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Single Throw Announces the First Fully Integrated Podcast Marketing Solution

Single Throw Announces the First Fully Integrated Podcast Marketing Solution

Single Throw, Inc., a premier New Jersey Internet Marketing company, proudly announced the introduction of TIMBRE, the first fully integrated Podcast Marketing solution.

Belmar, NJ (PRWEB) December 16, 2006

Single Throw, Inc., a premier New Jersey Internet Marketing company, proudly announced the introduction of TIMBRE, the first fully integrated Podcast Marketing solution. Single Throw's TIMBRE™ marketing solution, when combined with the strength of compelling content and the syndication systems associated with Podcasting, will provide a superior method for instructing, attracting, and marketing to a wider audience of potential and existing customers.

The logistics regarding TIMBRE™ revolves around the highly unique format of Podcasting, a portable multimedia concept still considered to be in its infancy. Single Throw's award winning marketing team has devised a distinctive approach to Podcast marketing by building a complete solution around expert content development and production, skilled planning and integration, efficient delivery, and broad program management and measurement.

TIMBRE™ will align corporate Podcasts with traditional and Internet Marketing vehicles, including e-mail, website, blogs, and traditional marketing methods. A three-phase overview of TIMBRE™ includes Discovery, where subject matter and topics of interest are researched and scripted for each episode; Production, where Single Throw's mobile and remote studios are used to record the Podcast; and Delivery, where the Podcast becomes integrated into existing marketing solutions and delivered throughout all traditional Podcasting channels, such as Apple iTunes and Internet search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN, and Ask.

Single Throw will also provide value-added services along with TIMBRE™, such as placing a customer's Podcast in a unique Internet location with its own URL and integrating it into TimbreMedia. com, a popular client directory which features show summaries and RSS subscription options. Single Throw will also incorporate Podcasts into customers' e-mail marketing plans and provide printed counter-top displays to announce Podcasts to retail store, office or tradeshow visitors.

Single Throw's new Podcast marketing solution for business, TIMBRE™, follows the company's rich history of developing successful Internet strategies that have produced a phenomenal spike in sales and targeted web-traffic for numerous companies and organizations, including the Lakewood BlueClaws, Maegreen Gifts, Scholastic, CentraState HealthCare, New Pig Corp., and Harley-Davidson of Ocean County. For more information on TIMBRE™ or any of Single Throw's Internet marketing services, call 732-451-0820 or visit their website at www. singlethrow. com.


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Insurance Comparison Shopping; The Trend Towards Insurance Portals

Insurance Comparison Shopping; The Trend Towards Insurance Portals

The one-stop insurance portal quoting services are here to stay...consumers are increasingly valuing fast, efficient online comparison services for health insurance quotes over smaller, more personally targeted websites.

(PRWEB) February 20, 2005

Like consumers for other e-commerce products, health insurance customers are increasingly turning to a new kind of online shopping; researching insurance quotes from an insurance portal. Previously, consumers would visit carrier sites directly to get health insurance information, and then perform their own comparison shopping by visiting multiple carriers and choosing different coverage options. This process is time-consuming and tedious, and carrier sites sometimes make it difficult to find the information consumers are looking for. Now, consumers are turning to portal sites, like www. california-insurance-finders. com, for one-stop comparison shopping from multiple carriers.

California Insurance Finders is a service that connects consumers shopping for health insurance with licensed agents in California who represent major nationwide health insurance carriers. This personalized service is available free of charge on their website.

The convenience of having one health insurance portal site bringing consumers quotes from multiple insurance carriers is fast becoming the selling point in the fiercely competitive online health insurance quoting industry, with sites like www. california-insurance-finders. com, fast becoming the one-stop health insurance shopping site of choice for customers wanting an instant online quote comparison.

California Insurance Finders is not a licensed health insurance agent nor do we sell insurance. California Insurance Finders is a 100% advertiser supported insurance search engine. We are not a carrier, agent, or broker. When you choose to inquire with an advertiser on California Insurance Finders, your information remains between you and that advertiser(s). Advertisers are solely responsible for keeping their information current.


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WILDFIRE Solutions Group Celebrates 12 Years of Excellence by Teaming with a Giant

WILDFIRE Solutions Group Celebrates 12 Years of Excellence by Teaming with a Giant

WILDFIRE has teamed up with M2CGlobal Corporation of Carrolton, Texas, the formulator of the newest technology in the energy drink world, A. C.T. (Advanced Cell Therapy).

Grapevine, TX (PRWEB) November 30, 2005

M2CGLOBAL started as an idea. A simple idea to create a drink that would appeal to literally millions of people... A. C.T. was born. WILDFIRE has teamed up with M2CGlobal Corporation of Carrolton, Texas, the formulator of the newest technology in the energy drink world, A. C.T. (Advanced Cell Therapy).

ACT is a revolutionary energy drink, not one of the hundreds of existing energy products already on the market.

This crystalline extract powder mixes quickly and easily in water, becoming a beverage bursting with vitamins, amino acids and herbal extracts in a form that is highly available at the cellular level.

"Literally within minutes (most people average between 10-15 minutes) one feels significant effect from this scientific, nutritional beverage and the effects last. In most cases the mental clarity, stamina, energy and overall sense of well being last anywhere from 4-8 hours or longer depending on one’s body metabolism, without the build ups and crashes that come from so many "energy products" that are essentially little more than mega shots of sugar and caffeine," according to Scott Hailey, founder of WILDFIRE.

Unlike many products on the market that have to go through multiple channels of distribution before reaching the consumer A. C.T. is affordable.

M2CGlobal recognized the huge market need by selling directly online and shipping direct to the consumer. This gives us a major advantage in providing value to our end consumer. Since M2CGlobal owns the laboratory and the manufacturing facilities, we literally ship our product direct without one single sales channel in between, thus allowing M2CGlobal to sell below wholesale.

M2CGlobal offers a legitimate, free home-based business opportunity for the masses. M2CGlobal offers that opportunity to anyone looking for a legitimate business focused on sharing our affordable products.

M2CGlobal has accumulated leading minds that maintain excellence in several key areas of human health and performance. Together they reinforce M2CGlobal’s commitment to develop only the best pharmaceutical grade products that science has to offer so one can quickly notice results. Truly the best of science and nature combined. M2CGlobal also follows the strictest guidelines and operating procedures (SOP) as set forth by the United States FDA for the manufacturing of over the counter drugs (OTC).

About Us: WILDFIRE represents m2cglobal on a global scale. Lead by 12 year veteran Scott Hailey, WILDFIRE has been recognized as the source to go to when investigating cutting edge nutrition.

Contact Info:

Company: WILDFIRE Solutions Group

Country: United States

Contact: Scott Hailey

Website: freesample. virtualwildfire. com

Bus E-Mail: e-mail protected from spam bots

Phone: 817.442.8566


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Healthwise Unveils Information Therapy: Health care providers will write information prescriptions as a supplement to clinic visits, tests, and treatments

Healthwise Unveils Information Therapy: Health care providers will write information prescriptions as a supplement to clinic visits, tests, and treatments.

Healthwise, Incorporated, a long-standing nonprofit leader in producing medical information for consumers, has launched a “prescription information” concept called information therapy. Healthwise unveiled today the new Washington, D. C.-based Center for Information Therapy (CIT) and an 11-member commission to support information therapy programs among doctors, hospitals, and health plans.

(PRWEB) January 26, 2002

Healthwise, Incorporated 

Contact: Brenda Foster 

Phone: 208-331-6963/208-345-1897 (fax)

E-mail: bfoster@healthwise. org 

Web site: www. informationtherapy. org  


Healthwise Unveils Information Therapy:

Health care providers will write information prescriptions as a supplement to clinic visits, tests, and treatments.

Washington, D. C., and Boise, Idaho, January 23, 2002—Healthwise, Incorporated, a long-standing nonprofit leader in producing medical information for consumers, has launched a “prescription information” concept called information therapy. Healthwise unveiled today the new Washington, D. C.-based Center for Information Therapy (CIT) and an 11-member commission to support information therapy programs among doctors, hospitals, and health plans.

Information is powerful medicine. When prescribed as an integrated part of health care, it can be as important to a patient’s health as any test, surgery, or medicine. Unlike free-floating health content on the Internet, information prescriptions—called “information therapy”—are delivered electronically to people right before or after a doctor visit, test, or surgery; when they receive medicine; or at any other specific “moment of care.”

The new endeavor marks a shift in health care delivery where information is prescribed to patients, just as medicine is prescribed; and where doctors may even be reimbursed for such prescriptions. Commissioners believe that integrating information prescriptions into health care is key to helping consumers and doctors better communicate in todayÂ’s time-limited environment. The results will be better care, fewer medical mistakes, and lower health care costs.

“Today’s consumers are ready to play a bigger role in their health care decisions,” said

Donald W. Kemper, MPH, chairman and CEO of Healthwise and founding chair of the CIT. “Information therapy finally gives doctors, health plans, and hospitals a way to provide patients with the information they need to be informed, active members of the health care team.”

CIT Commissioner John Rother, who is director of policy and strategy for AARP, said, “In today's complex health care environment, information therapy can be a powerful key for consumers to feel more in control of their health. Information therapy can also play a positive role in bringing together all parties involved in health care to produce more effective results.”

An Ix Story

Kemper believes that consumer involvement in care has been inhibited because most doctors still use “mouth-to-ear” technology to communicate with patients. Verbal communication may be convenient, but so much of the information is lost that patients rarely gain enough knowledge and confidence to fully engage in medical choices. Ix programs change that. (Ix is medical shorthand for information therapy, similar to Rx, Dx, and Tx.)

HereÂ’s a fictional example: Jessica tumbles on the ski slope, hurts her knee, and winds up in the emergency room. Following x-rays and a brace, she is sent home with verbal information about the injury, blurry written instructions on home treatment, and directions to make an appointment with an orthopedic specialist. Without information therapy, Jessica likely forgets, mishears, or misplaces most of the information the ER doctor relayed to her. With information therapy, JessicaÂ’s emotional distress wonÂ’t hamper her ability to follow the doctorÂ’s recommendations. By the time she arrives home she has

Received a secure electronic Ix prescription that links her to specific, doctor-approved information about “knee injury overview,” “home treatment for knee injuries,” and “how to prepare for a visit to a specialist about knee injuries.”

