Monday, May 30, 2005

Focusing on Patient-Centered Care: The 2006 Planetree Annual Conference

Focusing on Patient-Centered Care: The 2006 Planetree Annual Conference

Healthcare professionals from around the world will travel to San Diego, CA to attend the 2006 Planetree Annual Conference on October 9-12, 2006. Hosted by Planetree-affiliate Sharp Coronado Hospital, the 2006 Conference brings together healthcare practitioners, academics, patient advocates, hospital staff and administrators, and architects to advance and expand the patient-centered care movement.

Derby, CT (PRWEB) September 14, 2006

Among the keynote speakers for the four-day event will be music icon Judy Collins who will talk about the healing power of art and music. Other keynote speakers will include Dr. C. Norman Shealy, President of Holos University Graduate Seminary, which offers doctoral programs in Spiritual Healing and Energy Medicine; acclaimed journalist Linda Ellerbee, who will talk about her experiences with living with breast cancer; Don Miguel Ruiz, best-selling author of The Four Agreements; Erick Wahl, a recognized artist and corporate consultant who provides bold innovative strategies to challenge organizations to keep ahead of the changes and competition in today's dynamic marketplace; and Tom Kelley, the general manager of IDEO, the famous design and development firm responsible for the Apple mouse, Polaroid's IZone instant camera, the Palm V, and hundreds of other cutting edge products.

In addition to these speakers, the 2006 Planetree Annual Conference will feature breakout sessions on practical strategies for implementing and fostering a patient-centered culture in healthcare institutions. Topics include employee satisfaction evaluation tools, patient safety, clinical aromatherapy, therapeutic touch and patient-centered facility design, among others.

On Thursday, October 12, Planetree will recognize the extraordinary individual and institutional achievements in patient-centered care during the Spirit of Planetree Awards Dinner.

“When we embarked upon a search for a strategy for our hospital that would take it successfully into the next decades, we discovered that Planetree creates a sustainable cultural shift that doesn't depend on the continued presence of a hospital’s current leadership to maintain its integrity,” said Sharp Coronado Hospital CEO Marcia Hall. “Planetree and its tenets comprise the ‘shade tree’ that we know others will sit under as the years move beyond our current very committed leadership team.”

Hall’s staff will lead several tours of Sharp Coronado Hospital during the conference to demonstrate how Planetree concepts have been fully integrated into every area of the hospital.

The 2006 Conference is sponsored by Lead Sponsors Albert Kahn Associates, Inc., a leading planning, design and management firm; GetWellNetwork, a healthcare interactive services firm that works to enhance the healing and coping process to patients and care providers; and Nurture by Steelcase, a company that transforms healthcare environments to make lives better for patients, caregivers and partners in care.

For more information on participating in the 2006 Planetree Annual Conference as an attendee, call the Planetree National Office at 203.732.1365 or visit www. planetree. org.

For nearly three decades, Planetree, Inc., a not-for profit organization based in Derby, CT has been at the forefront of the effort to humanize, personalize and demystify the healthcare system. Today, the Planetree Members Network is a global community of over 100 acute care hospitals, long-term care facilities and libraries.

Planetree Media Contact:

Lisa Donnarumma



Thursday, May 26, 2005

Halutza Israeli Olive Oil Introduces New USDA Organic Oil

Halutza Israeli Olive Oil Introduces New USDA Organic Oil

Due to demand kibbutz grown Halutza offers new organic oil.

New York, NY (PRWEB) October 18, 2005

Halutza "Israel's Best Olive Oil" has just introduced a USDA organic version. This new creation is in direct response to growing requests from buyers for organic. Halutza is constantly striving to make higher quality, healthier olive oil. The kosher original is still sold as premium on it's merit as a superior, award winning quality olive oil.

Halutza is made using Barnea olive which are seldom seen outside of Israel. The olives are grown in the heart of the Negev desert using brackish water technology. Every element of the process is expertly supervised. Olive are made into oil minutes after picking to insure

Freshness and superb taste. All growing, processing, and bottling done on Kibbutz Revivim in Israel. Halutza organic will be offered by many retailers nationwide, please check website for retail locations.

About the company, Halutza is an established brand in Israel, that has in the last two years just begun to bring their outstanding olive oil and olives to the U. S. Israel itself is an up and coming country just being discovered by olive oil enthusiasts here in U. S. In fast paced U. S.

Culture there is an appeal to the leisurely paced Israeli kibbutz where attention to olives and making of fine handcrafted olive oil are an ancient tradition. Please visit the website for more information www. halutza. com

Contact: Laura Burke

Phone: (917) 207-9146

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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Arizona Chamber Offers Employers Help Navigating State and Federal Employment Laws

Arizona Chamber Offers Employers Help Navigating State and Federal Employment Laws

A new guide, “Arizona Human Resources Manual,” provides employers easy-to-understand information on new and existing state and federal employment laws and regulations

Phoenix, AZ (PRWEB) July 20, 2010

Arizona employers uncertain of their responsibilities under two of the most controversial new laws in recent years – SB1070, Arizona’s immigration law and the national health care law -- can now get help from the Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Both laws are addressed in a new book from the Chamber, Arizona Human Resources Manual.

The 658-page book covers everything from discipline, discrimination and termination to new laws and issues such as SB1070, the Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act and the role of social media in hiring. The book has 71 chapters on state and federal employment laws and regulations and how they affect business owners large and small.

The book is written by attorneys Julie A. Pace and David A. Selden, employment law experts at The Cavanaugh Law Firm.

Some chapters covered in the book include: background checks, wages and hours, compensation agreements, employee agreements, sexual harassment, employee leave, resolving employee disputes, workplace investigations, unemployment compensation, worker’s compensation and employment in the internet age.

The Chamber is also offering a companion book, Model Policies and Forms for Arizona Employers, which contains 303 pages of forms, sample policies and author commentary on the difference between policies that are optional and those that are legally essential. This guide will help you create a policy manual or Employee Handbook.

Each book is available for $150 each or both books may be purchased for $240. These guides come with a digital download, complete with a searchable database and the ability to customize and print all forms and policies. As an ongoing resource, you will receive a weekly e-newsletter, HR Update, which provides the latest on employment law changes and other human resource issues.

For more information or to make a purchase, contact the book publisher, American Chamber of Commerce Resources, at 866.439.2227, or go to www. accr. biz/arizona (http://www. accr. biz/arizona). Mention or enter the code AZWEB10PR and you will also receive a free copy of Employee Benefits – an Employer’s Guide -- a $60 value.

(Please note: If purchasing the books online, the shopping cart will not indicate the free book, but you will receive an email confirming it.)

Other publications available to from the American Chamber of Commerce Resources are: Wages and Hours – an Employer’s Guide and A Guide to FMLA and ADA.

About: American Chamber of Commerce Resources (ACCR) is a leading source for employment law manuals and online human resource content, offering more than 50 federal or state employment law manuals. ACCR is accredited by the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating. For a list of available publications, go to www. accr. biz (http://www. accr. biz).

About: The Arizona Chamber of Commerce is a non-profit membership-based association whose mission is to represent the interests of commerce and industry in a way that enhances the state economy.

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Monday, May 23, 2005

Number of HMOs Dropping Nationwide, PPOs Increasing MCIC Finds

Number of HMOs Dropping Nationwide, PPOs Increasing MCIC Finds

The number of health maintenance organizations (HMOs) has been dropping nationwide, while the number of preferred provider organizations (PPOs) has been increasing, according to data compiled by the Managed Care Information CenterÂ’s research staff.

(PRWEB) January 8, 2003

For Immediate Release

Number of HMOs Dropping Nationwide, PPOs Increasing MCIC Finds

MANASQUAN, NJ – The number of health maintenance organizations (HMOs) has been dropping nationwide, while the number of preferred provider organizations (PPOs) has been increasing, according to data compiled by the Managed Care Information Center’s research staff.

 MCIC found that while the number of HMOs throughout the country stood at 849 in 2000, that number has since dropped to 716, a 16 percent decline, according to MCIC statistics.

 However, the number of PPOs has increased dramatically over the past two years, MCIC found.

 The number of PPOs nationwide has soared from 456 in 2000 to 756 in 2002, an increase of 65.6 percent, according to MCIC statistics.

 The decline in HMOs and rise in PPOs is understandable, said Robert K. Jenkins, CEO of Managed Care Information Center.

 Some of the decrease in HMOs can be traced to consolidation and acquisitions over the past 18 to 24 months. Other plans went out of business, he said.

There were plenty of opportunities in the early days of managed care to reduce costs by “rigidly” managing care, Jenkins said.

 Â“Once the care and costs are managed to a certain degree, there is not much more tweaking an HMO can do,” he said. “And providers will tell you then can no longer afford to accept lower reimbursement contracts from HMOs.”

 Â“A good question for all interested parties to debate is have HMO model managed care plans wrung out all the opportunities for costs savings?” Jenkins said.

 MCIC also found that the number of California HMOs dropped from 59 in 2000 to 53 in 2002.

 The number of HMOs servicing Medicare patients nationwide dropped from 359 in 2000 to 298 in 2002, while those servicing Medicaid patients dropped from 334 in 2000 to 298 in 2002, according to MCIC.

 The data was gathered in connection with the compilation of the new edition of the National Directory of Managed Care Organizations and database.

For additional information about Managed Care Information Center, contact MCIC,

PO Box 456, Allenwood, NJ 08720; call toll-free (800) 516-4343, fax toll-free (888) 329-6242, e-mail info@themcic. com, or visit http://www. themcic. com (http://www. themcic. com).

The Managed Care Information Center (MCIC) gathers, compiles, analyzes, studies and distributes business information on the managed care industry. The MCIC delivers this strategic business information to its clients via executive newsletters, yearbooks, leading industry databases and directories, management reports, and client research studies. The information is available in print, on CD-ROM and via the Internet at www. healthresourcesonline. com

30 -

Friday, May 20, 2005

Snowkiting Expedition Across North Dakota Launches Today

Snowkiting Expedition Across North Dakota Launches Today

Environmental stewardship meets extreme athleticism on the windy Great Plains

Minneapolis, MINN. (Vocus) February 12, 2008

To promote the wind energy potential of North Dakota, Mortenson Construction (www. mortenson. com) announces the launch of the 2008 To Cross the Moon Expedition (2XtM). For the next 21 days, 3 extreme athletes will snowkite more than 390 miles across North Dakota’s moon-like landscape. The expedition kicks off today at the Canadian border near Crosby, N. D. and ends with community celebrations in Fargo and Grand Forks Feb. 29 – March 3.

The expedition, presented by Northern Great Plains Inc. and YogaSlackers, will be completely self-supported with three athletes hauling all food, equipment and supplies needed to survive the extreme weather conditions where temperatures can reach 40 degrees below zero and wind-chills as low as 100 degrees below zero.

“It will be an extreme challenge,” says expedition leader Sam Salwei, “but our goal is to make North Dakota the ‘state of extremes’ by demonstrating the state’s wind energy potential in a tangible way.”

