Monday, August 30, 2004

Talking About Flatulence, Incontinence and Feminine Odor Problems can Reduce Stress

Talking About Flatulence, Incontinence and Feminine Odor Problems can Reduce Stress

Issues we talk about least -- like flatulence, incontinence and feminine hygiene -- are what we need to talk about most: Iowa company confronts this head on.

Cedar Rapids, IA (PRWEB) November 11, 2005

We all experience, whether real or in our minds, some degree of personal anxiety when it comes to our own bodies. Whether it be discomfort when feeling overweight while facing the mirror or the fear of being embarrassed by others noticing certain bodily odors (like from flatulence, incontinence or feminine issues), going unchecked, these types of personal concerns fester and dampen our lives. These types of "worries" consume the waking hours of so many individuals and chronically contribute to the overall stress of life.

With so many books, articles and authoritative figures today stressing the importance of communicating our upsets and feelings for personal well-being, it is interesting to ponder how we, as humans, find it extremely difficult to bring up even the most common and natural occurrences in life. Tests have shown that letting out those ill-harbored emotions kept securely buried within us can be very helpful in lowering stress levels and contributing to our overall health. But so many common issues, like excessive flatulence, incontinence or feminine hygiene odors, seem to be better left out of conversations; even with the closest of friends.

So what is one to do about these personal "embarrassing" problems? We're told to "let it out," but should we tell everyone at the next girl's night out gathering, do we face the podium and announce it at the next convention, send out an e-mail memo to all of your colleagues…? Maybe not, but a step in the right direction would certainly be to talk to a trusted soul -- your best friend, doctor, an expert or maybe a family member. One thing is certain: there's no need to face things alone, and talking about what we don't want to talk about is good for body and soul -- and reduces stress.

Surveys show that embarrassing topics of the body are of great concern to millions of people in all walks of life. Three very high on the list are: flatulence (the passing of gas), incontinence (lack of control with urinating or bowel movements) and feminine hygiene (menstrual and other feminine odor problems).

Typically, left to our own devices, we tend to amplify the actuality of the situation, making somewhat non-serious things much more upsetting than need be, adding to our stress levels. This personal torture is, needless to say, unnecessary and can be resolved by coming to know the facts about whatever it is that's getting the best of us. So, it's high time we brought out, at least, a few topics that may be hindering our overall health, happiness and well-being! Wouldn't you agree?

In a recent interview with Brian Conant, president of Flat-D Innovations, Inc., had this to say about these stressful topics: "There are products that have been designed for just about anything that ails us these days." Conant continues, "One might feel like they're all alone in their personal "dilemma," but this is never the case. And just like when we get into an obscure, new hobby, like kite flying, backgammon, scarf making… we find a whole new world encompassing thousands of people who are into the same thing; the same goes for uncomfortable subjects as well."

Flat-D Innovations, Inc., an FDA registered company, is a significant part of the very large worlds of flatulence, incontinence, feminine hygiene and feminine odor problems. They manufacture effective flatulance, incontinence and feminine hygiene products to over 30 countries world-wide. "Our products change peoples' lives," says Frank Morosky, VP of Flat-D. He continues, "When they [new customers] first come to us, many feel trapped by their condition, unable to live life freely. We show them safe, drug-free solutions that allow them to step back into life and to improve the quality of life -- without the fear, stress or anxiety!" Mr. Morosky offers an open communication line to anyone who would like to discuss their situation. And if Flat-D doesn't have exactly what you need with their everyday products, they'll customize the perfect solution as they have for many others.


Frank Morosky, VP

Flat-D Innovations, Inc.


Http://www. flat-d. com (http://www. flat-d. com)

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Friday, August 27, 2004

McGraw-Hill Releases A Cure for the Common Word

McGraw-Hill Releases A Cure for the Common Word

This quick-reference vocabulary handbook from K. D. Sullivan can help anyone -- from middle-school age to adult -- write or speak more effectively.

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) August 10, 2008

Tired of the same ho-hum words you use day after day? At a loss for how to quickly substitute synonyms that more precisely convey the meaning you intend? With A Cure for the Common Word, written by K. D. Sullivan, you can take your vocabulary from merely good to exceptionally splendid in no time (www. acureforthecommonword. com).

Our brains hold an impressive vocabulary of more than 20,000 words, but many of us employ just a small fraction of them in our daily lives. That fraction is often filled with worn-out oldies that have lost their impact -- words like good and nice. A Cure for the Common Word, recently released by McGraw-Hill, helps remedy ailing vocabularies by providing more than 3,000 vibrant alternatives to the most overused words.

Inside this quick-reference handbook are more than 30 alternatives for each of the 100 most overused words in the English language. Along with a list of synonyms, each common word is accompanied by definitions, explanations as to why the word fails to communicate, sample sentences with word alternatives and meanings, and witty quotes from famous people who used the alternative words in just the right way.

A Cure for the Common Word can help people of all ages break through career and academic barriers with the art of linguistic precision. It's an ideal resource for every office, middle school, high school, college, and business school.

About the Author:
K. D. Sullivan is a small-business consultant, public speaker, and internationally recognized proofreader and editor. She has co-authored four other books: The McGraw-Hill Desk Reference for Editors, Writers and Proofreaders; The Gremlins of Grammar; The Art of Styling Sentences; and The Pocket Idiot's Guide to Spanish for Health Care Professionals, and is also the author of Go Ahead…Proof It! and the upcoming In the Driver's Seat: A Roadmap to Freelancing.

Pricing and Availability
A Cure for the Common Word (ISBN: 978-0-07-149330-7) is available for US$14.95 wherever books are sold.

K. D. Sullivan
Kdsullivan @ kdsguide. com
Www. acureforthecommonword. com


Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Family Business Experts Credits Family Business Synergy As Key To Baxa CorporationÂ’s Success

Family Business Experts Credits Family Business Synergy As Key To Baxa CorporationÂ’s Success

Baxa Corporation is featured in a recently published “Family Business Experts” profile detailing the key to the company’s 30 years of success in product innovation and customer responsiveness. The company was selected as the featured family business for the Family Business Institute’s (FBI) top-ranked Internet site, because Baxa met criteria as both a positive family and a business success story. The profile details the company’s 30 years of success in product innovation and customer responsiveness, crediting that success secret to family business synergy.

Englewood, CO (PRWEB) May 23, 2005

Baxa Corporation is featured in a recently published “Family Business Experts” profile detailing the key to the company’s 30 years of success in product innovation and customer responsiveness. The company was selected as the featured family business for the Family Business Institute’s (FBI) top-ranked Internet site, because Baxa met criteria as both a positive family and a business success story. The profile details the company’s 30 years of success in product innovation and customer responsiveness, crediting that success secret to family business synergy.

“One of the requirements necessary for family business success is maintaining profits while sorting out succession plans and balancing family vs. business demands,” says Don Schwerzler, founder of Atlanta-based Family Business Institute. “Baxa Corporation, as a business and as a family, maintains a synergy that any business would be thrilled to have.”

The Baxa Corporation Family Business Profile is found at http://www. family-business-experts. com/baxa. html (http://www. family-business-experts. com/baxa. html).

Brian Baldwin founded Baxa Corporation in 1975 with business associate Ron Baxa. An entrepreneur and inventor, Brian had already established several other technology businesses serving the healthcare market. Over the years, Baxa grew through its founders’ focus on developing products that reduced the opportunity for medication errors and streamlined fluid handling processes. Through Brian’s leadership, the company introduced a number of “firsts” for pharmacy such as the first pharmacy pump and the first automated compounder that delivered both macro - and micro-volume ingredients.

Businesses have life cycles as products do, and at some point the entrepreneurial spirit that drives early success needs to give way to a focus on strategic development. That opportunity came when BrianÂ’s son, Greg Baldwin, joined the company in 1993 to lead its sales and marketing teams. Now Chairman and CEO, Greg is a strategic thinker who brought a business focus to Baxa, developing a strong corporate leadership team backed by a technical direct sales team that has resulted in strong sales growth and profit performance.

Today, Greg leads the company with his younger brother, Jeff Baldwin, President and COO. Jeff, a bio-technical engineer, is a detail-oriented and analytical thinker, the perfect complement to his brotherÂ’s leadership style. Brian continues working as an intellectual and innovative spark for the research and development efforts at Baxa.

That kind of family business success story is exactly what Don Schwerzler hopes to foster through his work at Family Business Institute. “We provide family businesses with the tools to develop and implement succession and exit strategies, and a team of experts to assist with day-to-day issues at these unique businesses,” notes Schwerzler. Family-owned businesses can find the Baxa story, along with other Success Strategies for almost every concern that confronts a family in business together at the Web site, http://www. family-business-experts. com (http://www. family-business-experts. com).

Family Business Experts is the highest ranked family business resource web site on the Internet. It is a content-rich site that in April 2005 attracted more than 50,000 page views and visitors from 125 different countries.

About Baxa Corporation

Celebrating 30 years of business in 2005, Baxa Corporation is a Denver-based manufacturer of medical devices and systems for preparing, handling, packaging, and administering liquid medications. The company manufactures and markets a wide range of healthcare products for use in hospitals, critical care units and alternate-site pharmacies. Privately held, Baxa Corporation has subsidiaries and sales offices in Canada, the United Kingdom; Denmark, and Germany; and distribution partners worldwide. Further information is available at http://www. baxa. com (http://www. baxa. com).

About Family Business Institute

Nationally recognized Family Business Institute, Inc. was organized in the early 1980s to pioneer a multi-disciplinary approach to solving the unique and complex problems impacting family businesses. Their corporate logo of three interconnected circles represents the three major systems that family businesses must master to be successful. The first circle represents family; the second the business system; and the third represents the individual – a member of the other two systems. For more information, visit the company’s Web site (Family Business Experts) at http://www. family-business-experts. com (http://www. family-business-experts. com).


Marian Robinson, Vice President, Marketing

Baxa Corporation: 800.567.2292 ext. 2157 or 303.617.2157

Email: marian. robinson@baxa. com

Maggie Chamberlin Holben, APR,

Absolutely Public Relations: 303.984.9801 or 303.669.3558

Email: maggie@absolutelypr. com

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Sunday, August 22, 2004

Sterling Network Services Expands Data Center – New Space is Half a City Block

Sterling Network Services Expands Data Center – New Space is Half a City Block

Sterling Network Services, LLC announced today that it has expanded its Phoenix data center complex by more than 45,000 square feet.

