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Premium Organic Bed, Bath, and Baby 2010 Collection by Leading Asian Brand Launches in U. S

Premium Organic Bed, Bath, and Baby 2010 Collection by Leading Asian Brand Launches in U. S.

Walden Organics, leading Asian brand of premium quality organic cotton introduces a collection of bed, bath, and baby products. The 2010 collection debuts in the US with the latest innovative designs, new eco-friendly fabric texture, and fresh color palettes dedicated to providing consumers with toxin-free, anti-microbial, and highly absorbent products. Walden Organics is fully certified by EKO Sustainable Textile as it maintains elegant, timeless styles without losing the essence of organic quality. Exceeding the highest standards, the collection is practical, safe and effective for daily life.

New York, NY (PRWEB) September 29, 2009

Walden Organics (http://www. hessedkorea. com/organic/organic. html) 2010 collection, offers a prominent line of bed, bath, and baby products utilizing its renowned organic textile technology and development with minimal impacts on the environment. The brand understands the consumer's desires to go green without sacrificing beauty and design. The simple yet elegant collection includes washcloths, towels in various sizes, cotton slippers, handmade soaps and bedding consisting of bed sheets, pillowcases, and blankets which are easy to care for as they do not wrinkle and is machine washable. In addition, hypo-allergenic baby mittens, booties, tops, bonnets, bibs, and stuffed toys are part of the unrefined collection captures the essence of sustainability.

"Our philosophy is that what Mother Nature gives us, we should give back in the way it was received," explains Seon Jung Kim, president of Hessed Club Inc. (http://www. hessedkorea. com/english/), the company representing Walden Organics. "We fully understand that the consumers want to partake in this green movement. They are changing their habits in both luxurious and practical ways as they become more aware of the world they live in. That is the reason why we are dedicated to keeping our collection highly sustainable as many of our consumers seek the ultimate lifestyle satisfaction in health, spirit, and style."

Satisfying commercial and residential needs, Walden Organics' towels, slippers, soaps, and baby products offer luxury yet affordability and acts as a natural alternative to harmful synthetics. The washcloths, towels, slippers, and soaps are ideal for the spa industry. In addition to the aforementioned, Walden Organics bedding products can enter the hospitality industry especially in green hotels. All of Walden Organics' products including the line of baby products can fulfill residential needs ideal for environmentally aware households. Furthermore, Walden Organics offers various gift sets presented in simple yet stylish packaging that make perfect housewarming or baby shower gifts.

"Walden Organics's superior manufacturing of high-performance fabrics give buyers an advantage and opportunity in the rapidly growing organic textile industry," said Mira Zivkovich, president of MZI Global Marketing. "The organic textile industry is being challenged by the high demands of consumers following the green trend. Moreover, we can expect to see Walden Organics infiltrate the organic cotton industry with the elevated degree of globalized expertise they offer."

Walden Organics is certified under the Control Union World Group (http://certification. controlunion. com/certification/default. htm), a reputable leader in organic certification in the textile industry which manages quality assurance from production to manufacturing to distribution. Walden Organics passed a rigorous series of tests to obtain the certification and exceeded the highest standards of the Control Union. The brand received the EKO Sustainable Textile certification using the GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) which ensures quality organic textiles for natural dyes and production of textile products. The entire collection of organic cotton textiles are naturally dyed using botanical extracts and fruits resulting in ranges of beige, blue, pink, and yellow in warm, blush undertones.

Several beneficial features of the collection include:
Resistance to odor, mold, mildew, and bacteria even after numerous washings Ideal for indoor and outdoor use - from bathrooms to pools and yachts Benefits to children - Most green lifestyle parents are anxious to keep their children safe from exposure to harmful chemicals and pollutants, and understandably so. Walden Organics' organic cotton fibers are hypoallergenic and anti-microbial, which make them especially safe for babies Easy care, machine-washable, no wrinkles Made from a sustainable resource - Walden Organics has exceeded the test requiring cotton to be pesticide-free for a minimum of three years resulting in the highest quality of organic cotton Luxurious, yet affordable  Highly absorbent, very breathable, and ultra-soft

The company's sample products are available upon request in New York. For more information please contact Mira Zivkovich at MZI Global at 917.653.5034 or 212.366.5409.

About Hessed Club Inc./Walden Organics:
Hessed Club Inc. is pleased to represent Walden Organics with its breakthrough, innovative development in the organic textile industry. Hessed Club Inc., a manufacturing and promotional product marketing company, specializes in producing and providing sales promotional products for companies. Since 2002, the company's president, Seon Jung Kim, has guided the company toward successful results with her expertise in sales promotion, partner relationship marketing, and promotional product management in various industries. The company also carries micro-fiber textile products and knitted scarves. For more information, please visit Hessed Club English (http://www. hessedkorea. com/english) or Hessed Club Main (http://www. hessedkorea. com).

About Small Business Corporation of Korea (SBC):
Since its foundation as a non-profit government agency in 1979, SBC has been committed to fostering and promoting Korean small and medium sized businesses. SBC understands that excellence comes in different sizes and offers assistance to Korean businesses in entering the U. S. market. With a regional headquarters office located in New Jersey, it provides a variety of support services such as training, marketing, and financial assistance in order to increase the global competitiveness of Korean businesses. For more information, please visit Small Business Corporation (http://www. sbc. or. kr/eng/main/main. jsp).

About MZI Global Marketing:
MZI Global Marketing is an award-winning, full-service integrated marketing and advertising firm that creates and executes effective high-tech solutions for their clients across a wide spectrum of industries. Under the leadership of president and CEO Mira Zivkovich, recipient of the 2007 Ellis Island Medal of Honor, MZI Global Marketing puts its international, multicultural marketing expertise, mastery of interactive marketing strategies, and custom publishing prowess to work for clients that aim to build their businesses on a global scale. MZI Global Marketing is committed to guiding its clients from initial strategy to well-executed solutions, helping them surmount any challenge and achieving their every business goal. For more information, please visit MZI Global (http://www. mziglobal. com).


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Retirement Planning for Wealthy Americans Should Focus On Time, Not Money, PNC Expert Says

Retirement Planning for Wealthy Americans Should Focus On Time, Not Money, PNC Expert Says

Most wealthy Americans would be better served by focusing on time rather than assets in their retirement planning, PNC Wealth Management concluded as the result of its fifth annual Wealth and Values Survey released today.

Pittsburgh, PA (PRWEB) March 3, 2009

Most wealthy Americans would be better served by focusing on time rather than assets in their retirement planning, PNC Wealth Management (https://www. pnc. com/webapp/unsec/ProductsAndService. do? siteArea=/PNC/Home/Personal/Investments+and+Wealth+Management/Investments+and+Wealth+Management) concluded as the result of its fifth annual Wealth and Values Survey released today.

PNC also found one-third are either behind, uncertain or have no retirement goal in the survey's first-ever introspective into life after work among the nation's affluent.

The survey of 1,263 wealthy Americans, all of whom had at least $500,000 in investable assets, revealed that 15 percent say "I am saving as much as I can, but I am not sure I will meet my goal." Another 11 percent report they are behind schedule in their contributions and 8 percent do not have a retirement goal.

Among the prepared, 50 percent are confident they will reach their retirement goals. Another 17 percent say, "I am ahead of schedule and may end up surpassing my goal."
The survey revealed other attitudes about wealthy Americans' views of what retirement means to them, what they hope to do with their retirement and advice from wealthy retirees for peers who are still working.

Paul Gaudio, a senior wealth planner with PNC Wealth Management in Princeton, N. J., is not surprised that so many are uncertain about their goals: "The last 18 months have made everyone re-evaluate their goals, no matter how much money they make. But in my experience nobody, particularly those earning more than $150,000 per year, like to admit defeat or mistakes, and so they create financial illusions to rationalize their retirement plans."

To most, retirement means a break with life as usual. Most envision retirement to be unscheduled, living every day as different, PNC's survey findings revealed.

"This is important for us as advisors to know, as the retirement conversation may be more effectively framed around a discussion of spending time as opposed to money," Gaudio said.

Working affluent envision themselves retiring at a median age of 62.3 years, the survey showed. Twenty-five percent expect to retire between ages 60 and 64, while 11 percent said they will work until they are between 70 and 74 years of age.

Of those who plan to work until age 70 or longer, 60 percent said "I enjoy working and I don't want to stop."

The survey also found 90 percent plan to live in retirement at least 10 years, while 70 percent are planning a retirement between 10-30 years.

Retirement: Go With the Flow
More than three-quarters who are looking ahead to retirement (76 percent) are excited to have more time to spend with friends and family, while 70 percent cited more time with their spouse. Just more than half (54 percent) said "I want to spend most of my time traveling."

Only 16 percent said "I want to try a new career after I retire from my current one" while 11 percent want to start their own business.

Asked to define retirement, the majority of those retired (53 percent) describe it as "unscheduled time and go with the flow so that every day can be different."

Only 14 percent said they view retirement as a time to "focus on developing new skills not related to my prior career," while 13 percent said they will "volunteer in my former field or work part-time."
Only 16 percent said "I want to try a new career after I retire from my current one" while 11 percent want to start their own business.

Wealthy Retirees Advise: Be Healthy
Affluent retirees' main advice for wealthy still in the workforce: Don't worry, be healthy.
When asked, "Now that you are retired/not working, what advice would you give someone who is preparing for retirement?" eighty-nine percent said live a healthier life and 87 percent said start planning earlier.

Other advice includes: Spend more time finding and enjoying common interests with your spouse (80 percent); spend less and save more (76 percent); spend more time developing interests outside of work (75 percent); and be more aggressive with investment decisions and asset allocation (59 percent).

An online media kit containing survey highlights and background information as well as an audio podcast are available on PNC's website at http://www. pnc. com/go/presskits (http://www. pnc. com/go/presskits).

