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Social Software – Revolutionising Social Welfare with innovative Software Applications

Social Software – Revolutionising Social Welfare with innovative Software Applications

Social Software specialises in the provision of up-to-the-minute software application designs and tools as well as support services to the social welfare community. In doing so, they lead in unlocking learning about Criminal Justice, Children and Family work, Prevention and Aftercare processes, helping management of the best possible outcomes. Social Software uniquely brings together in-depth knowledge and skills from a range of relevant backgrounds. They have considerable experience of social welfare practice, management and information technology - in particular designing high-quality software and achieving excellence in information management.

(PRWEB) February 12, 2006

Social Software www. socialsoftware. co. uk is one of the UK’s leading information management services for the public sector. The group specialises in the provision of software applications and support services to the social welfare community. Social Software is staffed uniquely by individuals with extensive experience in social welfare practice, individuals who are passionate about better outcomes for Children, Young People and their Families. Through the introduction of new specialist software applications during 2006 Social Software will be in the vanguard of those who are facilitating a social welfare system revolution.

Social Software was founded 20 years ago by Marc Radley, an architect who became a qualified social worker turned software developer, with a driving ambition. With an MSc in both IT and Management, Marc describes himself as a hybrid manager. He has worked in the local authority and voluntary organisation sectors in Youth Justice and the full range of Child Care services for over 20 years. He is passionate about social welfare and was determined to create information systems that would help support and bring about major improvements required by those who work in parts of the social welfare system and their clients. Marc is one of the UK’s leading experts and advocates in the use of a technology that will provide a fuller picture of individual social welfare cases:

“Until now software tools have been available that allow users to develop a picture in isolated areas. Health service workers and the police have different specialist information systems to social workers, for example. It is important to bear in mind that you can’t simplify what is complex. Our users know that you have to describe accurately what is going on in real lives, where there are difficult circumstances. Misrepresentation and dangerous gaps must not be allowed to occur. Pulling all the threads together, no matter how intricate the resulting tapestry, is the key to the future. Highly effective information systems can change the way that cases are handled and the final outcomes for the individuals concerned and affected. IT used correctly can achieve a more caring, safe and secure community, and it is no exaggeration in some circumstances to talk about ensuring a better future for all, or even saving a child’s life..” - Marc Radley, Managing Director of Social Software

Working alongside their customers, Social Software has established strong relationships with social research departments in several UK universities. In addition, they have worked in partnership – both at home and abroad – with Crime Concern, RPS Rainer, NCH Action for Children, the Home Office, Cap Gemini and Ernst and Young and specialist social welfare departments in almost every local authority in England and Wales.

Social Software provides fully implemented and supported software solutions to the social welfare community, and also bespoke development, consultancy, advice and guidance, workshops and seminars and application training.

Contact: Max PR, 020 8939 9029