Phoenix, AZ (PRWEB) May 16, 2006

Sterling Network Services, LLC, a leading provider of data center and colocation services, announced today that it has expanded its Phoenix data center complex by more than 45,000 square feet. The expansion enables Sterling to continue to meet the growing needs for outsourced data center space for many of the Fortune 1000 companies.

The new space increases the capacity at Sterling’s Phoenix colocation data center by more than half a city block. “This expansion allows us to continue to offer the highest quality, most secure data center services at the most reasonable costs. We are the preferred solution for enterprise companies looking to move data centers, maintain the highest levels of service and uptime, and save money,” said Anthony Wanger, Managing Director of Sterling Network Services. “Sterling can meet and exceed any data center or colocation requirement at virtually any level of security and redundancy.”

The newest data center space is some of the highest grade and most reliable ever offered in an “internet gateway” building. As an Internet gateway, Sterling offers carrier neutral access to over forty telecommunications and Internet service providers, including all of the largest providers in North America.

The new space is protected by Emerson Network Power, using their Liebert technologies equipment, including the new Liebert DS precision cooling system, the Liebert 610 UPS systems and Power Distribution equipment. “The Sterling Network Services application uses the Liebert DS system to precisely control temperature, air quality and humidity in the controlled environment of their data center,” said George Samson, Director of Sales Western Region, Emerson Network Power. “Sterling chose to protect their operations with the Liebert 610 UPS, the most field proven UPS platform on the market with more than 3 million hours MTBF, a fact that Sterling Network Services’ clients require.”

The raised floor data center was constructed to 150+ watts per foot, and 2N+ configuration for superior redundancy. A portion of the space is comprised of dedicated data centers for enterprise use, each designed to meet and exceed Tier 4 and Tier 3 data center standards.

Sterling Network Services enables companies to focus on their business rather than building data centers. Sterling provides cost effective business continuity plans for “always on” enterprises, which are impervious to internal and/or external threats. Sterling currently operates 2N+1, 2N+2, N+2 and N+1 power systems.

The Sterling Network Services telecom data center environment is the only one of its kind in Arizona, and because Arizona is significantly less susceptible to natural disasters than other parts of the country, Sterling Network Services is the chosen outsourced data center provider to the Fortune 1000.

The Sterling Network Services data center complex is one of the world's elite data center management facilities, with an array of carrier options and connectivity unsurpassed anywhere in North America. Sterling Network Services is focused on data center services as its primary business and owns and operates the carrier-neutral complex for single-point-of-contact control and accessibility.

About Sterling Network Services

Sterling Network Services provides highest-quality managed data-center services to clients that require uninterrupted access to public and private data and networks. Sterling Network Services uses only carrier-grade or better infrastructure to deliver its services. Sterling Network Services’ data center space, conditioned power, network access and internet bandwidth are each covered by Service Level Agreements assuring 100% uptime. Visit Sterling Network Services on the web at www. sterlingnetwork. com

About Emerson Network Power

Emerson Network Power, an Emerson business, is the global leader in enabling business continuity, providing a full spectrum of reliable power, connectivity and precision cooling solutions for computer, communications, healthcare and industrial systems, backed by the largest global services organization in the power industry. Recognized brands within the Emerson Network Power family include Liebert, ASCO, Astec, and Lorain. For more information on Liebert mission-critical power and cooling technology visit www. liebert. com. For more information on the full range of technology solutions from Emerson Network Power, visit www. emersonnetworkpower. com.

About Emerson

Emerson (NYSE: EMR), based in St. Louis, is a global leader in bringing technology and engineering together to provide innovative solutions to customers through its network power, process management, industrial automation, climate technologies, and appliance and tools businesses. Sales in fiscal 2005 were $17.3 billion. For more information, visit www. gotoemerson. com.


Thursday, August 19, 2004

Premiere Oncology Honored for Integration of Care by Hematology & Oncology News & Issues Magazine

Premiere Oncology Honored for Integration of Care by Hematology & Oncology News & Issues Magazine

Premiere Oncology announces today that it has been honored by Hematology & Oncology News & Issues® magazine with the Hematology & Oncology Practice Excellence Award (HOPE Award) in the category of “Integration of Care” among practices with one to three physicians.

Santa Monica, CA (PRWEB) June 21, 2010

Premiere Oncology announces today that it has been honored by Hematology & Oncology News & Issues® magazine with the Hematology & Oncology Practice Excellence Award (HOPE Award) in the category of “Integration of Care” among practices with one to three physicians.

“This award is especially significant in that our key focus is offering comprehensive and holistic cancer care in a supportive setting,” stated Lee Rosen, M. D., president and founder of Premiere Oncology. “To be recognized for clinical performance as well as solid business practices is an honor that our entire staff earned.”

“We are extremely pleased to recognize Premiere Oncology as a benchmark practice demonstrating standards of excellence in the ‘Integration of Care’ category,” said Larry Coutts, executive editor of Hematology & Oncology News & Issues magazine. “Dr. Rosen and the entire team of professional care providers and administrative staff are to be commended for their commitment and dedication to balancing economics and quality care. Truly, this practice is exemplary for its size, and it is a pleasure to present them as the current models of Hematology and Oncology Practice Excellence in the category of ‘Integration of Care’”.

“Physicians and health care providers while well-skilled in their profession receive little training in the ‘business’ of delivering that care,” Coutts said. “But, increasing interest in pay for performance models by payers has created a new kind of pressure on the oncology practice to develop measurable standards of practice.” This focus on balancing good business practices with quality treatment strategies is the focus of the publication’s initiative.

HOPE Award recipients are selected by a panel of oncology experts comprised of members of the publication’s editorial advisory board through a systematic analysis of metrics provided by award candidates. All submission forms are accessible via the publication’s website and from a blinded balloting process conducted with the HOPE panelists.

Premiere Oncology is a center of excellence dedicated to treating cancer patients by providing comprehensive and holistic clinical care with attention to issues of survivorship and longevity. The group provides standard hematology and oncology care and is internationally recognized as the leading private Phase I and Phase II oncology research clinic. In addition to its Santa Monica facility, Premiere Oncology has a research affiliation with Pacific Hematology and Oncology Associates in San Diego. Premiere Oncology’s flagship research and treatment center is located in Santa Monica, California where it is affiliated with the Saint John’s Health Center and the John Wayne Cancer Institute. For more information about Premiere Oncology, visit us at www. premiereoncology. com.

Hematology & Oncology News & Issues® (HONI) is “The Business News Journal for Hematology and Oncology Practices.” Using this “business news publication” model, HONI provides cancer care professionals with the latest news and information that affects the “business of oncology,” (e. g. the practice management issues) of particular concern to the community-based oncology practice. In addition to the print edition of the magazine, the online community can be found at www. HemOnctown. com.

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Weight Loss WriterÂ’s New YearÂ’s Resolution Winds Up for 2003, but Skinnydaily. com Will Keep On for 2004

Weight Loss WriterÂ’s New YearÂ’s Resolution Winds Up for 2003, but Skinnydaily. com Will Keep On for 2004

(PRWEB) December 11, 2003 -- Julie Ridl began writing www. skinnydaily. com as her 2003 resolution. Her intent: Write a daily support essay for people working hard to lose weight and get fit. “Morbid obesity is scary and lonely,” says Ridl. “Most obese people have lost control not so much of their eating as their ability to prioritize their own health over other demands.” Thousands of daily subscribers and visitors are great, but to keep the doors open in 2004, Ridl needs a little help.

Grand Rapids, MI (PRWEB) December 11, 2003

What began as a year-long pro bono project for writer Julie Ridl, 43, of Holland, Michigan, has become “another job. A fascinating, important, but exhausting job. Or maybe a mission, to give obese people hope that they can regain their health, all by themselves.”

She began writing The Skinny Daily Post (www. skinnydaily. com) in early 2003, as a New YearÂ’s resolution. Her intent: to write a daily support essay for friends and family who were working hard to lose weight and get fit.

“Morbid obesity is a scary and lonely condition,” says Ridl. “And most people who have it are people who have lost control not so much of their eating, as their ability to prioritize their own health over other demands in life.”

Ridl decided the pro bono project would work as “good karmic payback” to all the people online and off who supported and taught her during her year of losing weight and regaining her health. Ridl lost a little over 100 lbs. herself in early 2002. “I was a little hard to live with during that time, and I felt the strong need to repay my debt to society,” she jokes.

At the end of 2002, she began helping a handful of friends and family members by sending them regular emails, sharing what sheÂ’d learned about maintaining focus, changing behaviors, encouraging and coaching their own losses, keeping her fitness journal in the form of emails.

As her list grew, she began to look for ways to manage the work. A long-time web developer and writer, Ridl decided to use free “blogging” software and email publishing services to post and publish her daily columns, making them available for free to anyone who wanted or needed daily support and dieting counsel.

“I thought maybe 50 friends and relatives would sign up,” says Ridl, who now maintains the website and email edition of The Skinny Daily Post, which has thousands of subscribers and thousands more daily visits to the site’s archives of more than 300 columns. “But I was surprised, and then delighted, and then a little bit afraid.”

When MSNBC’s blospotting column brought traffic to her site and New York Times technology writer Amy Harmon contacted Ridl for a front-page article about the phenomenon of diet blogs back in August, Ridl realized she had struck some kind of nerve. “And then the agents called,” Says Ridl. “It’s a little freaky when someone tells you William Morris is on the line.”

Ridl struck up a relationship with agent Coleen OÂ’Shea, who already represents fitness and nutrition writers Jonny Bowden and Yale Professor Kelly D. Brownell. OÂ’Shea is busy developing a publishing deal for gathering RidlÂ’s columns and ideas into book form.

Tribune Media ServiceÂ’s NewsCom. com now offers RidlÂ’s columns for syndication from their web service.

And that’s all good, but what Ridl likes to point to is mail from Tanya in Washington D. C., who has lost 57 pounds, has 33 to go, and relies on skinnydaily. com to keep her “head in the game.” And mail from Kat in Wales, who has taken up exercising with her dogs every day, and from a reader in Brazil who appreciates Ridl’s treatise on shopping for new underwear after a significant weight loss. And from the teenage Dan, who’s working hard at losing his last bit of extra weight before entering college in the Fall. And from a reader who’s never eaten his vegetables, but now eats green beans, cauliflower, and grows his own lettuce, thanks to skinnydaily. com.

WhatÂ’s next?

“Well, this site was only supposed to last a year,” says Ridl. “My plan was to pick a new pro bono project for 2004, and preferably one that wouldn’t cost me quite so much time.”

