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$9 Million Committed to Bolster Worldwide Measles Initiative

$9 Million Committed to Bolster Worldwide Measles Initiative

The Vodafone Foundation-United Nations Foundation Partnership, Merck & Co., Inc., the Kessler Family Foundation and the American Red Cross announce support for partnership at Clinton Global Initiative

Washington, D. C. (Vocus) September 25, 2008

The Measles Initiative announced today $9 million worth of donations from the Vodafone Foundation-United Nations Foundation Technology Partnership, Merck & Co, Inc., the Kessler Family Foundation and the American Red Cross. This support will help to enable the Measles Initiative to vaccinate an estimated 76 million children in about 25 countries during 2009.

"Measles deaths have declined 68% globally since the Measles Initiative partnership began in 2001," says Michele Kessler, American Red Cross Global Measles Ambassador and founder of the Kessler Family Foundation. "But a funding gap for 2009 means we are in danger of losing our momentum. These commitments will help reduce that gap and allow us to continue saving lives."

The Measles Initiative - an innovative global health partnership led by the American Red Cross, the U. S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, UNICEF, the United Nations Foundation and World Health Organization - is working to reduce measles mortality in 2010 by 90% (compared to 2000) and support U. N. Millennium Development Goal #4 of reducing under-five mortality rates by two-thirds between 1990 and 2015.

"Already the Measles Initiative has saved nearly 3 million children; but this work is not done and we are committed to helping it succeed," said Claire Thwaites, head of the Vodafone Foundation-United Nations Foundation Technology Partnership, which is committing $6 million over 3 years to support the initiative.

"The UN Foundation is so proud to be part of this remarkable public-private partnership," said Kathy Calvin, the UN Foundation's Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer. "This is an effective model for how UN agencies, private sector experts, non-governmental organizations and individuals can work together to save lives and improve public health around the world."

Measles immunizations campaigns in Africa have been remarkably successful, resulting in a reduction in African measles mortality by an estimated 90% since 2000.

"Thanks to the Measles Initiative, the world has made great progress in combating measles," said Margaret G. McGlynn, president, Merck Vaccines and Infectious Diseases. "We are proud to support measles surveillance program to help countries identify the weakest areas of measles vaccine coverage and head off potential outbreaks. Such insight will be critical to help achieve the Measles Initiative's goal to reduce measles deaths by 90 percent during this decade." As part of its commitment Merck & Co., Inc. is providing a $2 million grant to strengthen measles surveillance in the African region.

Despite dramatic progress, real challenges remain in the fight to reduce measles deaths around the world. The Measles Initiative is simultaneously working to sustain gains made in Africa and other regions, while expanding support in India, which now accounts for the vast majority of global measles deaths. To succeed, the Initiative must rapidly secure new and additional financial support.

Note to the editor: Individuals can support the Measles Initiative by making a donation at http://www. measlesinitiative. org.

The Measles Initiative is a partnership committed to reducing measles deaths globally. Launched in 2001, the Initiative--led by the American Red Cross, the United Nations Foundation, the U. S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, UNICEF and the World Health Organization--provides technical and financial support to governments and communities on vaccination campaigns worldwide. To date, the Initiative has supported the vaccination of more than 500 million children in more than 60 countries helping reduce measles deaths by more than 68% globally and 91% in Africa (compared to 2000). To learn more or make a donation, visit http://www. measlesinitiative. org.


Christy Feig, American Red Cross, Washington, DC, +1 202 303 5074

Steven Stewart, CDC, Atlanta, +1 404 639 8327

Christian Moen, UNICEF, New York, +1 212 326 7516

Amy DiElsi, UN Foundation, Washington, DC, +1 202 419 3230

Hayatee Hasan, WHO, Geneva, +41 22 791 2103

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Waldorf School Students Create Animals for Blind Students in Egypt

Waldorf School Students Create Animals for Blind Students in Egypt

Middle school students at the Waldorf School of Cape Cod create handmade animals to support curriculum for blind students in Mansoura, Egypt.

Bourne, MA (PRWEB) March 29, 2009

While working recently at the Mansoura Insurance Hospital in Egypt on a project about birth and breastfeeding for the Egyptian Ministry of Health, Dr. Kajsa Brimdyr of Sandwich, Massachusetts, met the hospital's General Manager, Dr. Fatma.

Several years ago, Dr. Fatma noticed the high number of orphans (specifically girl orphans) being left at the hospital, and she started an orphanage for them. Dr. Brimdyr states: "Dr. Fatma also realized that her blind patients had nowhere to go during the day and no way to learn about the world, so she started a school for the blind. Students of all ages are brought to the school in the morning, and have access to Braille books; people who read the newspapers, the Koran, and stories to them; and teachers who use hands-on methods to teach general education. She is an amazing woman (in a male dominated society) who sees a need, and then comes up with a solution."

"Dr. Fatma told me that one of the biggest challenges blind people face is understanding what animals look like," says Dr. Brimdyr. "People talk about animals all the time, yet without any basis for understanding the descriptions and comparisons, animals are a mystery to them. I told her about my daughters, who attend the Waldorf School of Cape Cod in Bourne, and about the wonderful handwork items they create there. We agreed that perhaps we could forge a connection, and the Waldorf students could make animals so that the blind children could actually feel the shape of the animal."

When Dr. Brimdyr, who is the Director of Operations at the Healthy Children Project in East Sandwich, returned to Cape Cod, she immediately spoke with her daughter's sixth grade teacher, Kim Allsup, and the handwork and fifth grade teacher, Caroline Hopewell, about the possibility of working together on this project. "They thought it was a wonderful connection," she says.

"The first book we read this year was Helen Keller's autobiography," agrees Mrs. Allsup. "The students admired her courage and were so impressed by her dedication to learning. As part of the sixth grade handwork curriculum, the class worked with Mrs. Hopewell to learn how to make three dimensional animals. When Dr. Brimdyr told us about the need for animals for blind children in Egypt, this project seemed a natural for us."

When Mrs. Allsup asked Dr. Brimdyr to present the project to the class, Dr. Brimdr said "I wanted to explain the difficulties in picturing animals-they seem so clear to anyone who can see them! So I asked the class to close their eyes and picture this animal that I described. For example, the kinkajou (photos flavus) is part of the family procyonidae. It usually weighs around ten pounds. This arboreal mammal is not very rare. It has a tongue similar to a vermilingua or anteater. Actually, the kinkajou and the olingo are hard to tell apart when they're in the wild, because they have very similar ears, teeth, body, legs, and fur. The kinkajou is the only member of its family to have a fully prehensile tail, similar to the bassariscus astutus (ringtail) and the cacomistle (bassariscus sumichrasti), but it looks more like a primate. Its color is similar to the panthera leo."

Dr. Brimdyr then asked the students to draw the animal. Not surprisingly, the task was difficult!

"What does it matter that it looks like an olingo when I don't know what an olingo looks like?" the students wanted to know. Exactly! A zebra looks just like a horse, but with black and white stripes. If you don't know what a horse looks like, how does it help you understand a zebra? "What followed was a wonderful, lively discussion which deepened their understanding of the importance of this project," recalls Dr. Brimdyr.

One student was absent during the discussion, and the next day the sixth graders repeated the activity with him-choosing unusual animals from the animal dictionary, and describing the animal for the other students to draw.

During their handwork class the students are now focusing on making animals to donate to the School for the Blind. "It's not about what they don't know, it's about what they can know," explains one of the students. "They can feel things. They need help, and this is our way of helping."

The fifth graders are knitting the animals to send as well. Even some younger students are knitting animals, and many parents in the community have now joined in.

"I think it is great to help children who are less fortunate than us," says sixth grader Pai-Lin Hunnibell of Monument Beach. "It's a great feeling."

The Waldorf School of Cape Cod is a non-sectarian, non-profit organization serving families through Barnstable, Plymouth, and Bristol counties. The school is affiliated with both the Association of Waldorf Schools of North America and the Waldorf Early Childhood Association of North America. As the only Waldorf school in southeastern Massachusetts, the school serves over 150 children each year in its parent-child classes, preschool, kindergarten, and grades one through eight.

Further information about the Animals for Egypt project and the school are available by contacting the school at 508-759-7499, or by visiting the school's comprehensive web site at www. waldorfschoolofcapecod. org.

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Saturday, May 27, 2006

Swanson Vitamins Says Immune Support is Important During Back-to-School

Swanson Vitamins Says Immune Support is Important During Back-to-School

As 49 million kids are headed back to school, Swanson Vitamins knows that keeping kids' immune system healthy is extremely important. They have added more products to their children's immune support category.

Fargo, ND (Vocus) September 1, 2009

Back-to-School season is in full swing as nearly 49 million U. S. children are packing their new school supplies into their back packs and picking out what they will wear on the first day. Swanson Vitamins wants to remind parents the importance of keeping their children's immune health strong. Because immune support has been such a hot topic, Swanson Vitamins has brought in more products for children's immune support.

Hyland's has been producing homeopathic remedies since 1904. They have a commitment to bringing safe and natural homeopathic medicines readily available. Swanson Vitamins now has 6 different Hyland's products that focus on children's immune support (http://www. swansonvitamins. com/Search? ns=P_Flag-SwansonItem%7c1%7c%7cP_Rank-NoOrders&no=0&n=4294967181%2b3482%2b708&ntx=mode%2bmatchallpartial&ntk=Level1&SourceCode=INTN052). Sniffles'N Sneezes, Cough Syrup and Honey and Cold N' Cough 4 Kids all offer relief from the common cold symptoms. Hyland's C-Plus Cold is taken at the first sign of a cold to help relieve the uncomfortable symptoms. Hyland's Flu Care is a natural alternative to beat the flu bug. This homeopathic formula is aspirin-free and works without side effects.

Sambucol is a black elderberry extract with immune supporting flavanoids. Swanson Vitamins now has Sambucol Black Elderberry for Kids (http://www. swansonvitamins. com/SMB007/ItemDetail? SourceCode=INTN052)]. Sambucol syrup is 100% drug free and is safe for kids ages 2 and up. Flora Sambu Guard for Kids has been formulated especially to suit an active, growing youngster. Sambu Guard for Kids is made with organic echinacea, wild grown elderberry and vitamin C to support the immunity of children.

Dr. Christopher's Kid-e-Well (http://www. swansonvitamins. com/DCR015/ItemDetail? SourceCode=INTN052) is designed to assist the body's natural immune response. It contains a proprietary blend of yarrow flower, elder flower, peppermint leaf and echinacea angustifolia root.

Swanson Vitamins is an industry leader in bringing vitamins direct to consumers at the lowest price possible. Swanson Vitamins, located in Fargo, ND, offers the highest quality vitamins, supplements and natural health care products and is GMP certified. Swanson Vitamins goes a step beyond its competitors by offering powerful guarantees. All products are backed by a 100% Satisfaction, Money-Back Guarantee and Double the Difference Lowest Price Guarantee. For more information, please visit Swanson Vitamins (http://www. swansonvitamins. com/?SourceCode=INTN052).