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Friday, March 28, 2008

Global Learning Systems' Computer Security Awareness Training (CSAT)Updated for New Compliance Standards

Global Learning Systems' Computer Security Awareness Training (CSAT)Updated for New Compliance Standards

GLS has updated its previously released security training product incorporating compliance standards across the board as well as introducing new delivery platforms and administrative functionality for user and complaince tracking.

Frederick, MD. (PRWEB) August 14, 2005

Global Learning Systems (GLS) and KeyStone Learning Systems (KLS) announce that its Computer and Cyber Security Awareness Training (CSAT) program, released earlier this year, has been updated to meet compliance standards across the board (AR25-2, FISMA, PL100-238, and 508). GLSÂ’ CSAT course has become the solution of choice by government and commercial clients in energy and healthcare and has been used in the training of 33,000 National Institutes of Health (NIH) employees.

The Course’s updated curriculum, as well as new design features offers an easy to use interface and engaging training medium for all users. Additionally, the GLS “Enterprise” version is available with complete administrative functionality for user registration, tracking and management for compliance requirements. This fully-customizable one-hour web-based program is available for government agencies, academic institutions and enterprise organizations as well as individual learners and is designed for rapid implementation.

GLS CSAT is available for purchase “off-the-shelf” through KeyStone Learning Systems (KLS) or customized to include more specific client requirements through GLS. For a free demonstration, please visit keystonelearning. com/CSAT-Demo/launch. htm.

About Global Learning Systems and KeyStone Learning Systems:

Located in Frederick, MD, Global Learning Systems and KeyStone Learning Systems together offer total performance improvement solutions, providing Internet and new media learning. The companies develop, market and provide customized and off-the-shelf IT training, professional development and leadership content, and support services in all new e-media and e-Learning formats.

About Keystone Learning Systems:

KeyStone is a leading provider of IT learning solutions for professionals seeking comprehensive training in desktop, developer and certification skills. Its video-based instructor-led format has been recognized as an industry leader for the past fourteen years. KeyStone produces and distributes training courses in video, web, CD-ROM and DVD formats, and continues to provide new solutions through partnerships, new products and through its Desktop Learning Library (DLL) and Enterprise Learning Library(ELL).

Media Contact: 

Linda Martin (301) 624-5590 x195 

Keystonelearning. com 

Globallearningsystems. com


Souvia Offers Out-TEAch to Schools

Souvia Offers Out-TEAch to Schools

With headlines trumpeting the retreat of sugary soft drinks from schools, many kids and parents are looking for alternatives. Souvia Tea has taken the message of teas great taste and health benefits to groups around the valley. More recently schools have asked for informal presentations on tea history, preparation, and health. "We call this Out-TEAch," says Kerstin Wingert co-founder of Souvia,

Phoenix, AZ (PRWEB) May 8, 2006

With headlines trumpeting the retreat of sugary soft drinks from schools, many kids and parents are looking for alternatives. Souvia Tea has taken the message of teas great taste and health benefits to groups around the valley. More recently schools have asked for informal presentations on tea history, preparation, and health. "We call this Out-TEAch" says Kerstin Wingert co-founder of Souvia, "we take the facts and the tea directly to those who are interested. We can emphasize different facets of Tea; History for Social Studies, tea chemistry for Science classes, and Antioxidants, caffeine and other properties for tea for health classes."

Some facts you should know about tea and kids:
Loose Teas are high in antioxidants and the cup contains only the sugar or sweetener you add.

While all teas have caffeine, properly prepared they have less caffeine than coffee or caffeinated soft drinks

There are herbal products like Rooibos, that have no caffeine yet retain many of the beneficial tea properties and taste great

Flavors like Angel's Kiss, Vanilla and Blueberry Yoghurt appeal to the sweet tooth without delivering the calories, iced or hot

It is easy to prepare and transport tea Kerstin Wingert added "Kids of all ages are discovering the great taste of teas and are also learning more about the reported health benefits from regular tea drinking! With Loose Teas you start with a natural product and you know exactly what goes into your cup, sweetener and otherwise". Parents and adults are discovering this too. There is no charge to schools for the Out-TEAch sessions.

About Souvia™
Souvia™ has Arizona's largest collection of loose leaf teas and herbals. Souvia™ provides information on tea through its passionate staff and regular classes. Souvia™ has been featured on Good Morning Arizona and KPNX's Upfront programs. With a contemporary European design that reflects the natural basis of the product offered, Souvia™ strives to create an environment that appeals to tea drinkers of all levels. For more information see www. souvia. com


5 Ways To Numb The Financial Pain Of Divorce

5 Ways To Numb The Financial Pain Of Divorce

More than 80 percent of divorcing couples cite "debt and financial distress" as the primary factor in the dissolution of their marriages; Freedom Financial Network helps divorcing couples manage debt

(PRWEB) October 4, 2004

Whether it comes before or after the papers are signed, economic hardship is all too familiar to many couples who divorce. Following a few financial guidelines can ease the burden during this difficult time.

Each year, 1 million Americans will divorce. More than 80 percent of divorcing couples cite "debt and financial distress" as the primary factor in the dissolution of their marriages, according to an American Bar Association survey, and studies find that most families suffer a financial decline following a divorce. By taking steps to protect credit, families can come through in much better shape. Freedom Financial Network, LLC, a national consumer debt resolution service provider, encourages divorcing couples to take the following steps:

1. Accurately assess debts and liabilities. First, see yourself as your creditors do. Online (see www. myfico. com) or by phone, you can request a "tri-merge" credit report (a summary from all three major credit reporting bureaus). Note all of your existing shared and individual liabilities. Settle (or get a judgment) on how you'll allocate these responsibilities.

2. Plan how to handle your home. If you own a home, the mortgage is likely your most significant monthly payment. Be certain you understand how you'll resolve monthly mortgage payments, and how you'll divide the home's value - whether one partner buys out the other now, or the home is to be sold after children are grown.

3. Budget for payments. Create a detailed budget, based on your new income level, and use free cash flow to pay off debts. Most people find the most efficient way to pay off debts is to first pay off smaller bills - starting with under $100 - then pay off loans and unsecured debt, such as credit cards, beginning with the account with the highest interest rate.

4. Make sure your ex-spouse is making his or her payments. If possible, make provisions in the divorce agreement for reporting on resolution of significant debt. There are important implications for you personally if your spouse does not meet his/her end of the bargain on liabilities allocated through the divorce proceedings.

Call all creditors for shared accounts (credit cards, gas cards, department store cards, phone cards, etc.). Close the accounts if you are not carrying balances, or remove your name from jointly held accounts. Remember that for jointly held credit cards, and for any other debts incurred during the marriage in community property states, you have shared liability - and thereby share any potential negative credit rating impact. This means that if your spouse does not make payments after the divorce, it could come back to haunt you - and your credit rating.

If you owe back taxes, be aware that the IRS does not have to honor a decision from a divorce judgment. Consult a tax expert to help with your divorce tax planning.

5. Focus on rehabilitating your credit and financial health. Begin a savings plan. Reinvest any proceeds or equity that come out of the divorce proceeding, and be especially cognizant of building yourself a retirement fund for the future.

If you find yourself in trouble during this stressful time -- in which you must make many financial decisions -- seek help immediately from a reliable, professional debt resolution firm. Be sure to investigate the company you choose to assist you, and seek out a company that operates for the consumer, which is markedly different from credit counseling, debt consolidation, and debt management firms.

About Freedom Financial Network

Freedom Financial Network, LLC (www. freedomdebtrelief. com) provides comprehensive consumer debt resolution services through three divisions: Freedom Debt Relief, Freedom Foreclosure Relief, and Freedom Tax Relief. Helping consumers resolve their debts for the least possible personal cost, the company's services offer an alternative to bankruptcy, credit counseling, and debt consolidation.

Freedom Financial Network represents the consumer exclusively, and serves in a position of mediation and resolution to help clients minimize monthly payments, cut total debt balances, protect credit ratings from bankruptcy, and re-establish solid financial footing as quickly as possible. The company's 33-month Debt Resolution Program negotiates with unsecured creditors, often resulting in resolutions that save clients nearly 60 percent of debt balances.

Based in San Mateo, Calif., Freedom Financial Network serves more than 2,000 clients nationwide. The company manages more than $70 million in consumer debt, and is a member in good standing with the Better Business Bureau.

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Feinberg Consulting Provides Older Adult Guidelines for Use During Holidays

Feinberg Consulting Provides Older Adult Guidelines for Use During Holidays

Holiday get-togethers are a perfect opportunity to evaluate the needs of older adults to improve their quality of life. Feinberg Consulting-Comprehensive Elder Care Management Division offers guidelines for families to use during the upcoming holiday season for evaluating their older relatives.

Farmington Hills, MI (PRWEB) November 17, 2009

Feinberg Consulting-Comprehensive Elder Care Management Division offers guidelines for families to use during the upcoming holiday season for evaluating their older relatives.

"Holiday get-togethers are a perfect opportunity to evaluate the needs of older adults to improve their quality of life," said Pam Feinberg-Rivkin, president of Feinberg Consulting in Farmington Hills. "There are a few simple but often overlooked signs of possible problems with an elderly family member."
Pay attention to changes during family celebrations Observe the physical and mental variations including differences in weight, short-term memory, speech, mobility and driving safety Watch for mood swings, depression and managing medications improperly Look for the ability to handle activities of daily living including personal hygiene, eating and getting in and out of a chair

"It can be difficult and challenging to find out their needs, preferences and finances," said Feinberg-Rivkin. "But, it's important to get involved, increase support and possibly seek professional help to give them more control over their own lives."

