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Rhino Internet and Mighty Interactive Bring Greyhound Racing to the Web

Rhino Internet and Mighty Interactive Bring Greyhound Racing to the Web

Rhino Internet and Mighty Interactive Cross the Finish Line with Greyhound Park Sites

Rhino Internet Solutions, Inc., (PRWEB) January 11, 2003 -

Tempe, Arizona – January 9, 2003 –based Internet solutions provider and Mighty Interactive, Inc. (Mighty) a Phoenix-based Internet consulting firm, recently launched new Web sites for Phoenix Greyhound Park of Arizona (“PGP” www. phoenixgreyhoundpark. com) and Southland Greyhound Park of Arkansas (“SGP” www. southlandgreyhoundpark. com). The new sites dramatically improve the online experience for greyhound racing aficionados by offering live video streams of races, special offers via email, easy-to-use racing information updated daily, and how-to guides for new bettors.

Daily programs and results offered online will make it easier for bettors to get access to the information they need to evaluate greyhounds and pick winners. A New Players Guide provides a tutorial to novice players on how to bet before they go to the racetrack or Off Track Betting site.

Mighty has worked with PGP and SGP for nearly a year, creating strategic plans and Web site information architecture. Rhino and Mighty then worked together to refine and determine a specific project scope, allowing Rhino to design and program both sites, including sophisticated content management functionality that enables PGP and SGP staff to upload information and make changes to the sites quickly and easily.

Now that both sites are live, Mighty will launch and manage an online marketing plan including emails sent to subscribers and special online offers, as PGP and SGP begin utilizing Internet technology to keep regular customers informed, and attract new clients.

“This new Web site and the investment we’ve made in it recognize the fact that the Internet is quickly becoming the preferred information medium for experienced and new greyhound racing fans. As the Internet becomes an even more important part of the experience, we’ll continue to enhance the site to accommodate the needs of our customers,” said Dan Luciano, General Manager of Phoenix Greyhound Park.

“The Southland Greyhound Park site (and its sister site in Phoenix) is now among the very best in the racing industry. Southland and Phoenix are consistently recognized as top-notch greyhound racing facilities, and these new Web sites extend our commitment to excellence to the Internet,” said Barry Baldwin, General Manager of Southland Greyhound Park.

In addition to the substantial amounts of racing data – including statistics – the sites also include these features:

· Information about groups and parties

· Special events calendar

· Adopt A Greyhound information

· Updated menus from the clubhouse dining rooms

· Detailed information about Off Track Betting facilities (Arizona only)

· Updated calendar of simulcasts carried at the tracks

· Direct links to results and programs from other greyhound and horse tracks across the country

About Rhino Internet Solutions

Rhino Internet Solutions, Inc. (www. rhinointernet. com) builds customized e-business solutions for companies that demand strategic planning, superior user experience design, efficient e-business performance and scalability. An employee-owned company founded in 1994, Rhino focuses on improving their clientÂ’s businesses by producing award-winning Internet solutions that generate a return on investment, increase efficiencies or solve a business problem. Rhino clients include America West Airlines, Arizona Opera, Beverly Enterprises, Inc., Del Webb (Pulte) Corporation, imortgage. com, Mutual Insurance Company of Arizona, and the Phoenix Coyotes.

About Mighty Interactive

Mighty Interactive, Inc. (www. mightyinteractive. com) is an Internet consulting firm that works with leading companies to understand what their customers want online, and how to exceed those expectations. Through strategic planning, ease of use consulting and interactive marketing programs, Mighty Interactive has improved the Internet initiatives of more than 200 companies. Clients include Pinnacle West, Arizona Highways Magazine, Phoenix ChildrenÂ’s Hospital (recently named Best Healthcare Site by the Web Marketing Association), The Flinn Foundation, VIACK Corporation and Talking Rock Ranch.

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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Hospice and Palliative Care of Westchester Executive Director to Present at County's Livable Community Conference

Hospice and Palliative Care of Westchester Executive Director to Present at County's Livable Community Conference

Westchester County is among the country's leaders in supporting livable communities that foster a high quality of life for people of all ages and enable seniors to remain in their homes and communities as they age. Recognizing the important role that hospice plays in the continuum of resources in livable communities, Hospice & Palliative Care of Westchester (HPCW) is collaborating with several organizations on the first regional livable communities conference. Livable Communities: A Vision for All Ages will be held on October 2, 2009, at the Westchester Marriott, Tarrytown.

White Plains, NY (PRWEB) September 24, 2009

Westchester County is among the country's leaders in supporting livable communities that foster a high quality of life for people of all ages and enable seniors to remain in their homes and communities as they age.

Recognizing the important role that hospice plays in the continuum of resources in livable communities, Hospice & Palliative Care of Westchester (HPCW) is collaborating with several organizations on the first regional livable communities conference. Livable Communities: A Vision for All Ages will be held on October 2, 2009, at the Westchester Marriott, Tarrytown.

The Westchester County Department of Senior Programs will coordinate the conference, which will feature lectures and workshops by local and national livable communities experts. Topics include transportation, technology, legal and financial issues, environmental concerns, caregiving, affordable housing and multigenerational programs.

Jesse Caudill, Spiritual Coordinator at HPCW, will serve as a panelist at Communities for all Ages through Congregational Engagement, one of the 11 conference workshops. Caudill will address community outreach in congregant settings along with other panelists, including Bishop Dr. Wilbert G. Preston, Christ Temple GIPHC, Inc.; Reverend Doctor William Weisenbach, First Presbyterian Church of Katonah; and panel moderator Rabbi Jay Miller, Executive Director, Peninsula Clergy Network, San Mateo, Calif.

In conjunction with the conference, HPCW also is sponsoring a pre-conference clergy luncheon on October 1, 2009, 12 pm to 2 pm, at the Marriott. Members of the clergy are invited to attend at no cost.

Kate Colburn, M. A., HPCW Executive Director, will speak at the luncheon about the place for hospice in livable communities as well as the role of clergy in ensuring quality of life during end-of-life care.

Colburn oversees the management of the not-for-profit Hospice & Palliative Care of Westchester to ensure that patients receive the care and attention they need during their final months and days. She has dedicated her career to hospice care and has authored numerous articles on the topic. Colburn serves on the Board of Trustees of the Hospice and Palliative Care Association of New York State.

"Aging in place includes last stages of life, a time when hospice personnel can be of help to members of the clergy and their congregants during difficult life-threatening illnesses," said Colburn. "Hospice works hand-in-hand with the clergy to ensure that individuals who are facing such illnesses can live with dignity, and that their loved ones can get the support they need."

The conference is open to members of the community, government officials, area organizations and businesses, and members of the clergy. The cost of the full-day conference, including breakfast and lunch, is $50. For reservations, call 914-813-6406 or visit http://www. westchestergov. com/seniors_regionalconference. htm (http://www. westchestergov. com/seniors_regionalconference. htm).

Members of the clergy can register for the luncheon by contacting Martin Yablonsky, Northern Regional Coordinator, Westchester County Livable Community Connection Project, at 917-952- 9193.

Hospice & Palliative Care of Westchester is located at 311 North Street, Suite 204, White Plains, NY. For additional information, visit www. hospiceofwestchester. com or call 914-682-1484.

About Hospice & Palliative Care of Westchester: Hospice & Palliative Care of Westchester is a private, not-for-profit healthcare agency that provides skilled, compassionate and comprehensive end-of-life home care to patients with any diagnosis and gives support to their families and loved ones.


Wednesday, March 29, 2006

GlaxoSmithKline Travel Health: 55 percent of travellers needlessly put themselves at risk from a potentially fatal virus

GlaxoSmithKline Travel Health: 55 percent of travellers needlessly put themselves at risk from a potentially fatal virus

Travellers urged to seek hepatitis B vaccination before going abroad

London, UK (PRWeb UK) May 19, 2009

A new survey of travellers who visited hepatitis B endemic areas, reveals that over 55 per cent(1) of them were not vaccinated against the virus, which kills almost two people a minute(2).

More people are choosing destinations outside the Eurozone, such as Egypt and Turkey,(3) where hepatitis B may be common. The survey suggests that many travellers are still not seeking travel health advice and so putting themselves at risk of a preventable disease.

Despite its seriousness, the survey reveals that people admit they have travelled to destinations where hepatitis B is common without getting vaccinated and that they know little about the disease:(1)
 70 per cent admit that they don't know the health implications of contracting hepatitis B(1)  75 per cent admit that they are unaware of the destinations where the risk of contracting the virus is increased.(1)

Hepatitis B is passed on via blood and body fluids and can cause flu-like symptoms, jaundice and more seriously, liver cancer. Vaccination is highly effective in preventing hepatitis B. Official sources estimate that as many as 180,000 people are infected with hepatitis B in the UK(4) however the Hepatitis B Foundation propose that this figure may be as high as 325,000.(5) Common in destinations such as Southern Europe, South-East Asia, Africa and the Middle and Far East,(2) hepatitis B is a global problem that has infected about 2 billion people, 350 million of whom have chronic (long-term) infection.(6) Worldwide, one million people die each year from the virus - that's nearly two people a minute.(2)

Dr Jane Zuckerman, University College London Medical School, comments: "Hepatitis B is a devastating disease and unfortunately many people have it without knowing about it. It is a silent killer that can lead to liver cancer. It is essential to protect your health by getting appropriate travel health advice and vaccinations before embarking on your trip. Make sure you don't become infected and get travel health advice and vaccinations as soon as you have booked your holiday."

Hepatitis B is a serious but preventable infectious disease. The virus can survive for up to a week in dried blood and body fluids and just a tiny cut or scratch can let it into the body where it can infect the liver.(7) Hepatitis B can be easily prevented by getting vaccinated well before the departure date. Vaccination is very effective in preventing hepatitis B and can provide travellers with peace of mind for many holidays to come.

Notes to editors
The survey
The online survey was conducted by www. OnePoll. com] on behalf of GlaxoSmithKline (www. vaccines. co. uk)] during April 2009. The survey was completed by 3,000 travellers. 1,897 visited destinations in the last five years where levels of hepatitis B are considered intermediate and high by the World Health Organisation. These respondents were questioned further.