Contact Information:
Theresa Kjelgaard
Phone: 701-356-2807
Website: www. swansonvitamins. com

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Friday, May 26, 2006

Skyscape Inc. Achieves Major Milestone Surpassing 500,000 Medical Professionals Using Its Mobile Point-Of-Care Solutions

Skyscape Inc. Achieves Major Milestone Surpassing 500,000 Medical Professionals Using Its Mobile Point-Of-Care Solutions

Skyscape Inc. (www. skyscape. com), the firm that pioneered in-context integrated medical references, has achieved an important new milestone by surpassing 500,000 registered medical professionals using its library of mobile medical decision support tools.

Marlborough, Mass. (PRWEB) March 20, 2006

Skyscape Inc., the firm that pioneered in-context integrated medical references, has achieved an important new milestone by surpassing 500,000 registered medical professionals using its library of mobile medical decision support tools.

A half-million nurses, physicians and allied health professionals are using Skyscape solutions on PDAs, smart phones, Tablet PCs and desktop PCs for fast and accurate diagnosis, treatment and prescribing support at the point-of-care, or wherever decision support is required, said Sandeep Shah, Skyscape founder and CEO.

“New medical evidence and other breaking information is released so rapidly that medical professionals and students must use the latest technology to stay on top of the daily wave of new information which is so critical to them and their patients,” Shah said.

While 1 in 2 physicians already use handhelds in their daily practice, Shah says their utilization – and the number of Skyscape users – will continue, driven by the growth of evidence-based medicine and electronic medical records – as well as increased wireless accessibility.

Recognizing the benefits, medical centers, such as Children’s Hospital Boston, and educational institutions, such as Vanderbilt University, are deploying or otherwise supporting the use of handheld medical decision support software by their doctors, nurses, students and instructors.

“Individual practitioners and institutions alike are realizing the benefits that Skyscape technology can bring in terms of reduced medical errors and better care,” Shah said.

A recent Skyscape survey of more than 2,800 medical professionals credited PDA-based decision support tools with helping them to provide better and more efficient patient care. A majority cited handheld tools as “critical” to their daily practice and reported that the decision support and reference solutions enabled them to reduce potential medical errors, provide more medical care and assist more patients.

"Today, medical professionals can be literally 'up to the minute' with information delivered anywhere they need it," Shah said. “Handheld PDAs, smart phones and tablet PCs are an ideal use of technology for providing instant mobile access to general and specialty reference titles, clinical and drug-dosing calculators, ICD-9 coding, treatment guidelines and other decision support solutions – all updateable via a desktop or wireless Internet connection.”

Today, Skyscape offers more than 300 such decision support resources – the largest library available – covering over 30 medical specialties. Skyscape’s patented smARTlink™ technology provides interlinked clinical content between its portfolio titles as well as with leading mobile medical computing solutions such as MedAptus, MercuryMD and PatientKeeper. Skyscape products are available for Palm OS® and Windows® Mobile Pocket PC handheld PDAs and smart phones and Windows® desktop, laptops and Tablet PCs.

Skyscape Inc. is headquarted in Marlborough, Mass., and is on the Net at www. skyscape. com.

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Debbie Siebers’ “Comfort Collection” Takes Off Stunningly with Superior Fashion Designs

Debbie Siebers’ “Comfort Collection” Takes Off Stunningly with Superior Fashion Designs

Designers divulge information about the Debbie Siebers Comfort Collection. DebbieSiebers. com introduces an additional line of merchandise for the Summer 2005 Season.

Los Angles, CA (PRWEB) June 28, 2005

Look no further for apparel that defies conformity! At DebbieSiebers. com, customers can shop for cutting edge designs for women’s (and soon to be men’s also), comfortable fitness and “lifestyle” clothing and accessories. When Debbie Siebers dreamed of creating a clothing line that reflects her personal style and commitment to fitness, she knew it had to be everything except ordinary. According to management at DebbieSiebers. com, Debbie Siebers and Kerry Gordy want great styling, fit at prices that cater to multiple consumer markets.

Debbie Siebers and her manager/partner, music mogul Kerry Gordy, met with a team of talented designers who researched Siebers’ individual style and the mission for her collections. One of those designers, who has asked to remain anonymous, was available to answer some questions regarding the production side of the “Comfort Collection”:

Q: What do you feel the “Comfort Collection” expresses?

A: The “Comfort Collection” provides the wearer with confidence in how she feels especially if her everyday life is actively filled. She automatically knows she looks great, so the only thing left to be concerned with is how she feels.

Q: How did you and your team make the collection both functional and beautiful?

A: The selection of fabrics is crucial to making the final design as beautiful and as comfortable as can be. Natural fibers blended with a little spandex allow the fabric to breathe for comfort, and the fashion forward color selection along with the design silhouette adds beauty.

Q: In what ways did you keep Debbie SiebersÂ’ personality and goals for her collection in mind?

A: DebbieÂ’s personality goes hand in hand with her image. So, keeping that perspective, the clothing designs are developed to adapt to any changes in mood or feelings that individuals may go through. But, it is always made certain that the designs are made to inspire great spirit.

Q: What has been the most rewarding part of the process?

A: Seeing the final product fitting perfectly. Also, it is most rewarding to see product generate so much interest from the public.

Q: What can you tell us about future plans that you and your team have for Debbie SiebersÂ’ line?

A: WeÂ’d like to continue in the direction weÂ’re heading by introducing performance fabrics and adding some woven items to give the clothing line a wider scope that will cater to a larger demographic that will also include plus sizes (or real sizes) for women and men.

Q: What do you feel customers will most enjoy about the line? Would you wear the clothes yourself?

A: I like the fact that we use natural fibers and that all the bodies [of the merchandise] provide some stretch to accommodate all the curves that women naturally have. Yes, most definitely I would.

Q: Let’s say I’m a housewife from North Dakota. What will the “Comfort Collection” do for me?

A: It will make you look great, feel great and lift your spirits. All of your friends will want what you have too!

Q: What is distinct about the Siebers Collection?

A: The collection exemplifies the health conscious, whether the person is into high-impact activity or low-impacting, relaxing activity. Each item in the collection impacts differently. The apparel exudes lifestyle; American lifestyles.

Q: How do you feel you can compete with other well-established fitness and lifestyle collections?

A: Rather than offering random items, Debbie Siebers’ “Comfort Collection” offers the whole nine yards. Not only will our customers / consumers have fashion options, they will also have access to information that provides expert advice when it comes to exercise, healthy eating habits and fashion tips.

Q: When can we expect more online items?

A: We are constantly adding new fashions to the collection. Anyone can select from new designs every month. Also, don’t forget to check out our affiliate eBay store at www. debbisiebersstore. com! There you will be able to find specialty items from Siebers Signature Collection as well as “specials”.

“Quality, comfort, and of course, ‘Fashion, Fitness, Health, and Beauty’ comes first for our customer, relates the designer. “Nothing else is satisfactory.”

The outstanding effort and undeniable heart that has been put into the line is obvious and seemingly effortless for the design team behind Debbie Siebers’ “Comfort Collection.” Yet, anywhere that one can find a classically cute, quality tote bag for only $15.00 evidences the benefits of a line that tries its best to combine beauty, comfort, and quality for its customers.

For additional information about this press release, contact Queen Udofia or visit www. DebbieSiebers. com


Queen Udofia, Spokesperson

Romar Studios, Inc.


Www. romarstudiosinc. com

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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Philosopher-Scientist Presents a New Book of Knowledge on the Good and Evil in Religion

Philosopher-Scientist Presents a New Book of Knowledge on the Good and Evil in Religion

The Four Marks of Cultism by Robert Johnson investigates the differences between beneficial and manipulative religions

ELGIN, ILLINOIS (PRWEB) September 29, 2006

In The Four Marks of Cultism, scientist and philosopher Robert Johnson examines the destructive behavior and lure of cults.

Religions can give people peace of mind, community and a solid foundation on how to live a better life. Cults, on the other hand, often masquerade as religions, but their job, suggests author Robert Johnson, is to manipulate, mislead and control. How can anyone tell the difference?

Immersed in philosophy and science, Johnson has earned four university degrees, three in science and one in statistics. Throughout his 50 years as a scientist, his search for truth led him to examine the differences between true religions and dangerous cults. With clarity and utmost candor, he describes four distinct attributes of any cult and how to recognize them - distortion, substitution, manipulation and pretense. While Johnson feels strongly that religious beliefs can, and should, be a bedrock to a saner, healthier society, the ignorance, superstition and fear that go along with cults, says Johnson, should not be allowed.

The Four Marks of Cultism is available for sale online at Amazon. com, Borders. com, and through additional wholesale and retail channels worldwide.

About the Author

Robert Johnson grew up in a family of devout Catholics and began to read widely about alternative religions and philosophies in his thirties. A scientist, philosopher and “searcher for the truth,” he has three degrees in science and one in statistics. The Four Marks of Cultism is his first book.

About BookSurge

BookSurge LLC, an Amazon. com company, is a pioneer in self-publishing and print-on-demand services. Offering unique publishing opportunities and access for authors, BookSurge boasts an unprecedented number of authors whose work has resulted in book deals with traditional publishers as well as successful authorpreneurs who enhance or build a business from their professional expertise.


Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Commercial Dog Food, Is It Really Healthy For Your Dog?

Commercial Dog Food, Is It Really Healthy For Your Dog?

Commercial dog food formulas are loaded with unhealthy chemicals. Homemade Healthy Dog Food is Cheaper and Better For Your Dog.

Jacksonville, FL (PRWEB) October 29, 2005

May experts believe commercial dog foods are unhealthy for your dog.

John Miller, a dog-fancier, discovered a way to improve his dog's growth through developing his own homemade recipes.

After analysing commercial dog food formulas, he found they were all loaded with unhealthy chemicals.

He couldn't believe how fast his dogs health and behavior improved after feeding them healthy homemade dog food.

He not only saw his dogs health and behavior improve, he reduced his dog food costs by 50%.

Many have discovered and proven that homemade healthy dog food will make a dog grow faster and stronger without using harmful commercial products which are full of mineral deficiencies.

Recipes for healthy dog food and other recipes can include:

Gourmet biscuit recipes


Dog bones

Recipe to keep fleas away

Dog shampoo

Eliminate bad dog breath

Dog safe fertilizers

There is no end to the wonderful, healthy recipes that can be used to improve your dog's health and well-being.


Monday, May 22, 2006

Triathletes Find TrekDesk A Way to Stay Limber Throughout the Day

Triathletes Find TrekDesk A Way to Stay Limber Throughout the Day

Triathletes push themselves beyond normal physical limits however one of their biggest challenges occurs when they are not training.