Information therapy prescriptions are generated for Jessica each time she accesses the health care system for her knee injury, helping her to make decisions with the orthopedist about diagnostic tests, like an MRI, and treatment options, like rehabilitation and surgery. Each time she and her doctor need to communicate clearly and make a decision, Jessica receives relevant, in-depth, and decision-focused information to help her be a better partner with her doctor. The result is a more confident patient, more efficient providers, better health care decisions, fewer mistakes, a reduction of unnecessary medical costs, and, ultimately, a better health care experience for all parties.

“Information therapy looks at patients as health care partners, not recipients,” said NCQA President and CIT Commissioner Margaret E. O’Kane. “Engaging patients in their own health care consistently is one of the best ways to improve outcomes.”

Reimbursable Medical Service

According to Kemper, doctor-patient communication is inadequate because it isn’t paid for. If payers—insurance companies and reimbursement agencies—would agree to pay providers for this vital part of health care, doctor-patient communication would improve significantly.

The Center for Information Therapy makes the case that information therapy qualifies as a reimbursable medical service, because the prescriptions of information therapy are evidence-based, documented, and directed to a diagnosed patient condition. The information sent to patients must be of the highest quality—or prescription-strength—meaning that it is based on up-to-date medical evidence and written and illustrated in a consumer-friendly and decision-focused manner.

Innovative Technology

Physicians, hospitals, and health plans implement information therapy by using innovative technology that links medical keywords and codes (like ICD-9, CPT, and others) to specific information from vast consumer health information databases like the Healthwise® Knowledgebase. The thousands of topics in the Healthwise Knowledgebase are indexed to the same keywords and codes so that clinicians can use a PDA, scheduling and billing systems, electronic medical records, and other means of sending the relevant prescription to the patient. The Healthwise Knowledgebase is updated quarterly to the most current health information, and it covers thousands of health topics, medications, tests, surgeries, and self-help groups. It contains valuable Decision Points and Actionsets for helping consumers make decisions.


Prestigious Commission

The priorities and policy positions of the Center for Information Therapy will be directed by an independent Information Therapy Commission composed of health care and consumer leaders from across the health care industry. Founding commissioners include:

· Susan Edgman-Levitan: Formerly President of The Picker Institute

· James L. Field: Executive Director of The Advisory Board Company

· Donald W. Kemper, MPH: Chairman and CEO of Healthwise; Chairman of Hi-Ethics; Founding Chairman of the Center for Information Therapy

· Albert G. Mulley, Jr., MD, MPP: Chief of the General Medicine Division and Director of the Medical Practices Evaluation Center, Massachusetts General Hospital; Scientific Director of the Foundation for Informed Decision Making

· Annette OÂ’Connor, PhD: Acting Program Director of Clinical Epidemiology, Ottawa Health Research Institute

· Margaret E. OÂ’Kane: President of the National Committee for Quality Assurance

· Peter J. Plantes, MD: Vice President of Consumer, Patient, and Physician Services, VHA, Incorporated

· John Rother: Director of Legislation and Public Policy, AARP

· John W. Rowe, MD: Chairman, President, and CEO of Aetna

· Edward Wagner, MD: Director of the MacColl Institute for Healthcare Innovation, Center for Health Studies, Group Health Cooperative

· Paul Wallace, MD: Executive Director of the Care Management Institute, Kaiser Permanente

“By matching their data on individuals’ health care to the growing body of evidence-based clinical information, health plans can add value to their members,” said Dr. John W. Rowe, chairman, president, and CEO of Aetna. “Development of such personalized files will foster more informed decision making on the part of patients.”

Ix Resources

The Center for Information Therapy will support information therapy programs, conduct research about how information therapy affects health care quality and utilization, and encourage payers and policy makers to reimburse providers for information therapy. In addition, the CIT will promote outreach programs for underserved areas.

Physicians, hospitals, health plans, consumers, and policy leaders can learn more about information therapy by:

· Visiting www. informationtherapy. org

· Attending the national Information Therapy Innovators Conference in Park City, Utah,

September 25-27, 2002, http://www. informationtherapy. org/rs_innovators. html (http://www. informationtherapy. org/rs_innovators. html)
· Ordering the new book by Donald W. Kemper and Molly Mettler, Information Therapy: Prescribed Information as a Reimbursable Medical Service, http://www. informationtherapy. org/r_book. html (http://www. informationtherapy. org/r_book. html)

The Center for Information Therapy is a wholly owned, nonprofit subsidiary of Healthwise, Incorporated. Additional funding comes from The Advisory Board Company. Contact Healthwise at 1-800-706-9646, www. informationtherapy. org, or www. healthwise. org.


How To Keep Your Fitness Resolutions From Fading

How To Keep Your Fitness Resolutions From Fading

5 simple tips to rev-up your resolution to get fit

(PRWEB) January 31, 2005

January is almost over. How are you doing on your list of fitness New YearÂ’s Resolutions? If you are like most people, they are gradually starting to fade. But they donÂ’t have to completely disappear.

Rev-up your resolutions with a few simple tips from the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA).

1. Be reasonable. Often times, the New Year brings high hopes and unrealistic expectations. When setting fitness goals, know how your body works. "Healthy weight loss is about 2 pounds per week,” advises Keith Cinea, MA, CSCS,*D, NSCA-CPT, Educational Programs and Products Coordinator for the NSCA. “Weight loss above this amount may shock the body, making it harder to lose weight."

2. Take small steps. There are short, medium, and long-term goals. Many people skip the short and medium goals, and go straight for the long-term results. The old axiom applies: “People donÂ’t plan to fail, they fail to plan.” Results will come, but you have to be patient and continue on your fitness plan—eating a sensible diet and exercising more. 

3. Work out with a partner. Surround yourself with positive people who have the same goals. “A workout partner makes you more accountable--you are less likely to skip a workout because you know they are waiting for you,” recommends Peter Melanson, MS, CSCS,*D, NSCA-CPT, Educational Programs Coordinator for the NSCA. “A partner also allows you to work harder, especially in the weight room, knowing you have a spotter there to help.”

4. Reward yourself. When you reach a goal, however small you may think it is, reward yourself with a small gift— preferably fitness related (a new pair of shoes, work-out equipment, or clothing). After a few small goals are completed and you realize that you can do it, the larger goals won’t seem so impossible.

5. Get help. Get the motivation and expert training you need by hiring a personal trainer. “Personal trainers not only provide an accountability aspect to training, but they are also professionally trained to know exactly what you need to do to reach your fitness goals,” explains Michael Barnes, MEd, CSCS,*D, NSCA-CPT, NSCA Education Director.

The NSCA offers a free personal trainer locator service on its web site at www. nsca-lift. org/trainers (http://www. nsca-lift. org/trainers).

A healthy lifestyle is an ongoing process. Don’t get discouraged—get going.

About the NSCA

The National Strength and Conditioning Association is the leading authority on strength and conditioning. For more than 27 years, the NSCA has bridged science and application to provide reliable, research-based, strength and conditioning information to its members and the general public. With nearly 30,000 members worldwide, the NSCA is the largest health and fitness association in the world. For more information on NSCA professional journals, cutting edge conferences, educational text and videos, or other services, visit the web site at www. nsca-lift. org.


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Fully-Certified, Drop-in ANT™ AP2 Module Enables Faster Time-to-Market and Enhanced Next Generation Functionality for WSN Applications

Fully-Certified, Drop-in ANT™ AP2 Module Enables Faster Time-to-Market and Enhanced Next Generation Functionality for WSN Applications

The new generation of ANT AP2 modules features certification and enhanced functionality for enhanced Wireless Sensor Network applications. These drop-in modules are backward compatible and enable advanced capabilities, lower power and faster time-to-market.

Cochrane, Alberta (PRWEB) June 10, 2009

ANT™ today announces the availability of the fully-certified, 8 channel ANT AP2 module. Drop-in compatible with all existing ANT AP1 and AT3 products, the next-generation AP2 modules enable faster time-to-market with better RF performance and 10 times lower power consumption.

The AP2 modules incorporate the enhanced ANT core stack of the soon-to-be-released Nordic nRF24AP2 chips. Consistent with the ANT protocol which is proven in Personal Area Networks (PANs), the AP2 module (ANTAP281MxIB) retains the small 20mm x 20mm ANT footprint, may be surface mounted on PCBs, and is designed to suit automatic pick-n-place production lines. This more advanced 8-channel nRF24AP2 product (nRF24AP2-8CH) has been specifically optimized for ANT hubs with up to eight active wireless sensor channels. This allows products such as sport watches, bike computers and cardio machines to connect with up to eight different sensors/users simultaneously.

"The nRF24AP2 modules take our already-proven protocol to another level of leading ultra low power technology," said Brian Macdonald, Director, ANT Wireless. "In addition, for companies lacking RF experience, the certified ANT AP2 modules fast track innovative products to the market."

ANT AP2 modules are RF certified (i. e. FCC, CE, C-tick and Telec), for use in global markets including North America, Europe, Japan, Australia, etc. AP2 modules are hardware and software compatible with ANT AP1 and AT3 modules. Any existing design or prototype can be easily drop-in replaced and migrated to the new platform with all the latest ANT enhancements. Using RF certified modules in wireless product design will dramatically shorten the design cycle and lower the cost associated with the RF regulatory mandate.

"These certified modules are part of the new generation of ANT products with further enhanced capabilities," added Macdonald. "The AP2 family of products are even lower power and lower cost than our already successful modules and chips, and will enable a whole new level of solutions for sport, fitness, consumer health and green power management."

Key ANT AP2 Core Stack Enhancements:
 High density node support: up to 300 nodes at 1Hz Tx rate in same RF space  Frequency agility  Proximity search: built-in device search and pairing mechanism  Scanning mode: extremely low latency for asynchronous applications like remote control  Improved channel search: with less impact to existing working channels  Channel ID management: improved device pairing efficiency  Individual output power control per channel

ANT's AP2 comprehensive single chip family is application-driven and consists of multiple device options to suit different needs. The product family includes: nRF24AP2-1ch Chip (Generic), nRF24AP2-8ch Chip (Generic), AP2 modules, AP2 dev kit, DKT3 upgrade kit, and USB Stick. 

ANTAP281M4IB is for surface mount and ANTAP281M5IB comes with a connector. Engineering samples are available this month.

About ANT™ / ANT+
Proven and practical, the ANT 2.4 GHz wireless network minimizes power, integration costs and time to market. It is designed for ease of use, efficiency, and scalability with an installed base of over four million nodes to date. ANT easily handles peer-to-peer, star, tree and practical mesh topologies (with a capability of up to 65,536 slave nodes talking to one master over a time slot shared single channel).

