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Tiny Titan Rings Out Warnings of the Realities of Fetal Alcohol Recommended by Midwest Book Watch Health Division August 2006

Tiny Titan Rings Out Warnings of the Realities of Fetal Alcohol Recommended by Midwest Book Watch Health Division August 2006

Chosen as one of five health books for Midwest Bookwatch, Diane C. Donovan of California Bookwatch writes, “In 1989 the author's sixth child Becca was born with a rare genetic disorder, driving her parents into poverty as they struggled with medical bills and despair. Their journey for financial and health answers would lead to the adoption of five siblings separated in foster care, and a newfound battle for resources in mental health. TINY TITAN: JOURNEY OF HOPE will find many audiences and it's autobiographical account of a struggle is truly inspirational.”

Minneapolis, MN (PRWEB) August 28, 2006

Bells will ring out across the world beginning in New Zealand on September 9, 2006 as thousands of individuals affected with fetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASDs), and their parents, caregivers and professionals work to build awareness of this lifelong disability. On the magical moment of 9:09 am chosen to represent the nine months of a sober pregnancy bells will ring on the hour from Australia to South Africa, from the cathedrals of Germany to the shores of Ireland, and across the expanse of the Atlantic to the forests of Canada and the rural plains of the Midwest. Church bells, hand bells, and cowbells will ring out warnings of the dangers of consuming alcohol while pregnant. Ann Yurcek, author of Tiny Titan, A Journey of Hope and her family will be among those planning to ring in awareness of FASDs.

The general term for FAS/FAE and related disorders is Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) and the physical characteristics may not be obvious, but FAS is nonetheless a cause of mental retardation, attention deficit disorder, developmental delays, learning disabilities and behavior disorders. As they grow, children with FASDs encounter mental health problems, difficulty in school and experience trouble with the law. Doctors can diagnose FAS by noting the history of maternal drinking and by observing slow growth, abnormal facial features and central nervous system problems (such as lower IQ, attention problems and developmental delays). The term fetal alcohol effects (FAE) is used when children lack the full set of physical abnormalities seen in FAS.

In her book, Yurcek uncovers the root cause of the troubles her newly adopted children face. The adoption agency’s promise of children with limited mental health issues falls through her hands like sand in the wind, as her children who look normal struggle to remember, understand or behave. Prenatal alcohol exposure is a primary factor in placing children in state care and a significant number of children with FASDs are placed in domestic adoptions. For international adopters, FASDs are a special concern in countries of high alcohol consumption, such as Russia and countries of Eastern Europe.

The brain damage her children incurred before birth was invisible and though each child spoke well and appeared well mannered on initial appearance, the reality of their disabilities became apparent over time as ill-informed opinions and misunderstandings lead to trouble both at school and home. The Yurceks soon discover that their newly adopted family does not have the capacity to think or remember like their other children. They have difficulties perceiving similarities and differences. They cannot generalize and make associations, or compare and contrast, and they have difficulties with patterns, sequences and judgments. They have problems with emotions. They have difficulties translating hearing into understanding, thinking into saying, reading into speaking and feelings into words. They could not tell the time and could get lost if left alone.

Undaunted, Yurcek sets out to understand what is behind her new children’s struggle. She learns from the oldest children that their birth mother drank alcohol while pregnant with the youngest children and begins studying fetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASDs). She discovers it is not ‘just’ her children who are affected, but over 40,000 babies born in the United States each year with this lifelong disability. The economic and social impact is enormous. She is shocked to learn that “more children are born with FASDs than the combined number of babies born with muscular dystrophy, spina bifida, HIV infection and Down’s Syndrome, that the statistic is rising and it is 100% preventable.”

Many women drink when they are pregnant and others drink not knowing they are pregnant. Some drink to celebrate pregnancy. Others drink because they think that the risk is minimal, but drinking while pregnant can cause problems to the unborn baby. The degree of knowledge today can be compared to understanding of the effects of tobacco in the 1950s. The reality is that a pregnant woman who drinks runs the risk of alcohol crossing her placenta and entering the body of her unborn child. At early stages in its development, the fetus will have only a rudimentary liver, which cannot filter alcohol out of the body. That is the stage when the baby is most vulnerable, but even as the pregnancy develops and the organs become better formed, the exposure remains.

How badly the baby is affected depends on many factors, including when during pregnancy the woman drank and the pattern of alcohol abuse. The baby is born with physical and mental defects, and behavioral disabilities. An unborn child is bathed in alcohol when a pregnant woman drinks. Alcohol in the body of the fetus robs the brain of oxygen, destroys brain cells, and retards the growth of other organs. The brain suffers from incomplete development, which will permanently affect the body of the baby from birth. This affects the child’s growth, damages the brain's wiring and alters body development. The effects last for life.

Kelly Mayr of Colorado writes, “If you are going to read only one book this year, this is the book to read! Tiny Titan chronicles the journey of the Yurcek family. It goes through Becca's medical struggles with Noonan syndrome and how that changes a family. It is an inspiring look into a regular family thrust into extraordinary circumstances. Instead of getting bogged down by the overwhelming issues they face, they triumph. This book makes you laugh, cry and best of all want to be a better person.”

Tiny Titan is available at Amazon and leading booksellers.


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Hope for Stroke Survivors in Thailand

Hope for Stroke Survivors in Thailand

The Biomove 3000 Stroke Rehabilitation device for home use now also available in Thailand.

Hashmonaim, Israel (PRWEB) March 3, 2006 -–

Curatronic Ltd. today announced the appointment of an exclusive distributor for the Biomove 3000 Stroke Rehabilitation device for marketing in Thailand.

Mr. Cyrille Buhrman, Managing Director of Pacific Healthcare (Thailand) Co., Ltd., said, "It is a great honor for our company to be able to offer such an outstanding product like the Biomove 3000 to stroke victims in Thailand. We are confident that not only will the Biomove 3000 enhance our growing presence in the Thai stroke market, but also exemplifies our efforts as a company to consistently bring innovative products to Thai patients, thereby helping to improve the overall standards of stroke treatment in Thailand."

Pacific Healthcare (Thailand) Co., Ltd. was founded in 1961, and is currently one of the leading importers, regulatory affairs specialists, marketers and distributors of high quality and innovative health products in Thailand. The company specializes in consumer health products, pharmaceuticals, medical supplies and equipment, as well as specialty ingredients.

Pacific Healthcare http://www. phc. co. th (http://www. phc. co. th) offers a wide range of health-based products targeted towards clinics, hospitals, pharmacies and consumer retail.

"Pacific Healthcare is excellently positioned to market the Biomove 3000 stroke rehab device throughout Thailand. We are convinced that they will do an outstanding job in bringing this easy - to-use system to the homes of many stroke survivors,” stated Ben Philipson, CEO of Curatronic Ltd. “Millions of people suffer from the debilitating effects of stroke. Fifty percent have some one-sided paralysis and seek effective treatment for their severe, long-term disabilities.”

The Biomove 3000 system was specially developed for home therapy by the patient following a stroke. After a stroke, control signals from the brain often cannot reach some muscles, typically in the hand or foot. Without these signals, the level of electrical activity in these muscles is too low for them to contract adequately on their own. This causes them to become increasingly weaker.

The Biomove 3000 system, via three electrode patches placed on arm or leg, detects and amplifies even the slightest signals still being generated in the hand and foot muscles. Then, using an advanced form of biofeedback combined with electrical muscle stimulation the Biomove re-teaches the muscles to contract on their own.

FDA 510(k) approval allows the Biomove 3000 to be marketed in the United States and in addition Curatronic has been awarded CE certification qualifying the Biomove stroke rehab system for sale throughout the 25-nation European Union ("EU") and four-nation European Free Trade Association ("EFTA").

About Curatronic

Curatronic Ltd. is a R & D company "par excellence" and employs highly skilled professionals with extensive experience in medical and electronic fields. The company has been awarded certification according to ISO 13485 for design, manufacturing, final inspection, distribution and service of electrical therapy devices.

Website: http://www. Biomove. com (http://www. Biomove. com)


Dreams Come True for Hair Loss Sufferers

Dreams Come True for Hair Loss Sufferers

A Caring Team of Professionals Now Offers No-Cost Hair Restoration Surgery, Styling and Supplements to Those in Need.

Beverly Hills, CA (PRWEB) February 15, 2006

Until now, men and women suffering from hair loss had few viable treatment options available to them, and those options can be out of reach for many. Surgical hair transplant procedures can cost between $4,000 and $18,000 per surgery. High-end hair stylists able to create the perception of greater hair density through styling techniques can run from $100 to $200 per session. And combining the proper blend of natural herbs, botanicals and nutrients to combat hair loss, improve hair quality and stimulate hair growth could easily run over $200 per month.

That’s where Operation H. E.A. L. comes in. Operation H. E.A. L. is a network of compassionate hair restoration surgeons and hair care professionals committed to helping men and women understand and treat hair loss, regardless of the cause or extent of loss and regardless of an ability to pay. From free education and assessments to discounted and no-cost hair transplant procedures, ViTrichol all-natural nutritional hair products and professional hair styling, Operation H. E.A. L. was formed to provide hope… to provide answers… to provide solutions. To everyone.

The premiere offering through Operation H. E.A. L. is the Operation H. E.A. L. Total Hair Makeover, given once every three months to a deserving candidate. Chosen by the Operation H. E.A. L. caregivers, these fortunate candidates will receive a complete hair transplant surgery, a year’s worth of professional hair styles, a year’s worth of ViTrichol daily nutritional & hair growth supplements. This makeover is valued at nearly $20,000 and is absolutely free to the lucky recipients.

Kelly McRae, President of ViTrichol Health Partners and founder of Operation H. E.A. L., says “For many of us, hair loss is devastating, and knowing that treatment options are available but just beyond our financial reach is equally devastating. I formed Operation H. E.A. L. to help as many people as we can get back their self-confidence, their youthful appearance and all that goes with a natural head of hair.” McRae continues, “Although we can’t offer Total Makeovers to everyone at no cost, the surgeons, stylists and ViTrichol Health Partners will provide discounts and free services to all those who come to us through Operation H. E.A. L.”

To learn more about Operation H. E.A. L. or to register for the free total hair makeover, you can visit the Operation H. E.A. L. website at www. operationheal. com. To learn more about hair loss and hair loss prevention, visit the ViTrichol website at www. vitrichol. com.


