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Who's Your Daddy? Shop Father's Day Gadgets by Dad Persona

Who's Your Daddy? Shop Father's Day Gadgets by Dad Persona

Extech Instruments, a subsidiary of FLIR Systems, Inc., (NASDAQ: FLIR) announces its annual Father's Day list of electronic test gadget gift ideas for every type of dad.

Waltham, MA (Vocus) June 16, 2009

Extech Instruments (http://www. extech. com/instruments) (http://www. extech. com (http://www. extech. com)]), a subsidiary of FLIR Systems, Inc., (NASDAQ: FLIR) announces its annual Father's Day (http://www. extech. com/instruments) list of electronic test gadget gift ideas (http://www. extech. com/instruments) for every type of dad. Inspired by Wired magazine's popular Geek Dad blog which recently featured Extech, the 2009 list suggests useful and affordable test tools for a variety of "dad personas." Use the list below to find your dad's persona and match him with a tester or meter he's sure to love:

Marathon Dad: Whether your dad is a daily jogger or he can't wait for the next triathlon, give him the Extech HeatWatch (HW30). This full-function stopwatch has an exclusive Heat Index alarm that factors temperature and humidity to alert Dad when poor air quality can put him at risk for heat cramps or heat stroke. Help your dad go the extra mile for health and safety on those hazy, hot and humid days. (Recommended by the National Health & Wellness Club.)

This Old Dad: If your father is addicted to home renovation or improvement or he is just generally handy like a pocket on a shirt, he deserves Extech's Wireless Circuit Identifier (RT30). This ingenious 2-way tester is ideal for any dad who needs to safely cut existing house wiring to add outlets, light fixtures, or new wiring drops. Using the RT30, he can always identify the correct circuit breaker to shut off before working on a particular wire in the attic, basement or walls. Usually a two-person job, the RT30 makes it easy for the man who insists, ''I'll do it myself.''

''We have the technology'' Dad: If you're dad insists on fixing all his electronic devices himself, or the smell of solder means he's building or re-building another electronic gadget of his own, he'll love Extech's Tweezer Tester (RC100). For anyone who works on electronics, this convenient tester's tweezer design makes it easy to test small circuit board components with one hand instead of using test leads. Tell Dad it measures resistance and capacitance and can test diodes -- he'll know what you're saying.

Hi-Def Dad: Is Dad constantly making adjustments or additions to his high-end audio/video system? To ensure his miles of wiring are all properly connected, introduce him to Extech's Continuity Tester Pro (CT20). This 2-piece kit permits one person to test wiring at both ends, making sure speaker wire polarity is not reversed, for example. In addition to cable, audio and video connections, your dad will love the CT20 for testing home network, telecom, alarm, automotive and electrical wiring. For home theaters and more, the CT20 will be music to Dad's ears.

Megapixel Dad: If your father is serious about photography, repeating stories about photo trips, f-stops and shutter speeds, having a light meter to accurately measure ambient lighting will light up his passion. Extech's EA31 EasyView® Big Digit Light Meter provides essential footcandle and Lux readings. The easy to read display is great on the eyes and the minimum/maximum feature helps Dad pinpoint dark or bright locations. Illuminate your Father's Day with the EA31.

Fine-Grit Dad: For a dad who loves woodworking, knowing the moisture content of his wood supply is as important as ''measuring twice, cutting once.'' Whether it's a 2x4 stud or fine cherry, wood that's too dry or too damp can ruin a great woodworking project. Extech's pocket-size moisture detector (MO100) is here to help. This compact pin-style meter gives your dad important moisture readings for wood and a variety of building materials, and also displays air temperature measurements. Fair warning: Dad may now use moisture content as an excuse to procrastinate on the honey-do list.

Collectible Dad: Some dads are crazy about collecting things like first-edition books, rare maps, coins or postage stamps. If your father enjoys taking a close look at the details of rare memorabilia, Extech offers a unique digital mini-microsope camera that provides incredibly fine images of whatever Dad likes to collect. The cellphone-sized MC108 displays incredibly crisp images on its color display and can also snap images like a digital camera for downloading via USB for sharing or archiving.

Fuel-Injected Dad: For dads that can't spend enough time on their cars, an invaluable tool for big and small electrical and electronic diagnostics is a good multimeter. Extech's rugged EX411 multimeter accurately provides all essential readings for auto and home. Plus, your dad will love Extech's exclusive built-in infrared thermometer for point-and-shoot, non-contact readings on a/c ducts, hoses, exhausts and more.

How to Order:
Extech products are available at popular distributors (http://distributor. extech. com (http://distributor. extech. com)]) and retailers such as Lowes and Sears. To shop with online retailers, search model numbers mentioned above using Google's Product Search: http://www. google. com/products (http://www. google. com/products)]. Visit http://www. extech. com/instruments (http://www. extech. com/instruments)] for additional product details and specifications.

About Extech Instruments, a FLIR Company
Headquartered in Waltham, Massachusetts, USA, Extech Instruments is one of the largest suppliers of test and measurement equipment worldwide. Founded in 1971, Extech is known for its depth and breadth of products and its innovation in providing instruments with unique combinations of features that make them highly useful and very convenient. All Extech meters are distributed worldwide through leading representatives, distributors and OEMs. The company is ISO 9001 2000 certified and is a wholly owned subsidiary of FLIR Systems, Inc.

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