Phoenix, AZ (Vocus) October 23, 2010

Bill Elm, a business owner and triathlete with a keen eye for technology and innovations offering a competitive edge was challenged by his long work hours and triathlon training regimens. As President of Resilient Cognitive Solutions, Bill logged extended hours behind a desk and battled cramping, stiffness and range of motion issues caused by sitting relatively motionless during the day. He found the solution to his problems in the form of an innovation that lets him move continuously throughout his work day: the TrekDesk Treadmill Desk.

Trading his desk and chair for a TrekDesk Treamill Desk, Bill and his trainer Ron Deangelo noticed the health results immediately, “As soon as we got him (Bill) up and moving he made huge, huge strides.”

Ron is the Director of Sports Performance at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center and is recognized as an expert in his field training many NBA and NFL All-Stars in his illustrious 20 year career. Ron recognized immediately the problems individuals encounter when sitting for prolonged periods, “they end up getting cemented into those positions, so the hip in particular is usually the problem.”

“Walking slowly throughout the day with TrekDesk has tremendous health benefits whether you are a triathlete like Bill or have never seen the inside of a gym,” states TrekDesk CEO Steve Bordley. “The benefits and ease of use are the same, TrekDesk works for virtually anyone. A study out of Australia showed that even athletes who sit for four hours per day increase their risk of heart disease by 80% and risk of mortality from all diseases by 46%. A critical component to long term health is slow, sustained movement throughout the day.”

As a triathlete and a business owner Bill Elm recognizes one particular advantage to using the TrekDesk as well, “You don’t get that afternoon lull. TrekDesk keeps you alert and pumped up.”


Sunday, May 21, 2006

IntraVera Worldwide and BruiseMD Team Up with the California Athletic Trainers’ Association (CATA)

IntraVera Worldwide and BruiseMD Team Up with the California Athletic Trainers’ Association (CATA)

California Athletic Trainers’ Association Names BruiseMD as their “Official Topical Analgesic”

Glendale, CA (Vocus) October 28, 2010

IntraVera Worldwide, Inc. has been named the “Official Topical Analgesic” of the California Athletic Trainers’ Association (CATA). IntraVera is excited to be working with CATA, by providing natural remedies in the treatment of athletic injuries.

While bruises may seem like a mere nuisance, often an athlete’s performance is negatively impacted, due to soft tissue injuries such as bruises, contusions and hematomas. Until now, athletes have had limited options when it comes to managing these injuries. BruiseMD, the first comprehensive line of bruise remedies, allows athletes to experience rapid relief and effective healing for soft tissue injuries. BruiseMD, with proven, safe and effective ingredients, alleviates pain, reduces inflammation, and decreases skin discoloration associated with soft tissue injuries.

BruiseMD offers a full line-up of products including, tablets and topicals (Balm, Gel and Cream). The topical formulations contain Arnica Montana, a proven homeopathic medicine, combined with proven OTC pain relievers, also facilitate therapeutic massage. BruiseMD tablets, consisting of pineapple (Bromelain) and papaya (Papain) enzymes, also known as “proteolytic enzymes,” work in conjunction with the body’s naturally occurring enzymes to accelerate the healing process by breaking bruises down faster.

Testimonials from doctors, athletes and athletic trainers praise the multiple benefits of BruiseMD. IntraVera Worldwide is committed to bringing affordable and effective health care products to the market. Said Raymond Ealy, President & CEO, IntraVera Worldwide, "We are honored that the California Athletic Trainers’ Association, supporting 2,200 members of the athletic training profession, have chosen BruiseMD for this special recognition.”

About the California Athletic Trainers Association (CATA):
Athletic trainers are health care professionals who specialize in the provision of physical medicine and rehabilitation services, serving as physician extenders in the prevention, assessment, and treatment of acute and chronic injuries and illnesses. The California Athletic Trainers Association (http://www. ca-at. org]) represents and supports 2,200 members of the athletic training profession through communication and education.

About IntraVera Worldwide
Headquartered in Glendale, CA, IntraVera Worldwide is a consumer health and wellness products company. Our mission is to bring to market solutions that help improve and enrich the lives and vitality of our customers. IntraVera Worldwide, makers of BruiseMD, has developed a comprehensive first-aid product line created to treat chronic bruising and injuries or surgical procedures that result in bruising. BruiseMD is available in a powerful Enzymatic tablet. formulation and in topical forms that include Soothing Cream, Cooling Gel, and Analgesic Balm. For more information, please visit us at http://www. bruisemd. com] and http://www. intraveraww. com].


Jogging Stroller Website Announces Debut of Company Blog

Jogging Stroller Website Announces Debut of Company Blog

Baby stroller and jogging stroller website, BabyWheelz. com, features products that allow parents to simultaneously bond with children and exercise. The latest update to the site came in October with the debut of a company blog.

Pembrok Pines, FL (PRWEB) November 26, 2008

BabyWheelz. com, a website dedicated to the sale of standard strollers and jogging strollers, has announced the addition of an informational blog at www. BabyWheelzBlog. com. The newly launched venue debuted in October 2008.

Founded by Claudette Chrismas, the site was established in April 2008. Based on her own needs as a new mother, Chrismas determined the product line of her new site.

"After having my little girl, I became really interested in finding ways to get fit and still spend time with my daughter," said Chrismas. "I just loved the concept of jogging in the park with her along for the ride. And I figured lots of other mothers were also looking for creative ways to stay healthy and be with their children."

The majority of the products currently on the site are specially designed jogging strollers, which feature wider wheels to withstand the impact of running or jogging. While all strollers on the site come with safety features, these wider wheels help to ensure the comfort of infants.

"Because our biggest concern is baby comfort and safety, every stroller on the site has many safety features," said Chrismas. "Protecting your kid from different dangers, these strollers have sun canopies, reclining seats, and five point safety harnesses."

Accommodating a range of customers, the strollers come in various color options. There are also single and double strollers for parents who have either one or multiple children. All units come with storage space under the main seat and a durable yet lightweight steel frame.

"These strollers are made with an amazing amount of care and detail," said Chrismas. "Every feature is either there for the parent or the child."

For customers who would like more information about strollers and their various features, the site has recently instated a blog. This company blog will cover topics ranging from the history of jogging strollers to what stroller is best suited to what individual.

"I put an emphasis on the ease of shopping, and the blog is one way I can do that for my customers," said Chrismas. "The site and the blog are built to be as user-friendly as possible, and they work hand in hand. If customers have any questions, they can read the blog posts, or they can always contact me directly."

For more information about the site or any of its products, please visit www. BabyWheelz. com.

About CBC Ventures, Inc.
CBC Ventures, Inc. is the parent company of BabyWheelz. com. The site, which features a variety of jogging and standard baby strollers, was launched by Claudette Chrismas in April 2008.

Claudette Chrismas
Www. BabyWheelz. com
(305) 978-5037

IePlexus, Inc.
Www. iePlexus. com


Thursday, May 18, 2006

Waner Children's Vascular Anomaly Foundation's Inaugural Sweethearts Gala: Chocolates for a Cure

Waner Children's Vascular Anomaly Foundation's Inaugural Sweethearts Gala: Chocolates for a Cure

The Waner Children's Vascular Anomaly Foundation ("the Foundation") will hold its inaugural Sweethearts Gala: Chocolates for a Cure, at the Intercontinental Hotel in Kansas City on January 23, 2009

Kansas City, Missouri (PRWEB) January 23, 2009

The Waner Children's Vascular Anomaly Foundation ("the Foundation") will hold its inaugural Sweethearts Gala: Chocolates for a Cure, at the Intercontinental Hotel in Kansas City on January 23, 2009. This much anticipated event will benefit children and families in need of financial assistance and guidance in pursuing medical treatment for vascular anomalies, many of which are life threatening, as well as research and training efforts.

Local media legend Larry Moore and his wife, Ruth Moore, are proud to serve as Honorary Chairs, joining Sherri and Edward Foster as Chairs of the Gala. This year's "Sweethearts" are Milton Waner, M. D., honored for his contributions and philanthropy in the treatment of vascular anomalies and Rachel Foster, whose courageous journey has inspired so many and has served as the catalyst for establishment of the Foundation.

Guests such as the Kansas City Chiefs' Running Back Kolby Smith will be treated to chocolate and coffee indulgences, while mingling with a dedicated and august group who care deeply about the Foundation's mission and who will make this annual event their own. Some expected guests include Dr. and Mrs. James Case, Dr. and Mrs. Theodore Foster, Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Jernigan, Mr. Alexander "Sandy" and Christine Kemper, Mrs. Joseph McGee, Mr. and Mrs. Steve Mos, Mr. and Mrs. Carl Privitera, Tracy Stern, Mr. and Mrs. Byron Thompson, Mr. and Mrs. Ted Wiedeman and more.

Sponsors include: Answers Design Group, Avantair, Big Picture Productions, Inc., Community Financial Education Foundation, Measetique Jewels, Polsinelli | Shalton | Flannigan | Suelthaus, PC, Premier Entertainment, ReMax Plaza and Salontea.

The evening will be emceed by Larry Moore, who also will serve as auctioneer for the Live Auction that includes unique experiences such as a 4 hour jet (Piaggio) lease for 7 people, a dinner hosted by the Archbishop in the newly renovated Cathedral of Immaculate Conception, 3 trips to Manhattan complete with airfare, a luxury hotel, a tea party at lifestyle personality Tracy Stern's new tea salon hosted by Ms. Stern, two tickets to designer CHOCHENG's fashion show during NY Fashion Week, tickets to a Broadway show, front row seats to a Yankees game, and much more.

The Foundation was founded by Milton Waner M. D., Edward Foster and Sherri Foster in 2007. It is dedicated to providing information and training on, as well as funding for the treatment of vascular lesions such as hemangiomas, vascular birthmarks, arteriovenous malformations and other complex vascular anomalies. Dr. Waner is an internationally recognized pioneer in the development of successful treatments for vascular anomalies and is dedicated to the advancement of medical and surgical therapies for children and adults with such anomalies. The author or co-author of over 100 textbooks, book chapters, and papers in the field of otolaryngology, laser surgery and the treatment of hemangiomas and other vascular malformations, Dr. Waner also has been the recipient of millions of dollars in research grants and numerous awards, including the 2004 Children's Miracle Award from the Children's Miracle network, whose past recipients have included Larry King, Roy Disney, Christopher Reeve and Sugar Ray Leonard.