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Sacramento Plastic Surgeon Launches New Web Site for Post Bariatric Surgery Patients

Sacramento Plastic Surgeon Launches New Web Site for Post Bariatric Surgery Patients

With the delivery of www. afterobesity. com, Dr. David Kaufman introduces a key resource for the weight loss community in Northern California and across the country

Sacramento, California (PRWEB) February 2, 2008

Dr. David Kaufman, a board-certified plastic surgeon in Sacramento, is pleased to unveil a new Web site devoted exclusively to the plastic surgery needs of post weight loss patients. A comprehensive resource for the weight loss community, www. afterobesity. com will assist men and women across the country in making decisions about plastic surgery after weight loss.

It's no secret that Americans are becoming caught up in a weight loss craze; many health professionals around the country would say that it's about time. According to a November, 2007 report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, about one-third of adult men and women in the U. S. are obese, with a body mass index (BMI) of 30 or greater (usually meaning about 100 pounds or more over their ideal weight). That's why the popularity of a variety of weight loss strategies--bariatric surgery, in particular--is on the rise.

"It's great to see more people becoming conscious of the health risks of obesity and getting serious about losing weight," commented Dr. Kaufman. "We applaud their efforts. We want to help by educating them about their post-obesity bodies and their plastic surgery options when they're ready. That's the motivation behind our new Web site."

The Sacramento body lift specialist explained that after massive weight loss, most skin cannot bounce back to its former shape. "Unfortunately, both men and women are often bothered by loose, saggy skin almost as much as by their former weight," he said. The folds and rolls cause multiple problems, from rashes to difficulty in finding clothes to fit. From his work with weight loss patients over the last several years, Dr. Kaufman knows this excess skin can prevent them from fully embracing their new lives. They are often reluctant or unable to exercise due to leftover skin, and they also feel uncomfortable in intimate situations. "It can seem quite ironic," he noted, "when you work so hard to get healthy and end up feeling as bad about your body as you did when you were obese."

Dr. Kaufman has chosen to make post-bariatric plastic surgery a focus of his practice, Kaufman & Clark Plastic Surgery in Sacramento, for several reasons. The procedures most patients need--body lift, thigh lift, breast lift and others--are technically challenging and satisfying to perform. But even more important are the relationships that grow out of the physician's and patient's commitment to each other. Dr. Kaufman explains that most patients need multiple procedures, like Mary, a Sacramento nurse, who lost over 100 pounds (read her story at http://www. afterobesity. com/stories/mary. cfm (http://www. afterobesity. com/stories/mary. cfm)). That means plastic surgeon and patient form a long term bond that's meaningful to both. It also explains why people are willing to travel great distances, like Melinda, who flew from Alaska (read about Melinda at http://www. afterobesity. com/stories/melinda. cfm (http://www. afterobesity. com/stories/melinda. cfm)) to Sacramento to work with the surgeon she selected.

To reflect his commitment to the weight loss community, Dr. Kaufman's new site contains much more than descriptions of plastic surgery procedures. It also offers discussions of the impact of weight loss on a patient's physique and health considerations for weight loss patients planning plastic surgery. Dr. Kaufman gives advice on finding a plastic surgeon and information about fees, financing and insurance. An extensive list of resources is also provided. Most popular of all are the real patient stories and before and after plastic surgery photos.

"Most people who lose massive amounts of weight are part of a highly interconnected community, and at Kaufman & Clark Plastic Surgery we see ourselves as part of the group," Dr. Kaufman commented. "It's important to us to provide education and support, along with top notch plastic surgery. That's why we invested in developing the new Web site. We hope weight loss patients will use it often during their journey back to good health."

Learn more about plastic surgery after weight loss at www. afterobesity. com.

About Dr. David Kaufman:
Dr. David Kaufman is a Harvard - and Stanford-trained, board-certified plastic surgeon in Sacramento. His background includes serving as the director of the burn unit at a San Francisco Bay Area hospital, serving on the volunteer faculty at Stanford Medical Center and participating in more than 20 charitable surgical missions to perform surgery on patients in developing countries. He moved his private practice to Sacramento in 2005. There, he and his partner, Dr. Christa Clark, specialize in post weight loss plastic surgery and other cosmetic and reconstructive procedures. Contact them at 916-983-9895 or visit www. afterobesity. com.


Saturday, February 25, 2006

NuSil Technology Unveils New Ultra Low Outgassing™ Potting and Encapsulating Silicone Elastomer

NuSil Technology Unveils New Ultra Low Outgassing™ Potting and Encapsulating Silicone Elastomer

SCV-2585 is the latest addition to NuSil’s line of Ultra Low Outgassing™ materials for Aerospace and Electronics applications.

Carpinteria, Calif. (Vocus) August 12, 2009

NuSil Technology (www. nusil. com)], a cutting-edge manufacturer of silicone-based materials for aerospace, aircraft, electronics and photonics industries, recently added SCV-2585 (http://www. nusil. com/library/products/SCV-2585P. pdf), a new potting and encapsulating elastomer offering robust mechanical and physical properties, to its line of Ultra Low Outgassing™ (http://www. nusil. com/products/findproducts. aspx? s=scv) silicone materials.

SCV-2585 is an excellent fit for electronic and space applications requiring Ultra Low Outgassing and minimal volatile condensables under extreme operating conditions. Due to its high tear strength, SCV-2585 is ideal for use in potting connectors, cable harness breakouts, molded high-voltage terminals, and seals and gaskets. This elastomer far surpasses industry-standard ASTM E595 and boasts

“Physical and mechanical properties in combination with low outgassing requirements have traditionally been a give and take,” said Brian Nash, vice president of Sales & Marketing at NuSil Technology, “but SCV-2585’s unique chemistry creates a durable material, while still far exceeding industry standards for CVCM and TML.”

With a work time of 30 to 90 minutes and tack-free in eight hours, SCV-2585 offers convenience and simple application. It also features a wide operating temperature range and the ability to accelerate cure with the addition of heat.

For more information on NuSil’s silicones for aerospace applications, visit www. nusil. com/products/engineering/aerospace (http://www. nusil. com/products/engineering/aerospace) or call 805-684-8780.

About NuSil Technology
NuSil is a cutting-edge manufacturer of silicone compounds for healthcare, aerospace, electronics, photonics and other applications that require precise, predictable, materials performance. ISO 9001 certified since 1994, NuSil operates state-of-the-art laboratories and processing facilities in North America and provides on-site, in-person application engineering support worldwide. More information about NuSil Technology can be found at www. nusil. com


Brilliant Earth and The Conflict Free Diamond Council Join MedShare to Send Essential Medical Supplies to Sierra Leone

Brilliant Earth and The Conflict Free Diamond Council Join MedShare to Send Essential Medical Supplies to Sierra Leone

Conflict Free Diamond Partners Bring Relief to War Victims Hurt by Diamond Trade

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) October 24, 2007

Brilliant Earth, the leader in eco-conscious fine jewelry, and The Conflict Free Diamond Council (CFDC), an advocacy group dedicated to stopping the sale of conflict diamonds, announced a partnership with Atlanta-based nonprofit MedShare International to send essential medical supplies to two hospitals in Sierra Leone. The supplies will bring sorely needed relief to victims of the global conflict diamond trade.

"Conflict diamonds are responsible for decades of violence and thousands of lives in ruin around the world," said Robert Cosentino, Director of the CFDC. "Through our partnership with Brilliant Earth and MedShare, we hope to bring some relief to victims who continue to live in pain, even though the war has ended."

Conflict diamonds helped fuel a decade-long civil war in Sierra Leone that has left lasting scars on victims whose arms and legs were brutally hacked off. Today, thousands of amputees still wait for justice and fair reparations, years after the civil war has officially ended. Supported by the generosity of the CFDC and Brilliant Earth, MedShare is sending two forty-foot medical containers to hospitals in the Kono and Bo regions of Sierra Leone. In addition to receiving prosthetic limbs to help amputee victims, hospitals will be able to choose the supplies in each container that will be most useful to their patients.

"MedShare's sustainable approach to bringing medical supplies to developing countries not only conserves resources but directs them to where they can help most," said Eric Grossberg, Cofounder of Brilliant Earth. "We know our donation will make a difference where it's needed."

The Conflict Free Diamond Council has been working since 2004 to raise awareness about conflict diamonds, empower the conflict-free diamond consumer, and recommend best practices to the diamond industry. Brilliant Earth donates a percentage of their profits from their collection of conflict free jewelry to help communities who have been harmed by the jewelry trade. MedShare recycles surplus medical supplies and equipment for use in developing countries. The two shipments of medical supplies funded by the partnership are scheduled to arrive in Sierra Leone in late 2007 or early 2008.

"Last year, we shipped over $11 million worth of desperately needed medical supplies to hospitals and clinics in over 30 different countries," said A. B. Short, CEO of MedShare. "With the help of our partners and donors, we think we can accomplish even more this year."

For more information on MedShare International, their services, and how you can get involved, visit them at www. medshare. org. For more information on the Conflict Free Diamond Council, visit www. conflictfreediamonds. org. For more information on Brilliant Earth, visit www. brilliantearth. com.

About Brilliant Earth
Based in San Francisco, Brilliant Earth was created by two socially minded entrepreneurs as an alternative to current diamond industry practices. Co-founders Beth Gerstein and Eric Grossberg formed Brilliant Earth based on a passion for fine jewelry and a common belief that socially and environmentally responsible buying choices should be freely available to the consumer.

About The Conflict Free Diamond Council
The Conflict Free Diamond Council raises awareness of conflict and conflict-free diamonds to help consumers make informed purchases, and works with the international community to create safer and more socially responsible business practices in the diamond industry. The CFDC believe that a strong consumer demand for certified conflict-free diamonds will pressure international governments, businesses, and organizations to push through necessary reforms to reshape the diamond industry.

About MedShare International
MedShare International is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization dedicated to distributing surplus medical supplies and equipment for use by healthcare institutions in economically developing countries. Since MedShare's inception in 1998, the organization has retrieved more than $42M in surplus medical supplies and equipment from U. S. donors and shipped over 300 forty-foot medical aid containers to healthcare institutions in economically developing countries.

Media Contact: Amy Cunha, Big Picture PR, 415.362.2085.

