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InsuranceSpecialists. com Adds New Area of Focus: Health Care and the Internet

InsuranceSpecialists. com Adds New Area of Focus: Health Care and the Internet

In keeping with a nine-year reputation for delivering comprehensive insurance data, free rate quotes, and honest advice to consumers, the industry writers and researchers at InsuranceSpecialists. com are pleased to announce a new focus on the convergence of the Internet with health care services and coverage. This timely and relevant material, combined with the site's complete overhaul early in 2008 to include medical, auto, homeowners, and life insurance data makes InsuranceSpecialists a premier resource for discerning consumers.

San Jose, Ca (PRWEB) May 1, 2008 -

By continuing to evolve since its 1999 debut, Insurancespecialists. com (http://www. insurancespecialists. com/) has remained current with changes in the industry as well as monitoring the shifting needs of the consumer. Based in San Jose, California, the site has won a reputation for delivering trademark, in-depth data packaged in a functional, well-designed site structure. The company is pleased to announce a new area of focus with its in-depth research; the rapidly emerging convergence of affordable health insurance (http://www. insurancespecialists. com/health-insurance/) and the Internet.

"Okay, let's face it. Nobody, and I do mean nobody, likes to go to the doctor," said Jon Davidson, InsuranceSpecialists. com CEO. "Apart from issues of physical or psychological discomfort, the number of doctors in this country has dropped 7% since 1995. Doctors' offices are overloaded and often inefficient in how they move people through the pipe. The whole thing can just be a hassle and emergency rooms are even worse."

Telemedicine, the delivery of medical care over the phone or via the Internet is a promising avenue to address these problems and actually get people to seek preventive care. "It's not so much that people aren't getting help when they're really sick or hurt," said Davidson. "Even the most hard-headed soul will admit they need a doctor when there's blood involved. Medical care analysts are in agreement that what's really missing in this country is preventive medicine."

Patients who are seeking medical advice or have a simple ailment like the common cold can often be dealt with outside the traditional office setting as can individuals with chronic conditions like diabetes who just need to report in periodically. "The rapid evolution of online technology is making telemedicine something of a no-brainer," said Davidson. "Broadband has proliferated to the point that pretty much anyone can be set up for video or audio conferencing and there's still a lot that can be accomplished over the phone."

Two major insurance companies, Aetna and Cigna, have embraced this concept and now offer insurance coverage for some forms of telemedicine. "All it takes is for key players in the industry to embrace a concept like this and other insurers will follow suit," said Davidson. "We're going to see greater strides in the area of telemedicine with insurance coverage keeping pace with that development."

Technology companies have also begun to deliver much better home-based equipment for monitoring bodily functions like blood pressure and blood sugar levels. "As these devices get more sophisticated, you're looking at a situation where a patient will be able to plug a module into their home computers and the machine's sensors will automatically delivery the data," said Davidson. "When you really think about it, this is exciting stuff."

Informing consumers about developments like the growth of telemedicine is a key function of InsuranceSpecialists. com's commitment to keep its content and news (http://www. insurancespecialists. com/news/) constantly updated and current with the industry. The editors welcome and invite your questions, comments, and ideas. Send email to: editor(at)carinsurancelist. com.

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InsuranceSpecialists. com, based in San Jose, California, offers in-depth information and insurance quotes (http://www. insurancespecialists. com/) to consumers seeking coverage in the areas of health, automotive, homeowner's and life insurance. Since its initial launch in 1999, InsuranceSpecialists. com has stayed abreast of the latest developments in the insurance industry and packaged that information in an easily accessible and useful format for its readers.

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