Hepatitis B
 Hepatitis B is second only to tobacco, as a cause of cancer in the world(8)  Hepatitis B can be caught by sharing contaminated objects eg razors, needles, equipment used for tattooing or manicuring etc. as well as through direct transfer of body fluids(9)  Many people with HBV (hepatitis B virus) infection have no symptoms while others develop flu-like symptoms. Some people will develop jaundice (yellowing of the eyes and skin) as a result of the liver inflammation(10, 11)  Worldwide, about 2 billion people have been infected with the hepatitis B virus(6)  Exposure to Hepatitis B while travelling is often unpredictable, resulting from accidents or illness while overseas(12)  Most new cases of chronic HBV infection, detected in the UK are acquired overseas(4)

GlaxoSmithKline Travel Health offers protection and services that go the extra mile.

GlaxoSmithKline - one of the world's leading research-based pharmaceutical and healthcare companies - is committed to improving the quality of human life by enabling people to do more, feel better and live longer.

1. Online survey conducted by OnePoll. com on behalf of GlaxoSmithKline. April 2009
2. The Hepatitis B Foundation. http://www. hepb. org/pdf/hepb_fast_facts. pdf (http://www. hepb. org/pdf/hepb_fast_facts. pdf). (Last accessed 11.05.09)
3. Provisional data for 2008. International Passenger Survey, National Statistics © Crown copyright material is reproduced with the permission of the Controller of HMSO (and the Queen's Printer for Scotland)/2008
4. Pollard AJ. Hepatitis B vaccination. BMJ 2007; 335: 950
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6. World Health Organisation Factsheet No 204 2008 revision. Hepatitis B. http://www. who. int/mediacentre/factsheets/fs204/en/ (http://www. who. int/mediacentre/factsheets/fs204/en/) (Last accessed 11.05.09)
7. Mast EE et al. Transmission of blood borne pathogens during sports: risk and prevention. Ann Int Med 1995; 122 (4): 283
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12. Zuckerman JN, Hoet B. Hepatitis B immunisation in travellers: poor risk perception and inadequate protection. Travel Med Inf Dis 2008; 6: 315-320


Sarah Matthews 
Sarah-jessica. matthews (at) virgohealth (dot) com
020 8939 2466 / 07968 366 526

Robert Kingston 
Robert. kingston (at) virgohealth (dot) com 
020 8939 2479 / 07745 555 713

Tara Lanigan
Tara. lanigan (at) virgohealth (dot) com 
020 8939 2463 / 07973 931 048

Registered in England & Wales:
No. 3888792
Registered Office:
980 Great West Road
Brentford, Middlesex

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HiT Software Delivers New Release of Allora with Connector to Xpriori's XMS Virtual XML Database

HiT Software Delivers New Release of Allora with Connector to Xpriori's XMS Virtual XML Database

HiT Software and Xpriori partner to offer high end solution for bi-directional data transformation between XMS™ XML virtual database and relational databases.

Colorado Springs, CO; San Jose, CA (PRWEB) August 25, 2006

Xpriori today announced the general availability of HiT Software's Allora, the most flexible product on the market to bi-directionally transform data between XMS™ XML database contents and relational database structures. With its powerful and easy-to-use graphical user interface, Allora offers a fast and convenient way to transform data from any relational database to XMS, or, even more challenging, to map and transform XMS data into relational data.

Allora spares developers from tedious database application programming and allows instant interoperability with XMS at minimum cost. XML and database application developers in all industries can use Allora to facilitate development of applications which need to access data in relational databases, XML documents or XMS databases. By leveraging intuitive graphical mapping tools, transformation wizards, well-documented APIs, scripting capability and open standards for data access, HiT Software offers developers superior data management with minimum maintenance, administration and support in an open architecture.

“Allora acts as a bridge between XMS and relational databases,” said Giacomo Lorenzin, president and CEO of HiT Software. “Our product appeals to all companies that want to take advantage of a powerful XML native database like XMS, but still need either to retrieve or store data in a relational database.”

Data integration projects typically involve leverage of corporate legacy databases with new, more flexible applications including the use of XML to transport data (JMS Queues, Web Services) and smaller, more easily manageable local databases (until recently, databases such as MySQL and Microsoft SQL Server). With the increasing popularity of XML databases, Allora and XMS provide a means for developers to focus new applications entirely around XML data. “All XMS customers that need to link XMS with a relational database can use Allora,” said Tim Dix, president and chairman of Xpriori.

Allora is typically used by developers who work for companies that rather than having their development team spend time in writing code for difficult mapping and transformation projects, prefer to rely on a powerful tool like Allora that can considerably cut their development time. However, Allora can also be used by people that are not necessarily programmers, because the action of mapping and transforming data between XML and databases is carried out via an easy-to-use graphical interface.

All industries can take advantage of Allora, but in particular those that have defined XML as the preferred protocol to exchange information such as the financial industry, manufacturing, health insurance, government and others.


The ability to transform data between XMS and relational databases is already available as part of Allora 4.2-7. An evaluation copy can be downloaded from www. HiTsw. com. Developers planning a project that involves XML/XMS and relational data should consider using Allora to shorten application time-to-market.

About HiT Software, Inc.

HiT Software is a leading developer of standards-based products for relational database access. HiT Software products include DBMoto data replication, SQL middleware products for IBM DB2 access, HiT SSL Server for secure SQL middleware communications, and Allora XML-RDB run-time transformation middleware.

Founded in 1994, HiT Software is based in the center of Silicon Valley, San Jose - California, and is a member of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). HiT Software products are sold and serviced worldwide by the HiT Software direct sales team, international subsidiaries, and authorized channel partners. Additional information is available at www. hitsw. com, by sending e-mail to info@hitsw. com, or by calling (408) 345-4001.

About Xpriori, LLC.

Xpriori is a technology innovator and developer of the self-constructing XML database, XMS, which uses the company’s patented Digital Pattern Processing technology. Xpriori’s products allow developers and end users rapidly respond to changing business requirements by eliminating costly database development time. Xpriori’s products enable the creation of flexible business applications that easily adapt to heterogeneous and ever-changing data sets. Xpriori also offers both: XCM, a powerful content/document/knowledge management solution that fosters business intelligence and a product called Insight™, an interactive drill down/drill around analysis and discovery tool which enables exploration of forms of corporate data.

Founded in 2003, Xpriori is headquartered in Colorado Springs, Colorado, a national center for technological innovation. Xpriori products are sold globally, direct through Xpriori and through authorized resellers. Additional information is available by visiting www. xpriori. com or by calling (303)-482-2321.

Media Contacts:

HiT Software, Inc.

Jackie Costa-Jimenez

Marketing Coordinator

Phone:(408) 345-4001


Ryan Pocius

Marketing Manager

Phone:(719) 598-0207

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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Green Mountain Energy Company Installs 25th Solar Array in Texas Through Big Texas Sun Club&#174

Green Mountain Energy Company Installs 25th Solar Array in Texas Through Big Texas Sun Club®

Company celebrates milestone by flipping the switch for new solar system at The da Vinci School in Dallas

Dallas, TX (Vocus) October 22, 2010

Green Mountain Energy Company, Texas’ first competitive retail electric provider to offer cleaner energy, today dedicated its 25th solar array donation in Texas made possible by customers in its Big Texas Sun Club®. Green Mountain officially flipped the switch on a solar array for Texas Foundation for Educational Advancement, The da Vinci School’s brand new campus in Dallas, Texas.

Green Mountain donated $70,000 to the north Dallas early education center through its Big Texas Sun Club to fund the 28.8 kilowatt (kW) solar power system. The da Vinci campus is registered under the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) program with anticipated Gold Certification.

Green Mountain’s Super Earth mascot joined Mary Ann Greene, founder of The da Vinci School; Geoffrey Orsak, Ph. D.; Chairman of The da Vinci Board; Amy MacDonald, director of Customer Relations at Green Mountain Energy Company; Tom Stumpf, GridPoint energy efficiency consultant; and da Vinci students to officially “flip the switch” of the solar array during a ceremonial dedication today. The solar dedication kicked off the school’s celebration of its new campus, which is located at 10909 Midway Rd., Dallas, Texas.

Green Mountain funded the da Vinci School’s new solar array through its Big Texas Sun Club, a unique program in which Green Mountain’s Texas customers can choose to support solar energy development and education in Texas by contributing an additional $5 on their monthly Green Mountain Energy® electricity bill.

This is the 25th solar project built in Texas thanks to the Big Texas Sun Club. With this installation, Green Mountain’s Big Texas Sun Club will be responsible for creating almost 252 kW of new solar energy capacity in Texas since 2002. That's equivalent to avoiding 2.8 million pounds of CO2, 827,000 houses turning off all their lights for a day or removing 91,000 cars off the road for a day. For more information, visit http://www. bigtexassunclub. com. (Editor’s Note: The full list of solar installations is at the end of this document.)

“Green Mountain thinks it’s wonderful that The da Vinci School is the recipient of our 25th solar array donation through the Big Texas Sun Club,” said Amy MacDonald, director of Customer Relations, Green Mountain Energy Company. “Green Mountain’s Big Texas Sun Club customers helped make these solar arrays in Texas possible. They have supported our mission to change the way power is made, while helping us give back to the communities where our customers live, work, shop and go to school.”

The Green Mountain Energy® Solar at The da Vinci School will help reduce the school’s energy use and carbon footprint, save the school money and educate students and visitors about the benefits of solar energy. The solar photovoltaic (PV) system installed on the roof of The da Vinci School’s new Midway campus is expected to produce around 40,000 kilowatt hours (kWh) of electricity per year by converting sunlight into pollution-free electricity. This represents approximately 22 percent of the school’s projected energy needs, and is expected to save the school as much as $250,000 in electricity costs over 30 years1.

“We are thrilled to have this solar array so we can teach the children about alternative power generation and stimulate their curiosity”, said Ms. Greene. “It is equally important to us that we know we are contributing to a cleaner, healthier world for all children that will in turn have a far reaching impact into their futures.”

The solar power system is over 2,500 square feet and was built with 144 large solar panels. It is expected to offset up to 75,000 pounds of carbon dioxide (CO2) each year. That’s the equivalent of not driving over 80,000 miles annually, taking 2,400 cars off the road for a day, or more than 21,000 houses turning off their lights for a day.

As part of the donation, two signs will be placed on the campus, one outside and one inside, to help educate students, parents and visitors about the array and the importance of solar energy. The solar panels and monitoring system were installed by Gridpoint, formerly Standard Renewable Energy. This was GridPoint’s 11th solar array installation for Green Mountain and the Big Texas Sun Club.

About Texas Foundation for Educational Advancement, The da Vinci School
Serving families with children from eighteen months through the kindergarten and primer level through a unique, science-based curriculum, The da Vinci School’s mission is to help establish basic skills through teaching methods that enhance a child’s joy in learning, while fostering the child’s self-confidence and self-image. The school also employs environmentally-conscious practices in its everyday operations.

