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Important Lessons for Business and Personal Achievement

Important Lessons for Business and Personal Achievement

A new website by author, speaker and strategist, Rob Waite is an excellent resource for achieving professional and personal goals.

Pittsburgh, PA (PRWEB) January 4, 2005

An interesting and creative website has been launched to help people succeed in the business world as well as in their personal lives – ranging from tried and tested advice on how to lock down a six-figure job to straightforward and practical suggestions for embracing healthy lifestyle habits.

Rob Waite, a successful executive and author, developed the site to provide easily accessible reference sources on a broad range of business-driven topics. “I wanted to pull together some initiatives that I have been involved with in a way that they can serve as a central resource for credible and beneficial information for aspiring and seasoned business professionals alike,” Waite explains.

Three of Rob’s successful works are the “information anchors” for www. robwaite. com including his most recent publication, “The Lost Art of General Management.” This 126-page book covers a span of critical business directives as well as sound suggestions on developing or refining important core skills. Tackling the subject of business presentations, for example, Waite writes, “If a manager has a propensity to dig a hole for himself or herself in a presentation, PowerPoint can be an earthmover on steroids that will bury the presenter totally.”

The site, which features a prominent stylized light bulb logo, has been organized to enable the visitor to easily navigate to the different subject areas and functions. Regular features like “Illuminating Ideas” and “See Watts New,” along with special promotions, are incorporated to provide added value for the visitor.

“I’ve written a lot about the lack of creativity that exists in much of the business world today so I wanted to be sure that my website included some new approaches to interacting with the important Internet audience,” Waite notes. “It’s my hope this new site is a catalyst for additional opportunities and learning experiences for myself and for those I have the privilege of communicating and working with.”

Also featured on the site is Waite’s highly-successful interactive CD, The Six Figure Job Search. This unique program leads the executive job searcher through the entire process – from planning their “campaign” to negotiating the final offer. Walking With the Wise II is the second in a series that features an extraordinary lineup of inspirational mentors,

Successful business tycoons and best selling authors and rounds out the three key resources on the site. Waite, who is a contributing author, said that reading through this book “is like a literary version of ‘The Apprentice,’ only you will learn from 69 other highly successful individuals and notables in addition to Donald Trump.”

The site also allows visitors to schedule Waite for a speaking engagement, purchase products and communicate suggestions and questions directly to Waite. Press releases and related materials are also posted on the site.

Rob Waite is a senior executive with 20 years of leadership experience in domestic and international business. His successful track record includes start-ups, turnarounds, multinational strategic partnerships and global business expansions with Fortune 500 companies. He is also a successful author, dynamic speaker and coach to other senior executives.

For more information or to schedule an interview with Rob, please go to www. robwaite. com or call 724-934-9625.

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Friday, February 27, 2009

CheckPoint HR Rebrands Benefits Arm to Deliver Complete HR and Benefits Solution

CheckPoint HR Rebrands Benefits Arm to Deliver Complete HR and Benefits Solution

CheckPoint HR, a trusted advisor empowering small and medium size businesses in managing their human capital throughout the entire employee life cycle, today announced it has rebranded its benefits affiliate, The Wilshire Group, to CheckPoint HR Benefits Group.

Edison, NJ (PRWEB) March 13, 2009

CheckPoint HR (http://www. checkpointhr. com), a trusted advisor empowering small and medium size businesses in managing their human capital throughout the entire employee life cycle, today announced it has rebranded its benefits affiliate, The Wilshire Group, to CheckPoint HR Benefits Group (http://www. checkpointhrbenefits. com). The company has also launched a dedicated Web site at http://www. checkpointhrbenefits. com (http://www. checkpointhrbenefits. com) for the benefits group. The CheckPoint HR Benefits Group is a licensed insurance agency dedicated to delivering a broad range of employee health benefits procurement solutions and custom plan designs.

"A company's largest and most important asset is its human capital," said Tim Padva, co-founder, chief executive officer, and president, CheckPoint HR and CheckPoint HR Benefits Group. "By providing a single-source to manage all aspects of the human resources life cycle including employee benefits solutions, CheckPoint HR and CheckPoint HR Benefits Group together are simplifying the management of human capital for mid-market companies that need to reduce costs and improve service quality while simultaneously focusing on their core business."

The CheckPoint HR Benefits Group is dedicated to educating customers on consumer driven health plans, wellness initiatives (http://www. checkpointhrbenefits. com/wellness_center. html) and new health care programs (http://www. checkpointhrbenefits. com/consumer_driven_health_care. html) including HRAs, FSAs, etc., all which can provide potential cost savings. By identifying and targeting customer's employee benefits needs to determine company objectives, CheckPoint HR Benefits Group defines budgets and delivers yearly metrics to assess programs.

The company's flexible and scalable solutions help customers meet core health care needs for their employees, increase operational efficiencies, and strengthen employee morale while improving the customer's bottom line. Through its HRMS/benefits technology platform (http://www. checkpointhr. com/hrms), CheckPoint HR Benefits Group makes benefits administration (http://www. checkpointhrbenefits. com/benefits_administration. html) efficient and easy by automating many processes that were previously handled manually.

"Cortel has been working with CheckPoint HR since 2002 on HR and payroll services and in June 2008, we came to them for our healthcare benefits," said Dianne Avoletta, vice president of administration, Cortel. "Our number one priority was to reduce costs for both the company and employees who participated. CheckPoint HR Benefits Group presented us with a customized plan that not only offered a huge cost savings but also provided Cortel with an integrated wellness program that encourages employees to adopt healthier lifestyles."

Representing many leading carriers such as Guardian, UnitedHealthcare, Cigna, Oxford, and Aetna, CheckPoint HR Benefits Group offers its customers a broad range of group insurance solutions, including health, life, workers' compensation, and pension plans.

About CheckPoint HR
Since 2001, CheckPoint HR, based in Edison, New Jersey, has been a trusted advisor empowering small and medium size businesses in managing their human capital throughout the entire employee life cycle. CheckPoint HR's innovative Web-based Human Resource Management System (HRMS) technology platform offers an affordable and centralized HR solution to manage payroll and benefits administration, as well as other business-critical human resources processes. This allows mid-market organizations to deliver world-class services to its employees, reduce costs, and improve operational efficiencies. Clients include such names as The Applied Companies, Innophos Holding, Inc., New York Organ Donor Network, Hamon USA, Kyowa Pharmaceutical, Nickelodeon Hotels, and Starwood Capital. For more information on CheckPoint HR, please visit www. CheckPointHR. com or call 800.385.0331.

About CheckPoint HR Benefits Group
CheckPoint HR Benefits Group is a licensed insurance agency dedicated to delivering a broad range of employee health benefits procurement solutions and custom plan designs. Providing custom plan design and unmatched customer service, paired with competitive rates for their employee health insurance needs, CheckPoint HR Benefits Group completes the CheckPoint HR offering and provides a single-source to manage all aspects of the human resources lifecycle. For more information please visit www. checkpointhrbenefits. com or call 800.385.0331.

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The Most Venerable Order of St. John Hospital of Jerusalem Confers Officer Brother Rank on Pave the Way Foundation Founder

The Most Venerable Order of St. John Hospital of Jerusalem Confers Officer Brother Rank on Pave the Way Foundation Founder

Pave the Way Foundation and the Priory in the USA of the Most Venerable Order of the Hospital of St. John of Jerusalem are proud to announce that Commendatore Gary Lewis Krupp, KCSG, of Pave the Way Foundation was invested as Officer Brother of the Order of St. John. Mr. Krupp is one of the only Jewish men in history to be invested both by the Catholic Church as a Knight Commander of St. Gregory and the Episcopal Church as an Officer Brother of the Order of St. John.

New York, NY (PRWEB) September 23, 2005

Pave the Way Foundation and the Priory in the USA of the Most Venerable Order of the Hospital of St. John of Jerusalem are proud to announce that Commendatore Gary Lewis Krupp, KCSG, of Pave the Way Foundation was invested as Officer Brother of the Order of St. John.

On July 13, 2005, by consent of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, this honor was bestowed upon Mr. Krupp in recognition of his contributions to the betterment of mankind through the work of Pave the Way Foundation, founded by Mr. Krupp in 2002. The Pave the Way Foundation has achieved many historic firsts and is the only group in the world dedicated to improving the relations between the worldÂ’s diverse peoples through gestures of good will. Mr. Krupp is one of the only Jewish men in history to be invested both by the Catholic Church as a Knight Commander of St. Gregory and the Episcopal Church as an Officer Brother of the Order of St. John.

“We are honoring Mr. Krupp for his stellar accomplishments on behalf of improved relations between men and women in every country, of every creed,” said United States Prior John Drexel IV. “His single-minded determination places him in the ranks of those few individuals who truly make a difference in the world. It is our certainty that through his continued work, he will bring honor to the Order of St. John.”

The ceremony took place on September 13th at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine in New York City. In attendance were Grand Prior John Drexel IV, Barbara Haywood, Executive Director of the Order of St. John, Suzanne Bishopric, Chancellor of the Priory in the United States of America of the Most Venerable Order of the Hospital of St. John of Jerusalem.

Prior to founding Pave the Way Foundation in 2002, Gary Krupp founded and operated several businesses in the medical field and managed the family commercial second mortgage business. He worked extensively with charitable and social betterment groups including the Karitas Foundation, the New York State Trooper Foundation, and Casa Sollievo Della Sofferenza, a 1500-bed health care facility in Italy. He was Vice-Chairman of the Coalition to Save Belleayre Mountain and sits on the board of the Long Island Forum for Technology. For his work, he has received several recognitions, including a Papal knighthood from Pope John Paul II and the Centennial Tree of Life Award from the Jewish National Fund.

“I am extremely grateful for this recognition,” stated Mr. Krupp. “While it is an honor to be considered among many fine individuals in the Order of St. John, I must think in very practical terms. My new status as an Officer Brother will open more doors to the important work of the Pave the Way Foundation. Given the world situation, this is not at a time of leisure and celebration. I pledge to use the trust placed in me to improve the channels of communication between the peoples of earth. A greater unity between men and nations begins with communication and the result of communication is understanding and thus, peace.”