The ANT+ ecosystem enables wireless connectivity in a new generation of consumer Personal Area Network (PAN) products with the ANT+ interoperability ecosystem. Features include reliable and seamless data communications, flexible and adaptive network operation and cross-talk immunity. All companies utilizing ANT+ interoperability are members of the open ANT+ Alliance, now representing 139 companies (www. thisisant. com).

The company behind ANT Wireless is Dynastream Innovations Inc. Dynastream was established in 1998 and became a wholly owned subsidiary of Garmin Ltd. in December 2006. Dynastream is based in Cochrane, Alberta, Canada, and is a world innovator in the research and development of inertial and wireless technology. www. dynastream. com


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Yohimbe and Erectile Dysfunction

Yohimbe and Erectile Dysfunction

The real promise of yohimbe actually is not its value as medication for erectile dysfunction in men who indeed suffer from the condition, but its power to enhance sexuality in healthy subjects. Yohimbe is probably the most underrated recreational drugs around. It's not just a sex enhancer; it's a philosophical life enhancer. It has the clear potential to give new meaning to the lives of men at mid-life and beyond. Yohimbe restores pride and enjoyment. For performance and sheer manhood, men at 50 who have ingested yohimbe can compete with any young gigolo. Forget such esoteric nonsense as tantra yoga and the tao of love. All you need is yohimbe. Visit VirilityEX. com for the worlds leading proprietary blend of Yohimbe.

(PRWEB) December 1, 2004

Yohimbe is a herbal medication made of the bark of an African tree (Corynanthe yohimbe or Pausinystalia yohimbe). Yohimbine is an indole alkaloid that makes for about 1 percent of the volume of yohimbe bark. Other indole alkaloids contained in yohimbe bark are: isoyohimbine, allo-yohimbine (dihydroyohimbine), yohimbinine, yohimbane, yohimbenine, corynanthein, and others (Betz et al., 1995; Budavari, 1996; Leung and Foster, 1996).

Impotence (now medically referred to as erectile dysfunction) is a condition much more complicated than most diseases. Many diseases are single-cause conditions.

While sildenafil citrate or what is more commonly know as Viagra (Viagra is a Registered Trademark of Pfizer) may be the medication of choice for plain erectile dysfunction, yohimbe has a better potential in treating impotence overall. This is the case because yohimbine, and the unrefined yohimbe, do not just cause a hardening of the male organ but also have psychological effects, making those who have ingested it easier to stimulate mentally, generally more alert, and more agitated. There is a sexual component in these attributes, which is not available from ingesting sildenafil citrate.

The real promise of yohimbe actually is not its value as medication for erectile dysfunction in men who indeed suffer from the condition, but its power to enhance sexuality in healthy subjects. Yohimbe is probably the most underrated recreational drugs around. It's not just a sex enhancer; it's a philosophical life enhancer. It has the clear potential to give new meaning to the lives of men at mid-life and beyond. Yohimbe restores pride and enjoyment. For performance and sheer manhood, men at 50 who have ingested yohimbe can compete with any young gigolo. Forget such esoteric nonsense as tantra yoga and the tao of love. All you need is yohimbe. Visit VirilityEX. com for the worlds leading proprietary blend of Yohimbe.

Because of its potential as recreational drug, some eager government may sooner or later prohibit yohimbe. It has escaped this fate because as recreational drug, its target groups are not the young but mid-age adults (and adulterers).

How do yohimbe and yohimbine feel? If you have enough experience with it to be aware of slight symptoms, you will know that yohimbine is taking over when you notice increased salivation. There will be a tendency for an accelerated heartbeat, mostly effected by mental stimulation. There will not necessarily be an increased heartbeat from physical exercise.

Rather, the capacity for physical exercise will probably be enhanced for many people, with a pulse frequency ordinary for the chosen exercise. Some users have mentioned that they sweat less when on yohimbe, but for me, excessive sweating is more likely. Scientific studies have confirmed that yohimbine does not raise blood pressure, even though one may feel as if one has an elevated blood pressure because of a certain degree of nervousness caused by the drug. But a dangerously low blood pressure, rather than an elevated one, is associated with a yohimbine overdose.

Yohimbe will not make you desire a sexual partner whom you would not desire when not on yohimbe. Rather the opposite. But you can become mentally very fixed on a partner you actually do desire.

Yohimbe and yohimbine will make those who have ingested it easier to stimulate sexually. Yohimbe works mentally and physically towards this end, with both aspects strongly interacting. Men who normally have problems having an erection will feel a mental stimulation from the fact that a hard-on comes easy.

Yohimbe definitely increases erectile rigidity, and may increase erectile capacity.

Yohimbine will definitely make orgasms more powerful. It will do this by postponing the point of ejaculation, and by making the orgastic release more strongly felt. On the route to the orgastic release, there will be an accelerated heartbeat, caused by mental stimulation rather than physical effort.

As it is the case with most medications, one will, after a while, develop a certain tolerance for yohimbine. You can expect that after the 500th time, you can easily ingest double the amount you ingested initially, and you will likely have fewer problems with side effects. Unfortunately, for the desired sexual effect, you will probably still need a dosage at which side effects, such as nervousness, will again occur. You can't have the roses without the thorns.

Nevertheless, the pro-sexual effect of yohimbine doesn't wear off in the same way the pro-sexual effect of neurophysiological agents such as bromocriptine (Parlodel) does. Sexuality-enhancing neurophysiological agents are usually medications for Parkinson's disease, and that their therapeutic effect loses strength with time is what limits the value of these medications. In this instance, we are not primarily talking about sexual enhancement. For people who need dopamine-supporting medications such as bromocriptine, their loss of therapeutic effect is often a death verdict.

Visit VirilityEX. com for the worlds leading proprietary blend of Pharmacuetical Grade Yohimbine.


Tele-SalesForce, Inc. Announces Strategic Acquisition of Demand First

Tele-SalesForce, Inc. Announces Strategic Acquisition of Demand First

Tele-SalesForce. com announces the recent purchase of DemandFirst. With this acqusition, TSF will be able to add even more value to their customers and offer better service in the medical industry.

(PRWEB) May 31, 2005

Tele-SalesForce. com, world class telesales people, world class results, today announced the strategic acquisition of DemandFirst. DemandFirst is an organization that helps Fortune 1000 companies increase effectiveness by assisting them generate warm, qualified leads. DemandFirst enables TSF to strengthen the core offering in high tech and software and expand into new verticals including manufacturing, and healthcare and Pharmaceutical industries. Not only does DemandFirst offer specialized knowledge, they are skilled in advanced list development for prospecting and lead generation campaigns. 

According to David Vest, Vice President of Sales and Operations of Tele-SalesForce. com, “This is a strategic acquisition for TSF. Not only does Demand First help with our expansion into the medical industry, but it allows TSF to offer more value added services to our customers.” With this added experience and knowledge, TSF will be able to provide clients with even more qualified leads resulting in even more value for our customers. 

"This acquisition brings decades of experience in the medical and pharmaceutical industry to TSF, and adds additional US based resources to our operations team to manage and support our global customers," said  Chad Burmeister, Chairman of the Board.

About Tele-SalesForce. com

Tele-SalesForce. com, world class telesales people, world class results, helps companies build a successful marketing campaign, monitor the campaign, and insure the best possible results. Additional services include complete outbound telesales campaigns, inbound call center support, and additional strategic marketing services. The company is based in Southern California, and has regional offices across the United States, and offshore offices in India and other international locations. 


Chad Burmeister


Chad@tele-salesforce. com


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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Clarian Health/Indiana University School of Medicine Specialty Programs Ranked Among Best in Nation

Clarian Health/Indiana University School of Medicine Specialty Programs Ranked Among Best in Nation

Clarian/IUSM programs are the only Indiana programs included in prestigious national rankings

Indianapolis, IN (Vocus) July 22, 2009

Nine clinical programs at Clarian Health/Indiana University School of Medicine (http://www. medicine. iu. edu/) are ranked among the top 50 national programs in U. S. News & World Report's "2009-10 America's Best Hospitals" guide. Clarian's Methodist Hospital and Indiana University Hospital are the only Indiana hospitals included in the rankings, and are among only 174 hospitals recognized out of the 4,861 evaluated nationwide.

Published in the July 21 issue of U. S. News & World Report, the guide ranks clinical programs at Clarian, a partner of Indiana University School of Medicine, in nine of the 16 specialties evaluated. This is U. S. News' 20th year of ranking America's elite medical centers "to help patients find the best hospital when the need is great"; it is Clarian/IUSM's 12th consecutive appearance in the guide.

In June, seven specialty programs at Riley Hospital for Children were ranked among the top 30 children's hospitals in the nation. Riley's urology program was ranked third in the nation.

The complete guide and hospitals rankings are available online at www. usnews. com.

Clarian's recognized adult programs and their numerical rankings are:
Gastrointestinal Disorders 13th Urology 16th Orthopedics 24th Neurology & Neurosurgery 26th Ear, Nose, Throat 26th Respiratory Disorders 26th Geriatric Care 27th Cancer 32nd Kidney Disease 38th

Riley Hospital for Children recognized programs and their numerical rankings are:
Urology 3rd Diabetes & Endocrine Disorders 12th Neonatal Care 14th Respiratory Disorders 14th Digestive Disorders 18th Neurology & Neurosurgery 27th Orthopedics 28th

"We are honored to be listed alongside the top hospitals in the country," said Daniel F. Evans, Jr., president and CEO of Clarian Health (www. clarian. org). "This is our second recognition this year, as Riley Hospital for Children was recognized among the nation's top pediatric hospitals. I'm extremely proud of the hard work by all our staff and physicians at Clarian and the IU School of Medicine to improve the health of our patients and our community. It's their daily dedication that moves us toward a preeminent health care system."

"These rankings once again demonstrate the dedication to quality care and service by the Clarian Health and School of Medicine physicians and faculty, caregivers and staff. I commend all those who make this partnership a successful contributor to the health of Hoosiers and to our life sciences initiative," said D. Craig Brater, M. D., dean of the Indiana University School of Medicine (www. medicine. iu. edu) and IU vice president for life sciences.

Clarian Health
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Friday, May 20, 2011

Desire Resort & Spa Riviera Maya Receives the Prestigious 'DISTINTIVO H' Award

Desire Resort & Spa Riviera Maya Receives the Prestigious 'DISTINTIVO H' Award

The most romantic all-inclusive resort on the Mayan Riviera joins a prestigious few that are awarded the Mexican government’s exclusive 'Distintivo H' award for excellence in health & hygiene practices in the food & beverage industry.

