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Colds and Flu Flee from Old Eastern European Herbal Remedies

Colds and Flu Flee from Old Eastern European Herbal Remedies

Packed with nearly 800 remedies and recipes, secrets of joie de vivre, carefully kept "under seven seals," motivational mottoes, inspirational advice and interesting facts, this book provides centuries of healthy wisdom for readers seeking to nourish both body and spirit.

Boca Raton, Florida (PRWEB) April 1, 2008

Are you struggling with a cold and wish you had something tasty that would take the soreness and sniffles away? There used to be a full range of hot toddies, mulled ciders and meads that would have done the trick, but they seem to have disappeared over the years, replaced by a range of over-the-counter concoctions like Vicks, Nyquil and a range of cold medicines hawked by the aspirin makers.

Now you have a choice. Thanks to Svetlana Konnikova, who grew up in Moldova, the wine capital of southeastern Europe, we now have access to the Eastern European home remedies again.

"There was no end to the home remedies we had available to us to stiffle colds, sniffles and sneezes, as well as sore throats and noses, when I was growing up," says Konnikova. "Most of these take some preplanning so that you have them in your refrigerator or herbal medicine chest when you need them, but it is worth it."
Combine one teaspoon dried raspberries and one teaspoon dried peppermint leaves with one cup boiling water in a glass jar. Cover with a lid and steep for 20 minutes. Filter and drink one cup of hot tea before bedtime as a diaphoretic medicine. A variation on this is to combine in an enamel pot one teaspoon dried leaves of peppermint and one teaspoon black elder flowers in one pint boiling water. Boil 5-10 minutes, filter and drink one to two cups before bedtime. Combine one tablespoon linden flowers and one tablespoon rose hips with one cup boiling water and boil five minutes. Filter and drink one cup before bedtime. This infusion is soothing for colds and flu and it is good treatment for rheumatism. A tea of rose hips with honey provides fast relief when you have a cold with a headache, cough and/or laryngitis. This tea is also available in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases, high blood pressure and diarrhea. Combine one cup of rose hips with one quart of water in an enamel pot. Boil 10 minutes, filter and add three tablespoons honey. Drink two ounces three to four times a day. These are just a few of the old Eastern European herbal remedies for many common ills that Svetlana Konnikova has resurrected in her new book, Mama's Home Remedies: Discover Time-Tested Secrets of Good Health and the Pleasures of Natural Living (Aurora Publishers, Boca Raton, FL), an autobiographical how-to-do compendium of old Eastern European curatives, folklore and fairy tales that will warm your heart as you sit by the blazing fire reading the fairy tales to your children and sipping the delicious, spicy, hot, steaming cup of tea to cure that cold.

About the Author: Svetlana Konnikova, founder of the Healthy Wisdom Club, is an award-winning writer, entrepreneur, and an avid researcher of herbal medicines, healthy lifestyles and holistic health practices that combine contemporary thought with the world's great spiritual. cultural and healing traditions. She was a host of several television shows in the former Soviet Union, including Listen and Learn, Masterpieces of World Literature, and Science and Life. Svetlana holds master's degree in Journalism from Moscow State University and an associate degree in Nursing. Since moving to the United States in 1989, she has been a teacher of French and Russian, and founded international marketing and publishing companies. Her mission is to expose people to the ways other cultures prevent sickness and improve their health. Learn more at www. aurorapublishers. com; www. mamashomeremedies. com.

"Everyone will benefit from these jewels of understanding and I am sure you will be rewarded as I was after embracing many of these natural prescriptions," said Anna Maria Clement, PhD, NMD, Codirector and Chief Health Administrator of Hippocrates Health Institute, West Palm Beach, Florida.

Mama's Home Remedies: Discover Time-Tested Secrets of Good Health and the Pleasures of Natural Living (ISBN:9780979175824) is available on Amazon, at Barnes and Noble, and Borders. It can be ordered directly from publisher online at www. aurorapublishers. com or by calling our distributor, IPG: 800.888.4741.

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