But Ridl receives hundreds of unanswerable emails asking her not to “shut the door.”

“So I’m looking for a home,” she says. “The Skinny Daily Post needs a good home, where traffic is no issue, where its content can remain available for free to anyone who needs it, with a host willing to sponsor the email editions.”

Despite the mammoth writing project behind her, Ridl’s willing to keep on writing. “You’d think I would have exhausted the subject by now, but you’d be surprised.”

ItÂ’s the maintenance work and cost of publication that has gotten out of hand.

Until The Skinny Daily Post finds its new home, the doors will remain open at www. skinnydaily. com. Web publishers and editors interested in hosting the Post can write to Ridl at info@skinnydaily. com.

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Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Dawn Career Institute to Award Full Scholarship at Celebration Event Oct. 29

Dawn Career Institute to Award Full Scholarship at Celebration Event Oct. 29

Dawn Career Institute is celebrating its new name by welcoming the entire community to attend an open house. The event will be held from 3-7 p. m., Oct. 29 at the institute’s main campus at 3700 Lancaster Pike, Suite 105, in Wilmington, Del.

Lenexa, KS (Vocus) October 27, 2009

Dawn Career Institute is celebrating its new name by welcoming the entire community to attend an open house. The event will be held from 3-7 p. m., Oct. 29 at the institute’s main campus at 3700 Lancaster Pike, Suite 105, in Wilmington, Del. Formerly known as Dawn Training Centre, the institute changed its name last month to better reflect its connection to providing graduates a path to careers, not just career education.

During the event, a full scholarship will be awarded to the winner of a drawing. Participants must meet the school’s enrollment requirements.

In addition to the scholarship, the event will feature food and refreshments, free giveaways, and drawings for spa services and related products from the institute’s New Beginnings Spa. Guests will also have an opportunity to tour the Dawn Career Institute campus, meet students as well as faculty and staff, and obtain information about the School’s programs.

“In the last 30 years, our school has changed considerably in order to continue our focus on offering students access to the fastest-growing career fields available,” said Cheryl Zapata, Executive Vice President of Dawn Career Institute. “We’re excited for the community to come see the programs and facilities we have to offer.”

Since 1976, Dawn Career Institute instructors have used classroom instruction and hands-on experience in its career training programs. In addition, Dawn Career Institute helps students develop professional skills that build confidence in job searches. Dawn Career Institute currently offers a number of programs for those interested in careers in the healthcare, wellness and business fields.

For more information about the open house or Dawn Career Institute’s programs, call 302-633-9075.

About Dawn Career Institute
Based in Wilmington, Del., Dawn Career Institute is a career education institution that provides graduates with the knowledge and skills they need to establish careers. With access to major employers throughout the mid-Atlantic, tri-state area, Dawn Career Institute offers programs in some of the nation’s fastest-growing career fields: Allied Healthcare, Wellness, and Business. The School is accredited by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges. For more information, visit http://www. DawnCareerInstitute. edu.


Monday, August 16, 2004

Good Health and Financial Freedom - that's Everyone's Dream

Good Health and Financial Freedom - that's Everyone's Dream

USANA provides both good health and financial freedom

(PRWEB) May 28, 2005

Good health and financial freedom - that's everyone's dream. USANA provides both http://www. whyresidualincome. com. sg/sameer (http://www. whyresidualincome. com. sg/sameer)

We have forgotten what it is like to die of old age in this world. Instead we die of man-made diseases that could and should be prevented. Statistics tell us that one in three Americans will die of cancer, one in three will prematurely die as a result of heart disease, and that most of the rest will die of either another form of disease or by accidental death. Only a few of us will die of old age. http://www. whyusana. com. sg/sameer (http://www. whyusana. com. sg/sameer)

Chronic degenerative diseases are rampant throughout the world. I believe that with the USANA Health Sciences products, people can live longer, healthier lives and I'm excited about sharing this good news with others. http://www. whyresidualincome. com. sg/sameer (http://www. whyresidualincome. com. sg/sameer)

I find it tragic that the vast majority of people leave this earth too soon and spend too many of their years in pain and suffering. Since I've been using the USANA Nutritionals I believe that time is on my side. How many of you can say the same?

Http://www. whyusana. com. sg/sameer (http://www. whyusana. com. sg/sameer)

I know that I am providing the cells of my body with the right kind and the right amounts of nutrients, and that the dangerous free radicals that produce diseases and weaken my immune system are being neutralized. I also know that more of the degenerated cells in my body are being replaced with healthy, disease-resistant cells.

Http"//www. whyresidualincome. com. sg/sameer (http://www. whyresidualincome. com. sg/sameer )

As you learn more, you may ask yourself whether you can afford to use the USANA products every day. Just let me say that you can't afford not to! A single case of cancer or heart disease can cause financial ruin for a family.

Http://www. whyusana. com. sg/sameer (http://www. whyusana. com. sg/sameer)

The USANA products should be at the top of your grocery list. After all, isn't your health the most important thing you have? If you knew what I know about the USANA products, you would not be without them.

The USANA opportunity also rewards you for taking control of your health. The innovative business plan provides weekly paychecks for independent associates with unlimited earning potential.

The USANA Health Sciences staff, and tens of thousands of independent Associates, have built the USANA corporation into a major player in the network marketing industry in just a few short years.

I encourage everyone to adopt the healthy lifestyle that USANA products support, and invite those interested in a rapidly growing opportunity to study our compensation plan. You'll be pleased with USANA.

I dream of a world free from pain and suffering. I dream of a world free from disease. The USANA family will be the healthiest family on earth. Share my vision. Love life and live it to its fullest in happiness and health.

Myron Wentz, Ph. D.

Founder and Chairman, USANA Health Sciences, Inc.

Our Mission

To develop and provide the highest quality, science-based health products, distributed internationally through network marketing, creating a rewarding financial opportunity for our independent Associates, shareholders, and employees.

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Sunday, August 15, 2004

A New Way to Meet People in London

A New Way to Meet People in London

My Expanded Circle offers a new and exciting way for people to meet and generally boost up their social life. It can be hard to get to know a new group of friends in London but here is a simple solution to that problem.

(PRWEB) July 1, 2006

London, with good cause, is often touted as one of the best cities in the world, but for all its shopping, history, culture and nightlife many Londoners lead a limited social life.

The Unilever Family Report, Home Alone? Found that London has the highest number of people living alone in the country. In the boroughs of Westminster and Kensington and Chelsea, almost half the population live alone. It also revealed that 94% of Londoners thought it was important to live alone before settling down.

Rob Branston who moved to London 10 years ago is unsurprised by these statistics. He has set up a modern day social club www. myexpandedcircle. com and he believes the problem is due to 4 main factors 1) there is so much pressure put on people today by their work, 2) people go traveling for long periods more than ever before and 3) the population these days is so transient, due to the fact that people change jobs and move house so frequently. That many of us have to move out of London to get onto the property ladder doesn’t help. 4) Finally, in our late twenties and early thirties many of our friends settle down & start families. This means that you can have a great social life one month but this can dwindle quite quickly over a relatively short period of time.

In London day to day life, it can be really difficult to get to know people. All too often, people embark on a blinkered path to and from work seldom taking the chance to talk to anybody whilst commuting or taking in much of what London has to offer.

Rob says “At www. myexpandedcircle. com, we offer a quick and easy way to meet people. For those that already have active social lives we offer the chance to try something that your present group of friends aren’t into, which could be anything from wine tasting to white water rafting.”

Stacey a New Zealander in her 30’s is a member of the club she says, "When I first came to London, I found it easy to find a good group of friends through work but times changed and London’s not the kind of place where it's easy to go out and meet people. The longer you stay, the more social circles tend to shrink. People get married, have children and move out."

A Fast Track into London based activities and social events

Rob continues “I believe we have made the process as simple as possible. For example, via the site, people can email other members before meeting up, so as to get to know each other. Members can also view each other’s profile, which gives brief information about them and they can do searches for members with specific interests or who live in their locality. We organise lots of events, many of them are free, like historic walks around London, forest walks, pub crawls and museum visits. Paid events include theatre nights, meals out, paintballing and weekend breaks. As there’s a one month’s free trial, I’d encourage people to try it out. Come along and if you like what they see then tell your mates, there is nothing like word of mouth to promote something that works.”

“We offer a safe credible way to meet people and for many an opportunity to try some stuff that their mates aren’t into.”

There’s a lot of research showing that a bit of exercise & a healthy social life make for a healthier & happier life. As you get both with MEC as well as a free 1 month trial, you really have nothing to lose by giving it a try. Once you’ve had your trial it costs £4.50 a month or £35 for the year, making it a very good value social club. Check out www. myexpandedcircle. com for more details.

Notes to Editors

My Expanded Circle was set up as a venture by Rob Branston in June 2005 to provide a networking facility for people based in or around London. Since launching in January 2006, the online database has rapidly expanded due to the need of Londoners to find new people to socialise with.

For further information, please contact:

Rob Branston

Tel: 020 8925 5846

Mob: 07800 872 642

Site: http://www. myexpandedcircle. com (http://www. myexpandedcircle. com)

# # #

New Health Savings Account ( HSA ) for 2004

New Health Savings Account ( HSA ) for 2004

Details on the Health Savings Account which is all new for 2004

(PRWEB) April 16, 2004

The Treasury Department and the Internal Revenue Service today issued guidance regarding the new and innovative Health Savings Accounts (HSAs). HSAs were created by the Medicare bill signed by President Bush on December 8th and are designed to help individuals save for qualified medical and retiree health expenses on a tax-free basis.

"Starting January 1, 2004, new innovative Health Savings Accounts will change the way millions can save to meet their health care needs," said Treasury Secretary John Snow. "We want Americans to be able to take advantage of HSAs as soon as possible," stated Treasury Secretary John Snow. "An HSA is a good deal, and all Americans should consider it. HSAs will help consumers have more choice in meeting their health care needs, and we are acting today to clear the way."

Any individual who is covered by a high-deductible health plan may establish an HSA. Amounts contributed to an HSA belong to individuals and are completely portable. Every year the money not spent would stay in the account and gain interest tax-free, just like an IRA. Unused amounts remain available for later years (unlike amounts in Flexible Spending Arrangements that are forfeited if not used by the end of the year). Tax-advantaged contributions can be made in three ways: the individual and family members can make tax deductible contributions to the HSA even if the individual does not itemize deductions, the individualÂ’s employer can make contributions that are not taxed to either the employer or the employee, and employers with cafeteria plans can allow employees to contribute untaxed salary through a salary reduction plan. Funds distributed from the HSA are not taxed if they are used to pay qualifying medical expenses. To encourage saving for health expenses after retirement, HSA owners between age 55 and 65 are allowed to make additional catch-up contributions ($500 in 2004) to their HSAs.

