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Better Hearing Institute Launches "Better Hearing Blog" for People with Hearing Loss Concerns

Better Hearing Institute Launches "Better Hearing Blog" for People with Hearing Loss Concerns

The Better Hearing Institute (BHI) today launched a seven topic mega-blog that offers the latest hearing health news and that provides a forum for people to discuss hearing concerns and personal stories and challenges. One of the most commonly unaddressed health conditions in America today, hearing loss affects more than 31.5 million Americans-most of whom are below retirement age. Hearing loss can strike at any time and at any age. And when left unaddressed, hearing loss can affect virtually every aspect of an individual's life.

Washington, DC (PRWEB) July 14, 2009

The Better Hearing Institute (BHI) today launched a seven topic mega-blog that offers the latest hearing health news and that provides a forum for people to discuss hearing concerns and personal stories and challenges.

One of the most commonly unaddressed health conditions in America today, hearing loss affects more than 31.5 million Americans-most of whom are below retirement age. Hearing loss can strike at any time and at any age. And when left unaddressed, hearing loss can affect virtually every aspect of an individual's life.

BHI Executive Director Sergei Kochkin, Ph. D. will contribute to the blog along with close to 40 other hearing health experts who will feature a wide variety of perspectives.

Kochkin encourages members of the public to contribute to the blog and to actively monitor it for the latest news about hearing health.

" Despite the far-reaching impact hearing loss has on so many aspects of an individual's life, many people who are aware that their hearing has deteriorated are reluctant to seek help-despite remarkable technological advances," said Kochkin. The Better Hearing Blog will provide information, insights, and inspiration to help people explore their hearing challenges. It will help people see that they are not alone, that others share their concerns, and that help is available."

Numerous studies have linked untreated hearing loss to a wide range of physical and emotional conditions, including irritability, negativism, anger, fatigue, tension, stress, depression, avoidance or withdrawal from social situations, social rejection and loneliness, reduced alertness and increased risk to personal safety, impaired memory and ability to learn new tasks, reduced job performance and earning power, and diminished psychological and overall health.

Kochkin also points out that 90 to 95 percent of people with hearing loss can be helped with hearing aids-and their quality of life significantly improved.

The Better Hearing Blog will post short articles with experts and cover seven key topics including: Hearing Loss, Technology for Hearing Loss, Hearing Healthcare Journey, Pediatrics, Hearing Loss Prevention, Family Relationships, and Tinnitus.

The blog features postings ranging from the toll of tinnitus on military personnel returning from Iraq and Afghanistan, to questions about a study claiming that the ping from a titanium golf club may harm people's hearing. To learn more, visit http://www. betterhearing. org/blog (http://www. betterhearing. org/blog).

Founded in 1973, The Better Hearing Institute (BHI) conducts research and engages in hearing health education with the goal of helping people with hearing loss to benefit from proper treatment. To receive a free copy of BHI's 28 page booklet "Your Guide to Better Hearing," visit its website at www. betterhearing. org or call the Better Hearing Institute hotline at 1-800-EAR-WELL. BHI also offers an online hearing test (www. hearingcheck. org) where in the privacy of their own homes people can quickly assess if they need a more comprehensive hearing check by a hearing professional.


CAD Drafting Services from The Magnum Group Used in Building Mega-Liner

CAD Drafting Services from The Magnum Group Used in Building Mega-Liner

The Magnum Group, Indian engineers and architects, land a maritime CAD drafting contract in the mid five figure range

(PRWEB) October 3, 2004

An important European maritime HVAC contractor has recently ordered more than 4,000 hours of CAD drafting services, dollar valued in the mid five figure range, from The Magnum Group, http://themagnumgroup. net (http://themagnumgroup. net), the Indian engineering and architectural design specialists.

The Magnum Group's drawings will be used in building one of the largest passenger liners in history: the vessel will have 1,250 cabins, several restaurants, a ballroom, casino, disco, library, health club, swimming pools, shopping arcades, theatres and a wealth of other amenities.

The Magnum GroupÂ’s charter is to draw multiple longitudinal and sectional views of all the HVAC plant rooms in one of the main fire zones (MFZs) of the liner. These views will include machine beds, machines, air ducts, air filters, water pipes, support structures as well as all holes in the metal walls for pipe and duct passage. The water pipe representations will include manual and motorized valves and dosing stations.

The project spans several months and involves intensive interaction between the European customer and the design team at Chennai, India. The various delivery milestones have been formulated to carefully dovetail with the many other service installation schedules of the mammoth ocean craft.

The Group owes its competence to the fact that it is run by a senior engineer from the famed Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) along with a fellow of the Indian Institute of Architects. Its exacting quality control standards constantly earn it accolades from customers in Europe and the USA. The Magnum GroupÂ’s repeatedly demonstrated ability to deliver on time has made it the preferred CAD drafting services provider for discerning international engineering and architectural firms.

The Magnum Group has ongoing contracts for several land-based large projects; this assignment, however, firmly establishes The Magnum Group as a prime CAD drafting services provider for international mega-projects.

Several other contracts on a similar scale are expected within the year.

Further details may be found at http:themagnumgroup. net/cad_drafting_services. htm

# # #

Basenotes Opens Votes for 9th Annual Fragrance Awards, Sponsored by FragranceNet

Basenotes Opens Votes for 9th Annual Fragrance Awards, Sponsored by FragranceNet

Fragrance information site, Basenotes. net, have announced the opening of their annual consumer led awards. The Annual Basenotes Fragrance Awards offer the site's 300,000 monthly visitors a chance to vote for a range of products across twelve categories including both feminine and masculine fragrances

London, UK (PRWEB) December 5, 2008

Fragrance information site, Basenotes. net, have announced the opening of their annual consumer led awards. The Annual Basenotes Fragrance Awards offer the site's 300,000 monthly visitors a chance to vote for a range of products across twelve categories including both feminine and masculine fragrances. This year the categories are as follows:
Best new fragrance (Masculine and Feminine) Best overall fragrance (Masculine and Feminine) Best fragrance for day (Masculine and Feminine) Best fragrance for evening (Masculine and Feminine) Best fragrance packaging (Masculine and Feminine) Best designer, mainstream or fine fragrance (Masculine and Feminine) Best niche, independent, artisan or boutique fragrance (Masculine and Feminine) Best mass-market, drugstore, budget or direct-sell fragrance (Masculine and Feminine) Best celebrity fragrance (Masculine and Feminine) Best fragrance house Best home fragrance Best fragrance blog

Previous winners include Shalimar (best fragrance - feminine), Mariah Carey's M (best celebrity fragrance - feminine) and Guerlain (best fragrance house). The Basenotes awards offer a valuable insight into the preferences and opinions of Basenotes' highly targeted audience of fragrance enthusiasts and for this reason the indie event has reached cult status not just among the online community, but amongst the industry professionals and retailers who also frequent the site.

FragranceNet. com have partnered with Basenotes for the third time in the capacity of awards sponsors. Jason Apfel, President and CEO of FragranceNet. com, says "FragranceNet. com is happy to be sponsoring the 9th Annual Basenotes Awards. We have had a strong partnership with Basenotes for several years now. FragranceNet. com values its association with Basenotes and its readers and appreciates all the individuals who take the time to vote for the awards each year. Their support is what makes our partnership with Basenotes such a great success."

The Annual Basenotes Fragrance Awards traditionally offers a prize to a randomly selected voter and this year that prize is being offered by FragranceNet. com. A $250 gift certificate to spend on a selection of the thousands of products available at FragranceNet. com's online store will be presented to the winner whose name will be drawn when the award results are announced. Voting for the awards is open now until 21st January 2009. Votes can be registered at http://www. basenotes. net/awards (http://www. basenotes. net/awards)

About Basenotes:
Basenotes. net was launched as an online reference guide to the world of fragrances. The site features a fully searchable database of over 12,000 fragrances with over 40,000 consumer reviews.

The site is regularly updated with industry news, fragrance articles and interviews with members of the fragrance industry. Basenotes also boasts a lively discussion forum, where fragrance aficionados can discuss all aspects of the fragrance world.

Since Basenotes' launch in August 2000, it has grown to become the largest fragrance information resource on the internet, and has been featured in The New York Times, Allure, Elle, The Daily Mail, The Times, The Guardian, Men's Health, FHM, MSNBC. com and trade magazines, WWD Perfumer and Flavorist, Beauty Fashion and Cosmetics Magazine. The site also picked up the Best Broadcast Editorial Award at the Canadian Fragrance Awards in 2007 and 2008.

About FragranceNet:
FragranceNet. com was created to provide the public with access to the largest inventory of genuine, brand name fragrances, skincare, candles, aromatherapy and more at the lowest possible prices.

Trusted since 1997, FragranceNet. com carries over 10,000 products from the leading designers at discounts up to 70% off department store prices with Free US Shipping on all orders over $60.

All of the products showcased throughout the site are 100% original brand names. FragranceNet. com only carries genuine brand name perfumes and colognes - absolutely no imitations.


Green Party candidate Cobb Challenges Kerry to Weekly Debates

Green Party candidate Cobb Challenges Kerry to Weekly Debates

Green Party presidential candidate David Cobb today challenged John Kerry to a series of weekly debates. Kerry recently issued the same challenge to George Bush who declined.

(PRWEB) September 4, 2004

Green Party presidential candidate David Cobb today challenged John Kerry to a series of weekly debates. Kerry recently issued the same challenge to George Bush who declined.

“If Senator Kerry is really interested in a series of debates addressing the critical issues facing our county, I’m happy to provide him with the opportunity,” said Cobb.

“Senator Kerry will find, however, that a debate with me is not the same thing as debating George Bush. Bush and Kerry agree on a wide range of issues; in fact their similarities are much greater than their differences. Unlike Bush and Kerry, I call for an immediate end to the occupation of Iraq, a complete repeal of the so-called ‘Patriot’ Act, single-payer universal health care, a Living Wage and an end to the racist ‘war on drugs.’ Senator Kerry and I would actually get to debate the issues rather than just agree on them,” said Cobb.

