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Digital Signature Solution by CoSign Desktop Allows All Organization Sizes to Effectively Scale their Signing Solution

Digital Signature Solution by CoSign Desktop Allows All Organization Sizes to Effectively Scale their Signing Solution

CoSign® Desktop, ARX's (Algorithmic Research) digital signature solution designed specifically for departmental deployment within organizations and small office use, is debuting at DEMOfall 08.

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) September 8, 2008

ARX announces CoSign Desktop, a new addition to the CoSign line of products, which addresses an existing gap in the digital signature market. Previous to the release of CoSign Desktop, digital signature solutions were typically designed for the requirements of medium to large scale deployments, ignoring the needs of organizations with a small number of users. CoSign Desktop, however, allows both individual departments within organizations as well as small office and home office (SoHos) organizations the opportunity to implement a digital signature solution that is scalable, complementing potential future growth.

Like CoSign, CoSign Desktop enables users to quickly and easily add CoSign digital signatures (http://www. arx. com/products/cosign-digital-signatures. php) to documents in all major applications and file formats including: Word, Excel®, Outlook®, PDF®, TIFF, AutoCAD®, InfoPath®, and more. Users can sign and seal documents and forms, comply with regulations calling for the protection of documents, and save on costs associated with paper-handling. By combining the small scale design of CoSign Desktop, with the capacity to scale to the enterprise-focused CoSign digital signature solution, ARX has bridged the gap that prevented an entire business segment from intuitive digital signature solutions.

"It was clear from the feedback we were receiving from vendors and customers that this segment of the market had a specific need that wasn't being met by pre-existing digital signature solutions (http://www. arx. com/documents/10-Tips-for-Selecting-the-Best-Digital-Signature-Solution. php)," said Gadi Aharoni, CEO, ARX. "As the digital signature company, we will continue to expand our product line in order to cater to the needs of the marketplace."

About CoSign Digital Signatures
The CoSign approach means digital signature standards and efficiencies across your operations. Signing and sealing documents with CoSign immediately expedites business processes, reduces costs, increases security and enables organizations to comply with diverse regional and industry regulations. CoSign works with all major applications and document formats including: Microsoft® Word, Excel®, Outlook®, Adobe® PDF, TIFF, AutoCAD®, InfoPath®, Lotus Forms, and many more. CoSign signatures are being used by hundreds of thousands of users in Enterprise, B2B and B2C processes, to learn why please see our white papers and product details at www. arx. com/products/cosign-digital-signatures. php (http://www. arx. com/products/cosign-digital-signatures. php).

About The Digital Signature Company - ARX (Algorithmic Research)
ARX is a global provider of digital signature solutions for life sciences, healthcare, government, engineering, and manufacturing organizations. ARX has over 20 years of experience assisting life sciences, healthcare, governmental, engineering, and manufacturing businesses cost effectively secure, streamline, and scale their business processes and transactions. The company specializes in enabling organizations of any size to scale digital signature and security solutions at the lowest TCO while retaining proper control mechanisms that are required by legislation, regulation and industry best practice.
For more information, please visit http://www. arx. com (http://www. arx. com).

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