HSAs are more flexible and are available to many more individuals than Archer MSAs

Read the rest of the article on our website here:

Http://www. selfemployedweb. com/health-savings. htm (http://www. selfemployedweb. com/health-savings. htm)

Americas Watchdog Want To Know If HMO's Or Health Insurance Companies Were Over Charged With Vioxx Use?

Americas Watchdog Want To Know If HMO's Or Health Insurance Companies Were Over Charged With Vioxx Use?

Americas Watchdog has just launched a national investigation into seeing if HMO's, health insurance companies, or health cooperatives were over charged with the drug called Vioxx, when much cheaper alternatives were available. According to the group, "we are out to protect HMO's, health insurance companies or cooperatives from being gouged by big pharmaceutical companies. We think Vioxx will turn out to be a perfect example". HMO executives, health care insurance executives or individuals with specific information should contact Americas watchdog immediately at 866-714-6466.

Washington, DC (PRWEB) April 28, 2008

The nationally renown consumer group Americas Watchdog is taking the gloves off with respect to giant pharmaceutical companies soaking HMO's, health insurance companies and heath cooperatives with excessive fees on drugs. Americas watchdog is focused on HMO's or health insurance who were over charged with the drug called Vioxx. According to Americas Watchdog, "for some reason big drug companies think they can roll over HMO's, health insurance companies or even labor unions that offer health care to their members. The HMO, insurance company or the union ends up paying way to much, and ultimately the insurance company or HMO has to pass the increased costs onto the consumer. Its wrong, and we want to help HMO's, health insurance companies or unions make things right on their bill for Vioxx". A HMO executive, a health insurance executive or a labor union executive can call Americas Watchdog anytime at 866-714-6466.

Americas Watchdog is convinced the HMO's. health insurance companies, health insurance cooperatives and organized labor prescription drug programs got stuck with a bill for an ineffective drug, that actually increased the chances of a heart attack or stroke, and the group would like to help the various insurance companies or organizations get their money back. According to the group, "big pharmaceutical companies gouging HMO's or health care insurance companies on drugs like Vioxx, translates into higher health care costs for all Americans, and we want to put an end to this outrageous behavior on the part of filthy rich drug companies".

If a HMO, health care insurance company, a health care cooperative, or a labor union think they might have been over billed or gouged with excessive costs associated with the drug Vioxx, they should call Americas at 866-71406466 or visit the web site at Http://USDrugWatchdog. Com.

Americas Watchdog & its US Drug Watchdog are all about consumer protection, protection of third party payers, and corporate responsibility on the part of drug manufacturers.


CGS VirtualEvents365 Expands to Meet Growing Demand in the Healthcare Market

CGS VirtualEvents365 Expands to Meet Growing Demand in the Healthcare Market

In response to strong demand in the health sciences industry, CGS is bolstering its business development efforts with the addition of healthcare publishing and communications industry veteran Frank Iorio as Director of Health Sciences Virtual Solutions

New York (Vocus) June 23, 2010

Computer Generated Solutions, Inc. (CGS) has added 20-year healthcare publishing and communications industry veteran Frank T. Iorio to bolster the team’s experience in response to strong industry demand for its online events solution, VirtualEvents365 (www. As Director of Health Sciences Virtual Solutions, Mr. Iorio will play a key business development role for the company’s integrated online event technology and professional event services in this important market.

“Frank brings valuable experience and knowledge to our expanding healthcare industry efforts,” noted Tom Wieser, Vice President of Virtual Event Solutions. “Because virtual events offer such wide-ranging business improvement opportunities to the industry, we are experiencing fast-growing demand for our solutions across the health sciences market. We look forward to working with Frank as he helps us address and grow opportunities with current and future healthcare clients.”

Prior to joining CGS VirtualEvents365, Mr. Iorio served in a variety of senior-level industry positions; including Director of Publishing & Business Development at The American Medical Association (AMA), Senior Vice President/Pharmaceutical Communications at Elsevier, and Group Publisher at Thompson International.

About CGS VirtualEvents365
CGS VirtualEvents365 is the global leader in virtual event solutions for corporate events, demand generation marketing events & launches, corporate e-learning, virtual job fairs, virtual conferences and virtual tradeshows. This innovative platform builds on CGS’s 25 years of excellence in developing technology-based solutions for more than 3,500 organizations worldwide. For more information please visit www.

About CGS
For over twenty-five years, CGS has enabled global enterprises, regional companies and government agencies to drive breakthrough performance through technology. With global delivery capabilities, expertise across leading platforms and deep experience in multiple industries, CGS has become the IT partner of choice for thousands of organizations worldwide. CGS delivers a wide array of proprietary and third-party business applications, technology and business services, outsourcing solutions and learning & communications platforms. Headquartered in New York City, CGS maintains a worldwide presence with 18 offices in North America, Europe and Asia. For more information please visit www. cgsinc. com.


Lifetime Brands Offers Tips for Cooking Healthier

Lifetime Brands Offers Tips for Cooking Healthier

New Informational Video Featuring Misto Now Available on YouTube and Facebook

Garden City, NY (PRWEB) December 8, 2009

Do you want to learn about an easy way to eat healthier during the holidays and throughout the New Year? Lifetime Brands has added a new video to its series on Facebook and YouTube showcasing a kitchen tool that can help you to cook healthier, save money and lessen your impact on the environment: Misto®, The Gourmet Olive Oil Sprayer.

Misto® is designed with the health-conscious cook in mind. It offers a way to add flavor, while using less oil, which can help reduce calories and fat. When consumers spray their own high-quality extra-virgin olive oil with Misto, they can achieve the even, pure misting that healthy cooking (http://www. youtube. com/lifetimebrandsvideos) demands. And because you use less oil to cook and prepare foods with Misto, a bottle of oil should last longer, saving money.

Misto promotes better health not only for you but also for the environment. Misto is non-aerosol, so it doesn’t use chemical propellants. And it’s refillable -- so using Misto instead of buying cans of aerosol spray, can help to reduce the number of canisters being dumped into landfills.

Misto is perfect for roasting, sautéing, nonstick cooking, grilling and baking. Misto is also ideal for spraying olive oil and vinegar on salads and on cooked foods like pasta, veggies, breads, pizza, chicken, beef and fish. Misto keeps in moisture for perfect flavoring and even browning every time it is used. The non-aerosol bottle sprays many types of cooking oils (canola oil, peanut oil, safflower oil, etc.) and vinegars, and you can even combine oil and vinegar to make salad dressing.

The easy-to-use pump style cap features a two-step operation: pumping and pressing. By simply pumping the container and pressing the valve on the pressurized sprayer, you get an even mist. Available in anodized aluminum with a black-band accent, Misto is sleek as well as utilitarian. Misto, manufactured under license by Lifetime Brands, Inc., is available at www. pfaltzgraff. com and select retailers nationwide at an approximate retail price of $9.99. Misto, a must-have for every kitchen, makes a great self purchase and gift for the cook on your holiday shopping list.

Check out more tips and solutions from Lifetime Brands on Facebook (www. facebook. com, search Lifetime Brands), YouTube (www. youtube. com/lifetimebrandsvideos (http://www. youtube. com/lifetimebrandsvideos)) and Twitter (www. twitter. com/lifetimebrands (http://www. twitter. com/lifetimebrands)).

About Lifetime Brand, Inc.
Lifetime Brands, headquartered in Garden City, New York, is North America's leading resource for nationally branded kitchenware, tabletop and home décor products. The Company markets its products under many of the industry's best-known brands, including Hershey’s®, Farberware®, KitchenAid®, Pfaltzgraff®, Mikasa®, Cuisinart®, Block®, Calvin Klein®, CasaModa™, Cuisine de France®, Gorham®, Hoffritz®, International® Silver, Joseph AbboudTM, Kamenstein®, Kirk Stieff®, Melannco®, Nautica®, Pedrini®, Roshco®, Sabatier®, Sasaki®, Towle® Silversmiths, Tuttle®, Wallace® and Vasconia®. Lifetime's products are distributed through most major retailers in North America.


AXXel Knutson Update of the "Strong Buy" Issued Post Sept 11

AXXel Knutson Update of the "Strong Buy" Issued Post Sept 11

AXXel Knutson, Chief Investment Officer of TradingWeapon. com announced his "strong Buy" recommendation the week of September 17th. His buy signal was the strongest that he has issued since August, 1981 when the Dow Jones Industrial Average stood at 888.

(PRWEB) November 1, 2001

October 29, 2001

An Update of the 10.1.01 Newsletter

Using, AXXel Knutson's


["Volume Trade Analysis Research"™]

"Manage the riskÂ…the profits will take care of themselves"

"In this business, being right is not as important as making moneyÂ…consistently, and one of primary tenets of the quest is the avoidance of the 'obvious risk'"

Securities offered through

First Allied Securities, Inc.

Member NASD & SIPC

197 Mountainview Road - Warren - NJ - 07059

Email: axxel@blast. net or tradingweapon@aol. com

Telephone: 908.647.5750 FAX: 708.585.6185

First Allied is registered in all states. Mr. Knutson is registered in all states + Puerto Rico and Washington, DC

TradingWeapon™ VTAR™ [Volume Trade Analysis Research™] TradingWeapon & TradingEngine is Trade and service marked by and owned by Axxel Knutson.

© 1999-2001 all rights reserved, AXXel Knutson

["Tradingweapon. com" is the business name for AXXel Knutson, who is a Registered Principal of an independently owned office of Supervisory Jurisdiction [OSJ] with First Allied Securities, Inc. TradingWeapon. com offers all of its securities business through First Allied Securities, Inc., a member of the NASD/SIPC. Bear Stearns Securities Corp. is the clearing agent for First Allied. Securities. Inc.

The Most Important Buy Point Since August, 1981 [10.1.01 & 10.20.01 BBC "World Service"

Update: 10.19.01 No change.

Update: 10.29.01 No change. We expect some weakness in the Nasdaq Composite [1750] and in the Dow [9510]. We are seeing the market broaden out, note the recent strength in the Value Line Arithmetic Index [VLE-1113]. To the upside, oils, natural gas, gold and other precious metals including palladium [see North American Palladium - PAL-5.23]. Intel [INTC-24.18] cutting prices over the weekend zapped the semis.

