Friday, April 22, 2005

Green Bag Lunch Invites Chicago Schools to Take the Green Pledge on Earth Day

Green Bag Lunch Invites Chicago Schools to Take the Green Pledge on Earth Day

As schools across the US celebrate Earth Day on April 22, students experience a heightened awareness of the global climate crisis. With an innovative new program, one local company, Green Bag Lunch, seeks to capture that awareness and turn it into action every month, rather than just once a year.

Chicago (PRWEB) April 6, 2009

Members of the Green Bag Lunch team say they see small bit of evidence of "greening" in many of the schools they visit. But, says Co-Founder, Anne Weber, "The lunch room remains an area of monumental waste. We see paper recycling bins overflowing in classrooms, but in the lunchroom, it's plastic garbage bags overflowing with plastic and packaging." In fact, the EPA estimates every child in school generates 67 pounds of garbage each school year at lunch and that the lunchroom is the highest generator of waste, second only to office paper--an average school generating 9.5 tons of lunch waste each year.

Green Bag Lunch, now Chicago's premier healthy lunch option for schools and camps, started two years ago and was the first service of its kind to make sustainability part of its core daily practice. Green Bag Lunch has grown to regularly serve more than 2 dozen schools from Hyde Park to the North Shore. Says co-founder Dave Feinberg, "Health and convenience are the two primary motivators for our customers. With that said, however, our ability to help schools be greener is one of our most powerful tools."

To help schools educate students and staff, motivate them to change their behavior and even make it easier to be "green", Green Bag Lunch is introducing The Green Pledge Program. Participating schools will receive a Green Gift Basket, a sustainability coaching session, and the ability for students & staff to order healthy, 100% eco-friendly lunches once a month from Green Bag Lunch. Interested schools can learn more information at http://www. GreenBagLunch. com (http://www. GreenBagLunch. com).

"Adopting green habits happens little by little. The first step is education. The second step is fitting eco-friendly habits into our daily routine. We are here to help schools with both. We have an incredible opportunity to capture the enthusiasm of youth!"

About Green Bag Lunch:
Green Bag Lunch, LLC is based in Evanston, Illinois. Green Bag Lunch, LLC was founded in Spring of 2007, by North Shore parents who actively live and work in the communities they now serve. Green Bag Lunch makes and delivers healthy, eco-friendly lunches to thousands of kids at Chicago-area school s and camps each month. The mission of Green Bag Lunch is: Healthy kids living on a healthy planet.

For more information or to set up an interview, contact Anne Weber, CEO, at anne (at) greenbaglunch. com, Dave Feinberg, President, dave (at) greenbaglunch. com or
847-471-8866. Or visit http://www. GreenBagLunch. com (http://www. GreenBagLunch. com).

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