"We are so grateful to and are thrilled to honor Dr. Waner, who has changed the lives of thousands. By bringing awareness to this issue, we can help find cures and connect families with the support they need. This is not a cosmetic issue; our daughter's life was threatened by a hemangioma and we were fortunate to access the resources to get Dr. Waner's help before the condition was irreversible. Without him, Rachel certainly would have been blind, deaf in one ear, and she would have needed a tracheotomy and a feeding tube. She would have most likely endured congestive heart failure issues and suffered disfigurement to more than 70% of her face and head," said Sherri Foster. "We are fortunate that early intervention has made possible a normal, healthy childhood for Rachel. It is my firm belief that every child should have access to treatment regardless of his or her circumstances," continued Foster.

Dr. Waner treats thousands of pediatric patients from this region, across the country and around the world. With the continued increase in the number of uninsured and underinsured families seeking care for their children, he saw a dire need for financial assistance. Unfortunately, despite the disfiguring and often life-threatening nature of vascular anomalies, many insurance companies still classify their treatment as elective "cosmetic" surgery and deny benefits to families in need. The Foundation was established to assist these families financially and also to educate the public, the medical community and insurance companies. As a humanitarian, Dr. Waner donates a large percentage of his surgeries to those unable to meet the costs involved with treatment, and as a part of his vision for the Foundation, he is committed to the education and research required to reach more children in need and find a cure. Dr. Waner remarked, "I am pleased to participate in the critical fund-raising efforts of this new Foundation, which will not only help families in search of help but also will advance the science of finding a cure." For more information and to view a photographic story of Rachel's journey, please go to http://www. wanervascularanomaly. org.

More Information on Vascular Birthmarks: What Are They? How Are They Treated?
The most common forms of vascular birthmarks are port wine stains, venous malformations and hemangiomas.

Port wine stains, or venial malformations, are often linked to a deficiency or absence of proper nerve supply to blood vessels. If nerves are defective, vessels will continue to dilate and blood will pool or collect in the affected area. The result is a visual birthmark that can range in pigmentation from pale pink to deep purple.

Venous malformations are abnormalities of larger, deeper vascular structures. The closer the vessels are to the surface of the skin, the deeper the color of the malformation will be to the naked eye. A deep version, however, will have no color but will present as a protruding mass. The jaw, cheek, tongue and lips are the most common sites for venous malformations, although they also occur in other parts of the vascular system, including the brain.

Approximately 30% of hemangiomas are visible at birth. The remaining 70% become visible within one to four weeks after birth. Like people, they come in all shapes and sizes. Some are small and hardly noticeable, while others are large and disfiguring. Approximately 80% of all hemangiomas occur on the head and neck areas. In some cases, hemangiomas can be life threatening or severely problematic, interfering with breathing, eating, seeing, hearing and speaking. These types require immediate, aggressive intervention. In addition, internal hemangiomas, or visceral hemangiomas, can occur in the liver, intestines, airway and brain.

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Youth Speak Out on HIV/AIDS - HEAR ME Kicks Off Fourth Annual National HIV/AIDS Youth Story-Writing Contest - New Video Contest On Youtube

Youth Speak Out on HIV/AIDS - HEAR ME Kicks Off Fourth Annual National HIV/AIDS Youth Story-Writing Contest - New Video Contest On Youtube

The HEAR ME Project (www. hearmeproject. org) kicks off its Fourth Annual HIV/AIDS Story-Writing Contest for At-Risk Youth. Hilary Duff, Harold Perrineau (Lost) & Corbin Bleu (High School Musical) Among Celebrity Judges - Morgan Freeman Honorary Chair.

New York, NY (PRWEB) September 21, 2007

HEAR ME is kicking off its Fourth Annual HIV/AIDS Story-Writing Contest for youth. The percentage of youth affected with HIV and AIDS continues to grow; HEAR ME's programming exists to help combat those growing figures. Over the last three years, the contest has grown as a tremendous opportunity for at-risk and urban youth, ages 14-22, to voice their thoughts and feelings on topics affecting them on a daily basis.

Honorary Chair Morgan Freeman is joined by a judging panel featuring a who's who list of Hollywood's finest professionals including Hilary Duff, Lost's Harold Perrineau, High School Musical's Corbin Bleu, Jesse L. Martin (Law & Order, Rent), LeVar Burton, Andre Braugher, Jasmine Guy, Judy Reyes (Scrubs), Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu (Director, Babel, 21 Grams), and Dr. Loretta Sweet Jemmott, Director of the University of Pennsylvania's Center for Health Disparities.

The writer of the winning story about HIV/AIDS will receive $2500.

The winning story of the first annual contest, ''The Hard Way,'' was adapted and made into a short film distributed nationwide to youth-serving organizations. Another adaptation of the 2005 winner is underway, and an anthology of winning and finalists stories is slated to be published in 2008. Macy's has underwritten a comic book version of one of HEAR ME's stories, which is available this fall.

After receiving a grant from YouTube, HEAR ME is launching its first video contest, which is taking place at the same time as the annual Story-Writing contest. Applicants can submit a two-minute video about HIV/AIDS. The videos will be judged as well, and the winner of the contest will receive $1,000. Videos can be submitted on YouTube or sent on DVD to HEAR ME.

Information about the Writing and Video Contests can be found on the Hear Me Project Website (www. hearmeproject. org).

The HEAR ME contest was launched in 2004 after a spike in HIV rates among youth was reported. The HEAR ME contest motivates young people to think about their personal vulnerability to HIV/AIDS. Since 2004, the number of entries has increased by 1000%. A survey of contest participants demonstrated that 92% are now more aware of their vulnerability to HIV/AIDS; and 87% said they are now more knowledgeable about HIV. "Celebrity support inspires kids to get involved and raise their own awareness and their peers'," explains Dr. Jemmott, an expert in adolescent HIV/AIDS education, who serves as a key consultant and partner to the organization. Other celebrity judges from previous years have included Spike Lee, Scarlett Johansson, Forest Whitaker and Director Robert Rodriguez (Spy Kids).

The HEAR ME Project was founded by Select Media, Inc. Known for its award-winning, research-based programs for at-risk youth, Select Media, Inc. provides schools, health departments, government agencies, and community-based organizations with curricula and films on critical health issues including HIV/AIDS, puberty, alcohol and other drugs, child sexual abuse, family violence, STDs, conflict resolution, and teen pregnancy. For further information, visit www. hearmeproject. org or www. selectmedia. org.

SarahBeth Campbell
201-760-0200 x105
Scampbell@rbcpr. com

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Avendus Advises KPIT Cummins in its Acquisition of CG Smith Software

Avendus Advises KPIT Cummins in its Acquisition of CG Smith Software

KPIT Cummins Infosystems Ltd, a global IT consulting organization, announced that it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire 100% equity of Bangalore based CG Smith Software, an SEI CMM Level 5 company, focused in the realm of embedded and real-time systems for automotive electronics. The all-cash acquisition is for a consideration of US$8 Million. Avendus was the exclusive advisor for the deal.

Bangalore, INDIA (PRWEB) March 15, 2006

KPIT Cummins will leverage the in-depth automotive expertise of all the 200+ members of Team CG Smith to create a truly dominant force in automotive electronics.

All the members of the leadership team at CG Smith Software will continue to work with KPIT Cummins. The deal is subject to legal and other clearances which are likely to get completed by June 2006.

Avendus Advisors was the sole investment banker for the transaction. Commenting on this acquisition, Mr. Ravi Pandit, Chairman and Group CEO, KPIT Cummins, said, “CG Smith Software is an excellent strategic fit for KPIT Cummins’ focused business model. CG Smith Software has a very committed and cohesive team with deep domain expertise built over several years. This, coupled with our global footprint, account management strengths and automotive focus will enable the integrated entity to be a dominant player in Automotive Electronics thus creating more value for our global stakeholders. This development combined with our recent acquisitions in US & France and a JV in Germany sets us on a trail of significant growth in years to come.”

Mr. Raghavendra Swamy, President & COO, CG Smith Software said: “This is an important milestone in 10+ year journey of CG Smith Software. We have found an excellent partner in KPIT Cummins. There is synergy in focus, specialized market verticals, industry segments and complementary skills and domain knowledge in the common business practices. Added to

It, the sales and marketing strength of KPIT Cummins with offices spread in different geographies makes it a perfect fit to fuel the growth aspirations of CG Smith Software and its employees while creating value for customers.”

Mr. Shyam Shenthar, Executive Vice President of Avendus Advisors, said, “The competencies of CG Smith in the automotive vertical were an excellent fit to those of KPIT, which traditionally has focused on manufacturing as one of its verticals. Added to this, CG Smith brings to the table a talented pool of people with high degree of skills, and a

Strong roster of automotive industry clients. This proved to be a very attractive combination for KPIT.”

About Avendus Advisors

Avendus Advisors is an Investment Bank specializing in Private Equity Syndication, Cross-Border M&A, Fixed Income and Strategic Advisory services to corporates and funds. The company focuses on industries where Indian companies have a strategic growth advantage, including IT Services, IT Enabled Services, Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare, automobiles and Automobile Components, Real Estate and Consumer Products and Services.

Avendus clientele ranges from fast growing mid cap companies to large international corporates and established private equity funds. It has served more than 100 corporates in cross border transactions and in raising growth capital, and has closed deals more US$ 300 Million during the last twelve


For more information, please visit www. avendus. com


Wednesday, May 17, 2006

West Virginia Home Fitness Takes Action to Improve Community Health

West Virginia Home Fitness Takes Action to Improve Community Health

Charleston, WV-West Virginia Home Fitness will be opening its doors to launch a new program designed to guide its members to improved living for long term health. The 16 week programs features a goal setting system that enables individuals to create long term plans to combat West Virginias growing concerns of poor health.

Charleston, WV (PRWEB) June 1, 2006

West Virginia Home Fitness will be opening its doors to launch a new program designed to guide its members to improved living for long term health. The 16 week programs features a goal setting system that enables individuals to create long term plans to combat West Virginia's growing concerns of poor health.

The increase in the number of cases of Type 2 Diabetes, obesity and other illnesses combined with skyrocketing healthcare costs have precipitated scores of new diet programs and fad fitness equipment designed to take advantage of a growing sense of desperation on a national level. A recent article from USA Today noted that, ” Obesity could shorten the average lifespan of an entire generation — today's children — by two to five years, according to a controversial new life-expectancy analysis.” It goes on to say, “Life expectancy in the USA is now at a high of 77.6 years. If the researchers' predictions hold true in the next 50 years, it would be the first reversal in life expectancy since the government started keeping track in 1900.”

Andrew Burroughs, president of West Virginia Home Fitness, states, “We all have a perception of what good health and wellness is. However through mass marketing of products and services designed to promise the potential of a quick fix many of the truths have been filtered out and left us with a skeleton of healthy living habits.” He continues, “Many people have become so overwhelmed with so many options that they feel they can no longer make educated decisions on obtaining and maintaining healthy living. The fact is that we have lost grasp of how simple healthy living can be. Now have make changes and to get back to basics in order to regain the good habits that have become invisible to many.