North Dakota has been called the “Saudi Arabia of Wind.” The U. S. Department of Energy ranks North Dakota the number one state in wind energy potential. Theoretically speaking, North Dakota alone is capable of producing enough wind-generated power to meet more than one-fourth of the U. S. electricity demand, according to DOE estimates.

But despite this potential, North Dakota fell from 13th place in wind energy production in 2004 to 15th place in 2007. Currently, the state only has 344 megawatts of power online, which correlates to only 3/10th of 1 percent of its potential.

“The U. S. is blessed with a vast wind resource that is just waiting to be tapped,” said Randall Swisher, Executive Director of the American Wind Energy Association. “North Dakota could rapidly become a hub of wind power generation, powering a cleaner, stronger America.”

The environmental benefits of wind-generated electricity are increasingly recognized by those who favor "green" power because there are no harmful emissions or climate changing byproducts.

One of the 2XtM’s sponsors, Mortenson Construction, is the leading wind power contractor in North America.

“Since entering the wind market in 1995 we have constructed over 30 percent of the wind energy capacity in the U. S. to date, and are currently completing over 90 MW’s in North Dakota” said Tom Wacker, senior vice president of Mortenson’s Energy Group. “As a company we are committed to environmental stewardship and would like to see North Dakota tap into its enormous wind energy potential.”

In addition to the environmental advantages, the development of large-scale wind installations in North Dakota would create new industry and bring new jobs to the state. Landowners and local communities would experience a positive economic impact as well.

"Currently, only a small portion of the wind being developed in North Dakota has local ownership," said Melissa Peterson, Program Associate for the community wind advocacy group Windustry. "By teaming up with 2XtM and raising public awareness of the tremendous local benefits of community wind energy, we hope to turn this trend around."

“Landowners benefit through leasing of wind rights and schools benefit from increased tax revenues,” said 2XtM’s education coordinator Jason Schaefer. “It's a win-win all around and we need to show that to the world."

Accompanying the athletes on the traverse, the 2XtM community outreach crew will roughly follow the expedition route and give educational presentations to increase awareness of wind energy and climate change in local schools and at community forums. The crew will also hold free snowkiting demonstration clinics where participants will be able to “hold the wind in their hands.” For a complete list of educational presentations and free demo clinics visit www.2XtM. com.

Although 2XtM’s main goal is to raise awareness for the potential of wind power in North Dakota. The athletes — Sam Salwei and Jason Magness, both from Grand Forks, N. D. along with Paul Cassedy from San Diego, Calif. — also hope to bring positive national attention to North Dakota’s assets, including its wide open spaces and opportunities for recreation.

"The trek across North Dakota that Sam and Jason have put together is an example of the exciting recreational opportunities our state offers,” said U. S. Senator Byron Dorgan. “But even more importantly, it's bringing attention to an important issue – the development of our wind energy resource." 

More information can be found at www.2XtM. com. When the expedition commences, the website will provide global positioning system (GPS) tracking of the athletes’ progress as well as educational resources including a feature called, “ask an expert,” where visitors can submit questions to experts in the fields of snowkiting, wind energy and climate change.

About Northern Great Plains, Inc.
Northern Great Plains Inc. is a not-for-profit research, demonstration and convening organization. NGP Inc. focuses its work on futures study, creating economic opportunity, and supporting a healthy environment and vital communities.

About YogaSlackers
Team YogaSlackers are a small group of elite ultra-endurance adventurers, master yoga teachers, and stewards of the environment. Through adventure racing, yoga instruction, slacklining (tight-rope walking), remote climbing, packrafting and snowkiting expeditions, team members strive to live by the principles of environmental sustainability. Team YogaSlackers is committed to eco-conscious education, renewable energy promotion, and partnering only with companies who truly share the ideals of positive global change.

About Mortenson Construction
Founded in 1954, Mortenson Construction is a U. S.-based, family-owned construction company. As one of the nation's top builders, and the leading wind power contractor in North America, Mortenson provides a complete range of services, including planning, program management, preconstruction, general contracting, construction management, design-build, and turn-key development. Mortenson has offices in Chicago, Denver, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, Phoenix, and Seattle with international operations in Canada and China. Engineering News-Record ranked Mortenson 12 in power in the 2007 Top 400 Contractors listing, all of which is renewable power, and named the company the 17th Top Green Contractor. For more information, please visit mortenson. com.

Media Contacts

Jessica Brennan
Public Relations Specialist
Mortenson Construction
Jessica. brennan(at)mortenson. com

Jason Schaefer
Education Coordinator
2XtM08(at)gmail. com

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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Only 10 Lots Remain in Windsong Properties’ Somerset Community

Only 10 Lots Remain in Windsong Properties’ Somerset Community

Windsong Properties, Atlanta’s leading Active Adult courtyard homebuilder, recently announced that only 10 lots remain at its Somerset community in Woodstock.

Atlanta, GA (Vocus) March 31, 2010

Windsong Properties (http://www. windsonglife. com), Atlanta’s leading Active Adult courtyard homebuilder, recently announced that only 10 lots remain at its Somerset (http://www. windsonglife. com/somerset) community in Woodstock.

The lots are expected to sell quickly based on recent activity in the community. During March, the active adult builder sold five lots, four of which were the Worthington plan.

"We are extremely pleased with the response to the Worthington floorplan since its debut in November," said Steve Romeyn, managing partner at Windsong Properties. "We expect our remaining 10 lots to move quickly."

The Worthington plan features 2,269 heated square feet and includes two bedrooms and two bathrooms. A den can also be converted into a third bedroom. An attic with permanent stairs adds extra storage space.

The layout is designed to maximize natural light in every corner. Elegant details, such as private courtyards with garden retreats; rocking chair front porches and large master suites with baths that have separate vanities, garden tubs, tile showers with seats and ceramic tile floors, all contribute to the popularity of this plan.

Every home that Windsong Properties builds includes no-step access, wide doorways, lever handles, and other amenities that facilitate changing life situations. In addition, the homes at Somerset are qualified by Southface as EarthCraft Homes; assuring they have a lower cost to operate, are healthier and more comfortable and reduce their environment.

Homeowners will enjoy the community’s wide tree-shaded sidewalks, the elegant private clubhouse for planned activities and fun gatherings, and a beautiful park area nestled under mature oak trees.

Somerset is located just two and a half miles west of Interstate 575. Take Interstate 75 North to I-575 North to Exit 8. Travel west on Towne Lake Parkway, staying straight on Eagle Drive. Turn left off Eagle Drive onto Putnam Ford Road. Somerset is half a mile on the left.

Windsong Properties earned the highest honor from the Certified Professional Home Builders association in 2007 and 2008 when it was awarded the Customer Satisfaction Award. They were also recipients of four gold OBIE awards in 2008. The OBIE Awards are presented by the Greater Atlanta Home Builders Association’s Sales and Marketing Council to honor excellence in building in Greater Atlanta. It is the highest honor given in the Atlanta housing industry. Windsong Properties invites you to visit one of its communities and see for yourself just how easy living the Windsong Lifestyle can be. For more information, visit www. windsonglife. com.

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BODY BISTRO Launches New Body Collection In Canada To Renew Skin, Body & Spirit

BODY BISTRO Launches New Body Collection In Canada To Renew Skin, Body & Spirit

We spend so much time caring for specific body parts: 'anti-agers' for the face, 'deep creams' for the hands and 'exfoliators' for the feet. We forget that our body functions as one, and if the mood of one part is sluggish or irritable, the rest of the body is affected. BODY BISTRO(r), a skin care company that blends Ayurvedic methods with cutting-edge biotechnology, launches BODY BISTRO Harmonizing Body Products.


"BODY BISTRO Harmonizing Body Products care for the whole body, cleansing, rejuvenating and protecting to reveal total inner and outer beauty and harmony," explains BODY BISTRO founder and president Carina Chatlani.

The BODY BISTRO Body Products line features: Bamboo + Wine Exfoliating Body Buff, Tapioca + Soy Milk Bath Infusion, and Grapefruit + Gotu Kola Stimulating Shower Gelle. The trio of BODY BISTRO Body Products combines Ayurvedic recipes, bio-advanced dermatological technology and the healing power of Vastu Shastra (Indian Feng Shui) in a 100% Vegan certified formulation. Each product features expertly incorporated ingredients that restore the body to state of balance, harmony and grace.

Bamboo + Wine | Body Buff

This specialized exfoliator cleanses and exfoliates the outer layers of the skin by removing dead skin cells, oils, and environmental pollutants. Bamboo Extract removes superficial skin cells, helping the skin in its natural process of exfoliation and cell regeneration. It also helps stimulate and circulate lymph fluids, aiding in the elimination of toxins. Date Seed unclogs follicles and pores, allowing the skin to breathe and giving it a healthy glow. Crushed Grape Seed heals skin irritations. Kukui Nut Oil, Coconut Oil and other natural oils enrich with moisture and nutrients. Skin is revitalized, energized, fresh and healthy.

Tapioca + Soy Milk | Bath Infusion

This rich, luxurious bath infusion helps detoxify and eliminate impurities from the skin. It boosts elasticity, helps refine skin tone, and heals the skin. The Bath Infusion is formulated with potent Soybean Protein to boost elasticity and even skin tone for a healthy glow. Natural anti-agers Gotu Kola Extract, Turmeric Root Extract and Coconut Oil refine skin tone, rejuvenate skin and prevent wrinkles. Other key essential oils indulge the body in a rich, rewarding soak that helps repair cells and tissues, and enrich the body with antioxidants to heal and harmonize.

Grapefruit + Gotu Kola | Shower Gelle

This natural cleansing gelle protects, detoxifies and harmonizes skin. Gotu Kola Extract and Turmeric Root Extract help reduce the visible signs of aging and enhance formation of collagen. All natural Yucca and Kukui Seed Oil reduce redness and swelling, and soothes sunburned skin. Vitamin E heals the skin and protects it from sun damage. Natural essential oils and herbal extracts soothe and revitalize. A clean, fresh smelling scent invigorates and awakens the senses.

BODY BISTRO skin and body care products blend fresh plant botanicals (the purest herbal extracts from Burma, Nepal, Tibet, Mongolia and India) and nutritious natural food ingredients with state-of-the art skin biotechnology.

All products adhere to a bio-advanced, technologically effective skin care regimen, containing collagen-enhancing and anti-oxidant ingredients. Prepared with good intentions, blessed with clarity from Buddhist and Hindu chants and meditation, and balanced with the specific needs of the four doshas in mind, the BODY BISTRO body collection line is available exclusively at Twin-Set and Bella in Toronto.

BODY BISTRO products are sold at:

TWIN SET, 163 Cumberland Ave.,

Toronto, Ontario, M5R 1A2


BELLA, 498, Eglington Avenue West,

Toronto, ON M5N 1A5, Canada

For more information, please call 1-877-7-Bistro, email: info@bodybistro. com or visit www. bodybistro. com.


