Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Hot Pepper Discovery Fights Migraine Headaches & Sinusitis

Hot Pepper Discovery Fights Migraine Headaches & Sinusitis

Capsacian, the natural chemical that puts the “Hot” in hot peppers, is proving to have incredible medicinal properties. Once an underground herbal remedy, capsacian has graduated to a full fledged drug, and it’s quickly gaining the trust of the medical community as a powerful pain reliever. Now there's even a pepper based nasal spray touted as the cure for chronic headaches and sinusitis.

(PRWEB) December 7, 2003

Cayenne pepper powder with the active ingredient (capsacian), is all the rage at health food shops across America. It’s been used with great success to aid digestion and vascular health. In addition, Capsacian based arthritis creams can be found at mainstream drug stores across America, and even Robin Quivers of the Howard Stern Show uses cayenne pepper in her much talked about “master cleanser”. In fact, Quivers looks and feels better than she ever has, and aside from her exercise regimen, she credits her cayenne master cleanser as the key to her new found health. Capsacian is even being used to fight mouth sores in cancer patients receiving chemotherapy, but it’s greatest potential may be in the way capsacian relieves headaches and sinusitis symptoms.

  It turns out that capsacian chemically turns off the pain receptors in the human body, particularly along the nerve fibers in the sinus and cranial region. Many migraine sufferers have passed this information along via “headache support group” websites, but until now they've only been experimenting with Q-tips dipped in cayenne pepper, or even capsacian based arthritis creams. These desperate headache sufferers actually stick a pepper laced Q-tip up their noses to prevent and relieve all types of headaches and chronic sinus symptoms. Nearly everyone who tries this method experiences significant relief, but unfortunately the method is uncomfortable and inconsistent to say the least.

  Now thereÂ’s finally an answer to the prayers of these migraine headache sufferers. ItÂ’s the worldÂ’s first capsacian based nasal spray designed to conquer migraine, cluster, and sinus headaches. They call it “The Sinus Buster”, and itÂ’s much more than a simple migraine cure. ItÂ’s absolutely the best nasal decongestant on the market, and it fights sinus infections, chronic sinusitis, and allergies like nohing else. That's right -- pepper up your nose may be the cure your looking for!

  This formula was discovered by a nationally known self defense instructor who appeared on such shows as “Oprah Winfrey” and “Montel Williams”. Wayne Perry was traveling the country teaching self defense, in particular he trained audiences on the use of self defense pepper sprays. Yet for twenty years, he suffered from severe and frequent cluster headaches that nearly runined his life.

  One day while preparing to film a live “real spray” demonstration for the news, Perry got one of his terrible cluster headaches. Knowing the show had to go on, he allowed the reporter to spray him with real self defense pepper spray. Incredibly, PerryÂ’s headache immediately went away, and he realized the magic was in the pepper (capsacian). So Perry started working on a capsacian based formula to cure his own headaches. He calls it "The Sinus Buster", and it's most powerful sinus and migraine reliever ever invented. Wayne hasn't had a cluster headache, or chronic sinus congestion in more than three years thanks to the Sinus Buster.

  Today there are hundreds of former migraine and sinus sufferers who swear by WayneÂ’s unique pepper nasal spray. This is a "one of a kind" medical breakthrough for treating most headaches, allergies, and chronic sinus problems -- it's actually quite miraculous. It has a bit of a bite the first time you use it, but boy does it work! Get the whole story at (www. sinusbuster. com)