Cancun, MEXICO (PRWEB) August 16, 2006

Desire Resort & Spa Riviera Maya (www. desireresorts. com) is pleased to announce that it is the proud recipient of the prestigious 'Distintivo H' award. This is the Mexican Tourism Board's highest acknowledgment of quality standards and is bestowed only upon the most elite members of the food and beverage industry proven to have a highly competent staff and impeccable work environment. Award winners must fulfill established international health and hygiene standards pertaining to food handling, preparation and service.

Inaugurated in May of 2002, the 'Distintivo H' program aims to improve the overall experience for travelers in Mexico by implementing the World Health Organization's exacting standards of hygiene for all sectors of the food and beverage industry, thus ensuring a safe, monitored certification of one of Mexico’s finest cultural assets– its gastronomy. 'Distintivo H' has positioned itself as Mexico’s official barometer for evaluating all food-related industries.

In order to qualify for this endorsement, hotels voluntarily submit to a thorough evaluation conducted by certified government inspectors. From supplier procedures to client consumption, more than 100 operational aspects are monitored and evaluated: purchasing, delivery, handling, preservation, storage, temperatures, serving methods and, ultimately, the service with which food and beverages are delivered. Additionally, rigorous, comprehensive food and hygiene training must be provided to the establishment's staff.

Desire Resort & Spa's participation in the 'Distintivo H' program underscores Desire's mission to offer guests the best possible service and amenities.

Desire Resort Riviera Maya.

Imagine a posh playground where sensual fantasies take form; where Mexico's natural beauty surrounds you both with an exotic ambience and freedom from inhibitions rules the day-- and night. Couples who seek a free-spirited venue for an adventurous experience choose Desire Resort & Spa, the first Mexican all-inclusive, couples-only, adult resort, located on Cancun’s Riviera Maya.

Desire Resort & Spa Los Cabos

Desire Resort & Spa’s newest hideaway on the tip of the Baja Peninsula in Los Cabos, Mexico, is ideal for liberated, adult couples seeking sun, sand and sensual encounters. The clothing-optional resort is a contemporary-style beachfront hotel promising luxurious accommodations, breathtaking views, top-notch services, exciting activities, and most importantly, a private new venue where the Pacific Ocean meets the Sea of Cortez. Freedom, fantasy and fulfillment will be framed by a backdrop of lush natural gardens and sandy beaches, making Desire Resort & Spa Los Cabos the obvious choice of upscale, adventurous couples. www. desireresorts. com


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Internationally Acclaimed Author Shows Readers How to Balance Body, Mind and Spirit

Internationally Acclaimed Author Shows Readers How to Balance Body, Mind and Spirit

The Trinity of Health by psychologist Carmen Harra shows how seven guiding principles can produce a richer, longer and more fulfilling life.

Manhattan, NY and Hollywood, Fla. (PRWEB) October 11, 2007

Written by renowned clinical psychologist, metaphysician, and radio personality Carmen Harra, The Trinity of Health is a masterfully crafted manual that guides readers into reestablishing real health by illustrating how to reconnect with themselves and their world.

Health and happiness are everyone's birthright, but acquiring them means finding a new balance, proposes Carmen Harra in her wise manual. Harra suggests that while exercising the body is crucial, the mind and spirit also need a workout. She advises that readers follow what she calls the "seven golden principles of totality." Only through these seven fundamentals will readers learn how to find balance and seek joy, cultivate awareness, avoid reactivity, treasure togetherness, return to Mother Nature, create good karma, and embrace responsibility. Readers can expect to emerge from this book with a sense of rejuvenated health and a new aim at life.

Part I of The Trinity of Health demonstrates how to easily incorporate these spiritual values so as to elevate consciousness beyond the mundane and confining routines of everyday. Once readers have spread the wings of their minds and spirits, they can refocus on their bodies. Part II serves as a complete guide to smart nutrition. It illustrates a fail-proof method to lose and maintain weight, teaches one how to choose wholesome yet unbelievably satisfying foods, and even offers a revolutionary seven-day program to optimum health. Written with intelligence and insight, readers will find The Trinity of Health as essential as a daily vitamin.

For more information or to request a free review copy, members of the press can contact the author at carmenharra @ aol. com or visit www. CarmenHarra. com. The Trinity of Health is available for sale online at Amazon. com, BookSurge. com, and through additional wholesale and retail channels worldwide.

About the Author
Carmen Harra is a clinical psychologist, metaphysician, motivational speaker, TV personality, and author of three internationally acclaimed books: Everyday Karma, Decoding Your Destiny, and Signs, Symbols and Secrets. A singer and radio host on www. Healthylife. net, Sirius Satellite 114 and Contact Talk Radio, Carmen also has her own jewelry line on HSN called Karmic Earth Treasures. The author lives in New York and Florida with her husband and three children.

About BookSurge
BookSurge Publishing is a DBA of On-Demand Publishing LLC, a subsidiary of Amazon. com Inc., (NASDAQ AMZN). BookSurge is a pioneer in self-publishing and print-on-demand services. Offering unique publishing opportunities and access for authors, BookSurge boasts an unprecedented number of authors whose work has resulted in book deals with traditional publishers as well as successful authorpreneurs who enhance or build a business from their professional expertise.


Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Rancher, state vet to speak of food safety at City Club of Portland forum

Rancher, state vet to speak of food safety at City Club of Portland forum

On Friday, March 19, City Club of Portland welcomes to its Friday Forum two experienced agriculture professionals—rancher Jack Southworth and state veterinarian Dr. Andrew A. Clark—to discuss food safety, especially that of beef production in light of the recent detection of mad cow disease in Washington last December. The two presenters will discuss what happened and what interventions are underway; how BSE prevention activities and other quality assurance programs relate to food safety, especially of meat products; the real risks involved; and the roles of producers and regulatory agencies.

Portland, OR (PRWEB) March 10, 2004

On Friday, March 19, City Club of Portland welcomes to its Friday Forum two experienced agriculture professionals—rancher Jack Southworth and state veterinarian Dr. Andrew A. Clark—to discuss food safety, especially that of beef production in light of the recent detection of mad cow disease in Washington last December. The two presenters will discuss what happened and what interventions are underway; how BSE prevention activities and other quality assurance programs relate to food safety, especially of meat products; the real risks involved; and the roles of producers and regulatory agencies.

Last December, mad cow disease was detected in a Canadian-born cow slaughtered in Washington. The disease -- officially bovine spongiform encephalopathy, or BSE -- is a chronic, degenerative disorder that attacks the central nervous system of cattle. It is believed to spread when infected animals are turned into animal feed, allowing infected tissue into the food chain. BSE has been linked to a fatal brain-wasting disease in humans and has devastated international cattle trade from affected nations. While U. S. beef producers contend their product is safe, one watchdog group suggests that a typical burger patty is packed with parts of 50 to 100 cattle from multiple states and two to four countries. In a yearÂ’s time, it says, the average American samples a veritable herd: 5,200 to 10,400 cattle.

What are the health risks with this staple of the American diet? How did BSE end up here? WhoÂ’s responsible? What are the risks to our livestock and our food supply? WhatÂ’s being done to protect the public... and is it enough?

This program, which is open to the public, will be held at Multnomah Athletic Club (1849 S. W. Salmon St.). Doors open at 11:30 AM. The program runs from 12:15 to 1:15 PM. Luncheon reservations and cancellations are available online at www. pdxcityclub. org or from (503) 228-7231 (members only call 503-241-9242) by 2 PM Wednesday, March 17. Luncheon tickets are $16 for members, $18 for nonmembers. Coffee tickets are $5 at the door. General seating is free for members and $5 for nonmembers.

The week of March 14-20, 2004 is National Agriculture Week.

About the speakers

With his wife Teresa, Jack Southworth owns and operates Southworth Bros. Ranch, a cow-calf-yearling ranch located on the south side of the Strawberry Mountains near the small town of Seneca. The ranch was homesteaded by his great-grandfather in 1885 and has been operated by his family ever since. Southworth is a founding member of Oregon Country Beef and helped draft beef production standards for Food Alliance, a nonprofit organization that promotes sustainable agriculture. He is a graduate of Oregon State University, president of Grant County Farm Bureau, a director of Blue Mountain Hospital, Oregon Agricultural Education Foundation, the E. R. Jackman Foundation, and the Blue Mountain Healthcare Foundation.

From 1996 to 2003, Dr. Andrew A. Clark served as State Veterinarian for the Oregon Department of Agriculture and today resumes his earlier work as State Field Veterinarian for ODAÂ’s Eastern Oregon office in Pendleton, a post he held since 1973, with the exception of seven years he spent performing agriculture development work in northern Kenya and central Tanzania. Clark spent another nine years in Tanzania from 1964 to 1973 with the Peace Corps and as a contract veterinarian.

About City Club of Portland

City Club of Portland is a nonprofit, nonpartisan education and research based civic organization dedicated to community service, public affairs and leadership development. Through weekly Friday Forums, citizen-based research reports, special programs and issue committees, City Club examines issues of importance to the Portland metropolitan region, the state and society as a whole. Membership is open to everyone.

For more information about City Club of Portland, please visit www. pdxcityclub. org or call (503) 228-7231.


Altran Foundation for Innovation launches its yearly prize of 1 million Euro

Altran Foundation for Innovation launches its yearly prize of 1 million Euro

For its seventh edition of the 1 million Euro prize the theme is “TECHNOLOGICAL INNOVATION AND EARLY CHILDHOOD” with the following sub-themes: Food, Health, Education and Development, and Security and Hygiene.

(PRWEB) September 29, 2002

The Altran Foundation for innovation was set up by the Altran Groupe in 1996 and has since then become one of the most renowned philanthropic prizes in Europe. The ALTRAN Foundation annual prize is aimed at research and development teams and individuals from businesses, schools and universities, public and private research organizations and associations.

The ALTRAN Foundation has launched a call for papers across Europe.

Who may apply?

· Companies

· Research laboratories, private and/or public

· Hospitals

· Schools and universities

· Associations, NGOÂ’s

· Individual candidates or groups of individual candidates

How to contribute?

The contribution and selection process is in two steps:

1. Request for application form

The application form is a 6-page document in which the candidate give a short description of the project. The document is available in two languages: French and English. Candidates can optain the application form via the Altran Foundation web site: http://www. fondation-altran. org (http://www. fondation-altran. org)
2. Subission the application form

The candidate submits the proposal.