Cobb debated Libertarian presidential candidate Michael Badnarik Tuesday night in New York City. Both candidates agreed that the U. S. should end the occupation of Iraq and the “war on drugs.” However, the two independent candidates presented starkly different views on health care and minimum wage laws.

Cobb and Badnarik are scheduled to debate at least once more, at Cornell University on October 6, during the campaign. No “third party” candidates have been invited to participate in the debates sponsored by the bi-partisan, corporate-funded Commission on Presidential Debates.

“The debates sponsored by the Commission on Presidential Debates are a sorry spectacle devoid of substance and spontaneity. With the stilted format, softball questions and exclusion of all independent candidates, the result is a staged performance that has as much in common with an actual ‘debateÂ’ as the World Wrestling Federation does with the Olympics. We call on John Kerry to debate David Cobb and let the American people hear an uncensored and relevant political dialogue,” said Cobb-LaMarche Media Coordinator Blair Bobier. 

For more information:

Cobb-LaMarche campaign: http://www. votecobb. org (http://www. votecobb. org).

Green Party of the United States: http://www. gp. org (http://www. gp. org).


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O/E to Present at the Michigan Safety Conference

O/E to Present at the Michigan Safety Conference

Following up with successes at Williams International, Henry Ford Health System, Thomas Built Buses, and Daimler Truck North America, the Troy-based company will present Selling Safety in Tough Economic Times.

Troy, MI (Vocus) April 1, 2009

O/E will be represented at the conference by Phil La Duke, Director of the Performance Improvement Division. La Duke will present Selling Safety in Tough Economic Times. The presentation will focus on how safety professionals can gain support for internal safety initiatives when most companies are slashing safety and training budgets.

“Garnering support for a safety initiative can be tough,” says La Duke, “and in an environment where every dollar spent is scrutinized and debated, safety managers have to get creative; I’m confident that this presentation will provide managers with important tools that will help them get projects approved.”

This is the third consecutive trip to the podium for La Duke; last year, La Duke presented Six Secrets of the Worlds’ Safest Companies: What They Know and You Should Too to a standing room only crowd, and in 2007 he co-presented the successes that Williams International realized from implementing SafetyIMPACT! at the aerospace company’s facilities in Ogden, Utah and Walled Lake, Michigan. Williams has since deployed SafetyIMPACT! at its Guaymas, Mexico facility and a Lean Manufacturing school in Ogden.

“Last year we focused on showcasing the values that the world’s safest companies share, and how any company can create an environment that fosters these values. These values are more than a statement pinned to a bulletin board; the world’s safest companies use these values to guide their basic business systems. This year we wanted to focus on a more specific topic, but one from which professionals from all verticals could benefit,” explains La Duke.

The recent economic upheavals have led many business leaders to reevaluate the effectiveness of safety efforts that do little to reduce injuries and the cost of treating them. “Executives are more and more interested in what we’re doing with SafetyIMPACT!,” mentions Rick Vlasic, CEO of O/E. “We see a lot more traffic on the SafetyIMPACT! Web site (www. safety-impact. com), and get a tremendous amount of interest in having us present at professional conferences—both domestically and internationally. I like to think that we’re making a difference not only in the boardroom, but on the shop floors and hospital wards. We make the workplace safer which protects individuals, and we lower the cost of doing business which protects their jobs.”

The Michigan Safety Conference is April 7–8, 2009 in Grand Rapids MI and Selling Safety in Hard Economic Times will be presented on April 8 from noon–1:30 p. m.

SafetyIMPACT! is a culture-based safety system designed to reduce worker injuries and lower costs through the implementation of six values and four practices common to the world’s safest companies. Central to this system is a proprietary database that records hazards, identifies the root causes of these hazards, and tracks them to correction. The philosophy that is the foundation of SafetyIMPACT! is that all injuries can be prevented by identifying and removing the hazards before workers are injured.

O/E Learning, Inc.
Established in 1984, O/E Learning designs and develops new training and performance improvement programs, as well as converts existing programs to different forms of delivery including Web-based, instructor-led, virtual classroom, CD/DVD, and mobile devices. O/E’s diverse services range from organizational development initiatives to professional certifications in safety, quality, and employee involvement. The privately held company is headquartered in Troy, MI. Leverage Life, a wholly owned subsidiary, is headquartered in Pleasanton, CA and focuses on providing corporate Concierge, Wellness, and Work/Life programs. Learn more about O/E at: www. oe. com.


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Former Overweight Police Officer Loses 56 Pounds Of Fat In Just 9 Weeks!

Former Overweight Police Officer Loses 56 Pounds Of Fat In Just 9 Weeks!

Former Maine cop Shawn Lebrun sheds 56 pounds of fat and gains 18 pounds of muscle. Just 9 weeks later, Shawn enters a natural bodybuilding contest. As a result, Shawn starts an online personal training company and has now helped over 48,000 men and women get in shape.

Lewiston, ME (PRWEB) September 16, 2008

Former Maine cop Shawn Lebrun sheds 56 pounds of fat and gains 18 pounds of muscle. Just 9 weeks later, Shawn enters a natural bodybuilding contest. As a result, Shawn starts an online fitness publishing company and has now helped over 48,000 men and women get in shape.

I guess you could say Shawn Lebrun is the kind of guy who likes to help people.

That's why he became a police officer for his hometown in Maine a few years ago. But sitting on his butt all day in a patrol car and hanging out at the local doughnut shop was taking a toll on his body.

At close to 260 pounds, people must have wondered "How the heck is this poor cop going to catch anyone?" When he wasn't chasing bad guys, he was chasing "All You Can Eat" buffets, looking for the best price in town.

But during his stint as a cop, Shawn dreamed of being able to build a career out of his passion for fitness. He thought maybe he could help more people that way. And help himself at the same time.

So after years of dreaming, Shawn took a leap of faith, went back to school and became certified by the College of Exercise Professionals as a Personal Trainer.

But the true moment of clarity for Shawn came when he figured at 260 pounds; he'd be a poor example of a personal trainer if he wasn't in better shape himself. So went on a personal mission to lose weight.

I'm sure he could never have imagined just 9 weeks later, he'd be competing at the N. A.B. F. Massachusetts Super Natural bodybuilding show. In just 9 short weeks, Shawn lost 56 pounds of fat and was now at single digit body fat levels.

He took that experience of changing his body and took a job as a personal trainer at the Portland (Maine) Regency Health Club. There, he worked his way up to head personal trainer and assistant club manager.

Based on his own transformation, Shawn designed a program for the health club members, in which he developed a 12-Week fitness contest.

Little did Shawn know that his "Change your Body, Change your Life" program indeed would change every aspect of his life.

That program went on to be the foundation of his best-selling "Simple Steps To Get Huge and Shredded" muscle building and fat loss program. Simple Steps has now sold over 40,000 copies to date.

Shawn says "The major problem for most people is they don't have a plan when they approach losing weight. They're sporadic in their approach and of course, sporadic in their results. You need to go in with a plan, or you're setting yourself up for failure.

So Shawn designed an easier way to lose weight, build muscle, and get in terrific shape.

"Why reinvent the wheel trying to lose weight by trial and error, when you can model after someone who has already done it?" If you follow exactly what I did and model my weight training, cardio, and nutrition, you'll see weight loss as well. It may be more or less than I lost, but you'll still see results."

So how exactly did Shawn lose all the weight so quickly?

Shawn performed 15 to 20 minutes of cardio, 3 to 4 times a week to start the fat-burning process. He preferred to run outside when it was nice, and inside on a treadmill when the weather didn't cooperate.

He changed his nutrition as well.

"Diets don't work" Shawn says. "A balanced, moderate approach does." "You need to create a lifestyle change so that you can continuously eat healthy and smart, year round.

Shawn ate 5 to 6 small, well-balanced meals to speed up his metabolism and burn more calories. That meant a meal or snack every 3 hours.

Each meal was balanced and consisted of high protein, moderate carbs, and low
Fat. "I ate complex carbs like vegetables, brown rice, whole grain breads and cereals, oatmeal, pasta, and potatoes. For protein, I ate chicken, fish, lean red meats, turkey, dairy, eggs, and legumes."

The final part of Shawn's transformation was his approach to weight training.

"Weight training," claims Shawn "is an investment for future fat-burning." "The more muscular you are, the more calories you'll burn, even at rest. That's why weight training is so important in the big scheme of weight loss."

He used basic movements such as squats, bench press, straight bar curls, bent-over rows, and shoulder presses. "Weight training creates overload to the muscles. And overload builds muscle because it literally forces the muscles to respond to the increasing demand being placed on it.

Shawn says that 3 days of brief, 30-minute weight training sessions is plenty.

"In a nutshell, this is how I lost over 56 pounds, following this routine" says Shawn. "And if I can do it, I know that anyone can. You have no reason or excuse why you can't." "Just copy someone that's already done it.

As of today, Shawn has been seen in Muscle and Fitness magazines, Flex, Men's Health, and other fitness publications. His Simple Steps To Get Huge And Shredded program has been used by over 40,000 men and women worldwide.

For more information about Shawn Lebrun and his Simple Steps To Get Huge and Shredded fitness program, please visit his site: http://www. shawnlebrunfitness. com/getshredded. html (http://www. shawnlebrunfitness. com/getshredded. html)


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Safety Management Group Again Named to Best Places to Work Listing

Safety Management Group Again Named to Best Places to Work Listing

For the fourth year in a row, Safety Management Group has been recognized by the Indiana Chamber as one of the Best Places to Work in Indiana.

Indianapolis (PRWEB) May 8, 2009

For the fourth year in a row, Safety Management Group has been recognized by the Indiana Chamber as one of the Best Places to Work in Indiana.

Companies setting the standard with their workplace practices were honored in Indianapolis on May 5 before a record crowd at the Indiana Roof Ballroom as the Indiana Chamber unveiled rankings for the 70 companies from throughout the state that made the 2009 Best Places to Work in Indiana list (which was released March 2).

"Our associates should all be very proud of the company that they have created," says Kent Burget, President of Safety Management Group. "This is 'their' award and it very much reflects the positive environment you've created as an associate of Safety Management Group."

