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Mannatech, Inc. Launches GlycoScience. com: The Nutrition Science Site

Mannatech, Inc. Launches GlycoScience. com: The Nutrition Science Site

(PRWEB) April 29, 2000

For Immediate Release

(COPPELL, TX) - Mannatech, Inc., a dietary supplement company, announces the official launch of GlycoScience. com: the nutrition science site, designed to provide U. S. consumers, physicians and researchers easy access to a wide variety of scientific information currently available on the nutritional effects of dietary supplement ingredients.

Mannatech, Inc. believes it is the first nutraceutical company to bring together scientific nutritional information of this scope in an easily searchable database designed to save time and encourage additional research. The site features a wide range of issues relating to science, research, product safety, patents, and government regulation of dietary supplements. U. S. consumers who want to make informed personal health choices are now just a click away from the facts about glyconutritional products and glycoscience research.

"Global research on effects of nutritional supplementation, and specifically on effects of supplementation with certain necessary carbohydrates has escalated to the point where more than 20,000 scientific papers were published in 1998 on the subject," comments Dr. Bill McAnalley, Executive Vice President and Chief Science Officer for Mannatech. "Until now, the only people reading these studies were other researchers. Now, Mannatech has made much of this material available on the GlycoScience site."

U. S. health professionals will be able to conveniently learn about the safety and functionality of dietary supplementation for their patients, including supplementation with MannatechÂ’s flagship glyconutrient product. Research scientists will value this site as a single portal for accessing much of the published research concerning the role of nutritional saccharides in health, as well as providing coverage of related health and nutrition issues. This growing body of knowledge comes from all over the world and spans many scientific disciplines. It will be updated routinely to reflect the latest findings.

A number of distinguished scientists serve on the GlycoScience. com editorial board and contribute to the site. They are: Tom Gardiner, PhD, a retired Pharmacology/Toxicology and former regulatory toxicologist for Shell Oil. James C. Garriott, PhD, D-ABFT, Professor (Clinical Adjunct Faculty) University of Texas Health Science Center-San Antonio, former recipient of the Alexander O. Gettler award for outstanding achievements in analytical toxicology; and Doris L. Lefkowitz, PhD., Associate Clinical Professor of Microbiology, University of South Florida College of Medicine. She has over 100 scientific abstracts and publications and is the immunology consultant for Stedmans Medical Dictionary.

The board also includes Stanley S. Lefkowitz, PhD, Professor of Microbiology and Immunology, Texas Tech School Medicine (currently on leave), a Fellow of the American Academy of Microbiology. He is the virology consultant for Stedmans Medical Dictionary and has over 180 scientific abstracts and publications. Robert K. Murray, MD, PhD, Professor (Emeritus), Biochemistry, University of Toronto, has authored articles for the last five editions of ‘Harper’s Biochemistry’ college textbook and has published over 50 scientific peer-reviewed papers.

Glycoscience. com was created by Technology Concepts & Design Inc., a 12 year old computer technology consulting company. that focuses on large scale database design, web based database access, computer security and complex systems integration. TCDI specializes in building user friendly interfaces to complex data. It has built a number of web sites, both commercially and for the government, that organizes large amounts of data and delivers the data in a simple, coherent fashion.

GlycoScience. com is patent-pending and is a educational service of Mannatech, Inc. Mannatech Incorporated develops proprietary nutritional supplements and topical products, which it sells through a network marketing system throughout the United States and internationally.


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