In just three short years, the Pave the Way Foundation has achieved many milestones that have led to an increased understanding and acceptance between the worldÂ’s religious groups. Among other accomplishments, in January 2005, PTWF led a group of more than a hundred Jewish leaders to a private audience with Pope John Paul II, to thank him for all he has done for the Jewish people. The foundation has also arranged for the original works of Maimonides, the significant 13th-century Jewish philosopher, to be loaned by the Vatican to the Israel Museum in Jerusalem, the first time ever that these important documents have been on Israeli soil. Other vital projects are ongoing.

About Pave the Way Foundation

PTWF has a simple yet monumental goal: To enhance the relations between the worldÂ’s religions through gestures of good will and thereby embracing their similarities and savoring their differences. In todayÂ’s world, some individuals try to achieve their agenda through violence, in the name of religion. To silently allow this to happen defames every faith. The vision of PTWF is that the unified voice of the worldÂ’s great religious leaders condemning violence and promoting trust will pave the way to peace.

About the The Most Venerable Order of the Hospital of St. John of Jerusalem

The Order of St. John is an international order of Knighthood founded by the British Crown in 1888 in the tradition of the ancient Hospitaller Order of Saint John, with Priories, Commanderies and National Councils in some forty countries around the world. The Sovereign Head is the Sovereign of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, presently HM Queen Elizabeth II. The Mission of the Order of St. John is to prevent and relieve sickness and injury and to act to enhance the health and well-being of people of all races and creeds anywhere in the world.


Gary Krupp or Neil Berro

350 Fifth Avenue, Suite 3805

New York, NY 10118

(212) 629-0046

Http://www. pavethewayfoundation. org (http://www. pavethewayfoundation. org)


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Breast is Best, Yet Not Always the Most Realistic Option

Breast is Best, Yet Not Always the Most Realistic Option

Web site educates new mothers of the benefits of breast pumping.

San Diego, CA (PRWEB) October 27, 2006 –

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends breastfeeding throughout the baby's first year of life, but this practice is not always an option for new mothers who have experienced long, excruciating labor, newborn nursing complications, post-partum depression or those who must return to work within 12 weeks of labor. Because of the many health benefits of breast feeding, our society pressures mothers to bring the baby to breast exclusively.

Exclusive breast feeding is not for every mother. By educating these frustrated and confused mothers of alternative feeding options, Wendy Williamson, of GotBreastPump. com, hopes to bring relief to discouraged mothers throughout the nation.

“The inability to successfully complete the beautiful fantasy of rocking quietly in a serene environment as baby suckles at a contented mother’s breast often stirs feelings of guilt, depression, inadequacy, anger and many other emotions in new mothers,” says Wendy Williamson, a mother of three children and advocate for breast pumping. “GotBreastPump. com is a Web site designed to encourage breast pumping as a more realistic and healthful feeding alternative for discouraged mothers.”

A benefit to pumping is emotional stability that some mothers might experience from a few extra moments of sleep, as well as the confidence of witnessing the baby consuming their milk. Breast pumping encourages the development of emotional connection not only with the mother, but with all family members who volunteer to feed the new baby.

By educating new mothers about the benefits of breast pumping, a large population of women who encounter a variety of breast feeding complications will be rest assured that both they, and their baby, can obtain the nourishment they need to live a healthy and happy life.

About GotBreastPump. com

GotBreastPump. com is a Web site geared toward educating new mothers about the great benefits of breast pumping for both baby and mother. Wendy Williamson, mother of three and founder of GotBreastPump. com, hopes to create a greater awareness of donating breast milk and breast pumps to mothers who want to provide their milk to premature or ill babies.

To learn more about breast pumping, GotBreastPump. com and Wendy Williamson, please visit www. GotBreastPump. com.


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It All Started With A Rock - Now New Historic Exhibit Open to Public

It All Started With A Rock - Now New Historic Exhibit Open to Public

Today's event celebrates Birth of Aetna Building Marking A New Era in City History

Jacksonville, FL (PRWEB) April 24, 2005

The year was 1955. With the arrival of "The Rock" the Jacksonville skyline would never be the same and signaled the beginning of a new and exciting era in the city's growth.

To commemorate the opening of The Aetna Building (then the Prudential Building) a permanent historic exhibit was previewed today during the 50th Anniversary luncheon held on the 12th floor of the Jacksonville landmark.

The 72-foot, multi-media display that celebrates the history of Jacksonville along with the civic and cultural contributions of the building will be open to the public beginning Saturday, April 23. Public viewing times will be 8 a. m. - 7 p. m. Monday through Friday and 8 a. m. to 2 p. m. on Saturdays.

In the early fifties, when top executives from the New Jersey-based Prudential Insurance Company decided to build a corporate headquarters for the 10-state southern central region, they chose Jacksonville and a site along the Southbank of the St. Johns.

This, the building's 50th anniversary year, is being commemorated with a special anniversary logo, series of special events including a VIP luncheon, essay and art contests and a permanent lobby display depicting three decades of Jacksonville history and how the building at 841 Prudential Drive has "Passed The Test of Time."

As the first high rise building to grace downtown, today the Aetna Building, owned by The South Shore Group, is a true historical landmark and not only as a center of commerce.

"We take a lot of pride in the historical significance and civic contributions, both past and present, of the Aetna Building," said managing partner Hal Dodt of The South Shore Group. "It was an attraction when it opened fifty years ago and has played a important role in the phenomenal growth of the city."

After its opening building quickly became a focal point for community life with hundreds of concerts, including the Jacksonville Symphony Orchestra, plays, pageants, proms and political rallies all being held at one time or another in the halls of the great marble, granite and stone structure. Today, the South Shore Group continues to support numerous community activities by hosting charitable and civic events.

In the early 1950s a young architectural firm known as Kemp, Bunch, and Jackson drew up the blueprints for a building that would capture the southeast's imagination. Once heralded as "The Tallest Office Building in the South." the 300-foot, 22-story structure towered above the picturesque St. Johns River and has been credited with transforming the city's image from a shipping industry Mecca to a viable location for corporate headquarters and big business.

It is only fitting that the building that embodies so much historical and civic significance, is observing its 50th Anniversary the same year the city garnered national and international attention as host to Super Bowl XXXIX.

The building's original designers, Kemp, Bunch, and Jackson have since updated their name to KBJ Architects, Inc., and in step with the times Jacksonville's first commercial high-rise has undergone a few changes as well.

When Aetna and The Prudential Insurance Company of America announced they had entered into an agreement for Aetna to acquire the Prudential Health Care business, the building's namesake changed to The Aetna Building, denoting the presence of its largest client. In addition, this historical structure has undergone two significant renovations. In 1986, and again in 2001, the building lent itself to the installation of current infrastructure technology and the needs of new tenants.

As one of KBJ's primary architects, Richard T. Reep has played a key role in the Aetna Building renovations. According to Reep, the Aetna building has not only successfully weathered the passing years, but has also managed to stay in touch with its original design esthetic. In 2002, the building was given the "Test of Time" award by the Jacksonville Chapter, American Institute of Architects, and through two major renovations has held onto many of its classical design elements.

This magnificent building still maintains its original character and sophistication with accents such as imported marble floors and columns, showcasing a classic 1950's-style grand lobby and entrance with distinctive Up/Down elevator indicators.

Situated in a park like setting on 13 acres along the picturesque St. Johns River, the original building housed the former Flagship Bank, specialty clothing and retail shops and even the historic, original River Club on the 19th floor. The building underwent renovations four years ago that incorporated new interior design elements to mesh with the classic components found throughout.

Incorporating 30,000 cubic feet of Alabama limestone, 3,420 cubic feet of North Carolina pink granite, and a large quantity of Georgia marble, the design of the building relies heavily on the prominent use of luxury materials.

"Marble and limestone are the materials of historic architecture, and are used in the Aetna Building in a way that strategically features their unique qualities," Reep said.

In keeping with the historic architecture and primary design, Reep and the team at KBJ integrated modern components with the classic interior design elements. The imported marble floors, regal columns, distinctive elevator indicators, and classic 1950s-style grand lobby are enhanced by the newly installed horizontal ribbed stainless steel accents, polished green marble, updated door transoms, and completely renovated restrooms.

The external characteristics of the building are just as elegant as its interiors. The Aetna Building makes a stunning impression on downtown's skyline. Its beautiful setting on a landscaped mall and riverfront terrace is, to this day, a unique feature for an urban office structure. And its dramatic composition -- the main tower balanced on one side with a mid-rise element, and on the other with a low-rise element - creates a view that is equally satisfying from either the street or river.

South Shore Group and KBJ have matched effort for effort in their quest to preserve the legacy of the building as it evolves from a singular corporate headquarters into a multi-tenant office facility. Every enhancement has respected the basic qualities of the original building. Even the rather non-1950s element of a multistory parking garage was sited to preserve the mall and its line of trees, and designed to recall the colors and forms of the tower.

To this day, the Aetna Building continues to serve as a cultural landmark for area residents, as well as one of the most distinct properties Downtown Jacksonville has to offer.

"Esthetically, the design both speaks of its period and also displays a timeless quality," Reep said. "The building is built to last, and its design will never go out of fashion."

About The South Shore Group

The South Shore Group has brought a unique vision and experience to developing premier residential and commercial properties throughout Florida. The South Shore Group is committed to excellence through innovative design and quality construction. Managing partners Dodt and Jeff Douglas have 30 years of extensive experience in commercial real estate, all of which has been focused in Florida. The Aetna Building was The South Shore Group's first acquisition in Jacksonville.


