Wednesday, January 14, 2004

Valentines Day Love and Tsunami Relief

Valentines Day Love and Tsunami Relief

How Valentines Day Lovers can help with the Tsunami relief and clean the earth's water at the same time.

(PRWEB) February 7, 2005

To the consumer / retailer: http://www. ambassadorofloveegreetings. com has love rules made for many things – The eGreetings can be bought from the site itself which is delivered via email on Acrobat PDF (consumer - sorry gift cards can only be bought in bulk for now) or these eGreetings can be sold as an impulse buy (retailer). Whether the gift card is given or bought, these games are played in the privacy of the home, it will remind them of the gift giver or the store where the eGreeting gift card was purchased. This may increase future visits and sales for retailers. In the case of the consumer, every time the recipient uses the eGreeting it will remind them that you are a good gift giver.

How does it work the eGreeting card work? The eGreeting card comes with the web site name and directions on how to redeem the Love eGreeting. The eGreeting card has a 13 digit code covered with scratch off ink, so the code is secure until the customer wants to redeem it on the eGreeting site.

Not to worry, these love game rules are written with no pornographic overtones yet are as risqué as the lovers playing. In addition: From the 1st to 14th of February, 25% of all purchases will go towards the Tsunami Area Water Supply verses the normal 12% that goes for cleaning the earth’s water as prescribed by the Emperor of Love World Water Alliance Treaty (Since February 2004).

These “Love Rules”, engage it’s participants to play to win for a love reward. Since these Love Rules are more of a lovers guide, than rules - They’re user friendly and self explanatory. Nor does these love rules interfere with the normal flow of game play, while promoting healthy loving competition. Strategy games are known to reduce stress amongst a host of other good benefits and also mixing sports with love is a winner physiologically speaking. Games in general are a great equality forum, meaning there are one set of rules and rules hold no bias or preconceived notions that benefit either player. Game knowledge and skill is a player’s only advantage. Knowing the benefits of strategy games and the physical attraction of love makes http://www. ambassadorofloveegreetings. com not only common sense but love sense as well.

The love rules are available in book form to retailers only; Purple Silk with Gold Silk Screen and Gold Paperback with purple lettering. Visit http://www. emperoroflove. com/b2b. htm to see prototype and ordering information.

If love rules donÂ’t do it for you or your customers, then visit http://www. emperoroflove. com/b2b. htm and see the Ambassador of Love version of a Lovers Swing (easy to assemble; stealthy; not expensive; low maintenance and no unusual damage to your door)

This is just the beginning to see what the Emperor of Love has in store for the future visit: http://www. emperoroflove. com.

LOVE is Love and through the network of the Emperor / Ambassador of Love sites a new standard for wholesome adult fun has already begun.

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