Tuesday, March 11, 2003

New Solution to Sickness Promises to Wipe Out Germs with a 'Smile'

New Solution to Sickness Promises to Wipe Out Germs with a 'Smile'

Amidst the recent barrage of toxicity warnings and poisoning incidents with alcohol-based hand sanitizers, including a feature on the July 13, 2007 NBC's Today Show, a small town company has tackled a national crisis with creative resolve. "Dr. Doug" and "Joe Germ," as they are known in their community, are sharing the message of health and happiness with their target market of "anyone with hands who doesn't want to get sick." After spending two years on its development, Smile Wipes, LLC has released a timely new solution to cleaning hands that has sparked the interest of some of the largest corporations in the world.

Wilton, CT (PRWEB) August 2, 2007

"We needed the best but nobody made it... so we did," announced Doug Jones and Joe Spinoso, better known as "Dr. Doug" and "Joe Germ," creators of Smile Wipes, LLC. As respective owners of fitness centers and pet stores, their initial quest to combat gym germs and Fido filth (http://www. uagrad. org/Alumnus/w05/germ. html) has resulted in a product that has totally transformed the humble hand wipe, enough to justify multiple trademarks and patents, including hand wipes with a corporate-branded advertising and promotional process for almost every industry imaginable.

Individually-packaged Smile Wipes possess all of "The Best S's": Superior Style, Scent, Stamina, Softness, Strength, Substrate, and Sanitization Solution (http://www. GetWipes. com). "I'm excited that there is finally an antibacterial hand wipe that looks, feels, and smells so good," says Pamela Rogalin, a Brookfield, CT middle school teacher. "My students say that Smile Wipes are awesome -- the perfect solution to stopping the spread of sickness in the classroom."

Parents should smile too, knowing that Smile Wipes do not contain any alcohol or other harsh chemicals, such as Triclosan or Benzalkonium Chloride. "Dr. Doug" and "Joe Germ" are frequently quoted as saying "a little bit of a bad thing doesn't make it a good thing."

Smile Wipes contain the safest solution available, Chlorhexidine Gluconate (CHG), which was approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration as an antimicrobial agent in 1976. CHG is often used in prescription mouthwash, pre-surgical scrubs, umbilical cord sanitization, and even for burns, cuts, and acne. CHG is very effective against a broad range of microbes and is the only FDA-approved antiseptic (http://www. uhe. com/chlorhex2.htm) that demonstrates persistent antimicrobial effects for up to six (6) hours. Alcohol-based products, on the other hand, only kill germs for 10-15 seconds; once the alcohol evaporates, recontamination is imminent.

"Up to 80% of all infections are spread through hand contact," states "Joe Germ," "but we have found that most people, especially children, don't like washing their hands or using the products that are currently on the market. Gels are sticky and leave dead germs on your hands and most wipes rip apart, smell terrible, and are, at best, boring. Smile Wipes are both useful and fun to use."

"Dr. Doug" and "Joe Germ" first met as owners of neighboring businesses in Wilton, CT. "Whether we like it or not, athletes and animals spread germs," states "Dr. Doug," an exercise physiologist with a background of concentrated study in organic and biochemistry and the chemical basis of health and fitness. "We can't afford to get sick ourselves and we certainly want to keep our clients healthy and our customers happy. Since hand-to-face contact is the number one cause of sickness in the United States, we are hoping that a smile a day will help to keep the doctor away." His "partner in grime" concurs, as do the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (http://www. cdc. gov/handhygiene/pressrelease. htm), which state that cleaning our hands is the single most important thing we can do to keep from getting sick and spreading illness to others.

As a father of four, Doug specifically wants to relay this message of good hand hygiene and health to children, and has even written an animated cartoon about the subject called "Don't Pick: Your Hands Could Be Sick." (http://www. youtube. com/smilewipes) Written in "Dr. Suessical" rhythmical rhyming style and illustrated by Joe, "Don't Pick" not only teaches children the importance of preventing sickness, but also timelines the entire Smile Wipes story. Children can learn about bacteria and business, and how Doug and Joe met and re-invented an existing product that will make everyone want to smile!

"Kids, don't forget to smile before you eat your lunch today."
"Mom, Brian didn't smile after he went to the bathroom."
"Honey, can you please share your smile with me?"

To watch the entire Smile Wipes Story, or to learn more about "Dr. Doug" and "Joe Germ" and their solution to your squirm, visit www. GetWipes. com

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