Focus on prevention to avoid the risks of chronic disease, disability and injury Improve health habits such as exercising regularly and maintaining a healthy diet Express your concern and offer support to keep their independence Evaluate and suggest improvement to their living environment for ease of use Propose assistance in going out socially or visiting medical providers Utilize a professional to discuss confidential affairs such as money with a financial or legal advisor Obtain the tools they need to make informed decisions about existing health and long-term care options and to avoid placement in nursing homes and remain at home as long as possible

"Helping older adults remain as safe and independent as possible provides assurance to families and communities," added Feinberg-Rivkin. "Families must work together to make beneficial decisions, show respect and preserve the dignity of elder relatives as getting old is not easy."

Feinberg Consulting is located at 29226 Orchard Lake Road, Suite 120, Farmington Hills, Mich. The firm provides case management and consulting services for catastrophic injuries, life care planning, chronic disease management, developmental disabilities and elder care management in southeastern Michigan, Ohio and Florida. The Comprehensive Elder Care Management Division benefits older adults who want to live independently in a safe environment, without sacrificing their dignity, respect or quality of life. For further information call (248) 538-5425 or visit www. FeinbergConsulting. com


MPS Group: Special Counsel to Fund Law School Scholarships for Minority Law Students

MPS Group: Special Counsel to Fund Law School Scholarships for Minority Law Students

Special Counsel, the legal workforce solutions unit of MPS Group Inc. (NYSE:MPS), and one of the leading providers of legal staffing services, today announced that it has funded two annual scholarships of $2,500 each for incoming minority law students.

Jacksonville, FL (PRWEB) May 19, 2005

Special Counsel, the legal workforce solutions unit of MPS Group Inc. (NYSE:MPS), and one of the leading providers of legal staffing services, today announced that it has funded two annual scholarships of $2,500 each for incoming minority law students. Special Counsel will award the two scholarships for the 2005 academic year, and the recipients will be eligible to apply for and receive the annual scholarship during each year of their three-year legal education program at the law school of their choice.

"We are proud to offer these scholarships to provide the opportunity for well-deserving law students to pursue their legal education and life goals," said John Marshall, president of Special Counsel. "We are committed to workplace diversity and to supporting those who will join and contribute to the legal community in the future."

David Maldonado, regional vice president of Special Counsel and its leader of diversity efforts nationally, said the company has already contributed the scholarship funds to the Hispanic National Bar Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit entity associated with the Hispanic National Bar Association, which will coordinate the selection process jointly with The Hispanic Scholarship Fund.

"Special Counsel is committed to supporting minority education and promoting diversity as a positive principle," Maldonado said. "To date, law school scholarships for minority law students have been in short supply, preventing many motivated and academically qualified minority students from attending law school."

"We are deeply grateful to Special Counsel and MPS Group, Inc.

For their commitment to equitable legal education opportunity to Latino students. The Hispanic National Bar Foundation remains committed to providing Hispanics with educational opportunities in the legal profession," stated Duard Bradshaw, President of the Hispanic National Bar Foundation. "We are the first generation of Hispanic Lawyers in our nation's history and the scholarship recipients are qualified and aspiring college students who might not otherwise have the opportunity to achieve their goal of entering the legal profession."

Available U. S. Census numbers reflect approximately 52,000 Hispanic lawyers in the United States, which is less than one percent of the total number of lawyers in the US population.

About Special Counsel

Special Counsel is the leader in providing customized legal workforce solutions to corporate legal departments and law firms nationwide, including 90 percent of the largest law firms in the United States. Special Counsel provides contract, contract-to-direct hire and direct-hire solutions for general workload management, litigation support, business transaction support, pre-litigation and general document management support, as well as medical document review, deposition digesting services and court reporting services through Alderson Reporting Company. For more information, visit www. specialcounsel. com and www. aldersonreporting. com.

About MPS Group

MPS Group is the leading provider of staffing, consulting and solutions in the disciplines of information technology, finance and accounting, law, engineering and health care. MPS Group delivers its services to government entities and businesses in virtually all industries throughout the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and Europe. With headquarters in Jacksonville, Fla., MPS Group trades on the New York Stock Exchange. For more information about MPS Group, please visit www. mpsgroup. com.


Tyra Tutor

Senior Vice President, Corporate Development

(904) 360-2500

Tyra. tutor@mpsgroup. com

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Is This "The Greatest Vitamin In The World"

Is This "The Greatest Vitamin In The World"

The "mad millions with tiny classifieds" guy claims to have made the Greatest vitamin in the world. Here are the facts judge for yourself.

(PRWEB) January 22, 2004

The Greatest Vitamin in the World is one bottle of vitamins that nutritionally supports the entire body! Unlike almost every vitamin company in the world today, we use only the highest grade Whole Vitamins ( not synthetic ), Chelated Minerals ( most absorbable for the body to be able to utilize ), Probiotics ( good bacteria for the intestine which is critical for the body's immune system ), Vegetable Enzymes ( critical in supporting the body in digesting all the food we eat ), all in one vitamin! In this bottle, we also included other critical nutrients that are scientifically proven to help nutritionally support the body in all areas described below!

Millions of dollars in research and over 100 studies from the New England Journal of Medicine were used to create this amazing vitamin! This vitamin is endorsed by the NBCCA representing most teams in the NBA! It also has the Gold seal award for using only the highest grade and most absorbable nutrients known to man!

We use the highest grade and most absorbable nutrients known to man! In fact, we compared all the nutrients we placed into our vitamin against other nutritional supplements being sold today. Listen to this, in order to get all of the nutrients that we placed into our bottle of vitamins, you would need to buy 12 different supplements. You would need to spend up to $379 if you insisted on the same high quality ingredients that we insisted on when creating our vitamin! In other words, if a billionaire wanted to create the most amazing nutrition supplement for the human body and money was no object, he or she would end up creating a product just like The Greatest Vitamin in the World, it's that simple! We spared no expense when creating this vitamin. In fact, there is no other company in the world today that has ever created a vitamin equal to our amazing formula! We actually use different ingredients from all over the world to be able to create The Greatest Vitamin in the World..

We allow everyone to try a 30 day supply of The Greatest Vitamin in the World 100% Risk Free! Your body is worth over a billion dollars so start treating it right and give it the nutrients it must have to maintain optimal health!


Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Fairview Range Regional Health Services Selects Unibased Systems Architecture, Inc's Award Winning Solutions - RMS for Enterprise Resource Management With ORMS For Surgery Management

Fairview Range Regional Health Services Selects Unibased Systems Architecture, Inc's Award Winning Solutions - RMS for Enterprise Resource Management With ORMS For Surgery Management

Unibased Systems Architecture, Inc. (USA), the leading provider of enterprise-wide resource management solutions to the healthcare industry, today announced that Fairview Range Regional Health Services has contracted for its award-winning totally integrated Resource Management System (RMS) with periOperative Resource Management System (ORMS) to be implemented across the entire Range Regional Health Services care system.

Chesterfield, MO (PRWEB) July 15, 2004

Unibased Systems Architecture, Inc. (USA), the leading provider of enterprise-wide resource management solutions to the healthcare industry, today announced that Fairview Range Regional Health Services has contracted for its award-winning totally integrated Resource Management System (RMS) with periOperative Resource Management System (ORMS) to be implemented across the entire Range Regional Health Services care system.

Fairview Range Regional Health Services is the premiere health care organization providing a full range of medical care and specialties to residents across the Iron Range and Northeast Minnesota. Fairview University Medical Center-Mesabi a 175-bed general and specialty care medical center is the main facility, located in Hibbing, providing advanced, high technology, inpatient and outpatient care. Fairview Mesaba Clinics, community-based clinics throughout the region, with sites in Hibbing, Chisholm, Mountain Iron and Nashwauk, provide the physician partnership component and community/regional access to primary and specialty care. Fairview Mesaba clinics were recently recognized for quality laboratory services and have earned COLA accreditation as a result of a long-term commitment to provide quality service to clinic patients.

Joe Wivoda, Fairview Range Regional Health Services' Chief Information Officer stated, "What made this an easy decision was the seamless integration of a first-class ORMS and Enterprise Scheduling. We are looking for a scheduling system that will help us provide an outstanding patient experience, while improving the efficiency of our workforce, and USA does just what we need. The performance warranty that was written into the contract was the icing on the cake from an IS perspective. We really do look at this as a transforming information technology for our entire system; it will change how we do business in many ways."

"Early funding and involvement of key decision makers from the beginning, led to a greatly accelerated selection process. This places RRHS in a position to realize a more rapid return on investment." stated Charles W. Kean, USA's Vice President of Sales. Bob Alig, Senior Sales Executive added, "The foundation for a very successful implementation and business partnership has been developed. We look forward to working with the outstanding RRHS team."

About Unibased Systems Architecture (USA): USA is ranked 2nd among the entire market of 300+ HIT solution vendors who provide more than 600 solution products. USAÂ’s Resource Management System (RMS) is ranked first in the Enterprise Scheduling market category, and periOperative Resource Management System (ORMS) is ranked first in the Surgery Management Systems market category according to the 2003 Top 20 Best In KLAS Report. USAÂ’s reputation for product quality, reliability, and supporting services has no equal in the HIT industry. USA and its products have maintained highest rankings from the KLASTM independent reporting for the last five years. USA appears in Profiles in Excellence: The 2003 Best in KLAS Finalists published in the May 2004 issue of Healthcare Informatics.

USA markets various products which are open, scalable, integrated client/server and web enabled solutions, designed to meet the unique needs of sophisticated enterprise organizations. USA has major solution offerings in the HIT and air travel markets, providing real time production scheduling, human resource, security and financial systems. In the HIT industry, RMS is an integrated solution which schedules and tracks patient resource needs from pre-access through follow-up. RMS also monitors the effectiveness of clinical programs, financial productivity and capacity management. ORMS is an integrated module which addresses or scheduling, surgeon preferences, suite utilization, materials management, clinical worker training and certification. RMS/ORMS results in significant improvements in physician and patient relations. USA products and services are available through direct sales, marketing partners, value added resellers and system integrators. USA is a private corporation founded in 1986, and is based in Chesterfield, Missouri. Visit USA on the web at www. unibased. com.

