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Forget Taking Pills and Herbal Capsules, The Patch is The All Natural, Convenient and Effective Alternative

Forget Taking Pills and Herbal Capsules, The Patch is The All Natural, Convenient and Effective Alternative.

Patches are fast becoming the delivery method of choice for consumers. Body and Sole Patches, LLC. has developed a unique line of herbal patches that are all natural, convenient, and effective.

(PRWEB) June 28, 2004

PROVO, UT (PRWEB) June 28, 2004 – – Patches are fast becoming the delivery method of choice for those who use many pharmaceutical medications. Body and Sole Patches LLC. produces several types of patches and formulas that meet strict standards of safety and effectiveness.

Patch products are designed to address many major health issues including detoxification, weight management, allergies, muscle aches, backaches, and diminishing wrinkles.

Company founder, Mark Dayley, explains, "Our purpose is to integrate this new and advanced delivery system technology for the natural health care industry. Our unique products are making a significant impact in the way this industry will offer health solutions to consumers in the future."

This method of taking herbs allows the patch wearer the freedom of not having to think about swallowing herbal capsules several times a day. Just apply the patch once a day and then forget about it. Each patch is formulated using all natural and potent ingredients that support the bodyÂ’s ability to heal itself.

Nathan Jaynes, M. H., head of the research and development department of Body and Sole Patches, LLC. points out, "poultices have been used by healers for thousands of years. They have proven themselves to be an effective way to use herbs. The problem with using poultices has always been one of convenience. Herbs had to be ground, applied to the skin, and then held in place. Because this process was so time consuming and messy, most people have resorted to taking all their herbs as tea or in capsules. Body and Sole Patches LLC. has made using herbs easier than ever. The patch takes seconds to apply and delivers its rejuvenating formula while you play, work, or even sleep. At Body and Sole Patches LLC. each of our unique patches are designed around powerful herbal formulas that use traditional wisdom and modern science to bring miraculous results."

Body and Sole Patches contain all natural herbal ingredients and use one of three basic delivery systems:

The reservoir patch: contains the ingredients in a base that performs two functions. First, it releases herbs into the skin. Second, the base absorbs toxins and waste matter from the body.

The thin layer release patch: suspends the herbs in a thin layer where they are steadily released into the skin over time.

The aromatherapy patch: can be placed on clothing and releases natural fragrances for the benefit of the user. The aromatherapy patch can be regenerated for extended use.

The patch delivery system is proving to be the most effective method for administering many natural ingredients. This is because with a patch the active ingredients are not destroyed in the digestive process. In addition, patches can reduce or eliminate missed doses from complicated dose schedules, nausea, upset stomach, and difficulty with swallowing. Also, there is not the mess and inconvenience of topical creams and lotions that can rub off before they are absorbed. Body and Sole Patches, LLC. products are backed by extensive research and experience with the historical uses of herbs.

Body and Sole Patches, LLC. also offers contract manufacturing for private label development and production.

Patches are not only becoming a popular way to take herbs but are often more effective and convenient than capsules and teas. As a leader in the industry, Body and Sole Patches, LLC. produces several types of all natural patches to fit the various needs of their clients.

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