cause permanent damage. CarMD is a lightweight, diagnostic device that employs the same type of technology as the tools used by mechanics, but costs less and is easy to use. It works on all 1996 and newer cars, light trucks, SUVs and minivans manufactured for use in the U. S. -– foreign and domestic. 

Here’s how to use CarMD: simply plug the handheld tester into a vehicle’s OBD2 Data Link Connector (which can be found under or near your car’s dashboard), turn on the ignition, and wait for the tester to collect your vehicle’s information. Then, take the tester and plug it into your computer to download user-friendly reports via the CarMD website, at www. CarMD. com. CarMD helps identify the most likely problem and what needs to be done to correct it.

The CarMD tester, which measures 5” x 2”, fits easily inside a glove compartment, purse or toolbox. Its color-coded LEDs provide a quick indication as to whether or not all systems are running normally on your car (green=OK, yellow=possible problem, red=service required.) Even if you can’t get to a computer for a full diagnostic report, the LEDs can be easily referred to when inspecting a used car or preparing for a long trip.

While the CarMD tool can be used independently, it is the CarMD. com website that provides consumers with the true solution for automotive maintenance and repair. CarMD customers receive access to accurate, value-added data, including consumer-friendly information on potential problems and their solutions, estimated repair costs and more. The CarMD website was designed with support from Irvine, Calif.-based Metafuse to merge the tool and extensive knowledgebase with a PC and the Internet to deliver important information to consumers.

CarMD is designed and engineered by a leading automotive aftermarket manufacturer with more than 30 years’ experience making automotive test equipment for professional technicians and do-it-yourselfers. Years of experience and manufacturing volume enable the company to make this revolutionary tool affordable to drivers of all ages and income levels. Nearly a decade in the making, its proprietary database includes hundreds of thousands of lines of code with the most common problems and real-life fixes. In addition, the same ASE-certified technicians who support some of the world’s leading automotive testing products are available to provide CarMD customers with technical support via phone or email.

“With CarMD, no one needs to feel inadequate about car maintenance or what they should do when they sense or detect a problem,” Brocoff noted. “CarMD empowers consumers to take personal control of their vehicle’s health and well-being.”

Distributed by CarMD. com Corp., CarMD costs $89.99 and includes: one handheld tester, a Quick Reference User’s Guide, demo video, USB cable with CD software to link the tester to a Windows-based PC and access to an online database via www. CarMD. com. CarMD is available direct to consumers via two convenient options: 1) toll-free phone at 888.MyCarMD (888.692.2763) or 2) online at www. CarMD. com.

About CarMD Corp.

Founded in 2003, the mission of Fountain Valley, Calif.-based CarMD. com Corp., is to empower consumers by providing them with the tools and information they need to make better-educated decisions about their vehicle’s health and maintenance. For more information, visit www. CarMD. com. 

(Media Note: Product review samples, photos and interviews with company founders are available upon request.)


Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Yerba Mate Health Beverage Promotes Good Health the Natural Way

Yerba Mate Health Beverage Promotes Good Health the Natural Way

Yerba Mate for Life, a leading company providing the yerba mate health beverage from Paraguay, stresses the health benefits that come from drinking the beverage.

(PRWEB) July 19, 2005

Yerba Mate for Life, a leading company providing the yerba mate (http://www. iloveyerba. com) health beverage from Paraguay, stresses the health benefits that come from drinking the beverage. Yerba mate (http://www. iloveyerba. com) is a tea-like beverage from South America and is known to promote natural health benefits.

Research has shown that yerba mate (http://www. iloveyerba. com) is effective at detoxifying the body, strengthening the immune system, and reducing blood pressure. It contains higher levels of antioxidants than green tea and acts as a natural stimulant. Yerba Mate for Life believes the productÂ’s overall health benefits include being a great natural nutrition source and boosting a feeling of wellbeing.

“Drinking yerba mate (http://www. iloveyerba. com) has changed my life in many ways,” said Kevin Murray, owner of Yerba Mate for Life. “This product has made me feel healthier, less stressed, and more in control of my life. I want to stress to consumers that yerba mate (http://www. iloveyerba. com) can improve the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of their lives.”

Yerba mate is made from the dried leaves of an indigenous holy plant grown in South America and is widely used in South American countries. It is typically prepared similarly to brewed herbal tea and is sipped from a hollowed-out gourd with a metal-filtered straw called a bombilla. There are several ways to prepare the beverage, such as drinking it cold like ice tea, mixing it with fruit juice, or using a tea ball.