Sunday, May 15, 2005

Online Scheduling Software for Colleges and Universities: The Best Way to Book Study Rooms, Schedule Academic Advising this Fall Semester

Online Scheduling Software for Colleges and Universities: The Best Way to Book Study Rooms, Schedule Academic Advising this Fall Semester

Faculty and departments at universities, colleges, law schools, community colleges, technical schools and other institutes of higher learning throughout the nation rely on Appointment-Plus for booking rooms and scheduling student advising and testing sessions. It offers such features as online student self-scheduling, automated e-mail and text message reminders, and robust record-keeping and reporting capabilities.

Scottsdale, AZ (Vocus) August 4, 2010

Students returning for the fall semester at universities, colleges, law schools, community colleges, technical schools and other institutions of higher learning throughout the nation are finding it easier to book study rooms and register for campus services such as academic advising and testing thanks to innovative, Web-based scheduling software from Appointment-Plus.

A leader in online appointment-scheduling systems, Appointment-Plus gives educational institutions the tools they need to automate and streamline their booking and scheduling procedures, such as: online student self-scheduling, which allows individuals to schedule and manage their own appointments from any Internet connection; automated e-mail and text message reminders, which registrants receive prior to their scheduled appointment or room time; robust record-keeping and report generating options; and e-marketing capabilities.

“Gone are the days of the paper appointment book and the receptionist taking appointments by phone,” says Bob La Loggia, president and founder of StormSource Software, the developer of Appointment-Plus. “Today’s students are always connected to the Web and expect to have the option of registering online for campus services.

“Appointment-Plus gives educational institutions the ability to offer this for many of their services.”

School faculty use Appointment-Plus for a variety of purposes, such as scheduling rooms for testing, lectures and student-study sessions, and scheduling academic advising sessions, student testing and tutoring.

Because it’s Web-based, it’s accessible from any Internet connection, making it an ideal scheduler for multiple faculty users at different campus locations.

Facilities that implement the online self-scheduling option will not only make the scheduling and booking processes easier and more convenient for students, they can also minimize the amount of staff time dedicated to answering phones and reading e-mail messages from individuals requesting appointments or looking to book study rooms. It also eliminates the need to manually enter appointment and booking information into a book, spreadsheet or electronic calendar. Once scheduled, the system can automatically send e-mail and text message reminders to the students. Appreciated by students, these automated reminders can help cut the “no-show” rate in half.

Over 500 colleges, universities, technical schools and other educational institutions nationwide rely on Appointment-Plus for their scheduling and appointment-management needs. Newly-added clients of the online scheduling service include:
 American University  Marist College  Montana State University  Purdue University-Calumet  Seattle University School of Law  The University of Cincinnati  The University of Maryland  The University of North Carolina-Charlotte

As a Web-based application, Appointment-Plus doesn’t require costly hardware or program installations. Additionally, the department or faculty does not need to own or operate a Web site to use Appointment-Plus. Pricing starts at $39 per month with no long-term contracts, along with free set-up assistance with a dedicated coach.

“Booking study rooms and scheduling academic advising sessions are standard tasks at most, if not all, universities, colleges, community colleges and technical schools throughout the country,” La Loggia continues. “Let Appointment-Plus online scheduling software be your trusted partner in managing these important tasks.”

To learn more about Appointment-Plus and how it can improve your scheduling procedures, click here.  

About Appointment-Plus: Appointment-Plus supplies almost 4,000 clients throughout the United States, Canada and 10 other countries the tools they need to efficiently and accurately schedule appointments and sessions, book rooms, accept registrations, send reminders and many other services. The flagship product of Scottsdale, Ariz.-based StormSource Software, the online application has scheduled over 48 million appointments since its launch in 2001. Users of the service include colleges and universities, Fortune 500 companies, healthcare agencies and facilities, federal and local governments, freight and delivery services, and small businesses such as such as tutors, instructors, medical offices, spas, health clubs and massage therapists.

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Do You Have Syndrome X?

Do You Have Syndrome X?

Syndrome X - This serious health disorder strikes nearly one in four and most people aren't aware they have this deadly combination of serious health disorders. Here's what you need to know to asses and lower your risk of Syndrome X.

(PRWEB) June 1, 2003

Syndrome X— the name may sound mysterious, but the problem is far more common than you would think. This prevalent health disorder affects nearly one in four adults and significantly increases one’s risk of dying from a heart attack or stroke. Some physicians even believe that Syndrome X increases risk for all age-related disorders. Here is what you need to know to assess and lower your risk of developing this serious condition.

Syndrome X is a term that actually describes a group of health disorders caused by insulin resistance that include high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels, abdominal obesity (or a pot belly), and blood-sugar problems.

What is insulin resistance you ask? Insulin resistance occurs when our bodyÂ’s cells lose their sensitivity to insulin, a hormone that helps glucose enter the cells where itÂ’s used for energy. Insulin resistance is usually a precursor to type 2 diabetes (also known as adult onset diabetes), but itÂ’s almost always tied to obesity, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol levels. Researchers first noticed the connection more than a decade ago and began calling it Syndrome X.

Experts donÂ’t know what causes insulin resistance and Syndrome X. One risk factor is genetics. For instance, if type 2 diabetes (also known as adult onset diabetes) runs in your family, itÂ’s likely that you will develop diabetes at some point in your life. But researchers are also focusing on diet and activity level as risk factors. 

Within the last twenty years, people are eating fewer nutritious foods such as vegetables and, instead, are consuming foods rich in refined sugars, fats (e. g., hydrogenated oils, trans fats), and carbohydrates (pastas, sweet breads, cookies, etc.). Researchers speculate that a steady diet of refined foods, paired with a sedentary lifestyle, interferes with the bodyÂ’s ability to convert glucose to energy, and could explain why so many countries have seen rates of diabetes, obesity, and other cardiovascular-related conditions spike in recent years.

What is Your Risk?

Below are some risk factors associated with Syndrome X. The more risk factors you have, the more likely you are to have Syndrome X.

• Family History/Heredity. A familial history of type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, abnormal cholesterol, or cardiovascular disease automatically puts you at greater risk for Syndrome X. Also, Syndrome X is more common among African Americans, Latinos, native Hawaiians, and some Asian Americans.

• Obesity. People with upper body obesity or excess fat around the stomach or middle are more likely to develop Syndrome X than thin people. One doesnÂ’t necessarily have to be obese to have Syndrome X— even packing around an extra ten pounds increases a personÂ’s risk.

• Glucose Intolerance. If you havenÂ’t had your glucose or blood sugar levels tested, now might be the time. The U. S. Centers for Disease Control recommends men and women over the age of 25 get tested. Check with your doctor about a glucose tolerance test. A fasting blood sugar level of 126 mg/dL or higher means you have insulin resistance.

• Elevated Cholesterol. Checked your cholesterol lately? Your doctor can conduct a blood test to measure your levels. The higher your cholesterol, the greater your risk for Syndrome X and cardiovascular complications. Beware of a total cholesterol level of 240 mg/dL or more and a triglycerides level above 160 mg/dL.

• High blood pressure. Normally, a personÂ’s blood pressure should be 120/80 mm Hg. Hypertension or high blood pressure is a consistent reading of anything more than 140/90 mm Hg.  

How To Prevent X

The good news is that you can lower your risk of Syndrome X. If you or a loved one has type 2 diabetes or the disorders comprising Syndrome X, there are certain diet and lifestyle changes one can follow to prevent or manage Syndrome X.

• Lose weight. Even losing five or ten pounds can improve insulin sensitivity and significantly cut oneÂ’s risk of heart attack and stroke.

• Exercise. Numerous studies show that exercise can improve insulin sensitivity. In addition, exercise lowers high blood pressure, helps you lose weight, and reduces the risk of heart attack and stroke. Experts recommend 30 minutes of exercise a day for five days a week, but even 15 to 20 minutes a day of walking can help.

• Check Yourself. Know your cholesterol, blood pressure, and blood sugar levels. Schedule a checkup with your doctor and request these important health tests when you schedule the appointment.

• Eat a balanced diet. If your diet mainly consists of soda, snack foods, and refined carbs (think pasta, breads, white rice), itÂ’s time to make some changes. Eliminate soft drinks and reduce your consumption of refined carbohydrates. Add additional servings of protein (lean meats, eggs) and non-starchy vegetables to your diet like broccoli, cauliflower, lettuce and greens. These foods wonÂ’t raise glucose and insulin levels and they provide essential nutrients like minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants important for glucose metabolism and general good health.

• Consider dietary supplements. Studies show that certain minerals, vitamins and nutrients can reduce the risk of Syndrome X, and, in many instances, can help reverse Syndrome X, in addition to boosting general health. First, take a multi-mineral/vitamin supplement that provides 100 percent of the RDA for all essential minerals and vitamins. Second, consider additional supplements like magnesium (preferably ionic magnesium or magnesium chloride forms), alpha-lipoic acid (an antioxidant), vitamins C and E, chromium ( an essential trace mineral), and Coenzyme Q-10. Ideally, you want a supplement balanced with each of these minerals and vitamins rather than one or two nutrients to support glucose metabolism and cardiovascular health.

To learn more about Syndrome X including the beneficial effects of certain nutrients on glucose tolerance and Syndrome X, visit www. mineralresourcesint. com.


About Mineral Resources International

Family owned and operated since 1969, Mineral Resources International (MRI) is a leading manufacturer of quality liquid, tablet, and bulk nutritional dietary supplements using minerals and trace minerals harvested from UtahÂ’s Great Salt Lake. MRIÂ’s products are distributed worldwide through a variety of distribution channels including health food stores, salons and estheticians, natural health care practitioners and network marketing and mail order. For more information about Mineral Resources International, call (800) 731-7866 or visit www. mineralresourcesint. com

Saturday, May 14, 2005

Indian Pharmaceutical Industry - A Giant in the Making

Indian Pharmaceutical Industry - A Giant in the Making

Healthcare sector in India observed an impressive growth in the past two decades. Growing at an annual rate of 11%, the Indian Pharmaceutical industry is estimated to be worth $6Bn at present.

(PRWEB) August 9, 2006

Enormous opportunities exist in the Indian Pharmaceutical sector, which is highly fragmented with over 20,500 registered units. There’re about 252 large and 8500 Small Scale Units, including 5 Central Public Sector Units, which form the core of the Indian Pharmaceutical industry. These units produce a complete range of pharmaceutical formulations.

Healthcare sector in India meets about 75% of the country's demand for bulk drugs, pharmaceutical formulations, drug intermediates, chemicals, capsules, tablets, orals and injectable.

The latest market research report on Indian healthcare sector "Opportunities in Indian Healthcare Sector" by RNCOS describes that about 72% of the healthcare market in India is captured by the leading 255 pharmaceutical companies, with the market leader holding about 8% of the market share.

As per the report, “There has been a dramatic growth in the Pharmaceutical market in India, during the last two decades. Indian Pharmaceutical industry, growing at 11% annually compared with the global industry rate of 7%, is now worth $6Bn in the global industry that’s worth $651Bn”.