The 2009 Best Places to Work in Indiana program was presented by Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield and in partnership with Ready Indiana. It honors the top companies in the state, as determined through employer reports and comprehensive employee surveys. Winners were selected from two categories: small to medium-sized companies of between 25 and 249 employees, and large-sized companies consisting of 250 or more employees. Out-of-state parent companies were eligible to participate if at least 25 full-time employees are in Indiana.

The Best Companies Group, which handled the selection process, oversees similar programs in 19 other states.

"Each company on this list understands how important it is for the success of a business to have a culture that respects and values employees," states Indiana Chamber President Kevin Brinegar. "These businesses demonstrated that in a variety of ways - from fostering open communication and teamwork to providing training opportunities and more unique job benefits."

More information about the Best Places to Work companies is available via a special section of the May/June issue of the Indiana Chamber's BizVoice® magazine, a statewide publication released tonight and accessible online at www. bizvoicemagazine. com.

All companies that participated in the 2009 Best Places to Work program receive an in-depth evaluation identifying strengths and weaknesses according to their employees. In turn, this report can be used in developing or enhancing employee retention and recruitment programs. For more information on the Indiana Chamber's Best Places to Work program, go to www. bestplacestoworkIN. com. Companies can sign up to be notified by e-mail when application details for the fifth annual competition are announced this summer.

Companies ranked in all four years of the Best Places to Work in Indiana program: Ash Brokerage Corporation (Fort Wayne); Bowen Engineering Corporation (Indianapolis); Columbus Regional Hospital; Crowe Horwath (Indianapolis); Edward Jones (multiple locations); Fort Wayne Metals Research Products Corporation; Goshen Health System; Katz, Sapper & Miller (Indianapolis); KPMG LLP (Indianapolis); Safety Management Group (Indianapolis); and VMS (Indianapolis).

About Safety Management Group
Safety Management Group, one of the largest independent safety consulting firms in the United States, is a leading provider of occupational safety services throughout the United States. The company consists of a team of more than 100 highly innovative and talented safety professionals who provide safety consulting, employee training, project staffing, interim life safety measures, and safety management systems for clients throughout Indiana and the United States.

About the Indiana Chamber of Commerce
The Indiana Chamber of Commerce has been the state's largest broad-based business advocacy organization for over 85 years. The more than 4,900 member companies employ 800,000 Hoosier workers.


Diet Food Home Delivery Market is Red Hot

Diet Food Home Delivery Market is Red Hot

Sales hit $800 million in 2006.

Tampa, FL (PRWEB) January 9, 2007

Marketdata Enterprises, Inc. (www. mkt-data-ent. com), a leading independent market research publisher, has released a groundbreaking new 98-page market study entitled: Diet Food Home Delivery Services: A Market Analysis. This is the ONLY publicly available national market study about this $800 million business.

“The diet food home delivery or “home meal replacement” market in the U. S. is a niche segment of the overall weight loss market, appealing to the most affluent dieters. It has grown rapidly and attracted new competitors. NutriSystem and its heavy advertising, coupled with demand from convenience seeking, time-pressed moms, executives, working couples, the elderly and others, have fueled this growth. Several dozen companies compete, and the number is growing.”, according to Marketdata’s Research Director, John LaRosa.

Major Findings:

1) To start a diet food home delivery business from scratch, requires an investment of as much as $5-6 million for one doing nationwide shipping, versus $500,000 to $1.5 million for services providing local daily delivery to one metro area.

2) Customers… Most of the diet food home delivery services’ clients skew higher female than male—60%-70% female. NutriSystem defines its core customer as a 44-year-old woman weighing 210 lbs. and who wants to lose about 60 lbs. Most clients stay on a diet delivery plan 8-12 weeks and it’s common to return once or twice during the year.

3) Currently, there are only several dozen companies offering this service. This is up, however, from a handful of services in 2001 and about a dozen in mid-2003.

4) Market Size… Marketdata estimates the market to be valued at $800 million as of 2006. An estimate of growth in 2007 and beyond depends in large part on how rapidly NutriSystem continues to grow, since its sales represented 70% of the market value in 2006. Marketdata estimates that the diet food delivery market will be worth $1.068 billion in 2007. This represents a 33.5% gain over 2006.

5) The Price… Costs for these services range from $10-40 per day, or $70-280 per week, or $300-1,500 per month. Marketdata found two price tiers, the lower end of about $280 per month versus the high end at an average of about $750. The average price for 21 companies is $726 per month.

6) Competition… The larger services such as 22-year old Seattle Sutton’s Healthy Eating have 200+ distributors and are franchised in multiple states. We think that another 10 small companies will be formed by 2008, with average sales of $5 million apiece. We expect Jenny Direct and Medifast revenues to grow 30-50% each, NutriSystem – 27%, and the 23 other diet food delivery firms growing 20% each.

7) Many companies in this market focus solely on serving either or both New York City or Los Angeles. In fact, at least 8 of the companies do so. The other “hot spot” seems to be Texas. In Canada, it’s Toronto.

“Interest in diet food home delivery rose to its highest point in Marketdata’s BestDietForMe. com online survey—7.3% of dieters by the 1st quarter of 2006.”, according to John LaRosa.

“Diet food home delivery eliminates some traditional obstacles that diet centers have faced--no driving to weekly meetings, seeing a counselor, or to pick up your food. Apparently, that’s a service that’s in high demand.”, according to Marketdata’s John LaRosa.

21 Competitor Profiles are provided for: NutriSystem, Jenny Direct, Medifast, Diet To Go, Diet To Your Door, Atkins At Home, eDiets Express, Zone Chefs, Sunfare, Seattle Sutton’s Healthy Eating, and many more.

About the Report & Marketdata (www. mkt-data-ent. com)

Marketdata Enterprises is a leading independent market research publisher and consulting firm with a specialty tracking the U. S. weight loss market since 1989.

The Diet Food Home Delivery Market is 98 pages in length, costs $995, and contains 24 tables & charts. It is available in digital or print format. The study includes an analysis of: nature/structure of the market, key demand factors, pricing, distribution & franchising, how companies are formed and operate, profitability/expense ratios, customer demographics (national and for 85 cities), market size (2005, 2006, 2010 forecast), management outlooks and opinions of market growth and the competition.

Contact Information:

John LaRosa, Research Director

Marketdata Enterprises, Inc.,

Phone: 813-931-3900.

Www. marketdataenterprises. com


The International Association of Cardiologists (IAC) Publishes Members in "The Leading Physicians of the World", While Waging War Against Heart Disease

The International Association of Cardiologists (IAC) Publishes Members in "The Leading Physicians of the World", While Waging War Against Heart Disease

The International Association of Healthcare Professionals has done it again, launching their new association for cardiologist The IAC. Selected as experts in their field, these Top Cardiologists will be published in the renowned directory, "The Leading Physicians of the World', which will display their full professional biographies for consumers and medical professionals to see.

New York, NY (PRWEB) September 15, 2009

Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States. Approximately 652,091 people die of heart disease each year. That is about 27% of all U. S. deaths. Many of these can be prevented, but people fail to monitor their health and are not proactive in obtaining cardiologic care. The International Association of Cardiologists (IAC) has made a commitment to increase awareness of the dangers of heart disease, and urges the American people to be hands-on in their healthcare.

Heart conditions range from mild to life threatening, but constant monitoring is key in maintaining a healthy lifestyle and longevity. Upon realizing that you have a heart condition finding the best doctor in your area is the next and most important step in your treatment.

Used as a resource for consumers and medical professionals worldwide, "The Leading Physicians of the World" is a great place to start your research. In it you will find Top Doctors from every specialty, selected for their experience, credentials, and consumer ratings. Each doctor has a full page professional biography, which will give you the information you need to feel comfortable in your decision. What you can be assured of, is that all of the cardiologists selected for publication in "The Leading Physicians of the World", are the crème de la crème in their field, and a perfect choice for keeping a healthy heart.

"The Leading Physicians of the World" will be debuting their 2010 edition shortly, but if you need to find a Top Cardiologist before then, visit www. findatopdoc. com, and all members of The IAC will be viewable. Type in your zip code, select cardiologist, and the closest member's biography and contact information will appear.

For more information and resources for finding a Top Cardiologist in your area, visit, www. iacardio. com or www. findatopdoc. com.


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ASG Announces Availability of Two New Fingerprint Biometric Security Products for PCs (BioCert PCLokR) and Portable Data (BioCert DataLokR) and a Partnership with Authentec, Bioscrypt, and Precise Biometrics

ASG Announces Availability of Two New Fingerprint Biometric Security Products for PCs (BioCert PCLokR) and Portable Data (BioCert DataLokR) and a Partnership with Authentec, Bioscrypt, and Precise Biometrics

Artemis Solutions Group (ASG) jointly announces partnership with industry leaders Authentec, Bioscrypt, Comodo Group, and Precise Biometrics to provide next generation secure authentication and a full security application suite solution for PCs and portable data. BioCert introduces two new products in the new BioCert® PC and Network Security System, the BioCert® PCLokR™ PC Security Bundle and the BioCert® DataLokR™ PC & Portable Data Security Bundle to provide a complete solution for home PCs and Small Business enterprises. The products are available directly world-wide through The BioCert Website, Biometrics Direct, iQBio Website and iQBio European Union websites as well as through ASG resellers and solutions providers and through a partnership with Google Checkout and Amazon Marketplace.

Freeland, WA (PRWEB) November 28, 2006

Freeland, WA PRWeb) November 28, 2006 -- Artemis Solutions Group (ASG) announced today a multi-company partnership between ASG's BioCert® division, Dmailer, Comodo Security Group, Authentec®, Bioscrypt (BYT. TO) and Precise Biometrics™ (PREC. ST) for the introduction of its latest fingerprint biometric security products, the BioCert® PCLokR™ Security Bundle (http://www. biometricsdirect. com/PCProducts/PCLokR. htm) and the upgraded BioCert® DataLokR™ Security Bundle (http://www. biometricsdirect. com/PCProducts/DataLokR. htm) targeting the needs of the consumer and small business segment of the PC security market.

