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Holodynamics Announces Special Training Event with Founder

Holodynamics Announces Special Training Event with Founder

International Academy of Holodynamics, founder Dr. Vernon Woolf to personally participate in this workshop.

Cottonwood, AZ (PRWEB) September 26, 2009

Holodynamics is the study of the whole dynamic of life and includes every aspect of understanding life -- including tools to transform your life, positively affect your relationships, your work, your love life, your health and weight and in a larger sense the global environment. The International Academy of Holodynamics is offering an special 9 day workshop in beautiful Clarkdale, near Sedona, Arizona starting Saturday, October 3, 2009, that will give you the needed tools to transform your life experience.

The Holodynamic Workshop contains all five core courses. Each course is sequential so the information gets more complex as you progress through the Workshop. The sequence provides an opportunity for people from different locations to learn both the scientific information and practical skill development necessary to transform human consciousness in different dimensions. Each section has been developed and tested over the years in multiple cultures and consistently proven effective in solving complex problems.

The Workshop is about having a real experience in dealing with real issues and finding real solutions to real situations. All necessary books and materials are included in the workshop. When asked what have been some of the most dramatic achievements of the Homodynamic method to date, Dr. Woolf reports: "We started with local situations; kids on drugs, the mentally ill and those confined to maximum security prisons and the results were so extra-ordinary the work spread to corporations and governments. We were part of the ending of the Cold War. If you go to cities like Irkutsk, in the middle of Siberia you will find an entire city that has adopted a Holodynamic approach and been so successful in healing diseases and empowering the potential of their people that they are reaching out all over the nation to help others to the same. You can read about some of these remarkable achievements at www. holodynamics. com/articles (http://www. holodynamics. com/articles).

You may find examples people like Maria who went to one of Dr. Woolf's Workshops and then returned home and began teaching her friends and neighbors what she had learned. They began to use the information and processes of Holodynamics to heal themselves and be more successful in business. "It's amazing," says Dr. Woolf, "to see how thankful people are, like Olitschka, who suffered from a liver ailment and, after searching all over the planet without success, came to Irkutsk, in the middle of Siberia, to die and then, to her amazement, found the solution right at home with Maria, one of her Holodynamic neighbors."

Previous participants have had incredible results and remain active not only in their own transformative lifestyle, but supportive of the company as well. Several have even volunteered or become a part of the corporate family.

"There's just no comparison, it's light years beyond anything," Keith Richards said.

"It has been an incredible experience, finding my true self...," Lisa Hightower said.

"It's the beginning of a whole new life. All 5 courses have taught me a different aspect of myself," Jody Oshrin said.

When asked what makes this upcoming October event so unique and worth dropping everything and bee-lining for Sedona, VP of Development, Ms. Sue Alexander explained, "The highlight of this workshop will be for participants to have actual experience learning from and interacting with Holodynamic founder Dr. Vernon Woolf." He brings his decades of experience of teaching the Holodynamic principles internationally to this workshop.

Dr. Woolf is Founder and Director of the International Academy of Holodynamics and Chairman of the Board of International Academy of Natural Science. He is the author of ten books and creator of the "Unfolding Potential" seminars. Following his degrees in physics, education, religious education, and his Ph. D. in psychotherapy, he became active in transformative work with families with drug abusers. His work with the mentally ill, problem youth and prisoners created extraordinary results. He applied Holodynamics in corporate America as a consultant and eventually his work in Russia transforming Communism resulted in commendations for his contributions to science and society. He can perhaps, be best described by the peace negotiations in the Middle East where he is known among the Arabs as "Foraig" which means, "solutions where none are evident." He is an outstanding motivational speaker and serves as personal consultant to individuals, families, and corporations where he helps people transform their conscious state of being and solve complex problems.

This exclusive workshop event is a very unique opportunity to have the Dr. Woolf work personally with the participants directly. For more information about the Homodynamic workshop please visit www. holodynamicsforabetterworld. com or call 928-634-3333.

The cost of the workshop is $1,640 for all nine days, however Holodynamics has just been certified as a "What's Next" company in the World Legacy Project who has added to the participants benefits a $100 one year membership. Registration is limited and will be on a first-come-first served basis.