About Green Mountain Energy Company
Green Mountain, the nation’s leading competitive retail provider of cleaner energy and carbon offset solutions, was founded in 1997 “to change the way power is made.” The company is the longest serving green power marketer in the U. S. and in 2009 was ranked the “Highest in Business Customer Satisfaction with Retail Electric Service” by J. D. Power and Associates2. Green Mountain offers consumers and businesses the choice of clean electricity products from renewable sources such as wind and water, as well as a variety of carbon offset products. Green Mountain customers have collectively helped avoid over 11.3 billion pounds of CO2 emissions. For more information, visit GreenMountain. com. For information on Big Texas Sun Club visit http://www. bigtexassunclub. com.

1)Estimated savings calculated by GridPoint based on assumed current electricity price of $0.115 per kWh and annual inflation rate of 5% over the estimated 30 year useful life of the facility.

2)Green Mountain Energy Company received the highest numerical score among business electric service retailers in Texas in the proprietary J. D. Power and Associates 2009 Texas Business Retail Electric Provider Satisfaction StudySM. Study based on responses from 2,231 businesses measuring 7 retailers and measures opinions of businesses with their electric service provider. Proprietary study results are based on experiences and perceptions of consumers surveyed May-June and September-October 2009. Your experiences may vary. Visit jdpower. com.

Solar Facilities Made Possible by Green Mountain's Big Texas Sun Club Program

•Green Mountain Energy® Solar at the Winston School (58 kW) — 2002
•Green Mountain Energy® Solar at Upper Kirby (43 kW) — 2002
•Alvin High School (1kW) — 2003
•Seabrook Intermediate School (1kW) — 2003
•Houston Habitat for Humanity (1.2 kW) — 2003
•Dallas ISD Environmental Education Center (1 kW) — 2004
•Dallas Habitat for Humanity (1.2 kW) — 2005
•Heard Museum (6 kW) — 2005
•Lake Sheldon (6 kW) — 2005
•Green Mountain Energy® Solar at the Ronald McDonald House (10.8 kW ) — 2007
•Green Mountain Energy® Solar at the Museum of Nature & Science – Dallas (640 watts) -- 2008
•Green Mountain Energy® Solar at the Houston Zoo (6.4 kW) – 2008
•Green Mountain Energy® Solar at the Waco Chamber of Commerce (9.6 kW) – 2008
•Green Mountain Energy® Solar at Workshop Houston (2.26kW) – 2009
•Green Mountain Energy® Solar at Satori Elementary School – Galveston (2.8 kW) – 2009
•Green Mountain Energy® Solar at Ballroom Marfa (5.25 kW) – 2009
•Green Mountain Energy® Solar at Eastfield College – Mesquite (4.4 kW) -- 2009
•Green Mountain Energy® Solar at Texas State Technical College - Harlingen (10.08 kW) – 2009
•Green Mountain Energy® Solar at Girl Scouts of San Jacinto Council – Houston (10.08 kW) – 2009
•Green Mountain Energy® Solar at Chinquapin School – Highlands, Texas (3.2 kW) – 2009
•Green Mountain Energy® Solar at the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History (10.2 kW) –2010
•Green Mountain Energy® Solar at the McAllen Chamber of Commerce – McAllen, Texas (2.3 kW) – 2010
•Green Mountain Energy® Solar at the Texas State Aquarium – Corpus Christi, Texas (10.08kW) – 2010
•Green Mountain Energy® Solar at the Dallas Children’s Theater – (16.2 kW) – 2010
•Green Mountain Energy® Solar at the da Vinci School – Dallas (28.8 kW) – 2010


In Partnership with the Wyland Foundation, Volvo to Sponsor Nationwide Classroom Mural Contest Inspired by Disneynature’s OCEANS and 'One Ocean, One Planet' Tour

In Partnership with the Wyland Foundation, Volvo to Sponsor Nationwide Classroom Mural Contest Inspired by Disneynature’s OCEANS and 'One Ocean, One Planet' Tour

National Events to Encourage Participation of More Than 15,000 Students in 30 States in Environmental Education Week, Earth Day Activities

Irvine, Calif. (Vocus) April 8, 2010

Volvo Cars of North America, LLC, (VCNA) will be a title sponsor of a nationwide mural contest inspired by Disneynature’s OCEANS and the coinciding eight-city "One Ocean, One Planet" mobile education tour along the West Coast. Kicking off on Apr. 5, the contest allows more than 15,000 students in 30 states the chance to win tickets to watch "OCEANS" at a local theater, as well as limited edition autographed artwork from Wyland and art supplies for the classroom. The winning classroom will be notified on Apr. 28.

The "One Ocean, One Planet" mobile education tour will feature the Wyland Foundation Clean Water Mobile Learning Center, a 1000-square-foot biodiesel-powered mobile theater / science center. It will be accompanied by the "One Ocean, One Planet" Volvo XC60 Art Car, which is wrapped in an image designed by renowned muralist and children’s environmental advocate Wyland for a 2010 United Nations stamp issue about ocean conservation and will deliver art supplies to elementary and middle schools. The tour will travel to eight schools along the West Coast April 5-22, 2010 to celebrate Environmental Education Week and will combine the knowledge of artists, conservationists and scientists to teach students about marine life conservation, the importance of protecting watersheds, and the role of the arts in raising awareness about our oceans and environment.

Tour stops include:
 4/5 Washington Middle School, 2101 S. Jackson St., Seattle, Wash.  4/7 Faubion School, 3039 NE Rosa Parks Way, Portland, Ore.  4/9 North Avenue Elementary, 1281 North Ave., Sacramento, Calif.  4/12 Marina Middle School, 3500 Fillmore St., San Francisco, Calif.  4/13 United for Success Academy, 2101 35th Ave., Oakland, Calif.  4/14 Ahwanee Middle School, 1127 East Escalon Ave., Fresno, Calif.  4/16 De Anza Middle School, 2060 Cameron Street, Ventura, Calif.  4/22 Downtown Disney, Anaheim, Calif.

"We had a really positive experience working with Wyland at a fundraiser last September so we were excited at the opportunity to partner with him and the Wyland Foundation again," said Greg Hembrough, VCNA sales and marketing manager in the Western Region. "We're thrilled to be on the selection committee to choose the winning mural, and to participate in 'One Ocean, One Planet' tour stops. We expect the students will show real enthusiasm to learn more about why it's important to protect our oceans and marine life."

Dating from the early 1970s, Volvo Cars' commitment to the environment covers the entire lifecycle of the car, from design, engineering and production to useful life, service and recycling. Some notable milestones include:

 1976 - Volvo set the standard for vehicle emissions control by inventing the revolutionary LambdaSond, three-way catalytic converter with oxygen sensor to remove 90 percent of the harmful hydrocarbons.  1998 - Volvo introduces the world's first Environmental Product Information (EPI) for cars.  2002 - PZEV (Partial Zero Emissions Vehicle) engine introduced in California. PZEV-certified vehicles are the cleanest mass-produced vehicles available.  2003 - Volvo Cars became one of the first carmakers in the world to be awarded global certification under the international environmental standard, ISO 14001.  2008 - Volvo recycles 95 to 98 percent of the metals used in its vehicles and the cars are designed to be 85 percent recyclable overall.  2009 - The Volvo XC60 is RRR-certified (Reuse, Recycling, Recovery) to 85 percent.

About Volvo Cars of North America
Volvo Cars of North America, LLC, (http://www. volvocars. com/us) is a subsidiary of Volvo Car Corporation of Gothenburg, Sweden. VCNA provides marketing, sales, parts, service, technology and training support to Volvo automobile retailers in the United States, and oversees Volvo operations in Canada.

About Wyland
Best known for his gigantic “whale” murals in 80 cities in 17 countries, marine life artist Wyland has done more than any other artist to raise awareness of the beauty of life on our blue planet. His Wyland Foundation, in partnership with the Scripps Institution of Oceanography and the Ocean Institute of Dana Point, Calif., is actively engaged in teaching millions of students around engaged in teaching millions of students around our oceans, rivers, lakes, streams, and wetlands. His latest project, FOCUS (Forests, Oceans, Climate — and US) brings together the U. S. Forest Service, NOAA, the Wyland Foundation, numerous non-profits to teach young people about our forests and ocean - and how these two irreplaceable resources hold the key to the future of our water supplies, climate, and global health. For more information, visit http://www. wylandfoundation. org.

About the Movie
Disneynature, the studio that presented the record-breaking film “EARTH,” brings OCEANS to the big screen on Earth Day, 2010. Nearly three-quarters of the Earth’s surface is covered by water and OCEANS boldly chronicles the mysteries that lie beneath. Directors Jacques Perrin and Jacques Cluzaud dive deep into the very waters that sustain all of mankind—exploring the playful splendor and the harsh reality of the weird and wonderful creatures that live within. Featuring spectacular never-before-seen imagery captured by the latest underwater technologies, OCEANS offers an unprecedented look beneath the sea in a powerful yet enchanting motion picture that unfolds on April 22, 2010. "See OCEANS, Save Oceans" is an initiative in which Disneynature will make a contribution to The Nature Conservancy to save coral reefs in honor of every guest who sees OCEANS during opening week (April 22-28, 2010). For more information, visit disney. com/oceans or become a fan on Facebook: facebook. com/Disneynature.

Wendi McAden, 310-224-4960, wmcaden(at)volvocars(dot)com

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Monday, March 27, 2006

Galaxy Technologies Adds Software Application Consultant to Enterprise Project Implementation Team

Galaxy Technologies Adds Software Application Consultant to Enterprise Project Implementation Team

Galaxy Technologies, Inc. a leader in web-based workforce management systems, announces the addition of Lydia Zeh to its Enterprise Project Implementation Team in the role of Software Application Consultant. Lydia brings over 5 years of healthcare software industry experience, product implementation and best practices in project management to the Galaxy team.

Madison, WI (PRWEB) December 17, 2009

Galaxy Technologies Inc., (www. galaxy-inc. com) a leader in web-based workforce management systems, announces the addition of Lydia Zeh to its Enterprise Project Implementation Team in the role of Software Application Consultant.

Lydia brings over 5 years of healthcare software industry experience, product implementation and best practices in project management to the Galaxy team.

"Lydia's experience in managing large projects as a business analyst, project lead and implementer for a major software vendor brings tremendous value to the Galaxy Professional Services Team," said Terri Donlin, Director of Professional Services. "She has the necessary experience and a keen eye for details - essential in order to successfully complete large-scale, complex projects on time and under budget. We look forward to Lydia working with Galaxy customers and her project team members to make sure they get the most out of their workforce management solution."