"In August of 1981 with the Dow at 888 it was a market environment of doom and gloom.

Someone named Granville was predicting a Dow 375 and nowhere was anyone looking for an up moveÂ…well, almost no one. Now 2001: The Dow clunked 685 points on September 17 the first day of resumed trading, 17 more on 9/18 and 144 to the downside on 9/19. During this drop the Fed poured money into the system with $11.7 billion in loans to banks for the week ending 9/12 setting records for liquidity increases by the Fed. On the 14th the Fed stepped up to the plate and bought $80 billion in Treasuries and mortgage-backed securities and those of U. S. Agency. Add to this the Fed entered into a $50 billion arrangement with the European Central Bank. In effect the cost of overnight borrowing is down to almost nothingÂ…make that 1%! All of this is inflationary in the intermediate term as government spends money for defense [no bang for that buck vs. investment in private industry related to efficiency]. Rates on 10 Year bonds have already started a move up in anticipation of increasing long-term interest rates. But given the dramatic growth of the 90's the economy can afford this shift as long as it does not become permanent.

A recession is commonly defined as two consecutive quarters of declining GDP and we are likely to see that take place in the second half of 2001 even though the revised GDP numbers for the April-June period were revised upward to a growth rate of 0.3% from the reported 0.2%, hardly a reason to jump for joy. Business investment off the cliff at an un-revised negative 14.6% rate on the heels of the negative 0.2% crunch of Q1 and that represented a decline of 1.99 percentage points in the overall GDP numbers. Inventories continued their shrinkage and posted the largest drop since 1983. Consumer spending rose at the un-revised 2.3% rate-that will most certainly tank in the second quarter and is in part, the reason for the decline in stock prices in the previous week. Imports to the USA dropped 8.4% and that is an upward revision from the previously reported 7.7%

The rate of inflation as measured by the price index for personal consumption rose at 1.3% a slight revision downward. The first quarter was + 3.2%. We have cut rates 8 times this yearÂ…look for number nine in October. So we have benign inflation, consumers resisting the need to use plastic and all manner of negative news, war, pestilence, a measurable drop in stock prices on high volumeÂ…and we have raised out market signal to "Strong Buy." This is as important a buy point for U. S. and FTSE shares as we have seen since 1981. We were right thenÂ…I think we will be right again.

We can expect that Defense will gain about $70 billion over the most recent budget + $17 ½ billion for airlines and $20 billion for New York City. Nevertheless, in the short-term in a recession [let's call it what it is] fiscal stimulus is just the ticket at the moment. And now, in 2001 with the Dow not only having seen Dow 3,000 but Dow 11,500+ we can now suggest our long-term objective of Dow 25,000 is still very much a target. On the BBC "World Service" upon which I regularly comment, I moved my market stance from "Accumulate" to "Strong Buy" a week ago Friday, September 21st at about 8300 for the Dow and 1480 on Nasdaq Comp and just under the important break point of 1000 for the S & P 500. With the exception of the Monday following that week, the market has held together and advanced. We think that will likely continue. Here is the 1981 AXXel forecast-See the button below:

Button produced by AXXel Knutson, CEO of The Capital Defense Group in 1981 with the Dow at 888

Not since the malaise of the late 70's and early 80's have I seen a buy signal this strong. We have everything in place for that signalÂ…measurable disbelief in our economy's ability to provide growth and jobs, the biggest weekly decline in the Dow since 1933 off 14.3% to 8,236, a recession in this the third quarter of about -0.5% and -0.7% for Q$-2001. Significant and sustained negative price movement in stocks and dramatic increase in volume-all to the downside, novice investors looking for shorts and puts-look at the VIK index-and horrible news both economic and otherwise. The only thing lacking for a better signal would be if my secretary, Bubbles LaRue quit because she couldn't afford the repairs on her broken down Rolls [actually, Rolls never "break down." There are TIMES when they "fail to proceed."]. The Brits have the marketing down on the Rolls don't they? Fail to proceed, indeed. This market "failed to proceed."

Nasdaq Composite chart courtesy of www. clearstation. com

We are now going to look at the groups, quickly."


Lockheed Martin [LMT-43.30] Strong Buy. The recent $46 high looks easy. Is 60 easy? Probably. Update 10.19.01 $ 47.05 retraced to $45-no change. Update: 10.29.01: $ 52.50. Sell. We have the newsÂ…what more do we want? We will likely come back.

General Dynamics [GD-87] and triple digits the target. Stronger than LMT. Update 10.19.01 $ 82.40 interesting break to the $79+ range. Strong Buy. Update: 10.29.01: $86.50 still in the base. Accumulate.

Northrop Grumman [NOC-100.45] the top choice in the group. Strong Buy. With the base at $80, it is unlikely to test that range. Large supplier of radars, and the U. S. Air Force's new F-22 Raptor fighter, the unmanned Global Hawk and the new DD-21 destroyer for the Navy. Update 10.19.01 $ 104.80 - holding well and a buy point could be the break of $100 if it occurs. Update: 10.29.01: $103.45, let's exit for the moment. Would like to buy sub $90.

Raytheon [RTN-33.95] the producer of Tomahawk cruise missiles and its radars cruise along with F-14, F-15, F/A-18's and the B-2. Add also the F-117 stealth fighter and the U-2. Strong Buy. Update 10.19.01 $ 35.65 minor break as well and that appears over. Update: 10.29.01: $ 33.85 we can exit here as well. New buy point is a break of $30.

Alliant Techsystems [ATK-83.75] is the producer of size of solid=propellant rocket motors and bullets. Call these consumables. The base is $70. Strong buy right here. Update 10.19.01 $85.62 here the break took it to about $83. No change in opinion. Update: 10.29.01: $88.67 we are going to sell to re-buy the break of $75. Maybe it happens, maybe it doesn't.

Drs Technologies [DRS-34.80] Here is the news PARSIPPANY, N. J. -(Dow Jones)- DRS Technologies Inc. (DRS) received a $3.8 million contract from the U. S. Army to provide infrared thermal imaging systems for Abrams M1A2 battle tanks. In a press release Wednesday, DRS said its Second Generation Forward Looking Infrared system will be part of the system enhancement software on the Abrams M1A2, the Army's fully digital ground combat vehicle. The defense technology company said the system provides day and night

Vision capabilities enhancing surveillance ranges, "increasing target acquisitions and significantly reducing fratricide." The base $20 then $25-28. The recent high about $40. The buy point here and on any break of $30. Update 10.19.01 $ 37.63 a strong break but that appears finished. There was no break of $30, but $32 is close enough. Strong Buy. Update: 10.29.01: $39.00 we shall exit for the same reason as ATK above. To re-purchase sub $30.

Engineered Support Systems [EASI-46.05] Engineered Support Systems, Inc. engineers and manufacturers a wide range of electronics and military support equipment for various branches of the U. S. military and commercial customers. The base is 35-40 and the lift off is impressive. One can trade it from here and accumulate size sub $40. This tells the story here: "ST. LOUIS, Sep 24, 2001 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ -- Engineered Support Systems, Inc. (Nasdaq: EASI) has received an order totaling $5.8 million for production of its Chemical Biological Protected Shelter (CBPS) system under an existing contract with the U. S. Army. This order includes funding of certain engineering change proposals (ECPs) on the 113 units currently in production plus the exercise of an option for the production of an additional 10 CBPS units, according to Michael F. Shanahan, Sr., Chairman and CEO. Update 10.19.01 $ 46.25 no break of the forth number, but it now looks as if this is as good as we can do in terms of purchaseÂ…so purchase. Update: 10.29.01: $49.27 no change.

Hi-Shear Technology [HSR-2.30] on a watch list only. Here is why: from a recent news release: "Hi-Shear's electronic firing product revenues for the Patriot Advanced Capability (PAC-3) anti-missile program doubled during fiscal year 2001 reflecting the significant upgrades that the United States Army is making to its National Missile Defense program. The PAC-3 anti-missile is a surface to air missile, which offers increased range and accuracy as compared to current missile systems. This missile program is scheduled to expand rapidly from low rate production to full production over the next several years dependent on

Defense department appropriations. Hi-Shear's participation is the result of its ongoing investment to provide an array of the most advanced missile firing systems. Update 10.19.01 $ 3.70 more than a worthy trade. Accumulate sub $3.50. Doubtful to see a break of three. Update: 10.29.01: $2.70 we have the break of $3.00 and we are looking for the break of $2.00 for an opinion change from "accumulate" to "buy."

Allied Research [ALR-15.60] and off the stable base at $9.00. the buy point is sub ten and useful for traders only until then. Here is why: "DJS Allied Research Gets $17 Million In Ammunition/Components Orders VIENNA, Va. -(Dow Jones)- Allied Research Corp.'s (ALR) defense unit, Mecar S. A., received $17 million in new orders from several unidentified customers for ammunition and components. In a press release Tuesday, the defense and commercial electronic security company said the orders call for various types of large caliber ammunition and components ranging from 105mm to 155mm systems." [Source: Dow Jones]. Update 10.19.01 $13.90 we are not at a break of ten and it is unlikely to go there. But it can break from here and that IS the buy point. Update: 10.29.01: $16.10 a nice move off the correction from $13, but we shall exit to re-purchase sub $12.00.

Esco Technologies. Inc. New Comment [ESE-26.65] a terrific double bottom at the sub $23 level. Very nice track record and management positive statements about the quarter moved the stock from sub $23 to the current number. We would prefer to accumulate under $25. Here are the quarterly numbers. ESE is a supplier of engineered filtration products to the process, health care and transportation markets. For the 9 months ended 6/30/01, net sales rose 20% to $257.6M. Net income rose 4% to $12.8M. Revenues reflect growth in all three business segments and an acquisition. Higher income was partially offset

By higher SG&A expenses. Update: 10.29.01: $27.68 sell to re-purchase sub $23.

Oshkosh Truck Corp. [OTRKB-33.75] we like this company without military trucks. But with it? A buy. OTRKB engineers, manufactures, and markets a broad range of fire & emergency apparatus and specialty commercial and military trucks under the OshKosh, Pierce, McNeilus and MTM trademarks. Strong Buy. Update 10.19.01 $39.15 no change and unlikely to test under $35. Update: 10.29.01: $ 37.56 no change. In the base. Get it.