Visit www. ILoveYerba. com to:

  • Get more information on yerba mate (http://www. iloveyerba. com)

  • Order yerba mate

  • Find yerba mate links with more information

  • Learn about the health benefits of yerba mate

About Yerba Mate for Life

Yerba Mate for Life, a leading company providing the yerba mate health beverage (http://www. iloveyerba. com) from Paraguay, provides high quality yerba mate beverages to promote good health the natural way. They are located in Buckingham, PA.

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Monday, August 15, 2005

Keystone Therapeutics, Inc. Partners with Jefferson Regional Medical Center and Punxsutawney Area Hospital to Manage Anticoagulation Clinics

Keystone Therapeutics, Inc. Partners with Jefferson Regional Medical Center and Punxsutawney Area Hospital to Manage Anticoagulation Clinics

Keystone Therapeutics, Inc has been selected by Jefferson Regional Medical Center of Pittsburgh, PA, and Punxsutawney Area Hospital of Punxsutawney, PA, to assist in managing their new anticoagulation clinics via their DoseResponse®Clinic (formerly known as CardioClinic®) program. DoseResponse®Clinic is in use at physician offices, hospitals and health systems and uses Keystone's unique warfarin management software and team of clinical pharmacists to establish and manage highly efficient and highly effective anticoagulation clinics.

Pittsburgh, PA (PRWEB) September 10, 2007

Keystone Therapeutics, Inc., which develops and implements services for clinical management and decision support to optimize drug therapy and reduce the incidence of medication errors, has just signed a two year agreement with Jefferson Regional Medical Center and Punxsutawney Area Hospital for the company's DoseResponse®Clinic anticoagulation management service.

"Our unique program for establishing and managing anticoagulation clinics helps physicians offices and hospitals establish a clinically superior and business efficient program that benefits patients, physicians and health systems. We achieve this by coupling our proprietary software, DoseResponse®, for infrastructure, documentation, management and reporting with our own team of specially trained Doctors of Pharmacy providing clinical management and oversight under protocols approved by the physicians and the organization," says Dr. Ray Stierer, Keystone's Director of Clinical Services.

DoseResponse® Clinics manage over 1,500 patients, use only 25 hours of a Pharm. D.'s time, and patients managed by the clinics average over 82 percent time in therapeutic range. "The physicians love the consistent patient management and real time reporting we provide on their patients, the patients love the clear and concise instruction and education on their therapy, and the hospitals and physician offices love the impact on patient safety and modest cost," says Mark Hudson, Vice President of Keystone Therapeutics.

There are currently between 2 and 4 million patients on warfarin (brand name Coumadin®) in the U. S., which is widely recognized as a difficult drug to manage. Current routine management of warfarin therapy is often viewed as costly, time consuming and risky by physicians, and established anticoagulation clinics, while more effective than routine management, are often burdened by high overhead costs. DoseResponse®Clinic provides consistent management adhering to a set of physician-approved national consensus guidelines and managed by Pharm. D.'s with specialty training in anticoagulation.

Newly released 2008 National Patient Safety Goals, published by the Joint Commission (www. jointcommission. org) include a requirement for hospitals, home care and long term care facilities to reduce the likelihood of patient harm due to anticoagulation therapy. "This new goal is causing hospitals and health systems to examine their current methods of anticoagulating patients, and many are realizing that DoseResponse®Clinic can quickly help them overcome the administrative, business, operational and clinical challenges they face in establishing a new clinic or expanding an existing clinic," says Mark Hudson.

The Joint Commission evaluates and accredits nearly 15,000 health care organizations and programs in the United States. An independent, not-for-profit organization, The Joint Commission is the nation's predominant standards-setting and accrediting body in health care.

Keystone Therapeutics, Inc. provides complete anticoagulation management solutions for clinics, physicians and health systems via DoseResponse®Clinic, a highly effective and efficient turnkey solution for offloading clinical management of warfarin patients and DoseResponse®, their flexible, reliable web-based software.

Keystone Therapeutics, Inc. provides their anticoagulation management tools and programs to over 90 hospitals, health care systems and physicians' offices in over 20 states.

For further information, contact Mark Hudson at 877.816.7912.

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California Libertarians Take Position on the Ballot Propositions

California Libertarians Take Position on the Ballot Propositions

The Libertarian Party of California recommends Californians vote in favor of less government and more personal responsibility in November

PANORAMA CITY, CA (PRWEB) October 4, 2004

The Libertarian Party of California urges California voters to vote for individual liberty and personal responsibility in November. The Executive Committee, comprised of Libertarian Party elected representatives from all regions of the state, voted on recommended positions on fourteen statewide ballot propositions.