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Honeybee Gardens Donates Web Sales to Aid Local Animal Shelter Event Raises Over $860 To Support Spaying & Neutering of Stray Cats

Honeybee Gardens Donates Web Sales to Aid Local Animal Shelter Event Raises Over $860 To Support Spaying & Neutering of Stray Cats

Honeybee Gardens, Inc. will donate 100% of its April 8, 2005 sales to “Stray Cat Blues”, a non-profit, no kill animal shelter in Montgomery County, PA. The event, hosted on the company’s website, raised $862 and was designed to provide much-needed funds to support the shelter’s operations, which includes spaying and neutering of stray cats. Presentation of the check will take place at 10:00 am, Friday, May 6, 2005 at AVJ Natural Cat, 6 North Hanover Street, Pottstown, PA 19464

Leesport, PA (PRWEB) April 20, 2005

Honeybee Gardens, Inc. will donate 100% of its April 8, 2005 sales to “Stray Cat Blues”, a non-profit, no kill animal shelter in Montgomery County, PA. The event, hosted on the company’s website, raised $862 and was designed to provide much-needed funds to support the shelter’s operations, which includes spaying and neutering of stray cats. Presentation of the check will take place at 10:00 am, Friday, May 6, 2005 at AVJ Natural Cat, 6 North Hanover Street, Pottstown, PA 19464

Melissa J. Hertzler, owner and president of Honeybee Gardens, Inc., decided to hold the one-day event after hearing the story of Rosie, a stray cat from the Pottstown area who passed away while trying to give birth. According to Hertzler, “People have a responsibility to care for all living creatures. From what I understand Rosie wandered around for days in obvious pain. Had someone cared enough to take her to the shelter sooner, she and her kittens may have lived.”

While certain individuals chose to ignore Rosie in her time of need, support of this event is proof that there are a lot of people who do care. According to statistics from the company’s website, traffic increased by 25% in the days leading up to the event. Also, feedback from customers indicates that they chose make their purchases specifically during the event. “I’m very pleased with the result, and I’m so proud of our customers, said Hertzler, “they’re the ones who made this event a success.”

Additional information is available by contacting Melissa Hertzler at Honeybee Gardens, Inc., Monday through Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm (EST).

Founded in 1995, Honeybee Gardens, Inc. is a formulator of all-natural personal care and cosmetic products. Blending environmental awareness with fashion sense and affordability, Honeybee Gardens, Inc. employs cutting edge technology to create safe, healthy alternatives to traditional cosmetics. Honeybee GardensÂ’ products can be found in health food stores nationwide and online at www. honeybeegardens. com. Honeybee Gardens, Inc. is strongly opposed to animal testing.

Contact Information:

Melissa J. Hertzler

Honeybee Gardens, Inc.

Ph: 610.396.9225

Fax: 610.396.9226

Www. honeybeegardens. com


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Consumers Desire Indulgent Bakery Products in Healthier Formulations, According to a New Report Published by Global Industry Analysts, Inc

Consumers Desire Indulgent Bakery Products in Healthier Formulations, According to a New Report Published by Global Industry Analysts, Inc.

The market for baked goods stands confronted with mixed consumer responses, where health vies with pleasure. Standard bakery products, no longer appeal to consumers who have already marked their shift towards healthier-for-you alternatives. Popular claims which send the cash register ringing, such as, 'no additives/ preservatives' and 'all natural' are now joined by 'trans fat free/reduced,' 'gluten-free' and 'whole grain' claims.

San Jose, CA (PRWEB) September 2, 2008

Baking industry worldwide is marked by continuous introductions of new flavors and varieties of baked goodies to satisfy evolving tastes and preferences of a vast and varied demographic market. Consumer preference for health-oriented products and increase in the number of new products backed by health claims represent the two noteworthy trends in the marketplace in recent years. Niche start-up players are standing up to the challenge of rolling out healthier alternatives while multinationals try to shed the lard off their popular brands. Low technological barriers to entry, and distinct regional taste expectations encourage local participation in the sector.

Baked goods market (http://www. strategyr. com/Baked_Goods_Industry_Market_Report. asp) comprising of bread and rolls, cakes, pastries, cereals, biscuits, cookies & doughnuts is well developed and mature in the industrialized parts of world, such as, North America and Western Europe. Noteworthy factors stimulating growth in the baked goods market in Eastern Europe and Asia-Pacific include increased urbanization, rising levels of disposable incomes, exposure to Western culture, and cuisines including dieting habits. Growing number of women in the workforce, longer working hours, liberalization of economic policies, greater spread of distribution and manufacturing networks, advancements in storage technologies, have all contributed towards deep market penetration of bakery products. The developing retail system within Asia-Pacific is expected to result in higher product visibility and availability. With urban markets reaching saturation levels, manufacturers are expected to inject significant resources into expanding distribution networks to reach the large, lucrative, yet untapped rural markets.

Worldwide bakery products sales are led by bread/rolls (http://www. strategyr. com/Baked_Goods_Industry_Market_Report. asp). Manufacturers in North America and Western Europe are developing new varieties of value-added products that attract premium prices, such as, organic breads, wholegrain bread and multi-cereal breads. Crackers and savory biscuits are frequently consumed as an alternative for crisps. Cakes and pastries (http://www. strategyr. com/Baked_Goods_Industry_Market_Report. asp), and biscuit segments have been benefited by the rise in demand for convenience foods and snacks. Manufacturers are offering snack-sized biscuit packs and single-portion cakes.

Rising consumer health consciousness is bringing in some very interesting trends in the baked goods sector. These include growing preference for whole grains and trans fat-free products; rise in favor for allergen-free or gluten-free products; and other baked products fortified with minerals and vitamins. Manufacturers are focusing on reformulating brands by eliminating trans fats and other undesirable ingredients without compromising on taste, texture, shelf life and quality. North America is the largest market for trans-fat free bakery products in the world with the highest rollout of these products on an annual scale. Although indulgence factor will remain an important growth trend, other factors such as change in lifestyles, population growth, aggressive advertising campaigns by leading players, and launch of new products are also expected to play equally important roles in driving the market's growth.

By and large, prices of baked goods such as bread & rolls and pastry & doughnuts are influenced by commodity price changes. For instance, rise in prices of wheat puts pressure on bread producers, since wheat constitutes 60% of the cost of bread production. Deep price discounting in key markets also leads players operating on wafer thin profit margins. Manufacturers seek to ease the pressure on corporate bottomlines through product differentiation in the form of new ingredients and packaging.

The report titled "Baked Goods: A Global Outlook", published by Global Industry Analysts Inc, provides a collection of statistical anecdotes, market briefs, and concise summaries of research findings. An easy guide to What, Why, When, How, Where, and Who of an industry, the report provides a bird's eye view of the industry, its product market segments, and evolving trends shaping future growth. The report offers an understanding of the significance of changing lifestyles, and the ensuing importance of convenience as a crucible of success, the implications boded by growing consumer health awareness, and the simple math underlying product innovation strategies. The report also takes a peek into the changing retailing trends, pricing pressures, the regulatory environment, and outlines recent mergers, acquisitions, and strategic developments. A detailed discussion punctuated with 28 tables, and accompanying graphs/charts, summarizes the market's structure in the US. Other regional markets synopsized to offer the reader a prelude include Canada, Japan, France, Germany, Romania, Russia, Spain, Switzerland, Ukraine, United Kingdom, Australia, China, India, Hong Kong, South Korea, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Venezuela, among others. Also included is an indexed, easy-to-refer, fact-finder directory listing the addresses, and contact details of 554 companies worldwide.

For more details about this research report, please visit http://www. strategyr. com/Baked_Goods_Industry_Market_Report. asp (http://www. strategyr. com/Baked_Goods_Industry_Market_Report. asp).

About Global Industry Analysts, Inc.:
Global Industry Analysts, Inc., (GIA) (http://www. strategyr. com) is a reputed publisher of off-the-shelf market research. Founded in 1987, the company is globally recognized as one of the world's largest market research publishers. The company employs more than 700 people worldwide and publishes more than 880 full-scale research reports each year. Additionally, the company also offers a range of more than 60,000 smaller research products including company reports, market trend reports and industry reports encompassing all major industries worldwide.

Global Industry Analysts, Inc.
Telephone 408-528-9966
Fax 408-528-9977
Email press @ StrategyR. com
Web Site www. StrategyR. com


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IVideo Beats iTunes For Video Podcasts

IVideo Beats iTunes For Video Podcasts

In the red-hot growth market for mobile video, ZETZ mobile has beaten Apple's iTunes at its own game. ZETZ mobile recently launched its iVideo app for the iPhone and iPod Touch, and it blows away iTunes in this category. iVideo has much greater selection, a slick interface, and enhanced functionality, compared to iTunes. In just 10 days in the iPhone App Store, iVideo has reached the Top 100 Paid Apps List in the Entertainment category in 10 countries on 5 continents.

Toronto, CA (PRWEB) August 30, 2009

iVideo is an easy-to-use video-only podcast client. By providing only video, and a powerful local database and search tools, iVideo simplifies the experience of finding, viewing and sharing iPhone video podcast content. All content is pre-filtered for iPhone compatibility. Compared with iTunes, iVideo has much greater selection with over 22,000 shows, and downloads are faster. The entire application works in either landscape or portrait, and an extensive Help file is embedded.

IVideo has all the best video podcast content from the web, including leading sources like NBC, CBS, CNN, ABC, Fox, PBS, ESPN, Forbes, HBO, MLB, CNET, Newsweek, Disney, MTV, VH1, Vogue, Sesame Street, Discovery Channel, and lots more. The content is all included -- there is nothing more to pay.

There are 17 video categories filled with programs to satisfy all mobile viewing needs; Arts & Entertainment, Business & Money, Comedy, Education, Food, Games & Hobbies, Health, Kids & Family, Music, News & Media, Politics, Religion & Spirituality, Society & Culture, Sports & Recreation, Technology, Television, and Travel - more than 450 series and growing daily as new content is released.

IVideo delivers over 22,000 shows in 450 series, categorized for easy access, and selected for iPhone / iPod Touch compatibility. Users can download or play shows, create a list of favorites, subscribe to series, use an extensive search function, and share iVideo content with friends. Unlike iTunes, iVideo ONLY delivers video, so there is no need to search through other kinds of content, or use add-on applications.

