Saturday, November 13, 2004

Cardiovascular Market and Utilization Indicators– New study released by HealthGroup West, LLC

Cardiovascular Market and Utilization Indicators– New study released by HealthGroup West, LLC

Recent national headlines indicate that cardiovascular care providers are coming under intense scrutiny. Despite tremendous advances in recent years in terms of saving lives and lowering cardiovascular death rates, government agencies and major payors are focusing a spotlight on provider utilization patterns and financial practices. Currently, many physicians and hospitals are under formal investigation for recommending possibly unnecessary surgeries and other cardiovascular procedures. Unfortunately, cardiovascular leaders are often ill equipped to respond to such investigations, lacking even basic tools to analyze and understand their own program data.

(PRWEB) January 16, 2003

In response to the need for sound data and analysis on the important issues of utilization rates, outcomes, and sustainable market growth, HealthGroup West has published a new white paper to help cardiologists and hospital cardiovascular administrators compare their local practices to their peers around the country. Free copies of “Cardiovascular Market Intelligence in the 21st Century—What doctors and hospitals need to know to ensure appropriate utilization rates, increase market share, and achieve sustainable growth” are available upon request from HealthGroup West. The study provides healthcare leaders with data and a framework to evaluate the performance of their own cardiovascular programs against the results of peers and competitors on broad measures of service volume growth, utilization trends, and financial competitiveness.

According to Kevin Curtis, a principal at HealthGroup West, “Cardiovascular care is a natural target for regulators and insurers because of the large amounts of money that are involved.” “Now more than ever providers of cardiovascular care need to be able to demonstrate that their actions dramatically improve the health of their patients and actually save the country money in terms of increased worker productivity and quality of life,” added Curtis.

“The opportunities for future growth in cardiovascular care are tremendous,” said Jeffrey Frazier, a founding partner of HealthGroup West, LLC. “But physicians and hospitals need to understand that they are vulnerable to unwarranted attacks if they do not adequately document what their programs do. The first step is to understand how your practices compare to other competitors in your market, and to your peers around the country. From this you can develop a solid base of information and can make any adjustments that are necessary and protect yourself from undue scrutiny,” added Frazier.

HealthGroup West has substantial experience in the development of cardiology, cardiac surgery, electrophysiology, and vascular medicine services. With clients ranging from physician practices and community hospitals to major industry players, HealthGroup West is one of the most knowledgeable groups of experts in the country on the development of all types of specialized cardiovascular services. The cardiovascular specialists of HealthGroup West hold advanced degrees in Business Administration, Health Policy, Information Science, Medicine, Law, Clinical Sciences, and others.