Simula, Inc. [SMU-5.85] in process of blowing out through the room from the $2.00 base. We have no interest here preferring to see how high it goes before we see the likely crash pattern but we will likely buy that crash pattern and that is suspected to be about the sub $3.50 level Update: 10.29.01: $6.25 too spiky for me. Sell to re-buy sub $3.50.

Kreisler Manufacturing New Comment [KRSL-7.00] with a solid base at the $5.50 level, KRSL rocketed to the nearly ten number in late September. We have, of course, the retracement and it is here that we have a buy interest. KRSL fabricates precision metal components and assemblies for aircraft engines with both military and commercial applications. KRSL products include tube assemblies of multiple sizes & configuration, vane inserts, and blade locks. For the FY ended 6/30/01, net sales increased 30% to $18.7M. Net income totaled $2.3M, up from $305K. Revenues benefited from new customers. Net income also reflects decreased professional fees. Update: 10.29.01: $8.20, sell. Again, too spiky. To re-buy the retracement sub $5.50

ICTS International Nv. New Comment [ICTS-9.92] - aviation security services. Large breakaway gap from the stable price base of sub $5.00 to nearly $13. Management is highly suspect but now we have the pullback and we are interested. Operates primarily in Europe & the U. S., providing passenger handling related services to major carriers. ICTS is also engaged in security consulting, training & auditing for airlines & airports. For the 6 months ended 6/01, revenues rose 29% to $90.8M. Net income totaled $32.7M, up from $5M. Let's put on the watch list. Update: 10.29.01: correction, insert point for this comment was 9.92 not 6.92$8.29. We are looking for the gap fill at just under $5.00

Edo Corporation New Comment EDO-24.84] again we have a solid base and a leap off it post September 11th - in this case from $19 to over $30. We are consolidating that advance and our interest is peaked. This is close enough to accumulate and becomes a "strong buy" upon a break of $20. Here is a recent release of interest: Update: 10.29.01: $28.75 exit-again to re-buy and in this case sub $20. Like out.

Taser International New Comment [TASR-10.69] the July/August base was $5-6 and the stock has exploded to the current high of 12.26. We have no interest here, but will watch. We have no interest North of ten. Update: 10.29.01: $9.20 and still no interest here eitherÂ…looking for a break of $7.00.


Paravant [PVAT-1.90] Not a major player but a unique one. Revenues, small, but there and earnings as well-but erratic. PVAT engages in the design, development, production & sales of computer and communication systems, specializing in rugged, hand-held and

Laptop computer products with primarily military applications. For the 9

Months ended 6/30/01, revenues rose 53% to $36.1M. Net income fell 96% to

$33K. Revenues reflect the inclusion of a significant contract. Net income reflects a decreased gross profit due to a change in product mix. Update 10.19.01 $ 2.61 we still like it and like it here and on any break of $2.00 which looks unlikely. Recent high? A little over three. Update: 10.29.01: $2.90 sell and looking for a break of $1.75 for the purchase point.

Visionics [VSNX-11.55] and way off the base at four bucks. We will put on the watch list. Here is why: Develops & deploys facial recognition technology and designs and manufactures fingerprint biometric identification systems. For the 9 months ended 6/30/01, revenues rose 30% to $22.3M. Net loss before acct. change rose from $612K to $3.8M. Revenues reflect higher FaceIt license and live scan maintenance revenues. Net loss reflects lower gross margins and higher sales, marketing and product development costs and $2.2M in merger related costs. Update 10.19.01 $ 12.72 looking for the break of ten. The high was $15+ for traders. Update: 10.29.01: $17.10 no break of ten and traders should exit. Still looking for the break of ten for the buy point.

Roxio, Inc. [ROXI-14.10] the base is about here with a recent spike to $18. We like it here and on any bounce off $11. Buy. They are selling product. Digital content management software that enable individuals to personalize and store music, photos, video and data onto recordable compact discs, or CDs. For the 3 months ended 6/30/01, revenues rose 29% to $37M. Net income fell 2% to $2.4M. Revenues reflect increased sales of Easy CD Creator 5.0 to distributors. Net income was offset by higher payroll costs and increased stock-based

Compensation expenses. Update 10.19.01 $14.68 no bounce off $11 but $13 ½ is close enough. Move to "buy." Update: 10.29.01: $13.65 no change.

Datakey [DKEY-3.07] on watch list because it is a provider of smart card-based information security and digital signature solutions. For the 6 months ended 6/30/01, revenues rose 68% to $2.4M. Net loss from continuing operations increased 38% to $1.9M. Revenues reflect increased acceptance of the Company's information security product offerings. Net loss reflects increased S/G/A expenses due to costs related to the opening and staffing of three additional sales offices. Update 10.19.01 $4.15 a nice move to $6+ but the real buy point is coming up and that is sub three. Continue to watch only. Update: 10.29.01: $4.16 there may be one more spike to just $5.00, but more likely is the break to a new buy point at just under $2.50. Exit to re-purchase.

Identix, Inc. [IDNX-8.18] the move $3.00 to nearly $11.00 was interesting. We have this on our watch list for a break and possible buy sub $5.00. IDX develops, manufactures and markets products that identify individuals through their fingerprints, & products that capture forensic quality fingerprint images. For the FY ended 6/01, revenues rose 11% to $81.8M. Net loss before acct. change applic. to Comm. totaled $27.6M, up from $12.9M. Results reflect higher live - scan systems revenues, offset by $1.9M restructuring charge. No debt and NO EARNINGS. Update 10.19.01 $7.79 a move to $11 [almost] but the buy point is still lower-perhaps a break of $ 6.00. Watching only. Update: 10.29.01: $7.30 and our buy point is a break of $5.00.

Efunds, Inc. [EFDS-15.55] reluctant mover to the downside. We can see why given the growth or earnings and revs in a crummy environment. Here are the quarterly numbers: Update 10.19.01 $ 17.18 we will disconnect from this stock. Appears just boring.

Update: 10.29.01: $17.09Â…maybe not so boring. Let's buy again.

Intelli Check, Inc. [IDN-11.95] On watch list and no interest North of ten. IDN manufactures and markets an advanced document verification system to determine the customer's age and validity of the ID to detect and prevent the use of fraudulent identification. For the 6 months ended 6/30/01, revenues rose from $47K to $475K Revenues reflect the initial sales of ID-Check terminals and terminal accessories. Higher loss reflects higher personnel-related and advertising expenses. Update 10.19.01 $ 13.10 and we are not yet seriously interested unless we can see a break of ten. That does look likely.

Update: 10.29.01: $16.05 hold, but looking to sell a move to the $20 range-if so - traders out.

Factual Data Corp [FDCC-10.15] Accumulate the eights and nines. We like the mortgage finance area. FDCC provides a broad range of information services including business-to-business services to the mortgage lending industry For the 6 months ended 6/01, revenues

Increased 63% to $25.8M. Net income totaled $2.1M, up from $199K. Update 10.19.01 $ 9.49 the eights and nines do look right. Move from "accumulate" to "buy." Update: 10.29.01: $9.25 no change.


Helen of Troy [HELE-9.75]. Strong Buy sub ten. Helen of Troy Limited designs, develops and sells hair dryers, curling irons, hot air brushes, brush irons, lighted mirrors, hair setters,

Brushes, combs, hair accessories, women's shavers, footbaths, body massagers and hair clippers. For the 3 months ended 5/31/01, sales rose 20% to $91M. Net income rose 97% to $4.6M. Revenues reflect increased sales in the Tactica operating segment. Earnings also benefited improved margins. Update 10.19.01 $12.11 nice moveÂ…take the profit. Update: 10.29.01: $9.53 pleased with the exit and now to re-buy the break of $7.00.


Sketchers [SKX-11.19] and warning and warning again the obvious. Now solidly in the base. Buy. Sketcher U. S.A., Inc. designs and markets branded contemporary casual, active, rugged and lifestyle footwear for men, women and children in over 100 countries. For the 6 months ended 6/30/01, net sales increased 54% to $458.4M. Net income rose 81% to $33.9M. Revenues reflect continued products demand and increased brand awareness and marketing efforts. Earnings also reflect increased gross margins due to reduced

Inbound ocean freight costs. But going forward, the word is moderation. Update 10.19.01 $12.08 no change. Update: 10.29.01: $10.82 no change. StayingÂ…PERIOD.

Avon Products [AVP-45.85] a voice from the past. It appears that AVP has figured life out and that is showing up in good numbers in terms of both REVS and EPS. It is a global manufacturer and marketer of beauty and related products including cosmetics, fragrance and toiletries, gifts and decorative apparel, and fashion jewelry and accessories. For the 6 months ended 6/01, revenues rose 4% to $2.82B. Net income before acctg. change rose 12% to $219.7M. Revenues benefited from growth in worldwide beauty sales and increased representatives. Net income also reflects improved operating margins. Update 10.19.01 $ 46.49 no change. Update: 10.29.01: $46.86 no change.


Church & Dwight [CHD-25.29] from this solid base, a buy. Manufactures and sells sodium bicarbonate-based products which the Company sells under the "ARM & HAMMER" trademark. For the 6 months ended 6/29/01, net sales rose 30% to $513.6M. Net income rose 6% to $25.6M. Revenues benefited from increased consumer product sales due to the addition of USAD acquired brands. Net income was partially offset by a lower margin sales mix and plant and warehouse shutdown expenses. Update 10.19.01 $ 24.96-accumulate. Update: 10.29.01: $26.39. Buy.


A. C.L. N. Limited. [ASW-22.95] New comment 10.29.2001: this company with a magnificent track record of earnings and revenue growth is rated "Strong Buy." The stock has been weak since the recent top at near $50 in early September 2001. There appears to be an important intermediate-term buy point. No debt, current ratio of over 4:1, PE of about seven and only 14.2 million shares. The stock is thin and volatile. Here is the data FYI: ASW arranges for the shipment of used automobiles sold in Belgium to purchasers in North and West Africa and the Middle East, and provides related customs clearance and services. For the 6 months ended 6/01, revenues totaled $142.1M, up from $68.4M. Net income rose 62% to $31.5M. Results reflect increased pre-paid shipments of automobiles, partially offset by reduced shipping margins.

