Tuesday, May 25, 2004

The Sugarless Chefs a New Low Carb Cooking Show

The Sugarless Chefs a New Low Carb Cooking Show

The Sugarless Chefs is a magazine style cooking show that will travel to locations around the world featuring Low Carb and Sugarless chefs. This new style of a cooking show will help millions of Americans suffering with diabetes and obesity learn how to cook delicious and healthier cuisine.

(PRWEB) June 20, 2004

A new food show, premiering this September, which focuses on ways to help millions of Americans suffering from diabetes and obesity with healthier approaches to eating and diet. The show is called: The Sugarless Chefs.

We'll travel around the world to meet imaginative chefs who'll show how easy, delicious and beneficial preparing healthy cuisine can actually be. The Sugarless Chefs provides an alternative to "Supersizing" with wonderful ways to take control of your health through diet.

16 million diabetics in America - 5 million undiagnosed. A nation faces an epidemic with serious, life-altering ramifications. WhatÂ’s significant and different about this scourge? IT CAN BE MANAGED AND CONTROLLED! Through diet, exercise, and the simple empowerment of EDUCATION, the tide can be turned. Enter, THE SUGARLESS CHEFS, a half-hour of informative, creative, and enlightening alternatives to the way we live and eat.

The previous notions of sterile, clinical and boring diets have been smashed. Our approach to a healthy and life-saving diet is one backed by the idea that we can still have FUN, as we teach the viewer new and innovative ways to taste life.

Each episode of THE SUGARLESS CHEFS is brimming with powerful information along with vibrant and delicious food, and an undeniable “Are we having fun yet?” attitude that separates us from anything ever attempted in this area. We will help millions re-invent the culinary wheel. And for those who think they can’t cook, or don’t want to, we will help to give them a survival guide for the market and often-frightening food-jungle that is America. KNOWLEDGE IS POWER. Our mission is to arm the masses with the ammunition they need to not only survive, but also live well while doing it!

Shows will be both shaken and stirred by a variety of guests from celebrities to chefs specializing in low carb and sugarless cuisine, as we travel the world in search of THE SUGARLESS CHEFS. We’ll visit Cayo Espanto a private Island in Belize that features healthy cuisine then travel to meet the executive chef at The Fairmont Springs Hotel in Banff Canada to prepare a low carb dish. Nutritional breakdowns for each prepared dish will help the viewer to better understand the “what’s” and “whys” behind each recipe. Learn how to read food labels. Come see what happens when imagination and education collide.

The prime focus of THE SUGARLESS CHEFS is a show for anyone and everyone who wants to take control of their health, while maintaining pleasure in the process. Our processed, fast food culture has taken a toll on the health of millions. ItÂ’s time to tune in and turn on to the amazing possibilities within our reach. THE SUGARLESS CHEFS will guide you there and make you love every bite!

This weekly half hour program is a new twist for a magazine style show. We will have in the field segments from Low Carb Cafes, Healthy Spa Cuisine, Sugar Free Bakeries, Health & Fitness Tips, Exotic Locations, World Famous Restaurants where Chefs will be cooking up simple and delicious dishes along with Dining Out Tips and a whole lot more.

The Sugarless Chefs will deliver a national audience with a higher awareness of health and diet. In our world, obesity in ourselves and with our children has risen to its highest ever. Prevention of obesity starts with nutrition and itÂ’s the first step in gaining back our health.

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