Galaxy's business model and enterprise product are appealing for Zeh. "Galaxy provides consultative customer service while rolling out enterprise solutions," stated Zeh. "My objective for each project is to ensure the business objectives identified by the customer are met for each department. Galaxy's products empower employees, supervisors and management with the information needed to do their jobs better every day. With hundreds of years of workforce management best practices experience on the Galaxy team, I can confidently roll out projects knowing our product has the flexibility and scalability essential to meet individual customer's needs. "

About Galaxy Technologies, Inc.
Developing and delivering workforce management solutions since 1988, Galaxy's products include technology to track, allocate, analyze, and control labor resources. Galaxy also offers time collection alternatives for all employee populations. Galaxy's particular focus is in time & attendance, human resources, payroll and data collection systems. Galaxy is located at 2990 Triverton Pike Dr, Madison, WI 53711. For more information visit www. galaxy-inc. com or contact Galaxy Technologies, Inc. at 800.814.9096 or information(at)galaxy-inc(dot)com.


Ceridian Web Forum to Discuss New COBRA Subsidy Law

Ceridian Web Forum to Discuss New COBRA Subsidy Law

Ceridian Benefits Services will explain employer requirements under new COBRA law

Minneapolis, MN (PRWEB) March 12, 2009

Ceridian Corporation, a leading provider of managed human resource (http://www. ceridian. com/292pr1b), employee benefits administration (http://www. ceridian. com/292pr1c) and payroll outsourcing (http://www. ceridian. com/292pr1d) solutions, announced today that it will sponsor an educational Web forum March 26, 2009, to help employers understand the new COBRA subsidy law recently enacted as part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA).

Understanding the New COBRA Subsidy Law Under ARRA is one of an ongoing series of free presentations produced by Ceridian for HR, benefits and payroll professionals. The Web forum will be broadcast live at 1 p. m. EST on March 26, 2009. For those who are interested but unable to attend on March 26, the forum will also be broadcast live at 1 p. m. EST on March 27 and March 30.

Pre-registration is available at the Ceridian Understanding the New COBRA Subsidy Law Under ARRA (http://www. ceridian. com/292pr1e) registration page.

ARRA introduced significant new changes to COBRA health care continuation coverage. Some of the key questions Ceridian's forum will answer include:
 What is required of employers and when must they act?  Who is eligible?  What are the new law's key milestones?  What is the risk of non-compliance?  What is Ceridian doing to help employers implement these changes? A replay of Ceridian's most recent Web forum - How to Generate Cost Savings from Your Benefits Programs - is available on the Ceridian Leadership Web Forum page (http://www. ceridian. com/292pr1f).

About Ceridian:
Ceridian is a global business services organization that offers a comprehensive range of innovative solutions. From human resources and benefits to accredited employee assistance, work-life and health and productivity services, Ceridian helps organizations maximize their human, financial and technology resources. As a leader in payroll outsourcing, gift cards and controlled spending, Ceridian is also a driving force in payment innovation. Whether partnering to improve employee productivity, save money or minimize financial risks, Ceridian's business is to help organizations stay focused on their business. For more information about Ceridian's comprehensive array of human resource solutions, visit Ceridian. com or call 800-729-7655.

This press release was distributed through eMediawire by Human Resources Marketer (HR Marketer: www. HRmarketer. com) on behalf of the company listed above.


Sunday, March 26, 2006

Boardman Mitchell Partners and Bay Area Air District Team Up for Innovative School Education Program

Boardman Mitchell Partners and Bay Area Air District Team Up for Innovative School Education Program

Boardman Mitchell Partners develops creative sponsorship opportunities connected to unprecedented live theatre education program

(PRWEB) July 13, 2003

Merced, CA (PRWEB) July 11, 2003 – A baby born in California’s Bay Area is exposed to more toxic air pollution before he or she is a month old than the federal government says is acceptable over a lifetime.

Boardman Mitchell Partners is helping the San Francisco-based government agency, the Bay Area Air Quality Management District (BAAQMD), which hopes to educate at least 1.2 million area students over the next two years about air quality issues and solutions. BAAQMD oversees “Spare the Air” for a seven county area in and around San Francisco.

Thanks to Boardman Mitchell Partners, a premiere marketing, advertising, and public relations agency based in Merced, CA companies in the Bay Area are finding a new way to show their commitment to changing air pollution awareness for everyone. The National Theatre for Children (NTC) teaches kids nationally about important societal issues such as energy, water, recycling, and health issues including nutrition, conflict resolution and tobacco use prevention. “The Clean Air Crew”, of NTC performers, offers interactive theater performances that include home-based assignments that teach the causes and solutions of air pollution.

“Public-private partnerships are the key for government agencies to implement socially important projects outside their regular purview,” says Mike Boardman, Founder and CEO of Boardman Mitchell Partners. “The National Theater for Children project relies on the participation of responsible corporate citizens in our community.”

This $1.5 million program has received early support from Agilent Technologies and Pfizer.

Boardman Mitchell PartnersÂ’ (BMP) team delivers a wide range of expertise in marketing, advertising, and public relations from government and high tech, to financial services and Fortune 400 companies. BMP also helps organizations reinvest in their community through strategic counsel and creative solutions. To learn more call toll-free at (866) 246-4263 or visit www. boardmanmitchell. com.

For more information contact:

Kelli Matthews

Boardman Mitchell Partners

(866) 246-4263 Ext. 3

3144 North “G” Street #125-214

Merced, CA 95340 

Kelli@boardmanmitchell. com 

Mike Boardman

Boardman Mitchell Partners

(866) 246-4263 Ext. 1

3144 North “G” Street #125-214

Merced, CA 95340 

Mike@boardmanmitchell. com

Friday, March 24, 2006

States to Focus on Prescription Drug Regulation

States to Focus on Prescription Drug Regulation

More than 31 million Americans have used prescription drugs non-medically

(PRWEB) March 11, 2005

The Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP) is working with state legislatures to cut down the rising numbers of prescription drug abusers. National surveys show that the non-medical use of prescription drugs continues to rise in America.

The number of people who had used pain relievers non-medically at least once during their lifetime increased 5 percent from 2002 to 2003, totaling more than 31 million people. Current non-medical use of pain relievers increased by 15 percent among young adults.

With the PresidentÂ’s 2005 National Drug Control Strategy, there will be a greater focus to regulate prescription drugs in an effort to curb the rising abuse. One of the main avenues is state-level prescription drug monitoring programs, which have taken a leading role in detecting and deterring the diversion of popular prescription controlled substances. Prescription drug monitoring programs are currently in place or plan to be operational in 24 states this year.

“What many people forget,” comments Gary W. Smith, Executive Director of Narconon Arrowhead, “Is that prescription drugs have the potential to be just as harmful as street drugs, and that most of today’s illegal drugs were once marketed and sold as pharmaceuticals.”

Narconon Arrowhead is one of the nationÂ’s largest and most successful drug rehabilitation programs and uses the effective drug-free rehabilitation methodology developed by American author and humanitarian L. Ron Hubbard.

According to the ONDCP, “Programs and efforts that do not reduce drug use must be restructured or eliminated, an effort to use taxpayer money wisely that this Administration takes seriously.”

The President also seeks $80 million during fiscal year 2006 for Drug-Free Communities Support Programs. There are about 5,000 community anti-drug coalitions in America right now, many of whom have done an excellent job at reducing drug use through help from all sectors of society, including health care, law enforcement, business, drug treatment, and education.

Whether coalitions seek to provide drug prevention programs and early intervention services to youth, rehabilitation programs to addicts and non-violent drug offenders or stop the diversion and abuse of prescription drugs, working together has proven to be successful. And from the mouth of the Office of National Drug Control Policy the message is clear, only use programs that demonstrate results, otherwise find something else that does work.

For more information on the 2005 National Drug Control Strategy, visit www. whitehousedrugpolicy. gov. You can also read more about Anti-Drug Coalitions at www. cadca. org.

If you or someone you love needs help overcoming addiction, contact Narconon Arrowhead today at 1-800-468-6933 or log on to www. stopaddiction. com.

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The Ultimate Tai Chi and Qigong Convention - the Zhang San Feng Festival & Dao of Health Expo

The Ultimate Tai Chi and Qigong Convention - the Zhang San Feng Festival & Dao of Health Expo

June 2-5, 2005 East Stroudsburg University, PA Pennsylvania. The most enjoyable tai chi, taijiquan, bagua, xingyi, martial arts, holistic mind body and healing arts convention you could ever attend. Guaranteed - Pre-register by April 30 for extra discounts - Call 973-670-6582.

(PRWEB) March 25, 2005

Welcome to the 30th annual Zhang San Feng Festival and Dao of Health Expo! This event was founded by the late Master Jou Tsung Hwa of Tai Chi Farm.

Now, here in the beautiful Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania, you can join hundreds of novice and advanced martial artists and qigong practitioners. Everyone is always welcome, always has fun, and always learns from incredible teachers like Dr. Yang Jwing Ming, Dr. John Painter, and more. Learn all you can about tai chi chuan (taijiquan), bagua, xingyi, qigong, daoyin, Taoism, Chinese internal martial arts, healing, holistic mind body practices, and more! Enjoy our growing expo area too - you can buy the most unique items there!

Parties at night are included in the price, starting at $150 for all Thurs-Sun with discounts. Parties include wine and cheese receptions, Capoeira performance, keynote speaker Prof. Livia Kohn - speaking on Taoism; and interactive drumming circles - Bring your drums, tambourines, etc!

On Sunday, enjoy a traditional Chinese Lion Dance by Yee's Hung Ga Kungfu Academy, and feel free to participate in a Taoist (Daoist) incense ceremony. Got a tai chi or kung fu uniform? Wear it with pride!

Do you like Push Hands (tui shou)? There is a push-hands room open during the whole event. Push with all the people you want and make great new friends.

The Zhang San Feng Festival enjoys regular coverage by Kungfu Tai Chi magazine, Inside Kungfu, Tai Chi magazine, and other publications. In fact, join Kung Fu Tai Chi magazine's editor, Gene Ching, teaching a workshop on tai chi (taiji) sword!

It's recommended to act fast to register to get all the discounts you can, and to reserve your space! Call 973-670-6582 or register easily online at: www. AmericanSocietyofInternalArts. org

Just click on "events" and "Zhang San Feng Festival and Dao of Health Expo."

Everyone is welcome! Don't miss it this time!

