Thursday, May 15, 2003

Winterwolf Publishing Titles are in Huge Demand

Winterwolf Publishing Titles are in Huge Demand

Winterwolf Publishing titles have been ranking highly on the charts around the world. Titles ranging from a former Reagan Administration official to fiction, their titles are highly sought.

Westerville, OH (PRWEB) June 13, 2004

Winterwolf Publishing, a small press located in Westerville, Ohio, has been in popular demand over the past month. Online stores have been running out of stock on a number of titles, and Ingram Distributing cannot keep up with the number of orders being placed. As a result, Winterwolf publishing reports that sales for this quarter are already double the previous quarter...and rising fast.

Their various titles, ranging from tense fiction (The Bad Voice - ISBN: 0975271121), to Christian fiction (Benjamin's Bride - ISBN: 0975271113), to biographical memoirs (Brainwashing, Drunks & Madness: Memoirs of a Medical Icon - ISBN: 0975271199), Winterwolf Publishing has broken the mold which has been set by small publishers.

Winterwolf Publishing, unlike most small presses, does not charge their authors anything and is very selective about what they choose. Their current 'in-release' titles are:

Management By Running In Circles: A book that takes an innovative and humorous new look at the reasons businesses fail.

The Pathen: A sci-fi/romance written in a way that is new and exciting.

Cashing In: A humorous look at descendents of Jesse James and their brush with modern-day criminals.

Willa Claire: A literary masterpiece that chronicles the life and love of the average young woman of today.

Two Minutes To Midnight: A harrowing look at what America 'could' become.

Benjamin's Bride: A religious look at a woman's capture by a cult - and her subsequent escape with the help of the cult leader's son.

Heidi Redux: A wonderful autobiography of courage, determination and overcoming alcoholism.

The Bad Voice: People are trying to kill Colin McGee. This tense thriller was given a rave review from Best-Selling author Larry Brooks.

Brainwashing, Drunks & Madness: Memoirs of a Medical Icon: The memoirs of Dr. William E. Mayer. A close, personal friend of former President Reagan, Dr. Mayer was selected by then-Governor Reagan to overhaul the California Mental Health system, and later - head the military medical arena as the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Military Health Affairs, and as the Assistant United States Surgeon General.

Winterwolf Publishing titles are available at the following online stores:

Powell's Books: www. powellsbooks. com

Barnes & Nobel: www. bn. com

Amazon: www. amazon. com

Books-A-Million: www. bamm. com

The titles may also be ordered directly from the publisher, or requested in any bookstore across the country. Bookstores may order direct from Lightning Source, Incorporated, or from Ingram Book Distributors.

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