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Bioheart Reports Significant Improvements in Heart Failure Patients from Center of Excellence Program

Bioheart Reports Significant Improvements in Heart Failure Patients from Center of Excellence Program

Bioheart, Inc., (OTC Bulletin Board: BHRT) announces the treatment and 3 month follow up with stem cell therapy on the first two congestive heart failure patients has been performed successfully at Hospital Angeles Tijuana through its Center of Excellence, Regenerative Medicine Institute of Tijuana, Mexico.

Fort Lauderdale, FL (PRWEB) August 24, 2010

Bioheart, Inc., (OTC Bulletin Board: BHRT) announces that the treatments and 3 month follow up with stem cell therapy on the first two congestive heart failure patients has been performed successfully at Hospital Angeles Tijuana through its Center of Excellence, Regenerative Medicine Institute of Tijuana, Mexico. In March, Bioheart entered into an agreement to establish a Center of Excellence for the introduction of its therapies. Through the program with Bioheart, Regenerative Medicine Institute provides therapies for congestive heart failure (CHF) and peripheral arterial disease (PAD) patients at the Hospital Angeles Tijuana, a fully equipped state-of–the-art private specialties hospital.

The therapy involved the use of stem cells derived from the patient’s own fat (adipose tissue) obtained using liposuction. Stem cells were separated from the adipose tissue utilizing the fully-automated TGI Cell Isolation System. The separation process takes about an hour. No tissue pre-processing is required with this system. The recovered stem cells were injected into the patients’ hearts with Bioheart’s MyoCath® needle injection catheter.

Dr. Juan J. Parcero, the treating Interventional Cardiologist and head of the cardiac program at the Hospital Angeles commented on Bioheart’s program, “The ability to offer cutting edge treatments and regenerative medicine has provided new hope to these patients. We are very pleased with the positive outcomes seen in the patients treated so far.” Dr. Parcero has led the efforts with this new program with expert team members Drs. Oscar Mendoza and Luis Ruvalcaba, Echo cardiologists, Dr. Silvia Gonzalez, Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Nelson Varas, Anesthesiologist Cardiologist and Dr. Jesus Perez, Hospitalist.

To date, four patients have been treated utilizing the TGI Cell Isolation System. Two of the patients have completed the 3-month follow-up testing. A significant improvement was seen in both the 6-minute walk as well as the left ventricular ejection fraction (LVEF). The first patient improved his walking distance from 315 to 420 meters and LVEF from 32% to 38%. The second patient improved his walking distance from 450 to 492 meters and LVEF from 40% to 55%.

Mike Tomas, Bioheart’s President and Chief Executive Officer added, “We are extremely excited about the Center of Excellence established in Mexico and the preliminary results are very promising. We look forward to providing novel therapies and regenerative medicine to additional heart failure patients whose options are currently limited.”

About the TGI 1200 Cell Isolation System
The CE-marked TGI 1200 Cell Isolation System is a fully automated and easy-to-use system, which processes liposuctioned fat tissue and delivers isolated regenerative cells in about an hour. The instrument allows for point-of-care recovery of an average of 30 to 40 million regenerative cells per 60cc of a patient’s processed fat. These cells can then be used at the site of injury or disease.

About Bioheart, Inc
Bioheart is committed to maintaining our leading position within the cardiovascular sector of the cell technology industry delivering cell therapies, intelligent devices and biologics that help address congestive heart failure, lower limb ischemia, chronic heart ischemia, acute myocardial infarctions and other issues. We work to prevent the worsening of any condition with devices that monitor and diagnose. Our goals are to cause damaged tissue to be regenerated, if possible, and to improve a patient's quality of life and reduce health care costs and hospitalizations.

Specific to biotechnology, we are focused on the discovery, development and, subject to regulatory approval, commercialization of autologous cell therapies for the treatment of chronic and acute heart damage and peripheral vascular disease. MyoCell is a clinical muscle-derived cell therapy designed to populate regions of scar tissue within a patient's heart with new living cells for the purpose of improving cardiac function in chronic heart failure patients.

For more information on Bioheart, visit www. bioheartinc. com.
Forward-Looking Statements:

Except for historical matters contained herein, statements made in this press release are forward-looking and are made pursuant to the safe harbor provisions of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, words such as "may," "will," "to," "plan," "expect," "believe," "anticipate," "intend," "could," "would," "estimate," or "continue" or the negative other variations thereof or comparable terminology are intended to identify forward-looking statements.

Investors and others are cautioned that a variety of factors, including certain risks, may affect our business and cause actual results to differ materially from those set forth in the forward-looking statements. These risk factors include, without limitation, (i) our ability to obtain additional financing; (ii) our ability to control and reduce our expenses; (iii) our ability to establish a distribution network for and commence distribution of certain products for which we have acquired distribution rights; (iv) our ability to timely and successfully complete our clinical trials; (v) the occurrence of any unacceptable side effects during or after preclinical and clinical testing of our product candidates; (vi) the timing of and our ability to obtain and maintain regulatory approvals for our product candidates; (vii) our dependence on the success of our lead product candidate; (viii) our inability to predict the extent of our future losses or if or when we will become profitable; (ix) our ability to protect our intellectual property rights; and (x) intense competition. The Company is also subject to the risks and uncertainties described in its filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission, including the section entitled "Risk Factors" in its Annual Report on Form 10-K for the year ended December 31, 2009, and its Quarterly Report on Form 10-Q for the quarter ended March 31, 2010.

Catherine Sulawske-Guck, Chief Operating Officer 


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SAFE-BioPharma Webinar Featuring ARX's Digital Signature Solution and Adobe LiveCycle Combined Solution

SAFE-BioPharma Webinar Featuring ARX's Digital Signature Solution and Adobe LiveCycle Combined Solution

The webinar will illustrate how ARX's CoSign® digital signatures fully integrate with Adobe LiveCycle® ES, decreasing costs while increasing efficiency and quality of regulated documentation and processes.

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) May 20, 2009

On May 21st at 2pm (EST) ARX, Inc., the provider of the CoSign digital signature (standard electronic signature) solution (http://www. arx. com/products/cosign-digital-signatures. php), and Adobe, the worldwide ECM solution provider, will be addressing the benefits provided by the combined Adobe LiveCycle ES and ARX CoSign digital signature solution in a SAFE-BioPharma sponsored webinar. To register for the event, please click here (http://info. arx. com/Webinar-Registration-SAFE-Adobe. html).

The integrated solution, which was co-designed by Adobe and ARX to dovetail their product capabilities, offers FDA-regulated organizations a comprehensive system specifically for the life sciences market (http://www. arx. com/industries/lifesciences. php). It provides increased speed and agility, enhanced operational efficiency, and the ability to collaborate and outsource with a secure and compliant environment.

The combined solution features include PDF document management, Roaming ID, centralized digital signatures with end-user key and certificate management, end-user signing required for trusted approval and verification-dependent workflows without the need for plug-ins, as well as SAFE-compliance. The deployment results in fully-automated and secure approval processes that create digitally signed electronic records for both internal operations and applications that extend to the external collaborative ecosystem including regulatory submissions.

Solution features include PDF document management, Roaming ID, centralized digital signatures with end-user key and certificate management, end-user signing required for trusted approval and verification-dependent workflows without the need for plug-ins, as well as SAFE-compliance. The deployment results in fully-automated and secure approval processes that create digitally signed electronic records for both internal operations and applications that extend to the external collaborative ecosystem including regulatory submissions.

Via the integration with Adobe LiveCycle ES, ARX continues its commitment to delivering CoSign as a packaged, turn-key digital signature solution that is easily extensible for supporting best-in-class 3rd party applications.

"Clients have the option of using the standard Certificate Authority (CA) in CoSign, or easily integrating with an in-house CA or leading 3rd party certification authority services," said Rodd Schlerf, Life Science Market Manager at ARX. Mr. Schlerf continued, "Likewise, with Adobe LiveCycle ES and the integrated offering of Roaming ID, and PDF, PDF/A document management, we have braided together the most widely-deployed digital signature system in the FDA-regulated market (ARX CoSign), the predominant document format in the FDA-regulated market (Adobe's PDF), and automation of approval processes and security throughout the lifecycle of an electronic record (Adobe LiveCycle ES)."

CoSign fully supports SAFE-certified deployments and provides the lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for digital signature implementations with total installation time typically being 2-4 hours. CoSign manages this while supporting best-in-class complimentary technologies that meet the business needs of any organization.

To register for the event, please click here (http://info. arx. com/Webinar-Registration-SAFE-Adobe. html).

About CoSign Digital Signatures
CoSign makes it easy to digitally sign transactions, documents, and records by embedding the standard signature technology directly into mainstream business applications. CoSign produces a signature record for every signature it captures. This Portable Signature Format (CoSign PSF™) allows anyone to seamlessly verify and retain proof of identity, intent, and document integrity without costly, complicated, or proprietary software. CoSign keeps your business running smoothly by fully automating and quickly scaling processes at a low cost and with proper controls. Learn more at www. arx. com/products/cosign_moreinfo. php (http://www. arx. com/products/cosign_moreinfo. php).

About The Digital Signature Company - ARX
ARX (Algorithmic Research) is a global provider of cost-efficient digital signature solutions for industries such as life sciences, healthcare, government, and engineering. ARX engineers and scientists have more than 20 years of experience in security and standard digital signature application. ARX helps businesses secure, streamline, and scale their business processes and transactions with the proper controls required by legislation, regulation, and industry best practice. Visit us at www. arx. com.

CoSign is a registered trademark and CoSign PSF is a trademark of Algorithmic Research, Ltd. All other trade names and trademarks are the property of their respective holders.


