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Witness: Ethiopia - A Photographic Installation Honoring the People of Ethiopia

Witness: Ethiopia - A Photographic Installation Honoring the People of Ethiopia

This is a photographic installation at Ceres Gallery in New York City that is based on a journey the artist and her sister made to Ethiopia thirty years after the death of their brother. This powerful exhibition incorporates both photographs and text.

New York, NY (PRWEB) October 16, 2005

New York City therapist/artist, Judith Greenwald, and her sister journeyed to Ethiopia earlier this year to pay tribute to their brother who died tragically on the Blue Nile River thirty years ago. Their travels are vividly chronicled by Ms. Greenwald in a photographic installation titled “Witness” at the Ceres Gallery in Chelsea, 547 W 27th Street, from October 4-29, 2005.

The exhibit reflects the sisters’ transformative journey as they experienced the spirit and beauty that captured their brother’s love for this complex and fascinating country. Seventy photographs with accompanying text showcase the people encountered along the roads and rivers that their brother traveled between 1973-1975 as cofounder of the renowned adventure company, Sobek Expeditions (now Mountain Travel Sobek).

These photographs capture the “eyes and souls” of a people rich in pride, spirit and faith. They are, as well, a people who face serious economic challenges. Consequently, proceeds from the sales of the photographs will be donated to support the critical work of four organizations that promote education, health care, HIV/AIDS services, and nutrition in Ethiopia. For more information call 718-788-3778.


--More than 28 million Ethiopians live on an average annual income of less than $200 per year.

--Nearly three million Ethiopians live with HIV/AIDS, many of them children.

--Approximately 6 million Ethiopians are fed by international aid each year.

--Less than ½ the Ethiopian population have access to modern medicine.

--The literacy rate in Ethiopia is 40%.

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