The small business market are those organizations that have fewer than 500 employees as defined by the United States Small Business Administration (SBA). This segment accounts for 99.7% of all businesses in the US and is the fastest growing segment of PC and network users. These are also the organizations and users that need a complete inexpensive security solution without additional annual security subscriptions. The BioCert® PCLokR™ Security Bundle at $49.95 and the upgraded BioCert® DataLokR™ Road Warrior Security Bundle at $149.95 offer a complete solution without additional annual subscriptions or other fees*.

Introduced as a Complete Desktop PC Security Solution for Windows XP, the BioCert PCLokR allows authorized users to logon to their PC or secure files using Precise Biometrics' Precise 100XS fingerprint reader incorporating Authentec's patented "TruePrint" swipe fingerprint technology and a customized OEM version of Bioscrypt's Verisoft Universal Security Client developed for ASG under the BioCert label as the BioCert® Intelligent Identity Manager™ v2.0(BIIM).

The BioCert Intelligent Identity Manager (http://www. biometricsdirect. com/Networking/biocertbiim. htm) is a full featured PC Security, Logon and SSO Suite that includes features that allow PC owners and small business administrators to limit access to their PCs, data and drives by using any of the three basic forms of authentication (knowledge - something you know, possession - something you have and biometrics - physical identity):

Fingerprint Biometric Access Pin Code Password Token PKI Certificate Smart Card - PKCS11 Compatible Virtual Token (self generated encrypted text file) stored on the ClipBio™ Pro Public Partition

Any of these methods may be used alone as "single factor authentication (SFA)" or in any combination for a more robust "multi-factor authentication" (MFA). Administrators can limit access by individual user, user groups, networks, VPN clients enterprise wide based upon these policies.

With just a swipe of a finger, users will have access to their PC, their local network, secure websites, encrypted data, and be able to travel safely with the data protected with biometric identity verification.

ASG is also including a full suite of security products from Comodo Group, a leading Internet and Certification authority, to be distributed as part of the PCLokR and DataLokR bundles.

"ASG is extremely excited about this opportunity to bring all of these industry leading products into a single cohesive solution for PC Access and Portable Data Security. Personal users, road warriors and small business owners can ensure that their private data is secure with an extremely high degree of reliability using multi-factor authentication. Most organizations can show positive return on investment (ROI) within 10-18 months." States James Childers, CEO of ASG.

Hardware and Software included in the BioCert® PCLokR™ and DataLokR™ bundles:

BioCert® PCLokR™ Bundle - $49.95 Complete

Precise 100XS swipe desktop USB fingerprint reader incorporating the Authentec 1610 sensor. BioCert® Intelligent Identity Manager™ v2.0 PC Version offering the following functionality:

PC Secure Login for all registered users with    Single Sign On Password Storage for Websites and Applications    Encrypted eWallet for Online Transaction Security    Automated Password Management    Secure Encrypted Private Disk (2GB) for Storing Personal Documents and Synchronization with the optional BioCert® ClipBio™ Pro Portable Clip Flash Drive and iQBioSync™ Software included in the DataLokR Bundle.    Secure Network Login (Active Directory Integration & LDAP Integration Optional Upgrade with Bioscrypt VeriSoft Access Manager [VSAM]*)    Event Logging and Auditing (with Bioscrypt VeriSoft Access Manager Upgrade*)

Comodo™ PC Security Suite (http://www. clipbio. com/comodo. htm)    Comodo Anti-Virus Free for Life    Comodo Anti-Spam Free for Life    Comodo Personal Firewall Free for Life    Comodo Website Verification Engine - Eliminates Website "Spoofing"

BioCert® DataLokR™ Bundle - $149.90 Complete

Includes all items in the PCLokR™ Bundle - and - BioCert® ClipBio™ Pro 1GB Portable Fingerprint Flash Drive    Portable secure biometric flash drive with 128bit AES encryption    iQBioSync™ Portable Synchronization Software (http://www. clipbio. com/iqbiosync. htm)    PC File and Folder Synchronization with Secure Files Directory from the PCLokR Bundle on the PC and the Secure Directory on the ClipBio Pro    Synchronization for Multiple PCs or between laptop and desktop PC    Microsoft Outlook Synchronization and Secure Browsing    Send and Receive Emails Securely from Any PC†    Firefox and Internet Explorer Favorites Synchronization Full Portable Applications Suite    Portable Open Office. org - Document Creation Office Suite    Portable Anti-Virus    Portable Firefox Web Browser    Portable Thunderbird Email Client‡    Portable IM Client    Portable Image Editor    Portable Application Launcher    Portable Sudoku Game Application

ASG and Authentec jointly announced as part of this release that they are working together collaboratively to design, produce and distribute through ASG's channels, secure biometric solutions targeted specifically at the home and small business consumer utilizing the Authentec industry leading swipe fingerprint sensors.

As a part of this same agreement, ASG and Precise Biometrics both announced ASG as an authorized distributor for Precise Biometrics line of secure biometric and Match-on-Card peripherals through ASG's developed channels.

"Precise Biometrics recognizes that the e-security needs of the small business are often more complex and demanding than that of the large corporations. Because small businesses employ fewer people and have limited IT resources, confidential information and intellectual property is more consolidated, making this information more vulnerable to unauthorized access. Combining the powerful BioCert solution being offered by ASG and the strong biometric security of Precise Biometrics fingerprint reader, Precise 100 XS, the small business professional can now operate with confidence - in the office or on the road," said Thomas Marschall, President and CEO of Precise Biometrics.

ASG and Bioscrypt jointly announced that ASG is an authorized value added reseller (VAR) of the Verisoft Access Manager to be supported directly through ASG and its network of solutions providers.

"For business customers running Microsoft Server operating systems, the combination of the BioCert® BIIM Desktop Software and Bioscrypt's VeriSoft Access Manager* enterprise software with its integration with Microsoft Active Directory is an extremely powerful enterprise security management solution." said Peter Morgan, Divisional Vice President of Bioscrypt, Inc. "Not only will these organizations be security compliance enabled and have complete logging of the client access on their network, they will have a single interface for managing all of the users on their network through Microsoft's Active Directory control panel. We are excited about the opportunity to work with ASG in its focus on the small and medium business sector."

As the Internets second largest certification authority for ensuring identity, Comodo Group offers a wide range of security solutions including the PC Security Components of the PCLokR bundle. The distribution of these products with the PCLokR and DataLokR bundles is a continuation of the collaboration between ASG and Comodo that was announced earlier this year.

Both of the BioCert® PCLokR™ ($49.95) and DataLokR™ ($149.90) Security Bundles are immediately available directly through the company's websites and on the Amazon. com marketplace through a partnership between ASG and Amazon. com.

About ASG - Artemis Solutions Group d/b/a iQBio (Intelligent Biometric Solutions) is a closely held, private security firm specializing in fingerprint biometric and smart card security solutions. With offices in the United States, European Union, and Canada, iQBio sells directly and through its global network of resellers and system integrators best of breed biometric and smart card security systems to small & medium business and local government agencies throughout the world. BioCert® and iQBio, "Unlock the Power of Your Print". More information is available at Artemis Solutions Group Website (http://www. artemis-usa. com) , iQBio USA Website (http://www. iqbio. com) or iQBio EU Website (http://www. iqbio. eu).

About Authentec - With more than 10 million sensors in use worldwide, AuthenTec is the world leader in fingerprint sensor security, innovation and sales to the PC, wireless, and access control markets. AuthenTec's award-winning FingerLoc® and EntréPad® sensors take full advantage of The Power of Touch" by utilizing the company's patented TruePrint® technology to deliver the most convenient, reliable and cost-effective means available for enabling touch-powered features that extend beyond user authentication. Visit the Authentec Website (http://www. authentec. com)

About Bioscrypt - Bioscrypt Inc. is a leader in identity verification technologies, providing solutions for converged physical and logical access, enabling unified authentication from Door to Desktop®. Bioscrypt's offerings simplify the task of implementing secure access to facilities, equipment and IT networks. The company develops and sells biometric embedded solutions, access control readers and identity and access management software to protect the physical and network assets of international government agencies and leading organizations in the financial services, healthcare, and manufacturing sectors. More information is available at the Bioscrypt Website (http://www. Bioscrypt. com).

About Comodo - Comodo is a leading global provider of Identity and Trust Assurance services on the Internet, with over 200,000 customers worldwide. Headquartered in Jersey City, NJ with global offices in the U. S., UK, Ukraine and India, the company offers businesses and consumers the intelligent security, authentication and assurance services necessary to ensure trust in online transactions. For additional information on Comodo - Creating Trust Online™ - please visit the Comodo Group Website (http://www. comodo. com)

About Precise Biometrics - Precise Biometrics develops and supplies world-leading and user-friendly biometric security solutions for authentication using fingerprints. Precise Biometrics has a broad and flexible product line that provides tools that fit any application. Precise Biometrics core technology, Precise BioMatch™, is the foundation for all the fingerprint authentication solutions, and the cutting-edge Precise Match-on-Card™ technology - rapidly becoming a global standard for fingerprint solutions on smart cards. Please visit the Precise Biometrics Website (http://www. precisebiometrics. com)

There is an additional cost for the optional VSAM Server Edition by number of users with a minimum of 10 users and enterprise installation, training support and maintenance is available for an additional fee.

† For usage of the ClipBio Pro on a PC without admin or power user rights under Windows XP see The ClipBio FAQ Website (http://www. clipbio. com/faq. htm)

‡ A POP or SMTP email account or POP access to your MS Exchange server is required to use this feature.


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

After 60 Years of Ridicule, Vegan is the New Black

After 60 Years of Ridicule, Vegan is the New Black

“Vegan is the new black,” says the author of a cookbook for optimum health, despite a ban on the word vegan by the UK Tabloids.

(PRWEB) June 12, 2005

Statistics show veganism is reaching out and inspiring people all over the world like never before in itÂ’s 60 year history, even though the word Vegan is considered a taboo, dirty word by some UK newspapers.

Tony Bishop Weston author of ‘Vegan’ (a healthy cookbook by Hamlyn) reveals “A journalist from one of the top tabloids told me that their editor had banned them from using the word ‘vegan’ as it was too scary for their readers! All health and beauty stories have to be dumbed down to use the word vegetarian instead of vegan. ‘Herb tea’ was also on the taboo list.”