# # #

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Learn About the Most Reputable Online Affiliate Programs and Lead Generation Techniques

Learn About the Most Reputable Online Affiliate Programs and Lead Generation Techniques

Jay Berkowitz to moderate 1-day SFIMA workshop featuring online affiliate programs and reputable lead generation techniques.

Boca Raton, FL (PRWEB) November 19, 2009

Jay Berkowitz has been selected by the South Florida Interactive Marketing Association to moderate a 1-day workshop featuring reputable affiliate programs (http://www. tengoldenrules. com/sfima-online-affiliate-program-workshop. htm) and lead generation techniques. The event is set to take place on Friday, November 20th at Nova Southeastern University. The event costs $49 or you can purchase a $249 workshop pass which includes a SFIMA annual membership and access to monthly educational events.

The event will be moderated by Jay Berkowitz and will feature a panel of online affiliate program experts who have had success managing and using reputable affiliate programs. This panel includes Julien Smith, Co-Author of the book, Trust Agents, Carolyn Tang from ShareASale, Mike Allen with ShoppingBargains. com, Andy Rodriguez of ARC Consulting, Gaida Zirkelbach and David Bates from Gunster Law Firm and Shari McConahay from Extreme Halloween. To register visit SFIMA (http://sfima. com/event_details. asp? eventID=76).

The all day event will be broken into sessions including:
  A review of reputable affiliate programs   Techniques for quality lead generation (http://www. tengoldenrules. com/sfima-online-affiliate-program-workshop. htm)   What it takes for run a successful online affiliate program

“For anyone who has and interest in increasing their e-commerce sales, this event is sure to help you develop a plan of action. Affiliate programs can help companies create a virtual sales force,” said Jay Berkowitz, founder of TenGoldenRules. com. “The South Florida Marketing Association always has great panelists to help educate people on the latest in Internet Marketing. I’m honored to be moderating the panel of affiliate experts who are willing to share their trials and tribulations to creating a successful affiliate program.”

About Ten Golden Rules:
Ten Golden Rules is an internet marketing promotion and strategic consulting firm based in Boca Raton, Florida helping businesses use Twitter to increase sales. This search engine marketing consulting firm helps companies develop strategies for driving more website traffic, using innovative SEO tactics while creating online advertising ideas and best practices for marketing on the Internet. The 10 Golden Rules Internet Marketing Podcast is available at Podcast. TenGoldenRules. com and on iTunes. For more information please visit TenGoldenRules. com.

About Jay Berkowitz:
Jay Berkowitz has managed marketing departments for Fortune 500 brands: McDonald's Restaurants and Coca-Cola, and has managed online and offline programs for AT&T, Sprint, and leading health and fitness website eDiets. com. He is a dynamic search engine marketing services (Seo) expert and displays leadership as a professional keynote public speaker on topics including how to make money in social media, lead generation techniques and online affiliate programs. Several of his topics include the use of the Internet for business, creating a personal brand and advice on branding for individuals and a business online, social media optimization, and finding reputable online affiliate marketing programs (http://www. tengoldenrules. com/sfima-online-affiliate-program-workshop. htm).


Kor Hotel Group Changes Name to Viceroy Hotel Group

Kor Hotel Group Changes Name to Viceroy Hotel Group

Kor Hotel Group has announced it is changing its name to Viceroy Hotel Group. Viceroy Hotel Group will function as an umbrella company for the sister hotel brands that formerly fell under Kor, Viceroy Hotels & Resorts, The Tides and Urban Retreats.

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) October 5, 2009

Kor Hotel Group has announced it is changing its name to Viceroy Hotel Group (http://www. viceroyhotelgroup. com? cmpid=epr_vhg_namechange_09/09). The new identity reflects the decade-long growth and evolution of the hotel management company, as well as the success that has resulted for its Viceroy brand since the debut of its flagship property, Viceroy Santa Monica, in 2002.

"The timing is ideal to underscore the success and growth of our flagship Viceroy brand, in the same year that three new Viceroys debut in Miami, Anguilla and Snowmass," said Brad Korzen, Chief Executive Officer of Kor and now Viceroy Hotel Group. "While the name change is a significant evolution for us, the Company's focus on brand growth and standards of excellence will remain unchanged."

Viceroy Hotel Group will continue to seek premier luxury hotel and resort development opportunities around the world based upon uncompromising standards for location and guest appeal. Viceroy Hotel Group will function as an umbrella company for the sister hotel brands that formerly fell under Kor, Viceroy Hotels & Resorts (http://www. viceroyhotelsandresorts. com? cmpid=epr_vhg_namechange_09/09), The Tides (http://www. tidesresorts. com? cmpid=epr_vhg_namechange_09/09) and Urban Retreats (http://www. urbanretreathotels. com? cmpid=epr_vhg_namechange_09/09).

The Viceroy brand exemplifies a passion for visionary design and intuitive service. Signature Viceroy amenities and services created for the brand's diverse business and leisure guests include dynamic dining venues featuring world-class culinary talents and destination spas specializing in health, fitness and beauty. Current Viceroy properties include Viceroy Santa Monica, Palm Springs, Miami, Anguilla and Snowmass; with forthcoming openings in Mayakoba in Mexico's Riviera Maya and Sowwah Island in Abu Dhabi. The Middle Eastern Viceroy flagship is slated to debut in 2012 in the core of Abu Dhabi's new Central Business District as a deluxe business hotel comprising up to 250 hotel guest rooms and suites, as well as branded residences.

The Tides collection of resorts offers "chic-by-the-shore" settings that invite guests to unwind and reconnect. Each Tides destination offers culturally inspired leisure and wellness experiences delivered with style, spirit and intuitive service. The Tides portfolio currently includes resorts in Miami's sizzling South Beach and Mexico's Riviera Maya and Zihuatanejo, as well as a development on the horizon on St. Lucia in the Lesser Antilles.

Viceroy Hotel Group's Urban Retreats are a collection of individual boutique hotels that each offer a unique experience and currently include Maison 140 and Avalon Hotel in Beverly Hills and Chamberlain Hotel in West Hollywood. Other global locations for Urban Retreats are under consideration.

The Viceroy Hotel Group name change follows the 2008 partnership with Abu Dhabi's Mubadala Development Company, whose continued strategic support is facilitating the growth of Viceroy Hotel Group on a global level.

For further information on Viceroy Hotel Group, please contact representatives at the numbers listed above.


DoTERRA International Launches doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation

DoTERRA International Launches doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation

During its Second Annual Convention, doTERRA International launched the doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation, and along with doTERRA Independent Product Consultants, raised thousands for the Mentors International project.

Orem, UT (PRWEB) September 24, 2010

doTERRA International announced its humanitarian effort, the doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation, at the company's second annual convention, which was held at the Grand America hotel in Salt Lake City, Utah. Through fundraising efforts, including a silent auction, doTERRA and its Independent Product Consultants raised thousands of dollars for Mentors International.

Mentors International (Mentors) is a private, 501(c)(3) non-profit microfinance organization that helps the impoverished in developing countries achieve self-sufficiency. "Mentors is the first project in the doTERRA Healing Hands effort to heal hearts and minds throughout the world," said David Stirling, doTERRA President.

DoTERRA's Healing Hands Foundation is committed to improving lives by partnering with organizations that offer hope to millions around the world. In addition to donating $15,000 to Mentors, doTERRA has also committed to thousands in monthly contributions. 

"It is an honor for Mentors International to partner with doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation to lift these families that are in poverty. We're excited to be working with a company that has a great mission of healing people, which goes hand-in-hand with our mission of helping families economically," said Mark Petersen, Mentors International President and CEO.

To donate or learn more about doTERRA's Healing Hands Foundation, visit www. doterrahealinghands. org.

About doTERRA International
DoTERRA International produces and distributes the highest quality essential oils-- CPTG Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils. In addition to a premium line of essential oils, the company also offers all-natural products infused with CPTG essential oils, including personal care items, nutritional supplements, and essential oils for massage therapists and healthcare professionals.
More information is available at www. doterra. com.


Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Chronic Diseases and Premium-Priced Devices Driving the US Vascular Access Device Market

Chronic Diseases and Premium-Priced Devices Driving the US Vascular Access Device Market

According to a new report entitled US Markets for Vascular Access Devices 2006, the US vascular access device market generated almost $1.1 billion in revenues in 2005 and will grown over 5% annually over the next five years.

Waltham, MA (PRWEB) September 11, 2006

Millennium Research Group (MRG), the global authority on medical technology market intelligence, finds that the US vascular access device market (which includes short peripheral intravenous catheters, central venous catheters (CVCs), peripherally inserted central catheters (PICCs), dialysis catheters, and implantable ports) will be driven by chronic diseases like end-stage renal disease (ESRD) and cancer. The increasing over-65 cohort in the US is expected to expand the number of people susceptible to chronic illness. Because the treatment of chronically ill patients often employs vascular access therapies, vascular access device unit sales will grow in tandem with the growth of this patient population. The adoption of next-generation vascular access devices to treat this population will further increase the vascular access device market. Furthermore, the introduction of these higher-priced devices will drive an increase in average selling prices over the next 5 years. As the aging population grows, and vascular access device unit sales continue to favor more expensive devices, vascular access device revenues will rise significantly. According to a new report entitled US Markets for Vascular Access Devices 2006, the US vascular access device market generated almost $1.1 billion in revenues in 2005 and will grow over 5% annually over the next five years.

ESRD, cancer, and chronic disease are the leading maladies that require treatment with vascular access technologies. The US has the highest incidence rate of ESRD in the world and the largest population of ESRD patients. Vascular access therapies are important to this patient population, as these devices are used for hemodialysis and intravenous treatment. The large number of cancer patients in the US undergoing chemotherapy treatment also require vascular access devices. Due to the intensity and frequency of chemotherapy treatments, long-dwelling venous access devices are used. Furthermore, the treatment of age-related chronic diseases often employs vascular access devices for nutritional support and overnight or long term antibiotic treatments. The availability of both short - and long-term vascular access devices increases the applicability of vascular access devices, allowing them to be used to treat multiple maladies.

MRG’s US Markets for Vascular Access Devices 2006 report is part of its Global Markets for Vascular Access Devices series, which includes analysis on Europe and Japan. The series covers various key industry competitors, including Becton Dickinson (BDX), C. R. Bard (BCR), Arrow International (ARRO), Medex (Smith's Medical) (SMGKF), B. Braun, Medcomp, Boston Scientific (BSX), Angiodynamics (ANGO), Rita Medical Systems (RITA), Cook, Edwards Lifesciences (EW), Deltec (Smith’s Medical) (SMGKF), Kendall (Tyco Healthcare) (TYC) and Spire Biomedical (SPIR).

