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ITLS CEO Alie Chang to Speak on Global Business at WITI Las Vegas Conference, July 11, 2006

ITLS CEO Alie Chang to Speak on Global Business at WITI Las Vegas Conference, July 11, 2006

Female CEO of publicly traded ITLS to speak at Women in Technology Conference in Las Vegas on China and world business this week.

Marina Del Rey, CA (PRWEB) July 11, 2006

Los Angeles based Alie Chang is the CEO of the OTCBB publicly-traded international marketing, multimedia and technology innovator International Telecommunications, Inc. OTCBB:(symbol) ITLS. Alie Chang will be a featured speaker at the Las Vegas Women in Technology Conference at the Aladdin Resort Conference Center.

Ms Chang will speak on “The Landscape of Opportunity,”, Global Business Development at 11 a. m. on Tuesday, July 11, 2006. Her workshop will cover such topics as: 1) where are the opportunities, 2) an overview of general business environments, trends, developments, opportunities and challenges, 3) mergers, acquisitions and investment opportunities, 4) technology transactions (licensing, etc) and 5) intellectual property issues. Co-workshop leader is Marian Cook, President of Ageos Enterprises Inc.

The WITI Las Vegas Conference will be held on July 9-11 and will include presentations by leaders from such major firms as: MGM Mirage, Castle Engineering, First Financial Equity Corp., Cummins, Mindjet, ‘The Princeton Review’, Monarch Health Sciences, Raytheon Co., Harrah’s Entertainment, Citigroup, Smith Barney, Women’s Radio/Women’s Calendar and Merrill Lynch and Carolyn Leighton, founder of WITI, among others.

About Alie Chang

Ms Chang was recently named one of the top three Gold Winners of China’s Premiere Olay Women’s World Excellence Awards. She has combined her business acumen, leadership and creative design abilities to position her "The Art of Living" television series as a gateway to China for international businesses. Ms. Chang’s network in U. S. and China business circles has gained her the trust of many governmental and business sectors. This will enable Ms. Chang and her affiliates to provide a bridge for Chinese companies into markets in the West and for the US and international companies to obtain licenses, permits, and marketing share in China. Ms. Chang’s ability to communicate fluently in Mandarin and English, as well as her keen sensibility in business decisions, places her in an important position in many business transactions between China and the West.

In the past decades under Ms. Chang’s direction, she led many major US technology companies to China for Beijing Olympic procurement. These successful events established a strong on-going working relationship between her company, US business sectors, the US Department of Commerce, Chinese businesses and governmental agencies in China. Ms. Chang’s own design TV series “The Art of Living” was shown on Times Warner cable TV. The Chinese version of the program was featured on Beijing TV and over satellite to nearly 100 million viewers weekly. Ms. Chang’s strong relationship with China TV media has enabled her to arrange the broadcast of National Geographic TV programs on China Central Television stations, thus further enhancing her identity in China as well as in the international media arena.

Ms. Chang received her Master of Arts degree in Environmental Design from the University of California, Los Angeles. Upon graduation, she joined William L. Pereira Associates in Los Angeles as Project Designer. Ms. Chang’s design work has also been continuously featured in numerous major U. S. and international design books and magazines, newspapers and publications.. Ms. Chang is the recipient of Women in Design International's Outstanding Achievement Award in both architecture and interior design. Ms. Chang served two terms as co-President of Design International, a non-profit, San Francisco based professional organization. Ms. Chang is sought after as a speaker in international business and trade conferences. She was a key presenter at the NAPTE 2006 conference on “Emerging Media Market of China.”.

Ms. Chang is CEO of the OTCBB publicly - traded international marketing, multimedia and technology innovator International Telecommunications, Inc. OTCBB: (symbol) ITLS. Through a subsidiary, the firm serves as a gateway to China for international businesses and will develop products for import/export and distribution

About WITI

Women in Technology International is the premiere global organization empowering women in business and technology with a global network and a market reach exceeding 2 million. , WITI has powerful programs and partnerships that provide connections, resources, opportunities and a supportive environment of women committed to helping each other. Along with its professional association of Networks throughout the U. S. and world, including Hong Kong, Great Britain, Australia, and Mexico, WITI delivers value for individuals that work for a company, government or academia, as well as small business owners. For more info about the Las Vegas WITI Conference go to:

Http://www. witi. com/center/conferences/lasvegas/index. php (http://www. witi. com/center/conferences/lasvegas/index. php)

For more information and interviews with Alie Chang or to book Ms. Chang for professional speaking engagements and workshops please contact: Joyce Schwarz, JCOM, 310-822-3119.

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Saturday, June 26, 2004

LegalView Informs Mesothelioma Blog Readers of Asbestos Still in Use in America

LegalView Informs Mesothelioma Blog Readers of Asbestos Still in Use in America

LegalView reported on the details of several thousand tons of asbestos still being used in the United States, even though the material has been highly associated with an incurable form of lung cancer. The U. S. Geological Survey reported on the use of asbestos in a 2005 study and found that asbestos was being used in several everyday products.

Denver, CO (PRWEB) September 1, 2008

LegalView, the number one legal resource for everything and anything legal on the Web, recently notified mesothelioma information (http://mesothelioma. legalview. com/blog) blog readers of the import of thousands of tons of asbestos being used in products such as cement, packing materials, and roofing products, as well as in an array of other materials. The information was derived from a 2005 U. S. Geological Survey report on asbestos that has been highly attributed to be the cause of an incurable form of lung cancer known as mesothelioma.

Asbestos is a mineral that has been in use for nearly 3,000 years, according to the U. S. Geological Survey. It has been used in an array of products but became widely mined and used during the 19th and well into the 20th century. It was considered an inexpensive and fire-retardant material that could be used in the construction industry especially as insulation for homes, apartment buildings, schools, hospitals, universities, offices and government buildings. However, the use of the material was linked to a severe form of lung cancer that remains dormant for years in a victim upon initial exposure to asbestos. After symptoms become present, sometimes nearly 20 or 30 years after exposure to asbestos, the victim's health rapidly declines and inevitably leads to a painful death, as there is no cure for the cancer.

Those suffering from mesothelioma can use the LegalView mesothelioma information portal to better understand the condition as well as how to protect them from asbestos exposure. Victims of mesothelioma can seek out relief from expensive medical bills by contacting a mesothelioma law firm (http://mesothelioma. legalview. com/mesothelioma-law-firm. aspx) that employs a experienced mesothelioma lawyers (http://mesothelioma. legalview. com/find-mesothelioma-lawer. aspx), who can assist in retrieving monetary compensation for the disease through a potential mesothelioma lawsuit (http://mesothelioma. legalview. com/mesothelioma-lawsuit-results. aspx).

LegalView also provides information portals on several other legal topics including the latest on pharmaceutical controversies that have rocked the medical world. Among the pharmaceuticals and medical products receiving coverage are Avandia, Ketek and the Zimmer Durom cup. Avandia, which is used to treat type 2 diabetes among patients, has been linked to several severe Avandia side effects (http://avandia. legalview. com) ranging from early-onset osteoporosis to the development of heart disease among patients.

Ketek, on the other hand, is an antibiotic also known as telithromycin and is used to treat upper respiratory bacterial infections. The drug was released for manufacture in 2004 from Sanofi-Aventis. In 2006, the U. S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) released a public-safety advisory on the pitfalls associated with Ketek. The advisory reported on the Ketek risks, which included jaundice or yellowing of the skin, fatigue, lightheadedness - all of which seemed to involve the development of liver damage among patients. Those who have suffered from Ketek-induced liver damage may be eligible to take part in a potential Ketek class action (http://ketek. legalview. com), and should consult not only their physician about the drug's risks, but an experienced pharmaceutical law firm as well.

The most recent scandal to hit the news is that of the Zimmer Holdings Durom cup. The Zimmer Durom cup (http://zimmer-durom-cup. legalview. com) is an artificial hip component implanted into a patient undergoing hip replacement surgery. The company recently halted production of the cup after being flooded with reports from physicians that the cup was failing in patients. The cup has already been used in nearly 12,000 artificial hip replacement surgeries since its release in 2006. Patients who feel they may be at risk for their Zimmer Durom cup failing should seek medical attention immediately.

About LegalView:
LegalView. com is a public service brought to you by Legal WebTV Network, LLC, a Limited Liability Corporation created by a group of the nation's most highly respected law firms: Anapol Schwartz; Brent Coon and Associates; Burg Simpson; Cohen, Placitella and Roth; James F. Humphreys and Associates; Lopez McHugh; and Thornton and Naumes. For more information on the accomplishments and track records of LegalView. com's superior sponsoring law firms and to get in touch with LegalView attorneys, visit LegalView at www. LegalView. com/ (http://www. LegalView. com/).


Star Trac and Advantage Fitness Products® Announce Exclusive, Multi-Year Agreement

Star Trac and Advantage Fitness Products® Announce Exclusive, Multi-Year Agreement

Collaboration Yields Star Trac Expansion to 15,000 New Fitness Facilities Nationwide

Irvine, CA (PRWEB) December 16, 2010

Star Trac, a leading developer of premium commercial fitness equipment, and Advantage Fitness Products (AFP), the leading provider of full-service fitness facility planning, design, supply and service, today announced the signing of an exclusive, multi-year agreement for the sales and service of Star Trac products in non-membership based fitness facilities throughout the United States.

AFP, which specializes in the development and ongoing service care for over 15,000 clients around the world, will now provide the full spectrum of expertise for Star Trac’s distribution, marketing and client services. The company is an established leader in the hospitality industry, serving the hotel and cruise ship sectors, national universities and Fortune 500 corporations across the United States. For the past 10 years, AFP has been recognized as the largest commercial distribution partner for Precor, a competing fitness equipment manufacturer.

“This partnership is a tremendous opportunity for both companies to leverage the strengths of our collective distribution channels,” said Mike Leveque, President and COO of Star Trac. “We are proud to gain AFP’s client support and will gladly provide them with Star Trac’s world-class products and customer service.”

“We are thrilled to now present the most dynamic and comprehensive brand of products in the fitness industry to our valued clients. Our customers represent the most diverse and demanding corporate and institutional fitness environments in the United States,” said Bryan Green, President and founder of Advantage Fitness Products. “The depth, quality and innovation of Star Trac’s product line has been designed exceptionally around the user experience, which naturally appeals to our high-end clientele.”

“A true visionary in our industry, Bryan Green and AFP have pioneered the efforts to refine the ‘supply & support’ approach to non-traditional fitness facility care. The new distribution partnership is consistent with our company’s re-positioning strategy, which is centered on designing and developing high-quality, differentiated products,” said Leveque.

This agreement follows Star Trac’s successful acquisition by Michael Bruno, a highly respected fitness industry veteran for over 20 years. The agreement with AFP is in strategic alignment with Bruno’s reorganization plan for Star Trac which focuses on expanding the depth of its product line and service to customers. The new partnership with AFP will strengthen the company’s ability to provide the product innovation, quality, reliability and customer service that have been the Star Trac brand legacy since 1988.