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Thursday, March 23, 2006

The U. S. Trade Representative Office Holds a Two-day Session of the Russian-US Working Group on the Protection of Intellectual Property

The U. S. Trade Representative Office Holds a Two-day Session of the Russian-US Working Group on the Protection of Intellectual Property

The session will hear a report on the progress of the reform of RussiaÂ’s intellectual property rights legislation.

WASHINGTON (PRWEB) October 26, 2004

The United States Trade Representative Office opened a two-day session of the Russian-US working group on the protection of intellectual property.

The session will hear a report on the progress of the reform of RussiaÂ’s intellectual property rights legislation.

The participants in the meeting will discuss issues connected with the United StatesÂ’ Strategy Targeting Organized Piracy (STOP!) initiative, legal regulation of optical discs production, control of optical discs exports, the protection of confidential information in the field of medicines production and the improvement of RussiaÂ’s civil and criminal legislation.

The session will also focus on the establishment of a consultative council on intellectual property in Russia and more intensive training of customs officers, policemen, trade inspection officers and judges, whose work is connected with the protection of intellectual property rights.

The session is expected to wind up with the adoption of a decision on elaborating a single system of indices to be applied while evaluating measures to protect intellectual property right within the framework of Russia-US bilateral cooperation. Head of Russia' s Federal Service for Intellectual Property, Patents and Trademarks Boris Simonov was authorized by the Russian Education and Science Minister to act as the head of RussiaÂ’s delegation at the Russian-US working group.

The working group includes, on the Russian side, representatives of the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade, the Customs Service, the Foreign Ministry, the Federal Health Care and Social Development Service, the Prosecutor's Office, the Federal Service for Compliance with Law in the Sphere of Mass Media and Cultural Heritage Protection.

If you are interested in covering this event, Mr. Simonov will be available for interviews on Wednesday, October 27. To confirm time and place please contact:

Irina Khvorostyanaya, RIA “Novosti” Washington Deputy Bureau Chief, 202-489-3678, 202-328-3238.

Russnovo@erols. com

Khvorost1@yandex. ru


The Federal Service for Intellectual Property, Patents and Trademarks of the Russian Federation

Tel. 7 (095) 240-5074, 7 (095) 240-4564, 7 (095) 140-5074

Fax: 7 (095) 956-4374

E-mail: press@rupto. ru


Born in August 1953.

In 1975 – graduated (with the equivalent of first-class degree) from the day department of the power plant engineering faculty of the Moscow power engineering institute (MEI) and became a post-graduate student of this institute.

In 1980 – defended his candidate’s, and in 2003 – his doctor’s, thesis.

Until 1991, worked at the MEI; rose in his career from an engineer at a research and development department to assistant professor at the faculty of dynamics and durability of machinery.

In 1991, was placed in charge of the ZAO ENTEK which developed and introduced technical solutions in modernising thermomechanical equipment at thermal power plants.

From 1998 to 2003 – held the post of general director of the Innovation Agency non-commercial partnership. The agency’s objective was to create conditions and render services for commercialising the results of intellectual and research activity of scientific organisations and innovation companies.

In 1998 – became Prize Winner of the Russian government’s prize for the introduction of new machinery and equipment.

From 2003 till his appointment as chief of the Federal Service for Intellectual Property, Patents and Trademarks, Boris Simonov held the post of chief of the innovation development department at the Russian FederationÂ’s ministry of industry, science and technologies

Awarded the Badge of Honour Order.

Married, with two sons born in 1976 and 1983.


Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Guilty Pleasure, Healthy Choice: Delicious Burgers that Won't Interfere with your New Year's Weight Loss Resolution

Guilty Pleasure, Healthy Choice: Delicious Burgers that Won't Interfere with your New Year's Weight Loss Resolution

Mythbuster: Dieters mistakenly believe that they have to eliminate red meat to live a heart healthy lifestyle and lose weight. Resolution-makers rejoice: with less than 9 grams of fat per serving, AHA certified Laura's Lean Beef makes biting into a juicy burger a gulit-free pleasure that's actually good for you, according to dieticians and nutritionists.

Loveland, OH (PRWEB) December 17, 2009

Starting a diet and workout regimen to lose weight and get healthy is one of the most popular New Year’s resolutions and probably the shortest lived. Why? Because most diets focus on elimination and denial, when in reality, getting healthy is about including more of the foods that are good for you.

Many dieters believe that they have to replace the juicy burgers they love with chicken or fish because of beef’s reputation for being high in fat and cholesterol.

“Frankly, beef has gotten a bad rap in the diet community,” says Jenny Kramer, MS, RD, CDE, a dietician and diabetes educator at the Riley Hospital for Children in Indianapolis. “High-quality, lean animal protein helps maintain a healthy weight, build muscle and fuel physical activity – all of which play an important role in an active, balanced lifestyle and disease prevention.”

With Laura’s Lean Beef, an averaged size burger contributes less than 10 percent of calories to a 2,000-calorie diet, yet it supplies more than 10 percent of the recommended Daily Value for protein, zinc, vitamin B12, selenium, phosphorous, niacin, vitamin B6, iron and riboflavin.

“According to the MyPyramid Food Guidance System, high quality, naturally nutrient-rich foods like low fat, lean beef help people get more essential nutrients in fewer calories,” adds Kramer.

Burgers as part of a Healthy Lifestyle?
Resolution-makers rejoice. With less than 9 grams of fat per 4 oz. serving*, Laura’s Lean Beef makes biting into a hot, juicy burger a guilt-free pleasure that’s actually good for you.

Burgers have a reputation as a significant source of fat and saturated fat. It is, to a degree, a reputation that is deserved. Many of the things associated with this all-American favorite contribute to its unhealthy image, starting with the beef itself. The most popular types of ground beef used in burgers, especially restaurant fare, have as much as 30% fat content.

Add a fiberless white bun, bacon, cheese, some fries, and a can of sugary soda to wash it down, and burgers become a major contributor of fat to the American diet. But, prepared with lean or extra lean ground beef and paired with delicious health-boosting toppings, this classic comfort food is suddenly transformed into a burger with benefits.

All Beef Isn’t Created Equal
When it comes to choosing ground beef, it’s important to realize that all are not created equal. Most inexpensive ground beef sold in grocery stores contain exceedingly high amounts of fat and saturated fat. With less than 9g of fat, Laura’s Lean Ground Beef has less total fat than a skinless chicken thigh. The total fat content in Laura’s 96% Lean Ground Round is comparable to a skinless chicken breast.

This is possible because Laura’s relies on leaner breeds of cattle like Limousin and Charolais, versus the popular Angus, and uses sustainable farming methods that yield exceptionally lean beef. The cattle are humanely raised, without growth hormones or antibiotics, and fed with a vegetarian diet of grasses and grains.

The result? Beef that is so low in fat and saturated fat that it meets the government’s definition for "lean" or "extra lean."

For a food to be considered “lean,” it must contain less than 10g of fat, 4.5g (or less) of saturated fat and less than 95mg of cholesterol per serving. To be classified as “extra lean,” it must contain less than 5g of fat, less than 2g of saturated fat and less than 95mg of cholesterol per serving.

Laura’s 92% Lean Ground Beef falls into the “lean” category. As “extra lean” alternatives, consumers can choose Laura’s 96% Lean Ground Round and Laura’s 96% Lean Ground Sirloin, both of which are certified by the American Heart Association.

Where’s the Beef in your New Year’s Resolution?
With Laura’s Lean Beef products, resolution-makers can feel better about enjoying a burger while deriving all of the benefits of lean beef in their diet. Here are links to popular recipes available at http://www. laurasleanbeef. com (http://www. laurasleanbeef. com).

ª Asian Burger
Http://www. laurasleanbeef. com/inTheKitchen/recipes/recipeshow. php? rcid=55 (http://www. laurasleanbeef. com/inTheKitchen/recipes/recipeshow. php? rcid=55)

ª Bello Burgers on Sauteed Vegetables
Http://www. laurasleanbeef. com/inTheKitchen/recipes/recipeshow. php? rcid=82 (http://www. laurasleanbeef. com/inTheKitchen/recipes/recipeshow. php? rcid=82)

ª Island Burger with Fruit Salsa
Http://www. laurasleanbeef. com/inTheKitchen/recipes/recipeshow. php? rcid=242 (http://www. laurasleanbeef. com/inTheKitchen/recipes/recipeshow. php? rcid=242)

ª Black and Blue Burgers
Http://www. laurasleanbeef. com/inTheKitchen/recipes/recipeshow. php? rcid=208 (http://www. laurasleanbeef. com/inTheKitchen/recipes/recipeshow. php? rcid=208)

Laura's Lean Beef is the only meat company to have its products recognized by both the Good Housekeeping Seal and the American Heart Association (AHA). The AHA’s Food Certification Program identifies products that meet the association’s food criteria guidelines for fat, saturated fat, cholesterol, and sodium. The GH Seal and AHA HeartCheck are the most trusted consumer emblems, with 82% of people being more likely to purchase items carrying those certifications.

Laura’s Lean Beef products are available in nearly 7,000 grocery stores nationwide. The company offers a complete selection of fresh cuts of beef, frozen patties and award winning pre-cooked entrees. For retailers, visit http://www. laurasleanbeef. com (http://www. laurasleanbeef. com).

*Nutrition analysis performed on uncooked product.

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Monday, March 20, 2006

Hitting the Gym on the Web - a New Global Exercise Trend

Hitting the Gym on the Web - a New Global Exercise Trend

Members from 46 countries only 4 weeks after launch indicate that online health club Wexer has hit upon a new global exercise trend. At this rate, Wexer could impact the health club industry as Skype has impacted the telecommunication industry.

Dubai, UAE (PRWEB) June 10, 2009

Citing new members from 46 countries only 4 weeks after launch, new online health club Wexer (http://www. wexer. com) seems to have a running start on the springboard to success. The core of Wexer is a wide variety of exercise videos all of which members can follow at home and free of charge.

"I believe we have hit a global trend and our concept proves that convenience is king when it comes to exercise," says Wexer´s founder Rasmus Ingerslev.

According to the International Health Racquet & Sportsclub Association (http://www. ihrsa. org), the biggest barriers for not joining a gym are intimidation of the health club environment, the cost of a membership and lack of time.

"We have taken away the most significant barriers and repackaged the entire health club experience. This has been done without compromising the social values as all of our exercise services and motivational tools are wrapped in a social community. You could say that Jane Fonda has met Facebook, but we refer to Wexer as fitness 2.0 - the next generation health club," Ingerslev explains.