About Vascular Access Devices

Vascular access devices are inserted into a vein and permit administration of intermittent - or continuous-infusion solutions or medications. These devices also permit the aspiration of blood for sampling.

About Millennium Research Group

Millennium Research Group (www. MRG. net), a Decision Resources, Inc. company (www. DecisionResources. com), is a leading provider of strategic information to the health care sector. Focused solely on the medical device, pharmaceutical, and biotechnology industries, the company provides its clients with the benefits of its specialized industry expertise through published reports and customized consulting services.

All company, brand, or product names contained in this document may be trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders.

For more information, contact:

Amy Krohn

Millennium Research Group

416-364-7776 x101

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Meet this Successful Woman Business Owner: Book Publicist Annie Jennings "Builds a Better Mousetrap" with Her Pay-for-Placement PR Services

Meet this Successful Woman Business Owner: Book Publicist Annie Jennings "Builds a Better Mousetrap" with Her Pay-for-Placement PR Services

This business profile of book publicist Annie Jennings on http://www. womenmarketing. com/success. htm tells how she decided to change the PR model and how she balanced her life by starting her own business.

(PRWEB) January 10, 2005

Annie Jennings believes in building a better mousetrap. When she started her book-promotion business, Annie Jennings PR, over 10 years ago, she considered how most publicity firms were operating and charging for their services, and decided she wanted to do it differently.

"I paid attention to the industry. I wasnÂ’t in PR prior to starting my own company, so I didnÂ’t learn from anyone else and I didnÂ’t begin with preconceived theories," says Annie. And because she didnÂ’t major in communications in college, she didnÂ’t come in with a belief system about how PR should be done. "So I was totally free to develop my own system, with no outside influences," she says.

AnnieÂ’s industry experience came from the other side of the desk--as a news reporter and a newscaster. In the course of her career, she found that PR people were usually missing the mark. And she knew they charged a hefty fee even when they failed to secure a placement.

So when she found that having a family and working in broadcast journalism didnÂ’t mesh, she decided to switch to the other side and start her own publicity business. It allowed her to have everything--her family, her career and more children. Starting her own business and doing it her way, she says, "helped me to achieve my lifeÂ’s dream of having what I have now, which is five wonderful, healthy children. ItÂ’s one of the choices you make based on your

Overall dream for your life."

When she began her business, she already had four children, and like most young, working mothers, she did it all. "I have to say that one of the benefits of running my own business is that I am able to make choices of time commitments. And I am able to go to their school activities, their soccer games, and everything else that I really feel is important. Now, in running my own business, there are times when I canÂ’t be there or choose not to be there. For instance, IÂ’m no longer the class mom. You canÂ’t do everything."

Annie has built her business into one that now has six publicists and two support staff. She now works a normal 40 hours a week, and her "staff" are all independent contractors with a need for a flexible schedule. Each publicist has attended AnnieÂ’s "Crash Course in Publicity Training," a three-month intensive training class that she offers on an ongoing basis.

"I followed my instincts," says Annie. "I noticed that there was a hole in the industry. People were paying retainers to publicists and the publicists would certainly provide, to the best of their ability, the services contracted for. Publicists do a lot of background work before they can begin promoting a product or service. When we first started, we were a retainer-based company, and I found that I was only as good as my last placement in the eyes of my client."

So instead of continuing to deal with clients who said, "What have you done for me lately?" Annie chose to change her company into a pay-for-placement publicity business focusing on authors, experts and speakers. The pay-for-placement model was already being used by a few PR people, but it was not (and still isnÂ’t) a common method.

"What I noticed was, my clients were certainly willing to pay, but they were willing to pay for results. And I wasnÂ’t willing to accept the flaws of the traditional retainer arrangement as part of my everyday experience because I like to be happy. I like to feel like IÂ’m contributing, like IÂ’m improving the world. I found that retainer-based relationships really limited my potential in pursuing my spiritual destiny, which is sharing information on a massive level with the intent of the betterment of all. Retainer-based PR didnÂ’t allow that. It was very restrictive."

Annie started the pay-for-placement program in 1998, when there were few people using this model. At the time, the firm had a couple of clients that were very challenging, and she felt her publicists were not being treated fairly by these clients. So, when they finished those contracts, Annie said, "ThatÂ’s it. We will never take another retainer client again. And I donÂ’t care if we go out of business, but I wonÂ’t live like this."

She intuitively decided what to charge for the placements, realizing that clients would most likely only want to pay for national publicity and taking into account that they were no longer paying for the development of their press materials because she develops them for her clients for free. She focuses all of her efforts on authors, experts and speakers--most of whom have a book to promote.

Working with Annie can be expensive--from $500 to $2,500 per placement--but if Annie Jennings PR takes on a client, national placement is guaranteed, and with national exposure, a clientÂ’s book sales or speaking engagements should increase, easily compensating for the fees.

"I know how to place a client in the exact venue where they’re going to thrive," she says. And she doesn’t place them on shows that are not right for them, like the "Today" Show, simply because that’s where they want to appear. "If someone’s not qualified or ready for the 'Today' Show, why do it? What they are really saying is, ‘I want to reach masses with my book. I want to share my message with the

'Today' Show audience.Â’ That can be done in other venues," says Annie. "People donÂ’t just watch the 'Today' Show and then not read or watch or do anything else. The audience is

Out there to reach."

Annie Jennings PR does what it takes to prepare its clients for moving up the publicity "food chain"--like insisting that they get media training to prepare them for radio and TV interviews. The company has a long list of vendors to help the client create the success they want.

"I believe in following my spiritual destiny--sharing information on a massive level for the betterment of society," says Annie. Promoting authors, experts and speakers helps her do that. And the world is better for it.

Words of Wisdom from Annie Jennings:

1. Do what you are passionate about and the bottom line will take care of itself.

2. Always strive to provide more value to the client than they ever pay for.

3. Make sure everything you do is perfect.

4. Continue to raise the bar, learn and improve.

5. Take the route that is best for the customer/client.

6. Do whatÂ’s best for the betterment of society.

7. Make sure everybody in the equation wins.

8. Refer business to dependable vendors. It reflects upon you.

9. Listen to others, but make your own decisions. You are the one who is ultimately responsible.

10. Remember that you have choices. You create your success or failure.

How to Reach This Successful Woman:

Annie Jennings

Annie Jennings PR

Phone: 908.281.6201

Fax: 908.281.5221

Website: http://www. anniejenningspr. com (http://www. anniejenningspr. com)

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Monday, February 20, 2006

Healthcare Workers Will Stay On Duty More Faithfully Than Recent Study Reports

Healthcare Workers Will Stay On Duty More Faithfully Than Recent Study Reports

Healthcare workers will rise to the demands of a bird flu pandemic, despite a recent study showing that a poll says 42% will stay home.

Ballwin, MO (PRWEB) May 31, 2006

[PRWEB] May 31, 2006 -- A study published in the April issue of the journal BMC Public Health reported 42% of surveyed healthcare workers said that they would not report to work during an influenza pandemic.

308 employees of three Maryland public health departments were polled from March through July 2005. Only 33% of them felt they were knowledgeable about influenza pandemics.

"People can't predict how they'll react during a crisis," says Richard Stooker, author of How to Protect Yourself and Your Family From Bird Flu. "I believe that many healthcare workers would heed the call of duty if necessary -- more than think they would when they're completing some unnecessary paperwork."

"The real risk to our medical establishment during a bird flu pandemic is not that ordinary workers won't do their jobs -- most will. It's that many will become sick and die because they're exposed to flu patients. It's also that hospitals and clinics will run out of beds, Tamiflu, vaccines, respirators and basic supplies. Hospital management may decide to shut hospitals simply to protect themselves from post-pandemic lawsuits. That's a risk the government will have to address, probably by just taking over all available hospitals to eliminate the legal risks."

Richard Stooker researched the bird flu virus A/H5N1 and created a start to finish proprietary 7 Perimeter Immune Defense System that explains how to defeat bird flu at every stage. He also provides a list of the Super Immunity 7 herbs and supplements.

More information on how you can learn How to Protect Yourself and Your Family is available at the author's website and blog.


One Healthcare Solution and MedBeyond Partner to Provide Optimum Solution for EMR and Medical Billing

One Healthcare Solution and MedBeyond Partner to Provide Optimum Solution for EMR and Medical Billing

New alliance to drive adoption of MedBeyond 's hosting and distribution services together with One Healthcare Solution's EMR system in medical practices

Georgetown, TX (PRWEB) July 17, 2009

One Healthcare Solution, Inc., a principal developer of electronic medical records solutions (EMR), today announced the signing of a Software Distribution Agreement along with an Additional Services Agreement (ASA) to provide a web-based MediTalk™ ASP solution with MedBeyond®, a leading provider of healthcare technology hosting and medical billing/collection services. MedBeyond® will provide access through their state-of-the-art computer data center in Houston, Texas, setting a benchmark for ease of deployment of a total solution to meet the guidelines of today's electronic medical office.

MedBeyond® will market and resell the innovative, stand-alone and now web-based MediTalk™ solution suite including MediTalk™ EMR and MediTalk™ Electronic Patient Checkin to their powerful national VAR, Reseller and referral channels to round out their offerings and to their existing full-service medical billing/collections clients and other providers nationwide. MediTalk's EMR, also known as Electronic Health Records, or EHR, solutions automate time-consuming administrative tasks, streamline clinical workflows, communicate directly with hundreds of national payers, and rely upon up-to-date decision support to add value and improve the patient-physician experience. Physicians can implement modules at their own pace, document the way they want with thousands of templates and work from the office, home or while on the road.

Both MedBeyond® and One Healthcare Solution, Inc., view this alliance as a unique opportunity to position MedBeyond® as the go-to solution for the most efficient, powerful, innovative and low-cost revenue cycle management service and EMR/AR solution in the country. MedBeyond® is currently deploying the MediTalk™ EMR and MediTalk™ Electronic Patient Checkin solutions with all of their new and current full service medical billing/collection clients. These practices are immediately enjoying a fully integrated Scheduler, Practice Management, Clearinghouse and Electronic Medical Records solution with features such as electronic patient check-in, medical sketchpad, voice recognition, electronic prescriptions and automated transcription management. Because MediTalk™ is now a web-based, ASP solution, it can be deployed very rapidly and with nominal up-front licensing costs or hardware investment.