About Star Trac
Since 1988, Star Trac has been a leader in developing advanced equipment for the fitness industry, focused on providing products to mold lifelong habits for health and fitness. Its user-focused product innovations are reflected in the complete line of cardiovascular and strength equipment, including the revolutionary Star Trac Coach™, a personalized treadmill workout led by a professional coach, the groundbreaking eSpinner®, the newest Spinning® innovation resulting from the long running relationship between Star Trac and Mad Dogg Athletics, and the Inspiration Strength™ line that takes aesthetics, biomechanics, and features to the next level. More than four million people in over 75 countries use Star Trac exercise equipment daily, enjoying its unparalleled functionality and style. For more information about Star Trac, which is headquartered in Irvine, Calif., call 1-800-228-6635 or visit http://www. startrac. com.

About Advantage Fitness Products
Advantage Fitness Products® is a leading provider of innovative fitness and wellness based solutions for commercial facilities worldwide. AFP offers expertise across multiple facets of the health & fitness industry, including facility design, supply and support, and programs established to assist clients in maximizing their investments in fitness. AFP’s proprietary FitnessFacility. com program is a specialized fitness facility f management tool that provides efficient and cost effective support for the requirements of daily management. The company’s ADVANTAGE Line commercial fitness accessories provide safe, stylish, and hygienic enhancement to any fitness environment. For more information visit AFProducts. com or call 888-895-0547.


Friday, June 25, 2004

Newly Expanded Parenting Website PresentsforChildren. com is Rapidly Growing

Newly Expanded Parenting Website PresentsforChildren. com is Rapidly Growing

PresentsforChildren. com is a newly expanded and rapidly growing website offering parenting advice and support. Parents of all children, including special needs children, will find advice and information on a variety of parenting issues. The latest information concerns developing a child's self esteem.

New York, NY (PRWEB) August 22, 2007

Recently expanded website PresentsforChildren (http://www. presentsforchildren. com/index. html) is quickly becoming the website of choice for many parents and guardians. Growing at a steady pace, it has several parenting articles including information and advice for parents of special needs children. Though originally targeting special needs children the website and advice is beneficial for the parent of any child. The authors of the articles offer a real life perspective of the many issues facing parents. It is a website written from the heart. One of the latest additions to their website addresses the issue of building a child's self esteem.

Though important for all children, PresentsforChildren feels that parents of special needs children need to take additional steps to ensure their child develops positive self esteem. Special needs children, including children with Neurofibromatosis (http://www. presentsforchildren. com/neurofibromatosis. htm), are faced with challenges that may have a negative impact on their self esteem. It is important for parents, teachers and other caregivers of special needs children to develop and bolster a child's self esteem. "A positive self esteem will enable any child to bravely face and overcome more of life's challenges."

Melanie Seery, of PresentsforChildren. com believes that "For any child self esteem is important. For a special needs child, self esteem is a vital tool in their struggle to overcome additional challenges and achieve all that they can." Self esteem is also important when facing serious acute or chronic health issues. "Self esteem is a part of a positive attitude and a positive attitude is also an important weapon when fighting serious health issues."

A child with special needs is faced with special challenges. Among other things, these challenges may include medical issues requiring frequent doctor or hospital visits, learning challenges or disabilities, or developmental, physical or behavioral challenges. Each of these challenges can impact a child's self esteem.

Melanie Seery believes that in order to bolster the self esteem of a special needs child or any child, a parent or caregiver needs to bring the focus to a child's abilities and strengths. "Parents need to make sure their child develops a positive self esteem just as they make sure their child eats properly and exercises."

Building a child's self esteem (http://www. presentsforchildren. com/selfesteem. htm) needs to be part of a parent's daily routine. Focus on a child's ability rather than the disability. Find a child's strengths, bring attention to it and build on it. "Don't make a child's challenge or disability become their sole identity. Find the beauty and power that is within every child."

PresentsforChildren is becoming a great resource for parents and guardians. It began as one parent's desire to reach out to other parents of children with special needs but is growing to be much more. It's mix of parenting advice, information and shopping makes it a great resource.

For additional information on any of these topics including building a child's self esteem, Neurofibromatosis or parenting special needs children, contact Melanie Seery or visit PresentsforChildren. com

About PresentsforChildren:
PresentsforChildren. com (http://www. presentsforchildren. com) was started by a parent of two children with Neurofibromatosis who desired to reach out to other parents of special needs children. They believe that every child is special.

Melanie Seery
Http://www. PresentsforChildren. com (http://www. PresentsforChildren. com)

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As Mandatory Public Reporting of Hospital Surgical Infections Begins April 30th, New Website Educates Public on the Risks and Prevention of Deadly Surgical Infections

As Mandatory Public Reporting of Hospital Surgical Infections Begins April 30th, New Website Educates Public on the Risks and Prevention of Deadly Surgical Infections

The Ontario Ministry of Health and Long Term Care, in an effort to further reduce patients risks for developing hospital acquired infections, is implementng mandatory public reporting of Surgical Infection rates, April 30 2009. This major step towards improving patient safety brings Surgical Site Infections (SSI's), and individual Hospitals infection rates, into full-view of the pulic. Theramed Corporation has launched a website to educate the pubic on the risks and strategies for prevention of deady surgical site infections at www. collatampg. ca/patients-and-caregivers/

Toronto, ON (PRWEB) April 30, 2009

As Ontario Hospitals prepare this month to begin mandatory public reporting of Surgical Site Infection (SSI) rates in a move to further improve Patient Safety, Mississauga-based Theramed Corporation has launched a new website www. collatampg. ca to help Patients better understand the risks of SSIs and prevention strategies.

Surgical Site Infections (SSIs) are devastating to patient safety and hospital budgets, but relatively unknown to the Public-at-large despite being the 2nd most common cause of hospital adverse events.

Approximately 50,000 Canadians each year develop an SSI, doubling their risk of death, making them 5 times more likely to be readmitted to hospital and 60% more likely to require time in Intensive Care. On average SSI patients spend 8 additional days in Hospital.

Most often, media reports on Hospital Infections focus on the MRSA and C. difficile 'superbugs' when in fact SSIs cost the cash-strapped Canadian Healthcare System over $200M and over 400,000 bed-days annually.

It is surprising that such a serious and tangible threat to patient safety, with such a huge cost on Canadian Healthcare resources has, until fairly recently, have been largely overlooked or overshadowed. With the Ontario Ministry of Health's move to mandatory public reporting of hospital SSI rates beginning April 30th 2009, however this is changing.

The Canadian Patient Safety Institute through its 'Safer Healthcare Now' campaign has focused on improving healthcare and patient safety through a number of initiatives including SSI prevention. This initiative has been focused on healthcare professionals however and is resulting in adoption of Safer Healthcare Now SSI prevention measures in many hospitals across the country.

Now, Canadians preparing to go for a surgical procedure also have a new resource at their disposal to ensure they are fully informed about SSIs, and equipped to engage in a dialogue about this risk and prevention with their Surgeon. Patients scheduled for surgery and their caregivers may visit www. collatampg. ca/patients-and-caregivers (http://www. collatampg. ca/patients-and-caregivers). With the present level of concern over swine flu, the very real and present danger of SSI's needs to remain front-and-centre especially for patients scheduled or planning to undergo surgical procedures.


Thursday, June 24, 2004

Local area poet and playwright achieves new heights!

Local area poet and playwright achieves new heights!

Delores J. Thomas is part of a new generation of African-American poets struggling with issues in the aftermath of the Civil Rights Movement.

(PRWEB) January 20, 2004

Delores "Dee" Thomas started writing her career much later than usual. And though, she started just a few years ago, she is definitely making up for lost time. Delores, a single mother, has created wonderful and inspirational poetry, short stories, and most recently, a play. She also owns "Soft Whispers", a company that creates personalized poetry for all occasions.

While she began writing at a sad time in her life, her poetry is uplifting and certainly good reading. "I wrote my first poem to honor my beloved father at his passing just two years ago. My father was someone I looked up to and loved my entire life. I knew I had to tell everyone how deeply I cared for and respected him. As I sat down to compose, I suddenly felt the words flowing forth is a way that surprised and delighted me. My tribute to my father is entitled, "Thank You From Daddy's Baby Girl," said Thomas. Her poetry is about life, its highs and lows; it joys and sadness.

Delores has received numerous accolades for her poetry, including, publication in the International Society of Poetry's anthology "Reflections of Innocence." Delores was named Poet of the year for 2001 by the Famous Poets Society and also received The Editor's Choice Award for Outstanding Acheivements in Poetry for 2001 and 2003, The Best Poems and Poets for 2001, 2002 and 2003. 2002 International Merit of Poet, 2003 Outstanding Acheivements in Poetry and just recently 2003 Poet of the year which included the Shakespeare Trophy of Excellence. During Black History Month 2002, Delores' poetry was chosen with that of Maya Angelou and Nikki Giovanni, to spotlight African-American Female Poets in today's society. Delores won the Tri-annual Unps. com poetry contest for 2001 and the International Open Amateur Poetry Contest from the International Library of Poetry.

Delores published her first book of poetry, "Treasures From A Nubian Heart," which is standard reading in several high schools across the country. She also has poems published in over eleven anthologies and a featured poet in three "Sounds of Poetry" CDs.

This past October 2003, Delores' play debut in Chicago. "A Spinster's Story" is an epic tale of a single female approaching mid-life, struggling with her feelings of loneliness as she begins to re-evaluate her life. After being diagnosed with a deadly illness, will she be able to ultimately make the right decisions concerning her health, her career and the man of her dreams?

In addition, this past November, Delores was chosen by Sun Publications as their featured artisan.


Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Company Mixes Old World Philosophy and Modern Technology to Produce More Healthy Beef

Company Mixes Old World Philosophy and Modern Technology to Produce More Healthy Beef

In August, E. Coli outbreaks were reported in Hawaii and Washington State. To protect its customers, Great West Cattle Company takes extra measures to assure that its beef is safe and healthy.

(PRWEB) September 7, 2005

American consumers are making healthier choices when it comes to beef, but choosing an organic product is not necessarily enough. E. coli contamination has been present in the industrialized, commercial processing of beef and recent outbreaks have occurred in Hawaii and Washington State. ThatÂ’s why Great West Cattle Company has mixed raising cattle the old fashioned way, naturally, with todayÂ’s technology to produce safe, great-tasting steak and hamburger.

All Great West Cattle Company beef is processed at G & C Meat Packing Company in Colorado Springs, Colo., utilizing a patented Rinse & Chill™ process that reduces harmful bacteria in ground beef, according to tests sponsored by AURI and the Minnesota Beef Council.