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Integrative Medicine Center Holds Webinar on Thyroid Disease

Integrative Medicine Center Holds Webinar on Thyroid Disease

Cutting-Edge Information for Those with Hypothyroid and Hyperthyroid Conditions

New York, NY (PRWEB) July 26, 2010

Patients Medical (http://www. patientsmedical. com), a leading integrative medical center in New York City, will offer an informational webinar on Thursday, August 19th, 2010 at 6:30pm Eastern Standard Time, led by medical director and founder Rashmi Gulati, MD. Dr. Gulati will explain recent advances in diagnostic tools and holistic treatment options for those who live with thyroid disease. The webinar is free and open to the public for those who register for the event (https://www1.gotomeeting. com/register/877182200).

“Too many people are suffering because of thyroid disease (http://www. patientsmedical. com/hormonalhealth/thyroiddisease/default. aspx). They deserve to know the truth about their health,” states Dr. Gulati. Approximately twenty-seven million Americans are affected by a thyroid disease. The American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists (AACE) estimates that over half of those affected remain undiagnosed. Thyroid imbalance far surpasses diabetes as the most common endocrine disorder in the US.

“Millions have been suffering from fatigue, obesity, rollercoaster weight issues, hair loss, and depression for years while their thyroid disease remains undiagnosed. Specialized thyroid tests such as the Thyrotropin Releasing Hormone (TRH) test are vastly under-utilized in many medical practices and can be used along-side the more common Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH) test to get a more accurate representation of a patient’s thyroid health,” explains Dr. Gulati.

“As the master gland, the thyroid influences many other critical hormones. If the thyroid is out of balance then many other systems suffer as well,” says Dr. Gulati, “When we look at the body as a whole and address the underlying cause of symptoms, we can prevent further illness and create wellness.” By addressing nutritional and hormonal imbalances, lifestyle practices such as stress-relief and exercise, and a variety of other factors, Dr. Gulati has guided her patients towards symptom relief, and more importantly, greater overall health.

Recent advances in medicine combined with patients’ demand for a more natural and holistic approach (http://www. patientsmedical. com/center/default. aspx) to treatments has led Dr. Gulati and her staff at Patients Medical to develop protocols that go beyond synthetic drugs for those diagnosed with hypothyroid or hyperthyroid conditions. Treatment plans may include custom-compounded thyroid hormone prescriptions, nutritional and herbal supplements to support thyroid function, and dietary therapy.

With over a decade of experience, Dr. Rashmi Gulati is a leader in internal and integrative medicine, having appeared as a medical expert on Good Morning America, CNN, and WCBS in addition to a variety of national publications, speaking about thyroid disease, hormonal health and holistic medicine.

About Patients Medical
Patients Medical (www. patientsmedical. com) is a unique integrative medicine center in Manhattan that combines the best of traditional and holistic medicine with modern technology to provide comprehensive care. Established in 1974, the center employs a multi-disciplinary staff including Board Certified Internists, Cardiologists and Nutritionists. The practice specializes in diagnosing the root cause of an ailment, then healing the whole person with personalized protocols that draw upon ancient healing techniques alongside Western Medial perspectives. Patients Medical offers free seminars each month on bioidentical hormones, weight loss, thyroid, chronic fatigue, nutrition and more.

Megan Franzen


Monday, March 24, 2008

Reformation in American Political Campaigns

Reformation in American Political Campaigns

What America needs today, is not more lawyers, millionaires and professional politicians in office. What America needs is honest debate and grassroots campaigning which will bring more citizens to elected office. Charles Fowler is in the process of launching a campaign of fresh ideas in his bid to succeed retiring Republican Senator Ben Nighthorse Campbell. It is this kind of campaign that will bring the American voters back to the polling place and insure the words of President Abraham Lincoln: "A government of the people, by the people, and for the people shall not perish from the earth."


I was just toying with the idea of launching a Senate Campaign until I received a letter from a fellow Republican. I understood the premise of this letter and took no offense. But there was one sentence that bothered me.

"It is no longer ideals and issues that win political races in America, it is name recognition and big money."

Now what is troubling about this most, is that it is true. The fact that candidates are elected without ideals, without vision and without having to take a clear stand on any issue. When I began to think about that statement is when I determined to follow through with a campaign of fresh ideas and call for a reformation in American political campaigns.

This election is one of the most crucial elections in our nation's history. And it is already proving to be one of the most impassioned. Unfortunately across America in our Congressional races, we are hearing alot of "talking points" with very little debate. We are hearing the sound of echoes across the country, the echoes of marketing consultants, policy advisors and political pollsters. We are still hearing the echo of the debate from years past. Unfortunately, what we are not hearing, are the voices of clarity, of vision and the exchange of new concepts and fresh ideas.

Politics is big business, but where are the voices of real honest debate on the issues? Where are the candidates with any specifics to offer the American people? Where are the innovative ideas that will guide America into the future? It seems that most professional politicians lack the courage to take a real stand on most issues. They want to try to play it safe until election day and just hope the other party stays home.

Oh I know, they all have the same list of the same issues on their menu, but it is all so ambiguous. The political pros in this business are very generalized with nothing specific, nothing of substance to offer the American voter. Many of their stances are so unclear with nothing definitive that they can easily waffle around these issues at election time. I guess that is why they are called "politicians."

But what actually alarms me the most is that they offer no new ideas, nothing fresh, nothing creative. With no new proposals for the future of America the voters are bored to complacency and just stay home on election day. So many Americans lack the motivation to exercise our most funadmental freedom, the right to vote. Why do so many never even bother to even register to vote?

Personally, I do not think it is actually the voters fault. I lay the blame squarely at the feet of the many lawyers, Senate millionaires and professional politicians who seem to be the only choices for Americans in the polling place these days.

Well, since I have proposed a sort of reformation in American politics, let me offer a few specific proposals of my own:

First of all, we can and should find more funding for our Colleges and Universities in America. There is more than enough government waste that can be slashed in order to accomplish this goal. If we don't accomplish anything else, we must find the funds to help lower tuition rates and offer practical scholarships, grants and loans for our students. This must be a real priority for Colorado in the future and not just a campaign slogan. It is the future of our children that is at stake.

I would also propose that any and all tuition payments from College entry, all the way to Doctoral Programs would be completely tax deductible. It is time the government took the tax burden off of students and promoted higher education again.

In addition I would propose a Rural Education Bill that would guarantee kids in rural areas the same quality of education available in other school districts and insure the funding is there to protect the salaries of our public school teachers. If vouchers are the wave of the future, then we must also guarantee our public schools have a level playing field and that all educators have equal opportunity, whether in public schools or private.

It is also time for us to promote goods and products that are made in America. I would support tax breaks and other incentives for retailers who sell products that are "Made in the U. S.A." I would support every effort to bring home jobs and create new and better jobs for all Americans.

It is also time to limit malpractice claims and put a stop to all of this needless civil litigation. We are losing too many good medical professionals because of these out of control law suits. But I have to be honest with you, Tort Reform will only come when we stop electing all of these lawyers to public office. This is another reason we need citizen legislators. How do you think we got into this mess to begin with?

Next on my agenda would be to fight for military pay raises and insist that Congress break this deadlock and give our active duty military the kind of pay increases that they deserve.

Listen, we ask our troops to risk their lives in battle to protect our freedoms, so it is our God given responsibility to make sure that our veterans have excellence in health care, are given more than adequate benefits and retirement in order to enjoy a quality of life that their service to our country has merited. We can no longer allow Congress to play political games with this, for this issue must also become a real priority.

Last but not least, and certainly not the end of my list of priorities for America; are our civil liberties. It is now time to fix the USA PATRIOT ACT and defend our civil liberties and the Bill of Rights at home. I will join Senators Larry Craig, Mike Crapo, John Sununu and others in support of the SAFE ACT which will significantly modify the USA PATRIOT ACT to not only protect our country against terrorism, but also protect the Constitution of the United States by defending our civil liberties at the same time.

The First Amendment survived the Civil War and many other times of national crisis and the First Amendment will survive this War on Terror also.

It is my firm belief that the best leadership for the future of this country will be found in citizen legislators who are supported by grassroots campaigns and who will go to Washington and take issue by issue with great caution and care on behalf of their constituencies. And with that kind of direction we can guarantee the faith declaration of one of our great American Presidents:

"A government of the people, by the people, and for the people shall not perish from the earth."

Abraham Lincoln


Charles Fowler for Colorado

Post Office Box 5532

Colorado Springs, Colorado 80931-5532


Http://www. charlesfowler. com (http://www. charlesfowler. com)

Thursday, March 20, 2008

HUGR Systems Wins 2004 Clean Air Award

HUGR Systems Wins 2004 Clean Air Award

The Central Florida Clean Air Team, a coalition of health, business, environmental and government organizations committed to maintaining clean air in Central Florida, selected HUGR Systems Inc.—an acronym for Helping Us Grow Responsibly—as the recipient of the 2004 Clean Air Award. The award was presented to HUGR President JP Patten on December 13 by Apopka’s Mayor John Land.

Orlando, FL (PRWEB) December 16, 2004

The Central Florida Clean Air Team, a coalition of health, business, environmental and government organizations committed to maintaining clean air in Central Florida, selected HUGR Systems, Inc.—an acronym for Helping Us Grow Responsibly—as the recipient of the 2004 Clean Air Award. The award was presented to HUGR President JP Patten on December 13 by Apopka’s Mayor John Land.

“HUGR was selected for their use of biodiesel technology to decrease emissions, increase efficiency and help maintain clean air in Central Florida,” said Mayor Land.

Biodiesel is a renewable fuel made from waste vegetable oil (french fry grease) that is environmentally friendly and non-flammable. HUGR Systems hopes to one day build up to utilizing biodiesel technology in vehicles. For now, HUGR is using biodiesel technology in lawnmowers, pressure cleaning systems and carpet cleaning systems. They have also created the company vehicle to run on biodiesel and a sample generator that could run inside a home without causing carbon monoxide poisoning.

