Friday, January 16, 2004

Greensleeves, "The Green Dry Cleaner" Announces the Launch of its Newsletter/Blog "Living the Green Way"

Greensleeves, "The Green Dry Cleaner" Announces the Launch of its Newsletter/Blog "Living the Green Way"

Long Island "Green" dry cleaner joins the community effort to reduce our carbon footprint. The blog/newsletter launched November1, 2007 will become a central source for news and information on improving the health of the immediate environment.

Glen Cove, NY (PRWEB) October 31, 2007

Greensleeves Garment Care announced the launch of its weekly newsletter and blog "Living the Green Way" found at http://www. thegreenwayblog. com (http://www. thegreenwayblog. com) available beginning November 1st. It will contain regular articles on improving the health of our immediate environment, reducing our 'carbon footprint' and the decreasing the amount of personal pollution. PLUS: Customer discounts exclusive to the readership.

Since its opening less than a year ago, Greensleeves Garment Care (http://www. DistinctiveCleaners. com (http://www. DistinctiveCleaners. com)) has been setting new standards in the dry cleaning industry. This revolutionary new dry cleaner, the concept of Geraldine Frechette and Thomas C. Davis Jr. breaks away from the traditional mold of the typical corner cleaners. Greensleeves is a modern garment care center that would first be non-toxic, and not just clean items but restore and renew the garments. Quality and process fit for the new millennium.

"The Green Dry Cleaner" as they are known, opened its doors with a full week of free dry cleaning. "The idea," owner Davis says," was to get people to try a better, safer way of dry cleaning. The interest was overwhelming."

"At first, most were skeptical," Davis explained, "but when they saw the quality of the cleaning with no more chemical smell, they were amazed". He pulled a cashmere sweater from the racks and said, "Feel this". The cashmere had a remarkable softness to it. "That's how cashmere is supposed to feel."

The new process used is GreenEarth Cleaning, a silicone based cleaning agent that actually softens as it cleans, and it is good for the fibers where the old toxic dry cleaning solvent Perc, faded colors and wore the fabric. GreenEarth has grown in popularity on the west coast but has been slow coming to the East. Greensleeves has combined GreenEarth Cleaning with state-of-the-art wet cleaning in a completely green dry cleaning plant.

Ever on the cutting edge, Greensleeves turned to the break-through design for garment finishing; Tensioning - Finishing that gives a near flawless finish every time. The pressing often takes longer than the old-fashioned manual presses prevalent in most dry cleaners but the quality is of a completely new level. From start to finish, Greensleeves is the future of dry cleaning.

This announcement today brings Greensleeves to the community in a way new to dry cleaners. It supports the health of the environment and gives news and advice on developing a necessary compassion for nature and the planet on which we all live. Local businesses have often associated themselves with community events but rarely have they made the kind of commitment Greensleeves has put forward in the form of a permanent obligation to help and assist improving the community.
"It's simply the right thing to do," owner Thomas Davis stated with a smile.