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New Health and Nutritional Beverage Company Prepares for Product Launch with Large Scale Event, Distributors Anxiously Await Debut

New Health and Nutritional Beverage Company Prepares for Product Launch with Large Scale Event, Distributors Anxiously Await Debut

XOWii, LLC ("XOWii") is dedicated to producing a line of products in keeping with their health and wellness promise.

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) September 30, 2009

XOWii, LLC ("XOWii"), gears up for the launch of its starship healthy energy drink (http://www. xowii. com) product on October 4, 2009. In keeping with the company's founders' commitment to health, wellness and XOWii's mission, it plans to share its benefits with distributors and consumers by hosting a launch party event planned for Saturday.

XOWii, meaning "life" in ancient Greek, offers an opportunity that encompasses all aspects of life, energy, youth, lifestyle freedom, and commitment to the success of the individual. James Christiansen, a recognized leader in the direct sales industry, and Richard Kelly, a successful Southern California businessman, teamed up to create XOWii and believe that XOWii's product line reflects the philosophy of health and vitality.

James and Richard gravitated towards the coffee cherry as the flagship ingredient to formulate XOWii's product line based on the emerging scientific information about the health benefits of its nutrients and antioxidants. James describes their selection of the Hawaii grown KonaRed™ Coffee Cherry as being "containing the highest concentrations of antioxidants we found, making it one of nature's top antioxidant superfruits".

As the first KonaRed™ Coffee Cherry based energy drink available, XOWii debuts first in its product line, XOWii "Energy™",filled with healthy antioxidants and naturally occurring energy boosting properties.

'Energy' is an all-natural, superfruit-packed energy drink that delivers subtle yet long-lasting energy with no added sugar or harsh stimulants. Additional ingredients include plant-based glucosamine for joint flexibility, and a superblend including the acai berry, aronia berry, concord grape, and elderberry for a powerful mix of essential nutrients and antioxidant compounds.

XOWii's committed to bringing the superfruits' inherent health and antioxidant benefits found in the KonaRed™ coffee cherry to consumers

Visit the official XOWii website www. xowii. com for more information on upcoming events, information on products, and home based business (http://www. xowii. com) opportunities.

About XOWii

Headquartered in Newport Beach, California, XOWii (http://www. xowii. com) sells its Health and Nutritional products through distribution networks across North America. XOWii's quickly developing a reputation as an industry leader for innovative products and opportunities as its products are sold through direct sales networks.

Avian Bird Flu Not a Danger for North American Bird Watchers

Avian Bird Flu Not a Danger for North American Bird Watchers

Because of recent media attention surrounding avian flu, the Wild Bird Feeding Industry has received numerous inquiries from people who are worried about the possible danger of avian flu in the United States. Currently, Avian Flu is not a danger for people who watch or feed birds in North America.

CONCORD, NH (PRWEB) November 3, 2005

Duncraft Inc., the catalog for wild bird and nature enthusiasts, is extremely concerned about the health and safety of our wild bird and the human population. Sharon Dunn, president of Duncraft, recently addressed this issue with her staff in order to separate fact from fiction. The information Dunn gathered from speaking with her contacts at the WBFI (Wild Bird Feeding Industry) and from reading recently published materials by the Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology is reassuring to her staff and customers. Read Duncraft’s official statement at http://www. duncraft. com (http://www. duncraft. com).

Since January 2004, the known human cases of avian flu have all occurred in Southeast Asia. Almost all of these infections were contracted by people who handle chickens. The Wild Bird Feeding Industry recognizes consumers may be concerned about the possibility of contracting H5N1 from their backyard feeders. “Human infections have occurred in people who have been closely associated with infected poultry. Not the wild birds at the feeder,” noted Susan Hays, Executive Director of the WBFI. “There is an overwhelming amount of information available on the web, and it’s good that consumers stay informed,” Steve Runnels, President/CEO of the American Birding Association stated. “This is becoming a conservation issue, and we encourage consumers here in North America to continue to feed their backyard birds.” Wild birds accustomed to finding their favorite seed at the feeder need not be disappointed, especially with the onset of winter weather.

“Base your feeding decisions on facts, not fears,” said Tom Franklin, Conservation Director with the Izaak Walton League of America. “Outdoor enthusiasts and bird feeders should continue to enjoy their activities. But remember to use common sense. Cleanliness and sanitation should be maintained at all times, whether you’re a feeder or outdoor sportsman.” Duncraft carries a full line of products for to keep your feeders clean and seed fresh. “Our Feeder Cleaner is a convenient ready-made solution to simply spray on, wipe and rinse off,” says Sharon Dunn. “And our customers are very satisfied with our new Feeder Fresh™! This granular substance is poured into the bottom of a tube feeder and works to absorb excess moisture— seed stays fresh and dry. No more clumping and unhealthy moldy build up.” Both products can be purchased at http//:www. duncraft. com.

About Duncraft

Duncraft, Inc., located in Concord, NH, was founded in 1952. Today, the company manufactures Duncraft-brand bird feeders, mails the Duncraft Living with Nature Catalog nationwide and its www. duncraft. com website offers hundreds of the very best wild bird and nature-related gifts, birdfeeders, bird foods, exclusive pet items, backyard pest solutions and garden décor.

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Social Life and Safety Expected to Suffer Most From Hearing Loss, Sex Life Not So Much, Survey Finds

Social Life and Safety Expected to Suffer Most From Hearing Loss, Sex Life Not So Much, Survey Finds

Americans expect that their social life and their safety would suffer the most if they had a substantial hearing loss, but beliieve it would have little impact on their sex life or income, according to a nationwide survey conducted for hearing care provider HearUSA

West Palm Beach, FL (PRWEB) July 21, 2010

Americans expect that their social life and their safety would suffer the most if they had a substantial hearing loss, but feel it would have little impact on their sex life or income, according to a new public opinion survey commissioned by HearUSA (http://www. hearusa. com) (AMEX:EAR), a national provider of hearing care and hearing aids.

The survey of 1,000 nationally-representative adults, which was conducted for HearUSA by Kelton Research, asked: If you had a significant hearing loss, which do you think would suffer the most?

The results:
Social life or relationships with friends--29%
Family relationships--13%
Job performance--12%
Leisure and recreational activities--9%
Overall Health--4%
Sex life--1%

Some other findings of the HearUSA survey:
Nearly 40 percent of older Americans (55+) believe that their social life and friendships would suffer the most from a hearing loss Women are more likely than men to feel that their family relationships would suffer the most Twice as many parents think their family relationships would be most impaired by a hearing loss compared to those respondents without children

Stephen Hansbrough, HearUSA chairman and CEO, said, "Studies have shown that, left untreated, even mild hearing loss (http://www. hearusa. com/hearinghealth. aspx) can lead to avoidance of social situations, reduced alertness and increased risk to personal safety, diminished overall health, and reduced job performance and earning power. Untreated hearing loss can also jeopardize family and intimate relationships." 

''Yet, while hearing aids can benefit almost everyone with a hearing loss,'' said Hansbrough, ''they are used by only one in four of the 36 million Americas with a hearing problem.''

He said that while cost was a major factor, other barriers to greater acceptance of hearing aids were perceived stigma, unfamiliarity with today's digital hearing aids technology and a confusing marketplace.

''Hearing loss is a major public health issue and HearUSA believes that hearing care needs to be recognized as a medical necessity and made more affordable, accessible and accountable,'' said Hansbrough.

About HearUSA;   

HearUSA is the recognized leader in hearing care for the nation's top managed care organizations through its 177 company-owned centers and network of more than 2,000 hearing care providers. HearUSA is the nation's only hearing care network accredited by URAC, an independent, nonprofit health care accrediting organization dedicated to promoting health care quality through accreditation, certification and commendation.

The company is also the administrator of the AARP Hearing Care Program (http://www. hearusa. com/Default. aspx? alias=www. hearusa. com/aarp), designed to help millions of Americans aged 50+ who have hearing loss.

# # #

Sunday, January 23, 2005

Bradford Networks Announces Record Growth in FY2008 : NAC Pioneer Broadens US and International Customer Base, Poised for Further Gains in Growing Market

Bradford Networks Announces Record Growth in FY2008 : NAC Pioneer Broadens US and International Customer Base, Poised for Further Gains in Growing Market

Bradford Networks, an award-winning provider of comprehensive network access control (NAC) solutions, today announced record growth across new markets and geographies. During fiscal 2008, Bradford’s sales increased nearly 80 percent over the previous year.

CONCORD, N. H. (PRWEB) August 5, 2008

Bradford added 120 new accounts to its global customer base in the education, healthcare, financial services, energy and government sectors. New U. S. customers include Overstock. com, California Credit Union, Pioneer Natural Resources, Texas A&M, and Pepperdine University. Internationally, Fraunhofer Institute for Secure Information Technology, Norsun, Ardal Energi, Royal Thai Air Force, India Department of Atomic Energy, University of London-Royal Holloway, and the University of Derby were among the organizations that selected Bradford's out-of band appliances.

New customers enjoyed increased security, improved network efficiencies, and measureable ROI. Columbia University Medical Center slashed help desk calls by 66 percent during its NAC pilot and has experienced similar results in its production deployment.

An expanded channel network, including 23 new security VARs and network integrators, fueled Bradford's growth in the U. S. and across the globe. New international partners include Satisnet (UK), Accuetrust (Canada), Secure Source (Malaysia), Quantiq (Singapore and Indonesia), Blue Zebra (Thailand), and Advens (France). Channel publication CRN recognized Bradford for the second year in a row as a CRN Emerging Vendor and a CRN Top Emerging Security Vendor.