The Clean Air Award is given each year to a business or organization in Central Florida that promotes clean air through innovative programs or practices. Past winners of the award include the University of Central FloridaÂ’s shuttle transportation system, the community of Celebration, Rosen Hotels & Resorts and Orlando Regional Healthcare. For more information about the Central Florida Clean Air Team, visit www. cleanairteam. org.

# # #

For more information about HUGR Systems, Inc., visit their Web site at www. hugrsystems. com.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

TEDS Named a WNC Health Network Preferred Vendor

TEDS Named a WNC Health Network Preferred Vendor

Leading health care Regional Purchasing Organization (RPO) names leading Talent Management company to elite list.

Asheville, NC (PRWEB) November 1, 2010

The WNC Health Network WNCHN announced today that TEDS, Inc has been named to its list of preferred vendors. WNCHN is a collaboration of hospitals and other health care providers that support the delivery of cost-effective, quality health services in a four-state mid-Atlantic region. The network is comprised of more than 50 member organizations representing some 70 sites. Its combined affiliate contract volume is more than $1 billion.

WNCHN was formed in 1995 to explore, identify and implement cost-saving collaborative opportunities among the hospitals and health care systems serving western North Carolina. Its service area soon grew into the rest of North Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, and South Carolina.

TEDS is a software development and consulting company specializing in human capital development. The company's primary product is an integrated Talent Management suite, based on the People Resource Planning (PRP)™ theory conceived and developed by TEDS founder, Joe Ellis. People Resource Planning streamlines and simplifies all aspects of staff acquisition, training, development and management for maximum productivity, compliance and cost savings. TEDS developed the first Learning Management System and the first integrated Talent Management System.

"We selected TEDS as a preferred vendor and as our only recommended Talent Management System for our health care partners," said Tim Bugg, Vice President of Member Services for WNCHN. "TEDS is a visionary company with over two decades of experience in maximizing employee and organizational performance. Their ability to effectively implement health care Talent Management one solution at a time or all at once is a real advantage for hospitals and health care systems."

The TEDS system manages workforce planning, recruiting and staffing, learning (training), performance, competencies, compliance, compensation, and succession from a single database. Customers may begin the process toward fully integrated Talent Management immediately with one or multiple capabilities needed to effectively and efficiently streamline people processes to achieve business results. Additional capabilities can then be easily implemented as business requirements dictate.

"The full power of our system lies in its integration," said Joe Ellis, TEDS' founder and CEO. "TEDS can replace many systems with one, resulting in significant efficiencies and dramatic cost savings. However, single solutions, such as competency management or performance management not only solve immediate problems; they lay a solid foundation for Talent Management. Additionally, many of our customers have told us that the greatly enhanced compliance capabilities that come with TEDS are worth the cost alone."

"We are very pleased that the WNC Health Network has selected our company as a preferred vendor," Mr. Ellis continued. "This organization has an enviable reputation in the health care industry for providing quality service and cost reductions for its partners. We're proud to be a part of this distinguished team."

TEDS' Talent Management solutions for health care providers are immediately available through the
WNC Health Network (WNCHN).

About TEDS –
TEDS®, Inc. offers the only organic and comprehensive enterprise-wide talent management solution that includes workforce planning and management, recruiting, staffing, competencies, performance, compliance, learning, succession and compensation. Employing a single platform, TEDS strategically aligns business objectives with all facets of the talent lifecycle. TEDS' products and services are deployed at some of the world's leading companies and organizations, including Philips Healthcare, Mountain States Health Alliance, Verizon, Eastman Chemical, Dominion Resources, Steelcase, Sandia National Laboratories, Qwest, Norfolk Southern, Frontier Communications and Boston University Corporate Education Center. TEDS' Talent Management modules are available individually, in any combination, or as a comprehensive solution. For more information, visit http://www. teds. com or call TEDS Sales at 276.782.7206.

Todd Mauldin
Vice President for Business Development
W: http://www. teds. com
T: 276.782.7206

This press release was distributed through PR Web by Human Resources Marketer (HR Marketer: http://www. HRmarketer. com) on behalf of the company listed above.


Monday, March 17, 2008

Eric Bonilla, Owner of Premier-Sport-Fitness. com, Gives Healthy Tips that Every Dieter Should Know

Eric Bonilla, Owner of Premier-Sport-Fitness. com, Gives Healthy Tips that Every Dieter Should Know

Halloween is the time when weight gain usually starts, although December is usually blamed for the Holiday weight gain. Here are four tips that allow you to have a Halloween treat and still keep those pounds off.

Walnut, CA (PRWEB) October 26, 2007

Local fitness expert Eric Bonilla has information every dieter needs to know: Halloween is when the holiday weight gain really starts. While December is usually the month blamed for holiday weight gain, Bonilla warns those wanting to lose weight that thanks to Halloween the pounds actually start to get packed on in late October.

"The amount of candy that people consume is alarming," Bonilla was quoted as saying. "One of the main problems is the smaller 'snack sizes' that the candy manufacturers have made available. Eating several 'mini' chocolate bars is something people see as 'ok' because of their smaller size."

But the fitness expert reminds dieters that just because something is smaller doesn't mean it's ok to consume as many as they want. "For men and women trying to lose weight it's imperative that they follow a plan and goals. They can't just have bags and bags of Halloween candy laying around for 'Trick or Treaters' and not expect to have their fair share -- if they don't have a plan."

Bonilla recommends these 4 tips for keeping the pounds off while still allowing for a Halloween treat:
1) Allow yourself just one piece of candy in the morning and then one at night. Skip any desserts that you would normally eat after dinner.
2) Only buy enough candy so that you expect to run out before the evening is over. It's crucial to weight loss success to not have "trigger" foods lying around -- the temptation is often too great.
3) Increase your exercise activity by thirty minutes on every day that you eat your two pieces of candy. This will counteract the increase in calories that you are consuming.
4) If people indulge a bit too much it's important to forgive themselves and move on. Dwelling on the past will not help their success.

Eric Bonilla is the owner of Premier Sport & Fitness and has been a fitness professional for over 15 years. Bonilla is available for interviews or to discuss other story ideas related to weight loss and fitness. He can be reached at 909 595 2670. For even more information please visit Premier-Sport-Fitness. com.

Eric Bonilla
Premier-Sport-Fitness. com
310 766 7737


New Resources Consulting/Inflection Point Solutions Wins performancesoft Elite Partner of the Year Award

New Resources Consulting/Inflection Point Solutions Wins performancesoft Elite Partner of the Year Award

Performancesoft Inc., announced today that New Resources Consulting and its sister company, Inflection Point Solutions, have won the performancesoft ‘Elite Partner of the Year Award’ in the field of Performance Management and outstanding client support.

Toronto, ON (PRWEB) November 24, 2005

performancesoft Inc., the leading provider of Performance Management solutions, announced today that New Resources Consulting and its sister company, Inflection Point Solutions, have won the performancesoft ‘Elite Partner of the Year Award’ in the field of Performance Management and outstanding client support. The award was presented at the performancesoft 2005 User Group Conference, held from November 1st – 4th, in Savannah, Georgia.

The Elite Partner of the Year Award, handed out annually to partners who exemplify a commitment to providing cutting-edge Performance Management results, is a way for performancesoft to recognize the commitment and value add that its partners bring in providing end-to-end solutions for performance driven enterprises.

New Resources Consulting/Inflection Point Solutions received the award for exemplifying the qualities of a mutually beneficial partnership, including: helping to drive leadership in Performance Management, ensuring outstanding client support, and providing continuous insight into product development.

“Recognizing the outstanding qualifications of the performancesoft partner community, NRC and IPS are honored to have been selected as the Elite Partner of the Year,” said Mark Grosskopf, President, New Resources Consulting and Inflection Point Solutions. “We look forward to many years of continued success with performancesoft.”

NRC/IPS' “technology to serve business” approach to delivery has truly resonated with our clients and strengthened our combined offering with performancesoft,” added Corey Williams, Director, Inflection Point Solutions.

“Over the past year, NRC and IPS have shown themselves to be world-class IT solution providers,” said Daniel Kube, Vice President, Alliances, performancesoft Inc. “They have set themselves apart from an extremely competitive field, and we applaud them for this well-deserved award.”

About New Resources Consulting

New Resources Consulting, a leading provider of information technology and professional consulting services, specializes in ERP implementation, program/project management, application development, and application integration consulting services. Core clients include the manufacturing, healthcare, financial, insurance, and governmental industries. For more information, please visit www. nrconsults. com.

About Inflection Point Solutions

Inflection Point Solutions provides IT planning, project management, systems specification and vendor selection, and packaged software implementation to water and wastewater utilities. Its objective is to provide organizations with a solution that meets their needs, is delivered in a timely and cost-efficient manner, and is dedicated to their long-term success. Its staff has extensive knowledge of current industry practices and applicable business methodologies and tools, including software packages such as: Pretreatment Information Management Systems (PIMS), Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS), Performance Management, Customer Service, Operations, and Electronic O&M. For more information, please visit www. ipsdelivers. com.

About performancesoft Inc.

Founded in 1993, performancesoft is the acknowledged leader in the Performance Management and Balanced Scorecard categories, with the richest, most intuitive and easiest to use product, and the largest number of successful deployments worldwide. Its state of the art software, practical expertise and unparalleled customer support makes pbviews the solution of choice for today’s performance driven water and wastewater organizations, which include: Littleton/Englewood Wastewater, Detroit Water Authority, Memphis Light Gas & Water Division, Santa Clara Valley Water District, Los Angeles Department of Water & Power, and many more. For more information, please visit www. performancesoft. com.