"Consistent food safety, quality and tenderness are our primary concerns, and the Rinse & Chill™ process addresses these issues for us," says Great West Cattle Company founder Jon Cordonier.

The process, commercialized by Meat Processing Services Corporation of St. Paul, Minn., cleans and cools beef carcasses by flushing the circulatory system with a cold solution of water, sugar and salt. A university study found that Rinse & Chill™ reduces 99 percent of coliform contamination, lowers cholesterol and improves meat tenderness, color and shelf life. Those findings were confirmed by a second, larger set of trials, performed by AURI's Marshall Meat lab and the University of Minnesota.

Fine chefs of Colorado agree, Great West Cattle Company beef is superior in quality, consistency and taste. Scott Savage, Executive Chef of the well known and highly acclaimed Cliff House Inn says, "Great West Cattle Company beef is a phenomenal product. Our customers expect exceptional flavor and tenderness every time, and with Great West we get that."

When Cordonier, founder of Great West Cattle Company, envisioned a premium beef company delivering the finest quality product anywhere, he decided to make an investment in his future customers that few companies are willing to make. Shortcuts are never taken and old world traditions are followed with no compromise.

Great West follows a beef recipe for success: Heritage Highland cattle are naturally raised, grain finished, processed with the latest technology and then dry aged for taste and tenderness. Customers can order online at www. greatwestcattle. com and have five-star restaurant quality beef delivered directly to their door.


Great West Cattle Company

Jon Cordonier


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Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Unicare & TxInsurance. com Offer National PPO Health Insurance Access

Unicare & TxInsurance. com Offer National PPO Health Insurance Access

Unicare & TxInsurance. com offer national access on PPO Health Insurance Plans

(PRWEB) April 26, 2005

Unicare is represented in Texas, Illinois, and Virginia by national award winning agent Joseph P. Stevens or TxInsurance. com - offering no application fee on all health insurance applications and free rapid processing.

UniCare realizes that a successful health plan starts with providing choices. For years, our networks have done just that, giving members extensive choice from a roster of qualified physicians, hospitals and other health care providers. UniCare's commitment to quality health care benefits, broad choice and superior customer service has led us to develop one integrated nationwide network—UniCare's platinum network. Platinum allows our clients and members to benefit from our negotiated discount rates, while providing seamless access to network providers across the country.

UniCare's Platinum Network covers the United States, giving most members access to network providers virtually everywhere. This means Platinum members can take advantage of the highest level of benefits for covered services whether they are at home, on vacation, traveling on business or away at school. Platinum members can rest assured that whether they are in Dallas or Denver, Philadelphia or Phoenix, they have access to quality network providers and the highest benefit level for covered services.

Http://www. txinsurance. com (http://www. txinsurance. com)
Free Health Insurance Quotes Online

TxInsurance. com is a leading source of online health insurance - please visit http://www. txinsurance. com (http://www. txinsurance. com) or call 877-264-0777 for a free quote.


Southern Trails Mixes Small Neighborhood Feel With Big Community Amenities

Southern Trails Mixes Small Neighborhood Feel With Big Community Amenities

A neighborhood-centered Pearland community just minutes from Texas 288 and Beltway 8, Southern Trails offers its residents resort-style amenities worthy of the largest master-planned developments.

Houston, TX (PRWEB) August 18, 2006

Residents can cool off this summer in the new Southern Trails recreation center and pool complex, which includes a junior Olympic pool with an extensive deep swimming area, a toddler pool and a separate splash park. The complex opens this month.

Overlooking the pool, the recreation center features Prairie-style architecture that complements the community’s natural surroundings. To accommodate parties, meetings and other functions, the center will include a multi-purpose room with a stone fireplace, plasma-screen television and catering kitchen with granite countertops and stainless steel appliances. The recreation center also will include an exercise room, complete with a mix of cardiovascular and strength-training equipment.

Southern Trails residents also will enjoy other amenities, such as lakes, miles of hike-and-bike trails with fitness stations, two covered pavilions with outdoor grills and more than 80 acres dedicated to parks and green space. More than 1,000 trees are being planted to further enhance the landscape, and three lakes will feature native aquatic plants, creating a natural shoreline.

“We are combining open, natural spaces with landscaped areas where residents can gather outdoors, visit with their neighbors and enjoy the recreational amenities of the community,” said Terry Krenek, vice president of sales and marketing for Ashton Woods, the developer of Southern Trails.

Bordered by FM 518 on the north, County Road 59 on the south, County Road 48 on the west, and the future extension of Kirby Drive on the east, Southern Trails includes approximately 1,500 homesites in a range of prices.

In the development’s first phase, Trendmaker Homes offers 14 designs on 80-foot homesites, with prices from the $340,000s to the mid-$400,000s. Ashton Woods and David Weekley build on 60- and 70-foot homesites. Ashton Woods offers homes priced from the $200,000s to the $320,000s and David Weekley features homes with base prices from the $190,000s to the $350,000s. Several of the available 214 homesites offer lake frontage, and pocket parks intersperse the neighborhoods. Visitors can tour an array of decorated models in the community.

Students in Southern Trails attend well-regarded schools within the Alvin Independent School District, including Mary Burks Marek Elementary School, which opened two years ago, and Manvel Junior High. Older students will attend the new Manvel High School when it opens in August.

With quick access to Texas 288 and FM 521, Southern Trails offers residents easy commutes to downtown Houston and the Texas Medical Center. Nearby Beltway 8 also offers convenient east-west access to other Houston-area destinations, such as William P. Hobby Airport and the Clear Lake region. Also, Southern Trails is mere minutes from a wealth of shopping and dining choices in Pearland’s booming retail corridor.

Ranked among the most rapidly growing communities in the Houston area, Pearland is experiencing strong retail growth in response to strong residential development.

In addition to approximately 1 million square feet of retail already open, two planned commercial developments will add a combined 1.5 million square feet of new retail and office space in Pearland. Macy’s, Dillard’s and a nationally known bookstore will anchor Pearland Town Center, a 700,000-square-foot open-air shopping mall at the southwest corner of Texas 288 and FM 518. The Spectrum at Clear Creek, a 1,000-acre mixed-use business and technology park at Kirby Drive and Beltway 8, includes an 850,000-square-foot lifestyle center on 127 acres at the southwest corner of Texas 288 and Beltway 8. A 130,000-square-foot Bass Pro Shop outlet will anchor The Promenade Shops at the Spectrum, which also may include a national hotel chain and a movie theater.

A $130 million retail center anchored by a super-sized H-E-B Plus Store – only the second such store in the Houston area – will break ground this fall and is slated for completion by the summer of 2007. Other retailers will include Academy Sports & Outdoors, Hobby Lobby, Amegy Bank, Compass Bank, La Madeleine and McAllister’s Deli.

Also, several medical facilities are in the works, including a 150,000-square-foot building by Memorial Hermann Healthcare System, a 200-bed hospital at the northeast corner of Texas 288 and FM 518, and HCA’s 81,500-square-foot Pearland Medical Complex at the southwest corner of FM 2234 and Texas 288. Also under construction, the 80,000-square-foot Medical Commons of Pearland, at FM 518 and County Road 90, includes medical offices, an ambulatory surgery center, a diagnostic imaging center and an emergency and urgent care center.

Visit our website: http://www. southern-trails. com/home. html (http://www. southern-trails. com/home. html)

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Professional Career Services Launches and Appoints Arthur S. Friedson as Managing Director

Professional Career Services Launches and Appoints Arthur S. Friedson as Managing Director

Outplacement and Human Resource Company Provides Services to Help Employees in Today's Tough Job Market.

Chicago, IL (PRWEB) April 6, 2009

Chicago-based Professional Career Services (PCS) is pleased to announce the launch of its business and the appointment of seasoned human resources expert Arthur S. Friedson as managing director.

PCS offers a variety of outplacement and corporate career services to help companies manage employee transitions. Outplacement participants are kept focused on their job search through coaching, mentoring and personal-touch networking. PCS shows them how to: 1) articulate their value and currency to a prospective employer, 2) capitalize on networking opportunities and 3) improve their success in getting interviews and winning the job.

Each PCS outplacement program is tailored to meet the specific needs of a client. Outplacement services include one-on-one programs designed to reduce an individual's search time, plus customized job search workshops, seminars and/or classroom-style coaching.

PCS also provides a variety of services for senior executives, including in-depth assessments and intensive one-on-one coaching and counseling.

Arthur S. Friedson, appointed managing director of PCS, speaks and consults in the areas of outplacement counseling, executive coaching, talent management, employee engagement, creating great workplaces, and the recruitment, retention and optimization of talent of Gen-X and Millennial employees. Prior to joining Professional Career Services, Friedson was vice president of coworker services for CDW Corporation. Under his leadership, CDW consistently ranked near the top of Fortune magazine's 100 Best Places to Work in America list. The innovative human resource strategies he brought to CDW also won repeated accolades from sources like Training magazine, Chicago magazine, and ComputerWorld magazine. Prior to joining CDW, Friedson held human resource management positions at Columbia/HCA Healthcare Corporation and Amoco Corporation.

"All of our services are delivered by seasoned executives with the skill, knowledge and ability to provide maximum impact," said PCS managing director Arthur Friedson. "We guide participants to stay focused on their future and on opportunities that will best fit their individual talents and abilities."

About Professional Career Services
Professional Career Services is dedicated to providing outplacement and other HR services to the corporate marketplace. For more information, please visit www. procareerservices. com.

Media Contact:
Kelly Kirkendoll Shafer
Shafer Communications


Monday, June 21, 2004

Modern Healthcare Ranks FreemanWhite the 15th Largest Healthcare Architectural Firm in the United States

Modern Healthcare Ranks FreemanWhite the 15th Largest Healthcare Architectural Firm in the United States

Ned Jennings, principal at FreemanWhite, has announced that the firm has been ranked has the 15th largest healthcare architectural firm in the United States by Modern Healthcare magazine, the industry's leading source of healthcare business news.

Raleigh, NC (PRWEB) May 4, 2006

Ned Jennings, principal at FreemanWhite, has announced that the firm has been ranked has the 15th largest healthcare architectural firm in the United States by Modern Healthcare magazine, the industry's leading source of healthcare business news. The magazine ranked healthcare architectural firms by annual firm fees. FreemanWhite moved from 20th position on the 2005 list to 15th in 2006.

“It is an honor to be recognized for our growth and development nationally,” said Jennings. “I am most proud of the success our firm has achieved in the past year. To improve by five slots in the ranking in just one year really demonstrates the success of our staff and the support of our clients in the healthcare industries.”

About FreemanWhite:

FreemanWhite provides architectural, engineering, interior design and consulting services for healthcare organizations in the United States. Founded in 1892, the firm has offices in Charlotte, N. C.; Raleigh, N. C. and San Diego, Calif. and employs more than 200 professionals. The firm has received numerous awards and recognitions, including being named the 2005 North Carolina AIA Firm of the Year as well as the fifteenth largest healthcare firm in the United States in 2006 by Modern Healthcare magazine. For more information please visit http://www. freemanwhite. com (http://www. freemanwhite. com) or call 919-782-0699.