And the quarterly numbers:


REVENUES    1998  1999  2000  2001

1st Qtr MAR   14,619  19,713  28,625  63,185

2nd Qtr JUN   17,821  24,462  39,814  78,895

3rd Qtr SEP  27,936  28,156  50,304  0

4th Qtr DEC 21,506  25,207  49,406  0

EPS  (U. S. Dollars per share)

1st Qtr MAR   0.280  0.330  0.620  0.930

2nd Qtr JUN    0.330  0.420  0.740  1.210

3rd Qtr SEP   0.470  0.490  0.850  0.000

4th Qtr DEC    0.370  0.460  0.710  0.000

And a negative as well:

LOS ANGELES, Oct. 29 /PRNewswire/

-- A. C.L. N. Limited (NYSE: ASW) today stated that it has come to the Company's

Attention that there have been published reports discussing a new Nigerian regulation that

Would prevent the import of automobiles more than five years old, which is proposed to go into effect from January 15, 2002. As of today, neither A. C.L. N., nor its port agent in Lagos, Nigeria, have received official notice of this regulation as is customary.

In the first six months of 2001, A. C.L. N. provided logistics services for approximately

24,870 cars to Lagos, Nigeria. Approximately 30% of those cars, or 7,460cars, were five years old or older. Going forward, if this new regulation becomes effective, A. C.L. N. expects that as much as 30% of its logistics volume to Lagos could be affected in 2002. Based on this information, A. C.L. N. believes that this could translate to as many as 24,000 cars, which could reduce gross profit by as much as $3.6 million or $0.24 per share in 2002. This new policy is not expected to affect the Company's rapidly growing truck logistics services business to Lagos.

A. C.L. N. Limited President and Chief Executive Officer Aldo Labiad said, "Typically,

A. C.L. N. and our port agent in Lagos would receive official notification of a new regulation such as this. As of today, neither our port agent nor A. C.L. N. have received any such notice. In our business, we experience changes in local import legislation from time to time.

"However, if this regulation were to become effective, our experience in these markets

Indicates that some percentage of cars barred from the port in Lagos as a result of this legislation could be shipped to other nearby ports we service such as Cotonou, Benin. In addition, any legislation prohibiting older, more affordable cars, could result in increased demand for inexpensive new cars, such as those sold as a part of our wholesale distribution business in the markets we serve."

Labiad continued, "Benin has been a strong market in West Africa this year for A. C.L. N. Tariffs charged in Benin were recently reduced to 20% for used cars, among the lowest in West Africa. The port of Cotonou, Benin is less congested than Lagos, has slightly

Higher margins, and is quite close to the Western border of Nigeria. We would expect that some of the car volume which would be diverted from Lagos as a result of this regulation could be redirected to Benin."

According to Labiad, the Company anticipates earnings for the third quarter of this

Year to be in line with expectations when they are reported on November 14, 2001.

About A. C.L. N. Limited

A. C.L. N. Limited (www. aclnfltd. com) is a global leader in automobile and truck logistics, serving six European ports, and fourteen ports of destination in Africa. Founded in 1978, A. C.L. N. Currently operates two primary business segments: (i) automobile and truck

Logistics services between Europe and Africa, and (ii) a wholesale automobile service in Africa. With an established global network, A. C.L. N. provides door-to-door shipping and logistics of personal vehicles from Europe to developing countries in Africa.


Beazer Homes Usa, Inc. new comment 10.29.01 [BZH-44.90] we recently recommended BZH with a "Strong Buy" recommendation. We have a very strong pattern of revenue and earnings growth and we see not reason to think with interest rates near or at 40 year lows that this should not accrue to BZH's advantage. Given also the decline in the price of the stock from the 52-week high of $79+ in July, 2001, we think the risk/reward is very much on the side of the buyer. BZH designs, constructs, markets and sells single family homes in AZ, CA, FL, GA, MD, NV, NJ, NC, PA, SC, TN, TX and VA. For the 9 months ended 6/01, revenues rose 15% to $1.19B. Net income rose 92% to $51.8M. Revenues reflect growth in home and land sales and increased mortgage origination revenues. Earnings also reflect higher prices in most markets, lower costs for raw materials and the absence of

An investment write-down.

Beazer Homes Usa, Inc.


REVENUES 1998  1999  2000  2001

1st Qtr DEC 155,626 242,110 308,745 365,050

2nd Qtr MAR    221,323 327,344 332,961 374,2

Thursday, August 12, 2004

NIH Awards Capgemini Government Solutions LLC IT Portfolio Management Contract for the Center for Scientific Review

NIH Awards Capgemini Government Solutions LLC IT Portfolio Management Contract for the Center for Scientific Review

Capgemini to provide comprehensive, collaborative approach to streamline, align, and enhance National Institutes of Health (NIH) capital planning and investment control

Herndon, VA (PRWEB) November 2, 2008

Health and Human Services National Institutes of Health (NIH) has awarded Capgemini Government Solutions LLC, a member of the Capgemini Group, one of the world's foremost providers of consulting, technology and outsourcing services, a prime contract to serve as the IT Portfolio Manager for the Center for Scientific Review (CSR).

Capgemini Government Solutions LLC will provide strategic program planning and leadership alignment approaches proven successful with other Federal Government clients, as well as many Fortune 500® companies, incorporating strategic alignment, demand management, and program management processes.

The Center for Scientific Review chose Capgemini due to a combination of the firm's qualified Integrated Program Support framework, unique Collaborative Business Experience approach to working with clients, and the quality of work delivered to other Federal Government agencies. For decades, Capgemini has worked with public sector organizations to develop IT strategies, implement technology platforms, refine organizational processes and support change management initiatives. As a result of the current initiative, NIH CSR expects to should gain a robust IT portfolio management capability, including a center of excellence, associated governance model, and enhanced processes.

"In our experience at Capgemini, we have found that the most critical success factor in mature portfolio management processes is developing a compelling strategy with clear goals and measures of success," says Val Lyons, President and CEO of Capgemini Government Solutions LLC. Capgemini brings leading practices, a collaborative approach and proven tools and methods to help NIH CSR utilize scarce IT resources to complete its mission of managing its IT portfolio."

The Center for Scientific Review serves as the portal for NIH (as well as other components of HHS) grant applications, and is responsible for reviewing grants for scientific merit, organizing peer review, and study sections. CSR's mission has remain unchanged since 1946: to provide NIH grant applications fair, independent, expert and timely reviews, free from inappropriate influences, so that NIH may fund the most promising research. Capgemini's IT Portfolio Management methodology, collaborative approach, and compelling team will help CSR achieve its objectives and mission.
About Capgemini

Capgemini, one of the world's foremost providers of consulting, technology and outsourcing services, enables its clients to transform and perform through technologies. Capgemini provides its clients with insights and capabilities that boost their freedom to achieve superior results through a unique way of working - the Collaborative Business Experience - and through a global delivery model called Rightshore®, which aims to offer the right resources in the right location at competitive cost. Present in 36 countries, Capgemini reported 2007 global revenues of EUR 8.7 billion and employs over 86,000 people worldwide.

More information is available at http://www. capgemini. com (http://www. capgemini. com)

About Capgemini Government Solutions
Capgemini Government Solutions LLC is committed to working with government clients to ensure they are successful in their strategic, tactical and transformation initiatives. Capgemini helps organizations create sustainable value by employing innovative business process improvement strategies and applied solutions that utilize a unique method of engagement: the Collaborative Business Experience (CBE). By providing public and private sector experience, best practices, and proven tools and methodologies tailored for the U. S. government's unique requirements, we help clients build knowledge and capabilities as we work together to drive transformation agendas. With a dedicated core team of professionals in Herndon, VA, Capgemini Government Solutions was formed in 2002 to offer U. S. Government agencies deep transformation, consulting, and IT expertise.

More information is available at http://www. capgemini-gs. com (http://www. capgemini-gs. com)


Swisslog to Present SpeciMinder™ Autonomous Mobile Robot at CLMA ThinkLab

Swisslog to Present SpeciMinder™ Autonomous Mobile Robot at CLMA ThinkLab

Swisslog to present new autonomous mobile robot for use inside hospital laboratories at CLMA ThinkLab '10 Conference and Exhibition in Las Vegas May 4-5.

Denver, CO (PRWEB) April 23, 2010

Many hospitals in the near future may have a quiet, soft spoken courier to move specimens and other materials among workstations in their central laboratory. This courier will not require a desk, will not take lunch breaks, will never call in sick and will be available to work 12 hours per day.

This “perfect courier” is an autonomous mobile robot called SpeciMinder™, which will give demonstrations at Swisslog booth #409 at the CLMA ThinkLab ’10 at the MGM Grand Las Vegas May 4-5. CLMA is an international association of more than 4,000 clinical laboratory professionals. Swisslog is a leader in automated materials transport and pharmacy automation solutions with systems installed in more than 3,000 hospitals worldwide.

The SpeciMinder mobile robot at CLMA, nicknamed “Kenny,” will move within the Swisslog booth and participate in product demonstrations. SpeciMinders are available now and are designed exclusively for intra-departmental applications, particularly within hospital central laboratories, where they can provide both on-demand and scheduled transport of specimens weighing up to 50 pounds.

The primary benefit of the robots is a tremendous increase in operational efficiency. They significantly reduce the manual labor required to move materials around a large department, resulting in many man-hours being returned to the department for other work.

SpeciMinders are highly maneuverable, capable of passing through congested hallways and door openings as narrow as 27 inches. Their small footprint allows them to turn on their axis. The robots, which move at normal walking speed, feature easy-to-use and flexible route generation technology and a collision avoidance system.

“The SpeciMinder is a natural extension of Swisslog’s Automated Materials Transport Systems (AMTS) product family,” said Jim Patrician, senior vice president of Swisslog Healthcare Solutions. “As a company, we have a solid track-record of responding to marketplace demands. By adding SpeciMinder to our AMTS product portfolio, we continue that tradition.”

The SpeciMinder autonomous mobile robot is available for either purchase or lease.

In addition to SpeciMinder’s debut to laboratory managers, Swisslog will use the CLMA show to present information about its pneumatic tube systems (PTS) for rapid on-demand transport of light unit loads throughout the hospital. PTS carriers and accessories will also be on display.

Swisslog Healthcare Solutions is the leading supplier of logistics automation solutions for healthcare facilities. Swisslog has installed automated materials transport and pharmacy automation systems in more than 2,000 hospitals in North America. Swisslog offers total systems design, manufacturing, installation and customer support providing a complete supply chain management approach to the logistics challenges of hospitals. The North American division of Swisslog Healthcare Solutions is based in Denver, CO.