The program's main focus is a systematic movement to subtle adjustments over an extended period of time to create a dramatic outcome. This will include guidance in lifestyle management, nutrition, stress management, exercise and physical activity. All focused around the lifestyle characteristics of the individual. Marsha Carte who is married with 2 daughters, works 50 plus hours a week and will be participating in the program states “I am excited about the idea of making changes that will not only help me and my family but also that it is not to be so dramatic that it becomes stressful to my family. It’s hard enough just raising a family and the idea that I can do something for my family that will last is exciting.”

Another feature of the program is that each member will receive personal training from the HIT Center located in Southridge in the Pied Piper building. This will prove to be an essential element to help all the participants make the necessary changes in their approach to physical activity and exercise.

Burroughs who is also the Logistics Chair for the American Heart Association’s “Healthy Life Challenge” closes with “I want people to know that this is an aggressive program because we want people to succeed. When I saw what was going on with the Healthy Life Challenge I was eager to see if I could get involved because I think that it too is based on a method that is functional and effective. It really didn’t take much for me to realize how much of an impact this could have on the community with the interest and support it is generating."

West Virginia Home Fitness has plans to keep the operation community based while expanding to make it accessible to as many people as possible. Enrollments are now being taken at www. wvhomefitness. com and will be limited to only 60 participants.

About West Virginia Home Fitness

West Virginia Home Fitness is a new company started in January 2006 that serves that Capital City area by providing guidance in nutrition and lifestyle goal setting to enhance both health and general well being. The focus is to create a system based on lifestyle and needs that best benefit the individual. West Virginia Home Fitness is not generic diet and exercise program. Areas of focus are nutrition, exercise and physical activity, rest habits, goal setting and more.


Monday, May 15, 2006

Konica Minolta Receives Additional Key Awards from BLI

Konica Minolta Receives Additional Key Awards from BLI

Outstanding Performance of bizhub Color and Monochrome MFPs Earns Seven Key Awards from Leading Industry Analyst

Ramsey, N. J. –

January 14, 2011 (Vocus/PRWEB) January 16, 2011 -- Konica Minolta Business Solutions U. S.A., Inc. (Konica Minolta), a leading provider of advanced imaging and networking technologies for the desktop to the print shop, today announced that Buyers Laboratory Inc. (BLI) has awarded Konica Minolta two additional industry awards to the five previously announced on January 12th.

BLI presented Konica Minolta with Winter 2011 “Pick” Awards recognizing the bizhub® 20P Monochrome Printer as “Outstanding A4 Printer for Small Workgroups”, as well as awarded an "Outstanding Achievement” award to the bizhub 363 Monochrome MFP for Energy Efficiency in the A3/Ledger Monochrome MFP Category.

The twice-a-year “Picks” assess reliability in terms of the service and preventive maintenance calls required. Its comprehensive evaluation includes an assessment of copy and print quality, productivity, ease of use and economy, as well as connectivity issues such as feedback to workstations, administration utilities, print drivers, multitasking and scanning solutions.

As part of the environmental testing, BLI measures the energy consumed by document imaging products in all operating modes as well as in energy-save, idle and sleep modes. In addition to reporting on a range of other environmental related features such as runability with various grades of paper, the reports include a projected energy consumption and cost based on real-world usage for each product segment.

To recap a week of key industry awards, BLI recognized Konica Minolta with the following awards:
“Line of the Year” – A3/Ledger Color and Monochrome MFPs bizhub 423 – “Pick” Award winner for “Outstanding 41- to 50-ppm A3/Ledger Monochrome MFP” bizhub 363 – “Pick” Award winner for “Outstanding 31- to 40-ppm A3/Ledger Monochrome MFP” bizhub 283 – “Pick” Award winner for “Outstanding 21- to 30-ppm A3/Ledger Monochrome MFP” bizhub 223 – “Pick” Award winner for “Outstanding 21- to 30-ppm A3/Ledger Monochrome MFP” bizhub 20P – “Pick” Award winner for “Outstanding A4 Printer for Small Workgroups” bizhub 363 – “Outstanding Achievement” Award for Energy Efficiency in the A3/Ledger MFP Category

“Konica Minolta’s complete line of bizhub MFPs consistently performs well in our testing and the ‘Line of the Year’ award acknowledges the company’s market-leading performance and innovative technology,” said George Mikolay, Senior Product Editor, A3/Copier MFPs, Buyers Laboratory Inc. “The ‘Pick’ awards and Energy Efficiency recognition further demonstrate the exceptional capabilities that we have come to expect from the Konica Minolta name.”

“We are honored to be recognized by BLI for outstanding energy efficiency as it confirms that our commitment and focus on delivering green technologies and a healthy environment is working,” said Kevin Kern, Senior Vice President, Marketing, Konica Minolta Business Solutions U. S.A., Inc. “Our global organization takes great pride in Mr. Mikolay’s recognition earlier this week that ‘Konica Minolta is the vendor to beat for 2011.’ We will not rest with these awards; we will remain committed to the goal of ensuring that customers can count on Konica Minolta for industry-leading technology that meets their entire scope of digital printing needs.”

About Konica Minolta
Konica Minolta Business Solutions U. S.A., Inc. is a leader in advanced imaging and networking technologies for the desktop to the print shop. For the third consecutive year, Konica Minolta was recognized as the #1 Brand for Customer Loyalty in the MFP Office Copier Market by Brand Keys. For more information, please visit http://www. CountOnKonicaMinolta. com and follow Konica Minolta on Facebook (@Konica Minolta Business Solutions U. S.A), YouTube (@KonicaMinoltaUS), and Twitter (@KonicaMinoltaUS).

Konica Minolta is a trademark of Konica Minolta Holdings, Inc. bizhub is a registered trademark of Konica Minolta Business Technologies, Inc. All other trademarks mentioned in this document are the property of their respective owners.


Sunday, May 14, 2006

Biggest German-American Doctors Orchestra-Friendship Concerts Ever in Germany at the Medical Faculty of Frankfurt and at the Charité in Berlin

Biggest German-American Doctors Orchestra-Friendship Concerts Ever in Germany at the Medical Faculty of Frankfurt and at the Charité in Berlin

The biggest doctors orchestra "National Music Group" from USA had contacted the unique world-wide web portal www. DoctorsHobbies. com - located in Germany - for help getting contacts in Germany: Inviting members of 20 + German Doctors Orchestras this is going to be a "Mega" German-American friendship concert in the "Alte Aula" of the Medical Faculty in Frankfurt (Main) (Nov 12) and at the famous Charité in Berlin (Nov 16). John F. Kennedy had been an honorary member of the "Free University of Berlin" and one of the hospitals had been sponsored by an american foundation - so there is a great tradition for this happening.

(PRWEB) July 4, 2005

Many doctors have "two souls in their breast" like the famous surgeon Sauerbruch who was an excellent violin player. Medical doctors, dentists, veterinarians and pharmacists are being presented in a unique web portal with their extra-medical professions (!) and hobbies on a world-wide basis: http://www. DoctorsHobbies. com (http://www. DoctorsHobbies. com).

This is what conductor Victor S. Wahby found when he looked for possible cooperation partners for the germany tour of his VA National Music Group consisting of the biggest doctors orchestra and doctors choir in the USA (see http://www. MedicalMusical. org (http://www. MedicalMusical. org)).

Contacting the german webmaster, founder and president of the DoctorsHobbies. com Association, Wolfgang Ellenberger, who himself is medical doctor and an active professional concert pianist he got a real booster effect: Ellenberger found great resonance on his inquiries at the medical faculty in Frankfurt (Main) and at the famous Charité in Berlin and he could invite members of more than 20 (twenty!) doctors orchestras all over Germany to join the group. So the whole thing is going to become a great german-american friendship concert and thus is sort of getting a very positive political touch.

Ellenberger likes full transparency and shares all informations about the concert at http://www. DoctorsHobbies. com/Events (http://www. DoctorsHobbies. com/Events) so that all health care colleagues (medical doctors, dentists, veterinarians, pharmacists - whom he simply calls "Docs") are taking courage to participate in this event. He even encourages Docs from the neighbour countries to sign in over the online web form.

All Docs who like music and are able to read music are expressedly invited to join also for the choir; since the orchestra is on tour the rehearsal times are rather short but the MusicDocs will get the music sheets in advance so they can prepare at home.

Even the ticket sales will be handled online: "What the low budget airlines do is the example to follow: the e-mail payment confirmation is the ticket!" says Ellenberger.

The web portal http://www. DoctorsHobbies. com (http://www. DoctorsHobbies. com) is based on the PianoDoc's experience from over 30 piano master classes he gave between 1991 and 2000 to doctor colleagues who had been coming from all over Germany. After 18 years as a freelance pianist he had to go back to medicine because of the general economic depression and had no more time for these piano classes. But he decided to widen his point of view to ALL hobbies of ALL health care professionals in ALL countries and began working on this web portal about three years ago. Soon he was amazed by the big variety of extra-medical activities of his colleagues and never was short of information for the free monthly newsletters which go out all over the world.

Now the portal presents a "100-hobbies-table" and it contains celebrities as Michael Crichton and George Miller, Mark Spitz, Albert Schweitzer, the founders of http://www. LaughterYoga. org (http://www. LaughterYoga. org) Dr. Madan and Madhuri Kataria and many others. There are exotic hobbies and professions besides all sports and the http://www. MediGames. com (http://www. MediGames. com) little Olympic Games and much more......

BreweryDoc Dr. med. Nidecker from Basel/Switzerland is running a beer brewery http://www. UeliBier. ch (http://www. UeliBier. ch) and he is inviting Docs for a free beer on August 1st, 2005 at the first international DoctorsHobbies. com meeting in his restaurant Fischerstuben.

Wolfgang Ellenberger is hoping to find support at least among the colleagues world-wide by signing-in as regular members with a 60 EURO annual contribution ( http://www. doctorshobbies. com/membersignin. htm )if (http://www. doctorshobbies. com/membersignin. htm )if) not from a sponsor to create a MultiMedi(c)alMeetingpoint at his home town Buchen (Odenwald)/Germany one hour from Frankfurt (Main). Here his association would like to host the library of the international Writing Physicians Association (including the german http://www. SchriftstellerAerzte. de (http://www. SchriftstellerAerzte. de)), have permanent art exhibitions of ArtDocs and host working phases of the international doctors orchestra community. By the way every Doc would have the opportunity to make his own studio recording to produce his CD as a christmas present to his family and friends and also spend his holidays in the facilities at a minimum cost. This complex conception is shown and explained at http://www. PROJECT. docwebs. com (http://www. PROJECT. docwebs. com) in english and german. A must for a most original marketing campaign on a world-wide level in the health care industry.