Bradford's excellence was recognized by both industry analysts and publications. NAC Director earned SC Magazine's NAC Innovator of the Year award and was selected as a Best New Technology Finalist in the Healthcare Innovation Awards by attendees at the Healthcare IT Summit. Bradford received a Positive rating in Gartner Inc.'s MarketScope for Network Access Control, 2008 (by Lawrence Orans, John Pescatore, and Mark Nicolett, published March 25, 2008).

New products attracted enterprises to Bradford's advanced NAC offerings, including new fully redundant and high-performance appliances to meet the demands of larger and more complex environments, such as expanding wireless networks. In April 2008 Bradford announced NAC Director Guest Contractor Services (GCS) to address the universal need of organizations to manage guests, contractors, and strategic business partners accessing corporate networks. The easily installed solution secures unmanaged laptops and PDAs and provides a simple upgrade path to complete NAC capabilities.

In June Bradford closed $8 million of Series B funding, led by Updata Partners with participation from Bradford's Series A investor, Windspeed Ventures. The capital will be used to enter new markets, expand its award-winning product portfolio, and add development, support, professional services and marketing staff at its new development facility in Westford, MA.

"Bradford set company records in FY 2008 and we are well positioned to build on this in FY2009," said Mike Gadoury, Bradford Networks founder and CEO. "Our proven track record of providing customers with pragmatic solutions to real-world security challenges puts Bradford in a unique position to further accelerate growth in the coming year."

About Bradford Networks

Bradford Networks develops advanced network access control solutions for wireless, wired and VPN networks. Bradford's patent-pending, award-winning, out-of-band appliances leverage existing network infrastructure to automatically enforce NAC policy at the network edge, making networks more secure and efficient. Privately held, Bradford Networks is located in Concord, NH. For more information, call (603) 228-5300 or visit www. bradfordnetworks. com.

About the MarketScope

The MarketScope is copyrighted March 2008 by Gartner, Inc. and is reused with permission. The MarketScope is an evaluation of a marketplace at and for a specific time period. It depicts Gartner's analysis of how certain vendors measure against criteria for that marketplace, as defined by Gartner. Gartner does not endorse any vendor, product or service depicted in the MarketScope, and does not advise technology users to select only those vendors with the highest rating. Gartner disclaims all warranties, express or implied, with respect to this research, including any warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.

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Diversified Risk Management, Inc. Welcomes Their New Compliance Training Director

Diversified Risk Management, Inc. Welcomes Their New Compliance Training Director

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) September 21, 2005

Dr. Monica Carbajal is a new member of the Diversified Risk Management, Inc. team. Dr. Carbajal obtained her Master’s and Ph. D., in Organizational Psychology from the California School of Professional Psychology located in Los Angeles, CA. Dr. Carbajal’s dissertation was titled: "An Exploratory Study of the Predictors of Work Team Effectiveness in a Multicultural Workplace.” Prior to her doctoral studies, Dr. Carbajal obtained her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology, Sociology and Human Services with Honors from Western New Mexico University located in Silver City, New Mexico.

Dr. Monica Carbajal has joined the Compliance Training Group, http://www. compliancetraininggroup. com (http://www. compliancetraininggroup. com) which is a division of Diversified Risk Management, Inc., as a Director of compliance training programs, workplace related issues, and a variety of specialized training workshops. Dr. Carbajal is directing programs ranging from on-site, instructor-led training to distance learning via WebEx. Dr. Carbajal specializes in sexual harassment training, prevention, and education programs for executives, supervisors and employees. The training programs provide informative material that will have a long-term effect on staff members and enable them to contribute to the successful future of the organization. Dr. Carbajal can tailor workshops including OSHA compliance and other popular programs to meet the needs of the organization. Dr. Carbajal includes an extensive selection of workplace compliance materials such as custom booklets, pamphlets, slides and other effective educational literature. Her training programs aim to provide participants with practical tools for the identification and early intervention of potentially disruptive employee conduct. Her training and workshops include cutting-edge technology that allows her to employ visual aids that assist the participants in better understanding the sensitive issues under discussion. Dr. Carbajal has instructed training programs to help employers of all sizes reduce risk and minimize the expense related to unethical, illegal, or irresponsible activities that negatively impact the workplace.

Employers have statutory obligations under federal and state laws to provide and promote a safe, violence-free and drug-free workplace for their employees and the public. Aside from these responsibilities are the requirements under the Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) and State Workers’ Compensation laws. Dr. Carbajal is a highly experienced professional in her fields of study and her background consists of business consulting, teaching as a university professor, and being actively involved in many public and private community outreach programs.

Dr. Monica Carbajal has acquired over fifteen years working in the United States, South America, and Mexico as a business consultant for a variety of public and private organizations in the capacity of an organizational and management consultant. She has reorganized human resources policies and procedures; designed and conducted cultural diversity seminars for various corporate audiences; and worked in organizational development and analysis. Dr. Carbajal has implemented high performance work teams in multicultural organizations, has improved communications and reduced legal exposure by implementing Quality of Work Life programs.

Dr. Monica Carbajal has worked as a university professor in the fields of psychology and business for over twelve years. She is currently teaching classes on a part time basis at National University in Los Angeles and Sherman Oaks, California within the School of Business and Technology & the School of Arts and Sciences. She has taught courses including Organizational Development, Behavioral Science, Organizational Behavior, Communication for Managers, Conflict Resolution, Theories of Behavioral Change, Social Psychology, Marriage, Sex and the Family, Practicum for Psychology and Human Behavior Degree Programs, Human Resources Management in Today’s Society, Behavioral Science Applications in Human Resource Management, Managing Human Resources in Multicultural Environments, Applied Organization Systems Theory, Seminar in Training and Development, Leadership in a Global Environment, and The Organization Consulting Process.

In addition, Dr. Monica Carbajal is actively involved in many public and private community outreach programs and associations. She is a member of the Castaic and Santa Clarita Chambers of Commerce. She continues to devote much of her time in promoting education and cultural events within the Latino community. She is a member of the National Network of Hispanic Women and the SCV Hispanic Business Committee. She volunteers many hours toward noteworthy causes such as muscular dystrophy; children’s cancer, senior citizens and she is also a mentor to at-risk adolescents. Dr. Carbajal is a member of Who’s Who Among American Students in Universities and Colleges; Who’s Who Among Empowering Executives & Professionals; she was an Inductee into Western New Mexico University’s Student Hall of Fame, and was crowned Mrs. Santa Clarita Valley in 2004. Dr. Carbajal was recently nominated for the highly anticipated Diversity Award honoring Latino business professionals within the Santa Clarita Valley.

About Diversified Risk Management, Inc.

Diversified Risk Management, Inc. a licensed, nationwide investigation firm that offers a broad range of specialized risk management and investigation services that are designed to control loss and minimize exposure by providing innovative and strategic business solutions. Diversified Risk Management, Inc. assists corporations, non-profit organizations and law firms in identifying, mitigating, and responding to risks through a comprehensive and integrated suite of professional service offerings. Visit http://www. diversifiedriskmanagement. com/ (http://www. diversifiedriskmanagement. com/) to learn more about their service offerings or call them at 800.810.9508.


Friday, January 21, 2005

Discovering Campania, One of the Most Alluring Destinations in Italy

Discovering Campania, One of the Most Alluring Destinations in Italy

The Campania Region launched a program to promote the unique culture and flavor of its inland provinces Benevento, Avellino and Caserta, now also endorsed by President Clinton.

New York (PRWEB) July 18, 2007

A large audience of tour operators, journalists, opinion leaders and italo-philes, enthusiastically participated in the tourism project "The Hidden Campania," which kicked-off this week in New York City.

A pleasant surprise to the more than 400 attendees was a message from former President Bill Clinton delivered by socialite and producer Lucia Kaiser, host of the evening. The former president, besides greeting Campania Region Governor Antonio Bassolino and its Councilor of Tourism, Marco Di Lello, invited everyone to explore this alluring destination. "I truly love this part of the world," the message stated. The Hidden Campania is an integrated tourism and marketing campaign to promote the hospitality and cuisine of the inland provinces of Benevento, Avellino and Caserta. Such provinces are less well-known than their splendid coastline neighbors (Amalfi, Sorrento, Positano and Naples), but just as fascinating.

The evening proposed some examples of packages for food and wine enthusiasts, culture lovers and itineraries emphasizing health of the mind and body. The climax of the presentation was a film about those areas, followed by a scrumptious reception in a room decorated with gigantic photos of the different locations: just like eating in Italy! The event, held at the elegant Regione Campania Bureau in New York City, was presented by Luigi D'Anna, President of the Tourism Board of Benevento. Special guest of the evening was Louis Tallarini, President of the Columbus Citizens Foundation, whose heritage is deeply rooted in those areas. Also, Dario Scalabrini, president of the Tourism Board of Naples, introduced the revival of "La Festa di Piedigrotta," an authentic Napolitan celebration with floats, fireworks and a singing competition (the one that launched the world-famous O Sole Mio!) .

The distinguished, multi-ethnic audience was comprised of many representatives of the Campania community. A happy coincidence was the presence of some of the Sopranos cast: Avellino is in fact the homeland of the fictional family.

For more information about the "Hidden Campania" please visit www. altracampania. it

Press contact: Accent PR 908 212 7846


Thursday, January 20, 2005

Six Advantages of Representation When You First Apply for Social Security Disability Benefits

Six Advantages of Representation When You First Apply for Social Security Disability Benefits

Social Security Office of the Inspector General’s report: Disability applicants could benefit with SSDI representation

Belleville, IL (Vocus) September 22, 2010

Individuals submitting initial applications for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) could benefit from the use of a third-party representative, according to a recent report by the federal government. The report helps dispel the long-held idea that the process of filing for and documenting a request for SSDI benefits is easy to do alone, even though 63 percent of all initial applicants are denied benefits, according to Allsup, a nationwide provider of SSDI representation services.

