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Drop by Drop: Free Six Month Offer of ImmunoTherapy Allergy DROPs Neutralize Parent and Children Allergies

Drop by Drop: Free Six Month Offer of ImmunoTherapy Allergy DROPs Neutralize Parent and Children Allergies

After being successfully used in Europe for more than a decade, DropYourAllergies. com is welcoming its exciting "patient friendly" allergy drop neutralizing program to the United States by offering allergy sufferers a free, Breathe-IN-Life, six-month allergy drops trial. Following a visit to a primary physician, ImmunoTherapy Allergy DROPs are custom formulated much like traditional Allergy Shots, to neutralize each patient's, unique allergy test identified source of offending geo-regional, seasonal & year-round environmental allergens.

Highland Park, IL (PRWEB) June 1, 2009 - Through its unique Breathe-IN-

Life allergy neutralization promotion and with a prescription from a primary physician, DropYourAllergies. com is offering six months of free custom-formulated Enviro ImmunoTherapy Allergy DROPs (http://www. dropyourallergies. com/option1.php) and a free custom-generated Food Allergy Diet Action Plan (http://www. dropyourallergies. com/food. php), both based on a person's unique environmental & food allergy blood test results.

Anyone with allergies and allergic asthma can tell countless horror stories of how allergies not only negatively affect their health, but their very quality of life itself. How allergies steal life's health and zest, making people depressed, tired and affect their every day life and relationships. Unfortunately, the list goes on and on and on.

The problem lies in the fact that most allergy sufferers are prescribed allergy medications, which are not designed to solve the problem, but rather simply minimize the symptoms. This leaves a sufferer's allergy disease intact, untreated and allowed get worse. Beginning at birth, continuing 24 / 7 / 365 / a lifetime (http://www. breathe-in-life. com/breath2.php), allergies can lead to numerous serious medical problems, allergic asthma (http://www. dropyourallergies. com/asthma. php) to name one. In fact, research has shown that 60% of all asthma is allergic "enviro trigger" asthma which is often followed by a lifetime, slippery slope of further Allergy Driven diseases and compromised life quality.

What's even scarier is allergies are often passed down from the parents to the kids, so parents who are unaware of the dangers of allergy disease progression, simply continue to mask their symptoms, and in turn, continue to medicate "their" child's allergy symptoms, only perpetuating the generation after generation after generation vicious cycle of allergy driven diseases.

The medical fact is that allergy shots have been the only way to neutralize allergy disease, until now. But allergy shots are often discontinued and are not nearly as "patient / kid friendly" as self administered, under-the-tongue DROPs. Now, with the Breathe-IN-Life ImmunoTherapy Allergy DROPs Program, parents have the ability to derail this vicious allergy disease cycle in their life, and their children's lives.

And all of this is available through the "just around the corner" primary physician, who knows the patient or child better than a special, out-of-the-way, expensive specialist. To get started using ImmunoTherapy Allergy DROPs, an allergy sufferer simply has to inform their primary physician that they want to try the drops. The primary physician can do the rest, including the allergy exam, the insurance-covered blood draw for the allergy test and prescribing the Allergy DROPs. The drops are then custom-formulated specifically to neutralize each patient's unique offending geo-regional, seasonal & year-round allergens.

Glenn Toth M. D., FAAFP and Medical Director for DropYourAllergies. com, said: "Everyday I see first hand, not only how allergy disease erodes a sufferer's health and immune system, but how the lifetime of their allergy driven disease has invaded every aspect of their personal, family, social, academic, exercise, downtime and professional quality of life. We feel, with our Breathe - IN - Life Program, that the time is now to put a generation of allergy sufferers firmly on the path to a Life free of allergy disease complications and symptoms."

Speaking to today's Pro-Active Medical Consumer, who wishes to minimize medications and be as "green" as possible, Allergy DROPs are natural and virtually drug free, containing only trace amounts of FDA approved extracts of each sufferers offending seasonal or year-round allergens. Slowly over time, extract concentrations are increased, allowing the bodies natural recuperative and adaptive abilities to recalibrate the immune system. This neutralizes the allergy disease at the source, producing the health and quality of life improvements that come with being allergy free.

DropYourAllergies. com wants people to learn what it's like to live without enviro allergies, so they are offering six months worth of allergy drops for free (http://www. breathe-in-life. com/). If at the end of six months, the sufferer does not feel they have turned a corner and feel better with their allergies, they can discontinue use at no charge.

But, if they are finding themselves feeling better and with more energy, they can continue their drop protocol for the price of a cup of coffee a day.

Additionally, the Breathe-IN-Life Allergy Promotion realizes that Enviro Allergies often co-exist with food allergies. As such, it is also offering a free Food Allergy Diet Action Plan (http://www. breathe-in-life. com/), suggesting foods to eat, not eat, restrict and reintroduce on a controlled basis all based on the custom test Identified food allergy sources.

Stephen Hauer, Principal of DropYourAllergies. com said: "For allergy sufferers, you have nothing to lose, but your allergies. Together with your primary physician, our Breathe-IN-Life Program offers real diagnostic medicine, treating real allergy disease sources, offering real health and quality of life benefits."

For more information or to learn more about the Breathe-IN-Life promotion please visit www. DropYourAllergies. com.

Stephen Hauer
Ppd-sales(at)primaryphysiciandiagnostics. com