Well, coming back to the top events of the DoctorsHobbies. com Association this year everybody who wants to participate actively is invited to register at http://www. doctorshobbies. com/Events/ (http://www. doctorshobbies. com/Events/) and anyways everybody who wants to be informed and also know when the tickets are available can sign in for the free monthly newsletter at http://www. doctorshobbies. com/NewsletterSubscribe. htm (http://www. doctorshobbies. com/NewsletterSubscribe. htm) and it is possible to check all past newsletters clicking on the "news" link from the homepage.

Did you know that the "SLOVENLY PETER" is a book by the Frankfurt doctor Heinrich Hoffmann?

When you come to the Frankfurt german-american friendship Doctors Orchestra recital on November 12th take the afternoon for a visit to the "Struwwelpeter"-museum: http://www. frankfurt-online. de/kultur/museen/954413045/ (http://www. frankfurt-online. de/kultur/museen/954413045/) and enjoy yourself.


Saturday, May 13, 2006

NoteNiks Healthy Eating & Exercise CD-ROM Wins Dr. Toy 2006 Smart Play/Smart Toy Award

NoteNiks Healthy Eating & Exercise CD-ROM Wins Dr. Toy 2006 Smart Play/Smart Toy Award

NoteNiks receives prestigious recognition from the Institute for Childhood Resources for CD-ROM that teaches young children the benefits of eating healthy and staying active.

Oakland, CA (PRWEB) April 24, 2006

Sound Advice, Inc., makers of the NoteNiks product line, today announced that their newest offering, the NoteNiks Healthy Eating & Exercise CD-ROM, has been selected as a recipient of the Institute for Childhood Resources Dr. Toy Smart Play/Smart Toy Product of Excellence Award for 2006. The CD-ROM, which debuted earlier this year in partnership with software design veterans Vendor Nation, is the first piece of educational software that teaches children ages 3 – 8 the importance of selecting healthy foods and keeping active.

Dr. Toy's “Smart Play/Smart Toys Product Awards Program 2006” was developed by noted child development authority Stevanne Auerbach, Ph. D. (a. k.a. Dr. Toy), as a service to consumers who desire to purchase safe, affordable, educationally oriented and stimulating toys and other products for children.

“As a childhood specialist for over 35 years,” says Dr. Toy, Director of the Institute for Childhood Resources, founded in San Francisco in 1975, “I have seen the continuous, essential need for more year-round resources for consumers to identify and choose the most appropriate, safe and engaging learning and developmental products for all children. Children learn best through play, and these ‘Smart Toys and Smart Products’ encourage children to maximize their potentials and make the most of ‘Smart Play’.”

The CD offers 8 different games, all featuring the colorful, diverse band of NoteNiks comic characters. Children learn to distinguish fruits and vegetables from junk foods, identify items needed for activities such as riding bikes, swimming, planting a garden, and more. At the end of each game, players are rewarded with a win screen and fun facts about healthy eating and staying active.

“This is a CD-ROM that will get your child excited about eating healthy,” says Dr. Toy.

The NoteNiks Healthy Eating & Exercise CD also contains the recent addition of a Healthy Eating Curriculum. The downloadable pages feature a full health lesson plan, complete with printable activity pages and activity ideas. The lessons can be used for home schooling, after school programs, or in conjunction with traditional curriculum for preschool – grade 3. Topics include: “What are the benefits of healthy eating?”, “Fruits & Vegetable Families” and “Eat All Your Colors!”

“Choosing an apple as a snack instead of cookies is not an innate decision, especially with the barrage of fast food commercials bombarding a child,” said Mindy Myers, CEO of Sound Advice, Inc., whose background is in educational systems design and child development. “Children need to be taught to differentiate healthy food from junk food. The 8 interactive games in the Healthy Eating & Exercise CD encourage a child to make healthy eating choices a new habit.”

The CD was developed with, and has been tested by, educators, nutritionists, parents, and children nationwide. One of the first to sample the game was 4-year-old Marisa Dinsmore of Morro Bay, California. “Marisa loves the NoteNiks Healthy Eating CD. She spends about an hour at a time playing all the different games," said Helene, Marisa’s mother. “The skill levels seem very age appropriate for her. Right now she is bugging me to get off the computer so she can play her ‘exercise games.' It's Marisa's new favorite thing.”

In addition to the CD, Sound Advice, Inc. offers NoteNiks Healthy Eating & Exercise Comics for parents to place in lunchboxes, Roxy’s Eat Right Game, a board game that teaches kids to differentiate healthy foods from junk foods, and Motivational NoteNiks for teachers to reward student’s productive behavior. Future Sound Advice/Vendor Nation CD-ROM titles include “Be Safe. Be Careful,” with topics around children’s safety, and “Respect the Earth,” dealing with recycling and ecology.

The NoteNiks Healthy Eating & Exercise CD-ROM is available online and through select retailers nationwide. Netshare options for up to 30 computers are available. For more information on the NoteNiks Healthy Eating & Exercise CD-ROM, please visit www. noteniks. net. For more information all of the Sound Advice products, visit www. noteniks. com, or call (510) 547-0125.

About Sound Advice

Sound Advice, Inc., based in Oakland, Calif., develops educational support products, which enable parents, educators, librarians, dentists, doctors and others to connect with the children in their lives. Research shows that when a child feels commended, guided or appreciated they behave better, make better life decisions, and are more open to learning. Sound Advice’s products include Healthy Eating & Exercise NoteNiks, Medi-NoteNiks, Lunchbox NoteNiks, Motivational NoteNiks, Dental NoteNiks and NoteNiks Posters. More information is available at www. noteniks. com or by calling (510) 547-0125.

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To Carb Me…OR …Carb Me Not…for Diabetics the Villain Might be Obesity, not Carbohydrates By Robert P. Tracy

To Carb Me…OR …Carb Me Not…for Diabetics the Villain Might be Obesity, not Carbohydrates By Robert P. Tracy

A brief look at understanding the “evolving roll” of Carbohydrates in this tricky nutrition and diet industry. And how caution is the word for diabetics as we see where this mess might be leading.

Barrington, IL (PRWEB) August 12, 2006

To Carb Me…OR …Carb Me Not…for diabetics the villian just might be obesity, not Carbohydrates.

A Secret Truth?

August 12, 2006 Chicago, Illinois Any food eaten in excess, whether it's a steak or a bowl of spaghetti, will be stored in the body as fat.

Today, most nutrition experts believe that eliminating or drastically reducing carbohydrates is a grave mistake. So will we ever get a definitive answer?

Carbohydrates have been on a circular ride since 1974 with the first publication of Live Longer Now by Dr. Leonard and Pritkin who said, “Eat and exercise like our ancestors and skip Degenerative Diseases like diabetes, heart disease, atherosclerosis, cerebrovascular disease (stroke) and arterial hypertension.”

How did we get here? The Short History.

First enters “Processed Food” that absolutely Tastes Great. This leads to: Just Dieting; Caned Diet Drinks (1950s); Low Fat Diets; All Fruit Diets; Atkins and Protein; Exercise Machines; Strong Prescription Pills; Prepared Food Delivered; New Food Pyramids; and Glycemic Index; and on. …and Diabetics rolled with it all as the Dietitian crafted their own plans.

A sharp turn in the road.

The first huge explosion for the industry was delivered to the Pro-Protein camp, when the U. S. Department of Agriculture released it’s new dietary guidelines confirming the importance of high-carbohydrate grains and debunking the idea that a particular combination of nutrients can make people thin.

The catch is that not all carbs are created equal.

Dietitians will confirm candy bars and oat bran are both high-carbohydrate foods, they are not equally nutritious. Figuring out which carbs to eat and which to pass up can be confusing.

People still want a way to evaluate carbohydrates, which is why (the glycemic index diet) is becoming so popular. But experts like, Donna Skoda, a registered dietitian and director of community health programs for the Summit County Health Department thinks that the problem is deeper, and high-glycemic foods do not cause adult-onset diabetes as some diet books claim. Obesity, not carbohydrates, causes adult-onset diabetes.

Skoda suggests that we not just use the glycemic index to improve your diet, because people are not going to improve it with out help.

So the theory popularized by some diet books that eliminating carbohydrates which have a high glycemic rating will help curb hunger and help people lose weight may not be all the accurate.

The Winner is

The story is much longer, but it looks like the winner maybe just eating “real” natural healthy foods and some regular light exercise. The problem is that North America has No Clue what that diet looks like and needs an Instruction Sheet to EAT.

Our ancestors just did not know that they were on a Program.

Free eBook (Live Longer Now, The First 100 Years of Your Life)

A great read to get grounded in the secrets of the Ancestor’s health, and what to do today!! It is free courtesy of ProvenResultsHealth, a maker of all natural products focused on diabetic needs.

Free on this web site: http://www. ProvenResultsHealth. com (http://www. ProvenResultsHealth. com)

About Proven Results Health

Proven Results Health is a Chicago-based, a leading provider of all natural, clinically-proven supplements that promote healthy blood sugar levels and weight loss.

Contact: Dave Perry, Perry Marketing Communications

Tel: 312.401.1882


Friday, May 12, 2006

SMARTCODE™ Corp. Receives An Order For 100 Million EPC RFID Tags

SMARTCODE™ Corp. Receives An Order For 100 Million EPC RFID Tags

SmartCode Corp. receives one of the world's largest orders for EPC RFID tags. SmartCode Corp. to deliver EPC Class 1 and EPC Gen 2 tags to the rapidly growing Korean Market.

Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) September 15, 2005

SmartCode Corp., the world leading manufacturer of low cost EPC RFID solutions announced today that it received an order for 100 Millions EPC RFID Tags from MSWAYCO in Korea. Under the terms of the agreement, SmartCode Corp. will supply MSWAYCO with EPC Class 1 and EPC Gen 2 tags to be used in the Korean market.

“We are delighted to receive this high volume order for EPC tags.” said Avi Ofer, SmartCode™ Corp. President “Korea is an exciting market for RFID and SmartCode Corp. is uniquely positioned to mass produce ultra high volumes of EPC tags at a cost effective price. The sharp increase in demand for our low cost, high performance EPC tags has once again demonstrated the superiority of our offerings, both in performance and in unit price."

SmartCode™ Corp. EPC Class 1 RFID Inlays are Ultra-thin Transponders based on polymer tape substrate (PVC, PC or PET-G) and delivered in rolls. The Inlays can be embedded between layers of laminated paper or plastic foil to create inexpensive pallet/case label, product labels, tickets and airline baggage labels.

"Our aim is to be the Korean market leader in providing EPC RFID solutions." said Taehyun Jeon, RFID General Manager, MSWAYCO "We have chosen SmartCode EPC RFID tags based on its performance and low cost structure. After field testing in our facilities, we have found SmartCode Corp. EPC RFID tags to best meet our needs to become the leading provider of EPC RFID solutions in Korea."