Final date for request for application form: December 6, 2002

Final date for submitting application form: December 13, 2002

Short-listing of candidates: March 21, 2003

Final application deadline: April 18, 2003

Oral presentation of retained proposals: May 23, 2003

Awards ceremons: June 2003

Selection Criteria

The candidates must prove the innovating characteristics of their project, whether that be in the technology used or, if this is already known, the application which is employed. They must also show the projectÂ’s technical, economic and social feasibility in the short, medium and long term as well as its undeniable utility.

The ALTRAN Foundation prize is the expertise sponsorship of one or several projects for up to three winners, which equals one million Euros. This original type of sponsorship takes the form of personal assistance for a period of one year and involves ALTRAN's European consultants and managers. The assistance can be purely technical for development reasons or it can be the administrative help of setting up an actual company.

The main novelty value of the ALTRAN Foundation prize is the technological advice that is provided for one year. The first thing a group of researchers has to do is overcome certain hurdles, in particular those which require an external view of the market. Thanks to its proven expertise, together with specialized skills in marketing as well as technical and commercial fields, ALTRAN can help the winners to achieve their projects.

Altran – the company

Altran was founded in France 1982 and has since grown to be one of the biggest consultancies in the world with more than 130 subsidiaries and 15,000 consultants working together in a network. Altran's fundamental strength is breadth - breadth of technologies and sectors, plus geographical reach. This gives Altran the advantage of cross-sector know-how, breaking down barriers and favouring fruitful transfers to create new value for clients. In less than 20 years, Altran's capacity to provide state-of-the-art solutions across the board has made it a worldwide benchmark in technology consulting for innovation. Altran spans all areas of technology and science, from IT to e-business, physical sciences and microelectronics, through its subsidiaries providing services to a host of industries including aerospace, automotive and communications.

Altran's broad scope makes it a key contributor to developments shaping our daily lives and thus our future."

Monday, May 16, 2011



HIV educators tell stories of women with HIV, outline HIV prevention.

(PRWEB) April 26, 2002


WALTHILL, NE --- Walthill Public SchoolÂ’s middle and high school students listened attentively as they sat in the gymnasium on April 23 and HIV educators Denae Parker and Tiffany James narrated the true stories of two Nebraska women living with HIV.

 They told of childhood sexual abuse, alcoholism, and promiscuity. They told of being in relationships with alcoholics and becoming infected, of giving birth to a child with HIV, of raising that child and having to bury him five years later.

 After their presentation, Parker and James outlined ways to prevent HIV infection, stressing that abstinence is the only guaranteed way.

 Both presenters are students at Hastings College, a private University in Hastings, NE. They belong to a student group called PHIVE-O, short for Peer HIV Education Organization, which is under the auspices of Hasting CollegeÂ’s Campus Health Services.

 Parker is a senior, majoring in Speech and English. She has been an HIV educator for two years. She became involved in the PHIVE-O, because she wanted to be able to “influence people outside the community.” James is a junior and majors in Psychology and Social Studies. Also an HIV educator for two years, she enjoys the opportunity to communicate about this issue people of many ages and ethnic groups.

 They were invited by secondary school counselor Pat Browning, who had a chance to see them at a cultural diversity program in Hastings. The presentation was videotaped and will air Monday, April 29 on Huntel cable channel 18 in the Walthill viewing area.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Donation to Aid Revival of Atlanta Park

Donation to Aid Revival of Atlanta Park

LoweÂ’s Charitable and Educational Foundation Donates $1,000 to Adopt-A-Park Initiative

MOORESVILLE, NC (PRWEB) February 14, 2004

LoweÂ’s Charitable and Educational Foundation recently donated $1,000 to the Chauncey H. Robinson Youth FoundationÂ’s adopt-a-park initiative. The donation will assist clean up, rebuilding and beautification efforts of Charles Harper Park located in AtlantaÂ’s Vine City community.

“On behalf of the Chauncey H. Robinson Youth Foundation, I would like to thank Lowe’s for its consistent commitment to the community and environment,” said Chauncey H. Robinson, CEO and founder, Chauncey H. Robinson Youth Foundation. “This effort will help rebuild and improve Charles Harper Park and assist in the beautification of an area where youth are present.”

The Chauncey H. Robinson Youth Foundation adopted Charles Harper Park to make it a cleaner, safer environment for neighborhood children. This citywide initiative hopes to bring the park back to its true beauty.

“We’re excited to be part of the revitalization of Charles Harper Park,” said Robert Egleston, Lowe’s community relations manager at Lowe’s. “This project is just one example of the way Lowe’s Charitable and Educational Foundation is committed to initiatives that improve the quality of life for residents in the communities we serve.”

About LoweÂ’s

LoweÂ’s is a proud supporter of Habitat for Humanity International, American Red Cross, United Way of America, and the Home Safety Council, in addition to numerous non-profit organizations and programs. LoweÂ’s Charitable and Educational Foundation awards more than $1.5 million annually to diverse organizations across the country. LoweÂ’s also encourages volunteerism through the LoweÂ’s Heroes program, a company-wide employee volunteer program addressing unintentional home injuries. LoweÂ’s, a FORTUNE 100 company with fiscal year 2002 sales of $26.5 billion, has more than 950 stores in 45 states. For more information, visit Lowes. com/community.

About The Chauncey H. Robinson Youth Foundation

The Chauncey H. Robinson Youth Foundation is a philanthropic and program oriented organization whose mission is to fund and further the development of present programs that serve the community in the following areas: Health, Education, and Cultural needs of inner city communities. The foundation is recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as a 501 c-3, non-profit organization.

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Friday, May 13, 2011

The Golden Gays Drag Musical Spoof of Golden Girls Announces Visits to West Hollywood, Palm Springs, and South Beach

The Golden Gays Drag Musical Spoof of Golden Girls Announces Visits to West Hollywood, Palm Springs, and South Beach

“The Golden Gays”, this fall’s runaway hit Drag Musical Spoof and Tribute is back in 2010 with their first tour. The elderly girls jaunt will begin with a grand reopening of the show at the Meta Theatre (Melrose and Fairfax in Hollywood) January 22nd – January 30th. The Fab Five men in gals clothes then take the ribald musical parody to a brand new 200 seat venue in Palm Springs at the Temple Isaiah Pavilion on Alejo for one weekend only February 5th, 6th and 7th. After a two-week rest of their tired old bones, the girls will perform their little hearts out to attendees in South Beach at the Colony Theatre on Lincoln Boulevard. All the original cast members of the show expected to make the trip barring any unforeseen health issues prominent with this vulnerable demographic. The Miami Dates are February 26th, 27th and 28th 2010.

Long Beach, CA (PRWEB) November 30, 2009

“The Golden Gays”, this fall’s runaway hit Drag Musical Spoof and Tribute is back in 2010 with their first tour. The elderly girls jaunt will begin with a grand reopening of the show at the Meta Theatre (Melrose and Fairfax in Hollywood) January 22nd – January 30th. The Fab Five men in gals clothes then take the ribald musical parody to a brand new 200 seat venue in Palm Springs at the Temple Isaiah Pavilion on Alejo for one weekend only February 5th, 6th and 7th. After a two-week rest of their tired old bones, the girls will perform their little hearts out to attendees in South Beach at the Colony Theatre on Lincoln Boulevard. All the original cast members of the show expected to make the trip barring any unforeseen health issues prominent with this vulnerable demographic. The Miami Dates are February 26th, 27th and 28th 2010.

John Patrick Trapper’s Drag Musical Comedy Spoof “The Golden Gays” is the story of four men who have not been able to release their obsession with the third most popular sitcom ever and see the same therapist to try and work through the problem. Unfortunately, the therapist (played by drag illusionist Aaron Barrera) has his own obsessions with various television icons. Next comes some incredibly funny advice from a well knows sitcom figure from the 70s and 80s (voiced over by Marla Gibbs, the original Florence from the Jefferson’s). The result is the new Fab Five moving on up into a deluxe tenement in Miami where they emulate the lives of the girls with some seemingly counter productive input from their therapist. As they work through the issues, they occasionally come to breaking points that are found in the lyrics of some colorful parodies of their favorite show tunes (and your too if you love Les Miserable, Kiss me Kate, Guys and Dolls, Pippin, Mame or Priscilla, Queen of the Desert).

While spoofing the famous show is nothing new, critics have hailed this version as a wonderful tribute to the actors and writers who made the show famous. It sets out not only to bring them back to life, but also to share some trivia about the show and the people involved through song and spoof. Great care was taken in presenting all four of the original actors comedic abilities and multi-dimensionality. This is the story about four men who love the Golden Girls as much as the biggest fan in the audience does. That’s why it works.

John W. McLaughlin who won accolades as Damien, the bitchiest of the four who obsesses about Dorothy returns to the show where he will continue to channel the late Bea Arthur’s comedic skills. David Romano will assist by throwing out comedic zingers as Samuel (Sophia) while John Downey III (Blaine/Blanche) will keep the revolving door of the new homestead as a passageway for many men (all played by the dreamy Ron Velasco). When he manages to figure out whom he is supposed to play in the therapeutic role-play, Robert Glen Decker, who also doubles as the shows musical Director plays Roger/Rose. The ensemble is topped off perfectly by nationally known comedian Julia Lillis who plays all the female roles.

The show opened at a the Cavern Club Celebrity Theatre, a cabaret space in Silver Lake Los Angeles this past September where it played to over sold houses for three weeks and went on to an extended run at the Complex Theatre on historic Theatre Row. Although the show was well received, the creative team has gone back to the script and done some rewrites that should leave audiences even more pleased with the storyline.

The Meta Theatre is an adorable space in the Melrose district of West Hollywood where many well-known actors and shows have gotten their start. The newly created space will be unveiled in the beautiful ballroom in the heart of downtown Palm Springs at the Temple Isaiah Pavilion located on Alejo Avenue. The Miami show is being produced locally and co-sponsored by The Miami Gay Men’s Chorus. Shows in all three cities will donate some of the proceeds to gay related charities. Tickets and more information can be found on the website www. thegoldengays. com


Thursday, May 12, 2011

BioSphere Medical Sponsors Uterine Fibroid Workshop at Brigham and Women's Seminar

BioSphere Medical Sponsors Uterine Fibroid Workshop at Brigham and Women's Seminar

BioSphere Medical is sponsoring a Uterine Fibroid Workshop at Brigham and Women's Hospital's fifth annual Women's Health Forum, to be held on November 8, 2003.