About Modern Healthcare:

Modern Healthcare is the industry's leading source of healthcare business news. As a weekly news-driven publication, we report on important healthcare events and trends as they happen - not a month later. Our readers use the information to make the most informed business decisions and to lead their organizations to success. It is for this reason that Modern Healthcare is ranked number one in readership among healthcare executives and deemed a "must-read publication" by the who's who in healthcare.

Patty Briguglio

MMI Associates, Inc.


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Saturday, June 19, 2004

Leading Urgent Care Provider, NextCare Urgent Care, Opens Three New Georgia Locations and Offers $1 Prescriptions*!

Leading Urgent Care Provider, NextCare Urgent Care, Opens Three New Georgia Locations and Offers $1 Prescriptions*!

NextCare Urgent Care Helps Fill the HealthCare Gap with Affordable, Convenient Care Offered at their Three New Walk-In Medical Clinic Locations in Kennesaw, Lawrenceville and Mableton, Georgia. These New NextCare Locations, All Opening in November 2009, Will Also Offer Patients Who Come for a Visit Access to $1 Onsite Prescriptions*!

Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) November 13, 2009

In an effort to provide many families and individuals with access to timely health care, NextCare has added three new walk-in medical clinic locations in Georgia – including a location in Kennesaw, Lawrenceville and Mableton. These three new immediate care locations join NextCare’s existing Atlanta clinic, in the Edgewood Retail District, that opened in October of 2006. All four Georgia locations will be offering $1 prescriptions* to those who visit NextCare for patient care (excluding members of governmental health plans; other restrictions may apply, see below).

NextCare provides extensive walk-in medical care, including occupational medicine services, sports physicals, x-rays, lab services, select immunizations and on-site prescriptions, to those of all ages and is available to treat patients every day, as well as in the evenings and on weekends. NextCare sets themselves apart from other urgent cares and is known for bringing together service-driven healthcare and innovative medical technology to their delivery of medicine – evident by the unique services they offer such as WAHOO (Wait at Home or Office) where the patients can skip the lobby and wait in the comfort of their own home or office until NextCare calls them when their exam room is ready; or NextCare’s use of kiosk check-in, electronic medical records so the patients don’t have to constantly fill out paperwork each time, digital x-rays, and online bill payment options.

“NextCare is very pleased to be able to expand our high-quality care to the residents and surrounding communities in Kennesaw, Lawrenceville and Mableton, Georgia,” stated Tracy Patterson, Executive Vice President of NextCare Urgent Care. “We are looking forward to meeting the growing need in these Georgia markets for convenient, affordable and readily accessible healthcare.”

The Kennesaw location, at 2953 Cobb Parkway NW, opened its doors to the public for patient care on Tuesday, November 10, 2009, at 8am. It is followed by the first day of operation in Lawrenceville at 3370 Sugarloaf Parkway on Tuesday, November 17th at 8am and in Mableton, Georgia, at 1025 Veteran's Memorial Highway on Monday, November 30th at 8am.

NextCare invites neighbors, families, Chamber members, local businesses and others in the community to join them for a grand opening celebration on Tuesday, November 17th between 11am-1pm at our Mableton location. Lunch will be provided, tours and prizes offered and staff will be available to answer any questions that individuals and families might have about services and offerings NextCare can provide for them, including an exciting offer of $1 prescriptions available at all NextCare locations in Georgia!

At the onset of NextCare’s three new grand openings, $1 prescriptions* will be offered at each of their four locations to patients who qualify for the discounted medications (visit http://www. nextcare. com/1dollar (http://www. nextcare. com/1dollar) for details and restrictions). Sick patients can save a trip to the pharmacy for most commonly prescribed medications and save money too by getting their prescriptions on-site after their visit to NextCare for only $1!

For those patients who may be uninsured, NextCare offers the ValueCare Medical Discount Program – allowing up to 50% savings on medical care during a visit for an annual membership of only $50 for the primary member. Additional family members can be included for only $15 per person. This affordable discount program can be purchased at any NextCare Urgent Care clinic or online at http://www. nextcare. com/valuecare (http://www. nextcare. com/valuecare). For more information on this program or any of the convenient and affordable service offerings provided by NextCare in Georgia, contact Megan Lamy at (480) 776-1607.

*$1 Prescription Restrictions: For a limited time, NextCare is offering certain medically-indicated prescriptions for $1. See website for start date. Limitations apply. Not valid with any other offer. Not eligible to enrollees/members of governmental health plans (e. g., Medicare, Medicaid). Offer valid on in-stock prescriptions dispensed by participating providers at the time of service. NextCare stocks a limited supply of prescriptions most commonly dispensed at their facilities. Go to http://www. nextcare. com/1dollar (http://www. nextcare. com/1dollar) for full program details.

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Thursday, June 17, 2004



The results of a new study published in the October 1, 2003 issue of the European journal Vaccine indicate that a higher than expected number of shingles cases was reported among children with a previous history of chickenpox—approaching the incidence rate normally seen only in older adults. Results of the study suggest mass vaccination with varicella (chickenpox) vaccine may be responsible for this adverse effect.

PEARBLOSSOM, Calif. (PRWEB) October 10, 2003

– The results of a new study published in the October 1, 2003, issue of the European journal Vaccine indicate that a higher than expected number of shingles cases was reported among children with a previous history of chickenpox. The rates observed approach those normally seen only in older adults. Results of the study suggest mass vaccination with varicella (chickenpox) vaccine may be responsible for this adverse effect. Complications from shingles, which is caused by the reactivation of the chickenpox virus that lies dormant in the body, result in about three times the number of hospitalizations and five times the number of deaths as those from chickenpox disease itself. Shingles, usually mild in children, can be severe in adults.

On March 17, 1995, the U. S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the live varicella vaccine, and shortly thereafter 38 states mandated that every infant be inoculated at twelve months of age. The CDC-funded Varicella Active Surveillance Project (VASP) of the Los Angeles County Department of Health Services was established to study trends in varicella disease among the 300,000 residents in the Antelope Valley health district. Because this high desert community, including the primary cities of Lancaster and Palmdale, is geographically distinct with few individuals seeking healthcare outside the region, it is nearly ideal for scientists to detect preliminary disease trends.

“Because the vaccine is eliminating chickenpox disease, children and adults no longer receive the natural boost to their immune systems that they received from periodic exposures to the disease,” says Gary S. Goldman, Ph. D., author of the study and former research analyst with VASP. “Due to the dramatic decline in chickenpox, children are now experiencing a higher incidence of shingles.”

To compensate for this, vaccine manufacturers plan to license a booster "shingles" vaccine to substitute for the natural boost in immunity that occurred when chickenpox disease was previously circulating in the population. Goldman expresses doubts about the effectiveness of this approach to the impending problem.

"This will likely lead to endless disease-and-cure cycles," says Goldman. "Varicella vaccination would have been less problematic if all children had the opportunity to gain natural immunity and only those still susceptible at twelve years-of-age were vaccinated."

Previous research shows that Japanese pediatricians who were exposed to patients with chickenpox demonstrated shingles incidence rates one-half to one-eighth that of the general population. In 2002, researchers in England and Wales also found a lower incidence of shingles among adults living with children compared to those living without children.

According to a spokesperson from the FDA, "There is no legal precedent requiring a vaccine manufacturer to perform studies on individuals who have not received their product."

However, Goldman insists that, “To assess the safety of chickenpox vaccine, continued study of the effect of widespread vaccination on increasing shingles incidence is critical.” Goldman hopes this study encourages other investigators to examine shingles rates not only among vaccine recipients, but also among those who have not received vaccine.

Dr. Goldman concludes, "If a clear vaccine-associated increase in shingles is confirmed in further studies in broader populations, this should be considered by public health authorities in evaluating vaccine use strategies."

For more information on the current study, see the three reports published on 18 consecutive pages in Vaccine (Volume 21, Issue 27/28) or contact Gary S. Goldman, Ph. D., at (661) 944-5661 or via e-mail at pearblossominc@aol. com.


About Gary S. Goldman, Ph. D.:

From 1995 to 2000, shingles was not studied, and positive aspects of vaccination contributed by Dr. Goldman were published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) and other medical journals. In 2000, after hearing reports of school nurses observing cases of shingles in children for the first time, Goldman suggested shingles be added to the active surveillance project. After two years of shingles data collection, Goldman documented the adverse effects that might well be associated with the universal varicella vaccination program.

Advisory - Junk Science Fuels DC Lead Debate

Advisory - Junk Science Fuels DC Lead Debate

The ongoing hysteria about lead in Washington, D. C.Â’s drinking water demonstrates the potential unintended consequences of implementing junk science-based environmental policy.

WASHINGTON, DC (PRWEB) April 11, 2004

The ongoing hysteria about lead in Washington, D. C.Â’s drinking water demonstrates the potential unintended consequences of implementing junk science-based environmental policy, according to Fox News columnist Steve Milloy.

Milloy notes in his latest column that the uproar in the nation’s capital, which has set off a “three-ringed media-lawyer-government circus”, has in fact not been able to produce any evidence of ill health effects resulting from lead found in the D. C. water system. This is not surprising he adds, as lead levels there have been dropping steadily and the current standard is more the product of “activists whose ultimate goal is to have any measurable blood lead level declared as unsafe” than of any sound science.

The full article, “Chlorine Crackdown Causes Lead Leaks” can be found at www. junkscience. com.

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Wednesday, June 16, 2004

QHR Client Hospital Holy Cross Hospital Named Recipient of American Hospital Association 2009 NOVA Award

QHR Client Hospital Holy Cross Hospital Named Recipient of American Hospital Association 2009 NOVA Award

The American Hospital Association (AHA) has named Quorum Health Resources (QHR) management client Holy Cross Hospital in Taos, N. M., one of five winners of its 2009 NOVA Award.

Brentwood, Tenn. (PRWEB) July 9, 2009

The American Hospital Association (http://www. aha. org) (AHA) has named Quorum Health Resources (QHR) management client Holy Cross Hospital (http://www. taoshospital. org) in Taos, N. M., one of five winners of its 2009 NOVA Award. Established in 1993, the AHA NOVA Award recognizes hospitals and health systems for their collaborative efforts toward improving community health. Holy Cross Hospital was recognized for its First Steps program.

"We know that hospitals improve the health of a community by caring for the sick, but hospitals can also inspire and work with those around them, so that together they can extend their reach," said AHA President and CEO Rich Umbdenstock. "The AHA NOVA Award recognizes those hospitals that, through collaboration, provide for the community through education, outreach and so much more."