To celebrate iVideo's launch, ZETZ mobile is holding a contest for 5 free iPhones. One download = 1 contest entry.

Get iVideo today and turn your iPhone or iPod Touch into a mobile video powerhouse.

Minimum Requirements:
IPhone or iPod Touch 2.2.1 or later

Pricing and Availability:
IVideo 1.0 is only $4.99 (USD) and available exclusively through the App Store.

IVideo and Contest Details (http://www. ZETZmobile. com/iVideo. aspx)
Purchase and Download (http://itunes. apple. com/WebObjects/MZStore. woa/wa/viewSoftware? id=304570627&mt=8)
AppPodcast's 5-Star Video Review of iVideo (http://tinyurl. com/iVideo-TheVideo)
IVideo Facebook Fan Page (http://www. facebook. com/pages/iVideo/88327267269)

ZETZ mobile is a mobile applications and services company in Toronto, Canada, specializing in iPhone and related systems development, as well as mobile marketing services. Copyright 2009 ZETZ mobile. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone and iPod are registered trademarks of Apple Computer Inc.

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CriticalPoint™ Launches Seven New Virtual Compounder™ Training Modules

CriticalPoint™ Launches Seven New Virtual Compounder™ Training Modules

CriticalPoint, in partnership with Baxa Corporation, releases seven new training modules to its interactive programming for USP 797 compliance. This innovative series of training lessons allows users not only to view, read and memorize materials, but to demonstrate a clear understanding and proficiency in USP 797 sterile compounding concepts.

Englewood, CO (PRWEB) August 31, 2009

Baxa Corporation announces the launch of seven new training modules offered in The CriticalPoint Virtual Compounder training series. With these new modules, The Virtual Compounder training now comprises 10 self-paced, ACPE-approved modules that offer participants a total of 10 hours of ACPE credit. This innovative series of training lessons allows users not only to view, read and memorize materials, but to demonstrate a clear understanding and proficiency in USP 797 sterile compounding concepts.

The new Virtual Compounder modules teach users the skills necessary to be proficient in the following subjects: Daily Cleaning Activities, Monthly Cleaning Activities, Hazardous Spill Clean-up, Biological Safety Cabinet (BSC) Cleaning, Compounding Aseptic Containment Isolator (CACI) Cleaning, Compounding Aseptic Isolator (CAI) Cleaning and Performing Volumetric Air Sampling. And along with the other subjects: Garbing and Gowning, Solution Preparation and Laminar Air Flow Workbench (LAFW) Cleaning, each module covers the related requirements for USP 797 compliance. The complete series of training programs is owned by CriticalPoint and is marketed under the Baxa Corporation brand.

"The Virtual Compounder training series offers pharmacies a new way to provide cost-effective, hands-on training to all pharmacy personnel," states Peter Campanella, Baxa Corporation Director of Clinical Education. Written by industry experts, the training details specific practice requirements for USP 797 compliance in an interactive format that is unlike more-traditional training experiences. "The CriticalPoint curriculum," Campanella continues, "provides step-by-step programs that build a solid foundation of best practice for pharmacists and technicians involved in sterile compounding activities."

Authored by top industry experts and ASHP members Eric S. Kastango, Jim Wagner, Patricia Kienle, Luci Power, Holly Simmons and Kate Douglass among others; CriticalPoint is a comprehensive solution for understanding best practice in sterile compounding, managing training requirements, evaluating personnel competency and documenting personnel certification. Not only is the training extensive, but the software incorporates a Learning Management System (LMS) that allows pharmacy managers to track all pharmacy training conveniently. Together, the LMS capabilities and the expert written training provide pharmacies with a one-stop solution to USP 797 training compliance.

CriticalPoint is a product of CriticalPoint, LLC. Baxa Corporation markets the CriticalPoint compliance training modules as part of its Productivity and Compliance Tools (PACT) product line, which includes the Skills Training, Academics and Resources (STAR) Center classroom-based training for USP 797 compliance and aseptic compounding. Through the STAR Center's hands-on training programming and the CriticalPoint Web-based training modules, Baxa provides a complete solution for pharmacy compliance training in sterile compounding. For a demonstration of The Virtual Compounder programs, or for more information on CriticalPoint training, visit www. baxa. com/criticalpoint (http://www. baxa. com/criticalpoint)

About Baxa Corporation

Baxa, a customer-focused medical device company, provides innovative, solution-based technologies for medication handling and delivery. Its systems and devices promote the safe and efficient preparation, handling, packaging, and administration of medications. Key products include the PadLock® Set Saver, Rapid-Fill™ Automated Syringe Fillers, ExactaMed® Oral Dispensers, MicroFuse® Syringe Infusers, Repeater™ Pharmacy Pumps, the IntelliFlow™ System and ExactaMix™ Multi-Source Automated Compounders; used worldwide in hospitals and healthcare facilities. Its subsidiary FHT, Inc. produces the IntelliFill i. v.® automation. Privately held, Baxa Corporation has subsidiaries and sales offices in Florida, Canada and the United Kingdom; direct representation in Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Luxembourg, The Netherlands and Switzerland; and distribution partners worldwide. Further information is available at www. baxa. com

About CriticalPoint, LLC

CriticalPoint, LLC, offers interactive Web-based training for compounding sterile preparations and custom publishing services related to creating and enabling learning through technology in clinical settings. CriticalPoint e-Learning represents a best practices approach for interactive training and is designed to assist healthcare providers in meeting quality assurance program goals and regulatory compliance. For more information, visit www. criticalpoint. info


Marian Robinson, Vice President, Marketing
Baxa Corporation: 800.567.2292 ext. 2157 or 303.617.2157

Maggie Chamberlin Holben, APR
Absolutely Public Relations www. absolutelypr. com 303.984.9801 or 303.669.3558

Peter Cantor
CriticalPoint, LLC : 240-238-4352


Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Fear Factor Books Announces Launch of a Dynamic New Exposition and Practical Guide to Living Free of Fear

The Fear Factor Books Announces Launch of a Dynamic New Exposition and Practical Guide to Living Free of Fear

Terminating the stronghold of fear in our lives has just become markedly easier with the launch of a dynamic new book - "The Fear Factor", by Akeem Shomade. The Fear Factor provides a practical guide to accessing the freedom Christ won for us on the Cross; this book is a powerful tool for business and personal life, Christians and non-Christians, pastors and teachers. It is effective armor crafted with the sole purpose of breaking down the stronghold of fear.

London, England (PRWEB) March 24, 2005

The Fear Factor Books announces the launch of a dynamic new exposition - "The Fear Factor", by Akeem Shomade. It is a practical guide to accessing the freedom Christ won for us 2000 years ago on the Cross. This book is a powerful tool for business and personal life, Christians and non-Christians, pastors and teachers.

The Fear Factor is filled with wisdom, insight, and practical self-help solutions on escaping the stronghold of fear. The author unpacks how fear evolves in our lives, exposing its roots, and passionately challenges the reader to move towards living in love and a healthy fear of the Lord. The book deals with our most prevalent and unmentionable fears, and advises us on how to seek freedom. The informal, easy-to-read style is illuminated by personal experiences and packed with scriptures to build our faith.

The Message in this book is more pertinent in the face of anxieties, worries and fears gripping nations due to the barbaric multiple terrorist attacks on London, designed to kill and cause maximum terror to our city.

The Fear Factor presents opportunities for those still searching for the reality behind the Christmas and Easter stories to enter a relationship with Christ and embrace true freedom. It is a vibrant testimony that the freedom of the children of God is real - we just have to lay hold of it. This book reveals how - it is a path of light in the darkness.

It is my prayer that by reading this book everyone will step towards achieving their purpose in life and start walking in the freedom that has already been won for all of us by Jesus, our Lord and Saviour, Amen. Akeem Shomade.

"I personally felt touched, encouraged and motivated to be an overcomer by faith and not a failure through fear. A very inspiring read!" Rhianne Coles – Director of Personal Excellence

The Fear Factor is available for purchase at most online and regular bookstores in USA and Europe from the end of March 2005. Get your copy today and begin a journey towards lifting the barrier placed over your life by fear.

To order:

Online: http://www. xulonpress. com/bookstore (http://www. xulonpress. com/bookstore)
Http://www. amazon. com (http://www. amazon. com) (USA)

Http://www. amazon. ca (http://www. amazon. ca) (Canada)

Http://www. amazon. co. uk (http://www. amazon. co. uk)
Http://www. amazon. de (http://www. amazon. de) (Germany)

Http://www. amazon. fr (http://www. amazon. fr) (France) and austria (www. amazon. at)

Http://www. amazon. jp (http://www. amazon. jp) and China (www. joyo. com)

Http://www. barnesandnoble. com (http://www. barnesandnoble. com)
The Times, Guardian and New Nation online bookstores (UK).

Or buy from most onlinebookstores worldwide and any good Christian bookstores like CLC, Wesley Owen etc. / regular bookstores

US: (toll-free) 1-866-909-2665

US: (bookstores, churches or organizations)

Toll-free order number is: 1-866-381-2665 x 109

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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

ECHO Fund Launches Polliwog Puddles Kids Club

ECHO Fund Launches Polliwog Puddles Kids Club

Getting kids involved in conservation for a healthier environment through Educational, Entertaining and Inspiring activities.

(PRWEB) February 14, 2005

Antioch, CA (PRWEB) February 14, 2005 – ECHO Fund announced the launch of its Polliwog Puddles Kids Club, a program designed to get kids and their parents involved in conservation while providing facts and activities to make learning about nature fun and exciting.

An extension of the Polliwog Puddles Educational Outreach Program, the kids club enhances the current online learning experience, which allows parents and kids to explore wildlife and habitats, and sends members, directly to their mailbox, a quarterly Exploring Our Planet Handbook filled with ideas, tips, tools, games and hands-on activities.