The Ministry of Information and Communication (MIC) has unveiled the Ubiquitous-Sensor Network (USN) plan and said it would spend a total of 162.6 billion won until 2010 to develop and commercialize the RFID technology nationwide. The Korean ministry plans to inject 82 billion won into related research and development (R&D) activities and the remaining 63 billion won into pilot projects. The South Korea's Ministry of Information and Communication have also approved RFID systems to operate in the 908.5 MHz to 914 MHz band in Korea.

As a result of recent industry initiatives driven by Wal-Mart, the Department of Defense (DoD), Tesco, Metro AG, Target, Albertson's, Best Buy, the FDA and the Healthcare Distribution Management Association (HDMA), many global companies are looking for EPC-compliant solutions that satisfy both private and government mandate requirements while at the same time adding value to their business. So far Korea has tested the technology for tracking beef imports (in case of an outbreak of BSE), managing army ammunition inventories and controlling luggage at several national airports.

SmartCode Corp. is a world leader in providing low cost, high performance RFID solutions. Until toady, the prices of RFID tags with an average price of 50 cents each, have created a cost barrier for companies worldwide to adopt the RFID solution as the replacement of the inefficient barcode technology. With SmartCode™ Corp.’s exclusive patented manufacturing technology, SmartCode™ Corp. can manufacture these RFID tags at a price level of 5-10 cents, in large volumes.


SmartCode™ Corp. is a world leading low cost, high performance EPC RFID manufacturer that has developed a revolutionary, patented, and cost effective RFID manufacturing technology. Our Patented technologies enable us to intelligently replace the current inefficient Barcode technology. Our patented technologies enables us to manufacture a very large number of RFID tags at a fraction of the cost of today's traditional RFID. SmartCode™ Corp. introduces a cost-effective approach to dramatically reducing our clients Total Cost of Operation (TCO) and increasing their Return On Investment (ROI).

SmartCode™ Corp. enables companies to receive 100% real time visibility of their products across their entire supply chain. SmartCode™ Corp. is headquartered in New York, NY with offices in London, Silicon Valley, London, Hong Kong and a R&D Center in Tel-Aviv, Israel.

Learn more about SmartCode Corp. at www. smartcodecorp. com


MSWAY Corporation, with offices in Seoul, Korea was established in 1991 and it is a leading semiconductor distributor in Korea for Memory, Microcontrollers and Radio Frequency Products. With excellence in R&D capablity, System Design and Services, MSWAY Corporation distributes a wide range of Digital/Analog Memory and Radio Frequency solutions including Motorola, TI and Microchip. MSWAY Corporation provides solutions for the Telecom, Automotive, Consumer Packaged Goods, Medical, Industrial and Transportation industries.

Learn more about MSWAY Corporation at www. msway. biz

SmartCode™ Hercules, Hercules Tag, Hercules RFID, Hercules EPC and EPC G2™ are Trademarks or Registered Trademarks of SmartCode Corp. Other marks used are trademarks or service marks of their respective owners.

Forward looking statements

Statements in this press release that are not historical facts, including those statements that refer to The SMARTCODETM CORP.Â’ plans, prospects, expectations, strategies, intentions, hopes and beliefs, are forward-looking statements. These forward-looking statements are based on information available to SMARTCODETM CORP. today, and SMARTCODETM CORP. assumes no obligation to update these statements as circumstances change. There are risks and uncertainties that could cause actual results to differ materially from the forward-looking statements, including, without limitation, market acceptance of our technologies, the competitive nature of our market, SMARTCODETM CORP.Â’ ability to retain and increase revenue from existing clients and to execute agreements with new clients, and SMARTCODETM CORP.Â’ ability to attract and retain qualified personnel.

# # #

Thursday, May 11, 2006

The Technology Marketing Group Continues to Grow its Strategic Marketing Staff

The Technology Marketing Group Continues to Grow its Strategic Marketing Staff

(PRWEB) January 24, 2001

Conshohocken, PA (January 15, 2001) – The Technology Marketing Group has added several marketing staff members as it continues its growth. Patrick Yoder, Gina Lindell, and Tim Ballas have all recently joined the full-service marketing agency.

As Senior Business Strategist, Patrick Yoder delivers strategic integrated marketing solutions to The TM Group clients such as Lehigh Valley Hospital and Health Network, W. L. Gore & Associates, and Cahners Business Information. The Philadelphia resident comes from Investor Broadcast Network where he served as the Director of Marketing and Public Relations. With more than twenty years of marketing experience, Patrick has also held several Senior Vice President and Director of Marketing positions for various corporations.

Armed with both a BA in Psychology and an MBA in Marketing and Strategic Management from Rutgers University, TMÂ’s newest Marketing Strategist, Gina Lindell, creates online marketing plans for clients that include competitive research, recommendations for marketing programs, and measurement criteria. Gina, formerly a field manager for the Philadelphia-based healthcare marketing research firm Brintnall & Nicolini, lives in Center City.

Tim Ballas joins TM as a Business Strategist/Project Manager to manage client projects, develop web infrastructure and site maps, and identify and form business partnerships. While Marketing Manager for Investor Broadcast Network, Tim was responsible for developing and maintaining all marketing aspects for this financial media company's business to consumer area, including direct marketing, public relations, strategic planning, Web site development and content design.

Founded in 1982, The Technology Marketing Group is a full-service agency with expertise in strategic marketing solutions that integrates online and offline media. In addition to experience in print and pre-press production, The TM Group offers clients Web design and development and business-driven, interactive marketing solutions. Headquartered in Conshohocken, The TM GroupÂ’s extensive client list includes CertainTeed Corporation, Fleer Trading Cards, Quaker Chemical Corporation, Sea Gull Lighting, Inc., and W. L. Gore & Associates. For more information about The TM Group, visit the companyÂ’s Web site at www. tmgroup. com or call 610-834-7840.

# # #

© 2001 The TM Group.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Pittsburgh Genius TV Series Showcases Pittsburgh as a World-Class Powerhouse of Discovery and Innovation

Pittsburgh Genius TV Series Showcases Pittsburgh as a World-Class Powerhouse of Discovery and Innovation

Pittsburgh Genius TV series showcases Pittsburgh as a world-class powerhouse of discovery and innovation. The show debuts July 3, 2006 at 7:00PM on Pittsburgh Community Television Channel 21 and also will be available via webcast and podcast.

PITTSBURGH, PA (PRWEB) June 17, 2006

Some of the most exciting research in the world takes place right here in Pittsburgh, but few Pittsburghers ever get to actually see what goes on in those university and corporate research buildings they pass by every day. University of Pittsburgh doctoral candidate Dan Handley takes viewers on exclusive, behind-the-scenes tours of the Pittsburgh-area laboratories where this world-class research takes place in his mini-documentary series, PITTSBURGH GENIUS. Part interview show and part reality TV, each 30-minute episode showcases the research of one of Pittsburgh’s world-famous experts.

“Pittsburghers deserve to hear what is great about their city,” said Handley. “And one way to improve everyone's perception of Pittsburgh, both here and throughout the nation, is to give people a behind-the-scenes, first-hand look at our region’s impressive medical and technological achievements. We have enormous intellectual capital in our region and it really deserves to be showcased for all to see.”

The monthly series will make its cable television debut on Monday, July 3, 2006 on Pittsburgh Community Television 21 (Comcast Cable Channel 21) at 7:00 PM and will be repeated throughout the month. The debut show features Professor Howie Choset of the Carnegie Mellon University Robotics Institute. The show will also be available via internet webcast and podcast. More details, as well as a complete schedule of upcoming episodes and future show topics, may be found at www. pittsburghgenius. com.

Dan Handley earned a B. A. in biophysics from Johns Hopkins University and subsequently gained extensive research experience throughout the U. S. in both academia and industry. He relocated to Pittsburgh in 2000 to attend Carnegie Mellon University to earn a Master’s degree in logic and computation. He is currently a doctoral candidate in human genetics at the University of Pittsburgh and a member of Pittsburgh Filmmakers.

This project is supported in part by a Seed Award from The Sprout Fund. The Sprout Fund is a nonprofit organization supporting innovative ideas and grassroots community projects that are catalyzing change in Pittsburgh. Each of The Sprout Fund’s programs, Seed Award and Public Art, is designed to advance a community initiative from idea through dialogue to implementation, creating a critical mass of activity for positive regional change. Sprout believes a vital component to building healthy and vibrant communities is civic engagement; serving those who demonstrate the drive and the capacity to think creatively about their communities. With ongoing local support and continued appreciation by the communities it serves, the Sprout Fund will continue to provide an entry point for Pittsburghers to become involved and active in their communities and support projects that have the collective power to shape a new culture and vision for the region.


YourHCG. com Extends Customer Service Hours to Help Customers Meet Their HCG Diet Weight Loss Goals

YourHCG. com Extends Customer Service Hours to Help Customers Meet Their HCG Diet Weight Loss Goals

YourHCG. com is the industry leader in homeopathic HCG drops and the HCG diet. Now they have extended their customer service hours to help their customers better meet their weight loss goals.

Salt Lake City, UT (Vocus/PRWEB) January 11, 2011

YourHCG. com is one of the industry leaders in homeopathic HCG drops and the HCG diet. Now they have extended their customer service hours to help their customers better meet their weight loss goals.

COO, Donny Salazar told us more, “The HCG diet is more popular now than ever. With the holidays over and customers thinking about their health, we’ve had to increase our hours to make sure our customers get their HCG diet questions answered by our health coaches. That’s what makes us different. We aren’t trying to just sell HCG to our customers, we want to help them through every step of the HCG diet to ensure they hit their weight loss goals.”

Your HCG’s new support hours are Monday – Friday 5 AM to 10 PM and Saturdays 7 AM to 6 PM, all times are Mountain Standard Time. They have stressed that even if an individual isn’t currently on the HCG diet, they may call 1-877-748-2709 or chat live and have their questions answered by a health coach.

When a customer purchases an HCG diet plan from YourHCG. com, they receive a supply of homeopathic HCG drops, industry specific information on HCG weight loss, meal plans, recipes, email, phone, and chat support from health coaches who walk them through the process and a lot more.

YourHCG. com also has over 54,000 facebook fans and 12,000 twitter followers that participate in lively discussions, contests, and get support and encouragement from the YourHCG. com health coaches.

About Your HCG: YourHCG. com utilizes the highest standards to compliance protocols as well as manufacturing Kosher and Organic products. In addition, they provide homeopathic remedies that are made with individual care using traditional methods complying with current Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). They implement high quality standards for the manufacturing of the remedies in strict accordance with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States (HPUS). Utilizing a time tested process; YourHCG. com rely on over 20 years of experience in the nutritional supplements to produce top quality products.

Visit YourHCG. com or call 877-748-2709 for more information.