According to the analysts at RNCOS, “India accounts for 23% of the global generics market and is rapidly emerging as a regional hub of global R&D activities in the healthcare space.

Key facts and issues addressed in the research report on Indian healthcare sector include:

What are the emerging trends in the Healthcare sector in India? Key regulations and the policy environment in the industry. What’s the future scenario of the Healthcare market in India? Who’re the Key players in the Healthcare Market in India? Opportunities in the healthcare sector in India. Challenges before the Indian healthcare industry. How the market is affected by other factors prevailing in the economy? Extensive research and objective analysis on the Healthcare Sector in India. Detailed data and analysis to help investors comprehend the changing dynamics of the healthcare market in India.

About RNCOS:

RNCOS, incorporated in 2002, provides Market Research Reports for your business needs and aims to put an end to your information pursuit. Our expertise in gathering global business information for industry research, corporate training, growth consulting, and business consulting, brings reputed companies and firms to us for business enhancement solutions. We can be your one-stop-shop for Industry research information and niche market analysis.

To purchase your copy: http://www. rncos. com/Report/IM054.htm (http://www. rncos. com/Report/IM054.htm)
For more information about the report please visit www. rncos. com

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Warm Up Cold Floors with New TileWarm™ by SpeedHeat® ─ A Generation4™ Electric Radiant Floor Heating System for Tile, Stone, Marble and More

Warm Up Cold Floors with New TileWarm™ by SpeedHeat® ─ A Generation4™ Electric Radiant Floor Heating System for Tile, Stone, Marble and More

TileWarm™ takes the chill off cold floors and creates a wonderful warming sensation underfoot. This revolutionary Generation4™ under floor heating system can be installed under tile, ceramic, stone, marble and even vinyl. A product of SpeedHeat®, TileWarm™ offers distinct advantages in conservation, comfort, safety and health.

Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) December 12, 2006

Imagine the luxurious sensation of stepping on wonderfully warm floors this winter instead of tiptoeing across icy cold tiles. While flooring materials such as ceramic tile, marble and stone are beautiful and easy to maintain, they naturally feel cold in the winter. With today's advanced TileWarm™ floor warming system, homeowners no longer have to sacrifice winter comfort to enjoy their hard surface flooring all year round.

TileWarm™ is a revolutionary floor warming system by SpeedHeat® (www. speedheat. us), a world leader in the radiant heating industry for over 20 years. TileWarm™ is easy to install under ceramic tile, stone, marble and even vinyl. TileWarm™ is part of SpeedHeat's newly introduced Generation4™ product line that features the most technologically advanced electric radiant floor heating systems in the world. The entire G4™ line offers distinct advantages in comfort, conservation, health and safety.

"Floor warming is becoming a popular upgrade because it helps boost comfort and creates a spa-like experience, especially in the bathroom," says Peter Newman, President of SpeedHeat U. S. "With hard surface flooring and new luxury vinyl products gaining popularity, SpeedHeat's new TileWarm™ system is poised to offer American consumers the luxury, comfort and quality they desire…all at a surprisingly affordable price."

SpeedHeat's G4™ systems are unique because they were designed for installation directly 'IN TOUCH' with floor finishes. SpeedHeat® offers the highest level of responsiveness and the closest source of radiant heat to maximize energy savings and enhance comfort. Other advantages include:

Customized Comfort and Ease of Installation:

Like all SpeedHeat® systems, TileWarm is fully customized to meet the specific needs of each installation. Since many variables are taken into consideration in creating the optimum solution (i. e. - flooring materials, climate, consumer preferences, subfloor construction, etc), SpeedHeat is happy to assist builders, contractors and do it yourselfers in specifying the correct products. SpeedHeat's feather thin heating element maneuvers easily in tricky spaces and the build up height is only 1/16", making the heating system perfect for installation in new and remodeled homes. The installation can be performed by a contractor, DIY or a SpeedHeat® accredited installer in your area. For assistance, call 1-888-WARM-FLOOR (1-888-927-6356) or visit www. speedheat. us.

Optimized Energy Conservation:

Because SpeedHeat's ultra thin Generation4™ heating element is optimally engineered to be 'in touch' with floor finishes, it warms floors faster than any other systems and at lower, safer temperatures. Because the element is installed closer to the surface than other products, it uses less energy to operate. SpeedHeat® also uses more element per square foot than other manufacturers to achieve unequaled low operating temperatures which also reduces energy consumption. Because SpeedHeat's G4™ systems are the most responsive, their Intellistat™ thermostats also achieve comfort balance with microclimate adjustments, versus fully cycling on and off like other systems, which makes them even more efficient to operate. 

Promotes Healthier Environments:

SpeedHeat's Generation4™ systems maintain temperature at lower levels than the competitor's products. This in turn means that G4™ does not dry out air as much as older generation systems. Lower air temperatures contain a lesser amount of moisture and bacteria, thus humidity discomfort and the levels of airborne particles are reduced. In fact, even the Department of Energy says, "Radiant heating has a number of advantages: It is more efficient than baseboard heating and usually more efficient than forced-air heating because no energy is lost through ducts. The lack of moving air can also be advantageous to people with severe allergies."

Uncompromised Safety:

Only SpeedHeat's G4™ systems feature the patented PTCSelfControl™ flexible heating element that is the thinnest in the industry at less than 1/16" in diameter. The self-regulating element prevents overheating, and the multi-stranded core is protected with a tough outer sheath to stop abrasion and corrosion. All SpeedHeat® products have undergone rigorous testing, including complete submersion in water while energized. All systems feature a full-surround ground screen that is an effective EMR, EMI and RFI shield, and GFCI protection provides absolute electrical safety. SpeedHeat's products are all UL-listed and National Electric Code (NEC) compliant.

SpeedHeat® Offers Generation4™ Warming Solutions for the Whole Home:

SpeedHeat® is easy to install at any time, in any room and under virtually any floor covering (carpet, stone, floating wood, laminates, vinyl and more). As compared to hydronic radiant heating systems, which are typically installed in the slab of the home at the time of construction (and rely on warm water being pumped through pipes to warm the floors), G4™ systems offer quicker warming response times and greater design flexibility. SpeedHeat® is the ideal choice for new construction as well as kitchen renovations, bathroom remodeling, sunroom additions and basement finishing projects. Other G4™ products include woodBEwarmer™ and CarpetMate™.

Zero Installation Option -- RugBuddy™ Offers Plug-'N-Warm Simplicity:

Another unique "zone heating" option is RugBuddy™ -- the only UL-listed heating mat in the world, approved for use under area rugs. It is an ideal solution when installing fixed electric radiant floor heating is not an option. Like an electric blanket for the floor, RugBuddy™ turns regular area rugs into invisible space heaters and is an ideal solution for warming cold spots in any room of the home or office.

Recent Publicity in USA:

Metropolitan Home magazine featured RugBuddy in their May 2006 Design 100 list. RugBuddy was also named as one of the "35 Best Home Products" in the February 2006 issue of Mountain Living. SpeedHeat® was also recently featured in This Old House Magazine's "20 of the Year's Coolest Tools, Gizmos and Gadgets" list. SpeedHeat® has also been featured in such publications as: Southern Living, House DIY (formerly do!), Atlanta Home Improvement, Points North, Living in Atlanta, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution and Rug Insider.

Additional Information:

For information about distributor or reseller opportunities in America, please contact Peter Newman. For general product information, pricing estimates and/or installation scheduling, please contact Ingrid Weir. Call 1-888-WARM-FLOOR (1-888-927-6356) or visit www. speedheat. us.


Septuagenarian Emerges From Retirement to Publish First Book

Septuagenarian Emerges From Retirement to Publish First Book

Secrets of the Magdalene Scrolls, a novel that disspells myths and disinformation about Mary Magdalene is authored by a 76 year young septuagenarian.

Rainier, Washington (PRWEB) October 11, 2005

What does a 76-year young woman do in her spare time? She writes books and her first novel was published in December 2004 when she was 75. The book is now into its second revised edition. Who is this outrageous woman? Her name is Bettye Johnson the author of Secrets of the Magdalene Scrolls and the just - released novelette, A Christmas Awakening.

Johnson was age 75 when Secrets of the Magdalene Scrolls was published and it is now into a second revised edition. What does this book have that other books on Mary Magdalene do not have? Information that none have dared or didn’t know to put in their books.

Moving from the present day to the time of Mary Magdalene, Johnson has woven a spellbinding tale of intrigue, historical information regarding Mary Magdalene and Jesus, adventure, adversaries, romance and the spiritual message the Magdalene left that changed the lives of the four principal characters. The scrolls are in the form of the Magdalene’s journal and were hidden in an unknown cave in the French Pyrenees Mountains. The storyline moves from the present day to the time of Mary Magdalene as the quartet strive to translate the scrolls.

Bettye Johnson is considered to be outrageous and says, "I have always been a champion of women’s rights and in my book I place into historical perspective my perceptions of the life of Mary Magdalene based on the research I have done."

She researched Mary Magdalene for over seven years and made a decision to put her information in the form of fiction. She had never heard of The DaVinci Code until she was two-thirds the way through her manuscript. Johnson's book compliments that of Dan Brown’s. In an unusual move for a work of fiction, Johnson has a bibliography in the back of her book.

Background: Bettye Johnson was born in Texas and grew up there. She attended Texas Women’s University and after leaving the University (formerly named Texas State College for Women), she worked in the Foreign Service branch of the U. S. State Department with tours of duty with the embassies in Paris and Tokyo. She has also been a wife, mother of three sons, grandmother, great-grandmother, government worker, Federal Women’s Program Coordinator for a government district office, program director of a holistic health center, and has emerged from retirement to become an author. She is currently working on the sequel to Secrets of the Magdalene Scrolls.

Please visit her website http://www. magdalenescrolls. com (http://www. magdalenescrolls. com) for more information about Bettye Johnson and her books. She can be contacted through her website.

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Friday, May 13, 2005

Jet Powered Mobility Scooter Revolutionizes Mobility Transportation

Jet Powered Mobility Scooter Revolutionizes Mobility Transportation

A new jet powered mobility scooter from Allegro Medical Supply is taking the medical equipment world by storm, and experts think the technology could have far reaching implications for senior citizens across the country.

Mesa, AZ (PRWEB) January 13, 2010 –

Allegro Medical has partnered with billionaire Sir Richard Brandstone of Virgin Atlantis to launch a Jet Powered Mobility Scooter business called Virgin Mobility. With his sights already set on space travel and his own international airline well established, the only outstanding transportation industries to conquer remain time travel and senior mobility transportation. Sir Richard has embarked on a joint venture with the long-established Internet retailer of medical supplies, AllegroMedical. com. Allegro Medical will be the exclusive US distributor of the “Spock Mark V”, aptly named after famed Star Trek character “Spock.”

“Our partnership with Sir Richard is a logical choice – his companies have set the standard in jet-powered transportation and will continue to do so into the foreseeable future,” said Greg Clark, Vice-President of Operations for Allegro Medical. “Partnering with Virgin Mobility is a way to ensure that we’ll still have a share of the scooter market.”