In addition to the activity handbook, members receive a variety of other great items and can participate in the Conserve & Earn Program. The Conserve & Earn Program inspires stewardship by giving children opportunities to get involved in conservation, respond to thought provoking questions, complete activities and earn points for prizes. ECHO Fund believes “Kids Learning & Caring About the Environment Today are Tomorrow's Good Earth Citizens!”

To learn more about ECHO Fund, Polliwog Puddles and the Polliwog Puddles Kids Club, please visit www. echofund. org.

Polliwog Puddles and ECHO Fund are dedicated to providing a safe, fact filled, inspiring, and entertaining place for your kids to experience all that nature has to offer.

ECHO Fund is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to the education of individuals on the necessity of conservation while advocating and working for the preservation of plants, animals, and their natural communities for an ecologically sound future.

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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

San Diego-based FluidEssentials, Inc.™ Launches New Sleep Supplement and Ties Low Serotonin to Stress and Sleeplessness

San Diego-based FluidEssentials, Inc.™ Launches New Sleep Supplement and Ties Low Serotonin to Stress and Sleeplessness

The science behind TotalSleep™ shows serotonin deficiency can lead to poor sleep.

Escondido, CA (PRWEB) December 3, 2008

Millions of Americans are too stressed out to sleep. They either can't get to sleep, or they can't stay asleep. FluidEssentials, Inc. (http://www. fluidessentials. com) is taking a completely new approach to getting restorative sleep with the launch of its natural sleep supplement, TotalSleep (http://fluidessentials. com/products. php? section=totalSleep).

Unlike prescription drugs and over-the-counter sleep aids that can be habit-forming and have unpleasant after-effects, TotalSleep focuses on raising low serotonin levels, which is "a root cause of most sleeplessness," said Matt Titlow, founder and chief operations officer of FluidEssentials, Inc. Stress, tension and negative mood can deplete serotonin and make it difficult to sleep.

"The unique formula in TotalSleep increases serotonin levels naturally, helping you fall asleep more easily, stay asleep longer and wake up ready to go," he explained. "Healthy serotonin levels also mean improved response to stress, fewer carbohydrate cravings, reduced tension and increased energy and focus throughout the day."

The now-rested Laurie Platt is just one of the many users who is reporting sleeping better and waking more refreshed after using TotalSleep. Introduced to the supplement during the National Fibromyalgia Association's Walk of Fame in Orange, California, she said, "I have taken prescription sleep aids and they didn't help me sleep. For the first time in a long time, I got some sleep and didn't wake up four times a night. This stuff really works!"

According to Titlow, Platt is among the majority of sleep-deprived consumers who find TotalSleep effective after the first use. "Even more people notice dramatically improved sleep within three consecutive nights of use."

Designed to be taken nightly for stress and sleeplessness, the powdered supplement in convenient stick packs can be mixed with cold or hot water and comes in two popular flavors - Apple Tea and Cinnamon Tea. TotalSleep's main ingredient is LT-ONE™, ultra-premium L-Tryptophan, which boosts serotonin and begins the body's natural sleep cycle.

About FluidEssentials, Inc.:
FluidEssentials™ formulates and markets natural, great-tasting and easy-to-use health supplements to promote a more healthy, active and vibrant lifestyle. Products include: TotalSleep™, the first and only nutritional supplement drink mix to naturally boost serotonin levels for less stress and better sleep; and FlexEssentials™, the first nutritional supplement drink mix to boost the body's antioxidants for rapid recovery and relief for muscles, bones and joints. The water-soluble product line is available online at fluidessentials. com and drugstore. com (http://tinyurl. com/5tgj7y) or by phone at 866.62.FLUID.


Monday, February 16, 2009

San Diego Albertsons' Stores "Chip" in for Ocean Conservation

San Diego Albertsons' Stores "Chip" in for Ocean Conservation

Albertsons' Grocery Stores, already known for their community involvement and environmental stewardship, this month has stepped up and accepted a radio station's challenge and is "chipping in" for ocean conservation.

San Diego, CA (PRWEB) May 23, 2007

Albertsons' Grocery Stores, already known for their community involvement and environmental stewardship, this month has stepped up and accepted a radio station's challenge and is "chipping in" for ocean conservation.

A popular local San Diego radio station 94.1FM, recently interviewed the co owners of Whale Tails Tortilla Chips, an organic tortilla chip shaped like a whale's tail. Jerry of the "Jeff and Jer " morning radio show followed up the interview by challenging all major grocery chains to show their support of ocean conservation by adding this delicious tortilla chip, who's goal is to provide sustainable funding for marine conservation, to their snack aisle.

Lori Iller, Center Store Specialist for San Diego Albertsons, was listening to the radio interview as she drove to work and decided to give Terry Kraszewski of Whale Tails Tortilla Chips a call. Terry spoke with Ms Iller and explained that Whale Tails Tortilla Chips was established to encourage, facilitate, and administer sustainable funding for ocean conservation. Terry said, "our goal, through the sale of our tortilla chips, is to unify ocean conservation groups to help solve problems within the marine environment, and build cooperation and dialog at the same time. Whale Tails Tortilla Chips pledges a minimum of 10 percent to ocean conservation groups." Terry said, "we call this our ocean tax, believing our company has a responsibility to conserve and protect the natural resource that every living thing on the planet is completely linked to and dependent upon. Our environmental commitment as well as our unsurpassed quality has resulted in Whale Tails Tortilla Chips acceptance and the loyalty of our customers."

Adding Whale Tails Tortilla Chips is a perfect compliment to Albertsons already recognized role in environmental stewardship. Albertsons' Environmental Stewardship Council has long been committed to supporting programs that improve our environment while encouraging others to become more aware of what they can do to become better stewards of the environment. Of particular concern to both Albertsons and Whale Tails Tortilla Chips is the amount of plastic that ends up in our oceans. A United Nations environmental program report estimated that there are an average of 46,000 pieces of plastic debris floating on or near the surface of every square mile of ocean. Californians use more than 19 billion plastic grocery bags each year, creating 147,038 tons of waste in our landfills. With Californians throwing away over 600 bags per second, they are creating enough waste every year to circle the planet over 250 times. When you consider that this plastic does not biodegrade and remains in our ecosystems permanently, we are looking at an incredibly high volume of accumulated plastic trash. Where does it go? There are only three places it can go: our earth, our air and our oceans.

To promote community recycling and provide a solution Albertson's stores are listed on the Earth's 911 website (www. as a collection center for plastic bags. Albertsons has won the WRAP award five times. The WRAP awards are made by the California Integrated Waste Management Board -- the state's primary recycling agency. Albertson's, as a company, recycles 50 percent of its waste stream, including 4,363 tons of plastic grocery bags and pallet wrap at 744 sites in California. To close the plastics recycling loop, Albertson's purchases benches made of recycled plastic lumber for its new and remodeled stores.

Whale Tails Tortilla Chips and Albertsons are both participants in California's Coastal Cleanup Day, the premier volunteer event of the California Coastal Commission. Over the years, more than 700,000 volunteers have picked up over 11 million pounds of trash. Coastal Cleanup Day helps remind all Californians that our everyday actions have broad implications for the health and well‐being of our oceans and waterways. John Bernardo of Albertsons' Environmental Stewardship Council says, "waste is anything that is not an asset and nothing but lack of imagination." Over the past few years Albertson's has made it a priority to reduce waste and maximize resources, implementing energy-saving policies like dimming the lights in its stores and helping to develop a 100% recyclable container for shipping produces.

Now Albertsons would like to applaud Whale Tails Tortilla Chips for its commitment to marine conservation and lend their support by giving Albertsons' shoppers the opportunity to select this great tasting organic tortilla chip the next time they are in the snack aisle.

Even if you don't believe in global warming, or that humans are the cause, what's the downside in being kinder to the environment where you can? Albertsons and Whale Tails Tortilla Chips are making our choices easier and yes, even delicious. The choices each of us as consumers make can have a big impact on a brighter tomorrow for our oceans and our entire planet.

More information on Whale Tails Tortilla Chips available at www. whaletailschips. com

More information on Albertsons contact Lilia Rodriguez at (714) 300-6438


Thursday, February 12, 2009

New Jersey Man with Asbestos-Related Lung Cancer Awarded $10 Million

New Jersey Man with Asbestos-Related Lung Cancer Awarded $10 Million

A New Jersey man suffering mesothelioma, an aggressive cancer of the lungs that is linked to asbestos exposure, was awarded $10 million in a verdict that was among the highest ever in a New Jersey asbestos case.

HAWTHORNE, N. J. (PRWEB) August 11, 2005

An eight-member Middlesex County jury awarded a Hawthorne man, suffering with asbestos-related lung cancer, $10 million on August 5. The verdict is among the highest ever for a New Jersey asbestos case.

William Rhodes, 68, and his wife, Doreen, were awarded $10 million as compensation for their pain and suffering caused by the cancer and as punitive damages against Universal Engineering of Montville. The company distributes heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning equipment and supplies, as well as building-automation equipment.

Universal Engineering was allocated 84% responsibility for the $10 million verdict. When the Rhodes' lawsuit was filed last year, several defendants were named but were either dismissed from the case by a judge or settled. Three companies, A. W. Chesterton Co., Air Products and Chemicals and the Burnham Corp. reached out-of-court settlements in the case prior to the trial.

The jury deliberated for approximately five hours before reaching its verdict after a two-week trial before Middlesex County Superior Court Judge Edward Ryan.

The Rhodes were represented by Arnold Lakind from the law firm Szaferman, Lakind, Blumstein, Blader and Lehmann of Lawrenceville, New Jersey, and Moshe Maimon of Levy, Phillips and Konigsberg, New York.

Rhodes was diagnosed with mesothelioma, an aggressive cancer of the lungs that is linked to asbestos exposure, two years ago. He retired in 2001 after a career spanning more than 40 years as a boiler repairman. As part of Rhodes' job, he used products containing asbestos to repair the boilers.

The jury found that Universal Engineering supplied most of the asbestos-containing products to the company in Bergen County where Rhodes worked for 30 years.