Friday, March 14, 2008

Rooms at Marriott Miami Hotel Treated and Upgraded to Meet Highest Air Quality Standards

Rooms at Marriott Miami Hotel Treated and Upgraded to Meet Highest Air Quality Standards

Miami Marriott Airport is proud to introduce its new PURE™ Rooms. The Environmental Protection Agency reports that indoor air pollutants may be 100 times higher than the outdoor air. As part of Marriott's the brand's pursuit to make every guest as comfortable as possible, the Miami Marriott Miami Airport hotel has devoted an entire floor, 30 rooms total, to meet the standards of PURE™ Rooms.

Miami, FL (PRWEB) November 8, 2008

Miami Marriott Airport Miami Marriott Airport (http://www. marriott. com/hotels/travel/miaap-miami-airport-marriott/) is proud to introduce its new PURE™ Rooms. The Environmental Protection Agency reports that indoor air pollutants may be 100 times higher than the outdoor air. As part of Marriott's the brand's pursuit to make every guest as comfortable as possible, the Miami Marriott Miami Airport hotel [http://www. marriott. com/hotels/travel/miaap-miami-airport-marriott/ (http://www. marriott. com/hotels/travel/miaap-miami-airport-marriott/)] has devoted an entire floor, 30 rooms total, to meet the standards of PURE™ Rooms. PURE™ Rooms feature a number of products and treatments to improve air quality and guest comfort.

PURE™ RThese rooms at this Marriott Miami Florida hotel [http://www. marriott. com/hotels/hotel-rooms/miaap-miami-airport-marriott/ (http://www. marriott. com/hotels/hotel-rooms/miaap-miami-airport-marriott/)] include air purification systems, specially sanitized air conditioners and heaters, and hypo-allergenic pillow cases and mattress covers, to ensure particulate levels exceed the Asthma & Allergy Foundations recommendations. In addition, all soft surfaces are sanitized, and a Pure Shield™ is applied to all surfaces to eliminate allergic contaminants and minimize bacteria growth. A one-time high ozone shock treatment is also administered to eliminate allergy triggers and room odors. This advance in air quality and guest comfort reflects Marriott's commitment to customer service and satisfaction.

For guests who seek allergy-friendly accommodations, this uniquely designed Miami Marriott hotel offers aexperience our PURE Spa Package, which includes an allergy-friendly guest room, one hour massage and a healthy start breakfast for two. Rates from $213 per room, per night.* To inquire about availability, call us at 1-800-228-9290, or visit miamiairportmarriott. com.

The Refreshing Environment of this Miami Marriott Hotel

Whether you're traveling fFor business, pleasure, or and event planning a meeting, Marriott Miami Airport Hotel partners with you to make your trip successful. You'll love our hotel'sprovides a convenient setting - adjacent to the Courtyard by Marriott Miami Airport South [http://www. marriott. com/hotels/travel/miacs-courtyard-miami-airport-south/ (http://www. marriott. com/hotels/travel/miacs-courtyard-miami-airport-south/)] - with close proximity to the University of Miami and the Miami Beach Convention Center. Enjoy the Ccomfortable amenities equip of our 366 well-appointed guest rooms, each equipped withincluding cable TV, phones with voicemail and multiple data ports. For business meetings and big events, this full-service Miami Marriott hotelwe offers spacious group accommodations near Miami Airport, featuring 12,000 500 square feet of flexible meeting space [http://www. marriott. com/hotels/travel/miaap-miami-airport-marriott/ (http://www. marriott. com/hotels/travel/miaap-miami-airport-marriott/)], including 15 meeting function rooms. This Marriott Miami Airport Florida hHotel is also near golf courses, the Dolphin Stadium and other major attractions, with Coral Gables just minutes away. Our. The ideal location of this Miami Marriott hotel caters to the needs of travelers - is just located one mile south of the Miami International Airport, with and has convenient access to Florida's major highways.

For more information and reservations, visit the Marriott Miami Airport website at http://www. marriott. com/hotels/travel/miaap-miami-airport-marriott/ (http://www. marriott. com/hotels/travel/miaap-miami-airport-marriott/).

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Thursday, March 13, 2008

"Saying No Protects New Year's Resolutions," Says Confident Woman Australia

"Saying No Protects New Year's Resolutions," Says Confident Woman Australia.

Millions of Australians will fail to keep important New Year's resolutions for 2010. Why? Because they don't have the self-confidence to say "no" to the temptations they've promised to give up. Confident Woman Australia today issued new tips on how to say "no".

(PRWEB) December 29, 2009

Millions of people will fail to keep important New Year's resolutions for 2010 unless they have the self-confidence to say "no" to the temptations they've promised to give up.

Confident Woman Australia (http://www. confident-woman. com. au) today released the five key ways to say "no" without aggression to help people keep their resolutions.

The first tip is to say "Thank you" before saying "no".

Rachel Green, Director of Confident Woman Australia (http://www. confident-woman. com. au), says, "It's important that you aren't just rude or aggressive as you need others to support you. When someone starts to persuade you to have that extra drink or piece of chocolate cake say, "Thank you, that's really kind of you, no thanks".

The second tip reaffirms the value of using a pleasant, warm voice tone. A more sarcastic or dismissive voice is discouraged as it can sound aggressive and sour relationships.

The third tip suggests that guilty feelings need not dictate people's actions. Feeling guilty can put people off saying "no", but it needn't, as the guilt may just be there through habit or because people have been brought up to put everyone's feelings ahead of their own. The guilt may also arise simply because people lack self-confidence.

Rachel Green says, "If someone tries to persuade you to watch TV when you've promised yourself to go to the gym, and you feel guilty, consider still going to the gym. Rather than not going you may be able to arrange to spend a different time with your friends or take them to the gym with you."

The fourth tip recommends saying "no" without giving excuses or reasons. It has been found by Confident Woman Australia (http://www. confident-woman. com. au) that when reasons are given there is an increased likelihood of arguments arising. People will argue with the reason rather than with the "no".

"If you explain why you aren't drinking you may end up having to listen to a health lecture on the benefits of red wine. This could wear you down so that you give in just to keep the peace. If you drop off the reasons and just say 'Thank you, no' politely you'll sound more convincing and have more self-confidence", Rachel Green stated.

Finally it is important that people are able to stick to what they say and have the self-confidence to repeat themselves. When the first "no" is not respected or acted upon, the same thing can be said again.

"Usually after about three times people stop attempting to persuade. 'No, thanks', 'No thanks', 'No thanks' gets boring after a while so people give up. This can help you to keep your resolutions and boost your self-confidence," reported Rachel Green.

More ways to have the self-confidence to say "No" here. (http://www. confident-woman. com. au/be-assertive-gain-confidence/)


Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Dr. David Friedman, Host of "To Your Good Health Radio" Welcomes Dr. Ava Cadell and Kim Barnouin to Discuss Sexual Health and P. M.S

Dr. David Friedman, Host of "To Your Good Health Radio" Welcomes Dr. Ava Cadell and Kim Barnouin to Discuss Sexual Health and P. M.S.

"To Your Good Health Radio" host, Dr. David Friedman interviewed Kim Barnouin, former model and author of the New York bestselling book, "Skinny Bitch." She discussed natural remedies for PMS! Also, renowned sex therapist, Dr. Ava Cadell joins the show to discuss women's sexual health issues.

Wilmington, NC (Vocus) May 18, 2010

Dr. David Friedman discusses PMS with Kim Barnouin, author of the New York Time's bestselling book Skinny Bitch. Dr. Friedman lightens the subject by calling PMS (from the male perspective) "Pass My Shot Gun." When asked what exactly happens to women during PMS, Kim explains, as a victim herself, she knows that women who suffer from PMS have absolutely no control of what takes place in their bodies during this trying time. Women's hormones simply take control and hit their life hard. Kim educated the listeners on the fact that although most women suffering from PMS want to reach for chocolate and French Fries, there are natural remedies to assist with this, sometimes life altering syndrome. To hear more about PMS syndrome and the natural remedies that can ease the symptoms, go to the podcast at http://www. toyourgoodhealthradio. com.

Staying with the subject of Women's Health, Dr. Friedman also welcomed Dr. Ava Cadell to his show. Dr. Cadell has been described as the Martha Stewart of Love and Romance. Dr. Friedman posed the question "Can Sex Extend Your Life?" Dr. Ava shared that it can actually add an additional 8 years to your life and woman can't use the "not tonight I have a headache" excuse because sex actually helps relieve a headache! Listen to all the interesting facts that Dr. Ava has to offer and also her very intriguing advice when it comes to sex and relationships. The podcast is available at http://www. toyourgoodhealthradio. com.

“To Your Good Health Radio” was established to educate consumers all over the nation on nutrition and good health. Dr. David Friedman, host of To Your Good Health Radio, is the formulator and CEO of Chews-4-Health and is a renowned educator and lecturer in the field of nutrition. “To Your Good Health Radio” is live and unedited. It allows for a full hour of interaction, live questions and comments. The information shared brings needed awareness as to why so many Americans are overweight, tired, sick and depressed. (http://www. toyourgoodhealthradio. com) Dr. Friedman opens his phones lines for his listeners during the show to call in and ask their pressing health questions and also responds to emails from askthedoctor (at) toyourgoodhealthradio (dot) com.

If you would like to be a guest on the show, or schedule an interview with Dr. Friedman, please call Kristine Weil at 1-800-918-6778 x 1006.


Finding Top-Notch Summer Camps in the Greater Boston & New England Area Just Got Easier with Boston CentralÂ’s Free Service

Finding Top-Notch Summer Camps in the Greater Boston & New England Area Just Got Easier with Boston CentralÂ’s Free Service

Boston Central, the most popular family oriented website for New England profiles the top summer camps and programs in the area.