“The lack of an amiable vegan in a major TV soap and the apparent UK tabloid decision to reserve the word vegan for crowd control and shock tactics could be the only 2 things stopping a tidal wave of veganism being unleashed” says Tony.

The Vegan Society report a threefold increase in applications to use itÂ’s internationally recognised vegan trademark symbol that identifies authentic vegan products.

Last year Ford and Toyota in the USA targeted vegans recognising them through focus groups to be at the epicentre of their targeted aspirational audience for environmentally friendlier cars.

Following the World Health Organisation urging world Governments to promote the eating of more fruit and vegetables, now environmental organisations are confirming that reliance on animal protein is completely unsustainable. We no longer have enough land or water to prioritise feeding cows before people.

One of the largest contract caterers in the world after Compass, and Sodexho, Aramark, surveyed 100,000 US college students. 24% said vegan dishes were important to them beating even the lastest GI craze. Only 18% wanted low-carb dishes on the menu.

A whole host of celebrities have recently come out of the closet and joined vociferous vegans such as Moby, Andre Benjamin and Benjamin Zephaniah. With respected sportsman such as Austrailian Cricket ace Greg Chappell singing the praises of veganism and a vegan even running for US presidency (Dennis Kuchinich) the whole world seems perched on the point of critical mass for change.

There are more Vegan cookbooks out at the moment than you can shake a stick at, the Supersize Me director Morgan SpurlockÂ’s girlfriend, even Moby the rock star has a new vegan cookbook out.

Despite the fierce competition “Vegan” a healthy but decadent and very innovative new vegan cookbook by Tony and his nutritionist wife is still number 1 bestselling Vegan cookbook on Amazon. co. uk (ISBN 0600609154) and recipes from the book have been featured on the BBC website.

“When you reach a point when even the straight laced guardians of the establishment such as the BBC start posting up vegan recipe sections on their websites then we know an epidemic of enlightenment is not far away” predicts Bishop-Weston.

The real key to change was manufacturers and retailers finally realising that you didnÂ’t have to be vegan to want to buy vegan products. There is a whole complex list of inter related reasons such as health, environment, allergy issues, religion, animal welfare, improved taste and availability that have effected consumersÂ’ buying habits.

Prior to The Vegan SocietyÂ’s Diamond Jubilee there was one vegan festival a year (in London) now vegan festivals and events to celebrate World Vegan Day on 1st of November are springing up all over the world.

We started with vegan sausages and vegan pork pies, now delicatessens sell vegan caviar and champagne and chemists sell vegan condoms. Vegans even have their own Vegan Internet TV channel – veggievision.

Editors Notes

Position Of American Dietetic Association on Vegan Diets

Http://www. eatright. org/Public/GovernmentAffairs/92_17084.cfm (http://www. eatright. org/Public/GovernmentAffairs/92_17084.cfm)

5 A DAY - USA http://www.5aday. com/ (http://www.5aday. com/) - UK http://www.5aday. nhs. uk/ (http://www.5aday. nhs. uk/)

Water Shortages

The UN survey points out that it takes 7,000 litres of water to produce 100 grammes of beef, as opposed to 550 litres to produce enough flour for a loaf of bread.

Http://www. unep. org/vitalwater/ (http://www. unep. org/vitalwater/) - http://www. iwmi. cgiar. org/ (http://www. iwmi. cgiar. org/) BBC - http://news. bbc. co. uk/1/hi/sci/tech/3559542.stm (http://news. bbc. co. uk/1/hi/sci/tech/3559542.stm)

George Monbiot - Quote http://www. monbiot. com/archives/2002/12/24/the-poor-get-stuffed/ (http://www. monbiot. com/archives/2002/12/24/the-poor-get-stuffed/)

Vegan Websites http://www. for-vegans. co. uk (http://www. for-vegans. co. uk)

Vegan Cookbook, reviews, pictures & recipes http://www. vegan-cookbook. com (http://www. vegan-cookbook. com) ISBN 0600611906

Vegan Trends http://www. newscientist. com/channel/life/mg18625025.700 (http://www. newscientist. com/channel/life/mg18625025.700)


October 2002 - 8(a) Certification for Craig Technical Consulting, Inc

October 2002 - 8(a) Certification for Craig Technical Consulting, Inc.

Craig Technical Consulting, Inc. of Virginia Beach, Virginia is pleased to announce that it received 8(a) Certification effective October 2002.

(PRWEB) December 5, 2003

Craig Technical Consulting, Inc. of Virginia Beach, Virginia is pleased to announce that it received 8(a) Certification effective October 2002. Founded by Carol Craig in 1999, Craig Technical Consulting is an 8(a) approved Minority Vendor. Further, by being a Disabled Veteran, Woman Owned Corporation, it is unique in its areas of specialization which are: avionics software development, legacy data migration and data warehousing solutions, healthcare data warehousing solutions, project management, software engineering and mission planning system support.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Doctors Who Act with Humanistic Love Improve Health Care, Reduce Malpractice Suits; National Love Your Patients Day is Set for Feb. 7

Doctors Who Act with Humanistic Love Improve Health Care, Reduce Malpractice Suits; National Love Your Patients Day is Set for Feb. 7

National Love Your Patients Day, Feb. 7, is dedicated to improving health care in the United States by increasing awareness about the benefits, to patients and professionals alike, of providing health care that is compassionate and humanistic -- not just clinically excellent. Doctors and other health care professionals practicing humanistic medicine find that they typically deliver higher-quality health care -- and dramatically reduce their risk and incidence of malpractice lawsuits because satisfied patients are less likely to litigate.

Frederick, MD (PRWEB) February 1, 2005

Doctors, nurses, paramedics and all other health care professionals will be giving a prescription...to themselves on Feb. 7 -- a prescription for compassion, respect and humility as part of the first annual National Love Your Patients Day.

National Love Your Patients Day -- conceived by Dr. Scott Diering, an emergency room physician at Washington County Hospital in Hagerstown, Md., and an assistant professor of surgery at the University of Maryland -- is dedicated to improving health care in the United States by increasing awareness about the benefits, to patients and professionals alike, of providing health care that is compassionate and humanistic -- not just clinically excellent.

"This day was born out of the need for a more compassionate system of health care in this country. We need to restore the heart and humanity of medicine," Diering says. "We're reminding doctors and other health professionals, whose jobs are increasingly influenced by technology and insurance companies, about what is most important in health care: patients, and their values and dignity."

Diering adds that doctors and other health care providers "all too often treat diseases rather than care for patients."

"We lose sight of the human condition," he says. "We forget our patients' suffering, their personhood. We have responsibilities to each other, and these include offering a compassionate, respectful presence."

A large body of published medical research points to the conclusion that showing humanistic love - sometimes known as "agape," from the Greek word for selfless love -- in health care significantly improves patient health -- and enhances healing in many cases. Patients also say they're happier with the care they receive and more satisfied with their practitioners, according to the research.

Doctors and other providers practicing humanistic medicine find that they typically deliver higher-quality health care with ease and enjoyment than when they remain emotionally aloof. This reduces burnout, the published studies show.

Acting with selfless love is great for professionals' practices too, the research suggests. Doctors and other providers who practice with agape dramatically reduce their risk and incidence of malpractice lawsuits because satisfied patients are less likely to litigate.

The American Medical Association says nearly 20 states are facing malpractice crises, with premiums having risen by 50 percent or more in the past two years -- by more than 70 percent in the past two years in Maryland. The group cites skyrocketing litigation costs.

The American Insurance Association, a trade group, says malpractice litigation is costly not only because judgments can be very large, but also because many doctors practice "defensive medicine" involving unnecessary but costly procedures to avoid lawsuits.

"Practicing with agape is not psychobabble," says Diering, who is also the author of "Love Your Parents! Improving Patient Satisfaction with Essential Behaviors That Enrich the Lives of Patients and Professionals" (Blue Dolphin Publishing, 2004) and founder of a health care institute of the same name (www. loveyourpatients. org). "Published medical research shows that acting with agape love toward one's patients -- that is, showing empathy and understanding, openness and interest, forgiveness and compassion -- leads to many benefits for both the patient and health care provider."

Diering's critically acclaimed "Love Your Parents!" book is an easy-to-read guide -- conversationally written to appeal to patients and health care professionals alike -- that shows why acting with compassion, respect and humility is easy, and improves health care. In simple, straightforward language, the book shows how caregivers can readily develop skills of compassion, respect and humility -- skills that the medical literature says are essential for humane medical care.

The book also critiques how clinically excellent doctors, nurses and other caregivers are only doing half their job when they fail to act with humanistic love. And the book reviews published papers and studies that scientifically demonstrate how and why behaving with humanistic love makes good clinical sense.

The Love Your Patients! institute is dedicated to sharing the simple yet powerful ways of helping doctors and all health professionals act with love.

For more information about National Love Your Patients Day or any aspect of improving health care, contact the Love Your Patients! institute at (301) 620-1588 or diering@loveyourpatients. org, or log on to the institute's Web site at www. loveyourpatients. org.

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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Inspiring Holiday Home Designs from Her Dream Home Magazine

Inspiring Holiday Home Designs from Her Dream Home Magazine

Her Dream Home Magazine is a “must have” resource for consumers looking to build a gorgeous green home. The new Holiday Issue features wonderful green design ideas, informative articles and plenty of photographs to help you create a beautiful and festive home.

Monroe, CT (PRWEB) December 14, 2010

Her Dream Home is a new digital magazine from the editors at Dream House Plans, featuring the most beautiful collection of house plans to fit any style and budget.

Find the best ideas and advice for building and designing a new home all in one place. Get building tips and design ideas on everything from selecting the right house plan to designing the perfect kitchen from leading architects and designers in the United States. Find plans with flexible living spaces, gorgeous great rooms, pampering master suites, extended outdoor living spaces and much more.

Discover the latest green building materials and products from the only house plan company that has ENERGY STAR approved house plans. Learn innovative and affordable ways to be eco-friendly with new "green" materials and building practices.

