Sunday, August 15, 2004

Americas Watchdog Want To Know If HMO's Or Health Insurance Companies Were Over Charged With Vioxx Use?

Americas Watchdog Want To Know If HMO's Or Health Insurance Companies Were Over Charged With Vioxx Use?

Americas Watchdog has just launched a national investigation into seeing if HMO's, health insurance companies, or health cooperatives were over charged with the drug called Vioxx, when much cheaper alternatives were available. According to the group, "we are out to protect HMO's, health insurance companies or cooperatives from being gouged by big pharmaceutical companies. We think Vioxx will turn out to be a perfect example". HMO executives, health care insurance executives or individuals with specific information should contact Americas watchdog immediately at 866-714-6466.

Washington, DC (PRWEB) April 28, 2008

The nationally renown consumer group Americas Watchdog is taking the gloves off with respect to giant pharmaceutical companies soaking HMO's, health insurance companies and heath cooperatives with excessive fees on drugs. Americas watchdog is focused on HMO's or health insurance who were over charged with the drug called Vioxx. According to Americas Watchdog, "for some reason big drug companies think they can roll over HMO's, health insurance companies or even labor unions that offer health care to their members. The HMO, insurance company or the union ends up paying way to much, and ultimately the insurance company or HMO has to pass the increased costs onto the consumer. Its wrong, and we want to help HMO's, health insurance companies or unions make things right on their bill for Vioxx". A HMO executive, a health insurance executive or a labor union executive can call Americas Watchdog anytime at 866-714-6466.

Americas Watchdog is convinced the HMO's. health insurance companies, health insurance cooperatives and organized labor prescription drug programs got stuck with a bill for an ineffective drug, that actually increased the chances of a heart attack or stroke, and the group would like to help the various insurance companies or organizations get their money back. According to the group, "big pharmaceutical companies gouging HMO's or health care insurance companies on drugs like Vioxx, translates into higher health care costs for all Americans, and we want to put an end to this outrageous behavior on the part of filthy rich drug companies".

If a HMO, health care insurance company, a health care cooperative, or a labor union think they might have been over billed or gouged with excessive costs associated with the drug Vioxx, they should call Americas at 866-71406466 or visit the web site at Http://USDrugWatchdog. Com.

Americas Watchdog & its US Drug Watchdog are all about consumer protection, protection of third party payers, and corporate responsibility on the part of drug manufacturers.