Thursday, December 25, 2003

Juvenile Violence, Drug Abuse, HIV: Female Youth of the Hip-Hop Generation Finding Self-Love

Juvenile Violence, Drug Abuse, HIV: Female Youth of the Hip-Hop Generation Finding Self-Love

Interactive Guide Teaches Women How to Embrace Today’s Female Youth


On April 14, 2006 Lacey C. Clark!, Founder and Life Coach of personal empowerment organization for female youth, Sisters’ SanctuaryTM, released her new book Celebrate HER Now!: An Interactive Guide to Loving Ourselves and Embracing Female Youth of the Hip-Hop Generation. The book is available on the organization’s Web site, www. sisterssanctuary. org.

Based on the success of the Sisters’ Sanctuary personal empowerment curriculum created and delivered by Lacey C. Clark!, Celebrate HER Now! is a workbook and journal designed for concerned mothers, mentors, and aspiring role models who want to effectively communicate and connect with female youth (12-18 years old) of the Hip-Hop Generation. Divided into two missions, I Love Myself Because… and I Embrace Female Youth By…,” this step-by-step how - to guide offers a source of strength and motivation for action. While tackling deep issues, Celebrate HER Now! encourages readers how to make healthy and responsible choices about body, sexuality, emotions and even finances.

“We are moving into a generation of females who have learned how to survive and adapt to struggles that are overwhelming, unimaginable, and filled with the threat of redefining the concept of ‘basic needs’. This adaptation creates girls with manipulated desires and wants who demand our immediate attention. Celebrate HER Now! offers clear mechanisms for this attention,” says Stacey Redmond, a physicist instructor at Philadelphia High School For Girls.

For more information about Celebrate HER Now! visit the Sisters’ SanctuaryTM Website http://www. sisterssanctuary. org (http://www. sisterssanctuary. org). The book is available now!

Lacey C. Clark! deemed the “Hip –Hop Oprah Winfrey” is the Founder and Lead Life Coach of Sisters’ SanctuaryTM, an onsite personal empowerment program designed to give young females of the Hip-Hop Generation the platform to speak, think and care for themselves. She resides in Philadelphia and is a motivational speaker, trainer and advocate for youth and women’s issues.