Whether Wexer (http://www. wexer. com) will have the same impact on the health club industry as e. g. Skype has had on the telecommunication industry remains to be seen. However, this new trend has without a doubt created great global interest.


Ten Percent of Planetree Hospitals Now Use SkillSurvey as Best Practice

Ten Percent of Planetree Hospitals Now Use SkillSurvey as Best Practice

Ashland Community Hospital and Elmhurst Memorial Healthcare Join Growing List of SkillSurvey Clients

Wayne, PA (PRWEB) December 1, 2010

SkillSurvey, Inc. has announced that Ashland Community Hospital in Ashland, Oregon and Elmhurst Memorial Healthcare in Elmhurst, Illinois are among more than 200 hospitals and health systems that rely on SkillSurvey’s candidate assessment and sourcing solutions. SkillSurvey’s Pre-Hire 360® and Passive Candidate Compiler™ are now in use by more than ten percent of hospitals that have adopted the Planetree model of patient-centered care.

SkillSurvey’s Pre-Hire 360® will enable both hospitals to take the guesswork out of hiring decisions with an automated process that gathers and reports telling information on job candidates’ behaviors, qualifications, and skills from their managers, peers, and subordinates. With the solution, both hospitals will move from the inadequate phone reference check to a more comprehensive reference assessment to improve the quality and suitability of their hires.

Ashland and Elmhurst will also be able to access a vast pool of prospective candidates using SkillSurvey’s Passive Candidate Compiler™, a database of references participating in the Pre-Hire 360® survey who would like to be kept informed of future job openings. In relatively no time, The Passive Candidate Compiler™ will become a go-to source for Ashland and Elmhurst to recruit warm leads.

Ashland Community Hospital, which includes a 49 bed inpatient facility with a 40,000 square foot diagnostic and surgery center, has provided patient-centered healthcare to the people of Southern Oregon for more than 100 years. Ashland Community Hospital affiliated with Planetree in 2007. Elmhurst Memorial Healthcare, founded in 1926, includes a hospital that operates 330 beds and a staff of more than 3,000 employees and 600 physicians. It adopted the Planetree model of care in 2006.

“Healthcare centers such as ours that follow the Planetree model know that patient-centered care is an empowering philosophy that significantly impacts the patient experience and quality outcomes,” says Lois Grub, vice president of human resources for Elmhurst Memorial Healthcare. “We’re very pleased that the SkillSurvey solution suite will enable us to find and screen candidates with behaviors that support the Planetree philosophy. SkillSurvey will help us to uphold the Planetree values.”

Karen Herwig, vice president of human resources at Ashland Community Hospital concurs, “We are looking for workers who exhibit extraordinary compassion with patients and who are able to work cohesively with co-workers. These are just some of the behaviors that are almost impossible to judge in an interview.”

Ray Bixler, president and chief executive officer at SkillSurvey, remarks, “Because SkillSurvey was founded on over 25 years of research in job competency modeling, we know what behaviors, qualifications, and skills correlate with success in any given job. In the healthcare setting, people’s lives and the well-being of a community are at stake. The SkillSurvey suite offers far-reaching results in both quality of care and regulatory compliance.” 

For more information about the new mobile version of Pre-Hire 360®, contact Scott Fuhr, director of marketing, at sfuhr(at)skillsurvey(dot)com, or at 610-947-6300, ext. 1225.

About SkillSurvey®, Inc.
SkillSurvey® is the inventor of Web 2.0 reference assessment solutions that improve recruiting efficiency and increase quality-of-hire. Its online programs allow recruiters and hiring managers to collect feedback from references on a candidate’s behaviors and work performance. The information, all gathered electronically, is used to make better hiring decisions. This patent-pending approach to reference assessments is based on over 30 years of research in job competency modeling. Visit SkillSurvey® at http://www. skillsurvey. com and on Facebook, http://on. fb. me/iaaG4R and Twitter, http://twitter. com/skillsurvey.

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Sunday, March 19, 2006

Sakura Color Products of America, Inc. Announces Elementary School Student Winners of Twelfth Annual Cray-Pas Oil Pastel Contest

Sakura Color Products of America, Inc. Announces Elementary School Student Winners of Twelfth Annual Cray-Pas Oil Pastel Contest

U. S. and Canadian elementary school students participated in the twelfth annual "The Wonderful, Colorful World of Cray-Pas® 2007 Contest". Nine winners awarded out of 150 finalists yielded from nearly 4,000 entries. The winner's pictures, including the 150 finalists, will be on display at the Hayward Area Forum of the Arts Sun Gallery from February 8th to May 25th, 2007. The finalist's artwork is posted on Sakura's online art gallery at: www. sakuraofamerica. com, and on the Oil Pastel Society website: www. oilpastelsociety. com.

Hayward, CA (PRWEB) February 23, 2007

U. S. and Canadian elementary school students participated in the twelfth annual "The Wonderful, Colorful World of Cray-Pas® 2007 Contest". Art teachers eagerly anticipated the results announced today by Sakura Color Products of America, Inc. (Sakura).

Sakura encourages art teachers in three grade categories; Kindergarten - Second, Third - Fifth, and Sixth - Eighth, to have students create and submit artwork using its Cray-Pas® oil pastels for contest judging. The entries ranged from self-portraits, family life, to favorite animal illustrations. For the first time a representative of the Oil Pastel Society was among the professional artists and art educators that participated in the six member judging panel. The winner's pictures, including the one hundred and fifty finalists, will be on display at the Hayward Area Forum of the Arts Sun Gallery from February 8th to May 25th, 2007. The finalist's artwork is posted on Sakura's online art gallery at: www. sakuraofamerica. com, and on the Oil Pastel Society website: www. oilpastelsociety. com.


Students awarded first place in each category will receive a $200 savings bond, and a one year membership in the Oil Pastel Society. Teachers and students both will receive a shirt imprinted with the winning artwork, an award certificate, products and gift certificates supplied by participating sponsors, and a generous supply of Sakura art materials and writing instruments.

Prizes to be presented to students during Youth Art Month observed in March.

"The bold, bright colors, and expressive energy demonstrated by these student artists astounded the judges! We were amazed at how well the students used the wide variety of techniques, textures, and blending that oil pastels provide," said Julia Reed, contest administrator and marketing assistant for Sakura Color Products of America, Inc.


Benjamin Walters, from Sonoma Elementary School located in Modesto, CA, and his art entitled "The Cool Cats" won first place in kindergarten through second grade category. First place in the third through fifth grade category was awarded to Priyank Das of the Sharron Art Center of Piscataway, New Jersey for her "Untitled" piece. Michael Tsang, of the Jiao Ying Chinese Culture and Art school of Tigard, Oregon, won first place in the six through eighth grade category for his artwork entitled "In a Dream". The winners list for all placing and honorable mentions is attached in a pdf file.


Sponsors included Arts & Activities, ArtWare by You, American Artist magazine, Blick art materials, C Thru, General Pencil Company, McAllister's Art Supplies, Meninger Company, Michaels Arts and Crafts Store®, Nasco, Oil Pastel Society, Sax Arts & Crafts, Schoolarts, Silver Brush limited, Star Products, Teaching PreK-8, and Triarco® Arts and Crafts, Inc.

World Awareness Children's Museum in Glens Falls, New York will select 300 to 500 pieces for its annual International Youth Art Exchange Program.


Cray-Pas oil pastels were invented over 81 years ago in Japan to bring a professional-quality art material to children at an affordable price. Cray-Pas is available in three different levels that support an artist from young student to professional levels: Junior Artist®, Expressionist® and Specialist®.

Sakura Color Products of America, Inc. is committed to the development of writing instruments and artistic mediums that empowers individual self-expression, creativity and to enhance communication. The company is headquartered in Hayward, CA. and is the U. S. subsidiary of privately held, Sakura Color Products Corporation of Osaka, Japan. Sakura also manufactures the popular Gelly Roll® gel pen, Pigma® Micron fine-line pens, as well as many other high-quality writing instruments and art materials.

Www. sakuraofamerica. com

Sun Gallery is a nonprofit visual arts organization supported in part by The City of Hayward Members of Sun Gallery, HARD, Sakura of America, Health Unlimited of America, Wells Fargo Foundation CAC, the Museum Institute, East Bay Foundation, ANG Newspapers and Alameda County Arts Commission.

Www. sungallery. org

The Oil Pastel Society is an international organization of artists seeking to further the advancement of oil pastels as a fine art medium through the promotion of workshops and competitions. www. oilpastelsociety. com

The mission of the World Awareness Children's Museum is to foster knowledge and appreciation of world cultures and is committed to using art conceived through the eyes of children to promote peace and understanding among people of the world. www. worldchildrensmuseum. org

Media Contact:

Julia Reed,

Sakura Color Products of America

Toll Free: 800-776-6257 x126


Stonebridge Companies Completes Technology Conversion

Stonebridge Companies Completes Technology Conversion

Stonebridge Companies, recognized as one of the leading development and hospitality management companies, is pleased to announce the completion of a major technology upgrade that includes both leadership and computer systems.

Denver, CO (PRWEB) May 29, 2009

In an information-driven business world with a need for global connectivity, Stonebridge Companies continues to lead the field in effective leadership and technology.

Nasim Mansurov promoted to Vice President - Information Technology

Nasim Mansurov, with Stonebridge Companies since 2004, has been instrumental in the company-wide conversion to SAP ERP, a trusted IT infrastructure that automates this expanding enterprise's business processes that include financial and human capital administration, payroll and compliance reporting.

Mr. Mansurov has over 12 years of experience in information systems, and he oversees all aspects of the company's technology platform, current and emerging. He is involved in strategic evaluation of new systems that are proposed, and he oversees the technical training and support to all hotels. Prior to joining Stonebridge, Mr. Mansurov spent two years with IBM's Global Services, and three years with the University of Colorado's Information Technology Services. He fluently speaks four languages and he received numerous awards and scholarships as he rose to the top of his profession. He earned his B. S. degree in Management from University of Colorado, Boulder.

"We are delighted to welcome Nasim to our senior management team," said Kevin Mahoney, Chief Operating Officer of Stonebridge Companies. "In his tenure with us he has successfully implemented several systems to improve efficiency at both corporate and hotel levels. Our conversion to an SAP-based ERP system provides Stonebridge Companies with a state of the art technology platform that is already providing dividends with respect to efficiency, accuracy, compliance and reporting for our portfolio of lodging properties and our communication with investors and owners."