(PRWEB) November 5, 2003

ROCKLAND, Mass.--(PRWEB)—November 3, 2003--BIOSPHERE MEDICAL, (NASDAQ:BSMD) announced today that it is a sponsor of Brigham and Women’s Hospital’s highly acclaimed fifth annual Women’s Health Forum 2003, to be held on Saturday, November 8, 2003, at the Boston Marriott Copley Place. A wide variety of women’s health issues will be discussed, including a presentation by Brigham and Women’s Hospital’s Richard Baum, MD, chief of the division of angiography and interventional radiology, and Elizabeth A. Stewart, MD, clinical director of the center for uterine fibroids, on less invasive treatment options for the treatment of non-cancerous uterine fibroids.

It is estimated that 20 to 40 percent of women in the U. S. 35 years or older experience non-cancerous uterine fibroids. It is also estimated that up to 80 percent of African American women experience these fibroids.

Currently, most fibroid symptoms are relieved by hysterectomy – the surgical removal of the uterus – or by myomectomy – the surgical removal of the fibroids.


Add one

Drs. Baum and Stewart, MD to speak on UFE

However, both are in-patient procedures and require a six to eight week recovery time.

Drs. Baum and Stewart will discuss several options for the treatment of fibroids, including an out-patient, uterus-saving procedure called uterine fibroid embolization (UFE). UFE is performed by an interventional radiologist (IR), who is specially trained to use catheters to access blood vessels. The IR makes a small “nick” in the skin in the upper thigh and inserts a catheter into the arteries that supply the fibroids. A number of small, inert particles, such as BioSphere Medical’s Embosphere® Microspheres, are injected at the base of the fibroid’s blood supply to stop the blood flow to the fibroids. By stopping the blood flow, the fibroids will shrink and the women’s symptoms regress and/or disappear.

Recent studies support the conclusion that uterine fibroid embolization (UFE), myomectomy, and hysterectomy have similar rates of symptom control. However, these studies indicate that women who have UFE have the added benefits of reduced hospitalization, lower complication rates, a shorter recovery period, and quicker return to normal activities than women who experience myomectomy or hysterectomy.

If you are interested in attending Drs. Baum and StewartÂ’s seminar on UFE and a full-spectrum of other seminars on current womenÂ’s health issues contact Brigham and WomenÂ’s Hospital at 1-800-BWH-9999, Monday - Friday, 8am - 5pm.

For more information on UFE call toll free: 1-877-ASK-4UFE or the Web site: www. ask4ufe. com.


About BioSphere Medical, Inc.

BioSphere Medical, Inc., based in Rockland, Massachusetts, is a medical device company focused on applying our proprietary microsphere technology to medical applications using embolotherapy techniques. Our core technologies, patented bio-engineered polymers and manufacturing methods, are used to produce miniature spherical beads with uniquely beneficial properties for a variety of medical applications. Our principal focus is the treatment of symptomatic uterine fibroids using a procedure called uterine fibroid embolization, or UFE. Our products are already beginning to gain acceptance in this rapidly emerging procedure as well as in a number of other, new and established medical treatments. Our strategy is two fold. First, we are seeking to grow the embolotherapy business worldwide, specifically the UFE procedure, by increasing awareness of availability of this procedure. Second, we are seeking to maintain our current technology leadership by the continuous introduction of new products and product improvements, both through internally developed and externally acquired technologies, that improve and broaden the use of embolotherapy techniques.

We have received clearance in a number of countries, including the United States, Canada, Australia and the European Community, which allow us to sell our products for use in general embolization procedures, including uterine fibroid embolization.

Cautionary Statement Regarding Forward-Looking Statements - This press release contains forward-looking statements within the meaning of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995, including statements with respect to the safety and effectiveness of products such as our EmboSphere ® Microspheres. The Company uses words such as "plans," "seeks," "projects," "believes," "may," "anticipates," "estimates," "should'" and similar expressions to identify these forward-looking statements. These statements are subject to risks and uncertainties and are based upon the Company's beliefs and assumptions. There are a number of important factors that may affect the Company's actual performance and results and the accuracy of its forward-looking statements, many of which are beyond the Company's control and are difficult to predict. These important factors include, without limitation, risks relating to: the failure of the Company to successfully develop, commercialize and achieve widespread market acceptance of the Embosphere® Microspheres and EmboGold(TM) Microsphere technologies for uterine fibroid embolization, targeted liver embolization and other applications; the failure of the Company to achieve or maintain necessary regulatory approvals, either in the United States or internationally, with respect to the manufacture and sale of its product candidates; risks relating to the Company's ability to obtain and maintain patent and other proprietary protection for its products; the absence of or delays and cancellations of, product orders; delays, difficulties or unanticipated costs in the introduction of new products; competitive pressures; the inability of the Company to raise additional funds to finance the development, marketing, and sales of its products and general economic conditions. These risk factors are further detailed in the in the Company's report on Form 10-K for the year ended December 31, 2002 and Form 10-Q for the quarter ended June 30, 2003 and other periodic reports filed by the Company with the Securities and Exchange Commission. In addition, the forward-looking statements included in this press release represent the Company's estimates as of the date of this release. The Company anticipates that subsequent events and developments may cause its forward-looking statements to change. The Company specifically disclaims any obligation or intention to update or revise these forward-looking statements as a result of changed events or circumstances after the date of this press release.




Bob Palladino (Investor Relations) Sandi M. Duxbury

(781) 681-7925 (781) 681-7951

Bpalladino@biospheremed. com sduxbury@biospheremed. com

Medical University of South Carolina Announces "Cell-U-Lite" Text Messaging Service, Providing Daily Weight Loss Reminders and Tips

Medical University of South Carolina Announces "Cell-U-Lite" Text Messaging Service, Providing Daily Weight Loss Reminders and Tips

MUSC launches a free service providing text messages to subscribers, offering daily tips, reminders, and motivation.

Charleston, SC (PRWEB) November 26, 2007

The Medical University of South Carolina is proud to announce their new free motivational text messaging service which will deliver daily messages to persons attempting to lose weight.

According to a study done by the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD) and the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases (NIDDK), most people gain an average of one pound during the holidays, and some gain significantly more. If this weight accumulates, it can have long-term detrimental effects on your health. Starting your weight loss plan during the holidays can help to combat this weight gain and promote good health.

A daily text message with weight management tips (http://www. muschealth. com/WeightMgmtMessaging/) can serve as a reminder as you start your day to maintain your weight loss plan in this particularly tempting time of year. The text messaging service, entitled "cell-U-lite," is now open for enrollment.

Interested persons can sign up at http://www. muschealth. com/WeightMgmtMessaging/ (http://www. muschealth. com/WeightMgmtMessaging/)]. The service is free of charge, and can be stopped at any time. It should be noted that any charges you incur from your carrier for text message service will apply.

About MUSC
Founded in 1824 in Charleston, The Medical University of South Carolina is the oldest medical school in the south. Today, MUSC continues the tradition of excellence in education, research, and patient care. MUSC is home to over 3,000 students and residents, as well as nearly 10,000 employees, including 1,300 faculty members. As the largest non-federal employer in Charleston, the University and its affiliates have collective budgets in excess of $1.3 billion per year. MUSC operates a 600 bed medical center, which includes a nationally recognized Children's Hospital and a leading Institute of Psychiatry. For more information on academic information or clinical services visit www. musc. edu or www. muschealth. com].


Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Ring SMS UBiee Energizes Global Harmony at New Image International's 21st Anniversary

Ring SMS UBiee Energizes Global Harmony at New Image International's 21st Anniversary

Unified by vision and commitment to relieve global poverty, protect the environment, liberate entrepreneurial spirits, and create a healthy wealth for all, Ring SMS Ubiee Team's extraordinary alliance with New Image International, kindles synergy at the 21st birthday celebration, September 2-3, 2005.

Pittsburgh, PA (PRWEB) August 23, 2005

Opening ceremonies include the visionary leadership, policies, and principles of the Right Honorable Winston Peters, Leader of the New Zealand First Party.

David McDougall, Chairman of Futuro Eagles Group, S. A., the appointed marketing arm for Ring SMS, will spotlight sharing universal harmony in unity of vision and commitment to worldwide health and welfare, while simultaneously eliminating global pollution.

New Image will officially announce the global strategic alliance with Ring SMS-UBiee in promoting New Image products, commencing focus on the Power Pill Fe-3. With skyrocketing unprecedented increases in fuel prices resonating around the world, Power Pill Fe3 synchronizes harmonically by eliminating global pollution while yielding increased fuel economy.

The authentic KITT from Knight Rider, will be on display with a full array of mind-blowing effects and computer technology promoting the Power Pill. KITT, rejuvenated by the PowerPill, is scheduled to initiate a global tour in Spain this fall.

The parade of spotlighted keynote speakers includes:

Michail Borissenko, M. Sc., B. Sc., international authority and author on immunity, addressing the greatest threat to mankind's existence, and educating on how to construct an impenetrable immune system.

Dr. Neil Domigan, PhD, MBA, BSc, Dip Sci, BphEd of Fidelity Genetic, and Chris Johnson, Chairman and Founding Director, partnering with New Image, will officially launch a revolutionary new health risk management system delivering health benefits to clients.

Dr. Colin Holloway, Director of Queensland Anti-Aging Clinic and author of best selling book, "Live Well Over 100", will be sharing amazing medical and nutritional advancements in the field of longevity.

Donna Hartley, author of "Fire Up Your Life", founder and owner of Hartley International, will deliver nine dynamic, impelling, and inspirational strategies to survive change. As a recent cancer survivor, the former Miss Hawaii is a member of the National Speakers Association and has appeared on NBC, ABC, PBS, and TLC, as well as The New York Times and New Woman Magazine.

Capturing the spirit, Grammy nominee and multi-versatile composer, recorder, and performer, Barry McGuire, promises to energize the entertainment aura. Former lead singer for the New Christy Minstrels, Barry also played the star roll in the original Broadway Production of "Hair". His children's record, "Bullfrogs and Butterflies" went gold, and he has written and composed numerous classic Evergreen hits.

Steve Larkins, a professional piano player and singer for over 25 years, guarantees to scintillate the senses with renditions of his greatest and best known works, including "Mercury Rising", a light hearted tribute to the talent, personality, and songs made famous by Freddie Mercury and Queen.

Golden Disc Award winning Rumour, backed up by harmonies and lead vocals with Judy Donaldson, formerly from the Chicks, will tantalize nostalgia with music from the 60's, 70's, and 80's.

