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CrimsonLogic provides connectivity into U. S. Automated Commercial Environment

CrimsonLogic provides connectivity into U. S. Automated Commercial Environment

CrimsonLogic leads the way in Asia for connectivity to U. S. and Canadian Customs Systems.

Singapore (PRWEB) June 15, 2005

Leading IT solutions provider, CrimsonLogic, today announced that it is the leader in Asia to be accredited by the U. S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) to provide connectivity into the U. S. Automated Commercial Environment (ACE). The companyÂ’s Canadian office was approved last week by CBP to enable trucks to provide pre-arrival information before entering any of the 91 land border crossings.

CrimsonLogic has been approved by the U. S. and Canadian Customs to enable shipping lines and freight forwarding companies to submit advanced manifest information 24 hours before loading at the foreign port. The company will soon be pursuing accreditation with the Canada Customs for providing advanced air cargo information on behalf of airlines flying into Canada and freight forwarders involved with air shipments.

As part of new and additional security requirements introduced by both the U. S. and Canadian governments to protect their borders, carriers bringing in cargo through all modes of transportation are required to file advanced information on their consignments. The advance submission of manifest data submitted by carriers or their designated agents ensures proper risk assessment of cargo takes place before goods enter the United States and Canada.

At present, ocean carriers are required to file the information 24 hours before departure of the vessel to the United States or Canada. When ACE goes live in 2006, the US will require submission of highway carrier manifests to CBP one hour or 30 minutes (for fast shipments) before the arrival of the truck at the U. S. border or face being turned away or fined.

“We are pleased to be the leader in Asia to meet the stringent standards of both the U. S. and Canadian customs authorities to provide them with advanced cargo information. Through these connections, CrimsonLogic is positioned to provide a neutral and more cost-effective platform for carriers and freight forwarders to provide advanced information to the U. S. and Canadian customs authorities,” says Mr. V. Mathivanan, CEO of CrimsonLogic.

CrimsonLogicÂ’s TradePalette, the company's flagship web-based supply chain logistics solution, has met CBP's stringent requirements to comply with different testing scenarios to enable carriers to submit all message types (BRASS, PAPS, Section 321 etc.) to the U. S. government agency through this service. TradePalete provides solutions for all supply chain functions including procurement, inventory visibility, freight documentation and customs clearance.

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