Friday, October 15, 2004

HealthMark Multimedia Launches Web Site for Persons With Osteoarthritis

HealthMark Multimedia Launches Web Site for Persons With Osteoarthritis

Research-based web site helps the over 40 million US adults persons with osteoarthritis self-manage their disease

(PRWEB) May 28, 2004

HealthMark Multimedia has launched web site for adults with osteoarthritis, MyArthritisManager. com. This web site uniquely adapts the well-tested Stages of Change model for behavior change to help those with osteoarthritis incorporate self-management into their daily lives.

The site, www. myarthritismanager. com, was developed with funding from the National Institute of Arthritis & Musculoskeletal & Skin Diseases. The web site has interactive tools and graphics, text and audio information about self-management of osteoarthritis. Self-management approaches in the areas of diet and nutrition, stress management, physical activity are covered by the site. The site is currently being evaluated nationally to determine if use helps persons make changes and learn to self-manage their osteoarthritis.

About HealthMark Multimedia

A certified woman-owned small business, HealthMark Multimedia's goal is to provide comprehensive, balanced health information that is medically accurate, yet easy to understand and apply to making informed health decisions. These products are unique in combining rich audio-visual and interactive elements. The benefit of this unique combination is a more personalized resource, with a human face, that is reassuring to patients and aids in assimilation. The company's unique and dynamic product development process includes input from medical experts and end-users, such as patients and their family members and friends, to ensure that information is accurate, relevant and useful. This is accomplished through medical expert reviews, usability testing, focus groups and effectiveness testing.

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