Considerations included whether the proposal is a proper function of state government, if the effect of passage would increase or decrease civil or economic freedom, serve justice, or improve or detract from voter choice. The LPC opposes taxes or bonds that would fund an activity that isnÂ’t within the governmentÂ’s limited scope of necessary core functions.

Prop 59 – Public Records, Open Meetings.

YES. This was a unanimous bipartisan measure to embed statutory guarantees of open government (mostly for local governments and local agencies) into the state Constitution.

NOTE: A court order has split the original Proposition 60 into two separate measures, Propositions 60 and 60a.

Prop 60 – Election Rights of Political Parties.

YES. Would nullify the Open Primary Initiative (Prop 62) if it received more votes.

Prop 60a -- Surplus Property.

YES. Would use the sale of surplus state property to pay off bonds.

Prop 61 -- Children's Hospital Projects. Grant Program. Bond Act.

NO. Not a proper function of government.

Prop 62 -- Elections. Primaries.

NO. Would destroy minor parties and otherwise limit voters' choices in the general election. A much better solution is Instant Runoff Voting.

Prop 63 -- Mental Health Services Expansion and Funding. Tax on Incomes over $1 Million.

NO. Not a proper function of government.

Prop 64 -- Limitations on Enforcement of Unfair Business Competition Laws.

YES. This would limit shakedown lawsuits in which lawyers sue businesses for trivial matters that don't even have victims, and thereby force businesses to settle rather than endure the horrendous expense of a trial.

Prop 65 -- Local Government Funds and Revenues. State Mandates.

YES. Prevents state government from raiding revenues intended for local governments and agencies, which in turn leads to "back door" local tax hikes.

Prop 66 -- Limitations on "Three Strikes" Law. Sex Crimes. Punishment.

YES. Sentence enhancements should be limited to serious and violent crimes. The current law can put non-violent criminals who commit victimless crimes away for life.

Prop 67 -- Emergency and Medical Services. Funding. Telephone Surcharge.

NO. Not a proper function of government.

Prop 68 – Non-Tribal Commercial Gambling Expansion. Tribal Gaming Compact Amendments. Tax Exemptions.

NO POSITION. Reduces some restrictions on gambling but also creates new monopolies for race tracks and card clubs.

Prop 69 -- DNA Samples. Collection. Database. Funding.

NO. An invasion of privacy for innocent people who are arrested but not charged or convicted of a crime.

Prop 70 -- Tribal Gaming Compacts. Exclusive Gaming Rights. Contributions to State

NO. Reduces some restrictions on gambling but also extends monopolies for Indian tribes.

Prop 71 -- Stem Cell Research. Funding. Bonds.

NO. Not a proper function of government.

Prop 72 -- Health Care Coverage Requirements.

NO. A "no" vote will reverse the mandate that requires California businesses to provide health insurance for their employees.

About the Libertarian Party of California

Libertarians believe in personal freedom in both social and economic spheres, and in government small enough to protect those freedoms.

The Libertarian Party of California has more than 50 public officeholders statewide and is running more candidates in California in the November general election than any other “third” party. Every Californian eligible to vote will find the Libertarian candidate for President (Michael Badnarik) Vice-President (Richard Campagna) and U. S. Senate (Judge James Gray) on their ballot. Many will also be able to vote for one or more of the 24 Libertarian candidates running for U. S. Congress, 12 for California Senate, 34 for California Assembly, or others running for local offices such as city council, school board or special district.

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Ilene Dillon’s “Full Power Living” investigates The Emotional Toolkit with Psychologist Dr. Darlene Mininni

Ilene Dillon’s “Full Power Living” investigates The Emotional Toolkit with Psychologist Dr. Darlene Mininni

Dr. Darlene Mininni discusses her book, "The Emotional Toolkit" on Internet Radio's "Full Power Living" aired on World Talk Radio at 9 a. m. (PDT) on Tuesday, June 14, 2005, offering help in mastering emotions.

(PRWEB) May 23, 2005

Dr. Darlene Mininni discusses her Seven Power Skills for mastering emotions when she appears on Tuesday, June 7, 2005 on World Talk Radio (9 a. m. PDT), hosted by Ilene Dillon. Looking at the “four basic emotions,” Mininni promises to teach listeners the skills and information about emotions most of us were not taught in childhood.

Dr. Mininni contends that paying attention to emotions allow us to learn about ourselves and our needs. By using the Emotional Toolkit, people can reduce the amount of time unhappy emotions exist and decrease the stress they create. She says that though “you can’t always change the things that happen in your life….you can affect the way you respond emotionally.”