Blazing ambience, kindled by fire dancer, Tule, along with World Aerobic Champion, Angela McMillan, promises to ignite even the most introverted person.

Ring SMS UBiee Team's universal harmonic circle of friendship resonates melodically throughout the globe, extending open arms to all who yearn to change their financial destiny, relieve global poverty, protect the environment, and free entrepreneurial intercessors for healthy wealth.

Contact Info: Dee Scrip

Phone: 1-412-571-1855

Web: http://www. helpwithfuelprices. net (http://www. helpwithfuelprices. net)


SouthwestUSA Bank announces Four Appointments to its Board of Directors

SouthwestUSA Bank announces Four Appointments to its Board of Directors.

SouthwestUSA Bank, NevadaÂ’s first private bank, has appointed four directors to its Board of Directors. They are Mark H. Brennan, Gerald L. Ehrens, Jerry E. Polis and William E. Bannen, M. D.

Las Vegas, NV (PRWEB) October 29, 2004

SouthwestUSA Bank, NevadaÂ’s first private bank, has appointed four directors to its Board of Directors. They are Mark H. Brennan, Gerald L. Ehrens, Jerry E. Polis and William E. Bannen, M. D.

Commenting on these appointments, Peter H. Kingman, Chairman of the Board of Directors of SouthwestUSA Bank, said, “We are pleased to welcome each of these accomplished directors to our Bank. Their broad experience and successful trackrecords in diverse pursuits broadens the perspective of our board.”

Mark H. Brennan is currently the Chief Executive Officer of Donuts of Las Vegas, LLC, which owns and operates 24 quick service restaurant franchises in Las Vegas, including Winchell's, Subway and Gourmet Pretzel brands. Mr. Brennan is also President and Chief Operating Officer of Las Vegas Coffee Investors, LLC, the owner and operator of the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf coffee houses here in Las Vegas.

Mr. Brennan is a founding member and Chairman of Vegas Valley Angels, a non-profit seed and early stage investment organization. He serves on the Boards of Directors of a number of Las Vegas-based companies. From 1981 to 1989, Mr. Brennan served as a fighter pilot in the U. S. Air Force and received numerous decorations for outstanding service.

Mr. Brennan holds a Masters in Business Administration from Harvard Business School, a Master of Arts in Management Science from National University, and a Bachelor of Science degree in International Relations from the United States Air Force Academy. He is a member of the Harvard Business School Alumni Association.

Gerald L. Ehrens is actively involved with major Las Vegas developers such as Insight Holdings in identifying, acquiring, co-managing and developing commercial real estate. He also serves on the advisory board of Sierra Petroleum, an oil and gas production company based in Midland, Texas. His corporate experience includes: Chief Operating Officer of Inamed Corporation, Las Vegas; Vice President and General Manager of New Business Development at Union Carbide; and a 24-year career at E. I. Dupont as Business Development Director/Corporate Manager.

Mr. Ehrens served as President of the Las Vegas Art Museum and remains on the Board. He was a member of the Board of Commercial Bank of Nevada, where he was instrumental in its 1998 sale to Colonial Bank Corporation. He also has served on the board of several early stage companies in apparel, biotech and technology. He received a B. S. in Chemical Engineering from Princeton University in 1961 and a M. S. in Industrial Administration from George Washington University in 1965.

Jerry E. Polis, a major stockholder and President of ASI Technology Corporation, a public company with important patents on jet engine sound reduction technology and leading edge plasma technology applications, provides bridge financing for builders, developers, and public companies. He is the President of the Southern Museum of Fine Art and co-owner of Gallery P, one of Las VegasÂ’ premier art galleries. He also serves on the advisory board of Sierra Petroleum, an oil and gas production company based in Midland, Texas. Mr. PolisÂ’ business interests have included Polis Realty from 1964-2002; co-ownership of 24 Taco Bell franchises operating in Nevada as Las Cal Corporation from 1968-1997; co-founder of Commercial Bank of Nevada, a privately owned bank in Las Vegas that was merged into NYSE-listed Colonial Bank in 1998; and director of ValueStar Corporation, a publicly traded corporation from 1995-2000. In the 1970s, Mr. Polis was the largest shareholder of Far West Bank, Provo, Utah.

Mr. Polis currently serves as the Chairman of the Paradise Sertoma Scholarship Fund for Deaf Students. He has served as director at Temple Ner Tamid and the Las Vegas Art Museum.

Mr. Polis graduated in 1953 from Penn State with a B. A. Degree in Commerce.

William E. Bannen, MD is Vice President, Nevada Healthcare Management of Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield/HMO Nevada. Dr. Bannen is the senior executive in Nevada responsible for the Medical Department setting medical policy, consulting with physicians and performing utilization reviews for all lines of business. As of February 2004, the Nevada plan reported over 235,000 members.

He also is President of Departures Jet Management, Las Vegas, which manages, purchases and operates jet aircraft for fractional owners

Dr. Bannen currently serves as Director and Chairman of the Compensation Committee of Mandalay Resort Group, a NYSE-listed company with assets exceeding $4 billion that operates 14 gaming casinos in five states with 30,000 employees. He has previously served on the Boards of the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation; the Las Vegas Art Museum; Caring for Nevada, Inc.; and Commercial Bank of Nevada, which he co-founded.

Dr. Bannen received an M. D. from the College of Medicine, West Virginia University in 1975 and a B. S. in Pre-Med from the University of Dayton in 1971.

SouthwestUSA Bank currently has assets exceeding $85 million. Chartered in 2001 in Las Vegas, Nevada, SouthwestUSA Bank is a Private Bank focusing on the financial needs of successful individuals and their closely held businesses. For more information on SouthwestUSA Bank, please call 702.735.1300 or toll free 1.877.905.1300 or visit our website at www. swusabank. com.


Monday, May 9, 2011

Colorado Technical University Online Announces Sharon Doffing as the 2006 Distinguished Alumnus Recipient

Colorado Technical University Online Announces Sharon Doffing as the 2006 Distinguished Alumnus Recipient

Summa Cum Laude Graduate uses online learning program to earn degree while running for political office.


Colorado Technical University Online (http://www. ctuonline. edu (http://www. ctuonline. edu)) announced today that on November 11, 2006, Sharon Doffing was awarded the University's first ever Distinguished Alumnus award.

Doffing's success story began with a desire for knowledge and new opportunities, like so many others who choose to continue their education at Colorado Tech Online: "I have always had a personal interest in learning about business and economics," said this graduate of the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degree program. "I wanted to update my education, especially in the area of e-commerce, and I wanted to increase my earning potential. I began to look into universities that offered online learning because it fit my busy lifestyle."

Colorado Tech Online was highly recommended to Doffing by a friend who works in education. When Doffing learned about the hands-on, project-based learning approach at Colorado Tech Online, she knew she wanted to enroll: "I was immediately impressed with the high caliber curriculum and faculty. I learned the value of developing professional relationships online and really enjoyed learning. I eventually started getting straight A's!"

Like many working adults, Doffing faced--and overcame--challenges that come with being a student. Doffing's involvement in local politics only added to the challenge. In the midst of a campaign for city council, Doffing began to worry about maintaining her grades. "I spoke with Dr. Peter West, Director of Education, who told me that I should not give up because I was on track to graduate summa cum laude. When I found out that means 'with highest honor,' I set a new goal for myself: attaining a 4.0 grade point average. That goal inspired and motivated me throughout the remainder of my time with Colorado Tech Online." After setting her goal, Doffing not only graduated from Colorado Tech Online summa cum laude, but also won her city council seat in a city of 23,000 by securing 70 percent of the vote in a hotly contested three-way race.

But it wasn't just her academic success that earned Doffing the Distinguished Alumnus Award. Doffing's active role in her community, her church and initiative in her job truly distinguished her from other applicants. Doffing is employed by GoldenCare USA, a leader in the long-term care insurance industry, where she was hired immediately after graduating through Colorado Tech Online. At GoldenCare USA, Doffing initiated a new sales process using the Internet, email and telephone to develop long-distance sales relationships. Doffing credits her ability to develop and initiate the strategy to her educational experience at Colorado Tech Online.

"The knowledge and skills I have gained have helped me become successful in many areas, including helping me to be a better advocate for the citizens of my community," said Doffing. "My education at Colorado Tech Online has changed my life and I just want to express how thankful I am for that."

As a distinguished alumnus, Doffing toured the facilities that support Colorado Tech Online, had dinner with Dr. Wallace Pond, the Chancellor of Colorado Tech Online, and met faculty and staff. "The high point of the award ceremony for me was having the opportunity to personally thank some of those who helped inspire me to get where I am today," said Doffing. "And I could not believe the magnitude of technology at Colorado Tech Online. The facility is huge, and the data center is astonishing! It is an extremely large, state-of-the art network. The tour really enlightened me to the future of education and to the explosive growth of online education."

Doffing's experience as a distinguished alumnus may also have given her some ideas for her own future. "I am looking into continuing on to earn a Master's degree and teach courses through Colorado Tech Online. I would like online learning to continue to be a part of my future."

About CTU

Colorado Technical University (CTU) is an institution of higher learning that provides career-oriented education by teaching applied industry programs. CTU offers a wide range of Associate's, Bachelor's, Master's, and Doctorate degrees, and professional certificate programs with curriculum designed to support today's leading career fields. Through its web-based virtual campus, Colorado Tech Online (http://www. ctuonline. edu (http://www. ctuonline. edu)) offers online degree programs, including Business Administration degree online programs, online Information Technology degree programs, online Criminal Justice degree programs, Health Care Management degree concentration programs, as well as Master's degree programs in Business Administration and Management. Stonecliffe College Online is an academic division of Colorado Tech and offers associate degrees in Information Technology, Business Administration and Criminal Justice. Technical University is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission and a member of the North Central Association (30 North LaSalle Street, Suite 2400, Chicago, Illinois 60602-2504)

About Career Education Corporation (http://www. careered. com)

The colleges, schools and universities that are part of the Career Education Corporation (CEC) family offer high quality education to approximately 100,000 students across the world in a variety of career-oriented disciplines. The 80-plus campuses that serve these students are located throughout the U. S., Canada, France, and the United Kingdom, and offer doctoral, master's, bachelor's, and associate degrees and diploma and certificate programs. Many students attend the fully online educational platforms offered by American InterContinental University Online and Colorado Technical University Online.