Powered by twin engine jet turbines, the mobility scooter is capable of going from 0 to 100 miles per hour in 4.2 seconds and has a top speed just under that of an F-18 Super Hornet. Some of the unique features of the scooter include its double wishbone suspension and uni-body design, which test pilot Charlie Yeeger said made it handle “Unlike anything I’ve ever piloted before.”

Though the product has yet to reach commercial production, pre-sales of the Spock Mark V number in the hundreds according to sources at Allegro Medical. Early buyers include most of the Star Trek cast, including Leonard Nemoi, Wiliam Shatnir and Ricardo Montalban.

“We were really fortunate that we were able to incorporate so many of our other technologies into this product,” said Eve St. Laurent, Brandstone's Senior Director of Mobility Transportation and Space Tourism. “We were originally hoping to unveil this scooter by 2015, but thanks to a few breakthroughs we’re five years early.”

Mobility experts think that the technology breakthroughs that come from the jet powered mobility scooter will revolutionize the future of transportation. By substantially breaking the 7 mph barrier of the traditional power scooter, senior citizens will be able to cut down on the time they spend on tasks such as grocery shopping, doctor appointments, and travel.

“Early tests showed as much as 50% decreases in time spent running errands, which is great because users will find they have more time for the things that really matter to them,” said Clark. “A street legal version of the mobility scooter will probably not have as substantial an impact, but we’re still confident that when properly used, it will save time.”

Allegro Medical also carries a large line of non-jet powered Mobility Scooters (http://www. allegromedical. com/power-scooters-c533.html) in addition to a variety of other medical supplies (http://www. allegromedical. com/) at www. AllegroMedical. com.

About Allegro Medical
Allegro Medical is a division of Allegro Enterprises, Inc., a privately-owned company based in Mesa, Arizona. Founded in 1996, and serving more than 1 million consumer and business customers, the Company is one of the largest and most technologically advanced independently owned suppliers of life enhancing products in the U. S.

Since launching the first ecommerce site in the medical equipment and home health care supplies industry in 1997, Allegro has expanded into Health & Fitness, Nutritional Dietary Supplements, Sexual Well-Being, Pain Relief, Emergency Preparation and Maternity/Baby. Visitors to http://www. allegromedical. com (http://www. allegromedical. com) are offered a broad selection of thousands of brand name products searchable by Keyword, Category, Brand and Medical Condition.


Studio One Networks Introduces Summer 'Petsival' for Cats and Their 45 Million Loving Owners

Studio One Networks Introduces Summer 'Petsival' for Cats and Their 45 Million Loving Owners

It's summertime and "the livin' is easy" (at least according to the Gershwins). And as American families make their plans for summer fun, the editors of Studio One Networks' award-winning program The Daily Cat have prepared special summertime suggestions for their feline friends. Iams is the exclusive sponsor of The Daily Cat.

New York, NY (Vocus) July 21, 2008

It's summertime and "the livin' is easy" (at least according to the Gershwins). And as American families make their plans for summer fun, the editors of Studio One Networks' award-winning program The Daily Cat have prepared special summertime suggestions for their feline friends. Iams is the exclusive sponsor of The Daily Cat.

Highlights from this summer's The Daily Cat include:
Suggested summer diets, such as simplifying mealtimes with a multi-cat food diet. Benefits include hairball reduction, litter box odor minimization, improved digestive function, colon health and maintenance of lean muscle mass. How to calm kitty for the first trip to the vet. Six simple steps to keep your cool cat cool. Cats feel the heat more than humans, and extreme heat can be dangerous. Seven ways to show your cat that he or she is a true family member. How to guard against cat summertime diseases. The newest kitty-tested toys and gizmos. Seven signs your cat is eating right. Pros and cons of pet health insurance. How to keep your cat's drinking water pure. How to keep kitty comfy on long auto trips. And more...

Have a purrfect summer!

About Studio One Networks
Established in 1998, Studio One Networks pioneered the discipline of Internet content syndication for megabrands and major media partners. Today Studio One is the oldest, largest and most successful firm in the field. Studio One's diversified stable of exclusive sponsors and programs include Nestle (Your Baby Today), Symantec (CIO Strategy Center) and Bridgestone USA (Driving Today). Every day Studio One reaches more than 112 million viewers globally through 500 distribution partners in 14 languages.

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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Online Business Degrees Hub Launched on All Business Schools

Online Business Degrees Hub Launched on All Business Schools

Leading business and education directory creates comprehensive guide to getting a business degree online

Seattle, Washington (PRWEB) September 29, 2008

With the increasing demand for business professionals in finance, marketing, IT and accounting services fueling industry growth at home and abroad, All Business Schools has launched a new Online Business Degrees (http://www. allbusinessschools. com/faqs/online-business-degree. php) resource guide to help prospective students and professionals research and navigate the multitude of online education and career options in these--and more--dynamic fields. The Online Business Degrees resource guide can be found at www. AllBusinessSchools. com/faqs/online-business-degree. php (http://www. AllBusinessSchools. com/faqs/online-business-degree. php)].

This comprehensive guide includes educational articles, interviews and career information about the different online business degree programs. Specific business degree career snapshots are included, and these informative capsules document data on specialties such as accounting, finance, human resources, IT and marketing. We also offer career snapshots on two increasingly popular areas of study: business law and international business.

For students seriously thinking about becoming an accountant, human resource manager or IT specialist, or for already established business professionals who are seeking to further their career goals, the Online Business Degree guide provides valuable information about bachelor's and MBA degrees, mapping your business career path (http://www. allbusinessschools. com/faqs/online-business-career-path. phpf)], accelerated online degrees (http://www. allbusinessschools. com/faqs/accelerated-business-degrees-online. php) and current salary (http://www. allbusinessschools. com/faqs/salaries. php) data. In addition, All Business Schools interviewed an online graduate student who outlines her online education process and offers tips to students who are seeking to earn their degree from an accredited online school.

About All Business Schools
All Business Schools is an internet site dedicated to helping people interested in domestic and international business careers find the training they need to succeed. Users can search for business schools, get information about education requirements, find online degree programs and read articles about various specialties.

About All Star Directories
All Star Directories, Inc. is the Internet's fastest growing publisher of career and online school directories and one of Washington State's "Best Places to Work."* All Star Directories, Inc. matches millions of highly qualified prospective students with the schools that best meet their education needs. From leading research institutions to fast-growing online and for-profit schools, more than 5,000 featured schools trust All Star Directories as the authority in online student recruitment. The All Star Directories network of sites focus on a wide range of fields including health care, art, business, teacher education, psychology, criminal justice, engineering and nursing.

*Seattle Business Monthly, June 2008

Press Contact
Dana Pake
Corporate Communications Manager
Phone: (888)404-8043
Fax: (206)436-7501
Danap @ allstardirectories. com

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ScanPoint, Inc. Opens Corporate Headquarters in NH

ScanPoint, Inc. Opens Corporate Headquarters in NH

Company brings together key technology and managerial resources to enable organizations to go paperless.

Merrimack, NH (PRWEB) February 5, 2004 -

–ScanPoint, Inc., an emerging developer and marketer of systems enabling organizations to go paperless, has opened its’ headquarters in Merrimack, New Hampshire. ScanPoint, Inc. brings together software technology developed at Portsmouth Software, new management, and a mission of providing best-of-class imaging and document management solutions for paper intensive operations including insurance, mortgage, finance, government, educational, healthcare, retail, and manufacturing organizations. ScanPoint, Inc. enhances technology developed by Portsmouth Software – in particular, the EasyFiler™ Document Management System and EasyFile™ Document Management Software product lines and services a strong and loyal customer base in the Northeast. ScanPoint, Inc. expects to migrate this success in document management services across the US, as well as internationally.

Steve Roche heads ScanPoint, Inc.Â’s management team as President/CEO. Roche co-founded White Pine Software (later CUSeeMe Networks), a New Hampshire-based pioneer in desktop connectivity and videoconferencing software, and led the US operation of Powerlan, Ltd., a Sydney, Australia-based global software and services provider, primarily focused on delivering MS Office Migration solutions to Fortune 500 financial institutions. During his nearly 20 years in these two organizations, Roche held positions of President, CTO, General Manager, and Vice President of Engineering, and sat on White PineÂ’s Board of Directors for many years. He brings with him a proven record of accomplishment in delivering high quality software products and services appealing to a broad customer base as well as for a strong commitment to customer satisfaction.

“I am thrilled to be part of ScanPoint,” says Roche. “The EasyFile document management products are so well conceived, cost-effective, and easy for organizations of any size to adopt, that it’s clear ScanPoint has great potential. We have assembled a business and partnering strategy to ensure that a set of product and service offerings based on EasyFile will fully address the needs of our target customers.”

ScanPoint, Inc. offers the cost effective, turnkey EasyFiler Document Management System including a workstation and scanner or the easy-to-use EasyFile Document Management Software, a package designed to run with an organization’s existing copier and computer network. EasyFile software uses standards-based methods for data storage, supporting MS SQL Server, Oracle, and MS Access. Retrieval is simple via any Web browser, or the included EasyView™ application.

About ScanPoint, Inc.

Headquartered in Merrimack, New Hampshire (USA), ScanPoint, Inc. leads the paperless revolution by offering organizational strategies and technologies for small and medium-sized enterprises. The CompanyÂ’s EasyFile family of products enables clients to eliminate paper files, freeing staff to work more productively. Electronic files may be stored off site as part of a disaster recovery strategy. Countless banks, credit unions, insurance companies, government agencies, and other organizations gain efficiency and cost savings through EasyFile. For additional information about ScanPoint, Inc. and how you can go paperless, email info@scanpoint-usa. com, visit the Web at http://www. ScanPoint-USA. com (http://www. ScanPoint-USA. com), or phone 800.243.8794.

All trademarks are recognized


Sunday, May 8, 2005

The New "Check In" iPhone App: Provides Daily Emotional Support

The New "Check In" iPhone App: Provides Daily Emotional Support

Most people deal with stress by eating, drinking, smoking or zoning out, but Emotional Brain Training provides another option: tools that process stress with symphonic precision. Based on cutting-edge neuroscience and 30 years of research at one of the nation's top medical schools, the new "Check In" iPhone app gives users immediate access to emotional support and a new strategy for preventing stress symptoms such as obesity, high blood pressure, anxiety and depression: treat the stress itself.

San Rafael (PRWEB) November 13, 2009

A new iPhone app (http://itunes. apple. com/app/check-in-the-emotional-brain-training/id336304584?mt=8) released today by the Institute for Health Solutions (http://www. ebt. org) provides daily emotional support from a science-based approach to stress. Instead of offloading stress by eating, drinking, spending or overworking, people can switch their brain state from stress to well-being using simple mental practices and a few touches of this new iPhone app.