With a Ph. D. in clinical psychology and a masterÂ’s degree in public health, Dr. Darlene Mininni is author of The Emotional Toolkit, the result of careful research for a course she offered at UCLAÂ’s Arthur Ashe Health and Wellness Center during the 15 years she was an educator and behavioral health specialist there. She is an experienced speaker and workshop leader.

Full Power Living is dedicated to awakening the world to the power, creative potential and importance of human emotion. Host Ilene Dillon has practiced for 34 years as a psychotherapist and is author of several books. Check the list at EmotionalPro on the Internet. A 20 year professional member of The National Speakers Association, Ilene is in high demand for her lectures and programs on Anger Mastery, Conscious Parenting and Emotional Literacy.

Full Power Living airs weekly on Tuesdays at 9 a. m (PST) on World Talk Radio. To listen, sign on to World Talk Radio at 9 a. m. Tuesdays and listen. At all other times hear our programs archived by signing on to World Talk Radio, clicking on “Full Power Living,” (Tuesdays 9 a. m. PDT) and selecting the show of your choice. Shows are archived on World Talk Radio, with content notes, within hours of their live production. 

Dr. Darlene Mininni, author of The Emotional Toolkit, appears on Full Power Living, aired on World Talk Radio, Tuesday, June 14, 2005 at 9 a. m. PDT.


Ilene Dillon

1-866-385-5769 801

Ilene@Emotionalpro. com


New Calendar Reveals Gardening To-Do's for Each Month

New Calendar Reveals Gardening To-Do's for Each Month

A complete 12-month, 20-page, 8 1/2 x 11" gardening guide, specially designed for plants, flowers, trees, and shrubs in the Hudson Valley region, is available as a free download. Visitors can also send questions to volunteer professional gardeners for FREE.

Warwick, NY (PRWEB) March 8, 2005

It's winter, and you're surrounded by snow and freezing temperatures. Cabin fever is setting in. The perfect time to turn your thoughts toward improving the health of your plants and flowers, according to a new calendar just released by Warwick in Bloom, the community group in the lower Hudson Valley town of Warwick, who specializes in teaching residents how to improve their environment. It's full of so many tips and reminders it would make your mother-in-law smile.

"January is the best time to start onion and cabbage seeds as well as pansies and delphiniums," said Deborah Sweeton, of General's Garden, one of the professional gardener-volunteers, "and don't forget to turn your houseplants every other day and wash them in the sink or shower to keep leaves clean," she added. There's more: one of the best ways to provide moisture for houseplants is to "rest them on a tray of stones with water."

And then there's February, when, according to the calendar, "the maximum depth of winter snow occurs." But you'd rather be planting than snowboarding at Mountain Creek? Then you can go out and prune fruit trees or research last yearÂ’s garden questions (You wrote them down, of course, didn't you?) and plan the layout of your vegetable garden to include a crop rotation. February's To-Do list also includes repairing and reviewing the condition of garden tools, or starting the tender summer flowering bulbs like caladiums and tuberous begonias. If you've always wondered why some flowers look a lot better than others, the secret is in keeping busy year 'round.

March is an active month for gardeners who know their stuff. "It's the right moment during the growing season to complete garden clean up; anything you didnÂ’t finish last fall or left for winter interest should be removed," offers Alicia Frosini, another professional volunteer, of Sugarloaf Mountain Herbs. Part of the month's chores include keeping bird feeders full and providing fresh water for drinking and bathing. If the soil is crumbly enough, "set out English daisies and pansies, and fertilize rhubarb before growth begins," reminds Frosini.

What's really helpful is that the calendar provides useful insight into preparing the right environment that will enable your garden to flourish, instead of competing with weeds for resources. It even teaches you about the importance of keeping insect pests under control and the need for fertilizer at appropriate moments.

The complete 12-month, 20-page, 8 1/2 x 11" gardening guide, specially designed for plants, flowers, trees, and shrubs in the Hudson Valley region, is available as a free download by clicking on http://www. warwickinfo. net/wib. html (http://www. warwickinfo. net/wib. html). But there's another bonus: if you have a gardening question for Warwick in Bloom, then click on the same website address and receive an answer by one of the groupÂ’s professional gardeners for free, too!

Warwick in Bloom is an independent, non-profit group of community volunteers interested in educating and informing area residents about improving the quality of life through the creative use of gardening. The group's intent is to create a network of people whose common interest is the beautification of the community in which they live by encouraging the appropriate planting and displaying of trees, flowers, shrubs, and aesthetically pleasing gardening programs.

