Saturday, February 7, 2004

American Access To Affordable Canadian Drugs Threatened, Says DoctorSolve

American Access To Affordable Canadian Drugs Threatened, Says DoctorSolve

Canadian mail-order pharmacy jobs at risk, as well as American access to cheaper prescription medications, if Bill C-282 passes, according to DoctorSolve (doctorsolve. com)

(PRWEB) December 22, 2004

Uninsured Americans, especially seniors on fixed incomes, could lose access to affordable prescription medications if Canadian Bill C-282 passes. This scenario could result in the elimination of cross-border drug sales from Canadian mail-order pharmacies, an action that would force U. S. consumers to pay 40 to 70 percent more for prescription medications and devastate the Manitoba economy.

Bill C-282 was introduced last week by Liberal Member of Parliament Wajid Khan (Mississauga-Streetsville) and if passed, it would severely restrict or eliminate the cross-border pharmaceutical trade. It would amend the Canadian Food and Drug Act by requiring their Minister of Health to monitor changes to U. S. law and apply it to Canadians.

“Not only is C-282 a sellout of Canadian sovereignty, industry and jobs, it’s a quest for greater drug company profits,” said Dr. Paul Zickler, co-founder of DoctorSolve Healthcare Solutions (http://www. doctorsolve. com)in (http://www. doctorsolve. com)in) Vancouver, B. C. “Can you imagine a law that said that the Canadian government will enforce against its own citizens any future U. S. trade restriction on softwood lumber?”

David MacKay of the Canadian International Pharmacy Association (CIPA - http://www. ciparx. ca (http://www. ciparx. ca)) warns that passage of the bill could precipitate the scenario it wishes to avoid by increasing pressure on the U. S. government to legalize importation. The change would bring legalization of bulk export sales which in turn would jeopardize drug supply for Canadians and destroy the stability and security of the current system.

“The bill is a leveraged attempt by the pharmaceutical industry to eliminate the Canadian mail-order pharmacy industry,” says MacKay. ”If that were to occur, an estimated 4,000 jobs would be lost and the sector will simply relocate to the European Union so the net effect would not be termination of the trade, but rather its shift to a different jurisdiction along with its economic benefits.”

In any case, AmericanÂ’s access to safe, affordable prescription drugs from Canada could be lost if big pharma succeeds in crushing CanadaÂ’s mail-order pharmacy industry. Hopefully, President Bush, Americans and Canadians will unite and continue to support each other, rather than allow big pharma to put their health and economies at risk for the sake of higher profits.

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