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Halogen Releases Version 8.1 of the Halogen Employee Performance and Talent Management Suite

Halogen Releases Version 8.1 of the Halogen Employee Performance and Talent Management Suite

New enterprise-class offering is flexible enough to meet the needs of all organizations regardless of size or industry.

Ottawa, ON (PRWEB) September 7, 2007

Halogen Software Inc., the industry recognized leader in providing Web-based employee performance and talent management solutions, today announced the release of version 8.1 of the Halogen Employee Performance and Talent Management Suite. This new offering includes even greater enterprise-class functionality, raises the usability bar and is flexible enough to meet the changing needs of organizations of all sizes and in every industry. Everybody connected to the employee performance and talent management process— including executives, human resources and employees—experience the benefits of this solution.

When considering an employee performance and talent management solution, human resources departments are seeking enterprise-class functionality as well as ease of implementation and day-to-day use. In moving to a Web-based system, organizations require solutions that incorporate their existing processes, meet their unique needs and provide the flexibility to grow with the organization’s evolving needs. With nearly 1,000 companies across all industries already using its solution, only Halogen provides a single platform that responds to the complexities of any organization.

"With Halogen we don’t have to ‘move up’ to another product edition and pay the costs associated with that to simply add more sophisticated functionality," said Rebecca Kuhn, Training Coordinator with PKF Texas, a beta customer for the new suite. "The Halogen Employee Performance and Talent Management Suite has proven to be extremely flexible when it comes to incorporating our existing process and growing with us over time. Everything we need is there and it can be configured without any vendor or IT assistance."

Halogen Employee Performance and Talent Management Suite version 8.1 includes numerous new features just a few of which are global usability enhancements, an employee dashboard, expanded HR control centre and greater workflow flexibility.

For HR: Extremely Easy to Use and Implement
With each new release, Halogen delivers extensively researched usability improvements to ensure the solution continues to lead the industry in this area. HR professionals are aware that usability is critical to the success of the implementation as well as employee engagement in the process.

Halogen Employee Performance and Talent Management Suite 8.1 includes enhancements to the company’s unique HR Control Centre, which enables HR to control all aspects of its performance and talent management processes without the need for IT or vendor involvement. New features enable HR to preset multi-rater reviews to occur on behalf of managers— a time saving feature for organizations such as professional services firms, where employees have multiple managers.

For Employees: Employee Dashboard
With this new version of the suite, employees now have a graphical dashboard to track how personal goals are progressing against the overall corporate goals they are aligned with. This improved line-of-sight motivates employees throughout the year, vastly improving employee engagement by linking individual achievement to corporate success and keeping employees focused on the delivery of organizational objectives.

For Executives: Extended Workflow Flexibility
To meet the needs of each organization’s unique talent management process, version 8.1 further streamlines workflow, enabling organization to only include executives when required, saving valuable time. Many new features make it simple to set rules around processes, such as enabling someone other than a manager to sign off on an employee appraisal or having executives sign off only on assessments with high or low scores.

Other notable features:
 Fully automate project evaluations enabling project leaders to provide instant feedback to team members that can be used for ongoing employee development as well as for input during annual performance reviews;  Make it easy and convenient for managers and employees to adjust goals on forms on the fly;  Allow managers to assign goals that are the same or similar for a group of employees instantly;  Enable organizations that need to prove they are achieving acceptable levels of performance for regulatory or accreditation purposes to display complex technical competencies in an easy to use format that captures and validates compliance; and  Enable primary managers to assign other managers access rights to employee records and performance journals, making evaluations more accurate and meaningful in situations where an employee holds multiple positions or reports to a number of managers.

Pricing and Availability
Version 8.1 of the Halogen Employee Performance and Talent Management Suite is shipping on September 10, 2007. Please contact Halogen for pricing information.

About Halogen Software
With nearly 1000 customers worldwide, Halogen Software Inc. has established itself as the leading provider of employee performance and talent management solutions. Halogen offers powerful, easy-to-use, and affordable Web-based software that dramatically improves HR and line-manager productivity.

The company's award winning suite provides organizations with everything they need to develop and retain a high performance workforce: Halogen eAppraisal™ helps drive bottom-line success by making it quick and simple to deliver professional employee appraisals that align with organization goals. Halogen eCompensation™ automates the entire compensation adjustment process including budget distribution and approval. Halogen eSuccession™ makes it simple and affordable to get a best practices succession planning program underway - right away. And Halogen e360™ automates and simplifies formal 360-degree feedback procedures and offers sophisticated performance reporting.

Industry specific suites are provided for Healthcare, Financial and Professional Services. Halogen eAppraisal Healthcare™, exclusively endorsed by the American Hospital Association, helps healthcare organizations produce meaningful appraisals on time and allows them to always be in a "ready state" for accreditation surveyors from JCAHO®, OSHA, ACHA, and others. Halogen eAppraisal for Financial Services™ enables financial services organizations reduce the risk of non-compliance and ships with a comprehensive library of industry specific competencies and authoring aids. Halogen eAppraisal for Professional Services™ automates the entire employee review and engagement evaluation process, this solution makes it possible for evaluators to easily gather, compile and analyze employee and project data all with effortless, point-and-click ease.

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