“In addition to our continued effort with ENERGY STAR and our manufacturer partners – Danze, Therma-Tru, Fypon, Wayne-Dalton, Owens Corning and Lumber Liquidators – to promote sustainable building practices, we have converted all our publications to digital,” said Tammy Crosby, Editor-in-Chief of Her Dream Home. “Each issue is filled with ideas, tips and information to help consumers implement sustainable and energy efficient features in new home construction.

Her Dream Home features the latest in digital publication programming allowing readers to easily navigate and access links to learn about home products, green building practices and ENERGY STAR house plans.

The magazine can be downloaded and easily shared with friends, family and colleagues who are interested in learning how to create a healthy home environment.

The new Holiday Issue features wonderful green design ideas, informative articles and plenty of photographs to help create a beautiful and festive home during this hectic time of the year. Get holiday decorating ideas like creating a spectacular eco-friendly holiday light display by using LED lights. Also, check out the “Top Ten Christmas Trees” to select the perfect tree for any home.

This issue showcases seven of the most popular house designs featuring great gathering places like open living rooms, great rooms with two-story fireplaces, gourmet kitchens with islands and elegant dining rooms.
Consumers looking for inspiration to modify their existing home for the holidays or are looking to build a new home will enjoy browsing thousands of America’s best-selling house plans online with the ability to create an account, save plans and share plans.

In addition to the Holiday Issue, consumers can read the premier issue – Fabulous Kitchens. The next issue will feature the winning house plans from Dream House Plan’s exclusive ENERGY STAR house plan competition. This new collection will be added to Dream House Plans Green House Plan collection and available for purchase in January.

About Her Dream Home:
Her Dream Home Magazine is a “must have” resource for consumers looking to build a gorgeous green home. Every issue will feature inspiring, product-rich articles and high-quality photography depicting the most innovative and best-selling designs from the country’s top architects and designers.


Visionary's DREAM EHR Version 7 Receives CCHIT Certification

Visionary's DREAM EHR Version 7 Receives CCHIT Certification

Software complies with 100 percent of certification criteria.

Tampa, FL (PRWEB) February 5, 2007

The Certification Commission for Healthcare Information Technology (CCHITSM) today announced that Visionary Medical Systems, Inc. is CCHIT CertifiedSM for its product, DREAM EHR and meets CCHIT ambulatory electronic health record (EHR) criteria FOR 2006. Ambulatory EHR's are designed for physician offices and clinics where most Americans get their healthcare. CCHIT is the Recognized Certification Body in the United States for certifying health information technology - an independent, nonprofit, organization that sets the benchmark for electronic health records.

As a CCHIT Certified product, Visionary™ DREAM EHR has been tested and passed inspection of 100 percent of a comprehensive set of criteria for:

  Functionality (ability to create and manage electronic records for all patients, as well as automating workflow in a physician's office),   Interoperability (ability to receive and send electronic data to other entities such as laboratories), and   Security (ability to keep patients' information safe).

The CCHIT Certified mark -- a "seal of approval" for EHR products -- provides the first consensus-based, consistent benchmark for ambulatory products. By looking to products with the CCHIT Certified seal, physicians and other providers can be assured they are making a reliable investment and insurers and other payers know the products meet expected industry standards.

"Physicians who purchase certified products have the assurance that they have been reviewed by a panel of judges, including practicing physicians, and that they are being evaluated against standards set by professionals in the field and successfully piloted with products from large and small companies," said Mark Leavitt, M. D., Ph. D., chair, CCHIT. "The quality and safety of EHR products can now be measured using certification criteria that were developed specifically for that purpose."

"Achieving the CCHIT Certification confirms the quality and depth of Visionary's DREAM EHR," said Chris Grady, CIO of Visionary Medical Systems. "The DREAM EHR provides the features, functionality, and ease of use necessary for physicians to adopt the EHR quickly while minimizing disruption to their current workflow."

"Visionary's technologies reduce opportunities for error, provide more depth and timely information for clinical decision-making, and reduce time spent on administrative activities that can better be spent on direct patient care, says Jason Patchen, CEO of Visionary Medical Systems. All of these improvements contribute to a safer care environment for patients."

The goals of CCHIT product certification are to reduce the risk of HIT investment by physicians and other providers; ensure interoperability of HIT products; enhance the availability of HIT adoption incentives from purchasers and payers; and protect the privacy of personal health information.

CCHIT's certification compliance criteria and its design for a certification inspection process have been thoroughly researched, taking into account the state of the art of EHR's and available standards, and comparing certification processes in other industries and other countries. The inspection process is based on real-life medical scenarios designed to test products rigorously against the clinical needs of providers and the quality and safety needs of healthcare consumers and payers. One script, for example, recreates a scenario of an elderly man with poorly controlled diabetes, hypertension and other chronic conditions in order to test EHR functions such as potential adverse drug reactions, disease management and treatment plans.


The Certification Committee for Healthcare Information Technology (CCHITSM), founded in 2004, is an independent, nonprofit organization. Its mission is to accelerate the adoption of robust, interoperable health information technology by creating an efficient, credible and sustainable product certification program. CCHIT accomplishes its work through contributions of hundreds of expert volunteers and constructive engagement by stakeholders throughout the health care industry. In September 2005, CCHIT was awarded a contract by the U. S. Department of Health and Human Services to develop, create prototypes for, and evaluate the certification criteria and inspection process for EHR's and the networks through which they interoperate. In October 2006, CCHIT was deemed a Recognized Certification Body by the Department of Health and Human Services. More information on CCHIT and CCHIT CertifiedSM products is available at www. cchit. org. "CCHITSM" and "CCHIT CertifiedSM" are service marks of the Certification Commission for Healthcare Information Technology.

About Visionary Medical Systems, Inc.

Visionary™ is the leading provider information-technology based solutions which generate measurable ROI for both healthcare providers and payers. Since 1996, its integrated line of clinical, financial, document management and chronic care management solutions have helped maximize productivity, improve patient care, and reduce the overall costs of healthcare delivery. Visionary's products and services have been chosen by some of the nation's leading medical clinics, IPA's, community health centers and health plans.

DREAM EHR's intuitive interface makes it easy to learn and extremely flexible. Clinicians are able to adopt the technology in phases, while maintaining the current practice workflow. Our trained and certified professionals provide complete on-site and online consultation, training and implementation services nationwide. For more information on Visionary Medical Systems can be found online www. visionarymed. com or by calling (888) 895-2466.

Http://www. visionarymed. com/?id=pressreleases&tmplt=tmp2c&pid=63 (http://www. visionarymed. com/?id=pressreleases&tmplt=tmp2c&pid=63)


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How to Avoid Excess Weight Gain During Pregnancy

How to Avoid Excess Weight Gain During Pregnancy

Pregnancy does NOT need to be a struggle - you don't need to feel fat, unattractive and uncomfortable. You will learn how to avoid unwanted excess pounds, how to have an easy labor and quick recovery, and much more.

(PRWEB) May 16, 2005

Gaining weight is part of every healthy pregnancy, but some people start their pregnancy overweight, or gain more than they probably should.

Very soon somebody is going to make a comment about your weight and how you look after you’ve delivered your baby—they always do! Imagine how good you’ll feel when you hear a positive comment, like “you look fantastic! What’s your secret?”

Michelle Biton uses 15 years of experience as a health and nutrition coach and hours of research to show women how they can avoid unwanted extra pounds during their pregnancies.

By following her step-by-step approach to Pregnancy Without Pounds you WILL have a better pregnancy, feel beautiful, and lose weight EASIER after the baby is born. Sound good? Well it is. And she can show you how.

You don’t have to be like so many other pregnant women and feel depressed about your body. You can be different. You can feel good about yourself and your body. And it isn’t hard work—in fact, it’s quite easy.

Pregnancy Without Pounds by Michelle Biton is a must-have.

Go Directly to Website: http://www. rnproducts. com/pregnwp (http://www. rnproducts. com/pregnwp)

Michelle will tell you how to have an easy labor and quick recovery. Steps to take now to lose weight quickly after delivery. How to avoid excess weight gain. Ways to suppress food cravings. Exercises to get you fit and toned. Secrets to looking and feeling your best. How you can reduce stretch marks and cellulite.

To download go to http://www. rnproducts. com/pregnwp (http://www. rnproducts. com/pregnwp)

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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Hearing Loss Symptoms in Older Adults Often Confused With Other Age-Related Issues

Hearing Loss Symptoms in Older Adults Often Confused With Other Age-Related Issues

Hearing problems can affect people of all ages, but symptoms vary greatly in children and adults. Hearing-Aid. com offers some tips to recognize hearing loss in older adults, where they may be mistaken for other health problems.

(PRWEB) September 16, 2010

A recent medical study about hearing loss in teenagers has focused attention on the increasing prevalence of hearing loss in all age groups, and the importance of early diagnosis to prevent long term complications.

However, signs of hearing loss (http://www. hearing-aid. com/hearing-loss/hearing-loss-symptoms) in older adults are often wrongly attributed to other age-related issues according to Hearing-Aid. com. The following points may help you to recognize hearing loss in adults, and avoid confusing a hearing problem with another health - or age-related issue.

Forgetfulness or saying things that are irrelevant to the situation are often construed as early signs of dementia. However, both may be signs that your loved one has simply missed part of a conversation due to a hearing problem.

If a family member seems more irritable, they could simply be expressing frustration about not being able to hear as well as they once did. They may claim that family members are mumbling, and may find it especially difficult to hear women's and children's voices.

Not paying attention or not being able to follow a fast-moving conversation may also be signs of hearing loss in adults. If an older adult communicates well in one-to-one conversations, but has difficulty in a group situation, hearing loss may be to blame.

Finally, if a older person who was once engaged and socially active becomes withdrawn, chances are strong that they are suffering from hearing loss and should be seen by a hearing specialist.

Early hearing loss treatment (http://www. hearing-aid. com/hearing-loss/hearing-loss-treatment) is key to minimizing long-term impact for people of all ages.

If you suspect that a loved one is having difficulty hearing, a comprehensive hearing exam by an audiologist or hearing specialist (http://www. hearing-aid. com/Request-to-Be-Contacted) can pinpoint the type of hearing loss they may be experiencing.