According to Joe Mellin, the director of development at the Institute and the app's developer: "People wanted ready access to the tools and the mobile device provided an easy answer. People were suffering through a tense staff meeting, with one co-worker popping antacids and another with clenched teeth and wanted to use the tools. Now people can get daily emotional support with a few touches of the screen. It is a convenient way to be more relaxed and productive at work or at home."

This new iPhone app that provides this daily emotional support is based on Emotional Brain Training (EBT), a neuroscience-based method that was developed at the University of California, San Francisco and has proved effective for stress and mood by Laurel Mellin, associate clinical professor of family and community medicine and pediatrics and director of the EBT Center of Excellence in the Center for Health and Community. She says, "Emotional Brain Training is based on emerging research that shows that mood management is not one size fits all. The brain moves through five different states depending upon the level of stress. Using the same mental process for each of the states compromises results. That's why most people complain that they can't meditate when they are stressed."

The new iPhone app, Check In, gives the user the tools to identify their brain state, and then select the tool that is most effective in decreasing stress when in that state. It has two new main features. One is the Brain State Finder, that people can use to identify their emotional state on a scale of 1 to 5, with 1 being the optimal state of flow, clarity, and productivity and 5 being overwhelmed, confused and stressed out. The second feature is "Get to 1." For that brain state, it coaches the user through the mental process to return to that state of optimal functioning and flow. Video and audio support included in the app make learning the method easy.

The method is also available through health professionals who are Certified EBT providers locally or through coaching and groups by telephone. The method was first developed to treat obesity in children as the Shapedown Program (http://www. shapedown. com), and later adapted to weight loss for adults, then to treat the range of stress symptoms.

While the nation is focusing problems such as obesity, depression, anxiety, and addictions, research is suggesting that these are primarily just symptoms of stress. Emotional Brain Training offers a way to process stress more effectively, decreasing the frequency and duration of stress episodes and with it the cascade of stress hormones that impact health in deleterious ways.

According to the app's developer Joe Mellin, "The launch of Check In is step forward in meeting the mission of Emotional Brain Training: supporting a new paradigm in health care: switch from treating the symptoms of stress, such as obesity, anxiety, depression, high blood pressure to treating the stress itself."

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Promomercials Announces a New Affordable Infomercial Service to Answer Business Needs for Video on The Web

Promomercials Announces a New Affordable Infomercial Service to Answer Business Needs for Video on The Web

Promomercials creates dynamic video infomercials for business needs including: eBay sellers, professionals, real estate, fundraising events, online sales, training, merchandise and more. Affordable and quality video infomercials are offered as a service to support your promotion. Video infomercials can dramatically boost your customer response through a dynamic display.

St. Paul, MN (PRWEB) March 4, 2007

Promomercials announces a new and unique video infomercial marketing service. Using video infomercials for your web site or online promotion can dramatically boost customer response. Promomercials offers an affordable and quality service for your video marketing needs. You can select from hundreds of image background scenes or full motion video. Add a voice over and music to accompany the video for a dynamic effect.

Photo or standard video infomercial services are available. Promomercials will work with you on the design and to create all photos, video, voice, music and text annotation. Once the design is complete, the infomercial will go through editing and final production and available in the widely accepted flash video format. The video can then be activated by adding a few lines of code onto your web page.

You can feature yourself or a video clip of your product in the infomercial. Promomercials will integrate your video clip and insert an attractive background scene if desired. Green screen technology is used to separate the foreground image from your home or office background set.

Ebay sellers can now bring excitement to their listing. Sellers can dominate their market by harnessing the amazing power of on line video. They simply need to insert the code into their listing to get a dynamic display of their product. There are just some things you cannot express in still images and text alone, but you can with full motion, especially when you add the emotion and excitement of your voice. For examples of how to take advantage of video for eBay listings visit: eBay sellers rejoice (http://www. promomercials. com/ebay. html). Promomercials is working with eBay sellers of autos, collectibles, boats, electronics, real estate, antiques to market with video.

Now you can promote your profession by adding a video infomercial to your business web site. Promomercials is working with lawyers, dentists, CPAs, insurance sales and health providers to create an on line video promotion of their services.

Businesses are working with Promomercials to add video marketing boost direct sales. Some businesses are using their best sales person to create an on-line video message.

Promomercials supports the on-line fundraising efforts of individuals and larger organizations. Fundraising efforts have been more successful through the use of video to carry the message and basis for giving. The online giver is made aware of the project or need through a direct video of the cause.

Promomercials will handle the design, editing and production process to save you time and investment. Video on the web is a growing trend made possible with over 70% of US households connected to high speed internet. Now you can be on the leading edge and offer your customers an impressive video display.


Friday, May 6, 2005

Polycom Recognizes Solutionz’ Strategic Total Solution Efforts with the 2009 Emerging Partner of the Year Award

Polycom Recognizes Solutionz’ Strategic Total Solution Efforts with the 2009 Emerging Partner of the Year Award

Solutionz Conferencing, Inc., a leading total conferencing provider of video conferencing, audio visual integrations, managed services, and grant services, received Polycom’s Emerging Partner of the Year Award on February 2nd at Polycom’s annual partner conference, TEAM Polycom, in San Diego.

Brentwood, CA (Vocus) February 10, 2010

Solutionz Conferencing, Inc., a leading total conferencing provider of video conferencing (http://www. youtube. com/watch? v=QbQkSoJBfaw), audio visual integrations, managed services, and grant services, received Polycom’s Emerging Partner of the Year Award on February 2nd at Polycom’s annual partner conference, TEAM Polycom, in San Diego.

The Polycom annual partner conference took place February 1 – 3 at the Sheraton San Diego Hotel and Marina, and hosted networking and communications industry leaders from around the globe. At the event, Polycom recognized industry-leading channels partners in video and voice communications for their achievements in 2009. Last year Solutionz was recognized with the Polycom Video Reseller of the Year Award. This year, Solutionz was recognized with Polycom’s newest award, Polycom Emerging Partner of the Year, which was presented on Tuesday to the North America channel partners.

The Emerging Partner of the Year Award is awarded to Polycom’s channel partner that has made significant investments in their Polycom partnership and continues to capitalize on and expand into new markets. “Solutionz is always asking us where they need to grow and where they need to make their investments to capitalize on our partnership’s success. As the 2008 Reseller of the Year, we wanted them to further expand into the GEM, enterprise, and federal markets,” said Mike Conlon, Director, Channels Western Region at Polycom. “Solutionz truly has invested in those markets.”

Over the course of the past year Solutionz has added new divisions and services to further their expansion in the Government, Education, and Medical (GEM), enterprise, and federal markets, and to truly offer customers with the Total Solution (http://www. solutionzinc. com/Video-Communication/New-World-Network/What-is-the-New-World-Network. html). These offerings include Solutionz GP$, Managed Services, Bridging Services (http://www. solutionzinc. com/About-Solutionz-Conferencing/Services/Bridging-Services. html), and a new Federal team.

With the addition of Solutionz GP$ division, Solutionz became one of the select few video conferencing providers to offer an in-house grant team to customers. Solutionz GP$ monitors various grant and funding sources (http://www. solutionzinc. com/solutionzgps) and offers consultation and grant writing support for State and Local Government, Education, and Healthcare customers needing assistance with these programs.

Solutionz also expanded their service offerings with the addition of Bridging Services & Managed Services. Solutionz Bridging Services give customers the ability to host multipoint video calls without having to purchase their own bridge, host a point-to-point call between two sites where one may have an IP-only connection and the other an ISDN connection, and host calls where a firewall would have otherwise prevented the connection. With Bridging Services, customers can now host any number of sites on one video conference, from small 3-location conferences to 50+ locations, anytime, anywhere in the world. Additionally, Solutionz Managed Services offers companies turnkey, globally available, and fully managed IP video conferencing services.

In mid-2009, Solutionz began capturing the momentum of the Federal market space with the restructure of Solutionz Federal Sales Team (http://www. solutionzinc. com/government). “Our Federal Sales team is comprised of focused and driven leaders with exceptional track records,” said Kirk Fernandez, CEO of Solutionz. Not only is Solutionz Federal Sales Team dedicated to serving their customers’ needs, but they offer GSA, NETCENTS, SEWP, and Service Disabled Veterans contracts.

Bring together these new specialized Solutionz divisions and service offerings, along with Solutionz’ existing integrations and service offerings, the best-in-class audio and video conferencing and peripheral manufacturers, and network providers, and it’s easy to see why Solutionz offers an unparallel communication network like no other.

About Solutionz
Solutionz Conferencing, Inc. is a nationwide total conferencing provider specializing in end-to-end video and voice communications, audio visual integration, managed services, and grant services, delivering the promise of face-to-face meetings regardless of distance.


Fewer Heart Attacks and Related Hospital Admissions Offset Rising Medicare Costs

Fewer Heart Attacks and Related Hospital Admissions Offset Rising Medicare Costs

The incidence and hospital admissions for a heart attack in the Medicare population have dramatically declined since 2000, more than offsetting rising costs for hospital care. As a result, total annual Medicare spending on related hospitalizations has declined annually since 2002, according to a study funded and conducted by Cardiac Data Solutions, Inc., The study further concluded that the Medicare program saved more than $1 billion in fiscal year 2006 due to the lower heart attack rate and fewer admissions. Cardiac Data Solutions will continue to monitor data related to the volume of cases and survival rates to determine if these findings represent a long-term trend and the impact on the cost of care,

Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) April 10, 2008

The incidence and hospital admissions for a heart attack in the Medicare population have dramatically declined since 2000, more than offsetting rising costs for hospital care. As a result, total annual Medicare spending on related hospitalizations has declined annually since 2002, according to a study funded and conducted by Cardiac Data Solutions, Inc., in conjunction with leading physician researchers The study further concluded that the Medicare program saved more than $1 billion in fiscal year 2006 due to the lower heart attack rate and fewer admissions.

"While we didn't examine the factors for drops in heart attack incidence and admissions, we can theorize that things like healthier nutrition, lipid lowering drugs, lower smoking rates and increased physical activity, combined with advancements in technology and improved chronic disease management, may explain these positive results," says Aaron Kugelmass, M. D., director of cardiac catheterization at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit and lead author of the findings, which were presented at the 57th annual American College of Cardiology conference in Chicago.

Cardiac Data Solutions, Inc. analyzed data from any U. S. hospital participating in the Medicare program to identify trends in the incidence, outcomes and costs for a ST segment elevation myocardial infarction, or STEMI heart attack, from 2000-2006. A STEMI heart attack is caused by a prolonged period of blocked arterial blood supply and causes changes on the ECG and in blood levels of key chemical markers.

Key findings are:
 Admissions dropped to 105,915 in 2006 from 170,154 in 2000.  Incidence dropped to 2.5 percent in 2006 from 4.3 percent in 2000.  Survival rates increased to 88.5 percent in 2006 from 85.8 percent in 2000.  The average hospital reimbursement for a STEMI hospitalization increased 5.5 percent annually during the study period (FY2000-FY2006), reaching $16,000 per discharge during FY 2006.  Medicare cost savings rose to $1.2 billion in 2006 from $136 million in 2001.