The Aug. 20, 2010, report from Office of the Inspector General (OIG) for the Social Security Administration (SSA) examined the four impairments most often denied at the initial application level, but later approved for benefits at the hearing level.1 These were: back disorders, osteoarthrosis and related disorders, diabetes mellitus, and disorders of muscle, ligament and fascia. The inspector general said:

“If claimants with the four impairments we analyzed had representatives earlier in the disability process, some of them may have received an allowance decision at the DDS level2, saving them time and SSA money. First, the claimants may not have had to go to the hearing level if they had representatives to assist them with completing SSA’s forms and providing the necessary evidence at the DDS level. This could have saved some claimants about 500 days in receiving an allowance decision.”

“Allsup’s own experience after 26 years of providing representation services to those with all types of disabilities seems to bear this out. Those who hire us at the application level have a higher award rate at that level than the national average,” said Mike J. Stein, assistant vice president of claims for Allsup.

“Many qualified applicants could avoid a long wait by receiving assistance with their application at the beginning of the SSDI process,” Stein said. “As discussed in the report, a representative could ensure that your application is well-prepared and well-documented, making it easier and faster for the government to determine if you’re eligible and unable to work due to a disability.”

The OIG, citing the Social Security Administration, also discusses the challenges of finding representation at the application level where financial incentives for representatives are lower. Although Allsup represents initial applicants, many representatives—often attorneys—do not accept SSDI cases until the appeals level. In addition, many applicants do not know help is available. The OIG cites Allsup’s 2009 survey of approximately 300 SSDI applicants who the company helped on appeal after they applied for benefits on their own.3 Fifty-one percent of the respondents said they were unaware they could retain a representative to assist with their initial filing for Social Security disability benefits.

Allsup explains six advantages of representation to those who are considering applying for SSDI benefits.

1. Have a well-documented claim. SSDI representatives speed the review of your SSDI application by creating a thoroughly developed claim that is completed using the experience and knowledge of policies that SSA examiners follow. By having this assistance from the beginning, you can help ensure that the disability examiners have the information they need to make a well-informed decision on your claim earlier and possibly avoid the hearing altogether. This also saves you from the challenges of completing unfamiliar forms with the information and detail the government needs. As cited in the OIG report, Allsup’s claimant survey found that 78 percent of claimants experienced barriers to handling the disability process on their own. These barriers included reading or understanding (48 percent) and completing forms (61 percent).

2. Receive your benefits faster and possibly at a lower cost. Typically, Allsup is able to help more initial SSDI applicants receive their benefits at the application level, when compared to the national average. The ability to receive Social Security disability benefits at the initial application level can save hundreds of days of waiting for a decision, as noted in the OIG report. Those who are awarded at the application level usually have a lower representation fee.

3. Benefit from expertise with the SSDI process. As noted by the inspector general, SSDI representatives are skilled at noticing additional impairments that may have a bearing on your claim and can assist with further documenting your inability to work and qualification for SSDI benefits based on your disability.

4. Avoid the stress and limit the health impact. Allsup’s customer survey found that applicants experience significant stress—75 percent reported feeling significant or extreme stress—which often is compounded by the financial difficulties people with disabilities encounter during their wait for benefits. In addition, 53 percent of respondents reported that their illness grew worse in the long wait for SSDI benefits.

5. Ensure your claim is moving through the SSDI process. Expert representatives like Allsup ensure that your claim is receiving attention throughout the process, including making sure that an accurate date of disability is established for your claim, and that filing deadlines and medical records requests are met on time.

6. Benefit from strong claims history to help with your appeal. Even with an experienced expert at your side, many disability applications are still denied. Allsup makes sure appeal deadlines are met, collects additional medical evidence, keeps you updated on the status of your claim, prepares an authoritative brief for the judge to review and appears on your behalf at the hearing. In a large percentage of cases, however, Allsup requests and receives a decision “on-the-record,” which means the judge is satisfied with the documentation and you do not have to appear in person at a hearing.

“For years, individuals with all types of disabilities have struggled through the disability application process on their own—when they least need the additional stress, suffering and pain,” Stein said. “It doesn’t have to be this way.”

If you have questions about SSDI, or would like a free evaluation to determine if you are likely to qualify for Social Security disability benefits, contact the Allsup Disability Evaluation Center at (800) 279-4357. An Allsup professional can help you determine if you may qualify for SSDI benefits.

1 - “Disability Impairments on Cases Most Frequently Denied by Disability Determination Services and Subsequently Allowed by Administrative Law Judges (A-07-09-19083),” online at http://www. ssa. gov.
2 – DDS refers to state Disability Determination Services, which are state agencies that review disability claims prior to the hearing level.
3 – “If They Only Knew: Without Expert Help, Disability Applicants Report Facing Foreclosure, Lost Health Insurance, Drained Retirement Savings and Worsening Illness,” online at http://www. allsup. com.

Allsup is a nationwide provider of Social Security disability, Medicare and Medicare Secondary Payer compliance services for individuals, employers and insurance carriers. Founded in 1984, Allsup employs nearly 700 professionals who deliver specialized services supporting people with disabilities and seniors so they may lead lives that are as financially secure and as healthy as possible. The company is based in Belleville, Ill., near St. Louis. For more information, visit http://www. Allsup. com.


E-Tech Solution Provides Website Builder Tool to Build Website Online, You Build and Manage own Website Online - Our Website Builder Provides All Features

E-Tech Solution Provides Website Builder Tool to Build Website Online, You Build and Manage own Website Online - Our Website Builder Provides All Features

E-Tech Solution provides best Website builder tool to build and manage own website online. Offers free hosting

(PRWEB) March 9, 2005

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Pacific Bariatric Performs 10,000th Procedure

Pacific Bariatric Performs 10,000th Procedure

Surgeons at Pacific Bariatric Surgical Medical Group (PBSMG, http://www. pbsmg. com) and Scripps Mercy Hospital recently performed their 10,000th bariatric surgical procedure. This milestone has been reached by only a handful of bariatric surgery programs in the world.

San Diego (PRWEB) July 5, 2007

Surgeons at Pacific Bariatric Surgical Medical Group (PBSMG, http://www. pbsmg. com (http://www. pbsmg. com)) and Scripps Mercy Hospital recently performed their 10,000th bariatric surgical procedure. This milestone has been reached by only a handful of bariatric surgery programs in the world.

Surgeons with the practice have been performing weight-loss surgery on adult and adolescent patients at Scripps Mercy Hospital since 1993. As a result of outstanding aftercare programs and support groups, patients at Pacific Bariatric see a success rate of slightly higher than the national average.

"This is a tremendous achievement for our practice, and we are proud of our continued legacy of caring and commitment to our patients," said Laurence Tanaka, M. D., F. A.C. S., surgeon at Scripps Mercy Hospital and Pacific Bariatric Surgical Medical Group. "This accomplishment helps to reaffirm the trust our patients have in our ability to safely offer them the best quality services available today."

Surgeons at PBSMG (http://www. pbsmg. com (http://www. pbsmg. com)) have recently started using LAP-BAND®, an adjustable gastric band designed to reduce the stomach's capacity, thereby restricting the amount of food that can be consumed at one time. The procedure does not require stomach cutting, stapling or gastrointestinal re-routing to bypass normal digestion and can be removed at any time.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 66 percent of U. S. adults and 17 percent of U. S. children are overweight or obese. Morbid obesity is closely correlated with a number of serious conditions that severely undermine the health of overweight patients, including heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes. Bariatric surgery or other medical interventions are often the only long-lasting weight loss solution for clinically obese individuals.

Pacific Bariatric Surgical Medical Group, Inc. and Scripps Mercy Hospital are nationally designated by the American Society for Bariatric Surgery as a Center of Excellence for Bariatric Surgery. Pacific Bariatric Surgical Medical Group, also known as Hillcrest Surgical Medical Group, Inc., has an 80-year tradition of surgical excellence and leadership in San Diego County. For more information, visit http://www. pbsmg. com (http://www. pbsmg. com).

Established in 1890 by the Sisters of Mercy, Scripps Mercy Hospital serves the San Diego and Chula Vista communities. With 700 licensed beds, more than 3,000 employees and 1,300 physicians, Scripps Mercy Hospital is San Diego's longest established and only Catholic hospital. With two campuses, Scripps Mercy Hospital is the largest hospital in San Diego County and one of the 10 largest in California. For more information, visit www. scripps. org.


Holistic Junction Presents Featured Authors and Artists on Weekly Winners and More Page August 15th!

Holistic Junction Presents Featured Authors and Artists on Weekly Winners and More Page August 15th!

Holistic Junction lists Featured Authors and Artists week of August 15th!

(PRWEB) August 18, 2004

Holistic Junction is exhibiting this weeks' featured authors and artists. We would like to thank all of our valued contributors as they are a priceless resource to readers and viewers everywhere.