To learn more about signs of hearing loss, and about hearing loss treatment, visit Hearing-Aid. com (http://www. hearing-aid. com/).


Climbing Frames Help to Keep Children's Bodies and Minds Active

Climbing Frames Help to Keep Children's Bodies and Minds Active

A Climbing Frame presents children with an opportunity to develop and use new skills such as coordination, self confidence, and creativity, through playing and facing new and exciting challenges, as well as helping them to remain fit and healthy.

(PRWEB) November 20, 2005

The most effective form of exercise for children is active play, so with growing concerns about children's health, what better way for them to keep active than by playing on a Climbing Frame.

A Climbing Frame (http://www. dhleisureandgarden. com/acatalog/climbingframes. html) or Swing Set (http://www. dhleisureandgarden. com/acatalog/Mini-Fort-Discovery. html) is a fun alternative to watching television or playing computer games, and comes with the added bonus of exercise. Playing outdoors on a Climbing Frame can offer a starting point in helping children to develop and improve their health and fitness. Parents should encourage active play outside in the fresh air and help their children to be healthy and happy as they play safely in the security of their own garden.

A UK company, Dunster House, offer a wide range of wooden Climbing Frames (http://www. dhleisureandgarden. com/acatalog/climbing-frames-big. html) and Swing Sets (http://www. dhleisureandgarden. com/acatalog/climbingframes. html) for the garden. Now including a new castle range that really lets children's imaginations run wild. Designed to look like castles, the new Climbing Frame range will keep children active and stimulate them both physically and mentally. The Castle Maximus (http://www. dhleisureandgarden. com/acatalog/Play-Castle-Maximus. html) provides a large play area for children to enjoy together and develop their social skills, and the Castle Guard (http://www. dhleisureandgarden. com/acatalog/Play-Castle-Guard. html) is a compact single tower. Children's eyes will light up at the thought of having a fairytale castle or Medieval Fort in their own garden and can escape into their own little adventure land, enjoying all the fun of imaginative play with the added benefit of exercise.

Dunster House garden products are made from pressure treated timber, and all Climbing Frame and Swing Sets comply with European Safety Standards, to give a safe and long lasting product. Traditional wooden play equipment has a rustic charm as it blends naturally into the landscape as an attractive feature in the garden. The many different combinations and additional accessories to choose from allow you to create your own individual Climbing Frame to suit you and your child and offer a variety of opportunities for playing, discovering, and developing.

Dunster House have a wide range of timber garden products available, including log cabin kits (http://www. dhleisureandgarden. com/acatalog/Log-Cabins. html).

For further information on the extensive range of Climbing Frames and Swing Sets, or any of the other products provided by Dunster House (http://www. dunsterhouse. co. uk/), visit www. dhleisureandgarden. com

Dunster House

Caxton Road




MK41 0EB

Tel: 01234 272445

Fax: 01234 272588

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New Harris Poll Shows Americans Want to Go Green, but Don't Always Know How

New Harris Poll Shows Americans Want to Go Green, but Don't Always Know How

Survey Finds Uncertainty, Other Challenges to Living Sustainably

Arlington, VA (Vocus) June 19, 2008

Nearly half of all Americans are recycling, but only 3 percent are changing out their incandescent light bulbs for more efficient compact fluorescent models, according to a new Harris Poll released today.

"This poll shows that green living is certainly at the forefront of our minds," said Stephanie Meeks, acting president and CEO of The Nature Conservancy (http://www. nature. org/), which advised Harris Interactive on the development of this latest Harris Poll. "Yet people are getting lost in the maze of information on how to lessen our environmental impact. The bottom line is that even the smallest lifestyle change can have significant impact in the long-run."

The Harris Poll, one of the most highly regarded public opinion surveys, reached out to The Nature Conservancy for input and guidance on the development of the poll's survey questions. Harris Interactive sought the advice of the Conservancy because of the organization's leadership on educating the general public about ways to live a greener life for the benefit of both people and nature. The Nature Conservancy also offers a carbon calculator to help individuals determine their "carbon footprint," which can be calculated at www. nature. org/calculator (http://www. nature. org/calculator).

Among the findings of this poll was the noticeable optimism of the American public on environmental issues. Seventy-two percent of the poll's 2,605 respondents believe their personal actions are significant to the health of the environment. Though only 42 percent of U. S. adults were initially familiar with the phrase "environmental sustainability," when provided a definition, two-thirds believe that it will be possible in the future to live in an environmentally sustainable way.

Interestingly, over 45 percent of 18-43 year olds understand the meaning of this term, as compared with only 30 percent of those aged 63 and older.

"At a time when Americans are being bombarded with environmental messages, we encouraged Harris to gauge what terms are resonating with the general public," said Valerie Dorian, Director of Brand Marketing at The Nature Conservancy. "What's most telling from this survey is that despite the plethora of green information out there, there are still many challenges to actually implement change in our own lives."

Although 53 percent of those surveyed said they have taken steps to green their life, specific actions varied greatly:
 91 percent of respondents are recycling  73 percent are paying bills online  49 percent are trying to buy locally-produced food and/or goods  47 percent are buying green household products  39 percent are bringing their own reusable bags to stores instead of using paper or plastic  16 percent are carpooling  5 percent are driving less by combining errands, walking more, etc.  4 percent have reduced their utility use  3 percent have purchased hybrid cars  3 percent have changed out incandescent light bulbs for compact fluorescent ones

As these results indicate, being an environmentalist today calls for a whole new level of greener thinking -- from what you choose at the grocery store to how you commute to work every day. In fact, 34 percent of those who hadn't changed their lifestyle said it was because they "did not know what to do," and 29 percent of these people who hadn't made a change believe that greening their lifestyle won't make any significant difference on the environment. Yet according to the U. S. Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Energy, if every American home switched out just one incandescent light bulb for a compact fluorescent one, we would save enough energy to light more than 3 million homes for an entire year.

"Making small changes to help save the planet can help your pocketbook as well," added Meeks. "In the case of compact fluorescent light bulbs, you're paying more on the front end, but the cost savings in the long run will beat out the incandescent bulbs, hands down."

At the same time, going green can help to prevent environmental damages. For example, a recent Nature Conservancy and Harvard University study (http://www. nature. org/tncscience/misc/art25018.html) examined the effect of staggering urban growth on nature and people, and found that if we don't reduce our urban footprint, we may lose some animals, plants and natural resources for good.

To help cut through all the noise, The Nature Conservancy staff and leading environment bloggers are offering simple tips on ways to make personal, science-based choices to help save the planet. Check out www. nature. org/activities/everydayenv. html (http://www. nature. org/activities/everydayenv. html) to see the list of innovative and easy changes you can make.

The Nature Conservancy is a leading conservation organization working around the world to protect ecologically important lands and waters for nature and people. To date, the Conservancy and its more than one million members have been responsible for the protection of more than 18 million acres in the United States and have helped preserve more than 117 million acres in Latin America, the Caribbean, Asia and the Pacific. Visit The Nature Conservancy on the Web at www. nature. org.

Harris Interactive (http://www. harrisinteractive. com/) is a global leader in custom market research. With a long and rich history in multimodal research, powered by our science and technology, we assist clients in achieving business results. Harris Interactive serves clients globally through our North American, European and Asian offices and a network of independent market research firms. For more information on Harris Interactive and The Harris Poll, please visit www. harrisinteractive. com.

Cristina Mestre, 703.841.8779, cmestre @ tnc. org


Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Ampli5 Health-Sports Bands Now Available Nationwide

Ampli5 Health-Sports Bands Now Available Nationwide

Supercharge Your Body at Leading National Retailers

St. Petersburg, FL (PRWEB) December 14, 2010

Florida-based 386 Warehouse LLC today announced that Ampli5™, its line of health and sports wristbands, is now available for purchase at major retail outlets and convenient stores nationwide. Ampli5's Health-Sports bands are designed to increase one’s performance by balancing the natural energy field and restoring the proper internal frequencies of the body. The Ampli5 Technology is contained in a proprietary alloy that is part of each Ampli5 product. Working under the principle that every cell in the human body is electromagnetically charged, Ampli5 is engineered to correct and rebalance our natural energy field to improve the body's performance.

As of December 2010, Ampli5 products will be available for purchase in retailers like Circle K convenience stores throughout the country, Tom Thumb convenience stores in the Southeast, Pilot Food Mart locations in the Tennessee Valley and many other locations throughout the country. Major distributors such as Core-Mark, Imperial-Harrison, and Liberty USA are currently distributing Ampli5 products. Novelty distributors such as Petrey Novelty, Mountain View Marketing and Carolina Distributing are actively distributing Ampli5 products to their customers. The company plans to broaden their distribution to Valero convenience stores, additional divisions of Kroger, Gate Petroleum of Florida, as well as many of the other retailers. In January 2011, The McLane Company, along with GNC and additional retail locations will be stocking Ampli5 products.

Ampli5 products come in several different categories, including: Wristbands, with the option of leather or silicone (in a variety of colors; ranging from small to large sizes), Silver-plated Dog Tag, and functional drink and shot. The company also plans to launch an apparel line, which will include hats and t-shirts. To see the full range of Ampli5 products, visit http://www. Amplifive. com. To view the company’s current TV advertising campaign, featuring renowned professional wrestler, Maven Huffman, visit http://www. youtube. com/watch? v=75OgXqmxLt0

NOTE TO PRESS: To arrange a live demo or guest appearance with an Ampli5-certified trainer, contact Damiano DeMonte at (212) 671-1081.
To view a live video demonstration of Ampli5 Health-Sports Bands, visit http://www. amplifive. com/see-it-work.


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Leeza Gibbons & Santa Barbara Medical Innovations Launch Campaign to Educate & Slim America Down with ZERONA&#174

Leeza Gibbons & Santa Barbara Medical Innovations Launch Campaign to Educate & Slim America Down with ZERONA®

ZERONA® is the only clinically proven, non-invasive body slimming device on the market.