The result of a community collaboration that launched in 2001, Holy Cross Hospital's First Steps program provides new parents with information, support and access to resources in the community that promote early childhood development and a positive family foundation. The program provides weekly home visiting services from the prenatal period until the child's third birthday. Parents learn about nutrition, preventive health care and pre-school readiness, which helps promote physically and mentally healthy children in a safe and nurturing family relationship. During its first funded year beginning in July 2007, First Steps provided 1,878 visits that served a total of 93 families.

"We are proud to be recognized by the AHA for our efforts in helping families adapt to the arrival of a new member," said Holy Cross Hospital CEO Peter Hofstetter. "Our staff has worked extremely hard on the First Steps program and its success can be seen all over our community. What a wonderful effort to be a part of."

"Holy Cross is most deserving of this award. The hospital is always looking for new and creative ways to contribute to its community. This program, in particular, has made a real difference for the residents of Taos," said QHR (http://www. qhr. com) President and CEO James L. Horrar. "I applaud the entire team at Holy Cross for their unwavering community spirit."

AHA's 2009 NOVA Award winners were selected from 58 applications, recommended by the AHA NOVA Award Committee and approved by the AHA Board of Trustees. Award winners will be honored at a July 25 ceremony held during the association's annual Health Forum Leadership Summit in San Francisco.

QHR (Quorum Health Resources) has provided consulting, management and education resources to hospitals and health systems for three decades. QHR is the national market leader in hospital management and among the 15 largest healthcare management consulting firms in the United States. The QHR Learning Institute trains more than 8,000 healthcare professionals each year. For more information, go to www. qhr. com.


Monday, June 14, 2004

Insurance Job Opportunities Rise in Canada in Spite of Challenging Economy

Insurance Job Opportunities Rise in Canada in Spite of Challenging Economy

Combined Insurance reports job opportunities for commissioned insurance sales agents in Canada are on the rise

Toronto, Ontario (PRWEB) December 11, 2008

Despite recent reports by Statistics Canada that unemployment is growing and consumer spending is declining, Combined Insurance (http://www. combined. ca/home. asp), a leading provider of supplemental insurance, reports job opportunities for commissioned insurance sales agents in Canada are on the rise.

According to Sylvio Mercier, manager, national product development and continuing education at Combined Insurance Canada, "Our company's need to recruit and hire qualified self-employed sales representatives remains strong because in tough economic times consumers are in greater need of the supplemental insurance products we provide. Because of this trend, our company will continue to add sales representatives in 2009 to meet the growing need for Combined Insurance products and services, even in a slumping economic climate."

To increase accessibility to its supplemental insurance policies, which include accident, disability, health and life, Combined Insurance is planning to recruit up to 500 sales representatives (http://www. combined. ca/5000_careers. asp) throughout all the provinces of Canada in 2009. "A variety of skills and past experiences can be good preparation for selling supplemental insurance. Those who are 'people-oriented' are likely to be the most successful," said Mr. Mercier.

Mr. Mercier continued, "The people we recruit are both from within the insurance industry and outside of it, even recent graduates. The main thing we look for is people who are energetic, personable, self-disciplined, able to obtain a provincial insurance license and willing to learn about supplemental insurance and meet continuing education requirements. Another important criteria is that our independent contractors are motivated by the opportunity to work closely with their customers to help determine how supplemental insurance might best meet their individual needs."

The commission for a Combined Insurance independent contractor during the first year can range from up to $40,000 + with a greater opportunity through renewal commissions in subsequent years. In addition to self-driven earning potential, Combined Insurance offers introductory training as well as continued professional development and training.

Prospective independent contractors in all provinces of Canada who are interested in learning more about supplemental insurance can learn more on the company's website (www. combinedinsurance. com), which is focused on making the benefits of supplemental insurance easy to understand. Additional information about Combined Insurance in Canada can be obtained at 905-754-4392.

About Combined Insurance Company
Combined Insurance (http://www. combinedinsurance. com (http://www. combinedinsurance. com)) is a leading provider of supplemental accident, health and life insurance products and is a member of the ACE Group of Companies. With a field sales force and corporate staff in excess of 10,000 people worldwide, Combined Insurance meets the growing coverage needs of policyholders around the globe. For more information, call 1-800-490-1322 or visit http://www. combinedinsurance. com (http://www. combinedinsurance. com).

About ACE
The ACE Group of Companies is a global leader in insurance and reinsurance serving a diverse group of clients. Headed by ACE Limited (NYSE: ACE), the ACE Group of Companies conducts its business on a worldwide basis with operating subsidiaries in more than 50 countries. Additional information can be found at http://www. acelimited. com (http://www. acelimited. com).

Outlook Marketing Services, Inc.
Amy Perry
Amyp@outlookmarketingsrv. com
Combined Insurance Company
Amy Burrell-Tichy
Amy. burrell-tichy@combined. com


Regulus Group Executives to Address Tracking Customers in Tough Economy During NACHA Teleseminar

Regulus Group Executives to Address Tracking Customers in Tough Economy During NACHA Teleseminar

Speakers will Present Tactics for Handling Unique Billing and Remittance Challenges Brought On by US Economic Conditions.

Naperville, IL (PRWEB) April 14, 2009

Bill collection during a downturn can be difficult enough, but with a record number of home foreclosures across the United States, billers in virtually every industry are finding it challenging to keep track of customers who are forced to move due to difficult economic conditions.

Executives from Regulus Group (http://www. regulusgroup. com), the premier provider of outsourced billing (http://www. regulusgroup. com) and payment (http://www. regulusgroup. com) services, will address best practices for effectively dealing with these challenges in a teleseminar titled, "From Paper to Electronic - Tracking & Billing Customers in Today's Changing Economy," on Friday, April 17 at 1:30 p. m. ET. The teleseminar will be led by Greg Adelson, Chief Revenue Officer, and Todd Haycock, Document Processing Solutions Manager.

As corporate cutbacks and layoffs continue to mount, consumers are increasingly hard-pressed to meet their financial obligations; more than 3 million foreclosure filings were made on US properties in 2008. As a result, billers are finding it increasingly difficult to track customers and obtain payments from those who have been displaced from their homes.

Adelson and Haycock will discuss how billers can improve their revenue collection processes by migrating customers from paper to electronic billing. They will also discuss the postal optimization, billing, remittance (http://www. regulusgroup. com) and change-of-address tools that are necessary to keep current with consumers that prefer paper bills and payments.

For additional information and to register, please visit http://www. nacha. org/conferences/teleseminars/Tele_From_Paper_to_Electronic_041709 (http://www. nacha. org/conferences/teleseminars/Tele_From_Paper_to_Electronic_041709).

Regulus' Transactions² (T²) suite of products and services provides companies in the finance, healthcare, insurance, telecom and utility industries with much greater control and visibility over their billing and remittance processes. The T² suite creates value at every stage of the transaction lifecycle by increasing access to valuable data and combining traditional paper with state-of-the-art electronic services. Approximately 40 percent of the FORTUNE 50 uses Regulus' services. Regulus processes nearly two billion transactions each year and nearly $32 per month of the recurring bills in every American household.

About Regulus Group

Regulus Group is the premier provider of outsourced billing and payment services designed to accelerate cash, improve corporate productivity and reduce overall management costs. Our integrated approach to the payment lifecycle enables Regulus customers to outsource and automate their most resource-consuming billing and payment requirements while actually increasing control over the entire process. As one of the largest bill presentment and payment processors in the United States, Regulus services nearly two billion paper and electronic transactions every year for companies in the telecom, insurance, finance, utility and healthcare industries. Regulus is a wholly owned subsidiary of 3i Infotech. For more information, visit www. regulusgroup. com.

About NACHA - The Electronic Payments Association

NACHA - The Electronic Payments Association is a not-for-profit association that oversees the Automated Clearing House (ACH) Network, one of the largest electronic payment networks in the world.

More than 18 billion ACH payments were exchanged in 2007. NACHA is responsible for the administration, development, and enforcement of the NACHA Operating Rules and sound risk management practices for the ACH Network. Through its industry councils and forums, NACHA brings together hundreds of diverse payments system stakeholder organizations to enable the development of new network services and applications. NACHA represents more than 11,000 financial institutions through direct membership and 19 regional payments associations. NACHA and its members provide education, tools, and resources to increase the adoption of ACH payments to benefit businesses, consumers, and governments. To learn more, visit www. nacha. org and www. electronicpayments. org.


Sunday, June 13, 2004

Egyptian pharmaceutical market an estimated US$1.27 billion in 2004

Egyptian pharmaceutical market an estimated US$1.27 billion in 2004

EgyptÂ’s pharmaceutical market is the biggest in the Middle East due to its large population of nearly 70 million. Per capita spending, however, is low and market development has slowed in recent years.

(PRWEB) April 28, 2004

Research and Markets announces the addition of this new report entitled "Egypt Pharmaceutical Country Intelligence Report" to its offerings

EgyptÂ’s pharmaceutical market is the biggest in the Middle East due to its large population of nearly 70 million. Per capita spending, however, is low and market development has slowed in recent years. Government cost containment measures and rising costs of raw materials, within a market still supplied largely by domestic production, have dampened spending growth and reduced profit margins. Issues pertaining to IP laws, TRIPS obligations and pricing, combined with currency uncertainty are likely to result in uneven market growth, averaging around 4.5% per annum. In 2004, the Egyptian pharmaceutical market was worth an estimated US$1.27 billion, equal to US$19 per capita.

Whatever your needs, whether you are monitoring developments in national markets, identifying new opportunities, assessing product areas, or using the data as an integral part of your market planning, WPM's country reports are invaluable. Sections are included on the organisation and administration of health services, healthcare expenditure, hospital and outpatient services, medical personnel and healthcare development. Issues relevant to the pharmaceutical market environment are outlined, including regulation, registration, patent protection and distribution. The market section includes data on domestic production and international trade.

For a complete index of this report click on http://www. researchandmarkets. com/reports/45254 (http://www. researchandmarkets. com/reports/45254)

About Research and Markets Ltd.

Research and Markets Ltd. are Europe's largest resource for market research. R&M distribute thousands of major research publications from the world's leading publishers, consultants and market analysts. R&M provide you with the latest forecasts on international and regional markets, key industries, the top companies, new products and the latest market trends.

For additional information on

ResearchandMarkets. com, their range of reports or their value-added services, visit their web site at http://www. researchandmarkets. com (http://www. researchandmarkets. com) or mailto:press@researchandmarkets. com

Saturday, June 12, 2004

Surgeon General Richard H. Carmona, MD to Present Keynote at ABQAURP Patient Safety Conference

Surgeon General Richard H. Carmona, MD to Present Keynote at ABQAURP Patient Safety Conference

ABQAURP (American Board of Quality Assurance and Utilization Review Physicians) announces that Us Surgeon General Richard H. Carmona, MD to keynote the Patient Safety Conference – October 29 – 30th in Tampa, FL.