About Swisslog

Swisslog is a global provider of integrated logistics solutions for warehouses, distribution centers and hospitals. Its comprehensive services portfolio ranges from building complex warehouses and distribution centers to implementing Swisslog's own software to intra-company logistics solutions for hospitals.

Swisslog’s solutions optimize customers’ production, logistics and distribution processes in order to increase flexibility, responsiveness and quality of service while minimizing logistics costs. With years of experience in the development and implementation of integrated logistics solutions, Swisslog provides the expertise that customers in more than 50 countries rely on.

Headquartered in Buchs/Aarau, Switzerland, Swisslog currently employs over 2,000 staff in about 20 countries worldwide. The group’s parent company, Swisslog Holding AG, is listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange (security number: 1232462, Telekurs: SLOG, Reuters: SLOG. S). For more information, visit www. swisslog. com.

# # #

Amistaff Launches RN Medical/Surgical & RN Pharmacology Exams Using New Validation Process Focused on Improving Quality of Patient Care

Amistaff Launches RN Medical/Surgical & RN Pharmacology Exams Using New Validation Process Focused on Improving Quality of Patient Care

Amistaff Healthcare Technology, Inc. continues to raise standards of validated exam development with their NurseTesting. com service releasing the new RN Medical/Surgical Exam and RN Pharmacology Exam. Utilizing a competency exam validation process uniquely designed for the healthcare industry, hospitals and healthcare staffing firms receive access to exam content corresponding with specific job functions and requirements. Assisting with hiring and retaining the most qualified personnel for healthcare positions directly correlates to improving quality of patient care.

High Point, NC (Vocus) March 25, 2010

Amistaff Healthcare Technology, Inc. – leader in healthcare competency – continues to raise standards of validated exam development with their NurseTesting. com (http://www. nursetesting. com/proficiency/) service releasing the new Registered Nurse Medical/Surgical Exam and Registered Nurse Pharmacology Exam. Utilizing a new validation process never before applied to healthcare competency exams, hospitals and healthcare staffing firms receive access to exam content linked directly to specific job functions and requirements. Assisting with hiring and retaining the most qualified personnel for healthcare positions directly correlates to improving quality of patient care.

The RN Med/Surg Exam determines clinician competency based on the general med/surg patient population. This exam is inclusive of general disease pathologies along with provision of care familiar to the med/surg setting.

The RN Pharmacology Exam is designed to determine clinician competency in the area of RN pharmacology. This exam is inclusive of all vital components in the provision of care related to administration of medications and parenteral therapies.

The new exams augment NurseTesting. com’s extensive exam library (http://www. nursetesting. com/assessments/clinical/) which follows standards set forth by The Joint Commission (http://www. jointcommission. org/) (a national healthcare standards organization). The new content validation process takes the Uniform Guidelines on Employee Selection Procedures (1978) and applies them to the development of these assessments.

The two phase development process starts with an in-depth Job Analysis where Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) provide a series of ratings for key job/duties/tasks and specific knowledge, skills, and abilities expected of healthcare professionals on the first day of the job. Then SMEs develop a test plan and begin writing items for exams.

During both phases statistical data is collected and analyzed (i. e. inter-rater reliabilities and Angoff ratings) yielding final recommendations for which items to include in the assessments. The data collected affords the opportunity for assigning initial unmodified Angoff Cutoff Scores (http://blog. amistaff. net/angoff_modified_score/). Widely-used arbitrary cutoff scores leave hospitals and staffing agencies wide-open for adverse impact claims. Amistaff's validation process (http://www. nursetesting. com/proficiency/validation/) helps minimize legal responsibility for hospitals and staffing agencies from the use of pass/fail cutoff scores.

Overseeing the implementation of the research and revision system, Chief Nursing Officer, James Ostmann Sr. RN, MBA, states, "We are confident that with the use of our newly validated exams, a more accurate assessment of healthcare professionals will be available, empowering the employer to select the best candidate for the position, thereby improving the quality of care being delivered to patients across the country."

Amistaff will continue utilization of this rigorous content validation process on future exams in an effort to provide high caliber pre-screening assessment tools for the healthcare industry. Implementing pre-screening standards aimed at hiring and retaining the best qualified healthcare professionals attests to facilities' and staffing agencies' commitment to improving quality of patient care.

About Amistaff Healthcare Technology - Amistaff Healthcare Technology was founded in 2004 as a healthcare staffing solutions provider. Amistaff creates products and services that help hospitals and healthcare staffing firms improve recruitment, retention and placement of caregivers. Amistaff includes a team of IT professionals, RN’s and former recruiters allowing Amistaff to base their products on an in-depth understanding of each client’s unique staffing requirements. All of the Amistaff products, including Prophecy Health (http://www. prophecyhealth. com/demo/), NurseTesting. com, and BlueSky Medical Staffing Software, are web-based solutions designed to simplify workflow and increase efficiency. Visit www. amistaff. com for additional information.

# # #

Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Baptist Geropsychiatric Program Relocates, Expands and Focuses on Team Approach to Treatment

Baptist Geropsychiatric Program Relocates, Expands and Focuses on Team Approach to Treatment

Baptist moves its Geropsychiatric Program to Baptist Medical Center in Jackson, Mississippi. The program will expand to incorporate 22 inpatient beds as well.

(PRWEB) March 27, 2004

For older people suffering from depression, anxiety, grief, hallucinations or other problems associated with mental illness, Baptist Behavioral Health Services has an inpatient Geropsychiatric Program designed to address specific needs for senior adults.

According to Psychiatrist Dr. William Cook, Jr., Baptist treats the elderly with clinical depression, anxiety and psychiatric symptoms as a result of some type of dementia. Alzheimer's disease is one of many types of dementia, which is an age-related, and irreversible brain disorder that occurs gradually and results in memory loss, behavior and personality changes, and a decline in thinking abilities.

"Psychiatric symptoms evolve as a result of the decline of their physical health, independence and the loss of spouses, relatives or friends," said Baptist Geropsychiatric Program Medical Director Dr. Cook. "The most common problem is psychotic disorders which impair a person's ability to think clearly, respond emotionally, communicate effectively, understand reality and behave appropriately."

Of the nearly 35 million Americans age 65 and older, an estimated 2 million have a depressive illness and another 5 million may have "subsyndromal depression," or depressive symptoms that fall short of meeting full diagnostic criteria for a disorder, according to the National Institute of Mental Health. Older Americans are disproportionately likely to die by suicide. Comprising only 13 percent of the U. S. population, individuals age 65 and older accounted for 18 percent of all suicide deaths in 2000.

"The road to healing the elderly can be long," Dr. Cook said. "What makes our program unique is the team of health care professionals committed to healing them. We treat the patient and counsel the family."

Located in Jackson, Miss., the Baptist Geropsychiatric Program moved from the Gilfoy Building to 5A of Baptist Medical Center in December 2003 and is in the process of expanding the program to 22 inpatient beds specializing in psychiatric care for the elderly.

"This made a significant impact on the patient and staff. We have all private rooms and plenty of space for our patients. It's bright and offers a therapeutic environment with immediate access to all of the hospital's resources and emergency care if needed," Dr. Cook added.

Baptist's program provides patients with inpatient treatment seven days a week. Patients see a psychiatrist on a daily basis; once a week, family members are invited to attend a multi-disciplinary meeting to plan and evaluate treatment. Occupational and physical therapy are also provided on a consultation basis. Each patient is given a medical evaluation upon admission into this medically supervised program. The patient's personal physician can follow the patient medically during his or her stay on the unit.

Family members have weekly meetings with the multidisciplinary treatment team on the geropsychiatric unit. Referrals are made to dementia support groups in the area and counseling for family members if needed. The employees also provide psychiatric consultative services for the elderly in other parts of the hospital.

The geropsychiatric unit offers a follow-up psychiatric medication management clinic for those who have completed the inpatient program but still need assistance. A dedicated case coordinator can provide a free, confidential evaluation in the hospital, the patient's home, in a physician's office or in a nursing home.

For more information call the Baptist Health Line at 1-800-948-6262 or 948-6262.

Integrated Healthcare Strategies Announces National Air Dates for “Inside Business Review” Segment

Integrated Healthcare Strategies Announces National Air Dates for “Inside Business Review” Segment

Integrated Healthcare Strategies, a human resource consulting firm, will appear nationally on Inside Business Review for a segment on challenges faced by hospital executives and how healthcare consulting firms can assist with strategic solutions.

Minneapolis, MN (Vocus/PRWEB) November 30, 2010

Integrated Healthcare Strategies (IHStrategies), a healthcare human resource consulting firm with offices in Minneapolis and Kansas City, today announced the national air date for its featured interview on Inside Business Review, hosted by Fred Thompson.

The segment will air nationally on the Fox Business Network on Saturday, December 4, 2010 at 4:00 PM ET. It will also air regionally on CNN Headline News and various regional news networks over the next several months.

IHStrategies was proud to participate in the segment and contribute to the program’s initiative to deliver news that focus on industries, trends, and relevant issues in American society, and that is a powerful resource for management issues. The show is hosted by Senator Fred Thompson, a recognized politician and actor who first made a national name for himself with his role in revealing the audio-taping system in the White House Oval Office that uncovered the Watergate scandal.

Viewers of the Inside Business Review segment will observe the complex responsibilities of hospital executives, who must juggle day-to-day challenges with longer-term issues. IHStrategies Executive Vice President, Kevin Haeberle, comments on how healthcare management consulting firms like IHStrategies can partner with healthcare organizations as advisors on strategic operational challenges to help them succeed, which in turn benefits their communities.

“Our extensive experience specializing exclusively in the people aspect of healthcare delivery has given us insight into the current and future needs of healthcare providers, and allows us to offer them critical support and advice during these challenging times,” said Haeberle during the interview.

To view a recording of the Inside Business Review segment on the IHStrategies homepage, and to see upcoming regional air dates, visit http://www. IHStrategies. com.

About Integrated Healthcare Strategies
Integrated Healthcare Strategies provides not-for-profit healthcare organizations with direct access to a comprehensive array of healthcare-specific services, delivered by professionals from the industry who understand the rigors of running a healthcare organization – from the lunchroom to the Board Room. Its client list is a “who’s who” of healthcare organizations including over 1200 major healthcare providers, 1,800 hospitals, and 700 independent and affiliated medical groups. Integrated Healthcare Strategies specializes in the areas of physician strategy and compensation, employee compensation, executive compensation, human capital solutions, labor relations, leadership transition planning, executive search, employee surveys, performance management and board governance solutions. ihstrategies. com.