"We are very pleased to sign MedBeyond® as our distribution partner to broaden our market reach in the US and specifically in the Southern region," says Marty Flores, Vice President, MediTalk™. "As a smart organization with the required expertise and solid market presence, they are perfectly suited to become our Software Distribution Channel in the United States."

With this new partnership, MedBeyond® plans to help their current customers and prospects to reduce costs and immediately start taking advantage of the stimulus funds through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, known as the ARRA for the adoption of EMR/EHR solutions and incentive programs available for use with a certified EMR solution. "To be successful in healthcare today, our physician practices need to rely upon innovative and proven technology that directly reduces costs, streamlines workflows and most importantly enables physicians to focus on providing improved patient care," said Jacqui Pettit, VP of Sales and Marketing at MedBeyond®.

About MedBeyond, LLC
MedBeyond, LLC (MedBeyond®) is a leading provider of healthcare web-based software solutions focused primarily on increasing the effectiveness of healthcare organizations nationwide. The company possesses a broad national VAR and reseller channel network along with a secure, state-of-the-art data center from which to offer these services and solutions. For more information about the MedBeyond® line of healthcare technology services and solutions, visit us at MedBeyond.

About One Healthcare Solution, Inc.
One Healthcare Solution, Inc. (One Healthcare Solution™) enhances and streamlines the delivery of patient care through providing the latest in fully integrated Electronic Medical Records (EMR) Software for ambulatory medical clinics. By demand, MediTalk™ Software over the years has been adapted to over 30 medical specialty practices. With a client base of over 300 doctors, One Healthcare Solution, Inc has been a leader in its industry since 1997. For more information visit One Healthcare Solution.

For more information or to inquire about the opportunity to resell MedBeyond/MediTalk products, contact Marty Flores with One Healthcare Solution, Inc., at 888-346-6842.

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Sunday, February 19, 2006

Longs Pharmacy joins the AccessMedical Provider network

Longs Pharmacy joins the AccessMedical Provider network

The AccessMedicalCard Affordable Health Program announced today that Longs Drugs one of largest chain of pharmacies in the United States has joined the AccessMedical Provider Network. This agreement provides reduced fee pharmacy assistance to all AccessMedicalCard members with a 30% discount on generic prescriptions and a 13% discount on branded prescriptions. Longs Drugs is a leading force in providing superior customer services and offers hundreds of locations throughout California.

PLEASANTON, CA (PRWEB) June 30, 2004

The AccessMedicalCard Affordable Health Program announced today that Longs Drugs one of largest chain of pharmacies in the United States has joined the AccessMedical Provider Network. This agreement provides reduced fee pharmacy assistance to all AccessMedicalCard members with a 30% discount on generic prescriptions and a 13% discount on branded prescriptions. Longs Drugs is a leading force in providing superior customer services and offers hundreds of locations throughout California. This agreement adds an important benefit for members of the AccessMedicalCard program which also offers discounts on medical care, dental care, mental health care and cosmetic medical care. The discounts also apply to pharmaceuticals ordered online with the Longs E-Fills pharmacy program (see Longs. com). Longs pharmacies join AccessMedicalCardÂ’s growing network of over 2,000 physicians, dentists, labs, surgery centers, diagnostic imaging centers and other health care providers. Each provider offers affordable healthcare alternatives for the uninsured and self-pay patients who are members of the AccessMedicalCard program. AccessMedicalCard is not an insurance program. AccessMedicalCard is a fully integrated reduced fee outpatient healthcare system providing quality healthcare services at affordable prices.

“Longs Drugs Stores, Inc. provides convenient access, excellent service and reduced fees for all prescription drugs for AccessMedical members”, says Longs’ David Valerio, Director of Managed Care, Sales and Marketing. To introduce this important new relationship between Longs Drug Stores and AccessMedicalCard we will be issuing up to 1 million free 8 week memberships in the AccessMedicalCard program”, says Neal Gilbert, President and CEO of Surgical Care Partners, Inc, the owner of the AccessMedicalCard program..

Says, Michael Ranahan, MD a practicing gynecologist in Pleasanton, CA “With many of our patients losing the benefit of employer sponsored health insurance the discounts offered by Longs will become an important added benefit to our patients who have to deal with the ever increasing cost of health care”. Longs joins our group of Bay Area physicians who are committed to providing the best quality affordable health care for the self-pay patient., adds John Wilhelmy, MD a practicing Orthopedic Surgeon in Walnut Creek, CA.,

About Longs

At Longs, caring for and serving valued customers has been a top priority for more than sixty years. There are more than 22,000 Longs employees who are committed to providing prompt and professional services at over 450 locations in the United States. Not only does Longs provide traditional pharmacy services, but they also have an online pharmacy labeled e-fills. All you have to do is register online and you can order your prescriptions in a matter of seconds.

The Longs Drug Stores tradition of caring began in 1938 when brothers Joe and Tom Long opened the first Longs store and helped institute the idea of self-service in the retail drug industry. Low prices, excellent service, and a tradition of "treating others as we, ourselves, would like to be treated" brought quick success to the first Longs Drug Store. Today, Longs Drug Stores is one of the most recognized retail drug store chains on the West Coast and in Hawaii. Through more than 470 stores in California, Hawaii, Washington, Nevada, Colorado and Oregon, Longs serves the health and well-being needs of consumers with customer-oriented pharmacy services and convenient product offerings that include over-the-counter medications, photo and cosmetics. Longs also provide pharmacy benefit management (PBM) services through its RxAmerica subsidiary. Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer Warren Bryant carries on the business beliefs and tradition that Joe and Tom Long established with their first store. Many of these same views are still applicable in our day-to-day operations and in our Mission Statement. The central theme of these beliefs remains to "Treat others as we, ourselves, would like to be treated." This applies not only to our customers, but also to the communities in which we reside, our shareholders, and to our employees.

About AccessMedicalCard

The AccessMedical Provider Network is a rapidly growing, Bay Area PPO network, of over 2,000 physicians and outpatient providers, dedicated to offering an affordable membership-based healthcare alternative for families, individuals and businesses. The physician and outpatient provider network includes surgery centers with overnight care, diagnostic imaging centers, specialty and primary care urgent care networks, physical therapists, medical equipment, and medical supplies. Other health care services include pain management, mental health, cosmetic surgery, and dental care. Headquartered in Pleasanton, California, and founded by Bay Area healthcare professionals and local physicians, the Company is devoted to making affordable quality healthcare a reality for the uninsured and the self-pay patient. The Company also offers the AccessDermaPlastCard. com program for reduced fee cosmetic medicine. The AccessMedicalCard initiative provides a comprehensive outpatient program offering consumersÂ’ quality healthcare in their community, when they need it, at prices they can afford. There are no claims forms, deductibles, denials for pre-existing conditions or age based premiums. The AccessMedical Provider Network is a PPO network which has individual contracts with each of its provider for members of the AccessMedicalCard program. AccessMedicalCard also offers a low cost Business Program. For more information about AccessMedicalCard, please visit www. accessmedicalcard. com or call (925) 460-8895.

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One Day Car Insurance Provides Necessary, Short-term Protection

One Day Car Insurance Provides Necessary, Short-term Protection

A new article by InsuranceAgents. com discusses the importance and benefits of obtaining one day car insurance online, when short term auto protection is needed.

Chicago, IL (PRWEB) October 12, 2009

Not everyone owns a car and for those who do not, what's the point in having a car insurance policy? For those who rely mainly on public transportation to get around town but need to drive a short distance or for a limited amount of time, while full coverage auto insurance policy is not necessary, these drivers still need to have some sort of auto insurance coverage in order to be legally allowed to drive.

Request insurance quotes now (http://bit. ly/y3FkD).

In a recent article posted by InsuranceAgents. com entitled One Day Car Insurance Online (http://www. insuranceagents. com/1-day-car. html), they describe what short-term auto insurance coverage is and how it provides protection. "Short term coverage can be purchased from one day for up to about six months. Whether you are driving across state lines and are worried about your current policy not meeting that state's requirements or you are driving a vehicle that is not your own, one day car insurance is low cost and offers extensive coverage that may come in handy," states the article. The comprehensive coverage that is offered by 1-day car insurance, which also can be used in lieu of traditional rental car insurance (http://www. insuranceagents. com/car-insurance/2009-06-rental. html), policies include protection against property damage, medical and legal costs and accidents that may involve an uninsured driver. Other people that could benefit from 1 day car insurance are travelers who are in town for only a few days and movers who need to borrow a car to pack up their belongings.

Just like any other type of insurance, drivers can compare one day auto insurance quotes online to find the best price for the coverage needed. No need to depend on one policy from one company when drivers can compare quotes from several companies at the same time and save more money.

About InsuranceAgents. com
An Inc 500 fastest growing company established in 2004, InsuranceAgents. com employs over 30 people with offices in Chicago, Illinois and Columbus, Ohio. Specializing in auto, life, health, renters, and homeowners insurance, InsuranceAgents. com provides consumers with expert article and insurance quotes from up to five local agents.


Technology Firm Unveils the Perfect South Florida Body

Technology Firm Unveils the Perfect South Florida Body

Etna Interactive's new website dedicated to body contouring is a blend of beautiful design and in-depth education.

San Luis Obispo, CA (PRWEB) October 25, 2007

Etna Interactive is pleased to announce the release of a new website: www. southfloridabody. com. Developed for the South Florida Center for Cosmetic Surgery, the site offers in-depth information on some of the most popular body contouring procedures available in the Ft. Lauderdale and Miami areas today: liposuction, tummy tucks and mini tummy tucks.

Within a design framework evoking the allure and appeal of the South Florida beach life, the site assists men and women considering body contouring in their decision-making process. Here, while they're introduced to the services offered by the South Florida Center, visitors can learn a great deal about the cosmetic procedures. The site takes readers through a description of liposuction and tummy tucks, a discussion of ideal candidates, and a photo gallery showing actual patients and their results. Visitors can also learn about risks and complications and visit the extensive Frequent Questions list for each procedure.

