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Let The Customer Be An "Insider" of Software Team

Let The Customer Be An "Insider" of Software Team

Programeter announces Outsourcing Edition to give you a bird-eye view over progress of software development project and share it with your customers using web interface.

Tallinn, Estonia (PRWEB) January 19, 2009

Programeter, start-up that has developed automated analytics solution for distributed software teams, today announced Outsourcing Edition of its product to help outsourcing service providers and their customers to increase transparency and visibility over software development projects.

"We succeeded to create a technology which is capable to provide single view over development progress both for service provider and buyer of the service. Since Programeter is completely automated, the analytics are free from judgment bias.", says Mark Kofman, Programeter's CEO. Transparency is an important basis for healthy relationships between service provider and buyer of the services. Customers typically do not have daily conversations with development team due to separate locations, lack of common language or other organizational issues. Metrics, indicators and analytics are crucial in giving both sides opportunity to feel as full-fledged members of the development team.

The cornerstone feature of Outsourcing Edition is sharing of analytics which enables 2 companies to access contribution and know-how indicators of software development team. Any service provider is allowed to use Programeter Outsourcing Edition for free while sharing the analytics with their external customer. With this feature Programeter offers a new model for delivering software outsourcing services where service transparency is put on a new level to fulfill needs of buyers and serve interests of service providers.

Although the management tools market for software development is very competitive, mr. Kofman believes that Programeter will rapidly get it's niche. Traditionally management tools are based on task and time tracking, where data input is a manual effort. "Our tool invites you to look at software teams from completely new angle. Among other indicators, we discovered a practical way to measure know-how, efficiency of team members, maturity of their code and other aspects, which traditionally said to be unmeasurable. And its all completely automated, which is very important in context of distributed teams".

Service providers and buyers are welcome to visit http://www. programeter. com/outsourcing (http://www. programeter. com/outsourcing) for more information.

About Programeter:
Programeter, founded September 2006, is a software company that develops management tool making software teams more productive through the exchange of contribution analytics. Programeter helps you to understand remote development team's know-how, contribution, performance and activity based on simple, accurate and real-time reports.