Jesse Semchuck
YourHCG. com


Employee Services Acquires Longview Associates EAP. Merger strengthens Employee ServicesÂ’ presence in the Northeast

Employee Services Acquires Longview Associates EAP. Merger strengthens Employee ServicesÂ’ presence in the Northeast.

Employee Services Inc. (headquarters in Wellsville, NY) has acquired the Springfield-based Longview Associates Employee Assistance Program. The acquisition will mean that Employee Services will provide service to nearly a half million members at 900 employers nationwide.

Wellsville, NY (PRWEB) August 20, 2004

James M. Walter, president of Employee Services Inc., today announced the acquisition of the Springfield-based Longview Associates Employee Assistance Program. This acquisition helps to build reach and membership for Employee Services in the Northeast. Walter stated that this is particularly good news for Longview’s current member employers who will now have local access to a broader range of productivity, health, and work-life benefits and services. “We’re one of the nation’s most established EAPs” Walter commented. “Joining forces with Massachusetts’ most respected EAP firm, strengthens our service team and broadens our geographic coverage.” According to Walter, the acquisition will mean that Employee Services will provide service to nearly a half million members at 900 employers nationwide.

Jerry Clausen, founder of Longview Associates, will continue to be involved in service delivery to the firm’s employers. “This merger is the best thing we could do for our employers” Clausen states. “Employee Services is one of the most innovative and progressive EAPs in the country, offering an unparalleled suite of employer and employee benefits designed to enhance productivity and be an important adjunct to a company’s human resources department.” He points to a broad range of new services that will now be available to Longview Associates’ clients, including enhanced work-life services for members, online training programs, lifestyle benefits that offer discounts to many national programs and services, and a suite of productivity and management services for employers. (A full range and description of employer and employee services can be viewed at www. TheEAP. com)

Walter said that Employee Services was attracted by the quality service that Longview offers to its members. He added “Our intention is to enhance that service.”

Pertech Resources Welcomed as a New Exhibitor for the 2005 e-Financial WorldExpo

Pertech Resources Welcomed as a New Exhibitor for the 2005 e-Financial WorldExpo

The 2005 e-Financial WorldExpo being held during Oct. 27-28, 2005 in National Trade Center, Toronto, Canada (http://e-financial. wowgao. com) is pleased to welcome Pertech Resources as an exhibitor for the upcoming event.

(PRWEB) October 19, 2005

Pertech Resources, Inc. is a technology-driven company with over 30 years of experience providing innovative banking transaction printing products known to deliver the Best-Cost Solution in the market. Founded in 1972, Pertech Resources has deployed hundreds of thousands of printers throughout the world in financial and transaction markets. The Riverton, Wyoming facility has designed and produced such banking mainstays as the DH4700 series, the A470 and A470e family of banking teller products.

The 2005 e-Financial WorldExpo will feature enterprise applications and financial solutions, provided by many top companies, which include Adobe Systems, SafeHarbor, Avamar, DoubleClick, Genesys Labs, IDS Sheer Canada, KANA, Laserfiche, Pertech Technologies, Policy Technology, Sarvega, RDM Corp., Progtegra Technology Solutions, EMC Corp., Tripwire, Talisma, Texas Instruments, VisionMAX, and Xaware.

New speakers recently added to our conference agenda include:

Jeffery L. Green, Director of Compliance for Financial Services, Laserfiche Bruce Miller, e-Records Strategy & Business Development Executive, IBM Steve Orrin, CTO, Sarvega Andrea S. Klein, Vice President, Financial Services Industry Strategy & Marketing, Oracle Vivek Khindria, Senior Manager, Information Security Practice. BMO

For a full list of the speakers and their topics please refer to our website or simply call us for a faxed version.

This is a great opportunity for the attendees to network with hundreds of private industry executives and their colleagues from all sectors of the financial industry..

To arrange interviews with our organizing team, any of the conference speakers, or to get more information about the e-Financial WorldExpo, please do not hesitate to call us or drop us an email. We also provide prepared media articles for release.

We offer the members of the media free access to all our events. To obtain your media pass for the e-Financial WorldExpo and fulfill your organization’s media needs, please contact Jung Park at 1-416-292-0038 ext. 824 or jungwonp@wowgao. com for more details.

About WowGao Inc.

WowGao Inc. is a leading Canadian event management company, that produces high quality, internationally renowned conferences and expositions that address the latest innovations and developments in the information technology industry. WowGao successfully hosts annual events, which include: The Ultimate Leading Edge IT Conferences & Expos, Wireless & Mobile WorldExpo, Government & Health Technologies Forum, China International Multimedia Technology and Application Expo & Symposium and the e-Financial WorldExpo, all of which remain highly acclaimed in the industry.

WowGao Inc.

601 Milner Ave., 2nd Floor

Toronto, Ontario M1B 1M8

Tel: 1-416-292-0038 ext.824

Fax: 1-416-292-2364

Website: www. wowgao. com


Tuesday, May 9, 2006

TVision Technology Sponsor 2008 Recruitment International Award

TVision Technology Sponsor 2008 Recruitment International Award

At the 2008 Recruitment International Awards held earlier this month, Gold Certified Partner TVision Technology presented the award for the category of "Best Recruitment Company to Work For" (£25M - £75M turnover) to Peter Moore MD of Macdonald & Company.

Walton on Thames, Surrey (PRWEB) December 1, 2008

Microsoft Gold Certified Partner TVision Technology joined forces with the Oracle Corporation and the Royal Bank of Scotland and other organizations to present the 2008 Recruitment International Awards on earlier this month.

TVision Director Pippa Grant presented the award for the category of "Best Recruitment Company to Work For" (£25M - £75M turnover) to Peter Moore MD of Macdonald & Company.

Founded in 1994, MacDonald & Company are the only recruiters to be approved by the RICS and are also one of The Sunday Times "100 Best Small Companies to Work For" 2006, 2007 and 2008". They offer one of the best remuneration packages in the industry which reflects how much they value both team and individuals' efforts with highly competitive base salaries, commissions and holiday allowances, health insurances, regular incentive and reward schemes and Team Building experiences. A large number of their consultants are qualified surveyors.

TVision Technology, based in Walton on Thames, is one of the largest independent Microsoft Dynamics NAV partners in the UK, having specialist knowledge of the recruitment industry served by its Agency Time solution. Managing Director Richard Thompson says: "We were delighted to be involved in the event. It is the first time we have been a sponsor for these prestigious awards, which is a fantastic way of recognising the efforts of top performing companies in difficult times."

Further information on TVision Technology services can be found on their website at http://www. tvisiontech. co. uk (http://www. tvisiontech. co. uk).


Bird Flu Found in 2 More African Countries -- Just in April

Bird Flu Found in 2 More African Countries -- Just in April

Information about the bird flu virus H5N1 coming out of Africa is uncertain, but we know that at least 6 countries on that continent now have bird flu. We don't know what's going on in small isolated villages.

Ballwin, MO (PRWEB) May 2, 2006

[PRWEB] May 2, 2006 -- The Ivory Coast has recently reported its first confirmed cases of bird flu. Earlier this month, Burkina Faso reported confirmed cases of bird flu.

That makes at least six countries in Africa where H5N1 has spread.

According to the BBC on April 18, John Jabbour, the World Health Organization's regional health regulation officer, confirmed H5N1 cases in Sudan. But a later story from Reuters said Sudan's bird flu case was as yet unconfirmed. So Sudan's H5N1 status remains unclear.

In Burkina Faso H5N1 has been there apparently since early March. That's when the owner of a restaurant in the capital city of Ouagadougou reported to the government that all the birds he kept were dying. So it took almost a month before the bird flu there was confirmed.

"This uncertainty illustrated the difficulties in containing this virus," says Richard Stooker, author of How to Protect Yourself and Your Family From Bird Flu. "It took over a month for one country to confirm what that restaurant owner in the capital city knew, and Sudan has somehow gone from confirmed to unconfirmed."

"What's going on in small isolated villages, where most chickens are, that we don't know about?"

More information on how you can learn How to Protect Yourself and Your Family is available at the author's website and blog.


Monday, May 8, 2006

Budding Singers and Singing Teachers' Extensive Guide to Reaching Excellence in the Art of Singing

Budding Singers and Singing Teachers' Extensive Guide to Reaching Excellence in the Art of Singing

Author Pearl Shinn Wormhoudt’s new book explores the psychology and teaching of singing

Ottumwa, IA (Vocus) October 31, 2010

With the release of With a Song in My Psyche, up-and-coming singers and singing teachers will now fully understand and embrace the core and art of singing. Authored by Pearl Shinn Wormhoudt, this practical and effective book will pave the way towards superior artistry and excellence.

Comprehensively analyzing the psychology and teaching of singing, With a Song in My Psyche renders a concrete description of the musical brain and looks deeper into the interaction of singer’s mind and body. Wormhoudt also provides a thorough explanation on the crucial early musical development, while considering the essential factors affecting to the pursuit of superiority—the adolescent singer, gender factors, psychology of performance, and the psychological basis for attaining greater artistry.

As an all-inclusive study, this remarkable book rigorously delves into a number of psychologically motivated factors that could either lead to poor or excellent, healthy singing: personality, temperament, managing the singer's lifestyle, building a character, perfectionism, performance anxiety, motivation, memorizing, breathing, stage movement, body messages, timing, musical and poetic meanings, self-image, confidence, concentration, consistency, and creativity. Hence, singers and singing teachers will hold the holistic approach to perfect their talent.

Through With a Song in My Psyche, Wormhoudt hopes that promising singers and singing teacher will completely develop their incredible potentials. For more information on this book, please log on to xlibris. com.

About the Author
Pearl Shinn Wormhoudt, Professor Emerita at William Penn University, and Honorary Life Member National Association of Teachers of Singing, has spent her life in the arts, as a singer, teacher of singers, and teacher of teachers of singers. In New York, she studied voice with Paola Novikova, teacher of international singers. Studies and some teaching in sculpture, ceramics, design, drama, dance, and a Columbia University M. A. gave her a broad feeling for the psychology of performance and creativity. She has been teaching voice and studying its psychology for over forty years. Wormhoudt can be reached through psw102(at)hotmail(dot)com.

With a Song in My Psyche * by Pearl Shinn Wormhoudt
On the Psychology of Singing and Teaching Singing
Publication Date: April 30, 2002
Trade Paperback; $19.99; 202 pages; 978-1-4010-4094-9
Trade Hardback; $29.99; 202 pages; 978-1-4010-4095-6

Members of the media who wish to review this book may request a complimentary paperback copy by contacting the publisher at (888) 795-4274 x. 7879. To purchase copies of the book for resale, please fax Xlibris at (610) 915-0294 or call (888) 795-4274 x. 7879.

For more information on self-publishing or marketing with Xlibris, visit http://www. Xlibris. com]. To receive a free publishing guide, please call (888) 795-4274.

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