"Cardiac Data Solutions will continue to monitor data related to the volume of cases and survival rates to determine if these findings represent a long-term trend and the impact on the cost of care," says April Simon, RN, MSN, president and founder of Cardiac Data Solutions. "Analysis of this data can provide insights to clinicians who strive to provide the highest quality of care and optimize clinical outcomes. Hospitals and the federal government can also use this data to budget appropriately for the anticipated volume of patients."

In addition to Dr. Kugelmass and Ms. Simon, researchers involved in the study included: Philip Brown, MD, cardiovascular surgeon (retired) and past chairman, Department of Surgery, Centennial Medical Center; David J. Cohen, MD,, interventional cardiologist and director, Cardiovascular Research, Mid America Heart Institute, St. Luke's Hospital; Matthew R. Reynolds, MD, electrophysiologist and director, Economics and Quality of Life Core Lab, Harvard Clinical Research Institute, and Steven D. Culler, PhD, associate professor, Rollins School of Public Health, Emory University.

About Cardiac Data Solutions, Inc. (CDS)
Founded in 1999, Cardiac Data Solutions, Inc. (CDS) provides consultation services, data analysis, clinical benchmarks, management tools, research support services and leadership training to hospitals, physicians, payors, manufacturers and the financial community. CDS is focused solely on the cardiovascular market with the primary mission of supporting and improving clinical and business decisions to improve the quality of patient care. Using a proprietary data analysis tool with comprehensive and current data on clinical outcomes, CDS helps identify opportunities for improvement and develop evidence-based strategies to achieve them. For more information, visit www. cardiacdatasolutions. com.

EDITOR'S NOTE: April Simon, RN, MSN, is available for interviews regarding this and other related research.


Swine Flu Scare Pushes AllegroMedical. com to Record Highs

Swine Flu Scare Pushes AllegroMedical. com to Record Highs

Sales of N95 Respirator Masks and flu protection products are flying off the shelves at AllegroMedical. com causing record breaking sales revenues, orders and website visitors.

Mesa, AZ (PRWEB) April 29, 2009

As swine flu threats and messages of prevention and protection swept the nation yesterday, tens of thousands of consumers and businesses flocked to 11-yr old medical supply superstore http://www. AllegroMedical. com (http://www. AllegroMedical. com) seeking anti-viral personal protection products. The most popular products were the N95 Respirator Masks, which are reported to prevent the transmission of flu viruses. By day's end, mask revenue alone was $40,000 and company reporting dashboards were lit up with record breaking web sales revenues, phone sales, number of orders, site conversions and unique site visitors.

"We started noticing orders for the N95 respirator masks late on Sunday," said Allegro CEO Craig Hood, "and by Monday morning mask revenue alone had reached $20k. That's when we knew it was going to be a big day. We responded with site-wide banners, optimization, blogs, sales promotions and a special Swine Flu Products Category (http://www. allegromedical. com/swine-flu-c7240.html) for customers to quickly find masks, gloves, hand sanitizers and anti-viral disinfectants."

The Company reported that the massive number of visitors on the website essentially overloaded it to the point of shutting down for a few minutes around 4pm Pacific time.

Why the high volume? "People are trying to do the right thing by preparing for whatever may happen," said company spokesperson and co-owner Valerie Paxton. "We're hopeful that Allegro's products can provide some protection, prevention and peace of mind to those who can benefit most from these anti-viral products."

Today, AllegroMedical. com's brisk sales continued despite the "temporarily out of stock" condition of some of the N95 Respirator Masks (http://www. allegromedical. com/swine-flu-c7240/masks-respiratory-c7241.html? sortOrder=4). Paxton says, "Yesterday's run on masks revealed a major shortage of product from our suppliers, but most orders have shipped and we have more stock on the way so we're confident that we can cover the demand." The Company suggests that people hold onto their place in line rather than cancel their orders, as the shortage is widespread.

About Allegro Medical:
Allegro Medical is a division of Allegro Enterprises, Inc., a privately-owned company based in Mesa, Arizona. Founded in 1996, and serving more than 1 million consumer and business customers, the Company is one of the largest and most technologically advanced independently owned suppliers of life enhancing products in the U. S.

Since launching the first ecommerce site in the medical equipment and home health care supplies industry in 1998, Allegro has expanded into Health & Fitness, Nutritional Dietary Supplements, Sexual Well-Being, Pain Relief, Emergency Preparation and Maternity/Baby. Visitors to http://www. AllegroMedical. com (http://www. AllegroMedical. com) are offered a broad selection of thousands of brand name products searchable by Keyword, Category, Brand and Medical Condition.

Valerie Paxton
Vpaxton (at) AllegroMedical (dot) com
480-990-8881, Ext. 110


Thursday, May 5, 2005

"Miracle Baby" Wins $25,000 Prize

"Miracle Baby" Wins $25,000 Prize

Great American Photo Contest Announces Fall 2008 $25,000 Fame and Fortune Contest Winner.

Englewood Cliffs, NJ (PRWEB) February 12, 2009

Great American Photo Contest, the leading online baby photo contest, proudly awarded the $25,000 prize to the winner of its biannual Fame and Fortune baby photo contest. Great American's panel of independent professional judges selected a photo of Laurel from Kissimmee, Florida from thousands of photos entered by proud parents throughout the USA. Her mother Audra took the beautiful photo of Laurel in a flower patch, never imagining it would one day end up being worth thousands of dollars.

Great American Photo Contest's CEO, Joshua Gillon, traveled to Audra and Laurel's small-town home in rural central FL with a film crew to deliver the prize check and trophy. Audra, a single mother, works full time as a bartender and is also studying full time to become an interior designer, and has overcome many challenges in her life. The same can be said for her daughter Laurel, who has overcome a severe injury suffered at day care as an eight month old baby, including a skull fracture and visual impairment that doctors thought she would never recover from. According to her doctors, it is a "miracle" that Laurel is now perfectly healthy. Audra describes her as a "magical child, a very special girl with a sparkle in her eye and incredible charm to match".

Laurel's grandparents witnessed Great American's CEO delivering the check and trophy. "I knew my granddaughter Laurel was special from the time she was born. I am so proud of her and my daughter," said Audra's father. The family intends to use the prize money for Laurel's college education.

You can see video of the prize being awarded to Laurel and her family, and the prize-winning photo, here: http://youtube. com/watch? v=NhS7NWkhsvY (http://youtube. com/watch? v=NhS7NWkhsvY)

The December 2008 contest is in the judging stage right now. Great American is currently accepting qualified entries for the Summer 2009 contest. If you think your photo is good enough to win $25,000, you can enter the Fame and Fortune contest here: https://www. greatamericanphotocontest. com/FF/Fame_landingpage. aspx (https://www. greatamericanphotocontest. com/FF/Fame_landingpage. aspx)
You can also enter our free $2500 monthly contest, or browse more cute baby photos at www. greatamericanphotocontest. com.


Tuesday, May 3, 2005

Lifeclinic International to Acquire Controlling Interest in My Health Rewards

Lifeclinic International to Acquire Controlling Interest in My Health Rewards

Lifeclinic International, Inc., the world's leading manufacturer and distributor of automated blood pressure monitors and health testing stations, intends to acquire My Health Rewards.

Burtonsville, MD (PRWEB) March 4, 2009

Lifeclinic International, Inc., the world's leading manufacturer and distributor of automated blood pressure monitors and health testing stations (http://www. lifeclinic. com/products. aspx), intends to acquire My Health Rewards. The transaction will enable Lifeclinic and My Health Rewards to deliver additional value to their shared constituencies of national retailers, employers, and marketers - all of whom share a common goal of improving the health of the country.

My Health Rewards is a simple solution encouraging consumers to "know their numbers" (minutes of exercise, steps, blood pressure, glucose, etc…). It shifts dinner conversation from "eat more broccoli" to "what everyone did" that day to live a healthier life.

Ritchie Lucas, Founder of My Health Rewards and CEO of Think Factory, said, "This is a wonderful opportunity as it enables my original vision of rewarding consumers to actively adopt a healthier lifestyle by teaming up with national, regional and local companies to make a sustainable impact on two bottom lines. The first is our overall health and wellness as consumers. The second is Corporate America's bottom line through increased sales and healthier employees."

My Health Rewards will operate as a subsidiary of LCI with My Health Rewards co-founder, Brian Webster, serving as General Manager. In reflecting on his new position, Webster said, "Partnering with LCI will be helpful on many fronts. Most immediate is their presence in about 25,000 retail pharmacies (http://www. lifeclinic. com/locator. aspx) where more than 1,000,000 customers visit the Health Station each day to monitor their vital signs."

"With the focus of the Obama administration on preventive healthcare and the growth in health-related categories at our retail partners, My Health Rewards is an excellent enhancement to the Lifeclinic offering as we look for innovative ways to help our retail partners deliver more value to their customers," said Jeffrey Bekos, EVP of Retail Operations at Lifeclinic. "Employers who have our health stations at their worksites will also like this program."

About Think Factory

Think Factory, a preeminent creative business think tank, developed My Health Rewards in its incubator division, The Lab®. Previous projects from The Lab® included CreatAbility Advertising and Marketing, ethnicity. com, Hispanic-market. com, The Piggy Bank Fund, Rush To Think and the Museum of Advertising Icons.

About Lifeclinic International, Inc.

Lifeclinic is the world's largest supplier of commercial, automated, blood pressure monitors and health stations. Lifeclinic monitors can be found in over 30,000 pharmacies and 5,000 worksites, medical clinics and health clubs worldwide, performing 500 million blood pressure measurements annually. Lifeclinic monitors, health stations and management systems encourage individuals to take an active role in their healthcare and provide corporate management with tools to help reduce costs while improving the health of individual employees.


Monday, May 2, 2005

Just Buy Online Ltd Launches A New UK Based Online Mattress & Bedding Shop

Just Buy Online Ltd Launches A New UK Based Online Mattress & Bedding Shop

Just Buy Online Ltd have launched a new site to sell their popular mattresses and bedding products.

(PRWEB) March 25, 2005

Just Buy Online ltd, online retailer of Aquariums, Natural Health and Nutritional Products and Outdoor Activities Equipment, are now branching out to create our fourth online shop. After successful bedding sales on our first site, JustNaturalStuff. co. uk, we have decided to create a new shop for one of our most popular products; our innovative ranges of foam and latex mattresses.

Buy-A-Mattress. co. uk is dedicated to providing only the best in Orthopaedic Foam, Visco Elastic Memory Foam and Latex mattresses at affordable prices. We specialise in these ranges because we believe that a good nightÂ’s sleep is essential to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. There are many benefits to foam and/or latex mattresses, which are explored in detail on the site. Briefly, here are a few:

Noise reduction – None of our mattresses have springs, and they are silent even after many years.

Pressure relief – The Visco memory and latex mattresses are ideal for those who have to spend a great deal of time in bed, moulding to the natural contour of your body to relieve pressure on joints and hips and relieving pain caused by fibromyalgia, arthritis and back problems.