Our Featured Authors and Articles:

New Paradigms in Physics by Louis S. Acker

What Can I Say, but My Anxiety is Just Too Damn High by Mitch Battros

Ch-Ch-Chain of Hearts: Cranking Up Compassion by Maya Talisman Frost

You will Regret this for the Rest of Your Life! by Graham and Julie

A Voice from the Year 1757 by Brenda Harpool

Wisdom Over Coffee by Helaine Iris

Promote your website using Newsgroups by Nowshade Kabir

5 Strategies for ADDed Effectiveness on the Job by Jennifer Koretsky

Handbags, Purses and Toolboxes, Oh My! by David Leonhardt

All Things Pass; Refrain from Disdain; Buddha on Renewal; Notes on Spirituality in the Workplace; 10 Reasons Why You Should Nurture A Spiritual Mindset by Dr. Joan Marques

What is Vastu Shastra?; Ridding Your Home of Geopathic Stress; Improve Your Relationships Through Vastu; How to Make Your Pets Healthier and Happier; Aging Gracefully Through Vastu Shastra; and How to Create a Positive Environment in Your Home With Vastu by Michael and Robin Mastro

What Emotions Do by Paula Muran

Finding Peace: A Taste of Mindfulness by Deva Ratnakara

Unilateral Disarmament - The First Step to Improving Communications with Your Teenager by V. Michael Santoro, M. Ed.

Why Creative Visualization Works by Remez Sasson

Encouragement in Spite of Rocking Thunder by Julie Jordan Scott

Shhhhh? by Gene Simmons

Leadership Is Power: Test Your Ethics by Gerri D Smith

Shaping Your Reality by Mark Susnow

Fantasy versus Reality; Conversational Negative Self-talk; Hunter and Gatherer; and Five Ways to Expand Your Comfort Zone by Skye Thomas

Menopause! by Jan Tincher

Statistics of Abuse and Stalking; Why Good People Ignore Abuse; and The Guilt of Others by Sam Vaknin

Our Featured Artists and Art:

LEO by Lady Camelot

ECHO by Mark Sedgwick

To be considered for inclusion for our Weekly Winners and More feature, feel free to become a personal or Business Member at HolisticJunction. com and submit your original work to our site!

Please review our submission guidelines prior to sending in your articles and artwork.

Come and be aspired to greater heights!

HolisticJunction. com is a personal and web-based community that prides itself with having over a million site hits monthly and over 13,000 page views per day! Visit our Brand, NEW Sister Site at www. MediaPositiveRadio. com - Your Positive Internet Music/Talk Channel

For further information, contact PR Director - ladycamelot@pbtcomm. net

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Synchronica is Major Backer of Mobile Industry's First Device Management Portal

Synchronica is Major Backer of Mobile Industry's First Device Management Portal

Synchronica, a vendor of mobile device management and synchronization software based on open industry standards, has announced its support for the mobile Device Management Forum and its associated portal. The Device Management Forum is the first of its kind to focus on the key issue of mobile device management and involves a group of high level stakeholders.

London, Miami (PRWEB) November 7, 2006

Synchronica, a vendor of mobile device management and synchronization software based on open industry standards, has announced its support for the mobile Device Management Forum and its associated portal, http://www. devicemanagementforum. org (http://www. devicemanagementforum. org), launched on 31 October. The Device Management Forum is the first of its kind to focus on the key issue of mobile device management and involves a group of high level stakeholders involved in the development, distribution and management of end user telecommunications devices and services. Stakeholders include leading device manufacturers, network operators, software vendors, distributors and retailers.

The Device Management Forum is the brainchild of former Ovum and Gartner analyst Abraham Joseph, a recognised industry expert in mobile device management and over-the-air (OTA) technologies. Overseen by Mr Joseph, the portal will provide telecommunications industry professionals with mobile industry news, event listings, in depth articles and interviews with industry leaders.

Synchronica provides two key products for mobile device management: SyncML DM Server provides an automated hotline to help device manufacturers and mobile operators to combat spiraling customer care costs. The automated hotline can be used to identify and resolve phone configuration problems over the air and send OTA firmware updates. Mobile Manager is a web-based MDM solution, targeted at providing a self-care solution to large enterprises, ASPs and operators.

Explaining the drivers behind the foundation of the MDM Forum, Mr Joseph said: "Device management is a key issue. An increasingly disparate array of devices and peripherals need to be managed to deliver and maintain qualities of service, secure corporate assets and comply with regulation. Additionally, device management is becoming important in other industrial sectors, such as automotive and healthcare, where the techniques developed for telecoms and IT are finding wide applicability. Our aim is to provide this portal to enable key industry players to keep abreast of the applications that drive and influence the development of device management products and services."

Commenting on Synchronica's role as a major stakeholder in the Device Management Forum, CEO Carsten Brinkschulte said, "The complexity of today's communication devices is driving demand for sophisticated methods of managing large numbers of smartphones, either using a self-care facility or a hosted service. By delivering device configuration, management and security services over the air, device manufacturers, operators and large enterprises can enjoy the benefits offered by these powerful mobile communications tools, without incurring large costs for their deployment and management. This is why Synchronica plans to play a key role in the MDM Forum."

About Device Management Forum

The Device Management Forum brings together major stakeholders in the development, distribution and management of communication devices and services. Its major objectives are to promote knowledge and understanding of device management and associated issues, and to help stakeholders maximise the benefits from their investments. Management and security of mobile devices, particularly smartphones, is one of the DM Forum's key focuses. However, DM Forum recognises that fixed and mobile applications and devices are converging, that device capabilities and form factors are changing rapidly and that technologies originally developed for the communication market are being applied in other sectors. For these and other reasons, the DM Forum defines its focus simply as device management. More information is available at http://www. devicemanagementforum. org (http://www. devicemanagementforum. org)

About Synchronica

Synchronica develops and markets synchronization and device management solutions for mobile operators, device manufacturers, and enterprises. Its product portfolio ranges from data synchronization (OMA DS) to device management (OMA DM) and firmware update over the air (FUMO / FOTA). Synchronica has a strong track record in the mobile industry including several live carrier-grade installations. Products include the SyncML DM Server which enables operators and device manufacturers to build automated customer-care systems and the award-winning SyncML Gateway which enables seamless synchronization of corporate data including Push eMail using OMA DS and Push IMAP. Its latest offering, award-winning Mobile Manager, enables mobile operators and application service providers (ASPs) to offer mobile device management as a hosted solution to enterprise customers. Headquartered in the UK with offices in Berlin and Washington D. C., Synchronica plc is a public company listed on the London Stock Exchange (AIM:SYNC). More information is available at http://www. synchronica. com (http://www. synchronica. com)

For more information, please contact:

Nicole Meissner, CMO

Synchronica plc

Tel.: +44 1892 552 780

Device Management Forum:

Abraham Joseph

Mobile: +44 7801 309 751

Bob Brace

Mobile: +44 7785 398 053


Thursday, January 13, 2005

Speak for Success Asks: Do Your Business Presentations Make an Impact?

Speak for Success Asks: Do Your Business Presentations Make an Impact?

Speak for Success announces their next High Impact Presentations workshop will be held in San Diego, California, June 20-21, 2006. The public workshop is for business and technical professionals who want to move their audiences to take action.

San Diego, CA (PRWEB) May 3, 2006

Speak for Success announces the next High Impact Presentations workshop will be held in San Diego June 20-21, 2006. The program is designed for professionals who have to deliver critical business presentations on behalf of their organizations and want to feel more confident and get better results.

“The ability to deliver effective business presentations is a requirement to be successful in business today,” said Dana Bristol-Smith, President of Speak for Success and the workshop facilitator. “I feel privileged to be able to help business professionals overcome their fear of public speaking and make a more positive impact through their presentations. Learning the art of public speaking is one of the most important skills for business professionals to possess.”

The High Impact Presentations workshop: http://www. speakforsuccess. net/p-public. htm (http://www. speakforsuccess. net/p-public. htm) is especially helpful for scientists, engineers, and others who deliver complex information at conferences, trade shows, to the public, and at customer sites. A product manager from Invitrogen of Eugene, Oregon attended the workshop and said, "I learned the difference between speaking as a product manager and speaking like a CEO."

The workshop includes six practice presentations, personal coaching, video feedback, Dana Bristol-Smith’s book Overcome Your Fear of Public Speaking, team exercises, practice controlling a Q&A session, and presentation training techniques to explain technical information to non-technical audiences.

The program is customized to the needs of each of the participants. Pattie Vargas, of the Vargas Group said, “Even though I regularly make presentations as part of my consulting role, I felt there was room for improvement, particularly in increasing my comfort level in front of a room. I learned where I needed to focus my attention, but I was also made aware of my particular strengths. It was a great confidence builder and I am presenting more -- and enjoying it more than ever!”

“I learned techniques to improve both my skill in delivering presentations and my skill in helping others deliver more powerful presentations,” said Gordon Lutes, Senior Vice President, Project Design Consultants. “I have already started applying some of the techniques with my team at work to improve our presentation skills. This seminar was well planned with many opportunities to practice speaking in a supportive environment.” To see this seminar in action, visit the web page and download the PowerPoint presentation.

Speak for Success is offering a $100 savings on registration fees for those who register before June 1, 2006. Please visit the program website: http://www. speakforsuccess. net/p-public. htm (http://www. speakforsuccess. net/p-public. htm) or call Speak for Success for more information.

Dana Bristol-Smith can make an excellent source for stories pertaining to presentation skills training, overcoming fears of public speaking, communication skills, business presentations, and San Diego business professionals. To arrange an interview or request more information, contact her at (760) 726-5272. Speak for Success offers both public workshops and in-house training programs.

About Speak for Success

Since 2001, our work with executives, managers, and sales professionals has helped organizations attract and retain customers, increase employee productivity, and improve retention—through improved communications.

Clients who have benefited from our programs include: American Mortgage Network, BP, Cardinal Health, Gen-Probe, Homecomings Financial a GMAC Company, Honeywell, Invitrogen, Mission Federal Credit Union, Nicholas-Applegate, PacifiCare Health Systems, Pacific Life, Pfizer, Sempra Energy, Sony, Taco Bell Corp., and Western United Insurance

Website: http://www. speakforsuccess. net (http://www. speakforsuccess. net)


Wednesday, January 12, 2005



Astrologer Judi Thomases will offer a talk for the Rockland Business Women’s Network luncheon on January 9, 2002 on the topic of “Alternate Methods of Business Development.” The discussion will cover how the principles of Astrology can be put to use in various businesses, including timing of actions, compatible hiring, and goal attainment.