Boston, MA (PRWEB) April 27, 2005 -

– Boston Central, the leading provider of kids activities (http://www. bostoncentral. com/activities. php) information in the Greater Boston Area, today announced detailed profiles and information for Summer Camps & Programs (http://www. bostoncentral. com/activities/summercamps. php). Choosing a summer camp or program is a difficult decision. But BostonCentral. com now makes it a bit easier by providing readily accessible information to parents.

Most parents spend significant time evaluating their options and like to gather quite a bit of information before making a decision. While there are listings of summer camps available in the yellow pages or other general directories, these sources typically provide very little information other than the basic contact information or links. BostonCentral. com goes the extra mile and provides profiles with additional information on each program that helps parents with their decisions.

Numerous parents have commented that the website delivers a great user experience through intuitive navigation, a searchable activities database and a comprehensive events calendar. The family-oriented portal to the web also provides useful information on area towns, schools, utilities, shopping, healthcare, childcare (http://www. bostoncentral. com/educare. php), as well as handy on-line section of parenting resources for those living in the greater Boston area.

About Boston Central

Boston Central is an online resource for parents and families in greater Boston and New England. The site features an interactive guide to family fun and kids activities, adventures, and after school ideas, as well as useful information on area towns, childcare, healthcare, shopping, and other online resources. BostonCentral. com also runs a weekly e-newsletter that highlights upcoming Boston events and family activities in the area. These resources, including the searchable activities database, and other information for parents and children, are all available for free at www. BostonCentral. com.

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Monday, March 10, 2008

Makemyhairgrowfaster. org Announces Its Amazing Newest Product For Women Who Wants to Make Hair Grow Faster

Makemyhairgrowfaster. org Announces Its Amazing Newest Product For Women Who Wants to Make Hair Grow Faster

Finding the perfect treatment to make my hair grow faster will be easy with the great new product being presented by Makemyhairgrowfaster. org. Using this ancient hair growing formula will make grow hair faster, fuller and more luxurious quickly and give you the fabulous look you want.

(PRWEB) November 26, 2010

John Mentis and Mira Herbals, Inc., is excited to announce it's newest product for the individual who wants to make my hair grow faster.

Mira Hair Oil is an ancient formula has been helping women grow long, full, luxurious hair for centuries and is a way to enjoy 2-3 inch growth a month rather than the usual 1/5th inch a month that most people get. When a person is under stress, has been ill, or recently undergone a major life event, they will often experience thinning and dull hair. This also may be the result of not eating the diet that is necessary to assure that the hair follicles are receiving the proper nutrients and vitamins that are required to keep hair healthy and growing properly.

When interviewed recently, John Mentis stated, "Our goal is to assure that we provide women with the most effective and easy way to have the beautiful hair that they want. We are constantly testing products and searching for the best products for women who may not have time to look for the treatment that will be most effective. We have a dedicated team that who have the sole purpose of helping women achieve their goals for longer and more beautiful hair and we strive to make sure that our customers get results quickly and easily with no side effect."

Mira Hair Oil is a newly discovered ancient hair growing formula that stimulates hair growth with great results in an amazingly short time. It contains only 100% natural and organic ingredients that have a time tested record of growing thicker, healthy and longer hair. You will see significant growth, in most cases 2 - 3 inches a month. Having beautiful hair for a special event or occasion will be easy when you can see a change in your hair within 14 days!

To get more information about the great products available from the team at Mira Herbals, Inc., visit http://makemyhairgrowfaster. org today!


Saturday, March 8, 2008

One Troop, One Corporation, Many Soldiers

One Troop, One Corporation, Many Soldiers

Southlake Girl Scout Troop works with Lockheed Martin to bring American Troops in Iraq a taste of home. The troop "cookie mom" is related to a Chaplain serving in Iraq. Photo available.

Southlake, TX (PRWEB) May 11, 2005

Southlake students who are members of Girl Scout Troop 4079, a Studio 2B Troop, were thrilled with the idea of their cookie mom, Daphne Biddle. Daphne is an employee of Lockheed Martin who suggested a co-venture shipment of Girl Scout Cookies to the troops in Iraq.

The cookies were sent to Navy Cmdr. Stephen Pike, a chaplain for the Marine Corps Regimental Combat Team 1 stationed at Camp Fallujah, Iraq. Chaplain Pike, a relative of the cookie mom, will be distributing the cookies to soldiers all over the country. “With the help of Lockheed Martin who purchased many boxes and covered shipment, we were able to ship 38 cases of cookies. Many of these were purchased by Lockheed Martin employees. Also, Health Care Associates of Irving allowed us to put a cookie booth in their waiting room and collect donations from patients and staff,” stated Troop Leader Judy Gaman.

On April 28th the girls met to ship the 468 boxes to Iraq. “I am so pleased to see the response Lockheed Martin gave to this cause. The shipment alone, which they covered solely, was well over $500,” reported Daphne Biddle, “It makes me proud to be one of their engineers.”

Troop 4079 consists of Natalie Alberto, Michelle Biddle, Brittany Camp, Katheryn Camp, and Stephanie Ledak. The troop leaders are Judy Gaman and Kathy Krammes. Daphne Biddle is a parent and the 2005 cookie mom. The troop has been together since 1998 and has completed many events, including a trip to Washington DC where they recieved an up-close and personal appreciation for what the troops in Iraq are fighting for.

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Heather Boeckman Receives Regional Sales Director

Heather Boeckman Receives Regional Sales Director

While working from her Home Office

Oklahoma City, OK (PRWEB) October 17, 2009

Heather Boeckman has built a successful business at home, earned the first management level of Regional Sales Director within AmeriPlan®, and has found true financial Freedom at Home, all while being a 'Work at Home Mom'.

Like many other Americans, Heather and her husband, Buddy, found it necessary to have two incomes to get by. Heather's daily routine was spent; rushing children off to school in the morning, spending eight hours-a-day in an unfulfilling job, fighting the commute traffic home, cooking dinner, bathing her three children, putting them to bed, then preparing to do it all over again the next day. Heather knew there had to be a better way, one that would allow her to enjoy raising her children and also offer the financial security necessary for her family. AmeriPlan® provided both.

This work at home mom is one of more than 50,000 Independent Business Owners (IBO) who have joined AmeriPlan®, all working toward building financial freedom from home. She is also a member of the Freedom At Home Team™, the largest and fastest growing team in AmeriPlan®.

"I had always dreamed of being a stay at home mom and being the nurturing figure in my children's life was very important to me.  I found myself searching for something I could do from home... this is when I found AmeriPlan®," stated Boeckman. "AmeriPlan® and the Freedom At Home Team™ offered a simple system to follow that I could work around my family's schedule."

"I help people save money on their healthcare expenses and daily expenses as well and assist others make money by offering our great benefits," Boeckman continued. "In less than four months, I became a Regional Sales Director with AmeriPlan®. I now have fun working part time from home - all around my families schedule, and have more time to spend with my husband. I no longer spend hours in rush-hour traffic, and I earn more money then I ever did in corporate America working 9 to 5. I have truly found freedom at home."

Heather Boeckman is the latest Freedom At Home Team™ (FAHT) member to reach the level of Regional Sales Director. She is already working on the next management level and is helping other team members achieve their dreams of 'firing their boss'.
"The training, support and leadership that is found within the Freedom At Home Team is amazing,' stated Boeckman. "Anyone who is coachable, trainable and has the desire to succeed can do so on this team. I am proof that their system works."

The FAHT is the fastest growing team in AmeriPlan®, with more than 1,000 new IBOs joining, each month. The FAHT has been spotlighted in several national magazines, including Success from Home, Home Business and Your Business at Home. This team has been recognized with several top honors going to its members including: 'Chairman Advisory Board', 'Business Builder' and 'Rising Star' awards, along with the past three 'Rookie of the Year' awards.

Many of the FAHT members have been top producers of the company and have been rewarded with trips including an Alaskan cruise and most recently an all expense paid trip to Quebec City. There are numerous members that have been recognized for the different income levels they have reached by being named to AmeriPlan's Founder's Club and President's Club. Collectively, FAHT members earn roughly $1.5 million a year in residual income, all from the comfort of their home.

"The income opportunity with AmeriPlan® is absolutely unbelievable, if you are willing to work hard and work the system. If you had told me how our lives would have changed since I first joined, I would have never believed it," stated Janie Jones, AmeriPlan® National Vice President and founder of the FAHT. "We have helped many people create a life they only dreamed of having. I am now living out my dreams, and I can't wait to tell others about it every day."

"We are deeply committed to improving the lives of all our team members. Our efforts are focused on assisting these individuals in reaching their dreams of having the time and resources to enjoy life on their own terms. From stay at home parents, to people out of the workforce, to students and retirees we are willing to partner with all of them to help them reach their own goals," stated Janie's husband and business partner, Michael Jones.

Located in Plano, Texas, AmeriPlan® provides individuals, families and businesses across the United States, affordable medical, dental, vision, prescription, and chiropractic benefits. They have saved its members hundreds of millions of dollars in supplemental healthcare benefits since 1992. They are members of the Consumer Health Alliance, the Direct Selling Association, National Association of Dental Plans, National Association of Health Underwriters and the United States Chamber of Commerce. With over 400,000 Medical Providers, 30,000 Dental Providers, 7,500 Chiropractors, 50,000 Retail Pharmacies and 12,000 Optical Providers, and more than 1.5 million members nationwide AmeriPlan's network is strong and growing each day.

To learn more about AmeriPlan®, the Freedom At Home Team™ or to find out how you can find your freedom at home, contact: Heather Boeckman at (866) 314-2748 or visit her website: www. FreedomAtHomeTeam. com/hboeckman (http://www. FreedomAtHomeTeam. com/hboeckman)


Friday, March 7, 2008

New Web Benefits-review Program for hr Executives and employees

New Web Benefits-review Program for hr Executives and employees

A unique, new web-based benefits review program has been created for hr executives and employees

Newport Beach, CA (PRWEB) June 23, 2005

Baker, Thomsen Associates, a leading compensation and benefits consulting firm, has announced the introduction of a unique, new benefits tool for all HR executives.

