Tuesday, July 20, 2004

National Virtual Staffing Company Chooses San Diego as Newest Associate Location

National Virtual Staffing Company Chooses San Diego as Newest Associate Location

Company opens fourth Associate Office

(PRWEB) February 16, 2005

National Virtual Staffing Company Chooses San Diego as Newest Associate Location.

Team Double-Click, Inc., the leader in virtual staffing, has awarded Schelly Gallimore of San Diego, California as its newest Associate.

Since 2000, Team Double-Click, Inc., has been providing virtual assistance for small and home-based businesses. The company is a virtual staffing agency, working with hundreds of the best virtual office professionals the world has to offer. They offer their clients cost-effective solutions to traditional bricks-and-mortar manner of staffing.

The 21st Century World of Work is About Two Words: Virtual Staffing

Virtual staffing is a relatively new concept whereby a company provides small and home-based businesses with flexible staffing. All business is conducted via the Internet, email, phone, fax, and instant messenger. Even the work that the administrative assistants (a. k.a. “Virtuals), do is performed and returned to the client in the same manner.

Some important labor market facts:

•Staffing is a $66 Billion a year industry…and growing at 10% a year!

•More and more employees want flexibility

•More and more companies need flexibility

•Staffing is the 5th fastest-growing industry according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics

•Staffing will remain the fastest growing industry through at least 2010

•Two of the top three fastest-growing industries (computer/data processing and health services) are major clients of the staffing industry.

•Corporations are getting smaller

•Those downsized from corporate America are starting their own small and home-based businesses

•These small and home-based businesses NEED staffing

•Employment flexibility is becoming increasingly important to the nation's workforce, according to surveys conducted by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics and the American Staffing Association

•The staffing sector is one of the first to rebound from economic recession

Through the company’s latest Associate in San Diego, Gallimore will be able to offer businesses and “Virtuals” in San Diego and beyond the opportunity to benefit from this profound innovation in the 21st century world of work!

Contact Gallimore at 619-296-3209 or schellygallimore@teamdoubleclick. com to learn more about how this American innovation will benefit you.

Contact: Gayle Buske 888.827.9129