New Port Richey, FL (PRWEB) August 3, 2004

ABQAURP (American Board of Quality Assurance and Utilization Review Physicians, Inc.) announces that Richard H. Carmona, MD, US Surgeon General plans to be the keynote speaker at the ABQAURP Patient Safety Conference from October 29 – 30 in Tampa, FL.

His presentation titled, “Quality Leadership: Government Initiatives to Enhance Patient Safety,” will discuss the Federal government’s role in promoting quality care. He will also review the numerous government programs planned and implemented that foster patient safety.

“We’re absolutely delighted to have the Surgeon General, a board certified ABQAURP Diplomat, keynoting at our annual conference” said, Dr. Arthur I. Broder, MD, Chairman of the Board of ABQAURP. “The Surgeon General is well versed on the topic of quality and will no doubt highlight ways we all can help address this critical healthcare issue.”

This year’s annual conference titled “Patient Safety: Perspectives from the Field of Stakeholders” will also feature other nationally known speakers including Jim Bagian, MD, former NASA astronaut, Nancy Dickey, MD, President, The Texas A&M University System Health Science Center, and William Hendee, PhD, Senior Associate Dean for Research, Medical College of Wisconsin. In addition, Booz Allen Hamilton will assist ABQAURP in running a Patient Safety War Games Simulation during the conference.

The ABQAURP ’04 Annual Conference takes place October 29 – 30 at the Tampa Airport Marriott. For more information contact either of the individuals above or visit the ABQAURP website at www. abqaurp. org


Established in 1977, ABQAURP (American Board of Quality Assurance and Utilization Review Physicians, Inc.) is the nation's largest organization of interdisciplinary healthcare professionals focused on quality care and patient safety. With the assistance of the National Board of Medical Examiners (NBME) in the development of its qualifying exam, ABQAURP board certifies physicians, nurses and other healthcare professionals in health care quality and management (HCQM) and patient safety. In addition, ABQAURP invests in the development of on-line and on-site educational programs that assist its membership in promoting safe care delivery. Finally, it works to promote quality healthcare through its affiliation with similar focused organizations and publications.

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Friday, June 11, 2004

SurePayroll Announces New Time Clock Integration, Eliminating the Need for Customers to Manually Enter Employee Hours

SurePayroll Announces New Time Clock Integration, Eliminating the Need for Customers to Manually Enter Employee Hours

The optional payroll feature saves employers significant time with the ability to import employee time clock information directly into the SurePayroll system.

Glenview, IL (PRWEB) June 4, 2009

Online payroll provider SurePayroll today announced the launch of Time Clock Integration, an optional payroll feature that synchronizes employers' time clock software information with employees' time and attendance information. Time Clock Integration saves small business employers the hassle of manually entering payroll hours and drastically reduces the chance for human error in the payroll process.

"Time Clock Integration gives employers peace of mind, knowing there won't be manual data entry errors when it comes to payroll hours," says SurePayroll Vice President of Product Management Steve Kania. "We make it convenient for existing time clock systems to automatically synchronize with payroll. It's just one more way we're trying to make payroll easier for the small business employer."

Benefits of SurePayroll's Time Clock Integration:

--- Instead of manually entering time clock data, employers export time clock information from their time clock systems every pay period and effortlessly import the hours into SurePayroll.
--- Hourly and salaried employees' payroll hours will automatically load into SurePayroll -- no time is wasted entering payroll hours.
--- Time Clock Integration supports the most widely used time clock export formats, including Paychex Preview format.

SurePayroll's Time Clock Integration feature is compatible with dozens of time clock services such as NETtime, NOVAtime, TimeTrex, Inception Technologies, TimeXchange, Pacific Timesheet and others.

Time Clock Integration is available to SurePayroll customers for $4.99 per pay period. For more details and to sign up, customers can call SurePayroll at 877.954.7873.

About SurePayroll:

Voted Editor's Choice for best payroll service by PC Magazine, a Top 100 Product by Accounting Today and winner of the Stevie Award for eCommerce Customer Service Team of the Year, SurePayroll is America's largest full-service online payroll service and honoree of the Inc. 500 Fastest Growing Businesses award two years in a row.

SurePayroll is passionate about small businesses and their payroll. The company is dedicated to providing an extremely friendly and simple payroll experience -- at a price small business owners can afford.

In addition to its payroll and ClickFREE™ tax file and pay service -- which allows a user to complete the entire payroll process in minutes -- SurePayroll offers a suite of online services designed specifically for small business, including HR and compliance resources, 401(k) retirement solutions, health insurance, workers' compensation products and pre-employment screening tools.

SurePayroll also offers a private-label and co-branded payroll service to accountants and banking partners to offer payroll processing to their small business clients.

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Horizon Data Center Solutions Powers Enterprise Colocation and Cloud Computing, Enabled by FiberLight’s Rapid Network Deployment in Virginia

Horizon Data Center Solutions Powers Enterprise Colocation and Cloud Computing, Enabled by FiberLight’s Rapid Network Deployment in Virginia

Network Expansion Provides Dedicated IP Service and Core Optical Transport to New Facility in Manassas, Virginia

Washington, DC (Vocus) April 29, 2010

FiberLight, LLC, a leading optical networking provider, was able to accomplish the impossible when it turned up a 10 Gig Ethernet network with dedicated IP Services in less than a week for Horizon Data Center Solutions, a fast growing facilities-based colocation and IT service company headquartered in Dallas. The new infrastructure will enable Horizon’s clients to efficiently connect to their Tier III+, SAS 70 II data centers from any location and will provide a 5 9’s fully redundant network architecture to ensure optimum uptime.

“We’ve heard great things about FiberLight’s service and speed to turn-up, but it still surprised us that they were able to connect our facilities together so fast,” said Horizon Data Center Solutions CEO Lance Smith. “When we looked at networking providers we realized that FiberLight was the best fit because they offer a customized end-to-end networking solution that allowed us to expand our network quickly and provide secure connectivity and dedicated IP on a stable platform.”

Horizon Data Center Solutions serves a diverse customer base including clients in the federal government, financial, healthcare, entertainment and retail industry. In addition to colocation, Horizon offers private FlexSafe Cloud computing services and FlexStor, a new suite of storage services which provides a wide range of data backup and replication options to facilitate business continuity and disaster recovery.

“Our Northern Virginia data center customers want to back up data in our Dallas data centers and vice-versa. FiberLight’s ringed, diverse architecture offers the low latency and redundancy our customers demand in order to transport data securely while maintaining business continuity,” Mr. Smith said.

“Horizon Data Center Solutions plans to expand the company’s presence in other key markets later this year and in 2011, and FiberLight is positioning itself as the provider of choice in those markets where FiberLight offers optical networking solutions,” said Michael P. Miller, CEO and Founder of FiberLight.

“This partnership offers a strong foundation for future success,” Mr. Miller said. “If you take FiberLight’s strong network presence along with our high bandwidth, high performance network and combine it with Horizon’s expertise in enterprise colocation, managed hosting and cloud computing, the combined effect is a turnkey solution for high performance IT delivery.”

About Horizon Data Center Solutions
Horizon Data Center Solutions and its subsidiaries have provided managed services, hosting and co-location since 2000. The company began providing services to Dallas-based customers out of a single data center location and quickly grew to providing full IT outsourcing, services to the cloud and hosting services to clients across the US and internationally. Today, Horizon Data Center Solutions offers two Dallas locations and a jointly managed PowerLoft facility in Manassas, Virginia. For more information visit www. horizondcs. com].

About FiberLight, LLC
FiberLight provides Ethernet, Wavelengths, IP, SONET, and Dark Fiber optical transport network solutions to telecom carriers, government, enterprise, content providers and web centric businesses. FiberLight wholly owns its 500,000 fiber mile network in key growth areas and offers robust metro networks in 21 metros within Georgia, Florida, Washington, D. C., Texas, Virginia and Maryland, as well as Wide Area Networking options at layer 1, 2 and 3 to major commercial hubs throughout the country. FiberLight fully supports applications requiring maximum availability, low latency and ultimate security. Visit FiberLight at www. fiberlight. com].

For More Information Contact:

Pat Mahony
Marketing Manager
(678) 347-9256
Email: pat(dot)mahony(at)fiberlight(dot)com


Author, Bodybuilder Paul Burke Says 'Burke’s Law' Gives The Tools to Solve Many Human Biological Aging Markers

Author, Bodybuilder Paul Burke Says 'Burke’s Law' Gives The Tools to Solve Many Human Biological Aging Markers

There are diseases such as Syndrome X and others that all have the same culprits; Our Western refined food; our modern-day stressors, our lack of real exercise, and our poor lifestyle choices.

Marlboro, NJ (PRWEB) September 20, 2006

Weight Training and Nutrition Expert Paul Burke says that his new critically acclaimed book, "Burke’s Law," A New Fitness Paradigm for the Mature Male, has solutions for everything from so called, Syndrome X to Male Menopause (known as Andropause). To hear Burke speak about these not often spoken about problems, you would think that he had found "The Fountain of Youth."

Burke, who lives with Multiple Sclerosis, insists that it was getting his disease that made him dig deep into the books and into his medical intuition in order to understand just what a "dis-ease" is. "I had been eating and training for bodybuilding all of my life," the heavily muscled Burke begins, "but, it wasn’t until I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 1995 that I had a real need to know all there was to know about the magnificent human body."

Burke, now approaching 51, with the body of a 35 year old bodybuilder and a face looking a decade younger than his chronological years, started drawing pictures of human hormonal communication, neurotransmitters and chemicals of the brain and every system known to man so that he could visulaize, in his own way, what happens in the body during exercise, stress, poor eating and all kinds of other motions and encounters. He began to think about what scientists and doctors didn’t know, as he looked at his MRI’s, that showed two ominous lesions just below his brain-stem at C-2 and C-4.

"I went back to school and got my Master’s degree and started my PhD," Burke says, "and as I began to understand my own MS, I realized that nearly every chronic disease was like a culmination of a person’s life story. Assuming you haven’t been poisoned by a chemical or a metal, then chances are, you can either contain something and live with it, or stop it dead in its tracks," Burke says confidently.

"I don’t eat the way I do and train with weights as hard as I do just because I want to look good," Burke says with a smile on his face, "I do it to keep my limbs moving also."

According to Neurologists and MS doctors, Burke should have lost the use of his arms and legs long ago, but his relentless pursuit of answers and his drive to train and the discipline to eat a certain way keeps him moving.

"I wrote 'Burke’s Law,' not just for the 'Mature Male' as the sub-title would have one believe," Burke says. "I also wrote it because of what I have learned about what can keep you healthy and what can make you sick. For instance, the idea that if you train as hard, heavy and as fast as you can, in the shortest amount of time--to failure (one of the premier tenants of 'Burke’s Law'); "this actually came to me as I was exploring ways that I could workout with MS and still have my Central Nervous System (and sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems) recover, so that I could work out again. If I worked out before those nervous systems recovered, then I got sicker. On the other hand, if I didn’t do any weight training; my legs got so weak it felt as if I would be in a wheel chair in a matter of days."

