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ITLS CEO Alie Chang to Speak on Global Business at WITI Las Vegas Conference, July 11, 2006

ITLS CEO Alie Chang to Speak on Global Business at WITI Las Vegas Conference, July 11, 2006

Female CEO of publicly traded ITLS to speak at Women in Technology Conference in Las Vegas on China and world business this week.

Marina Del Rey, CA (PRWEB) July 11, 2006

Los Angeles based Alie Chang is the CEO of the OTCBB publicly-traded international marketing, multimedia and technology innovator International Telecommunications, Inc. OTCBB:(symbol) ITLS. Alie Chang will be a featured speaker at the Las Vegas Women in Technology Conference at the Aladdin Resort Conference Center.

Ms Chang will speak on “The Landscape of Opportunity,”, Global Business Development at 11 a. m. on Tuesday, July 11, 2006. Her workshop will cover such topics as: 1) where are the opportunities, 2) an overview of general business environments, trends, developments, opportunities and challenges, 3) mergers, acquisitions and investment opportunities, 4) technology transactions (licensing, etc) and 5) intellectual property issues. Co-workshop leader is Marian Cook, President of Ageos Enterprises Inc.

The WITI Las Vegas Conference will be held on July 9-11 and will include presentations by leaders from such major firms as: MGM Mirage, Castle Engineering, First Financial Equity Corp., Cummins, Mindjet, ‘The Princeton Review’, Monarch Health Sciences, Raytheon Co., Harrah’s Entertainment, Citigroup, Smith Barney, Women’s Radio/Women’s Calendar and Merrill Lynch and Carolyn Leighton, founder of WITI, among others.

About Alie Chang

Ms Chang was recently named one of the top three Gold Winners of China’s Premiere Olay Women’s World Excellence Awards. She has combined her business acumen, leadership and creative design abilities to position her "The Art of Living" television series as a gateway to China for international businesses. Ms. Chang’s network in U. S. and China business circles has gained her the trust of many governmental and business sectors. This will enable Ms. Chang and her affiliates to provide a bridge for Chinese companies into markets in the West and for the US and international companies to obtain licenses, permits, and marketing share in China. Ms. Chang’s ability to communicate fluently in Mandarin and English, as well as her keen sensibility in business decisions, places her in an important position in many business transactions between China and the West.

In the past decades under Ms. Chang’s direction, she led many major US technology companies to China for Beijing Olympic procurement. These successful events established a strong on-going working relationship between her company, US business sectors, the US Department of Commerce, Chinese businesses and governmental agencies in China. Ms. Chang’s own design TV series “The Art of Living” was shown on Times Warner cable TV. The Chinese version of the program was featured on Beijing TV and over satellite to nearly 100 million viewers weekly. Ms. Chang’s strong relationship with China TV media has enabled her to arrange the broadcast of National Geographic TV programs on China Central Television stations, thus further enhancing her identity in China as well as in the international media arena.

Ms. Chang received her Master of Arts degree in Environmental Design from the University of California, Los Angeles. Upon graduation, she joined William L. Pereira Associates in Los Angeles as Project Designer. Ms. Chang’s design work has also been continuously featured in numerous major U. S. and international design books and magazines, newspapers and publications.. Ms. Chang is the recipient of Women in Design International's Outstanding Achievement Award in both architecture and interior design. Ms. Chang served two terms as co-President of Design International, a non-profit, San Francisco based professional organization. Ms. Chang is sought after as a speaker in international business and trade conferences. She was a key presenter at the NAPTE 2006 conference on “Emerging Media Market of China.”.

Ms. Chang is CEO of the OTCBB publicly - traded international marketing, multimedia and technology innovator International Telecommunications, Inc. OTCBB: (symbol) ITLS. Through a subsidiary, the firm serves as a gateway to China for international businesses and will develop products for import/export and distribution

About WITI

Women in Technology International is the premiere global organization empowering women in business and technology with a global network and a market reach exceeding 2 million. , WITI has powerful programs and partnerships that provide connections, resources, opportunities and a supportive environment of women committed to helping each other. Along with its professional association of Networks throughout the U. S. and world, including Hong Kong, Great Britain, Australia, and Mexico, WITI delivers value for individuals that work for a company, government or academia, as well as small business owners. For more info about the Las Vegas WITI Conference go to:

Http://www. witi. com/center/conferences/lasvegas/index. php (http://www. witi. com/center/conferences/lasvegas/index. php)

For more information and interviews with Alie Chang or to book Ms. Chang for professional speaking engagements and workshops please contact: Joyce Schwarz, JCOM, 310-822-3119.

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