Tuesday, January 13, 2004



Software Developer To Continue Investment In Product Enhancements, Marketing & Sales, Scalability

JACKSONVILLE, FL (PRWEB) August 30, 2003 -

– Intelligenxia, Inc., the leading developer and marketer of software for unstructured data analytics, announced today that it has secured $1.1 million in financing led by Springboard Capital I, LLC. The company will continue to invest in its “Analytic Freedom SoftwareTM,” which is one of the first products to tackle the growing field of unstructured data analytics. The software enables organizations to improve strategic decision making processes by unlocking the value contained in unstructured data such as emails, text documents, database notes, faxes, and web pages.

“This is an exciting step for Intelligenxia,” says Ren Mohan, founder, CEO and CTO. “It will help us expand our R&D efforts and allow us to target vertical markets that are in desperate need of a proven method that will analyze and extract value from massive amounts of unstructured data.”

Respected research firm Gartner, Inc. estimates that 80% of AmericaÂ’s corporate data is unstructured, and this content doubles every six months. With the extremely large amount of unstructured data in todayÂ’s corporations, manually reading, classifying, and analyzing this information is not possible. IntelligenxiaÂ’s software supercedes manual processes to create superior business intelligence in a fraction of the time. Business segments that will immediately benefit include call centers, government agencies, healthcare, finance/banking, telecom, and insurance.

According to Charles (Bucky) A. Clarkson, Chairman of Intelligenxia, “This investment will put Intelligenxia at the forefront of a dynamic business movement and it shows that Springboard Capital is fully committed to our success.” Clarkson is a past chairman of the North Florida technology incubator Enterprise North Florida Corporation and an investor in several high-tech companies on the First Coast.

Headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida, Intelligenxia is the leader in software solutions for unstructured data analytics. Their product line makes information analysis and categorization quicker, more accurate, and more readily available to empower businesses to identify trends and emerging opportunities and capitalize on them.

For more information, contact Intelligenxia at 904-861-2165 or visit them on the Internet at www. intelligenxia. com.