"Devoted to body contouring and the South Florida aesthetic, the new site has beauty and brains," said Ryan Miller, President of Etna Interactive. "When you see www. southfloridabody. com you know right away she is more than just a pretty face. With over 40 clinically reviewed pages of content, the new site is a leading resource for liposuction and tummy tuck information in Ft. Lauderdale and Miami."

You can learn more about cosmetic surgery options in South Florida by visiting the new site at www. southfloridabody. com.

For more information on Etna Interactive, its clients and services, visit www. etnainteractive. com or contact Ryan Miller at 866-374-3762.

About Etna Interactive:
Founded in 2002, and based in San Luis Obispo, California, Etna Interactive provides Web marketing services to the elective healthcare industry (including medical device manufacturers, plastic surgeons, cosmetic surgeons, cosmetic dentists and medical day spas); to physicians and surgeons offering new or novel treatments; and to professional service providers including lawyers, architects and builders. Etna Interactive services clients from Hawaii to upstate New York.


Saturday, February 18, 2006

BMCC Students Get Boost up Career Ladder—and Edge in Fast-Growing Hospital Info Tech Field

BMCC Students Get Boost up Career Ladder—and Edge in Fast-Growing Hospital Info Tech Field

In New York City, only the Borough of Manhattan Community College offers an accredited associate-degree program in Health Information Technology that leads to real careers.

New York, NY (Vocus) February 2, 2010

Graduates of the Borough of Manhattan Community College’s Health Information Technology (HIT) program are eligible to sit for the Registered Health Information Technician (RHIT) exam—a necessary step if they want to take full career advantage of the medical industry’s shift to electronic medical records, or EMRs.

“There are certificate coding schools out there,” says BMCC professor Rawle Chichester, who teaches Intro to Electronic Medical Records, “but this is the only program in New York City accredited by the Commission on Accreditation for Health Informatics and Informational Management Education [CAHIIM], that awards an associate degree—making you eligible to take the RHIT exam. The only one.”

With unemployment hitting 10.6% in New York City, money spent on education and training must be wisely placed. Students who earn an associate degree in BMCC’s HIT program are investing their education dollars to enter a field that is not only growing, but backed by the Obama administration—which set aside $46 billion to help doctors and hospitals ‘go electronic’, by 2014.

From ethics to coding: hands-on, well rounded training
At BMCC (http://www. bmcc. cuny. edu), students experience first hand, the type of medical data experience they’ll encounter as EMR professionals. “We have practice software we get directly from AHIMA--the American Health Information Management Association,” says Chichester, “which students can access from home or in class.”

Entering a field that’s breaking new ground in information sharing, they also need awareness of ethical issues unique to the HIT and EMR workplace. “We teach the legal aspects,” says Chichester. “Confidentiality issues. We teach management. We teach quality assurance.”

And of course, medical coding is part of the training—and requires a lot more than being data-savvy. According to HIT Program Director Linda Carlson, anatomy and physiology courses “are the cornerstone of understanding coding.” In short, students have to know the difference between a disease and its symptoms, and she gives an example: appendicitis. “For coding purposes, you would not code ‘abdominal pain’.”

Once coding is in place, billing can happen. “Coding is where the money is,” says Professor Rawle Chichester. “Whatever procedure the doctor performs, it’s assigned a code by the Internal Classification of Diseases. There is no other way to get reimbursed.”

Eventually, students apply their EMR skills through practicums in 25 hospitals and medical facilities throughout New York City. A preceptor—a hospital director or supervisor—mentors them and ensures they are exposed to an array of work areas utilizing EMRs.

“Cancer registry is one department where students spend time,” says Chichester. “Then they move on to billing and coding. They spend six weeks there, altogether.”

Starting a new career, or jump starting an existing one
According to Chichester, about half of the 24 people in his class already work in the medical field, such as hospital employee J. Carrasco.

“I came back to school because I want to apply for management positions,” she says, “and it’s important to have the HIT degree. We’re a ‘hybrid’ at my hospital—we have both electronic and paper files, but we’re trying to go electronic completely. It’s good for the patient. Cardio cases, you need information right away, and electronically, it’s much faster.”

“Access is the big difference with EMRs,” Chichester says. “Before, if a doctor needed information, you had to search and search manually—now with EMRs, you just press a few computer keys.”

“Or let’s say the doctor tells you, ‘I need information on all the Cesarean sections I’ve done over the last five years.’ That would take weeks to find, but now, it takes a few seconds. Another example – the doctor ordered tests for a patient, but the results can’t be found. Now, results are immediately entered into the system—they’re right there on the computer.”

BMCC enrolls over 21,000 degree-seeking and 10,000 Continuing Education students a year. The largest community college in The City of New York (CUNY) system, BMCC has students from more than 155 countries, and awards Associate in Science (AS), Associate in Arts (AA), and Associate in Applied Science (AAS) degrees in over 25 fields.


Outskirts Press Announces Organizing for Good, the Latest Highly-anticipated Business/ Leadership Book from Denver, CO Author Michael H. Annison

Outskirts Press Announces Organizing for Good, the Latest Highly-anticipated Business/ Leadership Book from Denver, CO Author Michael H. Annison

Outskirts Press, Inc. has published Organizing for Good: What it Takes to Achieve Sustainable Excellence by Michael H. Annison, which is the author's most recent book to date. The 6 x 9 Paperback in the Business/ Leadership category is available worldwide on book retailer websites such as Amazon and Barnes & Noble for a suggested retail price of $15.95. Organizing for Good is also available in its 6 x 9 Hardback w/ Jacket edition for $23.95. The webpage at www. outskirtspress. com/MichaelAnnison was launched simultaneously with the book's publication.

Denver, CO (PRWEB) February 11, 2008

Outskirts Press, Inc. has published Organizing for Good: What it Takes to Achieve Sustainable Excellence by Michael H. Annison, which is the author's most recent book to date. The 6 x 9 Paperback in the Business/ Leadership category is available worldwide on book retailer websites such as Amazon and Barnes & Noble for a suggested retail price of $15.95. Organizing for Good is also available in its 6 x 9 Hardback w/ Jacket edition for $23.95. The webpage at www. outskirtspress. com/MichaelAnnison (http://www. outskirtspress. com/MichaelAnnison) was launched simultaneously with the book's publication.

About the Book (Excerpts & Info)

Organizing for Good summarizes what it takes to achieve sustainable success. As we start a new century most managers are working harder and harder to achieve leass and less.

To become more effective we need to change how we manage - and more importantly change how we think about management.

Deftly constructed at 148 pages, Organizing for Good: What it Takes to Achieve Sustainable Excellence is being aggressively promoted to appropriate markets with a focus on the Business/ Leadership category. With U. S. wholesale distribution through Ingram and Baker & Taylor, and pervasive online availability through Amazon, Barnes & Noble and elsewhere, Organizing for Good meets consumer demand through both retail and library markets with a suggested retail price of $15.95 and $23.95, respectively.

Additionally, Organizing for Good can be ordered by retailers or wholesalers for the maximum trade discount price set by the author in quantities of ten or more from the Outskirts Press wholesale online bookstore at www. outskirtspress. com/buybooks (http://www. outskirtspress. com/buybooks)

ISBN: 9781432715854 Format: 6 x 9 Paperback SRP: $15.95
ISBN: 9781432709907 Format: 6 x 9 Hardback w/ Jacket SRP: $23.95

For more information or to contact the author, visit www. outskirtspress. com/MichaelAnnison (http://www. outskirtspress. com/MichaelAnnison )

About the Author

Michael H. Annison is President of The Westrend Group in Denver, Colorado, co-author of Trust Matters-New Dimensions of Health Care Leadership and author of the award winning Managing the Whirlwind-Patterns and Opportunities in a Changing World. His next book, Organizing for Good, discusses what it takes for leaders and organizations to be effective in a changing world.

Mr. Annison's previous experience includes the founding and development of an international shrimp company, as well as work for the Governors of the Rocky Mountain States, the Department of Health, Education and Welfare, The Washington Technical Institute, the Ford Foundation and the Superintendent of the Cleveland Public Schools. Mr. Annison has been a Visiting Professor at the University of Denver, the University of Minnesota Business School and the Graduate School of Business Administration at the University of Colorado and the University of Maryland.

Throughout his career, Mr. Annison has focused on and written about questions related to social and organizational change - issues that comprise the basis of the book and The Westrend Group's work with its clients.

About Outskirts Press, Inc.

Outskirts Press, Inc. offers turn-key, full-service, custom self-publishing for authors seeking a cost-effective, fast, and flexible way to publish and distribute their books worldwide while retaining all their rights and full creative control. In 2007, the Denver Business Journal recognized Outskirts Press as the 3rd fastest-growing privately-held company in Colorado, with a growth rate of 1,560% since 2004. Available for authors globally at www. outskirtspress. com and located on the outskirts of Denver, Colorado, Outskirts Press represents the future of book publishing, today.

Outskirts Press, Inc., 10940 S. Parker Rd - 515, Parker, Colorado 80134
Http://outskirtspress. com  (http://outskirtspress. com)


Friday, February 17, 2006

CareNow® Now Offering Sports and School Physical

CareNow® Now Offering Sports and School Physical

CareNow® is now offering early bird specials for school and sports physicals for the 2009-10 school year.

Dallas, TX (PRWEB) June 17, 2009

CareNow® knows that having a child in extra curricular activities can become stressful for some parents. CareNow® has begun school and sports physicals so the parents can get this taken care of before the rush of a new school year.

CareNow® has twenty two locations all over the DFW Metroplex so the parents will not have to travel far to have the physical completed on the child. The close locations will allow parents that work to take less time off while their child gets the school or sports physical.

"We know that parents need time prior to each school year to take their children in for physicals, we try to make it less stressful for them by beginning the process early and giving them a discount if they come in before July 31, 2009," said Vickie Johnson, RN, Sr. Director of Image Development of named CareNow®.

CareNow® has been providing North Texas with over fifteen years of service and now has twenty two locations around the DFW area. CareNow® offers family care, urgent care, physical therapy, occupational medicine, as well as travel medicine. The medical centers are open late seven days a week and accept over forty insurance plans. All CareNow® locations have Board Certified physicians on staff and the group is one of the only primary care facilities in Texas to voluntarily pass the rigorous certification requirements of the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Healthcare (AAAHC). Visit http://www. carenow. com (http://www. carenow. com) for more information.

