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Food Processing Units are Looming the Asia-Pacific Market

Food Processing Units are Looming the Asia-Pacific Market

(PRWEB) September 11, 2005

Catering to a large population of approximately 3.6 billion and a prominent export market for the Western world, food production and processing units are largely luring investors with better business opportunities.

Open trading environment that swept Asia-Pacific in recent years has stimulated extensive use of imported equipment and better technology by the food processing industry, enabling experimentation in and introduction of a variety of new processed products in the market, such as, frozen foods, processed meats, and beverages.

With large number of Australian food manufacturers ruling the roost, new opportunities are thriving that will lead the market to grow by approximately 13% by 2007. Elsewhere in the Asia-Pacific region, both China and India, with a large customer base, are expected to show strong growth due to changing food habits of the people.

Industry sources revealed that sharp rise for natural products and healthier food, without any synthetic chemical preservatives, induced manufacturers to explore new food processing and preservation methods to exploit the demand. Consequently, food manufacturers are concentrating on producing novel products to meet consumer requirements. This has lead to an increased demand for better food handling, processing and packaging units, across Asia-Pacific.

RNCOS’s market research report, “Food Processing Industry—Asia Pacific (2005)”, penetrates in to the Asia-Pacific region and discusses the availability of raw materials, changing lifestyles, and flexible trade regulations that have been the driving forces of the industry's growth. The report further assesses the production and demand growth by country and units of sales to give you a clear understanding of the impending growth options available for the marketers. Market drivers and opportunities in the region are also discussed in detail.

A copy of the report, “Food Processing Industry —Asia Pacific (2005)”, can be purchased from RNCOS’s website www. rncos. com.