Santa Barbara, CA (PRWEB) October 26, 2009

Chip Conk, CEO of Santa Barbara Medical Innovations (SBMI), announced today that Emmy Award winning television personality, entrepreneur and philanthropist Leeza Gibbons has joined with SBMI in an alliance focused on educating and empowering people to take charge of their health. SBMI is the exclusive distributor of the ZERONA® non-surgical body slimming laser in the United States, Canada and Mexico.

"Our alliance with Leeza Gibbons reflects SBMI's mission to provide much more than innovative health and beauty treatments," says Conk. "We have witnessed positive results in thousands of people who have undergone ZERONA® body slimming treatments. Leeza is the ideal candidate to help carry our mission forward. Her message and example of personal empowerment is complimented by her commitment to bettering people's lives and we know she will be a valuable member of our team."

Conk announced that Leeza Gibbons and SBMI will host a series of special public and media events and appearances designed to educate consumers about ZERONA® as well as to convey her message with a focus on health and wellness issues.

"I am always inspired by transformation, and ZERONA and SBMI are innovators in offering the tools and technologies for people to change the way they look and the way they feel about themselves," says Leeza. "This is an ideal partnership for me because it offers so many opportunities to connect with people about the things that matter most; taking charge of our health, our fitness and our self-esteem. ZERONA gives us a perfect way to empower ourselves to truly transform our lives. I love telling the stories of life changing results that produce better health and happiness"

ZERONA® has been featured on highly regarded national television shows including The Doctors, Nightline, EXTRA, CBS Early Show, Rachael Ray and on numerous local television news and morning shows across the U. S. "Public awareness of ZERONA is growing exponentially as the demand for clinically proven, non-surgical body slimming is at an all-time high", according to Chip Conk, CEO of SBMI. "The number of physicians and top-tier medical spas that are offering ZERONA® is expanding greatly every month."

About SBMI: SBMI is dedicated to bringing clinically proven, innovative health and wellness products that are safe and effective to market. SBMI is the exclusive North American distributor of ZERONA® the only clinically proven, non-invasive body slimming device on the market. For more information, visit www. SBMI. com

About the Manufacturer: Erchonia is the global leader in low-level laser healthcare applications. Over the last 15 years Erchonia has been conducting research & development with the world's leading physicians to advance the science of low-level lasers. Prior to market introduction, all Erchonia lasers are proven to be safe and effective through independent clinical trials. Currently thousands of Erchonia's lasers are used daily to reduce body fat, eliminate pain, accelerate healing and treat acne. For more information, visit www. erchonia. com


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Automatic Asset Location System uses Wi-Fi Access Point Triangulation

Automatic Asset Location System uses Wi-Fi Access Point Triangulation

Barcoding Inc. has created an application that automatically detects the location of an asset using standard wireless infrastructure.

Baltimore, MD (PRWEB) March 28, 2005

Facilities managers need to constantly monitor the location of their expensive equipment, inventory and assets. Barcoding Inc. makes it possible to fully automate the process by placing a special Wi-Fi chip on each asset. Barcoding, a leading provider of supply chain technology to Fortune 500 manufacturing and logistics companies throughout North America, has created software that simplifies operations by automatically detecting the location of the assets relative to the location of wireless (Wi-Fi) access points within the facility. BarcodingÂ’s solution does not require any physical modification to the wireless infrastructure hardware.

Jay Steinmetz, President of Barcoding Inc. said, “Our system will streamline warehouse, manufacturing and hospital operations and increase supply chain accuracy. People who need to track large-scale assets can use our system, which does not require power on board the asset. They can constantly know what is located where. This is a major concern in a 14 floor hospital that has mobile equipment like X-Ray machines”

Barcoding’s system is designed to be economical. “Our system utilizes the customer’s existing infrastructure of access points. For instance, if a client has Cisco Aeronet access points, all we need to do is upgrade their firmware. The client’s investment in network infrastructure is protected,” Steinmetz said.

The Wi-Fi asset location system is different from RFID, because it does not require any special RFID equipment, and it works via common, inexpensive Wi-Fi access points. RFID only operates over a very limited distance, whereas Wi-Fi asset location operates in an entire facility, so long as there is a Wi-Fi network.

Using a mathematical calculation called triangulation, BarcodingÂ’s software uses a chip attached to each asset to measure the time it takes for radio signals to travel between several access points and the terminal. By measuring time, and dividing by the speed of light, it is possible to determine the precise distance from the terminal to the wireless networkÂ’s access points. The access points are fixed in place. By creating a map of their locations and the distances measured, each scanÂ’s location can be plotted with a high degree of confidence.

About Barcoding

Barcoding Inc. helps business and government organizations deploy supply chain technology, including bar code scanners, wireless terminals, mobile computers, RFID systems, and related software. Clients include manufacturing, distribution, healthcare and warehousing companies, and many state, local and federal agencies. Based in Baltimore, Maryland, Barcoding has North American offices in Virginia, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Florida, California, Colorado, Connecticut and Illinois. European sales and customer service are handled through an office in the Netherlands. Please visit http://www. barcoding. com/ (http://www. barcoding. com/) for additional information.

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MTBE Cleanup Estimated to Cost $1 to 3 Billion

MTBE Cleanup Estimated to Cost $1 to 3 Billion

New study better quantifies anticipated cleanup costs

Amherst, MA (PRWEB) May 20, 2005

In an announcement today, the Association for Environmental Health and Sciences (AEHS), Amherst, Mass., discusses the recent efforts to quantify the costs associated with remediation of leaking underground storage tank (LUST) sites where the fuel oxygenate MTBE (methyl tertiary butyl ether) is present.

AEHS is an organization of multidisciplinary, environmental professionals and was created to facilitate communication and foster cooperation among those concerned with soil protection and cleanup. AEHS is devoted to enhancing the flow of information between the regulatory and regulated communities; scientists and non-scientists, theoreticians and practitioners; and the public and private sectors.

Many studies have been done over the past decade to estimate MTBE cleanup costs, but few have been comprehensive in scope or transparent in methodology. The interest in quantifying potential costs has been driven by the draft Energy Policy Act legislation (Energy Bill), which includes a provision for public funding of cleanup at sites impacted by MTBE.

ENSR International, Westford, Mass., is researching and preparing a study, soon to be released, which will fully outline the national remediation costs associated with MTBE.

By trending the EPA confirmed release data for the past 20 years, evaluating the history of nationwide cleanup costs, and then incorporating forecasts for streamlined technologies and cleanup methods, a national total cost of MTBE remediation over the coming 30 years is predicted to be in the range of $1 to $3 billion.

According to the EPA LUST Trust Fund, an estimated 4% of LUST cases have no identifiable responsible party, which will require public funding for cleanup. From this information, one can project that public liability for the future expense of MTBE cleanup could be approximately 4% of this projected total $1 to $3 billion, or $40 to $150 million.

MTBE has been present in gasoline as an octane booster since 1979. With the passage of the Clean Air Act of 1990, use and concentration of MTBE in gasoline increased during the 1990s to meet the requirements for refiners to produce oxygenated fuel, which burns cleaner and reduces tailpipe emissions of ozone precursors. Since the 1990s, other oxygenates have been introduced, which has reduced the percentage of gasoline that contains MTBE.

The new study by ENSR International is due to be published in part through RemediationWeekly. com, and in the AEHS newsletter, The Matrix. Publication is expected in early summer.

ENSR International is a full-service global provider of environmental and energy services to industry and government. ENSR's 1,600 professionals provide consulting, engineering and remediation from 70 worldwide locations, including 45 in the U. S. Over its 35-year history, ENSR has successfully executed 75,000 environmental projects. Clients include some of the worldÂ’s largest water supply companies, as well as dozens of major petroleum companies, whom the company has assisted with investigation, design and remediation at thousands of sites across the U. S. and around the world.

For further information, contact:

ENSR International

2 Technology Park Drive

Westford, MA 01886-3140

John Petraglia


Jpetraglia@ensr. com

Www. ensr. com

The Association for Environmental Health and Sciences

150 Fearing Street

Amherst, MA 01002


Info@aehs. com

Www. aehs. com

Contact: Dr. Paul Kostecki

May 18, 2005 413-549-5561

Paul@aehs. com

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Friday, September 10, 2010



The plummeting economy continues to make headlines across the United States and around the world. Yet many Americans remain trapped by the debt that they have accrued over time, unable to bring themselves to stop spending and focus on paying off what they owe. A licensed psychologist specializing in the treatment of money-related disorders, Sally Palaian, Ph. D., offers clear-cut tools that every person can use to stop overspending and cope with the recession in SPENT: Break the Buying Obsession and Discover Your True Worth (Hazelden, May 5, 2009).

Bingham Farms, MI (PRWEB) July 21, 2009

"Whatever your relationship with money, it's possible to find freedom and peace of mind about it....You can discover greater connection to yourself and the world around you. You can learn to appreciate that what you already have is enough and that you, yourself, have worth," says Palaian. "If you want recovery from money problems, you must discover who you are, and you must remain committed to that journey, wherever it takes you."

In Spent, Palaian shows readers struggling with a range of financial issues how to unearth the underlying emotional, familial, and societal factors that trigger their unhealthy behaviors related to money and then shows them how to create and follow step-by-step plans for resolving these issues and pulling out of debt. Spent teaches readers to become financially competent through:

● easy-to-use assessment tools that pinpoint the severity of the problem
● questionnaires that identify root causes of unhealthy financial behaviors
● user-friendly exercises that motivate change from within
● guidelines for establishing personal budgets that work

Palaian's system for financial recovery is also designed to help hoarders, financial co-dependents, and underachievers attain lasting, positive change and a healthy view of one's true value in life.

Sally Palaian, Ph. D. is a licensed psychologist specializing in the treatment of addictive behaviors. She has served as an expert in the media on mental disorders and spending, most recently for MSN Money. Spent is her first book. She lives in the Detroit area. Major Detroit-area newspapers and television stations have utilized Dr. Palaian's expertise in the area of addictive behavior. She will be touring as the plenary speaker at Hazelden Women's Healing Conferences.

Further information about Sally Palaian, including a sample interview clip is available at:
Www. sallypalaian. com and www. hazelden. org/bookstore (http://www. hazelden. org/bookstore).