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Adobe Releases Public Beta of Cocomo : New Platform-as-a-Service Lets Developers Quickly Build Real-Time Social Applications

Adobe Releases Public Beta of Cocomo : New Platform-as-a-Service Lets Developers Quickly Build Real-Time Social Applications

Adobe Systems Incorporated (Nasdaq:ADBE) today introduced a new Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), codenamed “Cocomo,” that can let developers easily add real-time social capabilities into Web applications via “cloud” computing. Using Cocomo and Adobe® Flex®, developers can include collaboration features like real-time audio/video and chat in their existing applications, or build entirely new ones such as multi-player games or social media applications that run cross-platform using Adobe Flash® Player or Adobe AIR™.

SAN FRANCISCO (PRWEB) November 16, 2008

Cocomo is comprised of Flex client components, a hosted services infrastructure, and a simple but powerful development model. Now, developers can rapidly build rich user experiences for real-time applications in a matter of days instead of months. Further, because Cocomo was designed with security in mind, developers can confidently build multi-user applications that are easier for people to use and trust.

Adobe uses Cocomo in Adobe Acrobat® 9 software and Adobe Reader® 9 software, as well as Acrobat. com, to provide end users with access to real-time collaboration within and around PDF documents. This capability can enable users to drive a group's navigation through a PDF document in real-time, helping ensure everyone is literally, and figuratively, on the same page.

Real-time social features that can be added to Web applications include:

Robust Data Messaging VoIP Audio Webcam Video Real-Time File Sharing Text Chat Contextual Presence The Cocomo public beta is available immediately for free sign-up at http://www. adobe. com/go/cocomo (http://www. adobe. com/go/cocomo).


Erik Larson, director of marketing and product management, Adobe's Business Productivity Business Unit

"In releasing Cocomo, we are making another leap forward towards enabling developers to deliver rich Internet applications powered by Adobe platform technologies. Cocomo extends our strategy to give developers the power to create rich real-time social applications that will change the way people communicate and collaborate with each other." Kevin Chesney, chief executive officer, Acesis

"Cocomo allows us to rapidly include real-time collaboration features, with rich video and audio, within Acesis Medical Review, all while meeting the stringent security requirements of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA). Our customers can be confident they are not exposing sensitive information during the medical peer review process, because the data never leaves the control of our system. And, because we can rely on Adobe to manage and maintain the hosted servers for real-time communications, our engineering team can concentrate on developing and delivering new features that help doctors improve patient care and prevent medical errors." Sean Corfield, vice president of engineering and chief systems architect, Broadchoice, Inc.

"We think that Cocomo has the potential to revolutionize collaboration application development. It's quite flexible and will support a broad range of application needs, and it provides a remarkably easy way to incorporate audio and video conferencing into an application." Links:

Cocomo sign-up: http://www. adobe. com/go/cocomo (http://www. adobe. com/go/cocomo) Cocomo example of Yahoo! Maps mashup: http://blogs. adobe. com/collabmethods/2008/03/cocomo_yahoo_maps_editors_pick. html (http://blogs. adobe. com/collabmethods/2008/03/cocomo_yahoo_maps_editors_pick. html) Cocomo example of YouTube Livingroom mashup: http://blogs. adobe. com/collabmethods/2008/05/_another_cocomo_experiment_the. html (http://blogs. adobe. com/collabmethods/2008/05/_another_cocomo_experiment_the. html) Collaborative methods blog page: http://blogs. adobe. com/collabmethods/ (http://blogs. adobe. com/collabmethods/) Acrobat. com general information: www. adobe. com/acom (http://www. adobe. com/acom) Adobe: www. adobe. com About Adobe Systems Incorporated

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