(PRWEB) December 8, 2001

Astrologers, their clients, and some other knowledgeable people share a secret! They're aware of cosmological events that impact lives in many ways - relationships, business, health, low periods, and so forth. "Knowledge is power," and in business it can often help avoid pitfalls, and maximize opportunities. Knowledge of planetary patterns ("transits"), moon cycles ("lunations"), and overview of the life-clock ("progressions") all reveal information helpful in making decisions, running campaigns, taking on partners, investing, marketing and financing projects. One astrological tool called synastry can analyze how any two people will fit together, an application useful for Human Resources as much as for one's lovelife, while another tool called Electional can determine the best time to schedule an event - anything from an incorporation or merger to a wedding!

 One particularly helpful bit of astro-knowledge is awareness of when Mercury is retrograde (an event lasting about 3 weeks, and occurring 3 times a year); while useful for revising and reorganizing, it's ill-advised for making major purchases or finalizing legal deals. Ignorance of this simple astro-fact has caused many foolish decisions, including the launch of the first Hubble telescope, requiring a second visit to fix its problems.

 Capitalize on the edge you can get - use astrology to your advantage.

Judi can be reached at Starspro@aol. com. Her articles, services, products and background can be researched on her website at www. StarladyAstrologer. com.

Judi, a Phi Beta Kappa, a member of two national astrological organizations (The American Federation of Astrologers, & The National Council for Geocosmic Research), two national metaphysical organizations (The International Tarot Society, & The Seth Network International), and past vice-president and fund-raising Chairperson of The Astra Guild for Education, is a highly respected professional astrologer and Tarot consultant with over twenty five years' experience. Teacher, lecturer, writer, columnist, and consultant in astrology, Tarot, metaphysics, and intuitive sciences, she has appeared on radio and cable TV; been published in Dell Horoscope magazine, American Astrologer magazine, Inner Realm magazine, Writings on the Wall magazine, and Today’s Astrologer (the monthly bulletin of the American Federation of Astrologers); been profiled in The Journal News, Hudson Valley magazine, and Hudson Valley Business Journal; and has been a speaker at conventions and seminars. She is the founder of “Mind's Eye Forum,” “Goddess Gatherings,” and “Life Through a Different Lens,” and a co-founder of “The Professional Healers Alliance.” She is a member of The Rockland Women’s Business Network.

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

REAL Software Ships REAL SQL Server, REALbasic Developers Gain a Single Point of Contact for End-to-End Database Development

REAL Software Ships REAL SQL Server, REALbasic Developers Gain a Single Point of Contact for End-to-End Database Development

REAL Software, providers of REALbasic, cross-platform that really works, announced today that REAL SQL Server, a cross-platform multi-user database server for use with REALbasic, is now shipping.

Austin, TX (PRWEB) July 25, 2006

REAL Software, providers of REALbasic, cross-platform that really works, announced today that REAL SQL Server, a cross-platform multi-user database server for use with REALbasic, is now shipping.

“Many of our customers use REALbasic to create database applications,” stated Geoff Perlman, president and CEO of REAL Software. “Now, anyone who’s developed a single-user database application can turn it into a multi-user database application, simply by using REAL SQL Server.”

“REAL SQL Server is an awesome product,” stated Jay Wooten, president of GoDataSystems, Inc. “Having gone through an extensive evaluation and testing process, our level of confidence with REAL SQL Server is very high. We are selecting REAL SQL Server to drive Agency Intelligence, our groundbreaking software for the life and health insurance industry.”

REAL SQL Server 2006 delivers substantial benefits to REALbasic developers, such as:

Whole-solution support from the desktop to the server, all from a single trusted vendor. Reliability and performance as expected from an industry-standards-based server database engine. One-step installation, easy configuration and administration without the need for external tools, unlike most SQL databases. An easy transition and consistent results when migrating from REALbasic’s built-in database to REAL SQL Server.

Availability and Pricing

REAL SQL Server is available now and a free demo can be downloaded from www. realsoftware. com/download (http://www. realsoftware. com/download). REAL SQL Server deployment license pricing is as follows:

REAL SQL Server, up to five connections, $500 REAL SQL Server, unlimited connections, $1500, with special introductory pricing of $999, for a limited time.

About REAL SQL Server

REAL SQL Server is a multi-user database server based on the public domain SQLite database engine. REAL SQL Server provides REALbasic users the ability to create secure, robust database applications more quickly and efficiently than any other database server. Designed for use with REALbasic 2006 or later. More information, including a list of the major features for REAL SQL Server, can be found at www. realsoftware. com/products/realsqlserver (http://www. realsoftware. com/products/realsqlserver).

About REALbasic

REALbasic is a full-featured software development environment suited to creating all kinds of applications, from utilities to enterprise-class applications. REALbasic for Windows or Mac starts at $99. REALbasic for Linux Standard Edition is offered for free. REALbasic Professional Edition, required for cross-platform deployment, is $500. REALbasic is available now and can be downloaded directly from REAL Software at www. realsoftware. com/download (http://www. realsoftware. com/download).

About REAL Software

REAL Software provides REALbasic, Cross-Platform That Really Works, for people who want to create and deliver cross-platform software for Windows, Mac and Linux. REALbasic is highly compatible with Visual Basic and includes a utility to help migrate Visual Basic applications cross-platform to Macintosh and Linux. REAL Software was founded in 1996 and is based in Austin, Texas. For more information visit www. realsoftware. com or call 512.328.7325.

©2006 REAL Software, Incorporated. REAL Software, REALbasic and the REAL Software cube logo are registered trademarks of REAL Software, Inc. All other names mentioned are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders in the United States and other countries.


Monday, January 10, 2005

Retractableawnings. com Offers Four Real-Life Safety Tips For Grilling

Retractableawnings. com Offers Four Real-Life Safety Tips For Grilling

Summer is here, sweeping in the joys of backyard parties and the sizzle of cooking meat. As you kick back and fire up the grill, RetractableAwnings. com has a few tips that will help you enjoy backyard barbequing safely and healthily.

Miami, Florida (PRWEB) August 4, 2008

Summer is here, sweeping in the joys of backyard parties and the sizzle of cooking meat. As you kick back and fire up the grill, RetractableAwnings. com has a few tips that will help you enjoy backyard barbequing safely and healthily.

Tip 1: Do not position your grill directly under an awning.
The biggest safety hazard is having an open flame near anything flammable - trees, clothing, and, yes, retractable awnings. (The recommended distance above and around the grill is 10 feet; the standard front height of retractable awnings is 7 feet.) Retractable awnings allow you to adjust their position extremely easily, so you have a couple of easy ways to save the shade:
Adjust the pitch. RetractableAwnings. com awnings have the option to change the angle of the awning; simple raise the pitch to near level, since the average mount point is 10 feet high. After the grill is turned off or extinguished, reset the pitch at a minimum of 3 inches per foot of projection for rain runoff. Retract the awning partway. Retractable awnings do not have to be fully extended. Simply moving the awning by extending or retracting provides protection from the fire while you still stand in the shade, protected from the sun.

Tip 2: Shade all of your picnic or buffet tables.
It's really common to leave food out all day for barbeques, from potato salad to hamburger trimmings, even uncooked meat. Having the shade of a retractable awning over the table can lower the temperature as much as 20 degrees, making it safer to leave foods like meat and mayonnaise out and keeping side items like lettuce, tomatoes, and pickles crisper and more fresh.

Tip 3: Save your skin and arrange sitting and swimming areas under some cool retractable awnings.
Most sunburns are actually first degree burns, and any sunburn which blisters is a second degree burn. Water from swimming heightens the effect of the sun and also washes off many kinds of sunblock. Shading an area on the porch or around a pool with retractable awnings provides needed protection from the sun; that's why RetractableAwnings. com's Sunbrella® fabric is approved by the American Skin Cancer Association.

Tip 4: Clean off your retractable awnings with cool water from a garden hose.
If your retractable awning becomes soiled from some soot from the charcoal grill, simply rinse it off with a garden hose (being careful not to spray the end of the awning with the motor). The solution-dyed acrylic in RetractableAwnings. com fabrics resists stains; a simple rinse is all that's necessary. (Remember: Never use bleach on a retractable awning.)

Retractableawnings. com has been shipping all types of retractable
Sun, wind and rain protection systems to residential, commercial and institutional customers worldwide since 1998. Products manufactured include but are not limited to retractable lateral arm awnings, retractable window awnings, retractable vertical drop awnings, retractable telescoping awnings, retractable patio cover systems, retractable canopy awnings and retractable side arm awnings. All products are available with wind, rain, motion and sun sensors. For more information, call 305-628-2424 or 1-866-GET AWNINGS (1-866-438-2964), or visit www. retractableawnings. com.


Sunday, January 9, 2005

Pet Supplies releases: Doggles, Dog Ramps, Dog Fence & Greenies

Pet Supplies releases: Doggles, Dog Ramps, Dog Fence & Greenies

Pet Street Mall has name brand pet supplies as well as many unusual items and hard-to-find larger sizes are here, for your dog or any type of pet. A much wider variety of pet supply products than in most pet supply catalogues and at greater savings! With a focus on Innotek dog products you will find all of your pet supply needs here!