Asbestos use peaked in popularity around World War II, although it was first used in the United States in the late 1800s. During the 1960s and 1970s, health officials linked the inhalation of asbestos fibers to cancer and other disorders.

The Rhodes case was filed in Middlesex County because the county has been designated to handle special tort cases, including those from asbestos sufferers.

In May, 2005, a Senate committee approved long-stalled legislation to shield manufacturers and insurers from asbestos lawsuits. In exchange, people made ill by exposure to the substance once used in insulation and fireproofing material would have access to a $140 billion trust fund. Despite the Senate Judiciary Committee's action, lawmakers from both parties have lined up to make changes to the bill or kill it entirely when it reaches the full Senate.

Szaferman Lakind is a full-service law firm providing representation to a wide array of clients in such areas as litigation, personal injury, commercial and tax law, employment law, family law, land use development and real estate law. Based in Lawrenceville, Szaferman Lakind is one of the Mercer County's largest law firms and recently celebrated its 25th anniversary.

Levy Phillips & Konigsberg, LLP is a nationally recognized trial, litigation and appellate firm well known for its leading role in the field of mass tort and product liability litigation and in developing and handling personal injury and discrimination actions for thousands of individual workers and consumers. The firm has done pioneering work in identifying and developing personal injury and property damage cases relating to asbestos.

Additional information is also available from Arnold Lakind at (609) 275-0400.


Free E-book Guaranteeing to Release You from the Bondage of Symptoms and Disease for Life

Free E-book Guaranteeing to Release You from the Bondage of Symptoms and Disease for Life

Give your readers a free copy of the e-book, The CreatorÂ’s Manual for Your Body. A book that is unlike any other book on the subject of health, life, and diets. A book that doesnÂ’t just tell you what to do, and hope you will do it. This book actually deals with why you donÂ’t do what you already know how to do. So you will naturally be doing the things that have you lose weight and be healthy.

(PRWEB) November 17, 2004

With everything there is about life, health and diets, how can this book make a real difference for you?

Almost every book out there, on life, diets, and health focus on telling you what to do. What you end up with is a lot of struggle and effort to follow through with all the recommendations of what to do.

Almost no one has ever focused on the key. The key that will actually produce long term, lasting, results, which require almost no additional effort to maintain. This key is who you are being and no one focuses on how to shift who you are being, which is the only way to produce lasting results.

Your thinking plays a big role in who you are being. This book shapes who you are being and how you think, so by the end of this book, you are naturally doing what it takes to have a great life and be healthy and well. So the results are lasting with minimal effort.

One of the other big problems is all the different and contradicting information out there. Who is right? Everyone has something different that is supposedly right for you. How do you know what is actually right for you and your family?

Everyone is different. Everyone knows this, but yet, everyone seems to think we are all the same and need the same thing. Everyone is different and what is right for one may not be right for another.

Dr. Jamie Fettig, the worlds leading authority on health, life and bazuji says, “Every body needs one, got yours?”

This book will teach you how to always know what is right for you and your family. No matter what new products come out, no matter what new breakthroughs bring, you will always be able to know what is the best for you and your family with 100% certainty. This knowing comes from within.

Dr. Jamie will give you an epic that will leave your readers amazed and enlightened. Dr. Jamie can give you all kinds of articles like:

295 Million Americans Have No Health Care Freeing Yourself for Life, from the Bondage of Symptoms and Disease The Best and Worst Foods to Eat Made Easy The Real Cause of Symptoms and Disease Medicine is Not Scientific Among All The Different Information About Diets, Know What Is Best for You How Your Mind Affects Your Health What You Don’t Know Might Kill You 6 Jumbo Jets Worth of Americans Killed Every Day The Shocking Truth about Health The Simple Secret to Being Well Why Knowing What to “Do” Makes No Difference Being Slim is Not about What you “Do” Viruses and Bacteria Do Not Make You Sick The Fundamental Flaw of Modern Medicine And many more. . .

And to every reader of your article, Jamie is offering his e-book that everyone can download for free at www. thecreatorsmanual. com.

If you have a body, you need to read this book.

Call Jamie at 1-800-615-7606 or email him for more details. Bio and pre-written stories available upon request.

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Employees Experience Better Health with the Gruve Solution, Muve Inc. to Now Offer the Gruve Solution to Individual Consumers

Employees Experience Better Health with the Gruve Solution, Muve Inc. to Now Offer the Gruve Solution to Individual Consumers

Employees are enjoying the benefits of better health after using the Gruve Solution for as little as 90 days. Because of these outstanding results, Muve Inc. has decided to offer the Gruve Solution to the general public immediately. Interested consumers can purchase the Gruve Solution online through www. Muve. Me

Minneapolis, MN (PRWEB) January 22, 2009

The health improvement results speak for themselves and Muve Inc. is ready to now offer the Gruve Solution (http://www. Muveinc. com/gruve. asp) to the general public.

Muve recently completed its follow-up biometric testing of employees who are using the Gruve Solution at companies such as US Bank, Best Buy and Mall of America. The majority of the Gruve Solution participants experienced weight loss, lower cholesterol, lower blood pressure and an increase in lean muscle mass. The goal of the Gruve Solution is to encourage otherwise inactive office workers to get up and move. These resulted were experienced in the first 90-120 days of the program. Participants also reported they had more energy, felt more positive throughout the day and were more motivated both at work and at home.

Muve had been selling its Gruve Solution only to companies for employee wellness programs (http://www. Muveinc. com/corporate. asp). With this latest round of results Muve has made the decision to open up sales to individual consumers so everyone has the opportunity to better their own health.

"Demand for the Gruve Solution has increased substantially over the last few months, both companies and individuals are beginning to understand the dangerous realities of obesity and the sedentary lifestyle," according to Greg Soderberg, VP of Business Development.

The Gruve Solution is a completely revolutionary approach to weight management. Unlike fad diets, the Gruve Solution enables long term success through proven behavior change. The Gruve Solution is a three part weight management (http://www. muveinc. com) system including a personal Gruve device, the Gruve Online™ website and the Gruve Guide 12 week program. The individual wears a personalized Gruve device on their waist that uses an omnidirectional accelerometer to measure activity intensity and duration while simultaneously tracking calories burnt during the day. Then the individual downloads the Gruve device data to Gruve Online. Gruve Online tracks the individual's daily progress and offers a patented color-coded tracker giving the individual a visual representation of their progress. With Gruve Online, tracking activity and calories (http://www. muveinc. com/gruve. asp) is simple and logical. The Gruve Solution monitors the individual's successes, adapts to their changing lifestyle and develops personalized goals that support positive behavior change.

Individuals can purchase the Gruve Solution through the Muve web site. Price for the Gruve Solution is $300 for a one year subscription and $460 for a two year subscription. The Gruve Solution includes the Gruve device, online subscription to Gruve Online and the Gruve Guide.

To learn more go to www. Muve. Me

About Muve, Inc.:
Muve was founded in 2007 to design, develop and deliver new tools and technology for weight management in cooperation with Mayo Clinic. Muve's goal is to reverse the obesity epidemic in the United States and globally. Muve's mission is to deliver scalable, broadly available activity-based weight management solutions. Muve provides the tools, technology and coaching services to help individuals lose weight. The company's weight management solutions have been proven successful through extensive research and real-world trials. For more information, go to www. Muve. Me.

This press release was distributed through eMediawire by Human Resources Marketer (HR Marketer: www. HRmarketer. com) on behalf of the company listed above.


HealthLeaders Media announces additional speaker for Top Leadership Teams in Healthcare Conference

HealthLeaders Media announces additional speaker for Top Leadership Teams in Healthcare Conference

HealthLeaders Media today announced the addition of Per-Gunnar Svensson, PhD as a conference speaker for the 5th Annual Top Leadership Teams in Healthcare Conference.

Marblehead, Mass. (PRWEB) September 6, 2008

HealthLeaders Media today announced the addition of Per-Gunnar Svensson, PhD as a conference speaker for the 5th Annual Top Leadership Teams in Healthcare Conference.

Per-Gunnar Svensson, PhD, President of the International Academy, joins Al Stubblefield, President and CEO of Baptist Health Care Corporation and Richard A. Sheff, MD, CMSL, Chair and Executive Director, The Greeley Company as a conference speaker at the Top Leadership Teams in Healthcare Conference. This essential education and networking event takes place October 16 and 17 at The Drake Hotel in Chicago. More than 40 innovative senior-level healthcare leaders, including 20 CEOs representing the nation's top-performing hospitals, health plans, and medical groups, will share their challenges, successes and pioneering approaches. Visit http://www. topleadershipteams. net (http://www. topleadershipteams. net) to learn more about the featured panelists.

This year's conference will include peer-based discussions with senior leadership teams from across the country sharing proven methods to improve quality, physician relations, and financial strategy. Two new panels include a CEO roundtable on growth and reinvention and a "hot topic" panel on technology that will radically change healthcare delivery have also been added.

The attendee list at the Top Leadership Teams event is limited to an exclusive peer group of healthcare leaders in hospitals, health plans and medical groups, allowing you a unique opportunity to truly network with your colleagues.

To learn more about this year's event, visit http://www. topleadershipteams. net (http://www. topleadershipteams. net).

About HealthLeaders Media
HealthLeaders Media is a leading multi-platform media company dedicated to meeting the business information needs of healthcare executives and professionals, many of whom qualify for a free subscription to HealthLeaders magazine. Visit us at http://www. healthleadersmedia. com (http://www. healthleadersmedia. com).


Wednesday, February 11, 2009

THE WEEK Magazine Names Bianca Janosevic as Executive Director, THEWEEKDaily. com: Seasoned Web and Marketing Pro Joins America's Fastest-Growing News and Opinion Magazine

THE WEEK Magazine Names Bianca Janosevic as Executive Director, THEWEEKDaily. com: Seasoned Web and Marketing Pro Joins America's Fastest-Growing News and Opinion Magazine

THE WEEK (www. theweekdaily. com), America's fastest growing news and opinion magazine, has appointed Bianca Janosevic as executive director of THEWEEKDaily. com. Based in New York City, Janosevic is responsible for leading the online strategies and operations for the Web site, and reports directly to Steven Kotok, general manager of THE WEEK.

