Saturday, August 2, 2003

World Class Holistic Health Care Now Available In Medina, Ohio!

World Class Holistic Health Care Now Available In Medina, Ohio!

The mission is to restore health and vitality - naturally! Complete holistic health evaluations are now available at Ohio Holistic Medicine, part of a unique health and beauty complex in Northeast Ohio.

(PRWEB) June 7, 2003

Medina, OH – June 9, 2003 – The mission is to improve health and vitality – naturally. Complete holistic health evaluations and treatment services are now available at Ohio Holistic Medicine (OHM), part of the picturesque Trillium Creek health and beauty complex on thirty secluded acres of land in Medina, Ohio.

At OHM, medical professionals and holistic practitioners will carefully evaluate your current health and energy states. Then, a wellness program custom designed for you will be implemented to help you reach the most optimal state your body is able to achieve. The center, directed by Leonard J. Torok, M. D., features a staff of highly skilled practitioners to guide you through the healing techniques. Dr. Torok has practiced medicine for more than 25 years. In addition, he is a nationally noted expert in the field of classical Homeopathic Medicine, and is board certified in orthopedic surgery and holistic medicine. "It is exciting to see patients recover their health with energetic therapies," says Dr. Torok. "These therapies cure patients at a deeper level by removing the cause of their symptoms."

A few of the services available at Ohio Holistic Medicine include:

·Initial, in-depth consultations by Leonard J.

 Torok, M. D.

·Classical Homeopathic Medicine

·Electro Dermal Screening (An evaluation

 technique that maps out the energy 

 flowing from a patientÂ’s organs.)


·Chinese Herbal Medicine

·Craniosacral Therapy (Gentle manipulations to

 help restore normal energy flow in the


·Neurotherapy EEG Biofeedback

·Sound Therapy (A treatment harmonizing the

 body's natural vibrations to help achieve

 improved health.

·Hygenic Counseling (A program designed to

 evaluate your current needs and recommend

 a balanced nutrition, exercise and

 lifestyle program for optimum vitality.)

·Gua Sha Therapy ( A deep, intense form of

 Chinese massage.)

·Somatoemotional Release (SER) (A therapist-guided

 exploration into how your thoughts and

 actions affect your wellbeing.)

Ohio Holistic Medicine is part of Trillium Creek, a natural health, dermatology, dermatology surgery and medi-spa complex, located at 5779 Wooster Pike Road, Medina, Ohio, 44256. People from the Midwest and across the country are welcome to experience the life-changing services offered in our facility.

Leonard J. Torok, M. D. is available for interviews. Please contact: Rose Gabriele, cell-(330) 730-5405 / pager-(330) 981-9488 / rgabriele1@aol. com