(PRWEB) October 23, 2004

Pet Supplies - Dog Fence & Fences, Dog Doors & Pet Doors. Dog fences have evolved over the past 25 years. The expensive and somewhat ugly chain link dog fences have fallen by the wayside in favor of the new electronic dog fences. Dogs have a habit of jumping over or digging under chain link dog fences or other solid barrier dog fences. The new dog containment fence systems have shown themselves to be not only effective pet product but safe and humane as well. Pioneered by Innotek the newer pet containment fence systems feature run through prevention, a patent held only by Innotek, 24/7 battery back up, rechargeable and microline dog collars, and much much more. Pet containment systems are also available in contain and train combinations as well as wireless dog fence versions.

Greenies® satisfy your dog's natural desire to chew while they contribute to your dog's good health. Some chew products contain plastic or other inert ingredients which are not digestible by dogs. Greenies do not contain plastic, inert ingredients, no added preservatives, artificial flavors, artificial colors, no added sodium chloride and no added sugar! Greenies will not leave grease spots or crumbs on your floor!

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Saturday, January 8, 2005

Accelarad Introduces Unrivaled High-Speed Image Gateway

Accelarad Introduces Unrivaled High-Speed Image Gateway

Transmits Images to and from the SeeMyRadiology Cloud Up to 300% Faster

Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) November 11, 2010

Introducing a major breakthrough in DICOM data transmission technology, Accelarad debuts its innovative Turbo Gateway™, which delivers images to and from a cloud-based image repository up to 300% faster than existing technologies. Part of the SeeMyRadiology. comproduct suite, Turbo Gateway™ overcomes the limitations of the DICOM transfer protocol to speed data over a conventional Internet connection, while continuing to support a standard interface with all PACS systems and imaging modalities.

“Withcloud computing solutions continuing to gain wide scale adoption in the healthcare industry, it is crucial to ensure that performance remains competitive if not superior to the traditional on-site systems,” comments Arman Sharafshahi, president of Accelarad. “This is especially true for medical imaging due to the inherently large datasets. With this new breakthrough, we are ensuring superior data transfer speeds of our cloud-based solutions once and for all.”

Making this new, superior performance easily accessible to all medical facilities, the SeeMyRadiology Turbo Gateway™ is a compact, easy-to-install software, also available as an appliance, that connects directly to a facility’s local area network (LAN). The device maximizes the utilization of available Internet bandwidth and optimizes transmission of imaging data in a cloud computing environment. Taking advantage of a revolutionary new data handling methodology, the device has shown sustained average speeds of 4.5 CT images/second and 8 MR images/second in benchmark testing over a 10mbps Internet connection. Based on these metrics, distribution times of studies via a cloud environment will be reduced to less than one minute for a 100MB study. The new Turbo Gateway™ ensures a high level of security without the need for VPNs and also provides built-in data validation, uptime monitoring, and fault tolerance.

Veteran healthcare IT administrator Gerald Burns, CIO for US Teleradiology, states, “Over the past few years, we have tested most of the gateway technologies on the market and nothing has come close to the throughput Accelarad has been able to achieve. This will be a game-changer for cloud computing-based medical image management.”

Internet image transfer speed is becoming increasingly important as a growing number of imaging providers rely on cloud-based technology to communicate with staff radiologists in multiple locations, offsite teleradiology providers, referring physicians and outside institutions. Radiology practices need the fastest, most streamlined image communications possible to compete in today’s challenging healthcare environment.

Rapid, easy-to-enable cloud-based image communication will help many sites eliminate the costly and time-consuming production of imaging CDs and provide valuable real-time image communications for trauma transfers and tertiary referrals, resulting in enhanced patient care.

About SeeMyRadiology. com
SeeMyRadiology. com, anAccelaradventure, is an online community for medical image exchange that is revolutionizing how imaging facilities, physicians, and patients store, share, and access medical images and reports. Via a cloud computing platform, SeeMyRadiology. com allows for easy collaboration and communication among health care providers and patients, dramatically improving access, costs, speed, and mobility of medical image exchange throughout the continuum of care. By fully complying with HIPAA privacy and security rules, SeeMyRadiology. com safeguards total patient confidentiality.

About Accelarad
Accelarad, an Atlanta-based company, is a market leader in medical image cloud computing. With the launch of SeeMyRadiology. com - its new online medical exchange community - Accelarad will continue to lead the industry, working with more than 800 facilities and 2,500 physicians, and processing more than 200 million medical images annually, serving as a new model for the delivery of radiology services through its virtual radiology network (VRN). Please visit http://www. accelarad. com or http://www. seemyradiology. com or call 1.888.883.4544 for more information.

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Wednesday, January 5, 2005

Point Pleasant Beach, New Jersey, Author Publishes New Book

Point Pleasant Beach, New Jersey, Author Publishes New Book

This fascinating memoir reflects on the childhood of the son of a funeral director and what impact this had on his life

Point Pleasant Beach, NJ (Vocus) September 28, 2010

Switching Heads by Tom Sullivan has been released by Dorrance Publishing Co., Inc.

At an age when most boys are busy climbing trees, catching frogs, or tossing a baseball with their dad in the backyard, Tom Sullivan was helping his father embalm dead bodies.

So goes the life of the son of a third-generation funeral director.

Today, as a fifty-something father himself, Sullivan shares how he was cautious about letting his own children even attend funerals, wary of the effects it might have had on them—effects that he himself has felt for so many years. But while he regrets being given a front-row-seat look at death so young, he doesn’t fault his father. Death was just a matter-of-fact occurrence in the Sullivan household—and the means by which food was put on the dinner table.

Sullivan recalls some of the more gruesome, disturbing, and spectacular deaths he witnessed—100 mph car accidents, an infamous five-person murder, a skydiver whose parachute failed to deploy—as well as the more mundane, “garden-variety” deaths. Though he admits to being deeply scarred by his childhood exposure to death, he maintains a healthy sense of humor. Most importantly, he has developed a deep, unique perspective on the frailty of human life.

Switching Heads is a 96-page paperback with a retail price of $10.00. The ISBN is 978-1-4349-0471-3. It was published by Dorrance Publishing Co., Inc of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. For more information, or to request a review copy, please visit our virtual pressroom at http://www. dorrancepressroom. com or our online bookstore at http://www. dorrancebookstore. com.


Monday, January 3, 2005

Wicom Partners With T-Systems to Distribute IP-based Contact Center Solutions to Major International Corporations

Wicom Partners With T-Systems to Distribute IP-based Contact Center Solutions to Major International Corporations

Wicom Communications, the leading European provider of IP contact center and enterprise communications software, and T-Systems, one of EuropeÂ’s leading providers of information and communications technology, today announced a partnership. According to the partnership agreement, T-Systems will distribute and support the Wicom Contact Center solution in the European market.

HELSINKI, Finland (PRWEB) May 18, 2004 -

– T-Systems’ offering includes end-to-end IT and telecommunications services, as well as integrated solutions based on both areas. T-Systems’ customers are typically international players who require the delivery of products and services of consistently high quality. T-Systems, a division of Deutsche Telekom AG, is currently represented in over 20 countries.

“We are focused on the integration of information and communications technologies, products, services and networks, and on comprehensive e-business solutions made possible by their integration. Wicom Contact Center solution complements our portfolio providing us with highly scalable leading state-of-the-art technology that enables flexible and efficient design, organisation and operation of contact centers”, said T-Systems’ Markus Naaf, Member of Branch Management, Business Unit Aachen, Germany. “With Wicom software we are able to provide our customers with large-scale, tailor-made contact center solutions with rich functionality at a low upfront investment and fast deployment time.”

“Since T-Systems is Europe’s second-largest systems integrator and a global organisation, we are confident that this partnership brings attractive new benefits to a wide range of major international corporations and boosts the demand for VoIP technology”, said Ilkka Kivimäki, President and CEO, Wicom Communications.

Wicom Contact Center solution is based on Wicom CSS (Communications Server Suite), an open all-IP communications server architecture for unified queuing, prioritizing, and routing for all contacts. The suite includes the functionalities of a traditional PBX telephony system and offers a clear migration path to centrally managed and administrated all-IP business communications.

Gartner Inc. ranked Wicom in the “visionaries” quadrant in its report titled “Contact Center Infrastructure Magic Quadrant 2003 – EMEA Region”, Wicom being the only new entrant.

About Wicom Communications Ltd.

Wicom Communications is the leading European provider of IP contact center and enterprise communications software solutions for fixed and wireless network environments. Wicom offers an open all-IP communications server architecture for unified queuing, prioritizing and routing for all contacts.

Wicom is headquartered in Espoo, Finland, with sales offices in Amsterdam, London, Munich, Stockholm and R&D facilities in Tampere (Finland). Wicom products and solutions are available through selected partners; value added resellers, service providers and system integrators throughout Europe. For more information, please visit our web site at www. wicom. com.

About T-Systems

T-Systems is one of Europe’s leading providers of information and communications technology (ICT). Within the Deutsche Telekom group, T-Systems is responsible for serving major business accounts. The company has some 41,000 staff on its payrolls in more than 20 countries. In 2003, the solutions provider generated €10.6 billion in sales.

T-SystemsÂ’ solutions improve the business competitiveness of its customers in the industry sectors telecommunications, services and finance, public and healthcare as well as manufacturing. The company optimizes processes and cuts costs for its customers, thus providing them additional flexibility for their core business. T-Systems makes targeted use of industry expertise and cutting-edge technology. Its services range from the integration of new ICT solutions into existing customer systems, through the implementation and operation of desktop systems, data centers and networks, all the way to telecommunications services and solutions for international carriers.

T-SystemsÂ’ services encompass all levels of the information and communications technology value chain, spanning from ICT infrastructure and ICT solutions, up to and including business process management.