NEW YORK (PRWEB) May 5, 2008

 Janosevic previously served as general manager for The New York Daily News' Web site where she oversaw all operations and strategy for the site.

Prior to that, she served as marketing director for The New York Times Digital, where she was in charge of the NYTimes. com's audience development, product promotion, and support and development of ad sales initiatives. Janosevic also served as manager of online marketing for Time Magazine, where she held full responsibility for the publication's online subscription and ecommerce sales.

"Bianca's track record of developing successful web platforms and significantly increasing web traffic for some of top news and opinion brands in the world makes her the perfect match for THEWEEKDaily. com, said Kotok. "As the fastest growing news and opinion magazine in America, we look forward to Bianca's leadership building an online audience at a pace that rivals our growth in print."

Janosevic received her MBA from Columbia Business School. She graduated from Harvard University with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Social Studies.

About THE WEEK and THEWEEKDaily. com

THE WEEK is the fastest growing news and opinion magazine in America and was recently named the #1 most credible print or broadcast media source, according to the 2006-07 Erdos & Morgan Opinion Leader Study. Every week, THE WEEK's editors scour hundreds of newspapers, magazines, and Web sites, seeking out the most intriguing stories and the most thoughtful commentary - left, right, and everything in between. THE WEEK's focus is broad: U. S. and international news, the best columns from here and abroad, business, health, science, and technology, plus books, film, the arts, consumer reviews, and leisure activities. THEWEEKDaily. com brings the magazine's mission to the web, publishing a daily succinct distillation of the best news, opinion and ideas from the United States and international media, providing users with a quick daily digest of "all they need to know about everything that matters."

Tuesday, February 10, 2009



(PRWEB) September 10, 2000

SYMCONS (Systems and Management Consultants) which has built up, over the last two decades, a sound reputation as facilitator and services provider in areas ranging from Projects Reports to Mergers and Acquisitions with a focus on Financial Services, has geared itself up for the challenges of the 21st Century by launching an interactive website symcons. com. The site will enable the firm to extend its proven strengths world-wide via the internet and to participate in newer vistas opened up by IT & e-commerce driven solutions; bio-technology and affordable health care; alternative sources of energy; travel, leisure and telecom sectors; and convergence.

www. symcons. com is positioned as a KNOWLEDGE site as well as a COMMUNICATIONS site : it offers powerful search capability of any topic on the internet and attractive features such as free web-based e-mail, downloading a variety of software from internationally respected sources and availability of 7 free Bulletin Boards for all of which SYMCONS has established tie-ups with reputed Search Engines and well-known names.

On the anvil are feature-packed medical and life insurance, credit card, travel, and retirement offers : also an attractive scheme of affiliation for like-minded professionals leading on to a worldwide offline SYMCONIAN network.

In terms of the firmÂ’s established expertise in Financial Consultancy, the site is devised to help convert ideas into business projects for symcons. com e-mail users, by filling in a Registration Form at the click of a button; so also to facilitate Transfer of Technology, a very exciting development in this era of liberalisation and globalisation. Intending Affiliates are invited to participate by providing info and expertise inputs, with the incentive of sharing the fee for successful ventures suggested. The thrust is on realising investment potential in IndiaÂ’s economy, to enable which the site offers one-day seminars to interested investors.

Symcons. com also encourages online interaction among visitors who have ideas, queries, problems/solutions relating to wide-ranging Growth Areas in the present age of implosion of knowledge. This can be done by Posting a Message.


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Sunday, February 8, 2009

ELCA's Board of Pensions Selects Millennium Trust Company as Automatic Rollover Provider

ELCA's Board of Pensions Selects Millennium Trust Company as Automatic Rollover Provider

Millennium Trust Company, LLC announced on August 6, 2007 that Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) Board of Pensions has selected Millennium Trust to provide Automatic Rollover services for its institutional retirement plans.

Oak Brook, IL (PRWEB) August 19, 2007

Millennium Trust Company, LLC (www. mtrustcompany. com) announced on August 6, 2007 that Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) Board of Pensions has selected Millennium Trust to provide Automatic Rollover services for its institutional retirement plans. Millennium Trust is a leading provider of administrative and IRA custody services specializing in large volumes of small IRA accounts.

Effective for plan distributions made after March 2005, terminated plan participants must affirmatively consent to receive a cash distribution if their account balance is between $1,000 and $5,000. Unless the participant makes an election to receive the amount in cash or elects a direct rollover, the balance will automatically be rolled into an IRA established on behalf of the participant.

Upon opening an IRA account, Millennium Trust sends each participant a Welcome Kit and invests the IRA in an FDIC insured money market vehicle. Millennium Trust provides a dedicated Automatic Rollover client service team in which each member is experienced with IRA accounts and well-trained on IRS distribution rules. Millennium also has procedures to locate new addresses of lost participants.

About Board of Pensions - Evangelical Lutheran Church in America
A unit of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, the Board of Pensions is located in Minneapolis, Minn. The Board of Pensions provides retirement, health and related benefits and services to enhance the well-being of those who serve through the ELCA and other faith-based organizations. The ELCA has 4.9 million members and is the fifth largest Protestant denomination in the United States and the Caribbean. www. elcabop. org

About Millennium Trust Company
Millennium Trust leads the industry in administrative and custodial services. Millennium custodies alternative and traditional assets in Self-Directed IRAs and Solo 401(k)s, creates customized Automatic Rollover programs, provides integrated Health Savings Account solutions, designs unique trading platforms for investment Advisors and supplies valued Personal Trust Administration. It custodies more than 30,000 IRA Accounts. www. mtrustcompany. com


Friday, February 6, 2009

Eight States Selected to Receive Grants From the National Association of Chronic Disease Directors to Implement Physical Activity and Nutrition Programing to Combat Obesity

Eight States Selected to Receive Grants From the National Association of Chronic Disease Directors to Implement Physical Activity and Nutrition Programing to Combat Obesity

The National Association of Chronic Disease Directors, an Atlanta-based, national association of state health agency chronic disease prevention professionals, is pleased to announce that eight state health departments have been selected to receive grants to support the development of physical activity and nutrition programs in partnership with selected communities.

Atlanta (PRWEB) December 4, 2008

The National Association of Chronic Disease Directors is pleased to announce that eight state health departments have been selected to receive grants to support the development of physical activity and nutrition programs in partnership with selected communities. States selected include Kentucky, Delaware, West Virginia, Oklahoma, Alabama, North Dakota, Mississippi, and South Carolina. Each of these eight states had some of the highest obesity prevalence rates in the nation in 2007 according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, from 27.4% in Delaware to 32% in Mississippi. Seven states will receive $20,000 and will provide $15,000 directly to community groups; Delaware will receive $14,000, $9,000 going directly to communities.

The National Association of Chronic Disease Directors, an Atlanta-based, national association of state health agency chronic disease prevention professionals, is pleased to award these funds as part of a collaborative research grant from Klein Buendel, Inc., a Golden, Colorado health education media research firm and the National Institute of Diabetes, Digestive and Kidney Diseases (NIDDK) to assist communities in implementing programs targeting improvements in physical activity and healthy nutrition.

Eligible applicants for these grants were 15 states with the highest overweight and obesity rates in the U. S. The state grants were awarded based on the strength of the states' history and current ability to build and sustain partnerships with state and community-level organizations with capacity to build community-based health initiatives in obesity prevention.

Upon state funding, a competitive process will be implemented to select the local communities. Successful community applicants will demonstrate that partnerships are in place to effectively plan and implement physical activity and/or nutrition projects to reduce community risks for obesity. Community applicants will be expected to convene and coordinate a coalition of organizations that are vested in improving physical activity opportunities and improving nutritional status of their residents. These groups and their members will become part of a research project that will test various methods of project management. The planning and implementation of community projects will take place during the thirteen month period from July 1, 2009 to July 31, 2010.

For more information on NACDD, visit our website at: www. chronicdisease. org


Gone for the Holidays: Safeguarding Your Home

Gone for the Holidays: Safeguarding Your Home

InsureMe gives tips for keeping burglars at bay during holiday travel.

DENVER (PRWEB) December 19, 2005

With the Bureau of Transportation Statistics reporting a 23% travel increase over the holidays as compared to the rest of the year, it’s no surprise that experts anticipate home theft to increase accordingly.

To help ward off would-be burglars, InsureMe, a leading consumer-agent link for finding insurance online, is highlighting some important tips for keeping homes safe and theft-free over the holidays.

Make use of timers and motion lights. Connecting interior and exterior lights to a timer will give the impression that someone is home. Installing special motion-sensitive lights will take away a thief’s shield of darkness and will likely prompt the robber to move on.

Stop mail delivery. Nothing says “We’re not home” like an overflowing mailbox. Put a hold on mail and newspapers, or have a trusted friend or neighbor collect all mail until you return.

Cover garage windows. Putting a towel or curtain over garage windows will prevent outsiders from noticing an empty garage—a sure sign of an absent homeowner.

Secure all ladders and decorative trellises in the garage. Removing all climbing instruments will prevent burglars from entering your home on the second floor.

Lock and secure all windows and doors. Deadbolts are still the most effective type of lock and tend to be pick-resistant. Reinforce sliding glass doors with a broom stick or metal rod and make sure all windows are tightly closed and locked.

Installing other theft-deterrents such as electronic burglar alarms are also a great way to protect your home—and will also save you money on your homeowner’s insurance.

“Many electronic devices ring local authorities, elevating the level of protection in the home,” says Mike Sajdak, InsureMe Chief Financial Officer.

“Insurers realize this and give homeowners anywhere from a 5% to 15% discount. It really is a double benefit to consumers.”

With an estimated 30 million Americans traveling away from home this holiday season, home security is likely to be one list everyone checks twice.

