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Giving Green Gifts New Trend at Baby Showers This Spring

Giving Green Gifts New Trend at Baby Showers This Spring

With the environment hot on everyone's minds, moms-to-be are increasingly concerned with keeping baby safe with earth friendly and organic baby products. This spring, mothers-to-be are requesting environmentally friendly baby showers featuring organic and other earth friendly products.

New York, NY (PRWEB) February 28, 2008

Across the United States, people from all lifestyles are trying to do their part to become more earth friendly. A recent trend is the environmentally friendly baby shower that showers mom and baby with healthy, organic and non-toxic products.

"My husband and I are hoping to raise our baby in a toxic free environment and will use organic baby products (http://www. mobilemoms. com/organic-baby-products-information. htm) wherever possible," comments Jackie Johnson from Portland, Maine. "When my sister offered to host a shower, I asked her to make it an environmentally friendly theme so that friends and family could help our baby get off to an earth friendly start."

Today, there are many organic baby products (http://www. mobilemoms. com/Organic-Clothing-Products-53-cat. htm) and other environmentally friendly baby products on the market. "We are really noticing a rise in sales of organic baby products like organic cotton baby clothes and natural baby bathing essentials," says Eva Centeno, owner of Mobile Moms.

"We stock a full range of earth friendly and organic baby products helping friends, family and moms make the healthiest choice for baby. I often suggest to customers that they create an environmentally friendly gift basket to give the mom at the shower. It can be filled with products for both mom and baby like organic essential oils to help mom with stretch marks and an adorable organic cotton sleeper that feels so cozy next to baby's delicate skin," Centeno concludes.

Any friend or family member wanting to host an earth friendly baby shower should ask the mom-to-be to make a list of products she would like to receive. That way, gift giving is easy for those attending the shower. Check out Mobile Moms to see their complete assortment of earth friendly and organic baby products (http://www. mobilemoms. com/index. php).

About Mobile Moms (http://www. mobilemoms. com/)
Mobile Moms is a New York based company devoted to designing and sourcing groundbreaking products for the parents of today. The founder of Mobile Moms is not only a parent and grandparent, but she is also an early childhood educator who understands the parent and child's needs.
Mobile Moms strives to design products that are not only innovative, but that are also unique, functional and well designed. The company started in 1993 with the launch of the Toastie Toddler stroller blankets. The huge success of that product led the company into marketing a black nylon backpack diaper bag that looks like a designer handbag. Today, the company offers an array of fabulous products from around the world. Mobile Moms has searched the market for the best baby essentials that every mom needs and will continue to add products that meet their high quality and functionality standards.

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