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New Wellspring Weight Loss Camp in Pennsylvania Gives Teens Best Summer of Their Lives

New Wellspring Weight Loss Camp in Pennsylvania Gives Teens Best Summer of Their Lives

Wellspring Pennsylvania, part of the Wellspring Camps network of weight loss programs for overweight children and teens, is opening its doors in 2009 for a summer filled with fun, friends, and dramatic weight loss.

Washington, Penn. (PRWEB) February 9, 2009

There's a new way for kids to have the best summer of their lives, and it starts in June in Pennsylvania. Whitewater rafting, hiking, mountain biking, Ultimate Frisbee, talent show? Sure, but expect more from the Wellspring Pennsylvania camp. Kids will have an opportunity to transform their lives by losing weight, becoming fit, and adopting a healthy, sustainable lifestyle.  

The teen weight loss camp in Pennsylvania is one of three new facilities to open this summer that are part of Wellspring Camps, fitness and weight loss programs for children, teens, and families around the United States, Canada, and England. Wellspring Vancouver and Wellspring Florida also will open for their first season this summer.

Wellspring Pennsylvania, to be located at Washington & Jefferson College near Pittsburgh, will offer sessions of four weeks, six weeks, and eight weeks from June 21 to Aug. 15. Once kids finish a session at Wellspring Camps, "For the most part, it just makes the campers much happier. You're improving everything about their life," says Jane Morrison, Wellspring Pennsylvania director.

Many campers have never been physically active. "Once they try it, they realize they do enjoy it. A lot of kids get especially motivated by the physical activities they're doing," says Morrison, former director of Wellspring California and program supervisor at Wellspring UK.

There will be plenty of activities at Wellspring Pennsylvania. "We've got some great facilities on the campus," Morrison says. Amenities include an indoor pool and track, gym, fitness suite, tennis and basketball courts, and indoor volleyball court. The camp also will offer yoga, strength training, aerobics, kickball, and a campfire each session.

Campers will participate in the Wellspring level system, in which they can move up a level each week and earn rewards. The kids, assessed weekly, walk at least 10,000 steps a day and keep a self-monitoring journal about their food consumption.

Wellspring Pennsylvania staff will include clinical staff, a personal trainer, medic, and nutrition and culinary instructors. "We as a staff have a lot of experience working with young people in the outdoors," Morrison says. "We do a lot of team-building activities and icebreakers in the first few days."

And the team-building pays off.

"The bonds and the friendships they develop at Wellspring do seem to be more than at other camps. I think it's because they have something strong in common. They're sharing the experience, and they're losing the weight," Morrison says. "I enjoy seeing happiness return, and Wellspring puts smiles on people's faces."

The smiles come back to parents' faces as well.

"We have such a strong connection with the families," Morrison says. "When the families arrive to pick up their kids, to see their faces and the amazement there - to be able to witness these kids not only getting healthy but getting that confidence, getting that self-esteem, seeing the value in themselves is just amazing."

Nestled on a beautiful campus in Western Pennsylvania, Wellspring Pennsylvania is the only scientifically based co-ed weight loss camp in the Northeast. Wellspring Pennsylvania caters to boys and girls ages 11-18 for a fun-filled summer of new experiences, new friends, and dramatic weight loss.

Wellspring is a proud member of CRC Health Group, which offers the most comprehensive network of specialized behavioral healthcare services in the nation. With the largest array of personalized treatment options, individuals, families, and professionals can choose the most appropriate setting for their behavioral, addiction, weight management, and therapeutic education needs. CRC Health Group is deeply committed to making its services widely and easily available to those in need, while maintaining a passion for delivering the most advanced treatment available.

For more information about Wellspring Pennsylvania, please call (866) 364-0808 or visit www. wellspringpennsylvania. com. For more information about CRC Health Group, visit www. crchealth. com or call (877) 637-6237.

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