About InsureMe

InsureMe, an Englewood, Colorado-based company, links agents nationwide with consumers shopping for insurance. Specializing in auto, home, life, long-term care and health insurance quotes, the InsureMe network provides thousands of agents with insurance leads every year. For more information, visit www. InsureMe. com.


Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Haute Living Magazine Launches Digital Edition in Las Vegas

Haute Living Magazine Launches Digital Edition in Las Vegas

Luxury Print and Online Magazine Haute Living Expands its Editorial Empire Bringing its Digital Division to Las Vegas

New York, NY (PRWEB) July 22, 2010

Building on the success of its regional print editions in Miami, New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco, Haute Living Magazine has extended its online edition to Las Vegas. One of 11 U. S. and two international markets covered by Haute Living, the addition of Haute Living Las Vegas brings further promise to the ensured success of the magazine’s online market. Keeping readers abreast of the latest in luxury living in cities across the globe, Haute Living online is set to launch in 20 markets worldwide – including China, Moscow, Washington, D. C., Boston, Philadelphia, and more – by October, following already notable inductions in 11 US Markets, and two international.

Covering luxury news and trends in one of the fastest growing cities in the world, Haute Living Las Vegas delivers the latest happenings in luxury goods, services, travel, events, and people in The Entertainment Capital of the World. Home to internationally renowned resorts, shopping, fine dining, spas, entertainment, and events, Sin City is no stranger to affluent lifestyle, making it a suitable match for Haute Living. Haute Living has brought on a team of dedicated city contributors, who offer first-hand coverage of their region’s luxury lifestyle. This content is complemented by the weekly columns filed by experts in a variety of fields, including timepieces, automobiles, yachts, travel, dining, eco-living, health & nutrition, and more.

To check out what has been haute in Las Vegas up to now, visit http://lasvegas. hauteliving. com/ (http://lasvegas. hauteliving. com/)

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Monday, February 2, 2009

Free eBooks, Guides and Current News Now Available on Health Site Guide

Free eBooks, Guides and Current News Now Available on Health Site Guide

Health Site Guide http://www. healthsiteguide. com, the free healthcare search engine and portal, offers visitors a world of easy-to-access healthcare information.

Great Neck, NY (PRWEB) July 18, 2006

When people search a health concern for themselves or a loved one, they want information that’s easy-to-access, reliable and thorough. Health Site Guide is a free portal and “vertical search engine,” that features direct links to information contained on over two dozen healthcare websites including videos, drug information and much more. Recently the portal added current news by health topic, and free downloads of health-related eBooks, guides, and manuals. These include a pdf version of The Interpretation of Dreams by Sigmund Freud, and important US government guides on Medicare. Free membership is required to access these additional services.

“Health Site Guide is, and will remain, free. In fact, no membership is required to use the majority of the portal, and areas that do require membership, such as Today’s Health News (by topic) and Free eBooks require no personal information,” states Bob Lipp, co-creator of Health Site Guide. “Simply make up a nickname, provide a password, and give us your email address, so we can have you verify membership. That’s it. We developed the search engine to provide information, not to capture it.”

Health Site Guide is designed to be very user-friendly, and recognizes that many people who go online for healthcare information, do so with a degree of anxiety. In the Free eBooks area, once a member logs on and clicks on the "Downloads" link at the top of the website, he or she can choose from several health-related categories. For example, to access The Interpretation of Dreams, members can click on the “Psychology” link and download the book in the form of a complete 327-page PDF document. Other resources include Consumer Health eBooks, which are broken down by categories ranging from a clinicians handbook to pocket guides for staying healthy over age 50. The Government Programs category lists publications for conditions such as arthritis, cancer, diabetes, and info on government programs like Medicare. New guides on different conditions and programs are always being added.

What started as a way to access relevant healthcare information without all the searching has become, in its second month, an ideal resource for the growing number of people who search the web for health concerns. Direct, pre-searched links have been created for fast, easy access to hundreds of healthcare concerns. In addition, users can click on graphics on the Health Site Guide home page to access medical encyclopedias, drug information, today’s news by health topic, medical brochure downloads, and other features, including a Health Spotlight section which focuses on concerns shared by many.

Health Site Guide encourages businesses, universities and health-related organizations to suggest new features for the portal and provide a link to the site, (Link To Us information appears on the home page of Health Site Guide), on their own site, so their viewers can take full advantage of the enormous amount of information available. Links are provided as pop-ups, so viewers can access Health Site Guide without leaving their current site.

About Health Site Guide

Http://www. healthsiteguide. com (http://www. healthsiteguide. com) is owned by Health Site Guide Inc. The site is a portal that makes it fast and easy to access a broad range of healthcare information and special features, which are available on today’s healthcare websites. The company is not affiliated with any third party.


Higher Gas Prices Affect Dieting: DINING IN Provides Healthy Fuel To Combat Economic Dieting and Health Pitfalls

Higher Gas Prices Affect Dieting: DINING IN Provides Healthy Fuel To Combat Economic Dieting and Health Pitfalls

With escalating gas prices and food prices people are scrambling for options to stretch a buck. Dining out is attractive but in the end can cost more than dining in. With no time to cook and groceries getting expensive, DINING IN, San Francisco's fastest growing premier personal chef service has become the Bay area's answer to saving time, money, calories and improving overall health during stressful times.

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) June 30, 2008

- The U. S. Bureau of Labor Statistics Western Information Office reports gas prices are 15.5 percent higher from last year, as prices for food away from home increased 3.7 percent. With the added 4% health insurance charge added to tax and tip for dining out, most busy Bay area professionals are turning to fast food with no time to cook, while looking for a way to save money. DINING IN - San Francisco Bay Area's fastest growing premier personal chef service has become the solution for those who are challenged juggling money, time, lifestyle, their diet and their grocery bills in a changed economy. Rising gas prices make life challenging for Bay area residents who drive more. They are sacrificing healthy eating to compensate for fuel costs. Already delivering to all of San Francisco, East Bay, Oakland, the Peninsula, Menlo Park, Palo Alto and Marin, DINING IN has tripled business in the last three years. DINING IN's healthy, fresh, calorie-conscious, organic food delivery service has recently expanded delivery to San Jose, Sunnyvale, Santa Clara, Campbell and Los Gatos homes and offices. This extended service outreach enables people to make better eating choices.

"As prices rise for food, gas and luxury items, it is important that people don't skimp on taking care of their health. At the end of the day - it is our health that allows us to work so hard, keep up with the daily demands, enjoy life and feel great. Given that the costs of food is steadily rising about 15% up from last year, DINING IN makes sure that you eat a healthy meal and no money goes to waste! The best thing about our service is that each entree is portioned per person, so there is no throwing away rotting food, cooking too much and never eating it or spending an excessive amount on take-out,' states DINING IN Founder/Executive Chef Traci Higgins.

According to a 2005-2006 U. S. Census Bureau study, San Francisco spends $7,942 annually on food - which is higher than Los Angeles, Phoenix, Seattle and San Diego for cities in the West, with the average American purchasing fast food 16 days per month. Over the latest 12-month period, prices for medical care services advanced 5.2 percent an indication that fast food is NOT the right economical or healthier answer. DINING IN's mission is to keep the Bay area healthy with portion control, fresh ingredients and special attention to nutritious menus. By creating healthier food choices which also enhance time management and lifestyle, DINING IN is all about helping their clients with quality living.

"When I first started the service I was trying to save money by ordering less food. I realized that I spent more money going to the grocery store to buy food than I would have otherwise, and it was rarely good for me. I decided the purchasing a few extra meals per week is actually saving me money," states Courtney Hahn, DINING IN client and director of a collection agency.

Passionate about healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle, Chef Higgins will be participating in the AVON Breast Cancer Walk in San Francisco July 12-13th. Her healthful mission continues with education and demonstration. She will be doing free cooking demonstrations Saturday July 26, 2008 at Williams-Sonoma Union Square (340 Post Street, SF - 415-362-9450). Her upbeat cooking demonstration, HEALTHY MEALS IN MINUTES will feature Chef Higgins demonstrating fresh and healthful ways of cooking 12 Noon-1 p. m. and an encore presentation 1:00-2:00 p. m.

As a working wife and mother herself, Chef Higgins knows how important it is eat right and balance time and nutrition for optimum productivity. "Once I get my daughter out the door I make a list of priorities for the day. I go down the list one by one and crossing them out feels great. I try to go to the gym from 4-5 pm, pick up my daughter and then we all heat up our DINING IN meals at 6:30. We play for a few hours then off to bed early. I feel horrible if I do not exercise and do not eat a balanced diet. The first thing to go is my energy! I save about 8 hours a week by having my meals made. I do not have to go to the grocery store more than once a week, (saves gas); never have to cook (saves energy) or do dishes (saves water). Eating well makes me able to keep up the demands in my life! (saves time)," explains Higgins.

Chef Higgins is a multi-hyphenate entrepreneurial business woman, Executive Chef, Speaker, Culinary Instructor, Health Educator & Advocate, who has worked in the test kitchens of Cooking Light, Weight Watchers, America's Best Recipes and on the television show "Follow That Food" with Gordon Elliott for the Food Network. Higgins has traveled the country performing cooking demonstrations and insightful lectures on health and wellness to doctors, dietitians, health professionals and nurses and has been active in many diabetes educational forums and conferences. She is credited in three cookbooks.

Saving time, money and calories is not only a positive lifestyle change, but one that is also changing in positive ways at DINING IN. More exciting new menu options will continue to be launched this summer. DINING IN is also offering kid-friendly menus for busy families but will be expanding its menus to include The Daily Diet to launch in July - an "all-inclusive" diet program for those serious about weight loss. The program includes breakfast, lunch, dinner and two snacks, all within a particular caloric range and fat content.

For interviews, please contact Publicist, Stacey Kumagai, Media Monster 818-506-8675, and mediamonster(at)yahoo. com. For more information on DINING IN's time-saving healthy food service, go to www. dininginsf. com. Join DINING IN's MySpace network at www. myspace. com/dininginsf (http://www. myspace. com/dininginsf )

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