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Visionary Health Solutions Offers Anger Management Executive Coaching and Classes

Visionary Health Solutions Offers Anger Management Executive Coaching and Classes

Visionary Health Solutions now offers a new and innovative form of Executive Coaching and Private Coaching sessions in Anger Management and Stress Management for company executives and managers, physicians and health professionals, and employees of health organizations and other small and large businesses, as well as private individuals, in person and by phone. Ongoing Anger Management classes and seminars are also being scheduled.

Kings Park, NY (PRWEB) June 16, 2010

Effective immediately, Anger Management executive coaching, private coaching, classes and seminars will be offered by Visionary Health Solutions, a leading wellness and personal development company in the New York metropolitan area for healthcare and other businesses. Its current service of Visionary Leadership Coaching will be expanded to include executive coaching and private anger management coaching sessions, in person or by phone, for leadership and management personnel, physicians and health professionals, and employees of health organizations and other general small and large businesses, as well as for private individuals. Regularly scheduled Anger Management classes and seminars are also available.

Susan Eisner, MPH, CASAC, President of Visionary Health Solutions explains, “Rising anger levels and resulting inappropriate reactions at work and at home is a growing problem, exacerbated by current economic woes, high divorce rates and other daily chronic stressors. Anger management coaching and classes can be invaluable in helping people more effectively manage and express their anger, function productively on the job, repair damaged relationships, and gain respect for themselves and from others.” 

Ms. Eisner further explains, “Our Anger Management services are unique and cutting-edge as compared to others. In addition to traditional methods in our classes and coaching sessions, also utilized are several relaxing stress management techniques combined into what is known as a Guided Introspection Process in which the root causes of problematic behaviors, attitudes and beliefs are uncovered and addressed, promoting more rapid and lasting improvement. In fact these techniques are used in all of our seminars and coaching sessions, and work well for problems in other areas including communication skills, job performance, relationships, stress, anxiety, burnout, addictions and compulsive behaviors, pain, illness, and more. A sample anger management techniques video offers a simple demonstration.”

Visionary Health Solutions is certified by Century Anger Management, an internationally known company that trains providers to offer exceptional educational sessions for groups and individuals seeking such assistance.

Visionary Health Solutions also offers interactive wellness and healthcare seminars for physicians and health professionals, and for personnel in any small and large business, that target the personal needs of participants. Topics include stress management, interpersonal communication skills, meditation and relaxation techniques, addiction and impaired professionals, disruptive behavior, fatigue, and more. For health personnel many seminars meet educational requirements mandated by The Joint Commission and the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME).

About Visionary Health Solutions

Visionary Health Solutions was founded by Susan Eisner in 2006. For 26 years, Susan has designed and conducted wellness and personal development seminars for physicians and health personnel within the New York medical community, and the general public. In these seminars, through her more recent endeavor of Visionary Leadership Coaching, and from expanding her services from healthcare into other general businesses, she has achieved great satisfaction in helping individuals optimize their performance by improving their individual health. For more information visit our website at www. VisionaryHealthSolutions. com, and our blog at www. susaneisner. typepad. com.

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