For more information about the company and its services, see www. t-systems. com.

For more information, please contact:

Wicom Communications, Mr. Pekka Porkka, VP Marketing, +358 9 5257 7568, pekka. porkka@wicom. com

T-Systems International GmbH, Media Relations, Tel: +49 69 665 31-126, Fax: +49 69 665 31-139, presse@t-systems. com

Harry Miller Corp Launches Triazine-Free Synthetic Metalworking Coolant

Harry Miller Corp Launches Triazine-Free Synthetic Metalworking Coolant

Recent supply shortages of chemicals for metalworking industry addressed and solved with new, triazine-free coolant product.

Philadelphia, PA (PRWEB) July 8, 2006

Harry Miller Corporation has announced a new product that addresses recent supply shortage issues and the latest health concerns by incorporating new easy-to-obtain components and eliminating triazine biocides in their Hamikleer© 1995 coolant product.

“This product is a new formulation, involving several new materials,” said Vice President and Technical Director, Nick Ariano. “And these materials will not be subject to limitation of supply in the present environment of supply shortages.”

Formulated for moderate to heavy-duty machining applications, Hamikleer© 1995 is ultra-low foam, provides elevated bacterial resistance, offers corrosion protection for ferrous/non-ferrous metals in metalworking applications -- all without an oily residue.

“This new biocide formulation effectively thwarts the growth of mycobacteria, a hard-walled bacterium identified as a potential agent in industrial HP pneumonitis cases.” Said Harry Miller Corp’s President, Bruce Entwisle. “We take our customer’s health seriously and this is another step Harry Miller Corp has taken to help protect the work environment for industrial employees.”

Extremely low foaming, Hamikleer© 1995 is particularly well-suited to high-speed, high-pressure operations employed by the newer CNC machines. It can also be used in double disc grinding, plunge grinding and surface grinding applications. As an ultra-clean synthetic, Hamikleer© 1995 may also be introduced into difficult applications like drilling and tapping alloys where cleanliness is essential.

About the company: The Harry Miller Corp. (www. HarryMillerCorp. com) was established in 1936 to meet the chemical needs of a growing industrial sector and has specialized in finishing solutions for the steel and metalworking industries since World War II. Today, Harry Miller Corp. continues to expand the product line and develop specialty and custom chemicals to meet the challenges of the ever-changing economic, ecological and health preservation landscape in industrial metalworking technology. Harry Miller Corp products are available through distributors, sales agents and licensees worldwide.

# # #

Sunday, January 2, 2005

Award Winning TV Host And Entrepreneur, Forbes Riley, Joins Casey

Award Winning TV Host And Entrepreneur, Forbes Riley, Joins Casey

Casey is an independent film weaving the trials and tribulations of miscarriages, with the psychological trauma of child abuse and alcoholism.

Oakland, CA (PRWEB) November 9, 2010

HSN Host, author and actress, Forbes Riley, attaches to Made U Look Productions' first feature film, "Casey."

Forbes will portray the role of Ms. Smith, serving as a much needed shoulder for the reclusive Casey to cry on, as he endures his mother's, drunken wrath, and Teresa's unreconciled, tumultuous love for him.

"I'm absolutely thrilled to have Forbes Riley as Ms. Smith. For those who know me, Ms. Smith was very instrumental in my childhood development, and is someone that I love very dearly. I can't imagine anyone more ideal, than Forbes Riley to fill those shoes," according to writer and filmmaker, Dane Terrell.

Known as The Billion Dollar Host, Forbes Riley has helped gross over a $1 billion dollars in products such as Jack Lalanne Juicer and the Living Well HealthMaster Blender, for HSN, QVC, and other prominent shopping networks. In addition, Forbes has made countless appearances on Fox, ESPN and ABC networks. Forbes has since gone on to enormous success with her revolutionary, SpinGym product, selling nearly 500,000 units. A tireless, Health and Fitness advocate, Forbes was inducted into the Fitness Hall Of Fame this year, joining the likes of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jane Fonda.

A character-driven drama, "Casey," centers on Teresa, (Noureen DeWulf of The Backup Plan and Ghosts Of Girlfriends Past) as a guilt-ridden wife suffering through her miscarriages, her broken marriage with Paul, and her conflicted love for Casey, a seventeen-year old, daydreamer, being abused by his alcoholic mother, Norma.

Along with Nourneen DeWulf, Tamela D'Amico and Forbes Riley, Casey, features attachments from Joan Severance, Lisa Pescia, Silvia Spross and Robert Miano.

Made U Look Productions was formed in 2009, by Dane Terrell, with the aim of producing mid level, independent films, featuring strong, female protagonists.

Dane Terrell


LeonardoMD’s Virtuoso EHR Receives ONC-ATBC 2011/2012 Certification

LeonardoMD’s Virtuoso EHR Receives ONC-ATBC 2011/2012 Certification

LeonardoMD's Virtuoso EHR software was certified at a Complete EHR by CCHIT®, an ONC-ATCB, in accordance with the applicable Eligible Provider certification criteria for 2011/2012, supporting the Stage 1 meaningful use measures to qualify eligible providers and hospitals for funding under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA).

San Diego, CA (PRWEB) December 3, 2010

LeonardoMD is pleased to announce that the LeonardoMD Virtuoso EHR is 2011/2012 compliant and was certified as a Complete EHR on September 30, 2010 by the Certification Commission for Health Information Technology (CCHIT®), an ONC-ATCB, in accordance with the applicable Eligible Provider certification criteria adopted by the Secretary of Health and Human Services. The 2011/2012 criteria support the Stage 1 meaningful use measures to qualify eligible providers and hospitals for funding under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA).

Although LeonardoMD’s member practices have enjoyed a popular electronic medical record (EMR) feature set for over a decade, LeonardoMD is proud that its latest EHR software release, Virtuoso, has been recognized among the most elite tools in clinical documentation. This certification is validation from CCHIT® that the LeonardoMD Virtuoso EHR fulfills the criteria and standards set forth by the Office of the National Coordinator (ONC) that EHRs are required to meet for the 2011/2012 stimulus program. A detailed description of these criteria is available at leonardomd. com/emr2011.

“ONC-ATBC certification from CCHIT® is a key component in LeonardoMD’s commitment to offer our member practices an EHR in full compliance with the meaningful use measures,” commented Ralph Holmes, CEO of LeonardoMD; “LeonardoMD is proud to attach our reputation for software quality and commitment to customer service to the new Virtuoso EHR, and we will continue to ensure compliance with ARRA criteria as they evolve over the next several years.”

“CCHIT is pleased to be testing and certifying products so that companies are now able to offer these products to providers who wish to purchase and implement certified EHR technology and achieve meaningful use in time for the 2011-2012 incentives,” said Karen M. Bell, M. D., M. S.S., Chair, CCHIT.

The LeonardoMD Virtuoso EHR is the latest web-based medical software offered by LeonardoMD, implemented by family practice and specialty physicians nationwide. Although many features have been added or improved, the full LeonardoMD software suite still runs completely out of the Web browser, and is accessible by Web-enabled mobile devices, iPhone, and iPad. More information about LeonardoMD Virtuoso is available on leonardomd. com, including EHR features, pricing, a quick tour, or you may schedule a live demo.

About LeonardoMD

LeonardoMD is a leading provider of premier web-based medical practice management software and electronic health records (EHR) to thousands of physicians, billing services, and medical providers in every major medical specialty. The LeonardoMD software as a service (SAAS) suite of applications is delivered over the web through an Internet browser to eliminate the traditional investment required for servers and IT staff. LeonardoMD’s products are designed to automate every step of the revenue cycle and patient care. Founded in 2000, LeonardoMD is headquartered in San Diego, CA. To learn more about LeonardoMD, please visit http://www. leonardomd. com.


The Certification Commission for Health Information Technology (CCHIT®) is an independent, 501(c)3 nonprofit organization with the public mission of accelerating the adoption of robust, interoperable health information technology. The Commission has been certifying electronic health record technology since 2006 and is approved by the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC) of the U. S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) as an Authorized Testing and Certification Body (ONC-ATCB). More information on CCHIT, CCHIT Certified® products and ONC-ATCB certified electronic health record technology is available at http://cchit. org.

About ONC-ATCB 2011/2012 Certification

The ONC-ATCB 2011/2012 certification program tests and certifies that EHR technology is capable of meeting the 2011/2012 criteria approved by the Secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS). The certifications include Complete EHRs, which meet all of the 2011/2012 criteria for either eligible provider or hospital technology and EHR Modules, which meet one or more – but not all – of the criteria. ONC-ATCB certification aligns with Health Information Technology: Initial Set of Standards, Implementation Specifications, and Certification Criteria for Electronic Health Record Technology published in the Federal Register in July 2010 and strictly adheres to the test procedures published by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) at the time of testing. ONC-ATCB 2011/2012 certification conferred by CCHIT® does not represent an endorsement of the certified EHR technology by the U. S. Department of Health and Human Services nor does it guarantee the receipt of incentive payments.

This Complete EHR is 2011/2012 compliant and has been certified by the Certification Commission for Health Information Technology (CCHIT®), an ONC-ATCB, in accordance with the applicable certification criteria for Eligible Providers adopted by the Secretary of Health and Human Services. LeonardoMD Virtuoso version 1.0, certified 9/30/2010, certification #CC-1112-607019-1, meets the following clinical quality measures: NQF 0013, NQF 0024, NQF 0028, NQF 0038, NQF 0041, NQF 0059, NQF 0061, NQF 0064, NQF 0421.

“CCHIT®” and “CCHIT Certified®” are registered trademarks of the Certification Commission for Health Information Technology.