Stonebridge goes live with SAP HCM (Human Capital Management) and Payroll modules

After successful completion of the go-live process for the SAP Financials and Controlling modules (FICO), along with OpenText document and invoice management solutions in October of 2007, Stonebridge Companies successfully implemented the second phase of the project with SAP Human Capital Management (HCM) and Payroll modules and went live in January of 2009.
Implementation of SAP HCM and Payroll helped Stonebridge achieve consistency with employee data and minute-to-minute payroll accuracy through tight integration with Kronos Workforce Timekeeper software. In addition, Stonebridge Companies empowered its field managers by providing access to maintain associate data at the hotel level, which dramatically increased operating efficiencies throughout the company and eliminated overlapping and antiquated paper-based approval processes. Data consolidation and flow between SAP modules allows Stonebridge to efficiently operate its business and monitor the health of the company in real time and from almost anywhere.

Stonebridge Companies, through its commitment to leadership and cutting edge technology, continues to progress in the hospitality industry with the promotion of Nasim Mansurov to Vice President of Information Technology and the successful conversion to SAP enterprise resource planning (ERP).

"Now that we have digitized our business operations through the implementation of SAP ERP, we can better serve our stakeholders, our guests, associates and our business partners. Thanks to SAP, we are now able to run payroll for the entire company with 1500+ employees and 38 hotel entities in under three hours with high precision, compared to a full day of traditional payroll processing that caused several days of post-payroll issue resolution. Our integrated systems also provide our front line general managers with live operating performance metrics and mid-month P/L snapshots to proactively manage our hotel operations," states Mansurov.

About Stonebridge Companies
Founded in 1991 by Navin C. Dimond, Stonebridge Companies is a privately owned, innovative hotel management company headquartered near Denver, Colorado, which has developed over 60 hotels and operated more than 75 lodging properties. Currently, Stonebridge Companies operates nearly 40 hotels comprising approximately 6,000 guest rooms in Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, Utah, Virginia and Washington. The diverse portfolio includes select-service, extended stay, mid-scale and full-service hotels in primary and secondary markets. For detailed information, visit www. StonebridgeCompanies. com.

Contact information:
Sheryl Hanebrink, Executive Assistant to Navin Dimond
Stonebridge Companies
9100 East Panorama Drive, Suite 300
Englewood, CO 80112
Shanebrink (at) sbcos (dot) com


DFI launches new online course called 'Attracting A Beloved'

DFI launches new online course called 'Attracting A Beloved'

New 11-week online course helps men and women find and sustain the love of their life.

Haiku, HI (PRWEB) August 4, 2008

The Divine Feminine Institute (DFI) announced today a new 11-week online course called Attracting A Beloved specifically designed to help men and women find and sustain the love of their life. "Finding a soul-mate," says Tomas Heartfield, one of the course developers, "is a topic featured in hundreds of popular magazines, best-selling books, and TV talk shows, reflecting a very deep and abiding interest among millions of Americans to find the kind of intimate relationship that will enhance their pleasure while helping both partners live more fulfilling lives." For more information or to receive a free newsletter from Divine Feminine Institute, visit www. divine-feminine. com or call 877-731-7500.

Each online lesson of Attracting A Beloved contains insightful narrative, an inspiring audio recording, interactive exercises, and online journaling -- all designed to help participants:
Conduct a candid appraisal of their physical, emotional and spiritual gifts, as well as shortcomings, that may serve as an inspiration or barrier to attracting their beloved; Make changes that are important for the "care and feeding of the soul", while also preparing the way for greater intimacy and a deeper sense of connection; Discover what they are truly seeking in a partner; Seek and find the kind of person who will take their breathe away. Attracting A Beloved has been developed by Joan and Tomas Heartfield, two highly-regarded couples therapists who serve on DFI's core faculty. "Just as pheromones mysteriously attract us to people with compatible genetics and good breeding potential," says Joan Heartfield, "so do the qualities of our soul attract us to a beloved."

This unique 11-week e-course is only $39.95. To enroll or to receive a free newsletter from Divine Feminine Institute, visit www. divine-feminine. com or call 877-731-7500.

About Divine Feminine Institute:
Teachings offered by DFI integrate a range of traditions, techniques, and healing methods, including transpersonal psychology, yoga, meditation, Tantra, movement, breath-work, massage, and Taoist Qi Gong. In addition to Joan and Tomas, the DFI core faculty also includes Caroline Muir, co-author of Tantra, The Art of Conscious Loving, and Saida Desilets, author of Emergence of the Sensual Woman.

DFI workshops are already offered regularly at Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health, Esalen Institute, and at centers in Oregon, Colorado, California, and Hawaii. Christiane Northrup, M. D., best-selling author of Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom, says, "I had the pleasure of experiencing the work of Joan and Tomas at a recent workshop at Kripalu. Their profound and delightful teachings are, without a doubt, the next step for healing humanity on this planet."


Smart Age Media: Playing the Role of Santa Claus for Network Marketers

Smart Age Media: Playing the Role of Santa Claus for Network Marketers

In keeping with the Holiday Season, industry leader Smart Age Media delivers a package of new services that will help network marketers get 2005 out to a roaring start...

(PRWEB) November 28, 2004

When shopping for Christmas Gifts, the big challenge is locating a gift that will have value and actually be used by the lucky recipient. And by looking at the "bag of goodies" that St Nick will be delivering to network marketers from Smart Age Media,

There will be little plenty of happy associates in the home based business industry come this Holiday Season.

"This is a great time of year to be involved in the network marketing industry," said Mike Bromell, marketing manager at Smart Age Media, "as this time of year often involves a lot of reflecting back on the past year. And for a lot of folks, the reflection is of a job that barely pays the bills, a boss that is impossible to deal with or a company that has cut back on pay raises and benefits. And with that brings the ol "search for a better opportunity"... a search that will have many talking actively to associates from companies such as USANA Health Sciences, Coastal Vacations & Liberty League International regarding their home based programs."

The newest features that Smart Age Media offers includes:

Company Specific Real-Time Leads Company Specific Auto-Responder System Company Specific Lead Capture Page Training Course (e-Book) by Industry Leader Robb West

"We will have everything officially online and in place by the middle of December" said Bromell. "The best sports franchises continually restock talent each offseason to be able to compete at the highest level. The lead industry is no different and the continual introduction of new services is one reason why our base of growing associates is able to successfully grow their home based programs."

Smart Age Media (www. smartagemedia. com) has become an industry leader in offering Non-Incentivized lead packages to network marketers for the past 3 1/2 years. "My office takes pride in the large number of loyal clients we have developed and service on a regular basis," said Bromell, "and part of the success involves constantly bringing new offerings to the plate that will help our clients increase their revenue. And our latest additions should once again prove why Smart Age Media has become the home for Network Marketers that are serious about consistently reaching sales goals."

All inquiries regarding new offerings from Smart Age Media can answered @ calling 888-659-3878 or emailing Mike Bromell (mbromell@austin. rr. com)


Friday, March 17, 2006

"Heeling" Dry Cracked Feet -- New Product Soothes and Repairs Skin Around the Heel

"Heeling" Dry Cracked Feet -- New Product Soothes and Repairs Skin Around the Heel

Unsightly cracked heels are painful and embarrassing. In many cases, this common problem is caused by dry skin, the presence of calluses and prolonged pressure on the heel, particularly for people with a job that requires a lot of standing. Thankfully, there's an easy and inexpensive solution. The Heeltastic™ roll-on soothing balm is the newest product for your at-home foot therapy routine from TELEBrands, the makers of the PedEgg and Pampered Toes.

Fairfield, NJ (PRWEB) July 11, 2009

Unsightly cracked heels are painful and embarrassing. In many cases, this common problem is caused by dry skin, the presence of calluses and prolonged pressure on the heel, particularly for people with a job that requires a lot of standing. Thankfully, there's an easy and inexpensive solution. The Heeltastic™ roll-on soothing balm is the newest product for your at-home foot therapy routine from TELEBrands, the makers of the PedEgg and Pampered Toes.

The Heeltastic is specially formulated for chronically dry and cracked skin. The balm penetrates deep into the heel with Neem and Karanja oils imported from India, as well as skin moisturizers and nutrients that promote healthy skin. Gentle enough to use several times a day, feet feel smoother and softer after just days of use.

Available at www. heeltastic. com and exclusively at leading retailers including Walgreens, Wal-Mart, Bed, Bath & Beyond, Target and CVS the Heeltastic has a suggested retail price of $10.00.

TELEBrands Corp., headquartered in Fairfield, New Jersey, was founded in 1983 by entrepreneur A. J. Khubani. Since its inception, the company has brought fun and useful inventions to consumers worldwide and has launched more products through direct response television than any other company in history. TELEBrands products such as the PedEgg, PediPaws, Westinghouse® StickUp Bulb and the GoDuster are sold through television advertising, the Internet and in retail stores in over 100 countries around the world. For more information visit www. telebrands. com.


Internet Programmer Runs For Open U. S. Senate seat in Vermont

Internet Programmer Runs For Open U. S. Senate seat in Vermont

A 48-year old internet programmer from Warren, Vermont is running for the open U. S. Senate in that state. Steve Moyer ran against the retiring Senator Jeffords in 2000 as an independent. He is now seeking the open seat with a campaign centered on promoting virtuous government and the demise of the Republicans.

(PRWEB) June 17, 2005

A 48-year old internet programmer from Warren, Vermont is running for the open U. S. Senate. Steve Moyer ran against the retiring Senator Jeffords in 2000 as an independent. He is now seeking the open seat with a campaign centered on promoting virtuous government and the demise of the Republicans.

"I am running against the Republican party and for the cause of virtue in society." said Moyer today. "America has lost it's virtue. Our government is like a juvenile delinquent who has been caught lying, cheating and stealing. Our response has been to give him a credit card, a bottle of vodka, and the keys to the family car. This government is drunk on power, irresponsible with money, and dangerous behind the wheel."

Moyer advocates that people divest the U. S. Government. "Sell U. S. bonds!" he said. "It's one thing this power-driven, money-loving government will understand. I'm asking all Americans who own U. S. government debt to divest themselves of it as soon as they can. The principles of ethical investment require that you invest in those organizations which are doing righteous deeds, respecting human rights and making the world a better place. Republicans have failed all of these tests."

Moyer wants an end to the "War on Terror" and for Congress to focus on its primary responsibilities: health care, the economy and a balanced budget.

"Republican rule has led America down the wrong path. Our foreign policy is creating more terrorists. The Republicans want us to believe that the road to paradise is paved with profits, even if those profits come from war and the deaths of thousands of innocent people. They want us to believe that going into debt while we give our jobs to foreigners is the way to paradise. Nothing could be further from the truth."