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Thursday, February 16, 2006

From Horror to Healing - Lost Son? A Bastard Child's Journey of Hope, Search, Discovery and Healing by Lawrence P. Adams is Now Available

From Horror to Healing - Lost Son? A Bastard Child's Journey of Hope, Search, Discovery and Healing by Lawrence P. Adams is Now Available

Lost Son? A Bastard Child's Journey of Hope, Search Discovery and Healing: Author Lawrence P. Adams shares a horrific life within our nation's foster care system. He takes one from the most painful experiences to the intimate details of a life to achieve victory.

Dubuque, IA (PRWEB) May 9, 2004

Lost Son? A Bastard Child's Journey of Hope, Search Discovery and Healing: Author Lawrence P. Adams shares a horrific life within our nation's foster care system. He takes one from the most painful experiences to intimate details of a life to achieve victory.

This is the true story of a child born to a nineteen year old unwed mother. Placed lovingly for adoption, he is instead thrust into the quagmire of the Michigan foster care system. "Stability" would be a word found in a dictionary, not in daily life, as he is moved fourteen times in eleven years. He is finally rescued and given a "home" at Boys Town. At eighteen, cast into the world of the unknown, without anyone or anyplace to call home, he goes forth with only hope and determination. Growing into adulthood, he searches for birth parents, an unknown heritage and sexual identity. Discovery of "true self" enables him to confront and overcome brutal and emotionally damaging realities from childhood which can no longer stay buried deep within his memory. This is the story of his difficult life battle, but more importantly, his ultimate victory...healing!


It is the author's intention that ALL royalties received from his book will go to charity. It is my hope at some future date it will allow me to reach one of my dreams. The dream is to set up a foundation for children who have survived the "foster care system." It is hoped that through the foundation I will be able to help other "throw away kids" have one or more of the opportunities in life that I have been blessed with. Therefore, I will receive no financial enrichment from this book purchased. My enrichment will come from knowing, in some small way, I brightened someone else's life.


The stability of four years came to sudden end in May, 1960, when I was abruptly removed from the Monshor's home.

I would, as you see in the following chapter, be placed in yet another foster home (#11).

I remember that fateful day of May 17, 1960, like it was yesterday. We had celebrated Susan's sixteenth birthday two days previously. I scampered through the alley from school heading home.

Upon entry into the backyard, I saw Mom. She was crying. She came to me and held me. I looked up and could see inside the enclosed back porch, what had to be a social worker. Without a word being said, I knew then why Mom was crying. I was again going to be taken from the only ones I ever called Mom and Dad.

I broke down crying as Mom held me tightly. I tried as best as a ten year old could to reassure Mom. I told her, "Its okay Mom, I'll be all right. No matter where they send me, you'll always be Mom."

With that, I dried my eyes and went inside to "bag" my worldly possessions not knowing what would be in store for me. I knew I had to be brave for Mom! I packed a just a few possessions in the bag and went out to the living room. There was Mom standing by the social worker still crying. She asked where all my other things were. I told her she might care for another little boy and I would want him to have them.

I, one more time, hugged Mom and told her I loved her and to tell Dad the same. With that, before starting to cry again, I told the social worker I was ready. I ended up being the last foster child Mom and Dad would care for.

As the social worker and I made our way to the front door I could still hear Mom crying. I had to keep walking. Throughout all this the social worker said nothing. Little did I know, I would never again be returned to Mom and Dad's home?


“In Lost Son?, Adams takes you on a heart wrenching journey of loss, pain, reunion, and joy. He leaves no stone unturned when he illustrates the horrific inadequacies of the foster care system — which were plentiful. He points out the inadequacies and places blame where blame is due. He recounts his suicide attempt, sexual identity struggles, and reunion joys and nightmares. As a survivor of four institutions and eleven foster homes, Adams is without a doubt an expert to say the least. I was moved by his description of the love he felt (and received) by one foster family and his wonderful experience at the famous Boys Town.

When he later found out that this foster family tried to adopt him several times, but was denied without explanation, I was angered. His spirit always shines through regardless of the horrors and loss he has endured in his 50+ years of life. He is never the martyr.

The horror hits again when his birth mother, after a twelve-year reunion, rejects Adams for being gay and the relationship abruptly comes to an end. Again, Adams strength and courage shine through as he removes the negative forces of his life and deals with an unfaithful partner after 22 years, and the epidemic of AIDS that has touched his life immeasurably. The message that is loud and clear is that we must accept the circumstances of our childhoodÂ’s and move on while at the same time not accept abusive or toxic people in our

Lives today. He shares with us his lessons in life and how he has worked through the painful parts.

Touched by foster care and adoption or not, we can all take heed of his advice. Triad members and mental health professionals need to read this book to learn about the issues that are general to adoption but specific to foster care survivors. Lawrence, your message will not soon be forgotten by this reader for sure.”



Lawrence P. Adams gives us a taste of reality so few of us ever experience. Yet, with so little in common with him, his story reached straight in and grabbed a hold of my heart. Eleven foster homes, Boys Town, college and an impressive career path are all, the backdrop to the search for family and love in this a journal of a life. His struggles and personal growth overcoming a society plagued with red tape and trite deserves more than a brief summary. It deserves to be read.


The casual book shopper may think that anyone who grew up in this country's child welfare system could write a memoir of his or her experiences. It's not that easy.

First, you've got to physically survive the system itself. With the all too common excessive numbers of foster home placements and replacements and the inconsistent quality of physical, emotional and medical care in those homes, that's not easy to do. Stability is a word such kids find in a dictionary, not in their daily lives.

Not all the kids who enter such a system do survive. Too many of those who do are so damaged in one way or another that they wind up in prison or mental hospitals. Of those who do survive their passage through the child welfare system and manage to make something of their lives, many may wish to leave those experiences buried 'way back in some distant corner of memory rather than share them with others. How many would want to recall such difficult experiences and share them with those who may find such accounts incredible and unbelievable? How many would even have the strength to try to share such experiences?

That's why Mr. Adams' willingness to share his life as a bastard child, a newborn infant consigned to the not-always-tender-mercies of Michigan's child welfare system, is so amazing.

His journey through the strange and bewildering world he had entered through no fault of his own has enormous emotional impact. The cost of surviving in such a world was high, very high!

This is a story of great pain and suffering. It's also a story of what one can accomplish when someone has great strength and, every once in a while, discovers that someone may actually care about him. Pain can't be erased, but perhaps one can move beyond it. Sometimes that hope may be enough to survive.

Mr. Adams tells his story with grace and warmth. It is highly readable and filled with a humanity which is all the more surprising in coming from one who experienced so little of it.


Lost in the foster-care-system, he was NOBODY'S CHILD. Through the turmoil and tears he survived and became strong. Now the one nobody would listen to as a child; found his voice somewhere along his journey in life, and shares his story.

He was no one's son. At birth he became a ward of the state as a foster child. Thus began his eighteen year agonizing journey. It took him to eleven foster homes, three institutions, finally a modern day orphanage...Boys Town, Nebraska.

He got use to the unfamiliar, to switching schools, leaving behind friends and struggling to make new ones. He called foster parents "mom" and "dad," as he felt it was expected of him. Most of them were nice enough. They provided the basics and did the best they could.

Arrival at Boys Town helped him to chart a new path for his young life. By then, he already realized that he had to take care of himself, because nobody else would. He was only eleven years old!

"Instead of becoming jaded and bitter," he hoped to see the world full of opportunities to make a difference.

Yet, he would always carry the burden of his past.

He shares the years after foster care. His journey goes through his accomplishments, his struggles with himself, the search for his biological family and finally the healing that was necessary for him to be made whole.

"Some wounds of the past will never completely heal," but he shows how they can be overcome.

Reading his story has truly been a journey of hope, search, discovery and healing. It is a story that should be read by all within the foster-care-system and anyone who cares about children.

Mr. Adams has a wonderful way of capturing his reader. I believe part of that charismatic catch comes from his honesty and sincerity. His emotions and feelings ring so real and true. His words have a way of gently tugging at one's heart-strings. When one begins reading this book, you won't be able to put it down.

This book will touch your every human emotion. It's impact will have a real healing effect on many. It could also bring about the beginning of change within the foster-care-system.

I highly recommend it!



Received education at Boys Town, Nebraska and Midland Lutheran College. Have had a professional career in government, nonprofit, academia and private industry.

Birth Place: Detroit, MI USA

Resides In: Dubuque, IA USA


Recipient of Presidential Volunteer Award from President Reagan in 1982. Recipient of New York's Eleanor Roosevelt Volunteer Award 1983. Recipient of numerous awards for web site presentation 1998-2003.

Founder & former Director of Helping Hands; a program providing respite to parents of children with disabilities. Former Director CityMeals-on-Wheels Program; a NYC based foundation providing meals to the elderly on weekends and holidays where federal funds did not provide. Volunteer for a variety of AIDS programs in cities I have lived from 1980-1998.

The author has written articles for magazines on the subject of the foster care system. He could be available to also speak before groups.

Visit the author's web site at http://www. larrya. us (http://www. larrya. us) or http://www. authorsden. com/lawrencepadams (http://www. authorsden. com/lawrencepadams) for more information.

Lost Son? A Bastard Child's Journey of Hope, Search, Discovery and Healing

By: Lawrence P. Adams

ISBN: 1-4137-1709-8, 166 pages / US $19.95

Publication: June, 2004

Pre-Release Orders accepted as of: May 1, 2004

Publisher: Publish America http://www. publishamerica. com (http://www. publishamerica. com)

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Plummer & Associates, a Retail Industry Expert, Offers Advice to the College Graduating Class of 2010

Plummer & Associates, a Retail Industry Expert, Offers Advice to the College Graduating Class of 2010

By focusing exclusively on retail industry, Plummer & Associates has gained the knowledge, experience and perspective of an expert and in John Plummer’s opinion the retail industry now consists of large and highly sophisticated organizations which offer challenging responsibilities and opportunities for college graduates.

New Canaan, CT (PRWEB) April 21, 2010

Plummer & Associates, a retail industry expert, describes why retail is now an attractive career for college graduates and offers advice for the class of 2010.