Kathy Wittau, president of Benefits Consulting for Baker, Thomsen stated: “After considerable research, our firm has been able to create BenefitsReview. com, which utilizes web technology to improve HR benefit services for employees, while also enhancing employee benefit communications. For many subscribers, it significantly reduces HR administrative costs.”

BenefitsReview. com provides all required documents and forms electronically, including summary plan descriptions, summary annual reports, summary of material modifications, benefit election forms, waivers, authorizations, and release forms.

In addition, it provides other essential forms and documents that are specific to every offered plan, including evidence of coverage, certificates of coverage, benefit summaries, amendments, and riders; there are enrollment, change, claim, beneficiary designation, prescription, drug, mail order RX, and student status forms, among various other forms.

Employee handbooks, answers to frequently asked questions, company news CORBA notices, WomenÂ’s Health and Cancer Right Act notices, and Newborn and MotherÂ’s Health Protection Act notices are also available on site.

“With extraordinary ease and completeness, BenefitsReview. com meets the new benefits challenges of businesses and effectively reduces administrative costs,” said Dr. Jay Schuster CEO of Baker, Thomsen Associates. “It also promotes employee self-service through the availability of documents and benefit provider and customer service information. With BenefitsReview. com, HR executives should have less to worry about in relation to compliance issues, which the program dramatically simplifies. The website enables electronic distribution of required documents, saving time and money. Furthermore, the system is easily updated to communicate benefit and cost changes, including open enrollments.”

“Our clients are interested in providing competitive benefits at competitive costs,” added Ms. Wittau. “Periodic benefits reviews can keep costs in line and let administrators explore specific benefit offerings that give them the best chance of retaining top talent. BenefitsReview. com is an easy, effective, and logical way to communicate the benefit plans to current and potential employees. In addition, it helps employees understand and value their benefits. According to our surveys, the vast majority of employees do not understand their benefits and their employers’ costs of providing those benefits. Our system opens the doors of communication and keeps them open. That, in itself, is an important and valuable benefit.”

For further information, contact Baker, Thomsen Associates: E-mail: info@btabta. com. Web: www. btabta. com. For a free demonstration, visit www. BenefitsReview. com

Contact: Jeffrey Sussman


Marketingpro@aol. com

Www. powerpublicity. com

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Thursday, March 6, 2008

Goji Juice Launches a New Web Site

Goji Juice Launches a New Web Site

Leading online distributor of Freelife Himalayan Goji Juice launches new Web site.

San Diego, CA (PRWEB) June 19, 2006

A new Web site for FreeLife Himalayan Goji Juice was launched today by Enjoy Goji Juice a leading United States distributor.

"It's a user-centric design" said Shawn Burke, Enjoy Goji Juice Webmaster, "because we relied heavily on user feedback with regard to layout and content. The design came together as a result of months of analysis, research and feedback. We owe it all to our customers."

The new design is simple yet the layout, content and images are used to enhance conversion, Burke said. "We wanted to present the product and message in a way that was simple yet powerful. We tailored the content based upon past user behavior and feedback. By researching what others users found to be important we were able to tell the story of Goji Juice, but in a way that would not only appeal to new users but also lead them to purchase."

The new Web site can be viewed and ordered from online at http://www. enjoygojijuice. com (http://www. enjoygojijuice. com)

The Enjoy Goji Juice Web site also provides detailed information about Dr. Earl Mindell the pioneer behind Himalayan Goji Juice.

About Goji Juice:

Enjoy Goji Juice is an independent distributor for FreeLife International. FreeLife is a global health and wellness company, helping millions worldwide enjoy well-being. Goji Juice is sold in over 20 countries including Canada and Australia.


Shawn Burke, 1-877-230-7434

Http://www. enjoygojijuice. com (http://www. enjoygojijuice. com)


Monday, March 3, 2008

Granddaddy of website design cleans up its act

Granddaddy of website design cleans up its act

A St. Louis based web design and hosting company brings a new industry to the U. S.. I. T. equipment and disinfecting services that are huge in Europe are now making their way to the U. S

St Louis, MO (PRWEB) April 28, 2004

Design-itude, a ten-year-old website-design firm has decided to “clean up” their image. Design-itude has been hosting and designing websites for over ten years. They have been called the “Grandaddy of web-site design”. Now they are launching a computer cleaning service, and a new company name, Internet Techs.

Wayne and Nancy Golliday are the owners of Internet Techs. The recent addition of the computer cleaning service seemed like a good fit for the couples’ business. “When I started Design-itude over ten years ago, there were very few web-site design companies…making it a real niche market,” says Wayne Golliday.

“Computer cleaning services are rapidly growing in Europe and the Pacific Rim. Very few companies offer this service in the states,” replied Golliday. “We have many clients that have already signed up for this service and we have yet to do an official launch of our new company, Internet Techs. We believe this is a wonderful opportunity for the St Louis metro area.”

Golliday has over ten years experience in computer networking and repair. He is “A+” certified and has his “CCNA” and “LPI” certifications. Nancy Golliday is highly experienced in the design realm. She has been designing logos, brochures, business cards and websites for both local and national companies.

Nancy quoted a recent study by the University of Arizona that stated, “…the average desk has 400 times more bacteria than the average toilet seat.” The study also showed that the #1 culprit in the spread-of-germs in the workplace is your telephone and then your computer. “We cannot express enough the importance of a clean work environment,” says Nancy.

Internet Techs will clean and sterilize your computers, telephones, fax machines, and copiers in your workplace. “We use a vacuum system that filters out the dust when cleaning your components…using canned air only puts the dust back into the environment where it can later re-attach itself to your components”, says Nancy.

According to the Gollidays, “Study after study shows that keeping your pc and other related devices clean reduces costly repairs and “down-time”…and it helps keep your employees healthy…this provides a better work environment and helps contribute to the bottom line.”

Feel free to give us a call today at 314.837.6592 or visit our website at www. internettechs. biz

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Cavet Technologies Announces Worldwide General Availability of LumiSmart ILC

Cavet Technologies Announces Worldwide General Availability of LumiSmart ILC

Industry embraces LumiSmart ILC to reduce energy consumption and save costs

(PRWEB) October 26, 2010

Cavet Technologies Inc. today proudly announced the general availability of its LumiSmart ILC™ (Intelligent Lighting Controller) upon receiving Underwriters Laboratories (UL) Certification, the global product safety certification and compliance standard. Developed for the commercial and industrial markets, the LumiSmart ILC is a purpose-built product that dramatically reduces power consumed by existing and installed fluorescent lighting systems with no discernable impact on occupant comfort.

“We are excited to receive UL Certification to enable the worldwide sale of LumiSmart ILC and fulfill distributor and customer demand,” said Albert Behr, President and CEO of Cavet Technologies Inc. “The widespread availability of the product marks a significant milestone in worldwide lighting standards. LumiSmart ILC is a major advancement in energy conservation while dramatically reducing costs and installation time for commercial and industrial customers.”

LumiSmart ILC is the first of a new class of Smart Grid-enabled lighting controllers that provide microprocessor-driven adaptive control of lighting circuits to reduce power consumption. Providing an instant 30 per cent or more power reduction without replacing any existing lamps, ballasts or fixtures, the LumiSmart ILC is ideally suited for a variety of lighting environments, including office buildings; industrial spaces; government, education and health care facilities; retail locations and shopping malls; and parking garages. Reducing energy consumption directly at the source, LumiSmart ILC eases pressure on the electrical grid, as well as immediately cutting carbon emissions for commercial and industrial customers.

“Cavet is taking an innovative approach to lighting controls that removes many of the traditional barriers to adoption,” said Emma Ritch, Senior Research Analyst for Cleantech Group. “Cavet’s technology significantly reduces the energy drain of traditional lighting solutions.”

“As the leading distributor of electrical products in the world, and the largest in Canada, it is our strategy to partner with best in class suppliers to ensure our customers have access to the best products available in the market” said Jeff Hall, CEO of Rexel Canada. “We are excited to present LumiSmart ILC to our customers to help them conserve energy and cut costs. Cavet’s LumiSmart ILC is prime example of this important strategy to reduce energy consumption.”

Cavet Technologies has engaged Celestica, a global leader in the delivery of end-to-end product lifecycle solutions, to manufacture all LumiSmart ILC devices, giving Cavet Technologies, its channel partners and customers access to world-class engineering and quality manufacturing.

“Celestica is committed to helping its customers get to market faster,” said Mike Andrade, Senior Vice President, North America, Celestica. “Our expertise in design for manufacture, design for test and lab services supported Cavet in the process of receiving UL certification approval for its LumiSmart ILC.”

“LumiSmart has already generated significant interest in California where GGI, a widely recognized successful illumination energy service company (ESCO), is distributing it,” said Stacey Rutherford, CEO for GGI. “We are thrilled to fulfill customer orders throughout the state and enable our clients to reap the benefits of this innovative and unique technology. The rebate program offered by San Francisco Energy Watch, a PG&E-sponsored program that offers up to a 50 per cent rebate for LumiSmart, has fueled additional interest.”

About Cavet Technologies Inc.
Cavet Technologies Inc. is a leading-edge Cleantech company that brings innovative intelligent lighting products to market which maximize energy savings and provide industry leading returns on investment. Available through its broad network of distribution partners worldwide, Cavet’s flagship product is the award-winning LumiSmart ILC™, Intelligent Lighting Controller. LumiSmart ILC helps commercial and industrial customers dramatically reduce lighting costs by a minimum of 30 percent without replacing any existing lights, ballasts, or lighting infrastructure. Cavet Technologies is the proud winner of the Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance (CATA) Technology Commercialization Award and Deloitte’s Green 15 Award, part of the 2010 Deloitte Technology Fast 50™. For more information about Cavet Technologies, please visit http://www. cavettech. com.