Career Education is an industry leader whose gold-standard brands are recognized globally. Those brands include, among others, Le Cordon Bleu Schools North America; Harrington College of Design; Brooks Institute of Photography; the Katharine Gibbs Schools; American InterContinental University; Colorado Technical University and Sanford-Brown Institutes and Colleges. The mission of CEC, through its schools, its educators, and its employees is education--their primary goal, to enable students to graduate successfully and pursue rewarding careers.

For more information see http://www. careered. com (http://www. careered. com). The company's website also has a detailed listing of individual campus locations and web links for its 80-plus colleges, schools and universities.


Dr. Wallace Pond, Chancellor

Phone: 1-800-416-8904 ext. 68300

Kristen McCarthy

Edelman PR

Phone: 312.233.1237


Goebel Group SEO LEGAL, A Free Browser Toolbar for Law Firms to Manage their Google, Yahoo, and MSN Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Advertising Campaigns

Goebel Group SEO LEGAL, A Free Browser Toolbar for Law Firms to Manage their Google, Yahoo, and MSN Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Advertising Campaigns

Microsoft Internet Explorer and Firefox Browser Toolbar custom designed for the legal industry to manage SEO and SEM campaigns with Google AdWords, Yahoo Internet Marketing, and Microsoft MSN AdCenter.

Cleveland, OH (PRWEB) April 11, 2005

Goebel Group Inc. A leading Search Integration and Service Company today announced SEO LEGAL, a free custom toolbar for law firms to manage their Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Advertising Campaigns. "Law firm are getting more competitive and need to use the power of search engine marketing to get and retain clients in specific practice areas. These practice areas have specific keyword that can translate into hundred if not thousands of searches per month. The law firm the places high in natural search ranking or advertise with Pay Per Click campaigns can generate significant revenue for their firm." said Dave Goebel, president of Goebel Group, Inc.

Features of the SEO LEGAL toolbar include, the ability to search the web with Google, Yahoo, MSN Search, and Clusty to compare search ranking. Keyword popularity and suggestion tool, Ad cost estimator, links to Google AdWords, Yahoo Internet Marketing, and MSN AdCenter. In addition the SEO LEGAL toolbar offers links to various local directories to submit law firm website information including Google Local, Yahoo Local, and True Local for quick profile submission.

The Goebel Group SEO LEGAL toolbar gives the user all of the resources that a law firm needs to get started with optimizing their website for higher natural and organic search results placement and for creating a successful internet marketing search engine advertising campaign.

Features Include:

Show a text only version of your web page, to see what the crawlers see. When was your web page last indexed, to determine how often your website is crawled? What are your web site ranking, reach, and average number of page views. Links to popular web site analytic tools Graphically show how your website ranks in various search engines PPC cost comparison based on specific keywords. Topics include SEO best practices, how to get started with SEO, how to write content for high ranking, how to convert your existing contend to be optimized for the web.

How to start a PPC campaign, identifying keywords and phrases, how to track conversions to determine your ROI

Access to other services including:

SEO and PPC knowledge base SEO and PPC Mentor program, just email or call in your questions about SEO and PPC and we will call you back to discuss your specific request.

System Requirements:

Microsoft Windows 98/NT/2000/ME/XP Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher

A Firefox browser edition will also be available.

About Goebel Group Inc.:

Goebel Group Inc. is a leading integrator of search technology products and services. The privately help company helps its clients maximize the productivity of their employees, partners, and customers by utilizing industry leading search technology. Clients are in the legal, financial services, federal and state government, healthcare, manufacturing, transportation and other industries. The Goebel Group has created the popular Desktop Search Tool Matrix www. goebelgroup. com/desktopmatrix. htm (http://www. goebelgroup. com/desktopmatrix. htm) and the Search Appliance Matrix www. goebelgroup. com/sam. htm (http://www. goebelgroup. com/sam. htm) to assist individuals and organizations when making desktop search and enterprise search product selections. Goebel Group products include custom branded toolbars for Intranets, Portals, and websites. In addition the Goebel Group offers services for search engine optimization and search engine marketing campaigns with Google AdWords, Yahoo, and MSN AdCenter.

Google, Google Desktop Search, Google Mini, Google Search Appliance, Microsoft, Microsoft Windows, and Microsoft Internet Explorer, AOL, MSN Search and Yahoo are all trademarks of their respective companies.


Sunday, May 8, 2011

Newly Available To Medical Device Manufacturers - Bluetooth Testing Equipment

Newly Available To Medical Device Manufacturers - Bluetooth Testing Equipment

Integration Made Simple

Torrance, CA (PRWEB) January 5, 2009

Facilitating the entry of Bluetooth (http://fte. com) into the medical device industry is the modern protocol analyzer, now updated to effortlessly examine not only the wireless interface between devices, such as a glucose monitor and a telephone modem, but also the interface between the device CPU and the Bluetooth chip inside the device. The advanced capabilities of today's protocol analyzer software help to overcome the fear associated with "cutting the umbilical cord" to traditionally hard-wired elements.

"By embedding Bluetooth technology into your product you gain access to an expanded market, one that I would argue is a very important market because of the exploding geriatric population and the increasing number of people with chronic diseases," says Pierre Landau, Ph. D., president of Tucson, Arizona-based Polymap Wireless.

There is no denying that Bluetooth reins as the technology of choice for connecting wireless devices. The need for wireless data recording and transmission reaches an almost "acute" level within the medical device industry. Until now, hesitation to jump on the bandwagon has usually stemmed from the well-founded concern that the is a complex technology with numerous protocols, profiles (use cases), and the automatic challenges that come from any wireless technology, but especially one where the connection and disconnection of devices is almost always ad hoc. So, too, is it an ever-evolving standard, with not only a rapidly growing number of profiles, but also constant

With over 40,000 units in use worldwide, spanning a wide variety of communication technologies, Charlottesville, Virginia-based Frontline Test Equipment, Inc. is a leading provider of PC-based protocol analyzers (http://fte. com) for special-purpose data communication networks. For example, Frontline's FTS4BT™ supports the new IEEE P11073-20601 Draft Standard for Health Informatics, Personal Health Device communication application profile and includes the Multi-Channel Adaptation Protocol.

During the sending and receiving of information, any number of quality issues can arise including dropped connections, data corruption or loss, interference, slow throughput, and signal degradation, all of which can ultimately affect the end user's experience with the product in a negative manner.

Up until recently, Bluetooth protocol analyzers could only operate by way of an "air sniffer (http://fte. com)" for the wireless link between devices, or by way of a "HCI sniffer" (Host Controller Interface) the wired connection between the CPU and the chip inside the device. While examining each link individually provides valuable information, it does not go far enough. Frontline's fully-featured protocol analyzers can air sniff and HCI sniff both sides of the chip simultaneously, greatly enhancing the debugging and verification process, providing what is known as "virtual sniffing" where the analyzer does not physically tap the link. Virtual sniffing is an alternative to traditional HCI sniffing.

The wireless revolution will continue, as both medical providers and patients recognize the value proposition of working without cables. Device manufacturers who wish to capitalize on this trend can help ensure success with the use of today's modern protocol analyzers.

The Bluetooth word mark and logos are owned by the Bluetooth SIG, Inc. FTS4BT is a trademark of Frontline Test Equipment, Inc.

For more information contact:
David Bean
Frontline Test Equipment
Charlottesville, VA 22906-7507
Www. fte. com.

# # #

NouvEON Announces New Director of Talent Management

NouvEON Announces New Director of Talent Management

NouvEON announced today the appointment of Theresa Ulyatt as Director, Talent Management and People Care. She begins with NouvEON on November 20th.

CHARLOTTE, N. C. (PRWEB) November 24, 2008

Ulyatt brings a strong combination of leadership, management, and human capital experience to NouvEON. For the past two years, she has served as vice president of information technology and human resources recruiting solutions for all of Wachovia Corporation's domestic and international locations. In this role, she led a team of 40 recruiting professionals and was responsible for designing and executing talent acquisition strategies, diversity hiring, and other key management initiatives. She drove a high-performance culture and provided strategic support and consultation for executive clientele.

In her new role at NouvEON, Ulyatt will provide leadership in building a comprehensive talent management strategy and infrastructure supporting the consulting firm's ability to attract and to retain the best talent in the market. In addition, she will be fully responsible for NouvEON's People Care practices.

"Outstanding people are the competitive advantage in the marketplace today," says T. J. Eberle, president and CEO of NouvEON. "We are in a War for Talent. Without a comprehensive strategy and tireless execution of this strategy to find and keep the best players at NouvEON, we cannot expect to deliver at the standard of excellence on which our clients expect."

Ulyatt has over 18 years of experience in the human capital field with a concentration on developing and leading teams in the areas of talent sourcing, acquisition and retention. Prior to joining Wachovia Corporation, she founded and managed two executive search firms in the New York Metro Area, which specialized in information technology recruiting and the placement of business consultants across the financial services, retail, healthcare, manufacturing industries.

"I am thrilled to join the NouvEON team," says Ulyatt. "This role gives me the scope of leadership impact and the opportunity to lead in the talent management space I sought, as well as the added component of being a business partner to a very talented team of experts. It's incredibly exciting to join a firm where great things have been happening and the best is yet to come."

Ulyatt received her degree in psychology from Russell Sage College. Her passion outside of work includes mentoring disadvantaged teen girls on matters relating to school, career, and effective life planning. She also serves on the board of a non-profit organization focused on the treatment of alcohol and drug dependency for people of all ages. Ulyatt and her husband Jonathan have three children: Connor, 12, Courtney, 8 and Maxwell, 3.

"Theresa is an important addition to our leadership team," says Eberle. "We searched high and low for the best possible fit for this role and I believe we have succeeded in retaining one of the very best, serving both our business and the community as well."

About NouvEON

NouvEON is a regional business and technology consulting firm that specializes in managing and delivering high-value solutions to mid-market and Fortune 1000 companies throughout the Southeast. Headquartered in Charlotte, NC, NouvEON represents a "New Era" in consulting services. In this "New Era", NouvEON provides an excellent Cost to Quality ratio by combining its proprietary LIFT™ model (Local accountability, Industry knowledge, Flexible delivery and Technology Business Solutions) with its Employee Owned Network (EON™) of experienced and highly qualified business professionals. The result: NouvEON value-efficient models have resulted in a 100% referenceable client base.

MULTIMEDIA GALLERY http://www. businesswire. com/cgi-bin/mmg. cgi? eid=5838013 (http://www. businesswire. com/cgi-bin/mmg. cgi? eid=5838013)