Tuesday, March 2, 2004

New Online Academy Launched Provides eLearning To Law Enforcement, First Responders and CSI Enthusiasts

New Online Academy Launched Provides eLearning To Law Enforcement, First Responders and CSI Enthusiasts

International Forensics eLearning Academy (IFEA) www. ifeaonline. com announced today the launch of its IFEA Virtual Campus available to federal, state, and local government employees, government agencies, and the general public.

West Bloomfield, MI (PRWEB) November 9, 2006

International Forensics eLearning Academy (IFEA) (www. ifeaonline. com) announced today the launch of its IFEA Virtual Campus available to federal, state, and local government employees, government agencies, and the general public. IFEA delivers asynchronous online courses comprising over 190 hours of courseware specifically for law enforcement and first responders in the area of homeland security, forensics, and CSI, and over 120 hours of Security Professional courseware in addition to their newest course offering of the Avian Flu Pandemic.

IFEA helps to reduce the cost in training a workforce saving thousands of dollars in travel costs, conference rental space, and instructor fees with its on-demand online training program. With the recent events of Hurricane Katrina and September 11th, IFEA recognizes the need for all branches and levels of government, private sector, and community-based citizen corps organizations to have the required training to prevent, prepare, respond, and recover from an emergency disaster. IFEA is a value-add to live training programs and can serve as an annual refresher and career training (http://www. ifeaonline. com/1411435.html) solution complimented by other business and technical related courses making personnel more valuable.

The IFEA Virtual Campus is a viable training option for Police Officers Standards and Training (POST) organizations Problem-Based Learning (PBL) initiative offering an interactive, online training environment that incorporates the principles of adult learning and the convenience of an eLearning platform.

Additionally, IFEA is a training resource for government apprenticeship and workforce development programs under The President's High-Growth Training Initiative which includes Homeland Security and Health Care. In collaboration with the Federal Bureau of Apprenticeship and Training Office of the U. S. Department of Labor, IFEA can provide the related training for these programs and can customize training to meet the needs of the agency. Together with its partners, IFEA provides quality course development from world-renowned experts and authors respected in the field of forensic sciences and homeland security.

Law enforcement and first responder course topics include: Counterterrorism Security, Homeland Security series, Law enforcement en Espanol series, Community Policing, Cultural Awareness, and more. Security offerings include: HAZMAT, Executive Protection, Public Events Security, etc. IFEA's additional course offerings include: Safety and Regulations, Business Management, Human Capital Management, Desktop Skills, and Information Technology. All courses provide comprehension checkpoints throughout the course to test the participants' knowledge along with a final exam at the end. Upon passing the final exam a certificate of completion is available for dowload suitable for framing. The entire catalog of courses (http://ifeaonline. com/1444283.html) is available through the IFEA Virtual Campus for an affordable annual subscription.

Who can benefit from IFEA training?


•Law Enforcement Officials


•Homeland Security Agents

•Airport Security

•Emergency Medical Technicians

•National Security Agents

•Corporate, Campus, and Building Security

•Private Investigators and Security Companies

•Hospitals and Forensic Lab Personnel

•Government Agencies


•Sports and Entertainment Facilities

IFEA is also reaching out to hospitals as they too need to be NIMS compliant and trained in disaster recovery and security in addition to sports and entertainment facilities and building management companies as these entities are in need of preparedness training. "Some hospitals and organizations are beginning to train their workforce to be an extended arm to their on-site security in the event of a disaster. IFEA's affordable online training program can help their personnel gain new skills and be of more value to the organization," said, Nilda Thomas, President / CEO of IFEA.

With companies downsizing and the automotive industry lay-offs IFEA Virtual Campus is an affordable educational solution for displaced workers looking to enhance their skills or change careers.

IFEA offers organizations the opportunity to purchase a sub-portal within IFEA's Virtual Campus for proprietary courseware, agency policies and procedures. The sub-portal allows an organization to track the progress and performance of their workforce.

About IFEA

The International Forensics eLearning Academy (IFEA) founded by Nilda G. Thomas is registered in Oakland County Michigan and with Dun and Bradstreet.

IFEA delivers asynchronous online career and professional development training, continuing education courses (CE), and certificate programs approved by the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC), an agency of the U. S. Department of Homeland Security. IFEA's mission is to educate law enforcement, first responders, military, and medical emergency practitioners increasing their understanding and competency of the entire crime scene, preservation of evidence to solve crimes, and in disaster recovery and responsiveness. The IFEA Virtual Campus currently offers over 3,000 courses through an annual subscription at a fraction of the cost most college and universities charge for one course. Subscribers benefit as courses will be continuously added at no additional cost to the subscriber. Contact IFEA via their website at www. ifeaonline. com or at (866) 455-1040.