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Breakthrough To Quit Smoking: Renowned Smoking Cessation Specialist Developed Hypnosis Method To Stop Smoking In One Hour

Breakthrough To Quit Smoking: Renowned Smoking Cessation Specialist Developed Hypnosis Method To Stop Smoking In One Hour

Internationally respected and renowned Smoking Cessation Specialist Franc Tausch achieves record success rates with a breakthrough hypnotherapy technique to quit smoking after only one session. Smokers are flocking from across the nation to Los Angeles or San Francisco to stop smoking after only one hour of hypnosis.

Los Angeles/San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) November 30, 2006

California-based Smoking Cessation (http://www. ForeverSmokefree. com) Specialist Franc Tausch, PhD, CCHT, developed a breakthrough hypnosis (http://www. ForeverSmokefree. com) technique for smokers to stop smoking (http://www. ForeverSmokefree. com) for life by attending a one hour, personalized and individual hypnotherapy session. His unique method to quit smoking (http://www. ForeverSmokefree. com) is so effective that he has recently branched out to Los Angeles and San Francisco, to keep up with the demand of smokers who travel from as far as Canada and the East Coast to be treated by him.

Tausch, an internationally respected and renowned Smoking Cessation Specialist, says, "There are many people and systems that claim you will quit smoking. The hypnosis system I use has the highest success rate to stop smoking in the world - it's effective, and without any withdrawal symptoms."

"With over 400,000 adults who die each year from smoking-related illnesses, and over 2,000 teenagers starting each day (based on American Cancer Society data), there is clearly a need for this program," Tausch states.

The hypnotist continues, "My clients usually tell me they've tried everything to quit smoking: patches, gum, acupuncture, or 'going cold turkey.' Often they are skeptical about hypnosis at first - until they finish their session - and find themselves with absolutely no desire to smoke. Most of them have smoked for many years - and over 95% never return to their habit."

Many local doctors are so impressed by the power of hypnotherapy to quit smoking and the medical benefits that they are now referring patients to Forever Smokefree for the Stop Smoking Program. Says Tausch, "I am currently building a local Doctors Referral Network to keep them informed of my developments and their patients' progress."

"Aside from all the health benefits associated with smoking cessation, non-smokers also pay dramatically lower life - and health-insurance policy premiums," Franc Tausch concludes.

For further information on how to stop smoking with hypnotherapy visit http://www. ForeverSmokefree. com (http://www. ForeverSmokefree. com) or contact their offices in Los Angeles or San Francisco at (800) 815-7322.