With these initial ideas in mind, Burke began to help others with diseases. "I have an insight into diseases that very few doctors have, especially those that I can track down as being a person’s HIS-STORY," Burke says with confidence. "You see," Burke continues, "there are only so many systems that can fail and they are pretty much all related to each other—so the idea is to hear a person’s life story; then watch them, ask them what they eat and what they do with their body.”

"I can usually," Burke says while looking at a group of children playing outside the window, "find out where the person began their path to 'DIS-EASE' in his or her life. Nine times out of ten, the right diet and the right exercise program will get them back to living a manageable life."

"With the empirical and experiential knowledge that I have gained, I have a real understanding of what goes on in a man’s body, and more importantly, why things may go wrong," he said.

"Let us," Burke says with a gleam in his eye, "take this newly coined problem bothering a lot of people in our country, "Syndrome X. This is another name for insulin resistance," Burke claims.

"The second half of my book is devoted to the hormonal communications of the body and what causes the aging process," Burke reports. "Almost anything that has to do with aging (and hormonal communication) can be controlled by the food that we eat."

"For instance, 90% of all of the free-radicals that we will make in our lifetime will be made digesting food. Now, food is penetrated into cells with two chemicals; Cyclic AMP and Insulin. Without insulin and the correct amount of it, ones’ nutrients will not penetrate into the cells."

"This Syndrome X is a result of a person who has eaten too many refined foods, too often. Their cells have become 'insulin resistant.' When you are young; your cells are like a Jelly-fish—they are easily penetrable. As you age, or eat more refined food, more insulin comes out and the cells get harder, you begin to have visible signs of aging and internal signs of aging. At some point if the cells become so hard that they are non-penetrable, then you have a big problem on your hands and this is what they are calling Syndrome X. You are rapidly aging if this occurs; however, the right diet and the right exercise program gets you back to health. You may never be cured, but you will be able to have your life back."

"For the purposes of understanding this better, Let us take a quick look back into our history as a species. The human body stopped organically evolving about 40,000 years ago. Carbon testing and nearly every Paleonutritionologist and anthropologist confirms this. Now, at that time, our ancestors were eating maybe once a day, if they were lucky. The reason this is important to understand is that our pancreas evolved as a storage organ. In other words; when we eat carbohydrates, our pancreas secrets insulin to store macro and micro-nutrients in cells—and regulate blood glucose levels. When we eat protein, the pancreas secretes glucagon and through this process, both glucose is stored in the muscles and in the liver (in the form of glycogen) and amino acids (broken down protein molecules) are stored in all tissues, bones and hair. It is important to note that since the advent of plant and animal domestication, some 10,000 years ago, food was more readily available and people started eating twice and eventually three times a day (if they could). Remember, the pancreas stopped evolving in the 'Hunter-gatherer' stage of our evolution, when eating one meal a day was normal; and, a great amount of physical athleticism was necessary to hunt down game and to gather up roots, fruits, nuts and berries."

"Let us fast forward to the advent of the Grist Mill; which led to total pulverization of grains; then, fast-forward some more to modern day food processing (actually not food at all!). Now, add the enormous amount of sugar that a person eats in a day in this country and we find the pancreas caught in a vicious cycle of driving blood glucose down—then more refined food is taken in, more insulin is secreted, then you feel tired, so you reach for carbohydrates and the cycle picks up pace. The more this happens, the more insulin is pushed into your blood. The more insulin secreted, the harder the cells get. The harder the cells get, the more the hypothalamus reads the signal to send out more insulin. As years of this go on, and little exercise to curtail the problem, in an all out desperate way to hold blood-glucose down, the hypothalamus reads the feed-back-loop-message and tells the adrenal glands to hammer blood glucose into cells with cortisol. This begins to change sleeping patterns and before long, this person is diagnosed with Syndrome X; or, 'insulin resistance;' The cells can no longer accept the insulin, and the important nutrients that this storage hormone was designed to put into the cells. This person is aging and in trouble unless they change their ways quickly."

"There is still a prescription to remedy this, but it takes will-power and discipline, not drugs (Unless you need insulin)."

"Now, there is another way that we age and that is through a miscommunication of hormones through the androgenic pathways. Although doctors are making large profits selling Human Growth Hormone as as an anit-aging compound, the real problem isn’t with the amount of Growth Hormone a person is making; it usually has to do with a lack of communication between organs that is at the root of the problem."

"There is another bit of information that I discuss in my book related to aging in men that we can change and that is called andropause. Simply put; this is the male version of the female menopause. There are two primary ways to raise testosterone. One is weight lifting. Moderate to heavy weight training (especially done in the “Burke’s Law” fashion) can produce twice as much testosterone as a man is producing while not exercising." "And.., I think I should stop here otherwise I will go on and on for hours."

In order to find out where you can purchase the book, "Burke’s Law," A New Fitness Paradigm for the Mature Male(Trafford: 2006) go to www. Trafford. com www. Amazon. com www. Barne’s&Noble. com www. ironmanmagazine. com

You may e-mail Paul Burke at : www. Paulburkefitness. com

Paul says he will get back to everyone who e-mails him.

Thursday, June 10, 2004

E-book Publisher Releases a Timely Collection of Poetry

E-book Publisher Releases a Timely Collection of Poetry

A Vietnam vet’s passionate and insightful expression of the tragedies experienced, the bonds forged, the horror of war, and the strength of the human heart, will be available in digital format on January 1, 2006 from DigitalPulp Publishing (www. dppstore. com).

Palm Springs, CA (PRWEB) December 10, 2005

DigitalPulp Publishing (www. digitalpulppublishing. com) is pleased to announce that it will publish author Patrick Stafford’s collection of 100 poems about the Vietnam War experience, “Asian Darkness”, under the Byte It Press imprint on March 31, 2006. The scheduled date of release will be January 1, 2006 under the ISBN number 0-9763083-1-2, and will be available for purchase at www. dppstore. com.

The eBook, “Asian Darkness,” portrays what Stafford calls a “seemingly endless war that dominated the American psyche and landscape during the nation’s most turbulent years.” The stark contrast between his elegant language and the dark subject matter brings into clear relief the horror of war and the humanity of those involved.

“This collection offers a multifaceted window on the political, social and personal changes brought about by the Vietnam War,” says Genene Miller Coté, CEO of DigitalPulp Publishing. “Enough time has passed for us to examine this period with all of its subtlety and complexity”

“If there is a thesis or overall theme to ‘Asian Darkness,’” Stafford says, “it is simply that war is hell, there is no substitute for victory and that those who gave in part or whole ‘the last full measure of devotion’ should not ever be forgotten’.”

Stafford served as a Marine in South Vietnam in the 1970s. He lives in Grants Pass, Oregon with his novelist father, Elsan Stafford. He is the author of two other published collections of poetry: “The Cycle of Life” and “Homage to a Princess.” During his 34 year career, Stafford’s poems and other works have appeared in more than 40 publications. These include: Healthcare Traveler Magazine, AccessLife. com, IQ Magazine and Neighborhood America.

Established in 2004, DigitalPulp Publishing publishes and distributes literature and fiction for the digital age. Our e-books are readable on all popular digital devices: PDAs (Pocket PC/Palm), e-book readers, cell phones and computers. Our audio books (m-books) can be heard on any MP3 player.


Monday, June 7, 2004

NAP, Inc.’s Sleepy Wrap Baby Carrier is Helpful for Preterm Babies Requiring Kangaroo Mother Care

NAP, Inc.’s Sleepy Wrap Baby Carrier is Helpful for Preterm Babies Requiring Kangaroo Mother Care

New studies show Kangaroo Mother Care, where mothers serve as human incubators for their newborns, is one of the most effective ways to save the lives of preterm babies. This low-cost intervention could help the millions of babies worldwide who are born preterm. NAP, Inc.’s Sleepy Wrap baby carrier provides several benefits for preterm babies requiring Kangaroo Mother Care.

Boulder, CO (Vocus) April 29, 2010

New research recently published in a supplement to the International Journal of Epidemiology shows Kangaroo Mother Care (http://www. sleepywrap. com/index. php? page=kangaroo-care) is one of the most effective ways to save preterm babies. NAP, Inc. – http://www. sleepywrap. com (http://www. sleepywrap. com) – one of the most established and reputable baby wrap companies in North America has been consistently dedicated to providing babies and parents with the highest quality, best fitting and safest wearable baby carriers. NAP, Inc.’s Sleepy Wrap baby carrier also is helpful for preterm babies requiring Kangaroo Mother Care.

By incorporating the use of NAP, Inc.’s Sleepy Wrap baby carrier, mothers and their preterm babies requiring Kangaroo Mother Care (http://www. sleepywrap. com) will receive the following benefits:
 When babies are worn on the chest of their mothers using Sleepy Wrap they receive beneficial touch, warmth and access to breast milk.  The continuous skin-to-skin contact provided by Sleepy Wrap between mother and child enables early and essential thermal care and breastfeeding.  Sleepy Wrap can be worn immediately after birth during the first week of a baby’s life when Kangaroo Mother Care has the greatest impact.  It is safe to carry the baby upright on the mother’s chest using Sleepy Wrap – even for four-pound babies.  Sleepy Wrap’s elasticity and soft cotton material makes it feel like second skin to both the preterm baby and mother. NAP, Inc.’s baby wrap offers an enveloping snug feeling without being constricting and never places pressure points on the baby.  Sleepy Wrap’s skin-to-skin contact helps to assist regulation of the baby’s autonomic systems which are crucial – heart rate, temperature, sleepy quality, EEG, and immune system.  Sleepy Wrap allows parent-infant bonding and enhances the mother’s or parent’s sense of control over the health of their newborn.  While providing numerous benefits, the incorporation of Sleepy Wrap use with preterm babies is also extremely low cost and has been proven to be highly effective in all socio-economic settings.

Sleepy Wrap Classic is $39.95 and the Organic Sleepy Wrap is $59.95. Visit http://www. sleepywrap. com (http://www. sleepywrap. com) for product information including numerous color choices, store locations or to purchase a Sleepy Wrap baby carrier.

About NAP, Inc.
Founded in 2006, Colorado-based NAP, Inc. is an environmentally friendly company that designs, develops, and manufactures premium baby carriers for babywearing parents including Sleepy Wrap Classic, Organic Sleepy Wrap, and the backpack-style baby carrier with patent-pending foot straps and head protection - Boba 2G.


NiXPS Introduces XPS Viewer for iPhone, a World's First

NiXPS Introduces XPS Viewer for iPhone, a World's First

NiXPS introduces NiXPS View for iPhone, the world's first XPS viewer for Apple's iPhone and iPod Touch.