With over 40 years experience in retail human resources management and executive search consulting, John Plummer has developed a unique perspective on the retail industry as he has help build the new successful retail organizations and has watched the industry evolve into highly complex businesses requiring executives with new sophisticated tools. He sees the industry competing for the best talent from colleges offering opportunities which equal or exceed those in the financial services, consumer products, and technology industry segments.

John Plummer currently is President, Plummer & Associates, a New Canaan, Connecticut, based boutique executive search consulting firm which specializes in recruiting senior officers for the retail industry. Over the years, he has recruited teams for growth retailers (Staples, Starbucks, 24 Hour Fitness, Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie, Hot Topic!, Chipotle, Jamba Juice, Ulta Salon Cosmetics & Fragrances, The North Face, and many more of the retailers that have changed the retail landscape. Previously, he had served as a human resources executive for divisions of Federated Department Stores, Fedmart*, and Mervyn’s). He graduated with his MBA degree in 1968 from the University of Southern California and also earned his BA in Economics from USC.

“Many years ago when I graduated with an MBA degree, I joined Bullock’s Department Stores in Los Angeles where I had already been working on a part-time basis. I quickly heard from Professors and peers that I had made the wrong choice. They said the industry was not sophisticated enough to use my newly learned tools nor would retail offer the challenges needed. Being contrary, I decided to stay. Of course, being paid more than anyone else in his class comforted him a great deal. Retail still had the reputation as an undesirable industry in 2007 when an article appeared in USAToday stating that fewer young people were willing to consider a career in retailing. “

Well, things have changed. Retail is now a highly complex and sophisticated industry offering incredible challenges and the opportunity to put your new skills to work. When John Plummer joined retail, the organizations were primarily run by owning families and few executives were college educated and most were tactical in orientation. Now, the leaders of the top retail organizations are well-educated with over 85 % having college degrees(1) and 23% having MBA degrees(1). As retail continues to grow Plummer & Associates (http://www. plummersearch. com) expects the percentage with college degrees will approach 100% and that the percentage with MBA degrees will be close behind.

What has changed….

First, the industry has consolidated from mostly family-owned and managed regional chains into large corporations operating nationwide and globally.

Secondly, these large businesses are in a highly competitive environment and require sophisticated solutions to strengthen the relationship with the consumer, to manage inventories effectively, to effectively utilize operating and capital expenditures, and to build management, systems, and other infrastructure to support growth and to serve the customer.

Thirdly, the industry works in an ever changing environment in which new ways to serve the customer are constantly being invented along with new ways to communicate with the customer. More importantly, the customer base needs to be better understood to seek ways to better serve the targeted customer as well as to understand consumers who could be effectively served and brought into the customer base. E-commerce has become mainstream over the past few years and opportunities through mobile-commerce are just starting to grow. Who knows what the next channel will be.

Fourthly, global growth in retail has been slow to take hold but is now a significant opportunity. For years global retail seemed to be limited to the luxury brands. Now, the food service industry is rapidly expanding on a global basis (examples: McDonalds, Yum!, Starbucks, etc). Mass merchandising is also expanding rapidly with Carrefour having stores worldwide and Wal-Mart, Staples, Best Buy, Costco, and others catching up. This growth demands executives who have the tools to be effective in different cultures with differing ground-rules.

Lastly, the industry is led by executives who know that highly talented executives are required to lead the businesses going forward. These executives have organized the business so that college graduates can quickly assume roles with responsibilities and require intellectual rigor and offer greater satisfaction.

The Opportunities…

Market Research – The industry is learning more about how to target consumer segments and how the company can expand that customer base without negatively impacting on the relationship with the core targeted customer. The opportunities are significant for the individual who knows how to design research and who is able to interpret the information into strategies. 

Advertising/Sales Promotion – This was what retail was known for and is still an important role. But, with the growing use of social media the communication with customers is changing dramatically.

Merchandising – This role is constantly evolving. Merchants no longer make decisions based upon ‘gut feel’. In the past the manufacturer had all the customer information. Retailers with sophisticated point-of-sale information now know which products best meet their customer needs. As a result, the merchant is now an interpreter of the research and sales data and is often partnering with the manufacturer in product design, quality control, and costing.

Brand Management - Retailers now know that a nameplate is no longer sufficient and that strong brand management principles are required to be consistently successful and that the brand must be carried out through all marketing materials, the store experience and the e-commerce experience. This requires that marketing be involved in store operations, store design, human resources and all other areas of the enterprise.

Retail (http://www. plummersearch. com) is a labor intensive industry regardless if it is in the food service, retail services, grocery, or fashion sectors. The industry will always need executives who can manage people effectively towards meeting customer expectations and to carry out the essence of the brand.

Operations Management – The opportunities in supply chain management are significant. The efficient movement of merchandise is critical to stay competitive.

Store Development – As retailers look for better predictors of success in store locations and store design, executives are needed with sophisticated financial modeling tools, location selection tools, and store design tools. Green tools are also highly important to reduce energy costs and carbon footprints.

Process Improvement – As with any older industry in a new innovative climate, the retail industry now requires executives who can evaluate procedures and processes starting with a fresh pad rather than looking for incremental improvements.

Accounting/Reporting – With new financial systems, the size of the accounting and reporting organizations has shrunk but opportunities exist for those who know how to work with and get the most out of financial systems.

Financial Planning & Analysis – Retailers look to the financial organization to provide the analytics and lead in the development of forecasts and budget planning. Opportunities are significant for those with strong analytical tools.

Creating Value –The role of financial executives as teachers and coaches in working with the other functions in the organization to help them understand the financial implications of their decisions is growing in importance.

Corporate Finance – Retailers require financing to support inventories all year and also require financing to support growth.

Information Technology …
Over the past few years systems have been developed for merchandising, supply chain management, financial management, and operations management. Now, systems are being built to better handle channels such as e-commerce, direct marketing, m-commerce, and shop-television. In addition, new communications are being established with social networking and media. This is creating a demand for executives with greater IT knowledge.

Human Resources …
Talent Acquisition… Because retail is people intensive, there is always a need to recruit people. More important, is recruiting top talent with the appropriate skills and style to meet the company’s objectives. Understanding new methodologies to recruit talent through social networking and other new practices, policies, and procedures is increasingly important.

Human Capital Development… Identifying talent within the organization and developing that talent to each individual’s potential is significantly important to the survival of a retailer in supporting growth and achieving brand standards throughout the organization.

Talent Retention… No good retailer can afford to lose good talent. Understanding what causes talent to leave and understanding what it takes to retain top talent is of utmost importance.

Compensation and Benefits… Retail has moved to understanding the importance of talent and retaining top talent. As a result, compensation and benefit plans are needed to provide the best return on investment.

Human Capital is no longer considered an expense. Instead, it creates a major differentiation between one retailer and all others.

Which Industry Segments Offer Opportunities

Food Service - Growth in the food service sector is significant. The best growth opportunities are in quick serve and quick casual. Look at the growth of Starbucks, Yum! (Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, KFC), Chipotle’, Jamba Juice, both in the U. S. and internationally. The opportunities because of this growth are significant. Only the sit down dining sector is experiencing slow growth.

Fashion Specialty - Although the U. S. has been over-stored in fashion, the shake out due to the recession is creating new opportunities for the stronger retailers. In addition, fashion manufacturers are opening company owned retail stores.

Hard-lines Specialty - This sector has faced the most challenges during this recession. Growth has slowed for most hard-lines retailers. The growth opportunities are primarily with Home Depot, Lowes, Dick’s Sporting Goods, AutoZone, Petsmart, and similar operations.

Mass Merchandising - This group consists of Wal-Mart, Target, Carrefour, Costco, Sam’s Club, Metro and similar chains. These are sophisticated and driven retail organizations offering significant opportunities in the U. S. and globally. These retailers are also broadening their customer bases and are expanding their merchandise assortments.

Grocery - The grocery industry was caught off guard with the advent of the warehouse clubs and the entrance of mass merchandisers into the grocery categories. These retailers are fighting back through the development of better operating strategies and marketing strategies. It was just announced that almost 50% of Wal-Mart sales are from the grocery categories. At the same time, new successful concepts such as Trader Joe’s, Aldi, and Whole Foods are growing rapidly.

HBA/Drug - This segment has consolidated heavily down to only a couple of major players who are highly sophisticated. They are also redesigning the business model through the addition of mini health clinics and the addition of third party drug provision services. The innovation in this segment will grow in geometric progression.

Retail Services - This is another major growth category and is a result of consumers need for services provided by a reliable brand. All you need to do is look at the growth of Geek Squad, Jiffy Lube, Jackson – Hewitt Tax Service, California Closets, Aamco, Merry Maids, just to name a few.

E-commerce, catalog, shop television, direct selling, direct marketing, m-mobile – The growth of e-commerce has taken share away from traditional catalog retail and direct selling and direct marketing channels. The emergence of multi-channel strategies and the advent of m-commerce will ensure growth in this broad sector.

New Ventures – This has always been the most exciting part of retail. Just look at the new companies that have developed within the last twenty years into industry dominance. For example, look at Starbucks, Staples, Office Depot, Anthropologie/Urban Outfitters, Amazon, PeaPod, 24 Hour Fitness, Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods, Geek Squad, Best Buy Mobile, Jamba Juice, Chipotle’ Mexican Grill, and all the other major retailers which have evolved from a twinkle in the eye to powerhouses.

What is the most rewarding factor?
The most important feed back an executive finds in the retail industry is the customer’s response to new actions and strategies. Regardless of whether you run an entire retail organization or just a small market, you can quickly see the results of your activities. This inspires self-confidence and drives your ambition to do and try more. Nothing builds esteem like seeing your success!

How to investigate a career in retail?
Check with your placement office for when a retailer will be interviewing at your school. If retailers are not interviewing at your school, I strongly recommend you contact the senior human resources executive at the retailer you are interested in joining. A letter to that executive will get you considered for the company’s executive development program. You may find a position at a local branch at a major chain, but that usually will not offer you the opportunity to quickly move into a decision making role.

For more information on Plummer & Associates please visit www. plummersearch. com.
(1) Based upon study: Education of CEO’s in Top 100 Retailers by Plummer & Associates April, 2009. http://www. prweb. com/releases/2009/04/prweb2298774.htm (http://www. prweb. com/releases/2009/04/prweb2298774.htm)

Plummer & Associates
P. O. Box 607
New Canaan, Connecticut 06840 0607
(800) 603-9981
Www. plummersearch. com (http://www. plummersearch. com)