"Republicans govern through perceptions. We perceived weapons of mass destruction but there were none. We perceived that Islamic fundamentalists are our enemy, but that is false. We perceived that tax cuts would stimulate our economy but instead we have created the greatest debt crisis in history. Republicans want us to consume more oil when we should be consuming less."

"The Republican party has taken us in the wrong direction, the direction of greed, domination and war. They have practiced systematic deception and encouraged the worst attributes of human nature."

"Republicans are the party of the rich, the super-rich and poor fools."

"I am going to preach the Bible to Republicans. The Bible tells us to 'judge by the fruits.' What are the fruits of Republican rule? Greed, fear, hatred, war, debt and increased dependence on money and government. They call this 'freedom' but freedom lies in the opposite direction."

"I'm also asking Americans to reduce their consumption of products made in Japan and China because those two nations have been using the excess from the trade deficit to support this government. Send China and Japan a message: "Stop buying U. S. bonds."

"Money is the huge elephant in the living room. Politicians continually tell us that they will "fight for us" but what they mean is that they will "fight for money." Money is the problem. It is war by its nature. We need a better economic system. We need a peace economy."

"When I tell people "money is evil" they often respond with "No, it is neutral. It's what people do with it that is evil." But this is false. The sun, the moon and the stars are neutral because they belong to nature. Money is entirely a human creation, including all the government laws and regulations about how it works. It is right and necessary to judge all human creations. That's how we improve them."

"Money is an evil system for preserving the status of the few at the expense of the many. It is a system for exploitation, oppression and war. It is evil by its nature because it makes numbers more important than people, quantity more important than quality, power more important than principle. Money is the only game in town. It is the tyrant of our lives."

"The Republicans are the party of power. They practice the love of power rather than the power of love. I shall expose their sham Christianity. In order to defeat the Republicans we need to take out our Bibles. I ask every Christian who supports the Republican party to abandon it now and spare themselves the pain of judgment. If you support Republicans, you are supporting evil. Stop doing evil!"

"I ask every Christian who believes this 'War on Terror' is necessary to sit down, shut up and pray for guidance. If after praying you conclude that we need to make war, I will ask you to sit down and pray some more. War is always wrong. War is the sanction of failure. The Bible says we must confess our sins with our mouth. This Republican government has failed to admit a single sin."

"I know how to end terrorism. We need to take our government back to righteous principles, admit our own evils, and seek consensus with the rest of the world. We need to respect people and treat them the way we want to be treated. Give them the tools of democracy and the means to use them. We need to give everyone in the world clean water, healthy food and the opportunity to improve their lives. We need to stop supporting tyranny and the rule of money. When we stop loving money and start loving people we will find that terrorism magically disappears."

"I support an amendment to the Constitution which will institute an electronic democracy using the internet. It will empower the people to veto any law Congress passes within 30 days. It will allow initiatives and the ability to recall politicians who have lost the favor of the people. The solution to our broken democracy is more democracy. The Swiss already have this power. We need to set an example of how democracy can work for the benefit of all rather than the privilege of the few. We need to learn how to cooperate for consensus."

"I am proposing that the federal government participate in our health care system by providing some amount of health care to every American every year and to increase that amount every year. This is how we end war."

"We can start by providing a medical check-up to everyone who registers to vote. The failure of our government to provide universal health care is the product of the love of money and the hatred of blacks. It is racist and anyone who stands in the way of universal health care will face the following question from me: "Are you prejudiced against blacks?" Sometimes we need to play hard ball. Prejudice is a vice and everyone knows it. Let it go."

"We need to conserve energy. We are the problem and we are the solution. We have driven the nation to war for the sake of oil. We have a wasteful, self-indulgent, self-righteous consciousness which needs to change to a frugal, consensual global consciousness. Ask yourself: "What have I done for others today?" Conservation is a good place to start and there are dozens of suggestions on how you can do this on my web site."

Steve Moyer is the creator of the MetaMind, an open data search engine at http://metamind. us (http://metamind. us). He has created databases of web links to various topics, including peace, energy conservation, liberty, free speech and depleted uranium.

Go to http://stevemoyer. us (http://stevemoyer. us) for more information.

Mirrors: [ http://stevemoyer. org (http://stevemoyer. org) | http://earth-toy. com/stevemoyer (http://earth-toy. com/stevemoyer) | http://peaceroom. net/stevemoyer (http://peaceroom. net/stevemoyer)]

Full name: Steven Kent Moyer

Born: October 5, 1956

Birth location: Sellersville, Pennsylvania

Years living in Vermont: 12

Profession: Internet Programmer

Interests: Politics, Religion, Philosophy, metaphysics, space, nature.

Web site: http://stevemoyer. us (http://stevemoyer. us)
Political party: None

Religion: Undeclared

Phone: 802-583-2163

Address: RR 1, Box 60, Warren VT 05674

# # #

Health Savings Accounts Even More Attractive Thanks to Congress

Health Savings Accounts Even More Attractive Thanks to Congress

By giving final approval to the "Tax Relief and Health Care Act of 2006", congress has made Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) even more attractive by adding several new incentives. Additional tax breaks and provisions that will make it easier to open an HSA are expected to produce a dramatic increase in the number of people who set up health savings accounts, particularly among consumers purchasing individual and family health insurance plans.

Fort Collins, CO (PRWEB) December 13, 2006

Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) received a boost this weekend when the U. S. Congress gave final approval to H. R. 6111, the "Tax Relief and Health Care Act of 2006". The additional incentives should greatly improve the popularity of HSAs, particularly among individuals and families purchasing their own health insurance, according to leading health insurance broker HSA for America.

"HSA plans are already the best health insurance value for just about anyone who is paying for his or her own health insurance," said HSA for America President Wiley Long. "They lower premiums, provide immediate tax reductions, and make it easier to save for medical expenses during retirement. These changes will result in HSA plans eclipsing co-pay plans as the primary choice among small business owners, independent contractors, and anyone who's self-employed or does not have employer-provided coverage."

Health savings accounts are special tax-favored savings accounts that anyone with a qualified high-deductible health insurance plan can open and fund. Any money put in the account is tax deductible, and can be used tax-free to pay for future medical expenses. If the money is not withdrawn, it continues to grow tax-deferred like an IRA. HSAs first became available in January 2004, and today nearly five million people are covered by an HSA-qualified health insurance plan.

Long said the legislation contains several improvements to the already popular HSA program that will make HSA plans the most popular type of coverage in the near future.

It allows people to fund their HSAs with a one-time transfers from their Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs). Because funds withdrawn from an HSA to pay medical expenses are never taxed, an HSA is a much more tax-advantaged investment than an IRA. This provision will enable someone to quickly maximize their contribution, so that they can fully cover the deductible on their high-deductible health insurance plan.

The bill allows individuals with HSA-qualified policies to contribute up to the annual contribution limit ($2,850 for individual coverage and $5,650 for family coverage in 2007), even if their deductible is less than this amount. Until now, policyholders with smaller deductibles were penalized because they were not allowed the same tax benefits as those with larger deductibles.

Allows individuals to make the maximum contribution to the HSA, regardless of when the HSA plan began. Taxpayers who purchase an HSA plan later in the year will still be allowed to make the full HSA contribution, instead of a pro-rated portion as is currently the case. This will enable them to completely cover their deductible with funds from the HSA if they have some large medical bills, and also gives them the same tax benefits as someone who purchased the plan earlier in the year.

"I expect very few people will continue to purchase health insurance plans with co-pays once they understand how easy and inexpensive these plans now are", said Long. "HSA plans can already reduce a family's annual expenses by several thousand dollars.

Long says HSA for America, which markets HSA-qualified plans to individuals and families, is currently expanding in anticipation of a growing surge of interest in health savings accounts in 2007. "We've already had a lot of people calling us about these changes, and have started hosting weekly teleseminars to share this information and answer questions from curious consumers."

The HSA for America teleseminar is offered to registered participants at no charge. For more information about the Health Savings Account Teleseminar and how to sign up, visit: http://www. health--savings--accounts. com/teleseminar. htm (http://www. health--savings--accounts. com/teleseminar. htm)

About HSA for America

HSA for America is the nation's leading independent health insurance firm specializing in individual and family coverage that works with a Health Savings Account. Through our comprehensive website we offer complete information on HSAs and qualifying health insurance plans. We offer instant quotes, online health insurance applications, and access to several banks that can act as an HSA administrator for your account. Visit http://www. health--savings--accounts. com (http://www. health--savings--accounts. com) for complete information.


Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Circumcision Not Cost-Effective Says Study

Circumcision Not Cost-Effective Says Study

Circumcision increases health-care costs and decreases wellness. Insurance companies would be better off PAYING parents and doctors to NOT circumcise boys.

(PRWEB) November 20, 2004

Circumcision increases health-care costs and decreases wellness according to a cost-utility analysis by Robert S. Van Howe, MD, MS, FAAP, Department of Pediatrics, Michigan State University College of Human Medicine, Marquette, Michigan, in the latest edition of Medical Decision Making journal.

“If neonatal circumcision was cost-free, pain-free, and had no immediate complications, it was still more costly than not circumcising,” says Van Howe. “Neonatal circumcision is not good health policy, and support for it as a medical procedure cannot be justified financially or medically.”

Over the past century, some doctors have said circumcision benefits the boy later in life and is therefore justifiable as a prophylactic procedure. According to the findings of this study that isn’t true. Wellness decreases as a result and with that goes an increase in health-care related expenses.

Circumcision costs everyone since both Medicaid and Medicare cover infant circumcision and its complications later in life. Medicaid pays for 28% of all infant circumcisions in the United States. Thirteen states do not cover circumcision in their Medicaid programs.

The analysis is based on published data from multiple observational studies, comparing boys circumcised at birth and those not circumcised, using the Quality of Well-being Scale, a Markov analysis, the standard reference case, and a societal perspective. Neonatal circumcision increased incremental costs by $828.42 per patient and resulted in an incremental 15.30 well-years lost per 1000 males. The only ones to gain from this unnecessary and harmful surgery are the attending physicians and hospitals.

ICGI has created a task force to discuss calling for a nationwide moratorium on the routine circumcision of baby boys based on this article's conclusion, and other bioethical concerns.

No experiment or random control trial has ever proven any of the alleged benefits to routinely circumcising baby boys. Circumcision of girls is considered a human rights violation and is illegal in the United States. Prophylactic tonsillectomy is no longer practiced, but was equally popular as circumcision in the United States medical community.

Dr. Robert Van Howe may be contacted at 906-228-7454. Contact ICGI for his email address.

# # #