(PRWEB) May 18, 2010

NiXPS (http://nixps. com) introduces NiXPS View for iPhone, the world's first XPS viewer for Apple's iPhone and iPod Touch platform.

"We are very excited about our iPhone XPS viewing application. XPS is a great tool available to millions of Windows users. It is a feature in Microsoft's Windows operating system, and allows everyone to freely create, share and archive digital information in high quality. Up till now people were unable to view these documents on the iPhone. NiXPS View for iPhone solves this by delivering a great little app to download and view XPS files.", explains Nick De Roeck, CEO of NiXPS NV.

"We were the first to introduce XPS viewing on the Mac in 2007, we are again the first to bring XPS viewing to the iPhone today", continues Mr. De Roeck. "Our company has a great pioneering mindset. We have extensive expertise with electronic document formats and cross-platform software development. This allows us to create and offer compelling software solutions to customers worldwide."

NiXPS View for iPhone costs EU 3.99/USD 4.99 and is available today from Apple's App Store.

About NiXPS
NiXPS pioneers the XPS revolution. With a strong background in the publishing industry and extensive experience with document formats, the company is ideally positioned to offer the technology needed to make XPS usable in professional document management environments. NiXPS was the first to offer an XPS viewer on the Mac in 2007, and brought XPS viewing to the iPhone in 2010. Our NiXPS SDK is an independent, cross platform, highly efficient software library to read, modify, convert and write XPS files. Wolters Kluwer, Cardinal Health, Texas Intruments, Dane Prairie Systems and Accenture are amongst the many customers that rely on NiXPS technology. Learn what NiXPS can do for you by visiting nixps. com (http://nixps. com)

About XPS
Created by Microsoft, XPS is an open, XML-based file format that serves as default page description and print spooling technology in Microsoft's operating system Windows Vista and the upcoming Windows 7. Through Windows Vista's print architecture millions of users can easily create XPS files from any application. Microsoft Vista - and soon Windows 7 - offer basic XPS viewing capabilities as part of the operating system. Most modern printers and front ends to high-end digital print production today support XPS. With these features XPS is an ideal format for document exchange, review and print in enterprise document and professional digital print environments.

# # #

80 Percent of the American Public is Chronically Dehydrated and Gregory Hake, CEO of Energetix is Eager to Resolve this Fundamental Crisis

80 Percent of the American Public is Chronically Dehydrated and Gregory Hake, CEO of Energetix is Eager to Resolve this Fundamental Crisis

With chronic dehydration affecting more than 240 million people in the United States, Energetix is presenting a free webinar entitled “Dehydration – the Hidden Epidemic” to all healthcare practitioners on April 21, 2010.

Dahlonega, GA (PRWEB) March 19, 2010

Due to the significance and scope of this subject matter, Energetix is offering their upcoming webinar, “Dehydration – the Hidden Epidemic” to all practitioners in the healthcare field. Normally a benefit reserved exclusively for clients, Energetix is taking the unprecedented strategic step of revealing to all health care professional their insights into the staggering effects on our current healthcare system caused by a dehydrated public.

This one-hour educational webinar will highlight the devastation that dehydration produces in the body, from a biochemical and a BioEnergetic perspective. Addressing dehydration is not simply a matter of drinking more water, and Energetix will show you why.

With spiraling healthcare costs seen as one of the issues driving our economy to ruin, Dr. Batmanghelidj states in his book You’re Not Sick, You’re Thirsty; Water for Health, for Healing, for Life, “Understanding chronic dehydration will clear the way for the development of an infinitely more people-friendly health-care system. It will be possible in my estimation to have a decidedly healthier and productive nation at 30 percent of the present health-care costs.”

According to Gregory Hake CEO, “Trying to achieve good health without proper hydration is like trying to refurbish an engine without replacing the oil. Dehydration is devastating to the body, but very few people are aware of the scope of the problem. Energetix hopes to raise awareness about dehydration by starting a grass roots educational program for healthcare practitioners.”

In her new book Our Children Are…What Our Children Eat, Dr. Laura Thompson said, “Many children with allergies, asthma, skin problems, constipation, stomach aches, arthritis, headaches and hyperactivity are actually dehydrated. You can drink lots of liquids and still be dehydrated, especially if the liquids are sweet, as in fruit juices and sodas. These children may or may not be thirsty, but they are still dehydrated.”

The live webinar is available on Wednesday, April 21, 2010 at 2 pm EST and health practitioners of all modalities are invited to participate in this critical and thought-provoking event at http://goenergetix. com/webinars/042110/dehydration (http://goenergetix. com/webinars/042110/dehydration).

Energetix is a professional remedy line that caters exclusively to healthcare practitioners, including naturopaths, chiropractors, AK practitioners, EAV practitioners, acupuncturists, homeopaths, MDs, nurse practitioners and practitioners of Chinese medicine.


Sunday, June 6, 2004

Keynote Releases Study on Quality of 25+ Retail Web Sites Over the Course of the 2007 Holiday Season

Keynote Releases Study on Quality of 25+ Retail Web Sites Over the Course of the 2007 Holiday Season

-- Study Provides Conclusions from Keynote's Monitoring of Top Retail Sites Through the 2007 Holiday Season. -- Cabelas, Barnes & Noble and Best Buy Record Industry's Best Site Reliability Over Holiday Period -- Victoria's Secret, Circuit City and Cabelas Record Industry's Best Site Responsiveness Over Holiday Period -- Keynote Study Examines 40+ Service Level Metrics on 25+ Leading Retail Sites Over the 2007 Holiday Season

SAN MATEO, Calif. (PRWEB) January 29, 2008

Keynote Competitive Research, the industry analysis group of Keynote Systems (Nasdaq:KEYN), today announced the release of the final results from its U. S. Holiday Impact Study, a Web site performance monitoring study that examines the technical performance and service levels of 26 leading retail Web sites over the course of the 2007 holiday season. At the opening of the season, Keynote identified performance troubles with many sites' search and check-out processes. The complete study includes over 3,000 data points, enabling insight into the root causes of these challenges.

Keynote's U. S. Holiday Impact Study examines site reliability and site responsiveness for leading sites across all major retail categories including sites such as Amazon. com, Barnes and Noble, Best Buy, Home Depot, Target, Toys R Us and Wal-Mart. The unique data and insights uncovered by Keynote Competitive Research are acquired through the use of the company's commercially available Web performance test and measurement products. The study is available for purchase from Keynote. For more information or details on purchasing the complete study, please view Keynote Competitive Research - Retail.

Cabelas, Victoria's Secret and Best Buy Record the Best Service Levels

Cabelas, a sporting goods retailer, Barnes and Noble and Best Buy had the retail industry's best reliability over the holiday season, an indication their sites were highly available and experienced little or no downtime over the 30 day study period. Victoria's Secret, Circuit City and Cabelas had the industry's best site responsiveness over the holiday season, an indication of how fast those sites were in downloading pages and completing transactions for consumers. Cabelas and Best Buy had the industry's best overall service levels over the holiday season, ranking highly in terms of both site reliability and site responsiveness.

"From a Web performance perspective the biggest news out of the holiday season is the overall improvement in performance of sites across the retail industry as compared to last year," said Ben Rushlo, senior consulting manager for Keynote's competitive research group. "However, we still see a number of major retail brands with significant slowdowns and peak hour outages during this crucial season. That has a direct impact on online sales that can account for up to a third of overall holiday sales."

Approximately up to 30% of all holiday shopping is done online, and that figure continues to increase, according to the National Retail Federation. Yet Keynote found that some of the leading retail sites showed up to 400% slow-downs during peak shopping days, a rate at which Keynote experts caution leads to consumer abandonment of a product search or check-out. On average, retailers experienced 5% to 10% slow-downs during peak holiday shopping periods, which would not significantly impact the consumer's online experience or impede check-out.

The top seven performing sites in the study had over 99% availability over the course of the holiday season. However, the Keynote study revealed that, on average, retail sites experienced 7 hours of complete downtime during the holiday season, equivalent to a half-day's sales. The worst performing sites, including some highly recognized retail brand names, experienced up to 20 hours of complete downtime, periods when no transactions could be completed, over the course of the 30 day holiday season. By contrast, the best performing sites, such as Cabelas and Best Buy, experienced either no downtime or downtimes of less than one to two hours.

The electronics and books and music retailers, in general, had the best technical quality performance; whereas the home improvement industry, which Keynote added to its study this year, showed the worst performance overall.

Background on the Keynote U. S. Holiday Impact Study

The Keynote U. S. Holiday Impact Study examined the technical performance of leading retail sites using Keynote's Transaction Perspective(R) solution, a leading subscription-based service for measuring and monitoring Web site performance. Transaction Perspective mimics the actions of consumers and examines performance from multiple geographic locations, collecting more than 6,500 data points across 40+ metrics for each site to detail online technical performance. The study offers insight into technical performance relative to competitors, and provides detailed data on site performance across seven key measures critical to the operational health of an online business. The study was conducted over a 30 day period during the 2007 holiday season from Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, often regarded as one of the busiest shopping days of the year, through Christmas.

Retail Web Sites Included in the Keynote US Holiday Study

Retail sites included in the Keynote US Holiday Study were: Amazon. com (Nasdaq:AMZN); Barnes & Noble (NYSE:BKS); Best Buy (NYSE:BBY); Buy. com Borders (NYSE:BGP); Buy. com; Circuit City (NYSE: CC); Dell (Nasdaq:DELL); Office Depot (NYSE:ODP); OfficeMax (NYSE:OMX); Overstock. com (Nasdaq:OSTK); Staples (Nasdaq:SPLS); Toys R Us (NYSE:XKE); Target (NYSE:TGT); and Wal-Mart (NYSE:WMT).

About Keynote

Keynote Systems (Nasdaq "KEYN") is the global leader in on-demand test & measurement solutions for continuously improving the online experience. As an independent and trusted third-party, Keynote provides IT and marketing executives with an unbiased view into their Internet services from around the world. For over a decade, Keynote has been providing measurement data and testing capabilities that allow companies to understand and improve their customers' online and mobile experience. Keynote has four test and measurement businesses: Web performance, mobile quality, streaming & VoIP, and customer experience/UX. In addition, Keynote's industry analysis group called Keynote Competitive Research publishes proprietary studies measuring customer experience and service levels across a wide range of industries.

Known as The Mobile and Internet Performance Authority(TM), Keynote has a market-leading infrastructure of 2,400 measurement computers and mobile devices in over 240 locations around the world. Keynote also maintains one of the most representative panels of online users consisting of 160,000 consumers. Keynote's on-demand, hassle-free infrastructure allows businesses to access services they need, when they need them to pinpoint and fix mobile quality and Internet problems before they impact customers.

Keynote helps over 2,700 corporate customers become "the best of the best" by helping them improve online business performance and mobile communications quality. Keynote's customers represent top Internet and mobile companies including American Express, BP, Caterpillar, Dell, Disney, eBay, ESPN Mobile, E