Warwick in Bloom believes that by sharing ideas and information with others throughout the area, all parties can benefit. This common sense of purpose can lead to both personal and community growth, the creation of lasting friendships, more beautiful living and working environments, and the enjoyment that comes from an active involvement in one's community.


Lanier Portland Hires Healthcare Solutions Specialist

Lanier Portland Hires Healthcare Solutions Specialist

Lanier has a 60-year heritage of service to the medical professions. Lanier is dedicated to helping clients reduce costs and improve the efficiency of the document management process.

Portland, OR (PRWEB) September 9, 2004

Lanier Portland Sales Manager Brandon Forrest today announced that LanierÂ’s Portland Office has added Mark Kronquist to the team of Lanier experts.

“Mark brings a wealth of experience in the Healthcare and imaging field,” said Forrest, “His understanding of and experience in the importance of practice management techniques, case presentation skills, technology, marketing and finance when combined with Lanier’s 70-year heritage of developing superior technology solutions, HIPPA compliant solutions and devotion to stellar service make Lanier the perfect partner for everyone in the health care field.”

Healthcare is a key component of LanierÂ’s business model. To that end Lanier offers the following advantagesÂ

Access to preferential Healthcare pricing programs saving members an average of 43%.

A passion for outstanding service. Lanier has won the JD Power Award for Customer Satisfaction every time it has been given in our field.

Stunning output quality that makes the case presentation process easier and increases the acceptance rate and enhances practice profitability.

Seamless integration with existing networks and devices with a team of dedicated technicians and developers.

Facilitating HIPPA Compliance with record management solutions and consultants to help individual practices.

A complete menu of solutions from stand-alone printers copiers and fax machines for small practices to complete document management solutions for large and multiple location practices.

Healthcare Solutions Specialist Mark Kronquist may be reached at

503 452-4200 x213 • 9570 SW Barbur Blvd, Portland, Oregon 97219


HCG Diet Direct Cites Research Connecting Hypertension and Healthy Weight Loss

HCG Diet Direct Cites Research Connecting Hypertension and Healthy Weight Loss

HCG Diet Direct cites research connecting hypertension and obesity. The solution for both is the same: healthy weight loss.

Phoenix, AZ (Vocus) June 9, 2010

HCG Diet Direct (https://www. hcgdietdirect. com) cites research from the American Journal of Physiology-Regulatory, Integrative and Comparative Physiology connecting hypertension and obesity. Researchers in the field indicate that rather than being two separate epidemics that they are actually one. The link between hypertension and obesity is accepted, but the exact link has not yet been clearly identified. Although the solution to both appears the same: healthy weight loss.

According to research presented by the American Journal of Physiology-Regulatory, Integrative and Comparative Physiology obesity is a major cause of hypertension among several other major illnesses/diseases. The research also concluded that sympathetic nervous system activation and renin-angiotensin-aldosterone system activation play an important role in the cause and development of obesity hypertension (http://www. hcgdietdirect. com/hcg-diet-news/hcg-hypertension-and-obesity. html).

Dr. J. Ronald Willis of HCG Diet Direct said, “Obesity has many negative health consequences. Hypertension is just one of them. This research suggests that the drastically rising number of hypertension cases in America are not a separate issue, but that the hypertension epidemic could be a result of the obesity epidemic; they are not separate the two epidemics are one and the same.”

Other conclusions presented by the research team included:

1. The continuing problem of obesity and weight gain in American shows no sign of abating.
2. Obesity is a major cause of: hypertension, rising blood pressure and associated illnesses.
3. Researchers believe the studies support the belief that the enlarged abdomen (a result of visceral fat) increases the risk for the development of hypertension.
4. Abnormal distribution of fat may contribute to the development of rising blood pressure and the associated illnesses and diseases.
5. The study concluded that the most effective treatment for obesity hypertension is healthy weight loss and life style changes.

Homeopathic HCG weight loss formula is an all-natural weight loss diet that can be used to achieve drastic healthy weight loss (https://www. hcgdietdirect. com/secured/) without invasive procedures. The HCG drops are taken three times daily and paired with a careful eating plan. The results of the standard 26-30 day healthy weight loss diet can provide an average of 1 to 2 pounds of healthy weight loss per day.

To get further information on HCG Diet Direct or the HCG Diet contact:

Contact: Dr. J. Ronald Willis
Company: HCG Diet Direct
Www. hcgdietdirect. com
Phone: 602-916-0002