Allergy relief – Most of our mattresses are dust-mite resistant, dust mites being a primary cause of allergies in the home.

Faster Delivery – Most of our mattresses come vacuum-packed and rolled, so we can keep a higher level of stock, meaning that a typical delivery time is 2-5 working days.

"Consider this; 35% of our lifetime is spent sleeping"

Based on an average of 8 hours a night over 80 years, we spend 27 years in our beds! In 15 years, people buy on average 50 pairs of shoes, and studies show you spend approximately the same time in your shoes as in your beds. You do the maths!

Most of our mattresses come with a 15-year warranty, so no more worrying. Check out our new range of quality mattresses now. You could be sleeping a lot better in just a couple of days from now. Just buy your orthopaedic mattress online at Buy-A-Mattress. co. uk.


Sunday, May 1, 2005

Learn Thai Massage With "The Ultimate Thai Massage Video" Instructional DVD Series

Learn Thai Massage With "The Ultimate Thai Massage Video" Instructional DVD Series

Dr. Anthony James, CMT, ND, MDAM, guides you step-by-step through this comprehensive The Ultimate Thai Massage Video instructional DVD series that covers it all: basic and advanced techniques for both the mat and massage table.

Salt Lake City, UT (Vocus) September 29, 2009

If you want to learn something, learn from the best. If you want to learn authentic Thai massage, hands down the top recognized master outside of Thailand is Dr. Anthony James, CMT, ND, MDAM. His professional development and certification programs have set the standards in the U. S.

Dr. James, the only western Master Instructor to be recognized by the Royal Thai government and recipient of the "Friend of Thailand" Award, has taught and certified over 6000 practitioners since 1984, including many well-known teachers established today. He is the founder of the famous SomaVeda™ Institute, a residential training facility in Florida, home to The Thai Yoga Center and the International Thai Therapists Association (ITTA), and host to the National Thai Yoga, Massage and Bodywork Certification Board (NTYMBCB) examinations. He has authored various publications, including the first Thai massage book in English. The list of Dr. James' credentials goes on.

Now, Dr. James is also the featured expert in Aesthetic VideoSource’s new four-part The Ultimate Thai Massage Video instructional DVD series that covers it all: basic and advanced techniques for the traditional mat, and basic and advanced techniques adapted for the “modern” massage table.

In each of the comprehensive Thai massage videos (http://www. videoshelf. com/thai_massage_training_video. html), Aachan ("Master") James lays the foundation for a clear understanding of Thai massage and the spiritual roots and perspectives that have endured for thousands of years. Dr. James discusses benefits and contraindications, origins of Thai massage, different styles (the southern royal method, northern style, and Buddhai Sawan school), Ayurvedic anatomy (the primary Chakras and Sen lines), client assessment, and room set-up.

In each DVD, Dr. James walks you step-by-step through the therapeutic techniques comprising a complete Thai massage training (http://www. videoshelf. com/thai_massage_training_video. html) session. Throughout, he addresses balance vs. structural corrections; steps emulating energy flow; 10 key points for balance; attitudes/postures, relationship, and transition; and, breath, emphasis, and pressure.

Beginning with Puja (affirmation), Dr. James demonstrates Thai body massage (http://www. videoshelf. com/thai_yoga_body_massage. html) and Thai yoga massage (http://www. videoshelf. com/thai_yoga_body_massage. html) techniques in the traditional Five Attitudes/Postures: Supine, Side Lying, Prone, Abdomen and Leg Stretching, and Seated. In the Basic DVD's (Mat and Table), he shows over 19 basic asanas or therapeutic postures; in the Advanced DVD's, he shows over 50 asanas. Techniques include gentle rocking; deep stretching; striking; kneading; pinching and rolling; pulling, rotations, and rhythmic compression with thumbs, palms, elbows, forearms, knees, and feet.

“I want to show you how to take on a productive application of healing science that's been practiced for thousands of years and is completely appropriate and practical for the western world,” says Dr. James. "We can do this work in spas, hospitals, homes, anytime, anywhere."

“Dr. James's life focus is teaching Thai massage (http://www. videoshelf. com/thai_massage. html),” says Shirley Erickson Gorospe, president of Aesthetic VideoSource. “He is an amazing teacher who explains and demonstrates each technique so that you can easily grasp the concepts and repeat them.”

Aesthetic VideoSource produces and distributes detailed, comprehensive health and spa instructional DVDs, so anyone can properly perform the procedures shown. Aesthetic VideoSource is the forerunner in educational media distribution, with award-winning DVDs and an always-expanding list of offerings to meet the spa and beauty industry’s needs.

Contact Info – The Ultimate Thai Massage Video: Basic Mat Techniques (1 Hr. 48 Mins.), Advanced Mat Techniques (2 Hrs. 56 Mins.), Basic Table Techniques (1 Hr. 28 Mins.), and Advanced Table Techniques (2 Hrs. 57 Mins.) can each be ordered for $49.95 plus shipping, by calling 1-800-414-2434 or visiting www. VideoShelf. com]. The complete set can be purchased for $160.00, at a savings of 20%.


The Unwritten Rules of Drug sampling

The Unwritten Rules of Drug sampling

Drug sampling is a key element in your promoting your pharmaceutical product. Know the dos and don’ts when it comes to using this sales tactic effectively—especially in a sales environment challenged by increasing competition for doctors’ precious time. MedZilla explores how you can use drug sampling as an effective aspect of product promotions.

Marysville, WA (PRWEB) September 3, 2004

Drug sampling is an important element in maintaining the pharmaceutical representative-physician relationship. However, like everything else that the pharmaceutical sales representatives do to secure business, this too is coming under increasing scrutiny.

“Your knowledge of drug sampling etiquette will help you to get the most mileage from this acceptable “perk,”” says Frank Heasley, PhD, president and CEO of MedZilla. com, (www. medzilla. com) a leading Internet recruitment and professional community that serves biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, healthcare and science.

“Drug samples are one of the few powerful reminders you can leave behind after a visit with a physician,” Dr. Heasley says. “The problem is that drug sampling is no longer an easy task. It’s getting harder and harder to get in to see physicians to get the needed signatures for samples. Some health systems and clinics are even closing their doors to reps and their samples—claiming to turn their facilities into ‘commercial-free zones.’”

A small but growing number of health care systems are turning their clinics into these commercial free zones, where they are stripping away any promotional items, including samples, that might encourage doctors to prescribe pricey brand-name drugs, according to a August 24, 2004 USA Today article.

Nevertheless, drug sampling remains among the foundations of pharmaceutical sales. John Canvin, director of compliance at Ventiv Pharma Services, Somerset, NJ, says that the aims of drug sampling include putting the drugs in the hands of practitioners so that they can give out the drugs while the information is fresh in their minds.

“The doctors then get to see in the short term whether or not what the pharmaceutical representative and company are claiming is accurate,” Canvin says.

Drug sampling gives a drug a presence in the office, so that the doctorsÂ’ colleagues have access to it. In addition, getting samples in the hands of patients helps doctors help their patients and helps ensure that patients request specific drugs.

Annoying tactics

Debbie Grosheim, office manager at East Cost Medical in Boca Raton and Delray Beach, Fla., says its one thing when representatives make their weekly drug sampling visits, get the doctorÂ’s signature and leave. ItÂ’s another when they try to take up the doctorÂ’s time with old information before getting the signature.

“In order to get the signature, all they have to do is ask the doctor for his signature. They don’t have to bring all their stuff and lay it out and take up 10 minutes of the doctor’s time that he doesn’t have,” she says.

Grosheim says itÂ’s OK for representatives to set up a time to meet with the doctor if they have something new to present: a new drug, new data or a newly approved use for drugs theyÂ’re sampling.

Respect practitionersÂ’ ways

Canvin, who says that Ventiv oversees some 2,500 pharmaceutical representatives nationally, recommends that pharmaceutical representatives become familiar with the procedures or the activities within the practitionersÂ’ office and to respect the dynamics of the office and provider.

Go to the office when itÂ’s best for the doctor and staff, according to Canvin. You should understand that there are a number of sales representatives that are going into the office and, while some offices have the policy that you can come in and wait for the doctor without making an appointment, many would rather that you make an appointment or predetermine the best times to go, according to the doctorÂ’s schedule.

Another point: “…try not to convince the practitioners of the use of certain drugs by challenging them. …these are very smart people; they’re familiar with what is going on. Present the drugs in such a way that they understand the utility—present the positives and the negatives in a balanced way and not try to oversell or overcompensate,” Canvin says.

Canvin agrees with Grosheim in that reps should not overstay their welcome or go beyond the sell, unless thereÂ’s something new to report.

“The drug comes out and it’s a gangbuster and all the practitioners want to get their hands on it as samples … to get their patients on the drug,” Canvin says. “But a year or two or three goes by and there are not new clinical indications, no new studies being brought to the practitioner’s office. The conversations become stale.”

A few more dos and donÂ’ts

Theresa Castro worked for Merck & Co for eight years as a sales representative and trainer for new hires and tenured representatives. Today she is a motivational speaker and author of The Dark Before the Dawn: 70 Secrets to Self-discovery.

Castro offers these drug sampling tips.

When you enter a doctorÂ’s waiting room and there is another representative already waiting, you should ask the other rep for permission to sample the doctor. This important protocol needs to be followed because many times doctors will get upset when they think that there are too many representatives waiting for them.

Put your samples away (if allowed by the doctorÂ’s office). There are many representatives who are lazy and leave their samples wherever. These representatives need to realize that the staff and the doctor will remember who is respectful of their space and sample closet.

DonÂ’t leave more samples than what the doctor requested. First, if you leave more samples in a place where they are not wanted then you may later find yourself in the situation that another doctor wants extra samples. Secondly, this is another way to frustrate the doctor and staff. They donÂ’t want store samples of products that they donÂ’t use or hardly use.

“You might feel compelled to focus on drug sampling with increasing competition from other representatives (sometimes from the same company) and scrutiny of sales tactics, as well as decreasing doctor availability. But being aggressive in this area is not going to increase sales, in most instances, and might hurt your ability to secure time with the doctor when you really have something new to report,” says Michele Groutage, MedZilla. com’s marketing director.

“The key is to know what to do and what not to do when it comes to drug sampling. There are some general protocols and the rest is according to what individual practitioner or facility prefers,” Groutage says.

About MedZilla. com

Established in mid 1994, MedZilla is the original web site to serve career and hiring needs for professionals and employers in biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, medicine, science and healthcare. MedZilla databases contain about 10,000 open positions, 13,000 resumes from candidates actively seeking new positions and 71,000 archived resumes.

Medzilla® is a Registered Trademark owned by Medzilla Inc. Copyright ©2004, MedZilla, Inc. Permission is granted to reproduce and distribute this text in its entirety, and if electronically, with a link to the URL www. medzilla. com. For permission to quote from or reproduce any portion of this message, please contact Michele Groutage, Director of Marketing and Development, MedZilla, Inc. Email: mgroutage@medzilla. com.

# # #